The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1934
Page 4
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PAHjPOUB •LfTIBTlLLE. (AM-), COURIER HBWi FRIDAY, APRIL 20, J934 Entered M Moood rf«- »»«« U _ Hie posl office U B:yth*vilk, Arr un»s, no** act ol Coofaft, Oc- U*er 8, UH. »* p** RATES By carrier to the gtty of 8ivt»c\im, We ve*fc or $6.50 p?r year Jn advuicc, By tn»li *itW9 •' r»<Uus of W miles, w»r IIM Jor »l» jnontta, 85c lor 1)Jt ^mSil in p^S.1 ion« t* W *• WiO per year, la pooes 6«yep »nr> eljrm, per year, payable In pdvanoe. Bankhead Bill Is No Solution This 15ti«kliuiiil bill, which recuivwl prusiileuiiaj silfimtw today, and other yi'uposals for the control of agricultural productio)), have brought forth from their opiwiients the cry pf "regimentation," »s ii the vital issue involved were the time honored right of tlie American farnier lo .do as lie pleases with his own acres. That question i.s ip doubt involved, but it is not ths )*sic issue. The question which confronts the eottoif farmer a|id wliich involves the welfare of the entire South, and to a lesser degree that of the rest of the country as well, is nol one of economic liberty but of ncoupmic survival. The cotton farmer and the South are not going to complain about a litllu regimentation if it produced tlie desired results. . The Bankliuad bill meets an emergency. Shurp raluclion in- eotlou production is necessary because .of the huge' surplus existing from former crops. And beciuise ol the existence of thut huge surplus arbitrary limitation of production for one year or perhaps lo.nger holds no serious threat. Uul as a long time proposition the . economic, salvation of the cotton farmer ui id Hie South 'is not lu be achieved thvqugU iwoduction limitation, whether tjirpiiiih. the JBj*j.iHlyi ul1 -. m " ul ', I 11 iltiy •oijiSli'vwi^v'ftf 'the contrary, such a course,, it' persisted in, can have no . • o'ther, re>ult-tliMH the destruction of American supremacy in cotton production. Already^:at the very time and in some measure because of the fuel that we «ve curtailing our production, other nations, in South America, in Africa, anil in Asia, ave prepanng lo expand thejr cotton acreage. Regimentation may .dp away with coinjietilion as a factor in purely domestic activities but it will be ;\ long time before competition ceases to control world markets. In, tlje long run, if American dominance in cotton is to :be maintained, we must meet and beat foreign competition. We can't do that by cutting down our production and putting up our. price, That jusl plays into the hands of present and !>olenUal competitors. An effective long range program for the economic salvation of the American cotton belt must cover two phases, efficient-)' in production and the establishment and maintenance o f economic balance. The importance of the first of these is obvious, but the significance of the second, in its effects both upon production costs and upon markets, is commonly overlooked or disregarded. The South'* problem is to i^chanuc its cotton-4he product it is best suited to j))-oduc«^K»» advantageous terms for the great variety of other goods the peojrto of the South need jtnd want. To accomplish this we must first 1V'°- duce cotton so economically as to meet 'all possible competition from other cotton producers and at the same time t ' gain for ourselves a .satisfactory return. So far as mere productive efficiency is concerned, while there is no doubt room for improvement, there is little cause for concern. But the problem is more complicated than that. For unless we buy, directly or indirectly, from those who are jwlential customers for our cotton, it becomes difficult for them to lind the means —the American exchange—will) which to buy our cotton, no matter what otherwise might he the advantage to them in doing business with us. And if this Inability on the part of ixjtential customers to purchase from us the cotton which they need is the result of an American tariff policy which increases the cost of many tlmjjjs which the cotton producer uses Uiu injury to us js compounded. Nol only arc we deprived of necessary markets but our. competitive jwsition in all foreign markets is wakened and our standard of living is forced down. Republican tariff ixilicy has weakened the mitiiral advantage of the South in the cotton markets of the world and has forced the cotton producers of tlie South to accept a standard of living lower than their natural advantages warrant. It is unfortunate that our representatives in congress, in this period of. Democratic control, should liave given so muclt attention to such measures for temporary relief —and possible future trouble—as the Bankhead bill, and so little attention to correction of the situation which is fundamentally responsible for our troubles. But it is not necessarily too late. The president has asked for at least ;x partial correction of tariff injustice. The people of the South should insist Unit, he have the active cooperation of every southern congressman. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO from DM file* «f the M Dally rowttr I THIS CURIOUS WORLD ?, William Fcrguton Monday, April 21, 1924. Siitunluy niKht burglars entered llic Piygly Wlggly" store on Wcsl Main street and slole the new bmglar-proof steel safe, containing nil of the firm's valuable pa and $830 ill cash. Mrs. Sully plltahunty. widow ol the late George Dlllahunty, died unexpectedly at tlie home of her daughter In St. Louis Sunday of heart failure. Tlie body was conveyed to the old home al Gsccola where filerment look place Monday. Mrs. Dillalunty was one of the pioneers of tlie county, a leading member of the Presbyterian church of OsceoU iov years, and a mos'. wiimanle and lovable lady. Jimmy Boyd vemvtd u letter from Prol. Fred Titt.a, former Booster Band director, saying he is available for his old position of directing a band in Blytlieville )l there Eeauis to be a dsmauU for a good band. "H#'u one of the new, members we hud to let in fo help balance the budget." Spring Fever State of Mind Declares Doctor Fishbein Youthful Mayor Saves For College Course ISASSETT, Iowa. lUPJ-T-Anjeii- ca's youngest mayor is planning to lay up enough money lo put him' through college Irom his milk route and truck garden receipts. His name is Ronald Boyd, mid his age is 21. Elecled this spring lo the town's highest office, young Boyd, who has been active in youthful farm organizations, now splits liis time between official duties and vending garden stud and milk. He hopes to save money enough from his business lo put himself through an agricultural course at Iowa State College at Ames. MATTER. VWICH THE WIND BLOWS AT THE NOOTH P0i£, IT IS ALWAYS fooM THE soum! KNOWN STARIS AfcOUT THE SIZE nV IHt. MUKllIS FISHHKIX Editor, Jourinl uf 'the Aim-riran Medical AssoeiaUnn. and <if lly- geia. tht llrallfa Haeaiiiir Spring fever Is not u fever, i:i the real sense of the word. It's largely a slate of mind. The Feeling of laziness ami tlie desire for relaxation which you seem to gel at this tinic'of year Is quilc a natural phenomenon, instead of being a condition nhich ought to be overcome. Certainly it .is no indicatkm ol filling the body vtilli laxatives and cathnrljcs .and (liiis stimulating ;i false kind of activity thai is mosl likely to lead to colitis. Nevertheless, the coming of spring offers oyiwrtimilies lor im- rovemcnt of your health tluitsim- >ly do nol exist, with Ihe winlcr lold. Springlinic licckons cvcry- nc to the out-ol-doors. H is a |lme when you can spsnil \ours i» the ftesh uir and bcncnlti he ^un wilhoitt the djyiger;0f stm- mrn or sunstroke that exists in nidsiumner. ' Moreover, tire spring, nvlher- Ihfin he first ol January, really mark the beginning ol 'the year. It It is imixxsslblc lor ft Catholic priest to approve Nad principles. —Cardinal Jusliniun Scrcdi. > » * There are a lot of crackpots on earth who like war—any kind of war. put I'm not one of them. — Mtij. Gen. Smcdlcy D. Butler. • * • Spoiled children grow up looking only (or ^polling. Tlie haled child Is as tad off. —Or. Alfred Adlcr, Viennese psycliolot'isl. » » * Tile ideas back of restoration arc new to us older men. yet we are willing to go along and do our part in ctleclimj better limes. —Charles M. Schwab. s one combining adequate amounts of fresh air, exercise, mid sunshine. The heavy clothing of winter' may be removed;-llic heavy diet of wm- :cr may he replaced by milk, fruils and fresh . vegetables in jrcater amount, .because the body does nol need the quantity of fuel- uroriiling material required ill the winter. If there is anything in particular that ought to be taken in greater qamuilies for .spring fever, it is a somewhat larger amount of water, because, with stimulation of (he functions of the skin, more water will be needed lor the' chemistry of the body. - • * If lherc.';ls any ojie condition ol disease more manifest, in spring j Hum :il any oilier season for a considerable number ol ix?oplc. it the so-called SIM ing cold. This sometimes is associated with sud- Royal Dutch Tops Oil Companies in Rumania BUCIJAPEST. i UP) — Roy. a Dutch again headed tlie list of oi producers in Rumania tor 1033 -IN SIAAA-. FISH FIGHTS ARE A , - ^. FAVORITE FORM OF § Q AMUSEMENT, AND FORTUNES v ° ARE WON AW LOST IN errtiNO ON * THE OUTCOME. THE BATTIERS ARE ONI* A 1-ITTtE MORE THAN AN INCH LON&. THE audience at a flsh fight sits upon the floor, while the s battle in a round glass bowl suspended from Ihe. ceiling Ihe audience. The fights are over in a few minutes, and Ireqi Ihe losing fish pays with his lile. NEXT: What mountain was named after it had disappeared? 19.63 per cent of the total output. In second place followed the group "Steaim-Romana." controlled by British interests, with 15.10 per cent. Third was the Belgian group "Concordia" with 14.26 per cent. In fourth nnd fifth place came again companies con-f trolled by English-American cap- to Phoenix Oil company, per cent, and "Romanp-Aj ' caiia," belonging to staniianj,.' company, with 7.82 per cent. ' ' ' five groups represented ex two-thirds of the whole oil duction for the year. . its.!, namely. "Unirea," Samuel de Champlain belonging 'Quebec in 1608. foi don chauvcs of temperature of the body, such as occur that are exceedingly when (lays warm suddenly change to days that are very cold Th? i catches rainfall or t'nower people unprepared therefore, the best time of all for Und they urc drenched to tlie skin, iiiivlng a check-up of the physical This may lower resistance of the condition of your body. This will indicate the extent to which you nmy participate iu llic exercises and sixjrls of Ihe summi-r months. • * * The functions of are likely to he rhythmical and the coming of spring is the time when the wave begins to turn. This does not mean that spring is a time when health is to be sought in a bottle. The compound that nature offers body. Finally, a great iminy called spring cukis are really sen- silivilius Ui plants nnd pollens ihuV conic at Ihis sermon. These who regiiarly develop sneezing, burning of tire eyc-s, and other symptoms of the spring of hay fever should have nn investigation made to detect the sub- ilances to which they arc sensitive arid thereafter eilhcr avoid these .subslonccs or altcmpl to secure des civilization. TOUM r. -,111.110. • kM4««»r TM»* jtr>n«r« «< • mmritr ke 411 ••! ^»Bi«tl. rarapf« lT9tm Key Wr«l in littvaMa %fllh two thieve*, Iii;.VU nut 1.01 1 Hi IB llaraBa, nurffr Ihr manif ot u juaalto.' t •* liv.'uriits rell-lirulcd n* a bnftt unU he an* ti«xu npc» » C7*- NaaidiYi. P.LIIln love. ICS'l KI.I.i; KIKI.II JnNthlrr ul rlofc JIM Hi:i.I>. *** »hc" lo«r> bio), 't'kc? weet m*< pl;>B t*i marry, bill Kiclil brcsfc* up tUr atftiir, laklflr; Kmrllr anar. '1'ivo jrnr* Intfc *hp l>«co««« CP- K.itrri n, \I.i:C. DAVIDS. Sill AL'K!ll-:Y. llllFri Cncllftb' ruiu *nd 1'nhliln'* fntlicr.' ha> ttrfn uf :irrliln^ fny bN *gn. r«- I'liiyliiR 1111,1, l\<5.s. Nrn York »r- But «Tcn nw low for a!u could [ everything—" i'or » «ioai»i not teach b«r patieact. Soon Lottie was crying and he was obliged to comfort ber ana Dielond some ana pressed the letter Ift bit t ibcn abruptly hla bapi rtr He bad no right to prow uor (eel a shaken aii4 ec warirjtb as be~tbiic&etJ it. He I "You do love me, don't yon?" sh? w "tc Kstelle arid tell ber be, said, moppiue Her eyes znd cbot ""saged to be married^ her tbat a'tor sbe bad toldj i Ing back tlie last of liar sobs. "Of course i do. Lou In."'be said dully. "I'm a lathy clrap and I know it." "You'll never know how I love you, Pablo. Never!" "5'ou'ro au-fully good lo me. Loltle." KieM r>.lvltf« hri- i:^ri'llf. Sli r<> llarnn WAV. xvh,, <-(*itl uf lfi«- tclU Ihr t l.olllr u rnr g r»lrllr fahlilciH. l.urllr in mnrry 1<I« 4iiir» •!• fortune i-nka ka Ills r and hrr rn<l) . MAlin » knn'ni I'mkllt lh. l> !»•. f-r i-hnr|;r. al Ja lenrln^ ftlra. r^ Murrin'M »fc. eal MtH llcn« — the leave* hiBl M Lack oi Uniform Prison Turkish Girl's Pet Snake Terms Cause of Crime HARRlSBURO, Pa. (UPl. —Lack oC uniform senlcnclng ot criminals ?v, af 1 - ; y^- Bv Williams OUT OUR WAY \MEUU,SOWS HftVE \ NIGHTMARES, TOO! WHV 1 00 MOTHERS'GIT A GUV ALL ^"^* DRESSED UP AN' THEM —"SEE i_.,. : IF TH'GttS ISTURI4ED OFF UNDER TH' WATER HEATER- SEE IF TH CELLAR WINDERS iS AVL LOCK ALL TH' VJIMDERS AK1' TH'SIDE AN' BftCk DOORS—SEE IF TH' HAS GOT ENOUGH COAL IN IT-r AN "-SWELL,THEM THING'S OKAY 8UT ME. AT H\M \ 1 SET HIM ALL REAPV, AMD IM THE SHORT TIME Ij TAKES ME TO GET REftDY— QtJ HIM— A MOTHERS HEBO6S ARE MADE-MOT BORN ; rcs|X)i\!>ible for a vaxl otuount of me, according to Major Lynn G. Adams, head of the • Pennsylvania tc Pohcc. He recommended cs- liihing of sentencing co'-rls, or depsrtmcnt of correction. If \ve cculd make the Certainty punishment for crime as defin- as tire laws of gravity." l-.e said !ay, "we'd find crime on the de- e.isc." Major Adnms pointed out that icrcas a man may be sent to Uo;i for two years for burglary one county, aiioti:cr may be sen- need to five years in another wnly for a similar ollense. Thwc two n:eii may meet in one our penitentiaries." Major Ad- ns contliiued. "and lalk over their rouble. 1 !. The man wro drcu- the •c-ycor sentence feels ti:at socicly as done him an Injustice and cu- l.atrcd-is born witliin him." .When this prisoner KC:.S bsck 1 ccdorn, according to M.i;or Adnms. carries a grudge a:ui is a new nd fiercer menace to j-eclctv. • Turned Down by "Vet" ISTANBUL. (UP) - A pretty, young Turkish .society \vonun startled the Istanbul veterinary hospital by bringing in a 12-foot snake for treatment. The veterinary ..urgtons protested that they only irca'.cd done* lie "But this is a n'o:F.c.->'.ic snake,"! asserted the lady, -l v.;,vc seven al! ionic crawling about the house.! arc quilc hnrmUss." Bui when Uic ;.nakc showed its fang?. Ihe singcors decided lhal it vas not tiomt^tic enough for Hum lo handle. tlcrcr. He AOW GO O.\ WITH THE STOH» CIIAPVER XLV A.ItCM left 1'alililo in a mood that way a mixture of rcllof «nd Ibe utinnjt bittcrncsj. Al> these yenrc be bad bceu suffering for a crinto lie bad not comyiltled. SuITcriug loneliness and Jhopclcal ness nntl the loss ot Ihe one girl In llic world lie loveil. All these I she toved him as much asj could love anyone! "A raan named Billings notq to you," Noyea said. "l,? : , forgot it. I "left It on the buv propped before the glass b«l rj 1 so excited—" '^'" *? "We'll get H waen we Ki<t ^ things." r.iblilo eald. He p«: m "Good? Kiss me, honey. Oil— , arm around Nojc3 l elooped E>; dcrs.and for a short niorannt fi- 1 that things bad a way of co| to htm too late. ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier has been au- IxHlle r;][ne Into llic room. "Whnt's Ihe inallcr. honey boy?" s-ic dsiimndert c.-irrcsslngly. "Noiblng." "You look H' Ucau's soue—" ra:>lito looked up qul.ckl? a ! lliat. "lloi-Idcd IIP n=f.(icil .1 change of air." l.otlie adilcd lishtly. "Did you listen lo wlim a-c were 3a:'iu??" Me dctriiiiiilci!. i^hp an - swcrctl v:Hli a uftucJ'.ular.t. easy, "Sure." "I IVOPN'I goin; lo give lleau a»-;iy " i'dliltto salit. frowning. "Ob. lie knew that." she answered, "bin thai woman wlio was not liko tiini!" What if lie should ilrou liio arms aiid say. "1 can 1 ! go LhrouKli wlib t. Lottie! 1 can't!" What would happen tbeu? He uad not known would be so demanding for demonstrations ot affection. He, had not known tbat prclcase could be GO bard. • • » E STKLLE wrote Pablito tbat evening. She bad to scnc" Ibe letter by post because tiiere wa» »o chauffeur now to carry niessages. Sbe wrote; "Dear Pablito: II la good to •wrllo your real uainc witbout fear. Marcla bas told mr lather and me what slie has told you. top. 1 am so glart for you. I have not tor a long wlille been so glad about apy- lliins. "1 want to Gpe you and wpn.dor wbetbcr you will want to come to see uic. U has beep a long time TOTTIE was assenibliusrK. trousseau— gaudy frocks ff;. fragile undertlinga of or.ivl pcacb and sapphire chiffon, f;' led log tbis finery, «ho um|2> close to happiness as sue bads since Pablfto bad asked u.e him. Soraetimea In Lollic woke with tearg ruarry lie r cbeeks. Pablito was not h;| she know. Well, Blio »owed 1n bravest mood, shc'ij maka hi; Urn at olbcr times shp realize did not tnp\v how to mako \ Slie wept to La Merced a deal those days. Tim cburchjl pealed to her and u-arrnod b little as sue etrusglcd to be tbat ciubiaclpg, comforting E| [ ouc who wits spoken ot so c.-u sittcc we lia>e ruct but. remember- j a[1( j 0 [ lcB 33 "God." tis our hours together a3 I riaye I And bcre among Ihe so keenly since being here I feel | „„ ,,. / thal-oh. I don I kno». 1 can t j ,_ ntt|e wmll(| 5om( ,{ inle3 ^ c.xprc^s lu .-,,,, cltnllv tn her own manner; "i-. m 11>1Tl , fV T "' ,"' "aveu't gone BO very 5 lfo|1 Perhaps it I bad been sirongcr 1 - ' .:• «J| would have seen some way to nvold doing that. Bui I want to leli you tbat 1 love yriu as mutb as Inn. honest. I promise you If just sive rue this chancl—" Slie liked Noyes anfl called , I c.iu ever lofc anyone nnrt I will n "S n cd old scout, but bis (. ' fountain Resident Plan H • J T • . T J i CLARENCE H. WILSON Drive tor lourist Tradem Ui&rl/ccl tn a)!i:oi;nc>: Ihe a* candidates for public oflice, subject lo tlie Democratic primary ftxt August: I'nr C'ounlT Jurlge ?.AL B. HARRISOM GP:ORGE w. BARHAM For Member o' ConjrresJ CLINTON L CALDWELL I'nr Slirriff urrt Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON 'or Re-election for Second Term you II you still wain lie ' as ll}C .' rcslc(J °9 hcr - werc: ! frankly aupralslng tor ucr com \- a^ctsd little manuerl. *'"'' Him. A" "I" ncre might any ilii!c. See?" marry "Yes. I see--" ">• Jlc pulled tilui^etf up wearily and | moi'til luwarrt the doorway op.ep- in? on tlie balcony. Everything In !:is life hart come too bte. II .Miirtla Trcad^ay had told tlio i uc rcan it me urii umo. lu^o tne i U!:ih a few years earlier uolblng servant appeared at the lop ol tbe ' ' N " oycs vMffi lllc « lrl o^P 1 * in Uic world .could tiave kem litm | su irs and hehiod her I'l&llio s.w I was ''"strtictcd at tiic thoug.) fron. m-irrylnc Ustcllc. Now- I-N'orris No>es: ! llc ' Uccomlpg Pablilo's wife. :'l'0 reread ll:e uc:c slpwlt.! " Iii9 eyes bluircil by tbc ilizzl-1 ^ icar '" was ™° ot b=r { W'"*i_ Iliuesa Ihai bad swop! over Him a$ | ™ odd ns Ebe leaaed lorv', tlio Nc read it Ibe lirsi time. Tliio the i to say - " ll » n c=' t« God. my dea. I'HINADELPHIA cUI''—Kesi-l ils oi the i'ocono MoiiutaUi tils-' rict arc making plans for luring 1 tl dollars into Un-ir r.ish reg- j slers. | Their proposal* h.iluoe four' state parks, unuracuvc 45,000 es; a boulevard 100 ::nlcs Ions; over the hills; three airports and tour emergency lanrtiiK fields; elimination of railroad crossings, and tlie damming of f.ieams to' mnke lo artificial lakc^. Tlie Work Division of Ihe Emergency Relict Administration has given Ihe plans tentative npprov-' al. Tlie work would tii'se several years. K«r County Trcisnrer JOE S. UILLAHUNTY ROLAND GREEN For Crrcnit Court Clerk HUGH CilAIO ADDISO.N SMITIf R. B. (SKEETl STOUT For County Court Cl«rk F5iED FLEE?,! AN Fit Uc-Electlou tor Jnd Tern< For Asstssor R. L. (Bn,LW GATfTES H. C. (IKEi HUDSON Vor Coii'taHc of Chiclia.viwbs Township JA.CK HOBEIUOON "Let's go ° vcr ajli ' SCQ wlial they're doln' on Ihe house tills afternoon." l.otlle suggc-olco 1 . "If you likf." lie agreed. "Say. If 3 - ou dun't nnnla go. jif.'t say so! Nobody's going to make you do U." ''I wnni to nil ricjit. I'm jn=l o lillie lireil. I cues^." "Do >'ou love me. l*ab!o? Lnvc me a litllc bit, nh?" "I've asked you lo inurry me, j Lottie." Her face clouded. "1 know I'm not very demon- snathe," he admitted. "I'm sorry." "You ulu't ui'icb good at pie- tenillii'." she said harshly. But be I'or a moment N'oyc:- rauscj: He Ewld one morning after 1 tben ho moved forward with a '!•"' lo?t bcr temper nnrt tbrp^.J wcah. ^r&I^lllE "!';,ij!tio:" jcup el lea rii tlio last disappca'j I'Hblun i-lunjr n Nnyr.-' h.mrt« 'Servant. "Pablllo, you can't rn^ The lw 0 mailc HIP sui,m mcjnuig-'. l ' lal girl!" "Uut I'm going to," 1'abllto f— gi hflly. -| owe lier a lot," fie atjl \css comuictiu peo(,ic i-.v:it;e emotintu Rrc loo grcai lo be «pressed by words. A! lensth I'ab- | mure gently, "and she cares tor " lilo saiil. "I liave no\cr needed you j j so niiirb ;is Dow— V1 And even Noycs. In bl; buaible- ncsj. could helinc tbat. I'.iblllo was tliln. ills eyes were llrtii ilinuplil tie a Mltle better al "H ihap a&e Knew. .1 unit i ie wtcd. not nuito Ucsidca. I've already Tbe lliing's done." "Things can be undone." There wua no auswer lo l| Pictcutly Noyca went on. which tells nf a vau dclofmlua- [ Kie|J' B daughter." "I still do," Pablllo let say. his lips were set lo Uiat grim line 'heard that you cared tor which tells nf a vau dclofmlua-' lion and an equally vast boneless ness. : "\Vliat'E «rougV" the older iu«n j "Then you're not being tali] ilfkctl - bcr-lo Lottie." Us n nth I Ig <an be 1 , "I'ui sorrj." PaWilo sho tb^aBtd.' I'jWiin »fSA)r£il blui. "1 ' SKJII. "t can't talk about iM'iiiilui cuii boibet MU .i!x-ui n ! MCI«, ir's -.ill seltie'l." ibai juu kuow lie toil! )IK1 ' (lo Uc CouU»«e4l. £L

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