Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana on September 26, 1963 · Page 19
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Anderson Herald from Anderson, Indiana · Page 19

Anderson, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 26, 1963
Page 19
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THE ANDERSON HERALD THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 2«, 1963 WALKE1 J-Superfluous hair is t auisaac*! Vortunat«iy, that's ^1 it is (or rooct women because of today's extreme cases, but they are u& •ftual. 8 'Yet some women write as though it is a problem which jwinnot be solved. Ifs very simple 1 . Let me review th* situation lor you. . Hair on the legs: You have two •Choices. Either shave ii. off or ~$st a depilatory. The latter takes Y bit more time but leaves the of the hair less stubby. Of TPresent Special Missions Program ..SHIRLEY - The WSCS of the .Wilkinson Methodist In - the educational Church met unit of the course you can have these hairs removed permanently by electro- ysis, but I do not think that this is necessary or practical for most women. So far as I have seen able to discover, there Is no! scientific backing for the thought that shaving the legs makes the hair grow in thicker. Hair on the arms: This is usually a lighter growth and the hairs are more like fuzz. A depilatory is splendid for this. Hair oo the face: If you have some stubborn stiff hairs which appear on your chin you might find it a great relief to have them removed permanently by electrolysis; otherwise you will have to tweeze them once or twice a week. Mustache hairs: You can try one of the facial depilatories (after testing for allergies) or have them removed by electrolysis. A MEAL. OUT OP NOTtflNtJ Electrolysis is the only perman ....... ^ , ,,, ,ent method. Women sometime church for their regular monthly| think ^ ^ treatments they • -The program, Jilission Today," entitled "Our was given by (had did not remove hair perman Betty Hiil and Mildred Davis with from ently. This is usually due to the fact that new hairs have appear ed, rather than that the old hair assistance from several ot hen have grown back. The change in 'inambers. I the glandular setup at middl 'The Ruth Circle announced that age is responsible, they will have a rummage salej Electrolysis is especially useiu October 2-in Anderson. They wouldjin special conditions. It ca appreciate donations of fall and'.change an unattractive hairline "winter clothing, bedding, dishes, It is used to remove hairs from potted plants, and other 'articles, the bust or scattered hairs on th BARNEY GOOGLE AND SNUFFY SMITH By FRED LASSWELL WHAR'S YORE HAT, PAW ? IFERGOTAN'LEFT TH'DADBURN THINS ANGIN' IN TH' JAILHOUSE VE WANT ME TO RUM JUGHAID DOWN THAR TO GIT IT ? RADIO SCHEDULE WMBU—A*4« U4t-CBI 1:00 Top Morntel 4:15 Ky*0pea«r 1:30 Eye OpetMr 8:45 Top Morning WLW-CtBCfauuM .Itt—NBC TBUKBDAT MOBN0W Firm Reporter Clock Wttcher Clock Watcher Clorit Watcher N«wfl-Weith*r Frank Prater Frank Prater Frank Prater 7:00 CBS Newt 7: IS Music Cock 7:30 Muiic Clock 7:45 Clock-Newt Clock- Watcher Prayer Period Clock Watcher Clock Watcher News-Weather Frank Prater Frank Prater Frank Prater 8:00 CBS Newi 1:15 Musical Clock 1:30 Musical Cock 8:45 Clock-Newt CJtxrk Watcher Clock Watcher Clock Watcher nm-v Watcher News Frark Prater Frank PraKr Coffee al Marolt 9:00 News-Godfrey 9:15 Arthur Godfrey 8:30 Arthur Godfrey 3:45 Arthur Godfrey Bieakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club Breakfast Club News Fred Everett Fred Everett Everett 10:00 Ncws-Hoiue Ptrty 10:15 Hous« Party 10:30 Dear Abby 10:45 Ssm's Session News Jack Gwya Emphasis Jack Gwya News Fred Everett Fred Everett Fred Everett 11:00 World News 11:15 Sam's Session 11:30 Washington Women 11:45 Sam's Session News Teanesse* Ernl« Everybody's Farm Everybody's Farm News ?red Everett |PrpH ITiipr^tt Fred Flverett THUKSUAY AFTERNOON 12:00 World News 50-50 Club News 12:15 Noonday Melodiet 50-SC Club Fred Everett 12:30 Visit With Verna 50-50 Club Fred Everett BLON'DIE Bv CHICK YOUNG "'The women of the church c . , 'to have a cleanup day at the! Most wom « n £ et b > r P rett y wel1 Tuesday, September 24.l wlth a PJ^ of tweezers, a depilatory and a razor. If you do not want to bother to use of these, see a well-qualified elec- trolysist. Anyone who can help is urged to r €wne and bring a sack lunch. Coffee will be furnished. - ; ,The president, Mrs, Ruth Sigler, "conducted the business meeting, at which time she announced her ; resignation from this office. ' program and refreshments If you would like to have my leaflet '•Superfluous Hair and Varicose Veins" send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your provided by members of the!request for leaflet number 53 to Ruth Circle. [Josephine Lowman, •-'Mr. and Mrs. Tilden Lipp and •daughter and Charles Harsh were 'tecent dinner guests of Mr. and .Jlrs. Homer at Straighn. Warner and family Other visitors were .Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Engle of Spencerville, 0., and Mr. and Mrs. -XJene Engel of Wspakoneta, 0. Mrs. Lewis Gray Jr., and fam- -fly, attended a andria recently. shower in Alex- Anyone desiring to eommtnrt- cat* irith Josephine Lowmaa may reach her by addressing letters in care of the Register sad Tribune Syndicate, Dts Moines, Icwau 4 VALLEY NAME MERCED — Yosemite Valley in California was named in 1851 for the Yosemite Indian tribe. , COUSINS ... The Store That Confidence Built , I The First Low-Cost Quality Watch CARAVELLE A Product of Bulova Look at Th«st FeohJrtt N«ver Mart Available At Thti Low fri<« • Precmon>Jewe]td Movement • A Product of Boleva • Electrically Tim«d • Over 50 Quality Inspection* • Luxuriously Finished Cam • Rugged Dependability • Distinctive Stylet 95 JEWELERS 10TH and MERIDIAN WISHING WELL Repatercd U, S. Patent Office. 8 ' -•' L, & - N 4 E . T" : - T ••-•; 6 1 H T~ ' T T~ - B 4 P 3 A 2 S 4 N 8 P ? L H ~4" U * JO A 5 I 6 I 5 A $ J 4 F 5 S 7 R 6 V 7 O 6 I ? I 8 T ~S O « P 2 R 3 E 2 E 4 S 6 A 4 T 6 O 4 A o G 1 D 5 N 2 Y 8 I 5 B / C 2 P 8 Y 2 I 7 E i S S H 3 Y 8 S 5 D 1 C b S 6 T 2 P 8 E 4 A 3 A 6 E 3 N 7 8 7 E 6 E 7 R 6 N 4 A t> R 4 Y 3 P^ 2 O 3 R 4 D 3 D 4 E 3 W S 0 4 G b L i R 8 A ii P 8 G 4 E 5 G 6 S 2 R o E 8 S 2 H TIERS ix A pleasant little game that will give you t. message : • * A every day. It is a numerical puzzle designed to spell out ^- your fortune. Count the letters in your first name. If the num- I'-ber of letters is 6 cr more, subtract 4. If the number is less - -than 6. add 3. The result i* your key number. Start at the .upper lift-hand corner of the rectangle and check eviry one of your key numbers, left to right. Then read the messagt the letters under the checked figures give you. ^-Zfca ... O J**3. fcr Wil'.iira J. MiUtr. DUtriSoirt by K'.nj rmurti Syadloat. lac.. -THERE MUST BE. A NICER WAY 4 TO VA'AKE A FELLOVJ UP IN THE MORNING TWAisl THAT. Bv ALEX RAYMOND YES. AW OWN SPECIAL AMXTURc OF AN 03SCUEE ARROW POISON, AMXEP WiTH 7KE LATEST IN WRJT1N& FLUIDS A SCRATCH-UNTREATEP- 15 INVARIABLY FATAL/ I RNP THE IDEA VASTLY AMUSfN& IT TRULY MAKE5 ME A 'fOSON PENf DOESN'T IT? T WERE A, SCHOOLTEAOl POM'TTH-L ME YOU'RE GOIW; TO SCHOOL \wrru THOSE P1KT/HANPS/ GO WASH THEM/ "stXJ CAME TO SCrJOOL \MfTH HANDS YOURHAJ4DTH DIRTY/ I'P SEND YOU HOME/ WOMAN LITTLE BREGER MISTER rnoonaay MeiOdici ->D-ai VJJUD t rn 2/veren 1:00 World News 1:15 Melody Matinee 1:30 Woman's World 1:45 Melody Matinee 2:00 World News 2:15 Melody Matinee 2:30 Fashionscopes 2:45 Melody Matinee 3:00 World News 3:15 Cook's Tour 3:30 Personal Closeup 3:45 Cook's Tour 4:00 World News 4:15 Cook's Tour 4:30 Sidelights 4:45 Cook's Tour 3:00 News SM5 Rnqri Srtnw nu aO Club 50-50 Club Longstreet Show News News News but, Braun Bob Braun News tfoiiin' Along News RUlin Along News-Rollin' Along Runn Along Hollin' Along Rollin' Along THURSDAY NiOH'i News-Rollln' Aloni R.,.:-n Alnno News Bernie Hermua Bernie Herman Bernie Herman News Bernie Herman Bernie Herman Bernie Herman News Bernie Herman Bernie Herman Bermt Herman News Bernit Herman Bernie Herman Bernie Herman News .isiiiment 5:30 Roed Show 5:45 Sports Parade Jack U Bible ^ack to Bible 6:00 News-Serenade 1:15 Dinner Serenade Dinner Serenad* News-Sports Sports Show Alex Dreier 3 s>u.' Extra Peter Grant L Morgan World Tomorrow Worla Tomorrow Schoo 1 o Sky 7:00 World News 7:15 World Sporti 7:30 Demension 7:45 Top Tunes ft e\vs-Conference B?..*B tc the Btbi» Crosley Square Back to the Bible ilal Fryai Hal Fryar Kal Fryar Hal Fryar 8:00 World Tonight 8:15 Kite watch 8:30 Nile watch 8:45 Nitewatch Conference Call Chet Huiitley News Crosley Square Hai Fryar Kal Fryar Hal Fryar £al Fryar 9:00 World Newt 9:15 Nitewatch 9:30 Nile Watch 9:45 Nite Watch News Crosley Squirt Crosley Square Crosley Square News Hal Frya* Hal Fryar Hal Fryar 10:00 10:15 10:30 World News Nite Watch Nite Watch News Crosley Squir* News Final Hal Fryar Hal Fryar Hal Fryar TELEVISION SCHEDULE 4-lnd. 6-N RC a- 085 13~ ABC WTTY WFBM WISH WLW-J The Symbol C Below Denotes Program In Color THURSDAY MORNING 7:00 Silent Today Sunrise Silent 7:15 Silent Today Semester 5 Min. Live by 7:30 Silent Today Chapel Door T.B.A. 7:« Silent Today Coxvboy Clyde T.B.A. 8:00 Silent 8:15 Silent 8:30 Silent 8:45 Silent 9:00 Silent 9:15 Silent 9:30 Silent 9:45 Silent Today Today Today Today Movie Movie Movie Movie Kangaroo Kangaroo Kangirc* Kangaroo Cartoons Span. T-course June Fora June Ford Jack La Lanne Jack La Lanne Kindergarten Kindergarten Kindergarten King & Odie King & Odie Don Melvoin 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 Silent Silent Silent Movie Movie Play Hunch C Play Hunch C CBS News CBS News I Love Lucy I Love Lucy Bon Melvoin Don Melvoin Don Melvoin Don Melvoin 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Silent Silent I. U. I. U. Concentration Concentration Missing Link Missing Link The McCoys The McCoys Pete & Gladys Pete & Gladys Price Is Right Price Is Right Seven Keys Seven Keys 12:00 Lunchtlm« 12:15 Cartoons 12:30 Lunchtim« 12:45 Cartoons THURSDAY AFTERNOON News Love Of Lift News • Truth Or Consequence Love Of Lif« Search Guiding Light Ruth Lyon* (C) Ruth Lyons (C) Ruth Lyons (C) Ruth Lyons (C) MEAL IS CRISIS We believe firmly that parents have to work strenuously to make mealtimes pleasant. The atmosphere at a meal flavors the food well or ill. Children who are punished, criticized and scolded at mealtimes, lose their appetites. They are, in truth, a captive audience and so hate to come to the meals to eat. ' Mrs. T.J.K. writes: "Dear Mrs. Eldred: I am the mother of three children who give m« trouble at every meal. The worst of the lot is a boy of 15 months. He weighs about 23 pounds. "At the present time he Is gagging at anything I put before him. I have tried to take him off junior foods but he will not chew table foods. When I give him junior foods he throws .them up. Folows This Schedule "He does not eat between meals and refuses all juices. This is his schedule for the day. "Breakfast: soft-boiled egg, small dish of ceral and vitamins. "Lunch: about 1% to 2 jars of junior foods. "Night meal: some table food and l'/2 jars of junior food. He will not drink milk at meals but takes a bottle. He drinks hardly any milk, but uses it as a companion to go to sleep." Your letter is somewhat contradictory. The boy takes a lot of junior foods, maybe so much that he has little appetite for other foods. He also eats a good breakfast. What table foods he accepts you did not make clear, but said, rather that he would not, eat table food. Add Solids You can provide other protein foods without making him drink milk. Add dry milk solids to the cereal he eats. Add some milk to chat. Give him cheese (any type)» custards, yogurt and buttermilk, if he will drink it. Give him foods he can eat with his fingers, slivers of any kind of cooked vegetable, pieces of fruit, cubes of meat, a chicken bone with meat on it. If he ate in the kitchen he might be less distracted by the conversation at table and thus eat a better meal. Because of the vomiting I think he deserves a good physical checkup by a doctor. His weight is so good that one can hardly think of him as a poorly-nourished child. * * * Our booklet, "All About Feeding," covers the child's eating habits from 6 months to 2 years. To obtain a copy of this informative booklet, send 25 cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request to Myrtle Meyer Eldred. Tomornw: "Pleases Parents". 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 Girl Talk Girl Talk Movie Movie Lee Phillips Lee Phillip* First Impression News News World Turns WorJd Turns Ruth Lyons (C) Ruth Lyons (C) Ernie Ford ' Ernie Ford 2:00 2:15 Movie Movie People Will Talk (c) Password Password Gen. Hospital Gen. Hospital 2:30 Movie 2:45 Movie 3:00 Movie 3:15 Movie 3:30 Dragnet and 3:45 M. Jackson 4:00 Robin Hood 4:15 Robin Hood 4:30 Dick Tracy 4:45 Dick Tracy 5:00 Superman 5:15 Superman 5:30 Popeye 5:45 &Janics 8:00 Rocky-Friend* 6:15 Popeye 6:30 Yogi Bear 6:45 Yogi Bear 7:00 Movie 7:15 Movie Doctors Doctors Loretta Young Loretta Young You Don't Say (c) Match Game Match Garni F Farmer F. Farmer F. Fanner F. Firmer F. Fanner F. Farmer House Parry House Party Tell Truth Tell Truth Edge of Night Edge of Night Secret Storm Secret Storm Early Show Early Show Early Show Early Show Early Show Early Show THURSDAY EVENING F. Farmer Movie F. Farmer Movie F. Farmer Walter Huntley-Brink'y Cronkite News New? News Walt Oonlftta Day In Court Day In Court Queen For Day , Queen For Day ' Trust Whom? Trust Whom? Trailm aster Trailmaster Trailmaster Trailmaster Mickey & Casper Mickey & Casuer News, Sports Eve. Report Cheyenne Cheyenne Cheyenne 7:30 Movie Temple Huston Password Flintstones 7:45 Movie 8:00 Movie 8:15 Movie 8:30 Naked City 8:45 Naked City 9:00 Naked City 9:15 Naked City 9:30 Hoosier 9:45 Outdoor 10:00 Movie 10:15 Movit 10:30 Movje 10:45 Movir 11:00 Movie 11:15 Movit 11:30 Signoff 11:45 Silent 12:00 Silent 12-15 Silm* Temple Huston Temple Huston Temple Huston Dr. Kildare Dr. Kildare Dr. Kildar* Dr. Kildar* Hazel Hazel A Washington Negro A Washington Negro Newi Weather-Sptt. Tonight (C) Tonight (C) Tonight (C) TVvnfBV-.f <r>\ Password All Sports Banquet AH Sports Banquet Perry Mason Perry Mason Perry Mason Perry Mason The Nurses The Nurses The Nurses The Nurses News-Weather Late Show Late Show Late Show Late Show Flintstones Donna Reed Donna Reed Rails Crisis Rails Crisis Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean Edie Adams Edie Adams Death Valley Death Valley News Sport* Steve Allen Steve Allen Steve Allen Ct«T.a *1lA«. 12:30 12:45 Silent Silent Tonight (C) Tonight (C) Lata Show Late Show Steve Allen Steve Allen 1:00 1:15 1:30 Silent Silent Silent Peter Gunn Peter Gunn Silent News Silent Silent News Silent News There you are, sir—I KNEW it had a secret compartment SOMEWHERE 1" "These sonic blasts from the jets get worse every day." THERE OUGHT TO BE A LAW by Fagaly & Shorten LAFF-A-DAY TftfStf 3LOO?£^ WAS A 3A3V, KE STAST WALKING- ?OR MOlsTftS ASD vr. ELL, 3LCOPE2 IS PAST EIGHTEEN NOUJ 40 C-ETTISG HIM UP OS! UlS ^D LtGS \SSTfLL A PROBLEM- rr SAVS i££s THAT S-QLILD JNEW TANKER LAUNCHED SUNDERLAND, England (AP) —The 85,000-ton tanker Borgstenj with the latest in comforts for the Chip's crew—a swimming pool and soccer playing area. The tanker is being built for the Fred OSsen Co. of Norway. Exclusive In Anderson At Model Home Stores and Colurcbus 14th and Main St. They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo Anyone desiring to communJU cat* with Myrtle Meyer Eldred can reach hpr by addressing letters in care of the Register and Tribune Syndicate, Dei Moines, Iowa. 4 Contractors Warned Must Take Active Steps To Integrate INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - Highway contractors working for the state were warned Tuesday they might be considered guilty of racial discrimination if they fail to take active steps to integrate their work forces. State Civil Rights Director Harold 0. Katcher released copies of a letter he sent to contractors on the State Highway Commission's bidding list urging action to break a "vicious cycle" of high Negro unemployment and resulting high welfare costs. Hatcher said the percentage of non-white employes of highway contractors fell from 6.2 to 6.1 per cent in the past year, although he noted that the percentage of integrated work crews rose from 27 to 35 per cent in the same period. "The immediate need seems to be that all holders of government contracts assume responsibility for recruiting and training nonwhite citizens who have the potential to become efficient and dependable employes," Hatcher's letter said. "It is apparent, however, that contractors who have not employed Neoroes in the various job categories in the past are not likely to receive qualified Negro applicants until they take positive steps to recruit and develop them. "It is necessary that they make j known to all their sources of I manpower their desire to inte: grate their work force. Not to ive this pertinent information imay be considered a form of 1 discrimination." Hatcher pointed out that 67 per cent of the non-white employes are on unskilled jobs. CONVINCED Th!£ COLLEGE ART TEACMERSMEUAD NO DOUGH FOR THINGS LIKE PAINTS, PALETTE,PADS AND TW£ LIKE.— Channel Chuckles "Comstock! That's not what I meant by 'Your witness'I" Always a treat Holsum WHITE EIRICHEB IREI& WELJUYOUMG IF THERE ISN'T SOME WAY CAN 6£T VVMAT YOU I CANT A AU THE VA3—I'M R.YIN6 TO MEET MY POLkS IN ROME THEN WEIL DO AMD THE RIVIERA THEN WELL—I SLICED WE: WERE 6O1NO WITH YOU, CASEINA I LISTEN TO £R CAB ABOJT WINTER VACATION— As s matter of fact, she ISN'T wnlching television — she's memorizing the Fall line-up."

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