The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1930
Page 6
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5Ki •«U ''PACK SIX ' - .- --- f -, -« «£,!„• • ]j]YTIP\f ' ^^j~"V ^p • " W^«''" ; ~~T|"vi ====:: ifc'T» •- < - r ^~^=^-—' :: :4^=^=^=== == ^. J —-^ ___i_r ; • - 'FUKSDAV, SEPTUM HIW:. 30, 10% ^^^-^i^iMGame^tMemphis Saturday UllllsllllULII Ullll BHHK f^oUK*T r\rv»~,.^ D,.«l_ ninnni iiinmrr% **M «•„,,„,!,.„ .„., „.'... _ —— -_ — . — _ :J3Tt at Locals First Experieixce Under Lights; Believe Wiggins' Hurt Not Serious. •The Blyllicrllle hlijli school . Chickasaws will . gel i)>pir firs taste of night football when they meet Memphis Central high M Memphis Saturday night at Hodges Fe)d under the floodlights. • • Although the lights, white pigskin and other features or night grid battle will probably prove u handicap to the Hudsonmeiv, who will enter the battle with, not cvu> so much as a practice session a flight, -the local grldders nrc anxious to step forth for their Inaugural debut under the floodlights. The Injury jinx lhat has cnmp- «1 consistently on the trail of the Chickasaws this season to-jk its loll again yesterday when Vcrnon Wiggins, end candidate and rated by miny as the likeliest prospect on the squad, was knocked unconscious. Wiggins was taken to the Blytheville hospital where an x-ray failed to reveal any serious Injury. Lite last night the big vrlngman was coming around rapidly and Coach Hudson believed he will be ' ready, for work Saturday. Wiggins was hurl during a light blocking session. Oihrr Chicks Alltnj Memphis Central Is certain lo offer the Chicks some stiff opposition although -most of thc local .•fluid admit, they ore looking past the Memphis game to the big game »f the season—ihe encounter with the Jonesboro Hurricane here Oct. • 10, Reports from Memphis Indl cate that Coach -Hugh Magevney has an array of stellar backs tc hurl,against the Chicks and playing on a Memphis field, with the Chicks taking their first does of nlght'.football—well, the Central Warriors can easily rate as favorites'.'Especially In view of th'o fact that Central ha.s always proven a tough one for local tenms. .The Hudsohmen arc In anythin but the best of shape. J. T. Craig was'trotting about the gridiron for the first lime since he suffered s broken collarbone 12 days ago, yesterday but the 'fleet- broken fleW runner. Is certain to be out ol thc iuie-iip-foi' some days to come aiul mayle weeks. Tom Short still has a shoulder Injury that looks like one of • those ail-season aliments. Bobby Burns is troubled by an old n'rm injury, \vliile Bernard McAfee, varsity quarter, .is limping around riding a 1 Charley horse-; 'But. as long as Pete Craig, veteran; fullback and.sparkplug of the team, is x able 16 take the field antt C»pt;-Rayder and George Matthews can -Uke itheir places -in the lino the.-Chicks-'will be able to give somebody asbattlc. Central may expect prie Saturday despile a green team', and 'injuries. Gabby Comes Back The. Efts H»ve Tl George "Sfwcj" Toporcer wns recalled trom Rochester by tlu Card- als tbe other day, and there Is a chance he .may appear in a world series srams. That will give the. Cards a mbnoply as lar as spectacles are concerned. Chick Hafey, the Cards' slugging lefi fielder, also wears specs. And doesn't, lore any flies in sun or .fog, either. •Toporcer U sure lo add prestige to the Cardinal cause. Last year, in the little world series be- twe«n Rochester and Kansas City, it was the doughty Specs whose verbal taunts stirred the Roches Judge Landis, ameliorated. Toporcer, who went to St. Louis from Syracuse eight year's ago. VOUCE FINEP ONE HUNDRED BUCKS '••••MW III I III! IU t» || SPEITO'lElfi IN TIE aclil Klltrnlge and Cliarlcy Siiy- Jer. . . Oabby was not to be kidded. "I'll calch one off that monument," >ie to)d Cantlllon. One summer day in 1908 the trial was made. Twelve balls were dropped from the top of the towering obelisk one after another and each | time Gabby missed. The main <llf- iHculty it stcmrd gelling Grove and Grimes in FirsHSame PHILADELPHIA, Sep:. 30. (TJP) Gabby Street, Once Bat- leryroatc of Johnson, Makes Good. of KurrOfC.S NOTE: TriV !x (lie- llrst of two stories about (,'hjrl.s "Giihby" Slrrtl, manager of the St. until feet ,>er ganeo M ftet On the thirteenth bail. Gabby moved lo a point CO feel from th? of the moniiinent. Thc liltlc speck from the lop of ihc monument gradually became discernible Gabby moved [his way 'and that l.culs Carilliuls, who untried from his liand.s ouUlret»hrd A lli-hi Hit Dbnirfly of (lie uusbts this: Drce/e carried Ihe speck toward the ywr U, ««ldr ll,r ..a,,, itat Wo,, 'spot where Oabby made te "and Ihc Nan,,,,*! l.MK.if prnnant To- "Plop!" the bull ih.idded Into the marrow, Gabby* war mjwrleum Jiddvc-aiid Die sports writers scur- ried'lo Ihe nearest wires. Gabby had turned Die trick. hi Jfar will !*• «li« club ILI, By WII.UAM HltAl/CIIER NEA Service Siiorts Editor •' NEW YOHK.— One day late In last October, a middle-aged resi- of Joplin, Mo., W;LS lielpinjf'liis wife with the Inglorious assignment of the week's wash. 'The phone rang. "I'll answer it," spake friend husband as he wiped the suds (roi it his hands and dashed upstairs. It »'us Sam Breudon at, the other end of the wire. The man ,60 TOMORROW: War bade <o (he minors. day.', and ]suddenly wash tub called was Charles from the "Gabby- Kcnrns has taken over the feed bills of Jackie Fields, ex-welterweight champion' . . . and, advises FldUls • that he Is about to get n fight for him with. Tommy Freeman, the champion who recently got the duke over Young Jack Thomp- I son. . . . Newspapermen violently protesled ihe decision that gave Freeman the championship. . . . The referee was Patsy Haley. . . . Ray Alvls, manager of Young Jnck, however, said nary a word, but merely smirked In Ills whiskers and wjnt his way. . . . Your correspondent happened, to behold the',Thomp- son-frosman affniv, and. scored six rounds for Freeman, four tor Thompson and five even. • • . In (lie second round Thompson floored Ihe Arkansas puncher. . . . Tommy dirt rally gamely, but Ihe worst Young Jack shoulrt have received, was i draw, in the opinion of (his Jirner . . . but they didn't pay Jff on thnU husl In the two. world series in which he engaged. In 1927 he played .in nil seven gamas ngalnst the Yankees, was at bat 27 times 4nd got five hits, for an average ; Street. In a few minutes of con, versatlon. Sum hired Gabby to' be ! the manager of the St. Louis Car- jdlnols in 1930. As a reward for being relieved , of the wash tub deuiil. Gabby Street i lias brought liie Cardinals under i the wire a winner of thc 1930 National League pennant utter one-of [the most amazing home-stretch drives In the history of the game. AIDING THE FATHER VIENNA, (UP)—"Your Honor, I will deeply appreciate the favor if you will tend Ernest to a reformatory; this is the sixtieth time within five years that I hare had to op . pear in court on his accouni" a Viennese father pleaded with the Judge or the juvenile court here vvlien Ernest was brought to Irial for having blUen the hand of a chauffeur who pulled him from the buffer of a street car on which he was beating- a ride. • •- IS OFIETIG I Adkinson Forecasts Successful Season for mole Grid Team. OSCEOLA. Ark., Sept, 30.—Alter four weeks of practice, with a squad of twenly-four men reporting lor practice and n sweeping victory of 10 to 0 for Ihe Seminoles in the first game of the season played Friday against Slmwnce Consolidated school, Coach Adklnson of the Osceola High school is predicting one of ihc- most successful footlmll seasons the school hnshiwl In recent years, The numbers of r.ew men rcijort- ing for Ihe first lime this vcor for practice are augmented ' by such o)d players well known to local football fans as 'Hiram Pope, who has been with the team three consecutive years. Howell Thomason and Robert Chiles, bpth two yca'r nicn. nnd G. nubcnstein, Abe Nickles. Walter Cox' jr..- nhci Arthur Brickey jr.. who were with' the squad last year. Tlie nest game will he played This year - Hafey has oeen bqt- :ing aboul .350 and may knock in some runs, if h? can gel his cheaters working against Ihe blur-balls (hat Grove and Eearnsliaw are accustomed to serving their world series customers. Whitener, Andrews on Louis Andrews, Memphis welter?' C1 * hl ' ? nd ntz Whitener of siecle. Oct. 10. Wynne, thert: Oct. 17, Har- rlsburg. here: Oct. 24. Paragould. there; pel. 31. Parkin, here; Nov 7. nivtrievll.le, here: Nov. H. Lux- orn. here:' Nov. 21. Earle. there; Nov. 27. Wilson there. A post sea- Gon came u-ith Ihe alumni not yet deflnliely scheduled Is nnlicipa.led. Bobbv Presents Caddy With Clubs and $210 PHILADELPHIA. SEPT. 30 (UP) —Howard Kexford. who catidicd for Bobuy Jones .when Ihe (jreal Alian- lan won the national amateur title here last week, was a happy youth t-rtay. tcrians to riol agalnit ths majesty ?' C1 * hl ' ? nd ntz Whitener of siecle. and pomp as expressed in ihe urn- M ,°-; wl " c ! flsh ln tllc hradllrteboul pire. Specs drew a suspension from ° f J <» Craig s fight card here Men- Judge Landis, but this was later ._ a> ' lleh j- *** bollt is slated for Wiiitener won all the way from rom yracuse egt years ago, " ' ait opponent in a local arena spent some years as an understudy screra l weeks ago and is expected to Rogers Hornsby. Whether or not "> mak « " good showing against ne learned about riots froni Horns- * 1Klr . e *' s des P"« the -reputation of tllc Memn 's fi _„ __Om rtOTllS- li, ,, --","" ji't . remains a question. But must thc ^""Phis fighter admit that a ball player who can j D °n Burton and Biifovd Denton » six round mill nnd am) Noel Lambert meet in anolher melcc. A muster the' fans' to martial &M- I are dow n 'or tures Is a'nice lad to have around. I Kld Stevens With WtiuhUeld ECfrcls "his life." Read Courier News Want Adi. dabby Street is nn Alabama boy. I He was born In Huntsvllle, 47 years ago. Twenty-four of the interven- j ing years he spent in the obscur- Ity of the bushes, managing. catch- Ing and slapping fines on the boys when they refused to pay attention. For only six years out-of his 30 years in baseball did he bask in the big league sunlight. And four of those years he spent at the receiving end of the thin white streak Waller Johnson hurled past the American League batters. It was Oabby. by the way, who first spoke that immortal baseball phrase, concerning thc speed of the Big Train, "Yuli canl hit 'em when yuli can't see 'em." ; . Street wns only 1C when he broke hi with Hopkiiisvllle. Ky., in the Kitty League. He played at •Jack'- son, Ky., in 1800 and spent three years among the Kentcky semW pros. In 1904. Cincinnati brought him to the big leagues. In the following year the BosUin Bravrs. gave the blackeyed Alabama boy a trial; but sent him to Sah'Prancisco .in 1906. -- ' '•'.'-. Street wns sold to Washington ijfi IMS, arriving Just' a year behind the fastest piteher baseball ever knew. The late'"Pongb .Joe" Cari- tlllon, famous ball player and manager of the old rough-and- ready school, was boss team. Street did. not have the bulk and build of the old-fashioned big league catchers, most of whom qualified for the job more by cubic indies ot displacement than by ability. "Pongo Joe" looked over the young man carefully and expressed some doubts us .to whether or not Oabby was stout enough to elop those shoots of Walter Johnson's. Street caught only one game, however, before Canlillon was convinced. This keen-eyed young man from the south clung to those "hard ones" Walter burned in, and Cantlllon liked the brusque, con- , fldent way Onbby went about his I business. ' ! One day In jest, Cantillon said | that a couple of years of catchinc Johnson ought to make a man HOME THEATRE Monday and .Tuesday Norma Talmadge and Gilbert Roland m 'NEWYORK NIGHTS' See Nornia Talmadge'in her first Talking Picture sis) a charming chorus girl romancing- for real love in a world oS make-believe. GRIPPING!. COLORFUL UNUSUAL! ' & , . Short Subjects'. Adm., Matinee and' ... .Only'IO flh'd'.25c.. RITZ-THEATRE; Monday, and Tnesdaj i —..« — .. i II--IL Lvniiuifruw, a source clow to the istute Conieliiis McGillicuddy, sage of the national pastime and manager of Its defending world's champions the United Press learned today inal Connie has decided, to cross the', experts who have been doing his' picking for him and stnd Ills best' .shot after Hie al(.Umportant first game. IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE CHICKASAWBA DIS. TRICT OF MISSISSIPPI' COUNTY, ARKANSAS. ' American Building & Loan Association, et m.. Plaintiffs. Frances Baker, et' al.. Defendants. , WARNING ORDKR. RIU, . Ueren(1 Hnts, Baker, rim T, ? Bakfr ' Toluca B « l[fr «"<i >h, " e wamed to "P!*" ' hL J. ««rt »1thln thirty days this date and answer th P ' 'I 6 }" a1 " 1 ^ Amer!! can Build ng 4 Loan, Association L. Deloney, Trustee from W. . . oney, In witness whereof; I have here " m °* 1 W hand aniThe « ai « the above court, tills •) 2 ,, ri lay of September, 1930 W W. j I pLLIPB m i, Clerfc. By Han'cy Morris, D C ps appear within thirty days l court named in the caption and answer, the complaint of that plaintiff John Hancock Mutual LifeV Insurance Company, et al. ' : I>at«d Sept. 30. 1930. W. W. HOLLIPEfER, Clerk, By Harvey Morris, D. C. Church & Gannaway, Attorneys for Plaintiffs. Memphis, 7'eim. E. M. Terry, Ally, ad liiern. 30-1-14-21 HARVESTERS KILLED KECSKEMET, Hungary, (UP>— While harvesting grain neai- Kc-c- John ;k,?mel four of 21 men who had taken refuge from a summer s!orm under a threshing-machine were killed by lightning and stven others were knocked, unconscious. . ' ,, , •luiniiuii mism to maKe a man In compeiualion for his services willing to Iry anylhing, even lo the ns cartdy. Jor.e.s presented Rexford point of attempting a calch from with n complete set of golf cluus ihe Washington monument, and a check for $210. Numerous catchers had (ried to ara snld Ihe clubs would be ho | d B bjll droppet i (ront thc „, mcst valued poMesslon for the 550-foot shall, but they had ! failed. Among the old-timers who atiempted the task, but gave up were Buck Swing. Paul Hlnes. Mal- Toporoer and Hafcy aren't the only people who do their ball play- Ing with windshild efhcts. Lee . Meadows was the first and most illustrious of the "guys wid glasses" who made his debut, by the w»y, royal will start the card. NAB TRAIN BOBBERS BUCHAREST, (UPi-A locomotive driver, a conductor and a »iw muuc rus aroui, oy tne w»y, brakeman, as well as nvc profes-, *lth trie same team, the Cardln-' s . lonal bandits, were arrosled when I sis, 15 years ago. Meadows wore I " n Investigation of a series of train! •!•««- since childhood. | robberies near Botosani revealed !, that the train crew were'working 1 hand-ln-elove with the bandits The train was being slowed down at! a certain spo; while the bandits i orok« into a car which had been ! marked to Indicate, that its contents were especially valuable He pitched four years for the. CMdinals and »It«r a bad ye*r In 1111 -if»s sent "down the river to MtilMMphta-ln'a trade. Philadel- pbfc, traded him to Pittsburgh in 1WJ, »JKl it was his pitching that hetp«d Pittsburgh win lh> Nation- •>L««ue pennant in 1925. In the W»W series, however, Meadows dWt h«»e jnuch luck. He lost the orty (MM be pitched, and repeated . the perform«oe two ye»rs later, the penrumt-winning . ->jear«,_ ...,-u H «oa Jott 10 jatnes, v fa* the btlu*; b? which the ELDEKLY REUNION FLIKT, Mich. (im-Flve sisters who held a reunion among thcm- selves here recently have an age total of 380 years. The quintet includes; Mr. William VoJkmer 70- Mrs. Henry Yankle, 68; Mrs. EHz- abelh Ische, M; Mrs. Caroline Schautz, 79; and Mrs. Fred Kzrn, ? • • B For Wednesday Oit!t/| Brakes Adjusted $1 50 and Car Greased JL FREE BRAKE TESTING . DI\IE • /ECVICE f I\l U S • I Phone 315 Cor. Ash and Broadway • li Greta inher j triumphant successor to ^ Anna Christie rtomance / Comedy and Novelty Reel.- Adm. Matinee—10 rind 30c. Adm. Night—15 and 40c. Coming—Irene Rich, H. B. Warner and Raymond HackettJ in "ON YOUR BACK" :^&il &MK-',-. Coming—Buster Keaton in "DOUGHBOY". Also Nancy Carroll & Buddy Rogers in "FOLLOW THROUGH". For Cliff Jones "The Man With X-Ray Eyes" Driving the New DESOTO Sold 'by Lowe Motor Co. Through the Streets of Blytheville at 4 P. M. BLINDFOLDED Tues. Sept. 30th. f.'""' HE WILL DRIVE TO ROSS-STEVENS CO., INC '•;•'. and there'describe.. WHILE BLINDFQLD- ED, AJ1 The Wonderful New Models Of Atwater-Kent Radio with the Golden Voice. ; • " . DON'T.IVflSS CLIFF J0NES THE SIAGJC : WONDER WHh }< BLACKSTONE THE WORLD'S GREATEST MAGICIAN Tues, Night al Home Theatre OK THE STAGE AT S:3» t. M. One Apjxiranct Only. "The Man Who Makes You Wonder" Will rtrttna Mur O«t- lUndtnf Trick* o< M»flc anJ rauiio. Also Talklv Pktiirt Nonna Talmadge IN "NEW YORK NIGHTS" AtailHion l»c uti !5c. NO CHANGE IN ADMISSION. • 1 1 ] i 1 i 1 ! •^^-iiir^ \ i . . D( tr m re ^i cl \V7 We ' on. feu & ha\ IV tl WII bet pri A, tos Fir fin val of /;*,$5C ' ; ' : .We ity yoi ' .'W Dowijward * trend in costs ed in fall prices on't wish to break an arm patting ourselves on the back both Hart Schaffner Marx and ourselves have done a splendid job it conies to giving yalue and lower A new suit has been created to sell as low as $27.50 Finer tailoring, extra refinements, more fabric value has been put into all of our other suits at $40, We'll show you better quality at prices that will give you a real thrill The New Mead Clothing Company Blytheville, Ark.

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