The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 23, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 23, 1931
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Served by the United Press THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKA8T ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 2Gfj Blylhevllle Courier, Blylhevllle Herald,' BIythevllle Daily Ncvs, Mississippi Valley Kader. BLYYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, JANUARY 2S, 19:U SINGLE.COPISS FIVE CENTS' Divorce Often Just the Line of Least Resistance Famed English Novelist Declares ™ EDITOR'S NOTE: Is divorce the i btsl solution of marriage difflcul- ,-, . ....... ««? In an-article which appeared Lommittee Will I in the Courltr News yesterday, ji \/ . I Faith Baldwin, noted.novelist, ar- HOUSe .VOte on ; rlle a that incompatible couples no c 1 JCCK Drainage Disttici Bill. Representative William J. Driver, Osceola. is n member.of the steering commute.? appointed by representatives or the 34 statfs interested in drainage and irrigation loans to try to have Ihe 595,000.000 drainage and irrigation loan bill noted on by the house. The loan bill has been passed by Catholic layman »*o ius arilKired Ui.numerous dt- batcs on .Uie divorce probUm. BY G. K. As Told to Byron barnton (Wriiten for NEA Service) .... Miss Baldwin says that when mu- ihc senate and by the house com- tua , 10Te and respect have ceased, mittce, and is now on the consent L mnrr i age might better'be dlssolv- calendnr of the house awaiting ac- „, It seems t;, me 'that the root of non by unanimous consent. . ^ me quesUon lies in that state- A conference of representatives I { Lik man5 who dlscuss di . f.x.mth, 34 states interested In the j™^' ^ ^ m ^ ln thc mMn . SD5.000.OCf, lorn was held here In- 1 ° gce ' f wordE Thlfs , whell t haw ex|lcdlt!ols with Cosmo Hamilton and ° e in unv one year. - l-'ailcrt to Obtain man. It must be Rule Red Cross Relief Bill FacesJFight WASHINGTON, Jan, 23. (UP) — The senate today passxl Ihc agrl- inrl Havrl Times cultllral .appropriations bill provld- and .nara nmesj lng a ,, in . oxlmn t c i y $214.000.000 for Will Lead to DiversHka- »»c.«csl fiscal year. The MM must ... ri i• no * 6° lo conference. tic.- Niven Believes. Sun Front Bathing Suits BY MERRILL E. COMITON ! United I>rtss SUff Correspondent I MEMPHIS, Jan.; 22 lUP) —.An • immediate change' 1 -in 'the agricultural plans of -tha" south will; be lone of the results of the,drouth i and suffering, L,. A. Niven, -»ss$cl- -! ate editor and farm economist; tor and respect.' Representative Smith. Tw-in Falls. Idaho, chairman of the coin- . miltee on irrigation and reclama-1 that you cannot promise to ;love. tion. called Ihe nieeting, He ex-.! But you can promise to respect, nlained that thc bill had ni"S5ed the senale. had been reported by the committee, with amendments, nnd is no'.v before the house on rules. Mr. smith said he had talk- __ eel with the chairman of the rulesj man an( ] \voman, dOjnot nag and commiilee. -Representative Snell,i curse .' Doubtless 'Miss Baldwin means G. K. Chesterton . . . 'iYou, man " woman, do not tag and curse." • • | ihe Progressive Farmer, a ; ally circulated "farm "'Journal, ,»«lil •{ In an j Pteis today. |, JNiven; a prominent naUonali'pu- i thorlty on southern ; farming,-'was rne of the few agricultural leader! who last fall forecast the "preset conditions. The depression, he i said, has affected Arkansas chiefly j with the' slates next hardut .hit | being Western Tennessee, North- j cm Mississippi, Southeast 'Missouri I and Northern Louisiana, In 1 the or? 'der named. •. . | Suffering Tcachr* Leuoh: ; 1 ] He described Ihe Arkansas sllu- j alion as one of abnormal circnm- i stances. "The suffering and »ant [in Arkansas is foreign to most of the peep!?,", rie said; "The 6itu> tion is not due. to undue The bill.was passed by tha.senate, in one homvWhile the senile was acting Spe'aker'of the House Ix>ug- worth formally .sent tlic luicrlor department bill to the appropriations commltlee for hearing In an effort lo defeat or- reduce the $25,OM),000 Red Cross' reilcf fund. Chairman"'Cramton of the sub- comnilttee, which has clinrse of ll-.o measure', announced lo Hie house :ulated 'farm "'Journal, .«fiii he'plaiiiied lo call" Red Cross of- Interview with the United tlclals tomorrow to testify regard• J ~" Ing" Utj'appropriation. The old Idea, of marriage is not* 1 expressed in .the command, "You, man and womari, go. on -living together and Inagginj • and - cursing each other." ' In'stead, It is, "You. sp A moti s;nt<>ttve the bill. • otion was; made by Rerjre- •e Knutsoii. St. Cloud. Minn, special steering com- of one. member. who visit on their cWWre'n the ill tempers resulting frosn, their own marriige" malidjustmejite. " Sjjct) e ;•. Carbolic.-; injijals lo have er l ch''"stBieT'ReprMenVatl™e"'Bar- Just as'much as the woman'who bour. Fresnn, Calif., offered an | runs away with the' chauffeur. { or amendment to. thc motion, nro-jthe'man-who.elopes with.the bar- vidine for an executive committeH rnaid. ••;'"*•! •-.• '• | )-^''- 1 ' • : lf "' composed of five members of th« ''YOU have •••to be charitable and 34 selected, whi would direct pro- kinfl an - d : generous'- arid loving hi cedure. Thin motion was. adopted [marriage. -The Church Issues np command ' -to people- who -already them I am scrry, for. they are weak minded. by Ihe meeting. The five miltee Re A: LOI a: Would Help Farmers This bill is recommended as" a ravSvSlund^TsK.bMTO^rom 'We 'Catholics believe, people' cah which financially stressed drainage • control their attitudes of mind districts mav borrow for the pur-1 their impulses imd .their desires pos- of refunding their drainaee; We'dHTeY from.the helpless,.fatal bonds. This money becomes avail : ists and .'pessimists who in able at the rats of $19,000,000. a I teliigcntly about' incompatibility, a! ye.-ir for five years. • • • T ''' !.thoug)i,!t were.'sorneth'inK-that wa The bill would operate automat-j'fixed—like the' '.plight-of • a'mar ically. for those laking advantage!born with one leg. We. say Incom cf it, to give the taxpayer v,-hat|patibility is the common cxperienc would amount to a moratorium <tf and ,women ; who go about five years on his drainage" lanus. to get it. .The -moral question. in- Umier the plan set up the interest• volved is whether incompatibility Is on the new or refunding bonds isjto be sought for. The • believers'in- to accrue for the first five years., divorce assume that- mankind Is •it is alsi provided that there arc I j m potent • and helpless,' but we to be no payments on principal for Ca t ho i ics (a!5e a different view. We the first 10 years. The interest: have all old phrase, "making the rate is to be 3 per cent r^r ar.mim.; soul ,. And the Catholic who is and the leans are to be secured. as j. e[1 if he js i ncomp3t iblc' with by refunding bonds. , hls w ;f c Sarah, replies, "I will see Another ndvantaee claimed l° riwh( ,ther I am or not." the bill is that Iho ivw. bonds ma], | .^ Ba) dwln says it is better to be issued frr a longer perlcd than when .. ends t s it , s thc old bonds, but m no case mw\* Th busines3 , of „ couple so af- the bonds run for a longer time. ifll( . ted ,,. (o bcg)n ^ ^^ .^ than 40 years. | just as it ls the b i, sines s of a - ^ TTIJTF Pn UTP) Rnv Marsh 33 ' - on wll ° cheals to cease cheating, fadn^i non-sup^riia'ge. ?estT: Mto Baldwin accepts the final ca- ness af the. peoP' 9 - They- 'ir* a farmhig class and 'their needs .are Elmn?e. They always >have - been ! able to live comfortably in the i>Mt I despile iiard times."' , The lesson to be learned Is two-" Ifold, in Niven'sV. opinion.. FIrslly jthat the" southern .farmer must dl• versify, and sec'pridlyr ne must ' produce his principal, crop »t less [ccst. Niven Is" of llie ^opinion -th»t (he need lor diversified fanning has teen driven'home In the pMt lensus Bureau Reports >' ear 0 . r imn r- r- •>. \-~ Turnip .Proves vaiue; - •• ,ulput OI 17jU..LrQp LOir'-.-ihe.value.of-the turnip- « a to ^ t IW'JJI I IW^,,*U product, has ; been-" illustrated ' tO.rUo Middle, oHViOllth. |thousands of Arkansas farmers tt ' • ' "7*3— - / - s * ' ivinter Nivep.,--adding that 1U- iWASHlSGJfbN; Jari! : 23. ( <UP1-, er allv tons -';of ./turrjipji.ihad >. bean 'he .census.,•bureau.Ubday ( "reported. Harvested-.."ThevplanUng.'-hi'. said Turnip .'Proves V«lue; The .census,,•bureau^tbday.' jt\. . , .._. r ... ,._„,, 13,593;1M running":bales of cotton ;he'came genfm T »fter-}a - . .ginned from the .crop, of 1030 prlor-lfarm iqa^'er.s at,Vhicti;tliBiWarning :6'Jan'ua'ry 18." Thj;.:cbm^e[ed-«-lth | of,.com'Uig 'sutferlng i :Was,,iounded: . ,. r , ginnings;bi'l'4,17S,936 bates .to Jan-j FaU ga'rdeqs ^erei; a.dy.ted, uary' 1 10','''l?3b,'^rj'ff >-i't'ri. 13J888.972 said; -.'apd ,. turnips • sugsested:i as bales io'J&rin&rf: t .ls;W29,.~. jhlfrdy food,.prcduct. ; . At^JJewport ' ; "GmnInW"byi-sta"te5\-compar ; e -"asI Ark-,,.'a .surplus .accumulated, an f6lioF v - with' -1929 -.--.- -shipments were' .made. .J»-.need ''Trtai '. '•13592-104'-14ilo936 farming . .communities,-in, addition 'Alabama •., 1,436,610 ^.1,255,315 Arizona .'. , 138,423, 3.140,441 ArkanssLS,. I.. 853,976.' .1,350,681 California .. • 230,619..--..•..228.189 , EJdrid'a-.i'..,..' 50,732 ...OeorBJa ..,."1,680,283 Louisiana'.. 101,562 Mississippi 1,450,182 Mhsouri .... 151,955; New ..-Mexico 94,065 N; Carolina 780,119: Oklahoma .. 851,521: S. Carolina 9S8.501 Tennessee .. 367,561' Texas .... 3,852,298 Virginia- 41.635 All Others ... 6',061 . Round'Bales-513,364 American-'' Egyptian .... '2U63 two . .Carloads !/'-£ere.- shippe4 t r.or'lhern miirkels. - ' '• . . ..-.v. .the southern jlarrr.e: Memphis^Littje Rock Highr way Will Get-,Important Part 6f;New Work, .. • LITTLE ROCK, -Ark., Jan. 23, UP)—The state,, highway depart- ent late y.#irterday awarded, coii- •acts on. 2S road and bridge pro- set^ in is counties. , The viork'-'calh for 120 miles of oncrete highway, 13 miles of gradirie' arid' more than *,000 feel f. steel nn.d concrete bridae work j';cost 'approximately $3.000,000 fot'of'the contracts were for con- r«te .paving aiid brldiie .work on ighway;1p. between Memphis and Jtth -Rock, 'to cost, 'more' than 760,000. '• . - NWry • J600.000 .was allpted ' for •worlt' Hishway- 67. in Nevada Olarlt.i >-< Hern^lead.' Clay,' Ho Sprinvs.-Lonoke' and.-Saline coun J»s.:!The'hlghway'denartment also announced .'-'RutHbrlrstlon' for ; the cinendlfure : of : approjlirna{eiy i$l.- OOOflOO fnr state force Tfdrk' counties -has been made.'but .polntr fd' out: that 'this work cannot be started: uKtU new. appropriations roake'avaijijsle )ji'oc?e4s k fr6ni"*15,- OOp.DOO.wortti'of shiSrt'tlme highway notes teisfuiy .disposed,of .by trie <i2partfnentfe . :; -: '';'.:: D wight 51. -Bl ackw'cqd .'• cha! rnian 23.830 1,306,615 .; 193,437 1,813,071 '• 198^45 '- --'84,323 '- 737.7251,104,756' ; 809,305 472,895 3,753.353 Kevin said, lies Within., the,; powe of thc"barik'ec.or credit .nrin.-. SErlTHlFl PnlTI Shot Gun Charge m.Fa'qe | Expected to Cause Death Death of U. J. MEMPHIS, Jiin. 23 tUP)— Physicians held lilllc hope today for the 'recovery of H. J. Haytics. 30, proprietor of a general store 1 . at 1 Pnscoln, Mo., .who Vi'tis Injured' in : | n shcollng scrape' with three men. Haynes was brought here short-' ly 'before daw» this morning, 'hli right. eye was £hot out find face badly disfigured because' of bullet wounds.' . - . •••;-. >':' CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.. 'Jan.' 23 —U. J. Hnlnes. 35,-yeor-old -mar-, ,1 jchant of Pascotii,'12 miles south- . I west of here, was the victim; of | thugs.- last : night when, .would-te . Jrobbers fired ! the, load, of n'-tshotgufc ; ' I ,| into. hi*, fate I whe'.ti he Iiilorru'pkjd i ' I •~i their'efforts'to pry on entry; 1mb .;] the rcnr of his store; Halnes'wosdt i.| once rushed; to a. Memphis hospital.; where lie Is'-not, expected to-live; :••' recording .to' physicians' who accoih- 'i panted, him on the trip. '. •' : •!' .;(; Officers.;.- who! were : notified' • at.;• once of' trie.'attempted ^nurde'r df '•-:! The sun's rays won't have any trouble, find Ing the little Misses Vlr- "doubly" cute in their..sun front- bathing-'suits. Their parents arc Mr. and .Mrs. Roscoe T. Anthony,' prominent social reglsterltes. 'Assumes • Leadership of Organization : as ' '•fresiderjt; •signs.--. 7.084. 558,984 ' 25.457 Slight Error Is -• ''Charged Up" to "T ' 1 » T • ; Disoppearance Points-to Ir^ ..regularity -..Bank" of • Cave Springs Affairs. ' CAVE SPRINGS, Ark., Jan. 23, I (UP)^Trcy -Dutle'ri-'casliJer^f the : Batik, of Ciu'fi Springs.! who dlsap- ;.pearea' while Q: 'H.'Bratoh.' state bank examiner, was conducting an I audit crthe bank's books/had not 1-cated today. fled in court here that his wife, aged 70, "treateil him rough" and on rme occasion forced him to.steep In thi; barn. He said he searned S10 p:r month wis"discharged., FLASHES Henceforth 'it will be "Limburg" Lindsey. tastrophe; she accepts the unhappy ending at the beginning. . While there's life, there's hope, we say. And we siy .that..above all when the 'problem Involves the human being you deliberately. picked, above all other human beings, to share (he experience of life with. But let me agree with Mrs. Bald- jwln on one detail.-I certainly ap- I prove her statement that unfaltn- i fulness is not the worst cause of distress in marriage. But what Is - . . or: the l^^iway /comfnlsston, said the sta^ force wqric will '£e car : ' ried oh'iri-cb'uhtles -where no .con'- tvaet^WBtk';IS -gclnj/or, and will provide .-.employment ' for • several thousand', mtn for several weeks. Thp work will .consist , pf u grading indj tpfeading -gravel ,y which '•. can be 'dohj^ urufer; the .supervision of htehysyl .deparfaienli "engineers.. Cnntracts for work ,on the Llttt- Rcik-?|Iemph£s' ; highway pox-idea for.niost of -the ffprf to be d"ne In Vonroe, Prnirie >and ! St. Francis counties.. This work will alsi Include 2,275 feet of concrete bridges across ! • \\~-.K : Wh ite ' River i -' bottoms eas of . Oevall's Bluff .at a cost 1 of 3147,000V bringing 'the : total 'amount t-> be slightlV Three Held for Infant's I Murder Freed at Hearing Cafiithersville, Mo— M. A. Riddle, Elaymond SiiruEll-: and Mrs, Minnie Evans, all of near Cooler, held in jail here on charge of mur- 'Bl A. Lynch,'president-'-of' 1 .(hb Fflrrh'e'rs' Bank.and Trust company and'first vice prcsident:of the"-Af- kansa's'.' : BanXtrs.. Association,. wll assume the .'duties of the president of the organization until {lie annual meeting fri'Mriy, whe'fi"hc wll automatlcilly 'become president.•• :'• J.' H.'Slariiey'of : Little:" Rock elected president "at the' IaM. meet hij. .resigned at a mtetlrig-'of th'c executive coundtl 1n Little. RocJ Thursday.'' He is disqualified be cause of the bank in which he wa an officer having fulled. 1 ' - iThe constitution of the. associa tion makes It impossible to elect president until the nest mcetln when Mr. Lynch will officially assume, this roie but it was voted ai yesterday's meeting to give him full authority to carry-on actlvl- liic storekeeper' stated that iHnjnei, although In a semi-conscious cor)- r - . . --, , , dttlon, named thrjo of his assail- I v and.'Winifred.-Anthony, -twin' \ laitors ft-om Philadelphia at | Rn ts . aiid'as. a result'Sheriff Pcto Palm Beach,; Fla.-. .Here they're pictured' on! the sands, lookln? | Robinson of thLi-.clty \ra'5 'lit'o'lasf.' " night''serirchlng.-. .-for -J«mes' Trite|: '\ Lester Martin: and; Blue Simmons,-, purported persons -named inithe, staterhents of -Hatncs. As the story, was told to officers',-Homes went W hli'.;-- • . -i:-tcn. o'clock-last 1 , night . • -he'trlo : busily en-'] Btged'.lh atte!i,,,tlnB.'.b' force,atf' I entry jnto • tho rear ""of hlo; atort.- f building. (3rabbtos\a' r shotgun'from'"' | 'the' frpat/oT the'place," Halnes'apr'' : . prbncr-ed the; men and •' command- ':'; I crt.Jhtm tj>, F>ut!,up their'.hinds n}r^ ler" he' walT ofMe""tipbV- them. "lrf~"' '' " r^pondliig as commanded. .the.-trio'grabbed-'.the \vea- '• pon from.'ths hands, of-Halnes and :' flfsd .'tr)'e"'shot' at the head-.of : tho latter; most of the load .tahln?"ef- r .\VASHrNqTOH,-Jan:-.23.(UP)— feet In the face-,and : side:: of "Iho.. An effort .was.iolnif ^iade-In'sbmc. head, 'Persons hearing Ihe. shot, mlarjers:.ioday .tP,induc.-!. President' went to fte store, to investlgato' arid Hoover to clarify.thc, various "InV'found thq msin.ln-a semi-conscious terDtetatlbns." .r'f.'his stand,.on. re -I condition jyinR on the ground where ""•'— .of.' the,..,el8hteenlh amend- ]'he-;had;;falien.: " • : I HainesLs.35:years qf'age.and un- iala I married. Officers'are' expectant of ^"imaklng;'early' r arri'sts .in the case. . n j]"'!Halnes l wAs a candidate for tha po- coiinty associate' Mind Not • Q : Arivl ° , -y . ; ..-:, • -i . •', |S(eaa 01 reoppnaing as conuii: KeVlSlon of lOth Amend; oKe brjjhe/trio grabbedj'.tlie "merit ! Fes^Believcsi:::, • ;'•• t the While House It .-was president nOsht offer an ' in . .- ..--'.illcan staiidlng,. -> be wtpended :on :High\yay VO to lightlV : rhorci than '$900.000. ties. .,.. (isalnsl the possible proposed ja- vlsldh' that' ww s'ugtiesled Tfg .. flic Wlckershnm report. Prosidint" Hoo - ver did not rrwarilo imply he wash . ngninst flnj- revision whnfcvcr". congress power to regulate or pro- Thc meeting, which was attended 'by practically 100 percent of members, '. was unusually construe:., lilblt the llqiior trafflc.Mnstend of live, according lo Mr. Lynch, who mnklns prohibition mandatory. S;nRtir Fcss, chairman of the Langdon Jones Chairman of State Survey Group ;' KENNETT, Mo— Langdon . Jones ... .._„ ______ _________ ________ -,. of .this .city, Denv-crntlc merhber of tlie prohibition- omendment th? the .Missouri. house of represerita- revislon should'-be such'-as to glve^vcs, has been, chosen -as chairman I of c, special house committee . to consider" 'proposals recommended ' by the .stats survey commission for the equalization of the tax burden The. suefiestldn of- the Wickersham commls-'ibn was-that'in case it-was'foiind desirable Wctidnie ....... _ _ ...... _ Republican - "wa'tional Committee, of the. State and providing equal the; joke -lurrWd. *n him', wlth^'tliej -'' The institution closed- this mor- nlnp under the fivo day-provision. . of the state banking laws pend- der, wsre release ary hearing-before Justice Hollls Baird. The three were arrested when tfc.3 body of a newly born Infant-was -found In c bucket in a and ' ' cavl "S a note JURY STILL DEADLOCKED LOS AM5ELES. Jan. 23. (UP1 —Thc Daisy Dcvoe grand theft _ jury went to lunch at neon today ; thV Test? A hat" worn at the with no indication they were iwar breaking the deadlock wbich has existed r.incc 3:SO p. m. Wednesday. B01D WINS DIVORCE LOS ANGELES, Jan. 23. (UP) —Charges his wife, Clara Joew Boyd. aclrcss, was "l«mp«ram wrong angle on the head 'may cause untold suffering. When .one starts talking of these nervous Irritations, lit Is impossible to draw any Intelligent boundaries. '.. ' | I made a flat denial of Mrs, •Baldwin's statement that..there Is Mw jno gain In character, by,sticking to ien - a marriage lhat Is difficult^ -Any„,.,-.-•-- .- l.i 1 and often abusive won a ril- I thing that causes anyone to suffer vorcc here yestcniay for Wll- j because he must support a prmct- Ham H. B°J'd of thc stage and screen, SL'ICinE'S HOUSEKEEPER SLAIN ONF.10A, N. V., Jan. 23. IUF) —Tlic lx>;ly of Jlr;. Laura Man- ninr. 50, housekeeper for Albert K. Snllr, who rommlttod suicide iii a Rome, S. V., hotel Tuesday, was foiinr! beneath the kitchen' flocr cf Suit's home her* today. pie or an ideal,, ennoblss ; character despite the fact that, circumstances may be ugly. Circumstances usually are. The surgeon and the nurse work In sordid - surroundings—anc so dcos the soldier In the trench. The point, right or wrong, is tha the human race respects, and- al . , .. . {m Qf me .. bailk a •Remeiprerlns a slmllaV. stunt by| in wh lch- they .were ItyW !**. L^t^^^: ' Sexton: said .the- 'mat- and 'tte' mailer one of the attaches to the circuit court now in session,,filled .Lind- r py's new hat with n* pungent' variety of soft chf.?se this morning. . Discovering the trick, Lindsey set about to even the> score. Removing the -limburger as best he could from his own hat -note indicaled Butler Intended remaining * W W from' Cave' Springs; • "A complete ;• investigation ha» pile of rubbish on Jan. :12, near v/here tha three hsd lived. • Mrs. pvans had been housekeeper for the-two men and the. three .had moved frrm .their former home to another, near by. A-son of the new tenant, .Dick OarrcH 435 AQQ Damage rtlsrnvewd the oodv and notlflca- «P-'Ji""V _ ^imog or early in March prior to Ihe an- Frrt Smith; Group 5, Hot Springs:' politics. Group 6. T.exarkana; Group 1, Pine Bluff. returned today. Plans f'r the seven group meat- .... _ .,,.,, inns to be held late In February gave his Interpretation of the pres-1 educational advantage to all. . . - - • • •* --- ' ••— - • - •-"- — "^jp"inlment of Jones was announced wllh con-the South- the .„.„.„. . .committee of which Jones will be "I believe ihe president has an i chairman are Rush H. Limbaugh, open mltid."'Fesssald "He wants t Capr' Glrardeau, W. H. Meredith, to' do what Is right. I don't want Poplar Bluff, L. T, Kinder, Marble to say that he is keeping the.doori.Hill, and H. Simpson, Caruthers.- r>pen, for I do not w'ant to put'hlml ville. . , , ". In'a"'position of cqnslderlng. any, "Jones, .a. member of the State revision of modification 'of prohibl- Survey Commission and co-author {l on ; ' - '• 'of the bjll to provide .equal dlstri- '"All I do-say and can'say is 'that! button ; .of-taxes r and .educational • Mr.'-H'-over-ln his friessage has slm-l facllit'es,- was. re-elected-represer.- r>lv rejected this particular plan of, i alive :fiota -puhklin county sit the Ihe commission for tl'e obvious : receiil election- without opposition. ,.reason that it would' place prohi-, -•'-'•• '————— Suit; Wtlpn in; politics forever. ^ ^j f^^. p avo }y ai World Butler's - things' tl'ii' preliminary trial It was held] i that .the baby, which Mrs. E\'a-/;!. w> -..-Butter : was-seen at.Rogets yes- proceeded to .smear ( the-substancel tertmlmen - lasct on an.r.vercoa in the, courthouse] , h b fc rf . sat Ufaction n t\- ; •, .U1SCUSS -' .which ;the J fumed his hat. . Llndsey's grin gave way .to bsvvliderment when ha discovered that the;.- .. .„„,„,„„„ longed to a visiting, lawyer, Judge ... . ^"iui)«KU of a Missouri co.urt. ' .'. .. . • .- .... ;•;—— ,. . A hufrlad visit lo the cleaners! Future -public, health ( Work with the overcoat and a stammer- northeast, " ' ed explanation left Lindsey dubbed 1 emphasis with his new nickname. J '- L " „..„ ^ .. was driving north Rc-gers In his automobile. Nears Completion'After Tln-ee Days of Trial. •••• .. The $35000 damage suit brought dence to hold the three on a mur-| ftgalntt . R D , Wa]) i prominent der charge.. - • jplanter, by B. F. Arnold and his [wife, Daisy, as a result of a high- and that the state had no evl- Jim BnniS Joins State jway'accldent In Junt ; 1929, was ex- D i_ I C L .1 .,. I petted ; to rest ^1th fte Jury In clr- ratrOl, reD. lst. cu |fctfurt here late this Btternoon. "' It would mak s prohlb it ion. the everlasting Issue." ' | Pass Alexander Bill . Famous Dancer, Dies THE HAGUE. Jan. "23. (OP) — • Jim -Bums, veteran. peace officer I "This' -afternoon the defendant and' 'member' of'ih'c''BlytKevllle po- Hook the sta'nd to testify In his own lice department, will assume his I behalf and thc case rested but for duties DS a 'member of the state I arguments' of counsel and the ' - - ' -'• •-' '' t. Arkansas,, with special highway patrol on February 1st. , .,...,. j 'brt'.the malaria control,| Mr. Burns has been was discussed Iri a conference he« . cover' Mississippi, Crlttendeh arid today between H. W., Van Hoven-' part of Cralgtiead counties by the ways has respected, the man wh MrH part of th; 14th cjntury BREST." (UP) — Willie" workmen! berg, sariltar$ ; engineer of the Cot- ( highway department, were demolishing several eld build-: ton Belt railroad., and Dr. A. M. Ing near here, they'dug up pieces of gold money Issued court's Instructions to the Jury. The suit which has occupied fhe court for three days was the outgrowth of an accident near Leach- vilie'. B. F. Arnold, nephew of the ' J ' U I t • r .,J Anna Pavlova, world famous danc: 'tO Help Armory rUila er ant j acclaimed as one of ths " " - , . . • • greatest artists of her time, die LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— The hou= e here at the Hotel D3s Ind;3 early of representatives of - the Arkansas t^y. • • general • assembly, yesterday, passed g ne was stricken with pleurisy a bill by E. li Alexander of Miss- Tuesday. Pavlova would have been Isslppl county authorizing the stale 45 years old January 31. military department to transfer i - - — . $10,000 or regular funds to the ar- 1 mory- fund. • i Senator R: A. Nelson of Blythe- WEATHER vllle introduced In the senate a| ARKANSAS-Increasingly cloudy bill regulating civil actions brought j and warm;r tonight. Saturday In couritiea having more than one- cloudy snd warmer, judicial-district, i According to the official weath- com-' e robserver, Ch ules P'riilllps, the thc exercises self control and does his duty to. the institution called tr .,(Continued on Page. Three). •••. than six centuries ago. They Hid -. pictures -of ' Phllipptf Vr ' Valola. • The local officer has served In i defendant, his. wife

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