The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 2, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 2, 1936
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iff Attend Blytheville's Park Celebration and Rodeo, July 3, 4 and BLYTHEYILLE COURIER NEWS VOL XXXIII—NO. 92 BljUlrrlllr CuuriM lllvillrulllr t>»llj Nf»> BlyDiuvillc Hrralil MlMlMlpjil Villcj Lc»d»r THE DOMINANT NKWKI'AI'tlli O|" NOli'lllEA BT AUKANBAB AND 80UTHBA8Y MIBSOllKt m.YTIIKVlLl ARKANSAS, TIIUUSDAY, JU1.V 2, 19SG SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS' TOIL OF TEWS .CLOUDBURSTS Zioncheok Checks Oul At Least 27 Dead; Rccd-. int5' Walcrs May Disclose 1 More Bodies DALLAS. Tr*., Jul. 2 (UP) — I!'.. ilUij; lloud wafers revealed r jililiLiKi! (icalh ami ilcsulution ti>i!jy in Hie >:onlh Texus are;i v.'licrr :il h-:isl :>7 persnus liiil _ Mifrir lives in :i series uf eloud- In.-.K Tutvilay and Wednesday. | DALLAS. Tex, July 2. (UP) — The b=:lics ol an adult and two children wm taken from rasing Hornl waters at Kyle eavly tsxiay, bringing i\ia death'toll from a ss- rias of cloiidtmsts that devastate:! parts of South Texas lo al least 22. Authorities fcnrcd that Hie rap- illy reciidiii^ waters would rcvial mare bodies. Taluy. 2-1 hours after spouts of wain- poured down from the skies. Ihe full story of ills disaster was coming Irom isolated regions. Soon alter tiie cloudbursts dry dream beds contained maddened toi rents that swept every thin!; before them. Hundreds of of acres of farm land were inun- datrd as were several towns. Pi'op- ei'ly damage was estimated In tlie millions. BREAKS Drouth Sends Wheat ' Up 5 Cents a Bushel CHICAGO. July a. (Ul>> futures sMot up 'tile full flve-cenl limit permitted under cxcluuii;e I'CBiCatloivi on North American Bruin markets (oilny as the worst drouth scare In many years was intensified by 11 report that 100.- OUO.OCO bushels of spring .wheat were ID the drouth |n:juhi'. Tne advance carried futuivs .$2 i'or hvcry IT BILLOTS "armors of New York Stale. However, Are Inclined Toward Landou »li Ills ! urvey i)f In 11 "f voters hi (li« Industrial cast, I'lazier Hun!, famed tuilliur-imfS- |ia|HT com-sriimdr-nl, has wrlllen is M-iles of four impartial slorles for NBA Si-rrieit and the Courier Nnvx, Ibis Iii-iii),' Ihc third. Mr. tables, Plan 0|>eralion to Sever Newborn•-Siamese Twins, One Dead and One Alive was "very MKIJTOKD, Mass., July 2 (UP) | weighing nvc pounds, --Siirijcuns hurriedly prepared in much alive." Lawrence Mi-nnii'lul luwpllal for a nr. VernuuUa, who olflduted nl rare nnd exceedingly dangerous u, c WMl natt wllo was In charge operation loduy lo. separate Sla- u( plans for [he operallon, tmlcl im-so twins-one of them alivo u,,, babies were back lo buck, at- .ind tlie other dead. [laelied nt the heads. Not until plans for the operation were revealed tlid It become l:nown thai the- Slinnese twins Astonished whon the smaller Infant continued to thrive hours after (lie other hud died, Or. Ver- both ylrls-lmd been born at 5:31) | W( .|| H had the twins 'brought by p. in. yesterday to Mr. and Mrs, ambulance/ from the Florenzo Diego Florema at llielr home In hmc to flic wull-ccinlpiwil hospll .verett, Muss. , j| lt;ll ,. The law ami first born of tile | Surgeons he.sltaled lo operate ' Dollar Received in Last Fiscal Year ' ' , • lli'nl later will wdle Ihrec more Sfili-F. :iller enverhiK the "Anu'il- ean Hiihr," (he faun hell, and the TU be b: ( -k all right." was the • farewell to Washington, IJ. C. :;l\c;ite;t by Rt-p-csentative Mavimi /Zionchcck oj Sratlle as he stnrl- ed UK- trip home to lecupenUe frcm the sensational events Unit were WASHINGTON. June 2. (UI>> — The ledenil i!ov»mment rpent approximately $225 for every dollar of receipts durhi; year'; ; just ended, Finn! treasury figures I fcr the 1035-3U fetal year slnwcil i today. ' Total expenditures for the were $S,!i7Q,7£]8.2f>7 as against lota! receipts of $4.115,'JR(i.GI5. leavin';; a deficit of S4.7li3.8-ll.li4L' for the fiscal year's operations. Included in tr.e total expenditures was $5,588,670,388 for general operations or the ordinary running The cloiulbiirsts sfruck in Con-1 climaxed by his escape from the hospital for menial cases where he clmM '"'vie" 1 '.!''"."""!! c< J| lntira '" ! ''ad l.cen iindcrgoiiii! treatment. Nally in a white suit and loqnaciov.. as ever, hc is seen beside. Kenneth Roinney (Irft). scrgeaiH-at-arms cS (he House ci Hep;TCenlailves, who eijjineered his night from the capital. expanses of the government. Ex- pEnclilures .for recovery nnd relief were S3,200,927.8fi9. ers were receding as rapidly as I'.icy rose, rovealiry a more grave picture than had been anticipated. | The hood ripped lliroiijh - Ihe set- ' tlement of' Kyta between. Austin •and San-Antonio,' where the Hire; bodies were found today. Business buildings and streets in Oon- s.ales were at one time under' I'ilre? to five feel of water and a num- . l>oi' of frame houses were washed (iown the river. Tlie Hoed wrecked a train when it washed out a bridge north of Kyle. Two were known dead there but a hobo w'ho had been on the Irain told Kyle authorities that at least six men had drowned when tlie train was plunged into the stream. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, July 3. IUP)— Stec! shares led the slock market higher in early tr.i<;:ng today and down again in fne la»i hour.' The. net result was a Io«-Dr market with volume incrc-asliij on the downside." A. T. and T 1C7 1-2 - Anaconda Copper 333-8 Beth. Slesl 43 5-8 ,- Chrysler 112 1-8 Cities Service Coca Cola Gen. Am. Tank . Gen. Electric Gen. Motos Int. Harv.stor McKcsson-Kobbins Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central Packard Phillips Pet Ifadio St. L.-S. P Simmons Beils ... Standard of N. J. Texas Co U. s. Smelling .. U. S. Ste?l Warner Bros Zonite 4 5-8 08 1-2 •18 3-1 38 1-4 G7 1-2 83 1-4 8 7-8 4'-' 5-8 36 1-4 . 10 1-1 '11 1-8 11 1-2 2 29 58 1-1 35 7-3 84 58 3-4 10 C Attorneys Find Confiscated Whisky Has Been Removed Fro;n Ciiy When counsel for Mrs. Wiley. Kskridge, arrested oti a charge of selling liquor on Sunday in the recent "clcan-'iiij" by revenue department undercover agents here, Appeared in municipal court fiu's morning for the next move in their legal battle to secure the return ol two ca«es ol whisky lo JUS. Eskridge it was found that tha whisky was not on hand. When last seen it was being removed from The olficc of Police Chief Ed Rice by revenue agents «-ho told Ihc chief they were going to store it in the county jail to keep as evidence in Mrs. Eskvklgc'.s case. The 1 whisky was never placed in the jail, jailers reported. It was understood that the whisky was laken to Lillle Rock after the revenue agents' rases against a group of hotel porters resulted in municipal court acquittals. •Mrs. Eskridgc had previously been rmcd in municipal court by agreement, with an appeal to circuit court biMnv noted. Her attorney New York Cotton Six-Ycar-Old Boy Is Victim Of Tornado ARCHIBALD, La.. .July 2 (W)— A tornado struck hern loi!:iy killing Ernest liraclfort. six. and injuring three poisons seriously. A baby in the Ilratlforl home \\as lifrt when the house collapsed. Mrs. J. G. McCormick and Mis. John Baskin, both of Manyluim, were the others injured. Former U. S. Deputy Marshal Is Held on Charg< of Muvdcr Rescuers- Reach, Mini .After Nearly ' 24 Hours Digging , SHAMOKIN. 1'a, July 2! (UP)— A man who had been buried for almost 24 hours in an abandoned coal mine was carried to tiie sur- IIY l-'liA'/.llill HUNT t.'op.vrishl. IMC, NBA Service, Inc. Cliickie'x Palace, over Ihe New crk Central station In Uuffalo. i:i a favorite lunchroom for railroad men who have lo yi'ab a oho and run, I drifted In there at noon Immediately after the close of the Cleveland convention to pick up >':'cl!ims on Landon and scvcn pounds, because nf the possibility that the 10:15 last, night but Inranis might havi! common brain shortly before 1 p. ni.^ today Dr, tissue and that the severlns op""' '' i^tit Iheuiforc. prove iiu- fainl to (lie survlvlnrj died Jolm Ll. Vernaylla of Modforil re- crallon polled Hint Ihe second Infant, mediately twin. IT Although Dr. Vcrnaislla declined to say who would be chosen to perform Ihc operation hc Intimated that some prominent Boston train specialist would be the chief surgeon himself as an as- face loday—alive. The 30-year-ohl.'miner. velt. In the course of an hour I .talked lo 1ft railroad men. I kept tally accurately and put down the exact replies several of them made. The score wa.s 15 to 0. There was not one Landon man In the group. Their replies mn as follows: "I don't see iinything the mailer with Roosevelt." "Landon looks (ill right, but I ilon'l see why T should Vole for him." "1 think. I'll rjrlc along with Roosevelt." "Roosevelt looks • Booii enough .for. me.' Now, of course, railroad. meii as a hixly have been nmong the especially favored ones, but the fact that typical representatives of the group, drifting In and out of this short-order restaurant, shouk have been 100 per cent for one candidate Is of some significance Almost 4.00.000 men, and nearlj a half million women, arc ploycil in tlie various transportation fields—roughly 10 per ceni I of the tottil number of people em- Sheriffs Office Releases Poll Tax Figures by School Disincls Eubch j ployed In the whole, country. 1C is a broad but fairly accurate statement to say that betweci: Kuklinski, who trapped at 10:30 a.iir. 1 yesterday, 05 fset under ground, was brought out by a group - 10.UOO.OJO and 12,000,000 votes of 15 miners of the Stevens coal I are controlled by tiiuisjioiintlor Co., who had worked all yesterday 1 workers. and all last night lo reach Mm. J 2 of 26 for Landon served notice at the time thai he • Mil - vs "'"' hcl(I '" lllc coll »ty J» u would ask the court fo pass on '' °" a c "arge of murder. A coro- his pica for return of fne two ""''s Jury broug'nt in a verdict Ihut Chirk "met dealh from bullet 'Working slowly nnd ca'.ltiously an;! placing braces as tliey dug Ihrough the wet clay and anthra- cile coal, the rescuers reached Kti- klinski .s'nortly after dawn. They encouraged him with pals on (he back and reassuring wonts N'hile tirey tediously removed the | last of liis barriers to freedom an:l Ct.ABKSDALE Miss ,Iuly 2 look lli:11 l o an ambulance at 8:10 a in. Kuklinski appeared to 'have suffered no injuries oilier than shock although he had been buried, doubled beneath a wheelbarrow, since yesterday morning. Tno wheel barrow probably saved Kukllnski's life. Office Will Br/Closed (UP)—P. E. Clark, of Memphis, traveling reprefenlalive of the J. I. Case Farm Implement company, was shot and instantly killed here today, according to S'nerill Lee W. Matthews. Cliff E. Alridge. former United States deputy marshal at Clarks- riale, was orreslcd foflo'.viug the shooting by Police Lieutenant Clyde wounds inflicted by Clill AlrWge." 1 NKW YORK. July 2 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. \ July Ol Hrc Jan M:neh May open 1243 1175 1175 1173 1175 1131 closed 12-11 1180 1183 1182 I1S4 lo'.v close 12'IO 1IKI 11G9 11G9 1172 P4I 1109 1170 1171 1174 cases of liquor taken by the revenue agents from Mrs. F.skrhlgc's home. He insists there is no pro-; Clark was a brother of' W. L. vision in the liquor control law ; for i Clark, vice-president and genera! confiscation of the liquor and that j sales manager of the J. I. Case ndnilsskm of ils discovery in her j company at Racine," Wis. He had house, iit open court, does away [ ' iv ed in Memphis about two years wifn the necessity of holding it land is siirvlvsd by his wife, a son, for evidence. Charles, 20. and a sister. Clark Tlie office of the county examiner 'will be closed Saturday. July fourth; it has been announced. The Blythevillc. sueclal school listrlct, which is slightly larger lian the clly, has n lolal of ..'11C residents who have qualified lo vole In Ihe August primary by payment of poll taxes, according :to official flguips rn- !(Miscd ul the ollice of Clarence H. Wilson, slicrill nijjj collcctoi 'file number is rcla'llvrily small compared to .lho,,paynien(. of poll luxes uy residents of oilier school district.-;. The liclser district, for instance, has a Iplal of 017 resident 1 ;, who have paid their poll taxes while 151 receipts have been Issued lo residents of Ihe Osccola school district. 700 (o those living In the Wilson district and 435 lo residents of Ihe Etowah district. Manila school district has only 245 qualified electors/ as far as poll tax payment is concerned, anil LeachviUe 2H, The various school districts ro- sl.slant. Laic afternoon tentatively was set for the operation which, If successful, would bo nhnosl without prccccent In medical history, Ur. Vemaullii believed. cclve paid OS cents of every In poll taxes. dollar A charge of grand larceny against lioiwrt Hubbard was dismissed when the prosecuting witness fail- in chirksrtalc on business. Alridge refused to <liscius the i cause of - tr.e siiooting. Shcriil! ed to appear. " | Matthews saki. except to siv that! Carl Suns was fine;! SIO for pub- ] the two had quarreled violently, j lie drunkenness and A. D. Marson's bond was forfeited when ho j 1 1189 1177 1178 fnilcd lo appear lo. answer lo a teady at 1251, up 1.' similllr charge. Spof Average Is 12.31 Tlie average price of 7-8 inch middling; cotton on the ten spot markets loday was 12.34. according to Ihe Hlythcville Hoard 6! Trade. Producers arc entitled lo lie sulisidy when the SIM>[. average i:'. a'.ioul U cents a poiiutf. Jul Srp Chicago Wheat open high low close 97 1-2 100 7-8 97 F-2 100 7-8b 99 102 ' 99 102b Cutters & low cutters 2.75-3.15. Chicago Corn open high !o\v close. July 70 3-8 72 5-8 70 1-4 72 Sep. fi9 1-2 71 3-4 G9 1-2 71 1-2 use on Dritlsli roads. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III. (UP) — Hoss: 4.500. Top 11.00 170-230 Ibs., 19.85-11.00 140-100 Ibs.. 10.00-10.85 Hulk .sows 8.85-9.25 Caltlc 2.000 Slcers 8.00-8.25 Slaughter sleevs 5.00-9.00 Mixed yearlings and 6.50-7.50 Slaughter Beef cows One p«illi al Little liork LITTLE ROCK, Jul. 2 <UP>The storm took one life here lo- 1 j dny when I,ona Kassoft, G8. died j after coming in contact with a charged clectri: wire' in her back yard. ' i A-eft) Orleans Colton heifers lielfevs 4.50-8.50 ' It has boen estimated lhat liie're ' March are more than 8,000,000 bicycles in : May NEW'ORLEANS, July 2. (UP) — Reports Of widespread raia> to:liiy brought a realizing movement into tlie cotton market fnat wiped oul, earlier gains of 10 lo 14 points. I The close was steady, one point i lower lo three higher. j crjcn hUh loiv ctos? | 1243 1240 1242 1170 1175 1162 .1170 1179 1162 1171 1178 1165 mi iiRo UBS • me nso 1172 closed quiet at 1255, July Oct Dec Jan 11IT> 1164 1165 1171 1173 , oil 3. HOUSE OP SHADOWS A New Serial .Beginning Today On PiUie 4 I kept (U my onc-mnn straw vole. In all, I talked lo 20 people . In this little restaurant. Two of the l!fi were for Landon. One of these two was a traveling salesman; Hie other was Ihe driver o a beer truck. In a small beer parlor in the rear I located five tasl Olivers. Three were out - and - out for Roosevelt. The other two were bitter about the way relief was being handled, but neither felt he would vote for Landon. My next stop took me deep into the poor sections—inlo East Huf- falo and "Budopole," where more than 150,000 people of 1'ollsh descent form a city within a city. With a rcixjrtcr from the Buffalo Times as my guide, f called en Bishop John J. Jasinskl of the Polish National Catholic Church, whose diocese includes some 350,000 Poles, and runs from Buffalo Uo Pittsburgh. fn his comfortable sitting-room ve talked of world affairs, and hen I nskcd him rather bluntly what. Ills people \verc IhtnUng )olitically. •clcs Favor F. K. "I om an independent Republican myself," he answered unite ionkly, ""but Ihc majority of the Polish-American people arc for looscvclt." He hcslitated a half minute when I asked him if hc would at:empt to name an approximate pel- cent. Then , he answered .houghtfully: "I would say nt least 65 per cent arc for Roosevelt. You sec we arc mostly poor people. In making my annual visits, I find ;hat in most homes'there are pictures 'of Roosevelt—and the ixxjrcr the home, the larger the picture." When I asked if 1 might quote him, he readily assented, ami added that he was certain that his calculation would hold- for all the Polish groups throughout the country. From another well-informed and strictly non-partisan observer, 1 received .the following analysts: "In 1932 Roosevelt curried the city of Buffalo by 40CO, but Hoover carried' Erie county by some 10.000. It was the first time that a Democratic presidential candidate ever carried Buffalo—except (Continued On Page 3) The final capitulation of poll tax receipts Issued in the entire comity after elimination of void receipts is 7,201, according to iiic slierlfl's ollice, Ol tills number 3.070 were Issued In the Osceola district and 3,231 in Ihc Chtcka- sawba district, A tabulation of'the dtslrlbuUon or tax receipts by school districts follows: Chickasawba district of the county: Louis Rusk Wpunclec .22 Rifle Virtually' Assures Good Cotton Yield and Adequate Feed Supply Millions of dollars woith of aln last iilghi and today ended veeks of dvoiilh in. MLssls.i!mil ind adjoining counties and .lurn- •d tliieatencd disaster inlo ri pt'ospcct for normal 01 boiler •lelds of cotton nnd,a sallsfactoiv iroilnctlon of feed crops The rain, beginning with iuter- iilltcnj v ^6wers about the mtildlo of yesterday aflernoon, i developed inlo n ijentlejjut sicady full Ihat :unt!nucd will!' brief Inlcimptlons Ihraughd'ut, the •night and well into this afternoon. Sam Morris, ocal weather observer, repot led a olal of 1,81 Inches here up "lo one o'clock "this'afternoon. Little of it was'wasled. It came so Mow- y llml.thc ' absorbed It al' incal as rapidly' as It fell alul there \vas little run-off. . .' Worth ' Millions Its value .^c<'- Mississippi county''! colton uruy'^iilone can be llmued In millions 'flt . '. (lollare! C O Smith told thf-'Courler Ncus that in his judgment It means the cllf tercncci.f between an- averatjc of little more limn, n third of n bale of cotton td.llic iicruMn this \lc- Inlty and. one or three-cn.iailerh of a bale, per acre or. inbrc. J O rullerton, county agiicul- tural nueiit, Raid ' llulU (lie lain ' ' School District Receipts No. 4, Clear Lake 4S No. 5, nlythcvllle 1.41C No. 0, Gosnell 45 No. 7, 7InlInian 35 No. 8. Milligan Ridge 27 •No. 9, Armorol 97 No. 15, Manila 245 No. 17, Boynton 55 No. 20. Yarbro 7fi No. 22. BOX Kltler 2G No. 23, Dell 205 No. 24. Skldu-ay 30 N. 27. Lone Oak 77 No. 30. Tomato 17 No. 22. Promised Land 47 No. 33, Hcece IS No. 34, Number Nine 31 No. 35, New Liberty 10!) No. 38. Ekron 31 No. 30. Shady Grove 40 No. 40. LcachvlUe 214 No. 45, Pawheen 2(1 No. 47. Half Moon 90 Wo. 48, Forly and Eight 37 No. 49, Flat Lake 17 No. 50. Browns Spur 82 No. 52, Lost Cane 47 No. 53, niack Water 23 No. 54, Rocky U No. 2, Luxora (sold at office here) 1 Chickasawba District tolal 3231 Osceola dislfict of the county: School District Rcceinls No. 1. Osceola 754 No. 2. Luxora 352 No. 3, Rosa 21 Ho. 10. Joiner, Basscll 186 No. II, Pecan Point 12 No. 13. Carson Lake 42 No. 16, Nodena 12 •No. 19. Whlllon • 170 No. 25. Wilson 700 No. 31, Kciser 917 No. 35. Biirdettc 51) No, 36. Etowah 435 No. 51. Round Lake 20 No. 52, Lost Cane 10 No. 55, Stillman 272 Loi|Is Rusk, 13-year-old .son o Mr, nnd r Mrs. Sam Kusk of the Gosnell community, was accidentally shot through the body by another boy, about 11 years old, w'nilc playing at the home of a neighbor at 11,30 o'clock this morning. The younger boy found a .22 calibre rifle in a room of the farm house where llicy were playing and picked it up. the weapon accidentally discharging, It. was stated. The bullet entered the Rusk boy's body on (lie rljht, side and emerged on the left. He was ru.tfied lo a physician's ofilce here where lie u)is given emergency treatment. The cxtnt of tlie boy's injury could not be immediately determined but it was believed that his Injury would not prove serious unless it developed that his Intestines 'had been punctured by the bullet. Efforts were being made early this afternoon to secure admission of (he boy to the local hospital as a Red. Cross patient. The boy's father said t'iiat hc was "on relief" support. and had a family of six to Fletcher's Secretary Named to Succeed Him TALLAHASSEE. Ha., July 2. (UP)— William Luther Hill today was named temporary Unlleil Stales senator for Florida to succeed Ihc late Duncan U. Fletcher, vhom hc served 19 years as sccre- arv. Hc was ap)H>inU?d by Gov. Dave Sholtz to serve until a permanent successor Is elected to fill the two uncxplrcd years of Fletcher's term. It a\to tto}i />f feed pc j>$. _iv«ri.^ ^tmiy^ col n' hnfd v »Heni|f» hwn' rlij itdV by >• dioiilh bill laic coin, nlfalh aril ulhei liny crops and soybcih' will be.: helped tremendously. Assures Feed 'Supply "Whereas, yesterday morning wo were faced with smive clnngci of • a serious feed shortage .we no\v have virtual assurance of corn, j hay and oilier feed crops sufficient for our needs," Mr. J'ulleilon .said. To figure the value of the raiii In terms of cash Is difficult but by Ihe most conservative c-stimaie. it has saved farmers of Mississippi county moreV .than $5,000,000. Benefltting in ctnjal propoition of course, are the farmers of Pcmlr scot, and other nearby counties, where the drouth situation was as bad or worse than; here First in JTany Weeks x It was the first gOMl gencrnl j rain In about a month and a halt.', There were scattered shovels (hiring June which were of. benefit to some localities but not since the • N'cck of May 11 had there been' rains sufficient thoroughly, to soaki I'ne earth. Biythtvllle received a lota! of 2.40 Inches of precipitation the week of May 11. .since then there had been no more than a trace of rain except for .51 of an Inch brought by n shower on June 10. The rain furnished a happy cli-' max to a gathering of 2,500 to 3,Mb' is.lsppi county farmers nt Bur- dclte yesterday. Tlie program of forum meeling and barbecue, arranged by the county's two. Farm Bureau organizations and by trie igrlculturnl extension ngcnls, had wen almoJc completed when the rain came, sending everyone home 'n jubilant spirits. ! \ 1 WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, showers in east portion tonight. Friday partly cloudy. Warmer in west and central portions. Memphis and vicinity-Rain tonight. Friday generally fair and Osceola District total Mississippi county lolal 3970 7,102 Extra Copies o{ Special Edition Still Available Readers who desire extra copies of yesterday's Mississippi County Historical and Progress cdllton of Ihe Courier News may still obtain them. The supply Is dwindling rapidly, however, and orders should b» placed promptly to avoid disappointment. Tiie price is 10 cents par copy. The Courier will wrap and mail copies of tlie paper to any address in the United Stales for eight cent.'; additional (o cover postage. Droulh Is Ilrokcn MEMPHIS, June 2. (UP)—Generally heavy rains throughout tlie mid-south today broke a. month's drouth and added mSJIons of dollars to the value of growing crops. A survey of the area showed the rain was general last night arid today after scattered showers had ushered it in yesterday. U. s. Meteorologist P. W. Brist here said t'nc precipitation was expected to continue at Intervals throughout the day and night. •.. ., , SlBttgart, Ark., had 4.54 Inches fr the 24-hour pericd up to 7 a.m. today, Brist said. Pine Bluff.'had 3.56 Indies; Wilson, 3; Prcscott, 2.10; Batesville, 1.88; Newport, 1.51: Helena, 1.44; clarendon, 2.80;,tint! New Madrid, Mo., 3 inches. General Over Nation WASHINGTON, Jul. 2 (UP) — Rains fell over great expanses of [he nation's agricultural regions today, the weather bureau reported but precipitation was insufficient to break.-the prolonged drouth in (he Dakotas and Montana where lOO.COO farm families are destitute. The bureau • reported that "good rains" have fallen • in all the drouth stricken areas except North and South DakoUi, Montana and loua.

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