The Olean Democrat from Olean, New York on February 19, 1891 · Page 16
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The Olean Democrat from Olean, New York · Page 16

Olean, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1891
Page 16
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SIXTEEN PAGES, PAGES 1 TO 8 s 1 r VOL. X I I . CLEAN. CATTARAUGUS CO.- NEW YORK. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1891. NO. (4 EOT EVEN A CONSTABLE DID THE REPUBLICAN'S SAVE FROM THE GENERAL WRECK. A Democratic Avalanche--The Entire IJiSl'ECTOKK--UHl). DIST. P. ]·' Keciiuu ioi A . J . M a y e r !|i)i E. .1. Yariiey , 745 Linus "jo ( hfiri- H yiintli 101 John M. v\ ilhains 102 KeeudU, Mayer and Muil-re elected. INSPECTORS--4TU DI8T. J. G. Pel ton Ticket Elected ami by Lar K e Majoi-iues J i £. J? ! u l t z . ,, , j M . T. Jouen lu Nearly Eyery instance. Supervisor Lynian JLatrim Jewell's Plurality iv»b 311--All the Ap- ' J a l u fS Goo'l propriationsbut one Snowed tinder. As predicted in Tuesday's HERALD, the town board found it necessary to announce that the town meeting called for Tuesday would have to be held open another day to permit of the full vote for town officers being polled. This was owing to delay in voting under the new- law, which is about its only drawback. When the polls were closed at 6:43 o'clock Tuesday 1,286 votes had been polled. The boxes were sealed, the hall ·was cleared of its occupants and then a . Jame-T. Ahnmis ..................... '.".". Pulton, Shii'tz and Jouet dected. S-01 !)li 744 741 102 103 -- 5TH DIST. M. J. Garvey .............................. 902 Johu Fink .................................. 901 A. (Jraudall ............................... 74.3 O. \V llami ton--- ....... ______ ....... ______ 741 Frank LL wellyn ....... -.- ............. 302 Charles Strum ........ -- ................. .. 102 Garvey, Fink and Urandall elected. INSPECTORS-- GTH DIST, J. T. Wha!en ............................... 890 V. Bbeiterle, Jr .......... . .............. _____ 8!H H. A Brown .............................. 743 W. F Showalter ........................ ... 745 Charles Redstone..-- ....... .. .............. .. 102 llobert Revels ................. .. .......... 102 \\ lialen, Kheiterle and Showaiter elected. INSPECTuBS-- 7TH DIST. Stephen Collins ..... - ............... $88 ..... Kobert Mill ken ________ 897 Arthur Laug-svorthy 745 John Newman-- - 749 D.S.Abbott io| B. U-Taylor . 103 Collins, ililliken an-1 Newman elected. INSPECTOUS--STH DIST. Henry Kiesel 895 J. P. fcaldwell 897 O. A. P.,ttr . . . 7 4 7 F. B. Hastings 751 John Pegler '.'.'.'."'.'.'.'."'.'.'.".'.',1Q2 Kiesel, Laldwelland Ha-tmgs elected. IXSPECTOBS--9TH DIST. William Heller gng J"hn Conn 11 ggg Zeno Beesecaer .'744 ·J. J. Neal '.,.'.'.745 WilliamS Kent " o» J. B. Olbey ........'.' Heller, Uonnell and Neal elected. sag 895 j INSPECTORS--10TH DIST. S. B Torrey H- W. B.ugg Wildam Parker ".'."."."."'.'.'. ,, 0 E. E. Benedict 745 George L Bemis .. 101 Geora-e M. Adsit ." 101 Torrey, Engg and Pa ker · lected. INSPECTORS--llTH DIST. f . --., -f^,.. J. E Ensse'.l -- 898 ins into the hall, and Policemen Henry i°iJ5 p 1 ^ 1 S97 Sigel and Daniel Allen were stationed Andrew^fc^urry £J5 for the night at the entrance, to protect W. G Gamble .."...'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'. "11'.'.'.!"102 the polls from designing politicians. M t, OQ E ,arle ......'."..'.' '..'.'.'.102 The polls were not disturbed durino- the Ku ' se11 - Du ^ an and Godtrey elected. night, and voting was recommenced ,, .. _ FOE CONSTABLES. Wednesday. Up to 4:20 o'clock that af- p a c pSam E ~? ternoon 1744 votes had been polled, W. A. l_owman'_P---'"-""" " Q« After two days voting the town elec- - tion in Olean was finally completed and the,polls closed at sundown last evening. There were between 1,700 and 1,800 votes cast arid the counting of that many blanket sheets proved no small task. It ·was not completed until half-past 6 o'clock this morning. The result proved , 'S ' E to be an avalanche in favor of the democracy, the republicans not as much as saving a constable from the general wreck. Some of the candidates on that ticket were confident of election and are now wearing long faces in consequence. It was indeed a remarkable victory--unheard of in the history of this town. The appropriations asked were everyone of them snowed under excepting the one for the observance of Decoration day by Bayard Post G. A. E. and that only got through by a vote of 318 to 275. Two hundred and forty-four voters were ; in favor of appropriating §1,400 for the · cosntructton of a sidewalk and replank- ing the Boardmanville bridge and 301 were opposed to it. The 83,000 asked f or the construction of the Hasting bridge was voted down 372 to 237 and the §3,- 000 for the Hinsdale bridge shared a similar fate, 374 to 236. The $500 for a new sidewalk between the bridge at Baxter's mill and the race bridge further east was downed 320 against and 240 for. The §500 for the improvement of Kit: tanning road was lost bv a vote of 339 against to 259 for. The's tory of the ballots iu detail foillows: FOE STTPEBVISOB. M. B. Jewel', Dem 96? E- B- Bnrdick, Hep .11 658 Charles Grossman, Pro 100 L.P Abbott,p · ....: :.:.::::.. 99 Charles Hemmerman, D 838 John U. Harris, E 682 OhariesStnrm, P 100 Fr nk Cook D 897 Gilbert D. Miles.B T.6S2 Perr* Ludden, P 99 Thomas Jordon, D -- 8-a Asa Parker. E. P 775 Barry, ( 'orkins, Hemmerman, Cook and Jordon elected. FOR GAME Morri-i Batsman .............................. 915 Henry Brooks ......... ...................... ess John I like ......................... 103 Bateman's plnr.,lity, 230. FOR Jt-XCISK COailTISSJOXER. Charles Fry ...... ..-. ........................... 939 Thoma;- Gil igan .......... ________ ..... 6'7 E. G. Ife th tm ......... .. .............. _____ 12! Fry's plurality, 2S3 Returns received from other towns in the county are as follows: ALLSCJANY. About 575 nir-n flocked to th? polls of this place TuescLiv for the purpose of electing town officers. The following are the returns: FOR SUPERS 1SOR. 8. B. McClnre, Dem ..... ................. 3o) Geo. Buffing'ou. ];ep ....................... 237 SlcClilib majority . 63. FOE TOW' CLERK. D. jfhelps. Dem ......................... ... 310 J. E. Ail ler, Uep ................ -. ......... 224 Phelpss niajoiity 85. FO-i JUSTICE. Fred Smith, D- m ........................... 305 O. J. Louis. Hep .......... __________ 23ij Smith's maji-rity 75. FOB Joh'i Lanbedthal Dem .................... 303 M. Zi-ter. liep ........... .............. 231 Lunbenthai s majority 71. FOB COMMlS-ilOSEtt HI OHWATS. Total vote 1785 Joseph Eeh'er, Dem 292 Jewell's plurality, 311- ' " . J. C -U Na.L Ke. 249 * * - - - FOB TOWN CLEBK. 820 SOI 106 Henry Bonn elly., -- -Georce Mayer William J. Haight Tota 1 vote 1,730 Donnelly's plurality. 1G. TOR JUSTICE OF TUB PEACE. Henry McKinley 927 John S oane fxi Jobn W. Yard 29s Total vote McKin ley's plurality, 216. F03 ASSESSOR. Dsniel Collin « Martm Southeroii lavid S Abbolt Total vote CclHns" p nrality. isi. FOH COMMISSIONER OF HIGH 1 * ATS. John Cook "VTiu. A, Ooslcrhoudt Pan] B. Griffin "I".".. Total yet" Cook's plurality. .15. TOR co3L£fron. Thomas Troy David s . Yard . . . Caleb I). Tierce .- '.'.'.'.'. Total vote Troy plurality, 27-S. roa ovEB.Kr.Eii OF roon. Charles Ketnan, *'** xt. \)\. 13i^on,,.....,.**.. ...... A. .T. Laurence Total vote Keeniifs plurality, a?."" INSPECTORS--1ST. DIST. A. A. Smarts George J. B«.lJ Alfred V*n«erh0of .'..".".".".'...'..".'..'...'. Jerome Doneia?."". H. M. V. Smith ."."".".".'.'".'.".'.'.".'.'.".'..' Swris, Ball and Vaadtrhoof elect*!. w l E. "W. Conihn .".'.."V.".".".".".".'.""." E. F. Krase Amos H. lingers Goodwin, Norton andConilin* elected'." 109 1,717 .. ,'SB .. 137 .. 110 -.3,673 Id', 1 Behler's tnajor'ty 4 - ? FOK COLLECTOR. P. J. Whe-ler. D m John Fries, Rep ,,. Wheeler's majoiity 67. FOR OV1.ESEEK OF POOH. Herman Sclmell. t'tm i99 Gen. Sir Umber. Hep Z.'J1 t-'chnell's tin. FOK ixsPKcroas OF ELECTION-- 1st District- Joseph Hartsfelt, Belli 312 Frjnk Mutatr, Kep 2.;* HsrtsfeJt sinajori'y 70. P H. Sullivan. Jjein p^ri 'ilium a-3 ( nrti^, a j - Sl.COMI DISTRICT. John H '"arle-.D m H 1). BTinJk-k. Kep Carles m.ij nty 05. . J'i] Jam ft-.-vt-ns Dim i F. \\. Lnrk« r, iit-p I Stcrtcs" m;ij riJyC.l. 1 __ 7 3 U i : DISTRICT. JLiifrin Bennen, 3'f-ai ,1_Ln .( hii'xir, ];. p B inittt's inajornv f,4. Homer .»on--s, I^m Fr' -1 rt'tl h. Jit , ..V.".'.".".".'.'.'.".."" Jcnes'i. in«ji.rjt f,s. U .jJ-nii A r, 3 w;is elected by I}:j majority over II. Audi ev/s. rep. The entire doinocratic ticket was electpd except one justice of the peace by ma jorilies ranging from 28 to 128, t h e hiVhi'bt being for William Ze- liJF for highwaycomiiiisijioner. CONEWANGO.--Mason was elected supervisor of this town by 26 ma- joiity. He is a Republican. COLDSPKING.-- Albert Hale, dem., was re-elected by 33 majority over N. W. Miller. The whole democratic ticket was elected by good majorities except the justice of the peace for full term iu which case there was a tie. There were 79 more votes cast than there were at the election last fall. ELLICOTTVILLE.--Republican supervisor Henry Somerville was elected by sixty-six majority. Three license candidates, forty majority. FARMERSVILLE.--Smith, republican, pulls through wilh ten majority. The entire balance of the alliance ticket is electrd. FRANKLINVILLE.--The election of supervisor was close, Thomas Davis Rep. being elected over Pardon Jew ell, Dem, by a majority of one. The votes were 206--2i?5, J, F.Goo. Prohi., received 56. For Town clerk, John Clements, Rep., received a majority of 31 over Azor M. Curtis, Dem. Votes 2i4--183. Charles Hoag, Prohi., receiyed 68. For justice of the peace, long term, Henry Curtis, Dem., received a majoritv of 65 over Eli A.^Kent, Rep. Votes 232--178. For justice, short term. W. W. Waring, Rep., received a majority of twenty- nine over Frank Stewart, "Dem. 2is£-- 183 Noah Pratt. Prohi.,--70. Bnrlingaine's majority 68. FREEDOM.--J. Henry Shallies, Rep., was re-elected supervisor of this town. The balance of the ticket elected is also republican. HINSDALE--L.Y.Miller rep.,elected supervisor over "W.M. Bennett,dem., 4 majority. D. E. Johnson, rep., town clerk, over M. Carmer, dem., 17 majority. A. E. Nelson, rep., justice over M. Green, dem., 10majority. S. D. Rude, rep, assessor over Elmer Bennett, dem., 13 majority. Edgar Norton, dem., highway commissioner over Chris. Willover, rep. 17 majority. A. C. Torrey, rep., collector over J. Beers.dem., 2U majority. Cyrus Carmer, dem., overseer of poor over F. C. Burlingame, rep., 16 majority. The democrats also elect one constable and game constable. JSCHXJA--E. T. Seward, dem., elected supervisor by 31 majority over William Ciuild, rep. Town clerk--Wales Chamberlin. dem., 31 over L. M. Thornton, rep. Overseer of poor--G. L. Patterson, dem., 13 over C. P. Pierce, rep. Justice of the pence--E. E. Bacon, dena., 28 over F. A. Learn, rep. Commissioner of highways--Nathan Learn, Sr., dem., over L. J. L^arn, rep. Assessor--Alva Burt. dem , 32 over A. S. Babcock. Col- If-ctor--John H. Brown, rep., 6 over W. W. Osfjood, dt-m. Inspectors and constables all democratic. LITTLE VALLEY--Col. E. A. Nash, ··°p , was elected supervisor over J. F. il-wher, dem., by 71 majority. The nalance of the republican ticket was ^cted with the exception of J. C. Merow for overseer of the poor. Isaac Winship being elected bv 28 majoritv. "own clerk--G. W. Fuller. Justice of r he peace---full term--S.'X. Wheaton. Justice of the peace--vacancy--A. Pojihtet-1.. Assesor--F. M. Bailey. Col- :ector--J. H. Watson. Highway co:n- mihsioTier--Emory Sweetland. Inspectors of election--S. L. Sweetland, B f L. Bnnsteel aud Gifford Whipple. n'r.-t district; G. G. Locke, Hiram Leach ;md R. F. Winship, second dL-trict: E. E. Kelley for license 149--L. C. Annis, igninst, license 124. LYN-DOX.--Milo D. Farwell, alliance, elected by about twenty-five majority, ;md alliance men also 'carried a good part of the ticket. *·--Vandewater. rep., was by 52 majority over Prescctc. the farmers alliance candidate. The balance ·f the repufjicnn ticket was elected ex- IX COiVGllESS. MIIMBER3 OF THE HOUSE INDULGE IN A LITTLE PLEASANTRY. Mr. Funslon Blalccs a KSttor Altaclc Uj)on ,l?r. B u t t e i x v o i O i KurhiK tlie Debute on (ho A g r i c M t l t u r n ] Appropriation K i l l -- The K i l l FinrUJ,- I'assod. The Senate Passes KesoHifions of Sorrow on the Oe;ith of Senator Wilson. WASHINGTON, Feb. 20.--Mr. McKinley from the commit'ee on rules reported a resolution p r o v i d i n g t h a t to-day theliou-e shall meet »t 10 o'clock and immediately proceed to the consideration of t h a shipping hill, the general debate to close at 6 o'clock. l"nday the house shall meet at 10 o'clock and proceed to the consideration o f t l i e hill by p;nvigr;iphs the previous question to be considered as ordered at 5 o'clock. Afu-r a spirited discussion the resolution was adopted--yea-, 139; nays, 114. The immigration bill was then taken up, the p e n d i n g question being on Mr. Oates' snbhtitute, which was rejected- yeas, 55; nays, 203. The hill was pisse-L The house weno into committee of the }vhoie on the agricultural appropriation past IfJ o'clock. iMy late colleague, t h o i t y L not robust JD health, was in tins chamber Saturday lat, g i v i n g that earuest attention U p u b l i c business which the r u l e ot hi-, life. On Sunday lie was indisposed, but none around h i m t h o u g h t that it waa more than temporary trouule, w b i c i i would soon pass away. His death comes therefore a« a sudden shock not only to hi-, associates but to the sountry and his family. -Vy colleague had for some time .uiliupued a sudden lakiiiL,' c:lf. He was co i b c i o u s t h a t he had au attack of the heart, w h i c h m i g h t term i n a t e his career at any lime. And yet with the courage of a hero, he went ou iu his career at the discharge of his private and public duties as earnestly- and as q u i e t l y and as methodically as if he were in robust health. He had nearly reached the allotted term of three score and ten, ile wa^ Beloved and honored by the peopie of his state, whom he had served in th^ir state legislature as a presidenHal elector, as a member of the house of repre-enta- tives, a;ul as an associate justice of the circuit court of his district, lie had been twice elected as a member of this body. His career here is ramiliar to all of u?. We knew him as a man of lofty intelligence, as a lawyer of active and rare log'c, and as a gentleman without reproach. He enjoyed the etteem of every member of this bo'iy without regard to pany. The loss of such a man is a lo-s to the nation. But in .Vary aud his death will be specially mourned. The people of i hat state have lo^t an upright citizen, a true fnend, a f a i t h f u l legislator. ie died as he lived, a modest, painstaking, Christian gentleman. Mr. Gorman then offered resolutions ex- DOWN AN PANHANDLE Ti?A|N DERAILED WHILE DESCENDING A STEEP GRADE. Three Persons Instantly Killed, Tfar«* F.itiilly Wounded Jtml a Lar-e Xum"W«r- More or Ic,s Seriously Injurea -- A. F i i g U L f u l Conflagration Narrowly Averted--The Accident Occurred at Hagersfovin, InL bill. In the of general debate on the .bill a controversy arose between Mr. Fitu- ston of KMHSHS in charge of the bill and . w .,,,,,,._ Mr. Butterworth of Ohio, and the latter : pressing the great sorrow with vrhich the having made a remark which iriitate.l j senate Mr. Fun-ton, Mr. Funston made an attack ! ^ v ilsii upon him in whiah he alluded to the o Jice to which Mr. Butterworth occupied in the world's fair commis-ion aud said that if gentleman, whose name was usso- ciated with the anti-option bill, had taken as much time to forward that measure as he had to drawing his salary as secretary of the world's fair tha measure would now have b en passed--a measure whion would bring great relief to the agricultural interests. Mr. Butterworth in reply charged Mr. Funston, as chairman of the committee on agriculture, with neglecting the interests of the farmers. The gentlemau, he said, was actively concerned about the anti-opriou bill. Half a million farmers had asked the gentleman o\er and over again as chairman ot the committee U get up aud mo\e the consideration of the measure. Had he done it? [Cries of no, no.] Not at ail. He had. not moved in that direction, but had stood trembling like au aspen leaf under the favor of the speaker. [General laughter aud applause ou the Democratic side.] Pie (Mr. Butterworih) had at le.-ist the courage of his convictions. [Applause.] Mr. Funstou denied that he had failed to do h s duty in regard to the optioa bill. He had u«ed every means in his power foi the purpose of getting the option bill under conMderat ou. Mr. Hatch of Missouri, after deploring the condition of the farmers of the country, made a speech in favor of free coiu- age and a reduction of taxation. He alsc had heard of tne death of Mr. "ttilsim, directinu the appointment of a committee of eleven senators t o take order for superintending his f u n e . a l ; d i - reciing the removal of tbe remains to Maryland in charge of the sergeant-at- arms and attended by the comm.tte, and ordering that a communication be sent to the house of representatives with an invitation to attend the limeral to-day and to appoint a committee to act with a committee of the f-enate. Mr. Spoouer paid his tribute to t h e dead senator, also, aud the resolutions were then agreed to unanimous y. The committee was appointed and the sen.-ite ar, 11:30, as a further mark of respect, adjourned. VETERANS IN ROCHESTER. State lincampment of the G. A. K---An Imposing: Parade. ROCHESTER, Feb. 26.--'ihe unfavorable condition of tbe weatner did not prevent the veterans of Rochester irom turning out in lartre numbers in tbe parade in honor of the department commanders, delegales and comrade^ iu attendance upon the state encampment of the G. A. 11., which began at Y\ ashington rink yesterday morning. It was 10:15 a. m. before the column moved. M,ij. Joseph P. Cleary of the Veteran brigade headed the procession with his staff. The Fifty-fourth regiment baud followed, and then came Department Commander Clarksou aud his staff and Mayor Carroll iu AN A POLi-5. 7eb. 26.-- A terrible dent occurred on tl-e Richmond divislom of the Panhandle r.-.ilroad at liar erst-own, Ind., at 3.CO o'clock yesterday afternooa, in which three pe^ons were instantly kil'ed and ens mortally wounded, tw» seriously, possibly fatally, and a large number more or less injured. It was tb» fast tram between Chicago and Cincinnati wnich v. as coming down a steep grad» into the town, when the frame work o£ t h e engine i.roke ami derailed every cat. However, they passed the station anl came to the canal bridge, where there is a fifteen !oot fall before the fatality occurred. I h e cars caught fire, but the fire wa». quickly -extiugui-jiied. The smoker first turned on its sids and the day coaches, anl parlor car, tha smoking compartment ot which contained All the killed, breaking REETES, capitalist, agent, Ricfc- , -- -- -- - , -- carriage-. The fullow- tpuched upon the option bill and criti- i ing organ.zauons were in iine: ei.-ed the majority and especially tiie chairman of the committee on agricul- O'Rouike po-.t d n l l corps, O'Rou.-ke posr, George J-l. Thomas rO:-t, Pt-is.-ener ture for not acting u; ou the question. ! post, C. S. Powers post, E G Marshall ' The gcnilesnan from Ohio ( vlr. -McKinley) , posr, Ghd.ieu camp. Sons of Veterans, j had said that there were but a few inors j Capt. Cooper, commanding delegates I hour.-, of this congress. Thank God for it. When the procession arrived the rink ' L-Uemocratic applause.] I was thronged with veterans. Tv.-o ttiou- ' Mr. bpiuoia--Lay it ou, brother. [Laugh- Band survivors of the war %vere seated V" ,, T ,,, - i there. Tut rink was gaily decorated. ! Mr. Hatch--TT e will all join ia the dox- ' ~ ~ ol ?? y D _ e . xc Wednesday. [Laughter.] cept one constable. Air. Hatch, cou.inuina;, s,aid that the request of the farmers for tbe passage oi .-- Chailes Davis, supervisor which is dem.. a de- 0 i 301 azi . r , iriHji nty K". liijcanu 1 . I^t-m. , rl m, jl p aTae s m a j f,-i. .1m;-,' 2~, «'J J S t . S f T ] ' A- £*- TVnrbncam", IXrn. ... S"io .1,714 , John Fn- ;, Ik-p "" g-j J M ] ^ n n ' n , i r r ''.'.".'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.".'.'.'. r/o "rnni. rvraXT, jJt-p. z',', BrriniTjj s majority «:. ^ G · K ' : ' f . iH-m .. 335 *- J ^ A'l«Tri I'fn-fh. Kt-jx. ...V.".'.'.".".".. ..'.'..' .. 2;JC) .'^ Klit."V in ijonty 7J. 1^4 John G'=-». Dein y^ , TO5 KSrir-E COHKI?:OMtl. ' F. VC. F-nma-ce, Dem.- 3-1$ John M:iltr,Ittp \\ %y$ ^~ Fura^ce's majority SO. 745 Proiiibiuon ticket headed by A. £ £^ Crocker for supervisor polled about jjg , thirty-seven T t / t ^». ( CAEROLTOK--Robert J. Watson, dem., W l s cideJ democranc ! ;.--The election in this town ! follows: Supervisor, Wai. B. ' .., majority 23. Com m is- ' -ioner of Highways. Gi-oo;eHatch, rep.. ! iti:ij(.rity 2. Overseer -f tin- Poor. John L. yullivan, rep., majority 74. C"llec- : r. Archie Hc-D»Ui;alii, rep., m a j o r i t v 1 p-_ Exrise. Myra D. Carr. r*p., m a - , j'ri!v 7S. Tiie republicans won this flection every ticket. RANDOLPH--Charles W. Terrv. Rpr... vras r].. c it-(i h(-re by a big majority. Tl e i.'']uit'l:c-:n ticket v.-;is vlectcd throui:'n- x-is'-qu'^tioii but ihi* tide «as turm-'i i f j v , . r r.f i". hy Father Mm- ' pby. _jlie Catholic prie.M, w h o is a hard working tt- ^ i j v nnc? man, TFE "EST BOAT:r. AHfcaTi-... -- - Dr. K. B. Morjpre-p- C:i r - i l t . i i Ilnbc-rt -1. W a t - o n -- I ) , l -"' 3sn '-' - ... All«rt H a t - H ' nii-v, ,nt ' - - .., Cl^ir]- s .) Jlasi.n -- I t ri«7?uji Xorman M. All'n--11* A..7. Hinrv S, }· _3: Smiih-- I. Gr i""' J. H f n r y \ J l ] j ( V , L l t t l j - V a l V y Lyijiion Ma'.-ficH .".' . AV. R OTT-" EJarnT. Sf-nii f \j T: ·' Coi.E A i.T. CP nr r-- ]'. Albion Olftan PfY-i'a ...?.".'.'.'.."'.'.'.'. . T. B. S'vjk L"mne] V.V,o^ --- F. C. Vinlon ·«", B Mfr*sr.a-j Charles W J c r r v F. A. Snr.-'tlt South ------ W. ,T. IV-evf"-.-- F L. \V. Rtadc-K* . t.Members of » former board. There will be i? democrats. 1 alliance and 19 republicans ia the next countv legislature. the option b.ll should be acceded to before they demanded and no louirt-r pleaded. Mr. Canuou--You can oass it next session. Mr. Hatch--And we will pass it next session, and we will pass every other bill that is constitutional and is dem inded bv the people of tiie country. [Democratic applause.] The bill was then considered by paragraphs, but without disposing of the measure the committee rose. Mr. Gibson of Maryland announced feel- inpiy the death of Senator Wilson of that state, eulogizing l,j s ]jf e and character. In pursuance of a resolution, uuami- mously adopted, the j-peaker appointed a , committee to take action in regard to tiit 1 iunerai. i The house t h e n as a mark of respect tc tbe memory of the deceased adjo-arnei The house met airain at S o'clock, Mr Burrows of Michigan occupying tbe clia.r. Mr. D-n^ley of Maine submitted tbe report of t h e silver pool hivon-aiing com- ruittee an'i it iv.-ss ordere i pn:it^d. Mr. D.n^k-y gave notice tii.-it be -would call it up for action at, the eani^i opoo-- tunisy, "Jbs house then vr?nt iTito committee of th» v,-ho] e on the .- j;n. u h u r a l appropri.i- tion Jiilj. The disorder v.- a ~ creat";ind in- C'-»=,T.tit, and t h e ciiair w.-is u t t v r l v unab- to pu-vpjjt it. As ibf i,our KT----V la-er tl, proc'.",-dni^s became more no sy and i j \v.i- ivnli extu-me d i f T v u l t y t b a t t h e chairman pn»-«rv?d ;i v r - m h ance o: o;der. 'Hie C"i3'-idt:r..non of the acricnlturnJ Wini.-svjrjK i-en the committee of t t i e w h o l e rvhn:ne-3 t h e con-ideration of the ceiieral d«-fic enf;. h j j ) . lh?_hon«i p i s - e i The "j:r cultural appropriation b i l l , h it T r i t f i o n t disposing of i h ? general deficiency b:)i ai 31:3j"*,,d- jonrned. In t h c s a n a t e tbe r h i p l a i n in bis praver feelingly al.«d»d t « , t h j d t - a h of S^'n-,iV- Wilson of M ^ r j l . i n ' J . « b i c h occarr«l in this city Tue.-d iy nvht. A f t e r tbe j o u r n a l wax read, busings-, T**S sii^pen'ie'i on the fttis^e^tion of M-. R i m n n d s J o g ve t-.-ne for consnliat:on ··vr.b Mr. Gorman f.s to w h a t course he si t h e s - n s ^ to pnr-ue in coanec;:on the death of hi-, coliea^-ue. Mr. Gorman, in A low nnd m o u r n f u l vo^ce, said; Jt becomfts my duty, Mr. President., to announce to tbe senate tbe ' dewth of my colleague, the late Epbraim K. Wilson. He brt-athed bis Jast :n this ' city Tuesday night about ten minute* '' there. MHJ. J. P. Cieary delivered an a : dress, bidding them a co-dial welcome an.l at its conclusion introduced Mayor Cairo! ', who delivered a lengthy address, concluding by wishing thedeie- gaies a pleasant sojourn iu the city. Comuiauuer Clarkson replied, thanking the mayor and officials for their courtesy. On motion of a comrade three rousins cheers were given for Mayor Carroil and Commander Cl ^rkfon. Then Philip Fried, tbe Temple quartet and the chorus boys sang E.iward Har- wpd's latest song, "\Ve Loved that Dear Old Flag. 7 ' Tiie song was received with great enthusiasm by tbe veterans who demanded hs repetition. Ihe e n c a m p m e n t then went into secret session and the mayor and the ladies were driven to the common council chamber v,h"re the convention of the "Woman's Relief corps was waiting t h e i r arrival. _At noon t h e president of the corp-. Mix Xici-oK r.ip;'-ii for order. Mrs. J. P. Cleary of ii.uRoclie-.ter Women's Relief corps mn.e an address of welcome in w h i c h she -^i.j she ln.ped t h i t ihe legislation i:s4.-fu3 to tii«; order would be affected as the con l e n t ion now Ivgun. \ i a y o r C a r j o I I t h » n T:r'ie a speech in ·svhx-h he c'onnni'-ntid the ladies for their ?-^t-nd I -.v r.. At it^ conclusion a away from the smoking car, bat holding together, rolled over twice in their (J»- scent of the eaUjankment. Meauwbile the derailed car had hang to tliM engine, aad away beyond the ot;er cam. struck a guarJ at the road crossing, agat» mounted the track and escaped almost uninjured, but tbe engine, though ho54- intr the rai,s, «-as a^ouL a^ hadly \\recke4. a» the parior car and day coach. ' In leaving tbe crack the cars tore dow» the telegraph poles, and it was almost i»- possi tjle to get any accurate news of tftk accident until tha trains arrived the dead and wounded. The car was gotten out of here as soon a* possib e, carrying surgeons aii.i assistant of every kind, and a second train was senfc up at 6 o'clock with a large number ot people. The following is a list of and injured Dead: ABTHCE M. mond. S. G. XEEDHAM, claim mond. CHARLES B. CASE, conductor, pore, liid. Mortally wounded: Orris F. I-EAL, engineer, Richmoefl, died at 5:5J o'clock. Mrs. Ge»rge McGrew, Richmond. Mr. J. C. Busm, Sacramento, CaL Seriously injured: M. Hilb, Cincinnati, contusion cflnaj and arms. G. W. Webster, porter Pullman Newport, Ky., forehead badly cut.. Infant grandchild ot Mrs. McGrew Chicago, badly bruited. John M, Edwards, Bichmond, about head. Adam. Sreinberger and brother, viiie, O., both cat and bruised. Fraak W. Eddy, Westfield, Mass,, back. badiy sprained. Iti^sKoch, Dayton, O., right hand badly- cut, aud her sister, Mrs. C. R. Dodl«^ Da\ton, severe contusion on rigut side. Mr. and Mrs. Benson, JLoganspors, Ind., I badiy bruised, i Their two small children, Herbert an* Earl, sligatly bruised. I Mrs. Anna Englebecht, Logansport, ao4 ! her three children, badly shocked. Henry C. Fox, Richmond, severe scalp ·wounds and contusion of the spine. A. K. Kelly. Richmond, severe cut o^or eye. T. W. Gil pin, No. 251 West Pour* street, Philadelphia, injured internally. John Checker, Chicago, contusion «f back. Charles Page, Richmond, bad cutim head. G. H. Edmunds, cut in head. Mrs. S. S. Stanbaugh, Trenton, both bands badly cut. SophiaEvan?, Newcastle, lndL 3 contuslo* of arms. Dora Clark, Newcastle, Ind., contort*, of bead. Clilton Invin, Martin'* Ferrv, foot. J. P. Stanzea, Eaton, O., arm bruised, right cheek bone broken. J. ^ - Kramer, brakeman, I. Ind., severe ;-caip wounds, left leg bruised and contusion on arm. Harriet S. l^ambard. Aml.erst, vere contusion in bick of beatl. James T. Booles, Kicnnjond, very contusion on left of head. E. Uo.lgin, road foreman of hands scalded. giv n ; !:e mayor by the Jadie-%. c a "-hcrt a-Jdre^s in B worK of the Women's sal u I/a Mnj. L.J".,rv ma vrh.c i Lepr:);s-e i t, Relief c rp.. Mr*, .-'-xr-ih C. N i f h o j c . the department prcM-i 11% fl-],v.-red b-r annual ad ires* in w i n c h MIC r c imnvndt-i i h e indorsement, and p l f d t f of M i p p - r t to t h e organization kiiov.-n h*- rni'.-j ] 1 -j'-on-r-. of War National Memorial a«-f. ciatioa. rocet.ii^ couJ'i not be learned. 4g ib ?fo Advance TTtll PnT5Brr.5. Feb. 26.--There is no1on«* any question a* to the answer Trhic") Tril c;iven bv the management of ths Pew»- pys:em to iis employes, or ib* committee representing tbem* slthoun* it has TJOI b?en pre-sented. An ofHci«I · tbe Pennsylvania company says tbi- §««»· tinn of an sdvanc* of vrages is not being t h e ·oted :brit out until icct on o o mem- informat:o!i s-bonid 1e ·lay. ^hen it is e\pt-csed place, elief corps "n to Mrs. Hooker corps H4 of Brooklyn, tbe present department ncnior vice prcsirJent, of a beautiful entfro^^d t«si:n7oni,il by the ladies of ihe~d i fife rent corns located os the Hudson below, and in New i'orK ci5y and Broodi fhot Hi* Wif^ »nd CHICAGO Feb. 1'6 --M-s. Joseph left her hnsband " count of his crncl tnrned to tb* hon*,e Tnssdar with mother to pet btr clothes, wi",*n IT. of Rnit irn. WASHINGTON-, Feb. 3-i-The Jreasurrde- part me:)T ri-f.i(·-,?! ^1,500 43^ percent, bonds aud pnrrr,s,-"'i 60S,i30 ounces o f silver at fr- m .979 w .9S5 « nt s p-.-r ounce.' Tne deparmifut having purchased during ths month of I'suruary the 4,5-X),iX)0 , ounces reqiiireil by laiv, r.o further pur- j *7ii \e inmie Untii Aloaday, .V»rcJ» j FeV. 26.-- A d?bJor «ni» to recover tne sum of £2. "09, tb« * tf costs awarded *cA-nst MTiliiarn O' in his snit »ifain«i Lord S»/i libel, h*s boea i^erved on Mr. O'Bt Truck ROCHESTER, x. y.. » forem»» NEWSPAPER! by a

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