The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on September 18, 1952 · Page 14
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1952
Page 14
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THURSDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 18. 1952 POTTSTOWN M E R C U R Y , FOTTSTOWN, PA. PHONE 6000 PAGE TWENTY-ONE Prayers Said for Bobby (Continued From Paif One) when he| said. "It has happened of malignant cancer. ' To brighten the picture. Dr. Teah a n reported that he found Bobby "in wonderful spirits." Confirming this, nurses at the hospital commented on his cheerfulness. "We all get alonjt fine with him now that that he has gotten over his homesickness," they said. Nurses also told about the friendship t h a t has grown up between Bobby and his little roommate, also suffering from polio. "They share their toys and play together all d a y . they even t a k e their t r e a t m e n t s together," Bobby's night nurse related. * « * BOBBY'S P O L I O treatments « .. c ^.,. r . 7 0 ^ ^ continuous hot packs to the paralyzed right leg and back also orthopedic care by a special nurse who massaees his muscles to keep blood in circulation t h u s preventing them from withering. The hospital also reported the large number of well-wishing cards and letters that Bobby has been receiving from s y m p a t h e t i c read- e'rs.--As-'tKttarrThe. MerciiryT mailbag again was heavy with contributions towards curing Bobby accompanied by words of h o p e - a n d kindness. Mrs. Charles Tesno. 422 Beech street, wrote: "I am writing this note for my 6-year-old son who heard about little Bobby Walters. He said he would like to give the SI he has in his bank, if it will help make Bobby better so he can get out to play again. "He told me people, shouldn't only give money, but should pray for Bobby too. He said he knows that his mommy and daddy prayed for him when he was in the hospital. At the. time he was only 21 months old, but he remembers being in the hospital eight 'weeks with a broken leg when he fell from a second story window." Mrs. D. L. F., of Gr.iterford.: enclosed a note s a y i n a : "Here's S2 for H,P Rnhh" V,'-"r-~ V'!iH I t isn't much, but this with t h e rest. might give the little boy his h e a l t h . "We remember him and his p a r - 'ents in our prayers. We h a v e a daughter 8 years old and she prays for him every night." * * * A SHORT NOTE signed ROSP-; m a r y Keel?y read: "F,nHo=?d I s ' $2 r or little Bobby Walters. I t ' s not much, but every liule bit will help along with God's hlcs-ings.". "We are sending this s m a l l contribution (o the Bobby W a l t e r s Fund." w r i t e Mrs. H. Miller and daughter. Betty. ; "We hope it will be of great help .to this little boy. We are sure t h a t if everybody gives their share. God and Bobby's physician will do t h e , rest, it is \Min i n e 1'iOip ui luv sood Lord and the people t h a t Bobby can get well again. God bless him." ; "Town" said this with his d o n a : tion: "May God bless Bobby a n d : his people. I hope this helps a ' little. I'll pray for h i m . " i "A Mercury Reader" wrote: "We haven't any children, but love them all the same. May God do the rest." | Hospitalized herself. Mrs. J e n - nie Gravinese. 705 W a l n u t s t r e e t . ; Royersford. expressed her feelins.' 1 for' Bobby by writing, "Enclosed please find S5 to help Bobby Walters in hopes it will speed h i s . recovery. "I know what it is t o ' b e sick.; as I am confined to a hospital now. ! I u n d e r s t a n d w h a t a strain it is on his parents. So again let me .say a real speedy recovery f o r ; little Bobby." i The employes of Sweel-Orr and ;company. Sixth and York streets. Who sent S80 for the f u n d , probably. ;phrased their note with greatest; I aptness. ! ! "May GOD guide the h a n d s of: iyour doctor to m a k e you a well' jboy." they wrote Bobby. i LEGAL NOTICES 11 SKALED BIDS will bf r-Tl\ »d bv '.he Lflwr PotUcrove School Bo:i-d for t h e r e s u r f a c i n g of a pi";.in oT :h» playe'.ound. Sp*- c!"",v:nns tor r.r!" work ran be o V i i n r d a i t h e .-fhool o f l l c * . FV'ls w i l l be received on or MICHAEL J. PETR1CK. 'PROPOSALS *·:·! b« r»- '·-.··"d and p u b l i c l y oprn^d a n d TM"i bv t h e Supervisors or F.arl T-vp . Berks Co.. a: Ha.-time S-h"o! Bids.. S h s u e s v t l l e . Pa.. ·.-.i-:: 3:00 o'clock E S.T. Sep'em- b°- co. 1332. for the f n l l o w i n z -CP-2 type b::x'ruinous m a t e r i a l air; fonf for '.h? construction o. f ."} m i l e of i m p r o v e d h i g h w a y . "'. ;;o. a s'. f o r m - . Specification-'. F: ::; of C::v.raf *rxi I n s ' r u c - t!r)n *o SiUarrs niav be o b t a i n e d a* ;'.ie hoaie o.'. or bv w r i t i n g 'o H r v ? v R. M:r.n-.r.ier. Secrets v. Board or Sup-?.--, isors. Earl- T:i» m a t e r i a l s specified heroin. sr.' ; rv.e^t the St3iidH.-(i S p e ^ l f i - cv T..S of the P e n n s y l v a n i a Der v m T U oi H i g h w a y s . T n » cucce-ssf'.'! bidder, when a-.vjrded '.he contract, shall f u r - :;;:-·. a bond w i t h s u i t a b l e . r»a- s-^nirjle requlrem 0 n'-*. £ru3r?.u re e- :r.7 performance of the ~ r i n*r3rt n- 'rt»!:v"rv to b» mad"! w i t h ^ ::!.oiea*. sure'.y in ! .ne fimonn'. o; ;f p'r c e n t u m o.' t h e a m o u n ' of -'n» c o n t r a c t . v; proposal* musi b» upon · ia 'orm ^urntshed bv t'r'e u n - ANNOUNCEMENTS Deaths T E N N Y P A C K E R -- In HarrlsburK. on Mondav. Sept. IS. 1952. Le- Rny L . 5On of th« !at» Edward R. siid Sa!ll» ( L u d w l R i p o n n v . pack"-, age 59 year*. ReiT.iv-x q n ^ '..'rt^^^' t m 'n 1 ':*"! T ^ 'h* *r.-,.c.^ .'.-j.u -;^' -^ .._::;.. ..s : F u n e r a l Hjme. 339 King Cr . on Fi;ti»v at. 2 p. m. I n t e r m e n t In M t . Z:on cem'irrv'- Fr!»nda may call Friday from 12 noon. i S c h u n a c h e r i S T R U N K -- On Tuesday. Seat. Ifi. !952. Adam L. KO.I of t h e late James and AmanCU i L e ' h e r i , S t r u n X . age 53 year*. RelsMve* a n d f r i e n d s are i n v i t e d 10 the sr-r.'.C"' from the Houc'x Funeral Home. 112 N. W a s h i n g t o n St.. on S a f . i r d d v a r I P rn lu'.er- mer.t in Hill Church cemetery. Friend* m a v call at t h e f u n e r a l hom». Fr-d.iy e v e n i n g 7 to 3.30. i Houclc i HAINES"-- On Monday. S«p-. 15. 1952. E ^ t e l l a H. ' K u a v i e r i . w i f e of Jeroni" Ha'.nes. On Moore RD. a;e 83 v»2r«. R e i a U i e s snd f r i e n d s a r e i n v i t e d t o t h e s e r v ices from the N ^ n t m e a ! Me'.ho- d'.st Church, on T h u r s d a y . Sept. IS ar 2 p. IT. I n t e r m e n t in P ' l R h - tom-ri B a p t i s t cemetery. Friends m a y rs!! at the \Vhl'» M e m o r i a l Home. Par-cerford on Wer;ne.=day supervisors reserve to r»jec* any or t h e all HARVEY R. MINNINGF.R. Secretary of Board P h o n e : Y«lio»- House. 9-4162 ~ "charier ~No" 47lT~ ~ Reserve Di?'.r;ci No. 2 R r P O R T OF CONDJUflS^OF-THE r ; T I-?TE-?f-?r~NfATIONAL B A N K A N D TR'JST CO. OF POTTS- TOWS IN THF. STATE OF P E N N S Y L V A N I A . A THE 7LOSE OT BUSINESS ON SEPTEMBER .V :fl52. PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO CALL MADE 3Y COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY. UNDER SECTION 32U, U. 3. REVISED STATUTES ASSETS Cx-h. balances wl'h. o t h e r banks. I n c l u d !~3 rrserve balance. and cash ltern« in process of collerr on $1.352.635.38 U n i t e d Scales G o v e r n - YOCUM-- In Boy»rtoa-n. OP. S x i n . cay. Sept. !4. 1952. Mary F. i W e l d n e r i Yooum. wife of "he lat^ C h a r l e j T. Yoc\im. aze F.O yei-^. R e l a t i v e s and f r i e n d ? sre i n v . t e d to the »rv'.c?s from 'he Schumacher F'.:n»ra; Home. 359 King S'.. Pot'-S'-own. on Thursday. Sept. IS. a 1 . 2 p. m. I n t e r - m e n t In Pofj-.ov.-n Ea.«t Snd cemetery- Friends may call Wed- ne.-day evening 7 lo S:30. i S r h ; i m ~~ c h P r ) Personals 7 SPENCER CO?!SETI£RE MRS. LATTA fNI. FOX Phone Per.nsbur; 563 *59.;0. $79.50. $124.50 SDd $149.50 Batteries, Sites ind Service PENETRATING g e n t l e Fina Foam m^lt-s soil from rugs and upholstery. Block'.?. BUSINESS G U I D E men rect ;i;id obl!s,T;'.on.= . di- and guaran-^ed t'.ons of Slat's po'i'icai sxjbci;- i In- HILL SCHOOL IX-RAYUNIT- I (Conttniied From Page One) (Continued From Pace One) the t i m e dinner came, the grounds a mined 1307 persons for s y m p t o m s ! were cleared of all guests and the of tuberculosis. Each suspect w a s ; hustle-and-bustle of opening day given a written report of the f i n d - j at The Hill school had dissipated, ings. The 1307 was an increase of; The 34-year-old new headmaster!" 10 "- 6 t h a n 30 ° over the preceding; was appointed Aug. 1. replacing - vear - a n d officials are looking for; Dr. J a m e s I. Wendell who retired. a n e v e n greater-turnout this y e a r . j Dr. Wendell will r e m a i n affiliated; In addition to this, the past y c a r j with the school in an advisory cap- 457 pupils of St. Aloysius and St.! acity. ; Peter's parochial schools were; Hall was g r a d u a t e d from Yale S i v e n P' atch tests - i university in 1941 and taught Eng-| This program is carried out lish at Philip's academy. Andover.;through financial support from t h e ; Mass.. before serving in the A r m y ; C h r i s t m a s seal .campaign of t h e } in World War II. , jsociety. ' j Hi? war service took-him io-Aus-i Martha B. Shoemaker, ex^ctittvei tralia. tie Philippines and Japan,secretary, revealed t h a t in the' with infantry and military intelli-ipast year's drive, 4337 appealsj . ifor the purchase of seals werei After his discharge from the : n)aaed ... ou !: _? ese a , p P, eals _ n e t t e a i Army In 1946. he taught English at Yale university, later becoming assistant to the chairman of the board of admissions ; a v e r a ? e there. He received his masters degree at Yale in 1947. In 1947 he joined the faculty of St. Mark's school. Southborough. Mass.. as a.D_English instructor. At the school he was junior hockey- coach, baseball coach, advisor to O t h ? r bonds, anr! tipbenvoi Corporate stoc e l u d i n g SIS.OOO.W s'ocS of Federal R»- SP-.-VP b a n k ) linchtdui!; $9.20 ovfr- d r a f t s i B^n' p r e m l ? e s owned $74.330.CO. f u r n i t u r e and f i x t u r e s . . ' . $18.961.55 O t h e r ass»r.s TOTAL ASSETS .. .. i LIABILITIES D e m a n d 'deposits of Individual. 1 ;, partnership?, and corpora- t i o n Time deposit? of I n d l v l d u a H . partnerships, and corpora t.ions .. Deposits o f U n i t e d Stales G o v e r n m e n t ( i n c l u d i n g p o = t a 1 s a v i n g ? ) :TTr:.: D?pns:t,! of S t a t e s and political ?ubdivl?ioas O t h e r deposits (certi- f i e d and cashier's chocks, e t c . ) ..;... TOTAL DE-. POSITS S6.998.545.17 Other liabilities 2,R9S,750.45 517.943.92 19,409.50 v 15,000.00 2,815.959.03 \Ve Can Do It 18 Excavating Contractors 2000 load.-; of High Grade Top Soil a v a i l a b l e . Easily accessible. Call Boyert-own 7-2265. 93.491.55 3.56S.17 729.7S9.51 $3.2-19.673.19 3,333.742.59 · Armstrong Floor Covering* '.Vfiraplas "Plastic Wai! Tile DAVID ELLIOTT Lud wig's Corner. Ph. F u g h t o ' n 279f) TYPEWRITING~D'ONE~AT "HOME. Addre?.sing envelopes, cards or circvijar letters. Ph. P u g h t ' n 360T ^ ~ " " " " pumped clean. Phone Pug 3071. ADAM_HOLOWI5. __ Modarnize Your K i t c h e n or B a t h room. All types floor a n d wall coverings. E s t l m a i n s . S r o i n e r ' s Fir. Wall Coverings. Ph. r,94S-W Building and Remodeling Contracting Done JOSEPH ANTUSH' Phone 253-.T. " WRINGER"ROLLS 154.035,50 -. pair parts of a n v m a k e washer. Paul Prior. 41 E. 2nd St. Ph. 834 170,123.83 90.3SR.96 gence. an a v e r a g e of one dollar apiece,! !which was estimated to be' about; ! 25 cents more t h a n the national TOTAL LIABILITIES $7.007,858.34 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital Stock: Common, stock, f.ota! par./."-.-.- n5o.ono.oo ? 150.000.00 Surplus 350.000.00 Undivided pro'l'-s . . . . 120,675.89 Reserves l a n d retirement account for preferred stock .TOTAL C A P I T A L ACCOUNTS 722.131.17 Society personnel already is at work preparing this year's appeals which will total the record number of 4500. They will he placed in the mails the week before Thanksgiving Day. Mrs. Arthur H. Simpson, presi- the journalism and debating clubs|dent of the Visiting Nurse society, and assistant headmaster. ;one of the Benefit organizations of · * * j t h e society, was elected a member! WE WAS assistant headmaster at of the society board. She w a s ! the school since 1949. a post he elected to the vacancy caused by, held before coming to The Hill ; t h e d c a t h of Mrs - *^TM Huber,!/ schooT former Visiting Nurse society pres-| During the past year he was ' en ' \ president of the New England As: Horace Y - Seidel - President of; sociation of Teachers of English. ; the. society, was in charge of yes-j _., . ,. , ,, ;ierdav s meeting, which was a-i 0! h , ertn .7 co , mei ; s . to , { , he f a c u l t y;luncheon in the crow's nest of the at The Hill schoo include George restaurant. D. Senter. who will be a master in the m a t h e m a t i c s d e p a r t m e n t . Sen-| ter is a graduate of Brown univer- PAPER COMPLAINS , .. . _ , , sitv. Providence. R. I. He taught ^'^NNA. Sept. 1 I.^A czecho-j at Peekskill Military academy. slovak newspaper complained to-! Peekskill, N. Y., during the past. d a - v drunkenness is rising under year. iCommunism. William H. C. St. John, who was " graduated from Yale university': the past June, will join the English; department as a master. ; Charles B. Ferguson, a graduate! of Williston academy, Easthamp-| ton. Mass.. has been appointed a! master in the art department. i The Rev. Thomas C. Wynn will! join The Hill school staff as chap-i lain. A graduate of Asbury college.; Wilmore. Ky.. he took further study at Columbia university. New York City, and at Princeton Theological 1 seminary. : The Bev. Wynn will leach courses in religion at the school. He formerly t a u g h t at Peekskill Military" Farmer's Market PHILADELPHIA PRODUCE PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 17 I'JPi (USDA i--Trading was ll.zht on the wholesale produce market, tods". Tomatoes: Pa. 58 baskets 50ra$2.50. ', b-j. baskets 12 qt. baskets 75caS1.25: N. J. ' s hu.. baskets 30caS1.65. potatoes: US NO. 1 mostlv Size A. ;00 !b. sack. 5 : POLIO VICTIM - | ( C o n t i n u e d From Paje One) i in August, and the remainder this month. : There h a v e been three cases so far in Royersford: two in Potts-; town and in Collepeville. and one in Green Lane arfd Stowe. ; Thf polio foundation sponsors the isolation unit in the hospital where thf 4-year-old i« A pa- ti^nt. It also sponsors the con- valfsrenl unit in Sacred Hfart hospital. Norristown. j The 77 cases this year com-! pares with these yearly t o t a l s : ' 1944. 50; 1945. 89: 1946. 20: 1947. 13; 1948. 54; 1949. 3fi; 1950. 44, and; the past year, only 12. i STRIKE ORDERED MONTEVIDEO. Uruguay, Sept. 17 fjp--A general strike in this capital city of a million people was or-' dered for midnicht. hy union leaders acting today in anger over the: Government's delay in settling a I public transport strike, j rSPAPERflR C H I V E ® -- N". .1. K s t a h d i n s . m?.ny f a i r $3..if)a 4.00. Corn l e r e o n i : Pa. yclloa-. crates 50ca$1.50. sacks var:ous c o u n t y "0c a S1.2S. Cantalo'sjx's: y. .1. "-j ba*k?t^ Pride of Wisconsin 75c«S2.0n. Apples: B-JShe'.s and bo.te.: Pa. Slclnt.h $:.50a3.00. Smokohou.v $3.00. Red Delicious S-t.SO: N. J. Del'.cloxis $2.233.25, Red Deliciovis $3.25a4.00. Grirnes Golden $2.00. Smokehouse 32.7.3. ·R/vl S ; a v m « n = $3.00a4.00. P"arh»s: Pa. OTen '·? bi:. mostly Elbertas Jl.00a2.00. .«omf Hale? $2.25a.5r). Cabbsie: 50 J'o. sacks: Ps. Dini-sh typ $:.25a75. domestic $!.POv50. N. J. Danish $1.50. Swee'. rxi-ato^;: N. J. 5 a basXets .Tersev typ» yellows S2.00s3.0n. orange S2.CO-i75. redj. S2.2-'ia50. bushels oranzo type washed S2.75a3.00.. Peppers: Bushel?. N. .T. Calif. Woncf-s $ I.OOs 75. other Builnoso tvp» SOr-a?'..25: ?». Calif. Wonder type 5!.SOs7.i. Mushroom?: Pa. 4 qt... ba.-k?:" 5n.-3.«i 40. S p i n a c h : Pa. bvi . savoy t.yri» 75a POr. Eustpiunt: N. .T. hi;.. H'.chb-;sh 75ca$:.25. BUck B e a u t y 50n7.c. Beet*: B \ i n c h . N. .1. 3*4 crn's. Ps. 2aS r»nt.e. Lima b'ans: N. .!. *, b**)c»t« $1.2.ia2.00. Sn?sp hein?: Bushels Va'ent.!n»»: N. .7. $l.25a 2.00. Pa. $1.25a50. HARLEVSVU.t.F. AUCTION- HI *h La-!": Ave. Fowl-Colored . . . . 30'- 1- 27 Puilets-r.v.. v*r 4 44'j 2«'j 40 P'jlV«-Col. u n d » r 4 41 u 24 35 ·Ro^'eTT-Cn! 37 23'i 32 C'ptJ-Cpn Sip. over 5 .V 32'3 -^ under 5 40 2S 32 Capons 5S 37 50 Sprln?ari-Col. ... 35'i 2« 32 Broilers-Co: 3r, 23 30 Dnr-k« . . 35 12 25 Tn-k«y B-" / »ri»rs . "' 27 ?Z*i TiirV.fv Torxs . . . . 33 :3' 2 33 Rshfclt* 30 17 20 Pigesns-Per Pair 90 35 52'i Totil Crates Sold--1«58. TOTAL LABILITIES A N D C A P I T A L ACCOUNTS $7.729,739.51 MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure l i a - bilities and for other purpose* t 335.000.00 State o'. P e n n s y l v a n i a , County of Mor.tcoraery. ss: I. F. H. Peterman. cashier of the above-named b a n k , do sol.. emnly swear that the above statement U T.rue to rhs be=t of my hnowledse and belle'. P. H. PETERMAN. Cashier CORPvECT--Attest: WM. F- LA-MB. LLOYD .F. WAGNER. JAiVTES H. NOTTLE. Directors Sworn to and subscribed before me this l"th day of September, 1952 FLORENCE A. ERB. 7 : Notary Public Conun.. expires .Tanvrary 29. 1355 THE MERCURY'S CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SECTION CLOSES AT 8 P . M . Day Before Publication 'Be «ure to telephone or bring in your advertisement before the deadline. DISPLAY ADVERTISING At 3 P. M. 2 Days Ahead 2 WEEKS SPECIAL. 2T~" Tdrmlca" top with 4" splash back chrome moulding: $6 per foo; installed. SMITTY'S. Phone 555-J-12. 6 to 9 p. m. Tast television service. Day or N i g h t . Phone 885-R-4. JONES RADIO CO. ODD JOBS DONE--What do you w a n t ? If you need repair work done around or in the house, or furniture repaired and re'inlshed. E , nnn£ -*. 8 t n -' T - .We.-dp..gardening. BUSH'S RADIO and TV REPAIR STOWE Phone 41-14-H or 4729-.T PAIN-TING--All kinds, inside and outside. Steeple work a upeclalty. Hap Correll, Phone. Boyertown 7-6164. or Roclcy Ewlng, Phons _ Royersford 1131-J. AWNINGS STORM WINDOWS. ETC. Free Estimates. Call Ajax Canvas Co. Ph. Boyertown 7-9026 KEENE'S "TV and Radio Sen-Ice. 222 N. Charlotte St. Phone 5238 or 5065-J. Day and Night Service. CESSPOOLS and Septic Tanics Cleaned LeRoy H- Ku!p. Phoenixvllle 4423 WELL" DRILLING Free E.-tlmate--Pottstown S94-R-11 MICHAEL KTJSZYK. Ringlng_Hjll ODD JOBS DONK. Light hauling. We also buy j u n k ol all kinds. Phone 3410. Phon» 4343-J. W. H. REIGNER, Rt. 100. between a n d H a l f w a y House. BRiCK~~StONE POINTING. Phone 919-R-4. Shultz'Radio--TV Serv. Well Drilling 11H High street. Phone 1014 D'ANGSLO iSt SON Genera! Contractor B u i l d i n g . a n d Cement Work Stowe. ?a. phone 764-W. I _. Brick. Bkx* and Cement Work. Fireplace* built and repaired. Fla?stong worfc. J»m« Streett e Pnttstown 7S1-R-3 Glass POTTSTOWK FURNITURE FACTORY SELLS · LAWRENCE SUPPLY (0. BANKRUPT STOCK! Combined w i t h our own sacrificed at. onre resardlfs* of r.iMt or Ins* »t from 23r lo Sftc on lh» dollar . DON'T MISS THF.SE BARGAINS . . . '. Open Thuri. It Fri, Evininf Till S for Y»or Shtppinf . Sit. Till Silfl. Cleaninr-- SALLY'S SALLIES Cesspools and septic tanks cleaned. Reasonable prices. W. Dotterer. Phone YeiJow House 9-4210. HOMELITE Chain Sawj, sales-serr- ice-rer.tal. Tree pruning, removal or repair. METZLER T R E E _ SERVICED Phone J1530. Typewriter Repair Service, all makes models. John Galamba. 3fiS New St.. Poftst'n. Ph. 4540-R. Buildinj -- Contracting 19 Rem.odellnt; and Alterations. Block and cement work No Job too sman Phone_ 1S'V\ ; M_ Gabt'tel Flenl--General Contractor Repairs. Renovating aod Building Cement work of any kind. Phon» 624-M or Boyertown 7-6691. 20 EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted --JFemale _3Z WAITRESSES'""" ?"·'.'. or Pa -- -'-.rr*. A p p ' ~ 'n p'-vjn. L I M P R T C K DINKR^ MAID New Berlinvillc Hotel Single and Double Needle Operators on Boy Scout Shirts! STEADY WORK: SWEET ORR CO. 6*h and York Srree^ Help Wanted --Male 33 EMPLOYMENT Heip Wanted -- M a Man to Run Freight c-ievacor LOOMCRAFT FROCKS, INC. Ta.rd and Penn 5'.'^'f Toolmakers Tool and Cutter Grinders Tool Clerk 19-A HUTT'S GLASS SHOP GLASS POP- ALL PURPOSES _?HONE_ BOYSRTOWN _7-2309_ RALPH T S "OL-ASS "SERViCE 113 S. Evar.s sr:??t. Phone 3420-.T. Window k ?!'» Glass Mirror.";. Safety Glass Jn.«tailed In Carx. Prompt S e r v i c e on all work. Mirrors (*1 AS*^ stor « Front* Bide Gia«? V;lL ' / ^*-' 0 G'.azlnj? Thorn Steel fe A l u m i n u m S«h W. S. Antrim Son 62 Hizh St. Phone 322 Op'n dally--CTlo«p Sa~. at Noon Rugs and Fnrnlture Shampooed. Rug repairing. mothproofing. HOFFER'S. R^'Q-.ieen St Ph. 3j S Painted wails, windows, floors, re- nctlan blind.i cleaned Floors W!T«ti Al .Inrob Phone 1147-W. Heatinr-Plumbinf-Rooflnj: 22 Plumbing -- Hsatlnc -- Rooflng OH Burner -- Pump* -- 24-hr servic* Don_ThompjSon. 122 King Ph 3719 Heating-- Roofing -- t'Hiinblng Oil Burner St Stoker Sales it Serv A . . . I Eckr.r. 144 gint St Ph loao MlCHALES* ROOFING SERVICE I n t e r l o r k l n i s h l n f f l w . olKo «'.at^ Jilrl b u i l t - u p smooth or .«!fK . r o o f s All trjve nf roof« appl:«! »nd repalrfd ln.ulctfd brick. · and tinsmith »ork. Fte* estimate* and M months t« p»y. PHONI POTTflTOWN 2418-M. 'Vic w a n t s to p a i n t a masterpiece, but the inspiration is S"0~l3te in a i m i n g . WELDERS 3URXKHS For r.?. Tn * ? ri ?. p* r 'j ~"Ing ma ch l HAND BURNERS "# FITTERS BUSINESS G U I D E Heating-Plumbing-Roofias 22 Plumbing -- Hestin? -- 6:: Burners Pump.---JOSEPH J. 7.F.L".ZNICK *^3a a n ' ^ ' f t ^ r T'-i ,^-« '~~-~^ 330 A p p l e Moving -- Storage 25 LUTKER~G R A H AM MOVING - HAULING !05 Ki_n_g_S:. _ Phone :;ii;--J_ Padded Van Service Mo - . ;TV_S HARRY E. HERPST 464 N. Evans Sv Phone ? i 7 ' OSCAR Er~YERGEY ~ MOVING - STORAGE Phone Po" r s:c'AT. 11727 or V 2 Painting -- Paperinc: 26 EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted -- Female 32 YOUNG LADY T-j v/ork ::i d s i r y ^ ' o r e . Mu?" be ncs: .-.r.i p l e a ^ s n t . Steady eir.p'.oy.T.cnt o n l y . GUERNSEY COW Exton. Ps. ioosekpeper - Companion for on° a d u l t W r i r » M-?rc-:ry Box P-32 sT.aMni; n z e and f u ' I par-!ci;!ars. Painting--Paperhangina STANLEY C. ANTRIM _2_Ea.n 2nd St. Ph._l?47_or 1442 Wall Paper Removed by 5:oam. Prompt. Ssrtice--Reasonable Rates ALBERT JACOB - Phone 1147-W. HARVEY P. GERHART 237 Jelfersoa A v e . Ph. 3595-P-. PAINTING a n'd_P A ? ER H A N GI NQ_ PAINTIMj"~a~nd~P A PERH AN OING~ Wallpaper Removed by S t e a m Claude R e l n h a r t . Phone 1244-M. PAINTING and PAPERHANGING SAMUEL C. EPLER 220 Perjn St P h o n e 5787 Professional Services 28 Have Marlial Probic7n=? C:i!i itullin Detective B u r e a u . 51S Swede street. Pho:ie~ NoTr'.s'.ov.T. F.-f'SS-.' Repairing--Rcfinishinj 29 FURNITURE r e p a i r e d -- r c r i r . i f n r c ' -- r e s t o r e d -- r e m o d e l e d . TOSHER'S. Farmlngton D i a m o n d , ph. 1205. Furniture R e p a i r i n g -- R p f i n i s h l n g JOHN LOSS'MANN--Phone 12S Farmlngton A v e . and BVn Sr°et EMPLOYMENT ~ Help 'Wanted -- Female 32 FULL FASHIONED HOSIERY SEAMERS lor 60 e'C'.zp hosiery FINDE1SEN HOSIERY CO. ipo penn Street. Spring City FITTERS HELPERS M'ast b» a h i e to vick w'.cl STRA1GHTENER H x p p r i p n r e d on ?*"alftht*nin|5 h^avy .'*.? s l as^mbiles MAINTENANCE ELECTRICIANS DRAFTSMEN Ar-ply in. Person WELDING ENGINEERS, INC Church Road and Crooked Lan- K;ne Manor n°ar Bridgeport Employment o f f i c e op?n from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m Mondav through Fr'Alay H?VP vacancies 'or 2 or 3 women, part Tlr.i?. sood commissions. Verr sr.rerestlhg work. Tour time is vour own. Address Mercury Box P-33. WOMAN ·with some stenographic experience for Genera! O f f i c e Work In Boyerto^Ti branch of Reading organization. Pleasant working c o n d i t i o n s , group I n s u r a n c e and oth c r emclovee hene.'ltj. -Wr'.-r MERCURY BOX P-23 for interview in Heading. Woman. · to Kelp Take Care of I n v a l i d . Slcrp in. Phone 4345-J. SALES""HELF"\VANTED' If you have Jxrjn or are -no'-v workln? In the direct. ?ales f i e l d . preferably party p l a n , this will be of creat infprest. to you. At- tractlr? supprvi.-ory position Is now open in Pottstown and .*':r- roundinsr t e r r i t o r y . Car and phone essential. Complrtf training furnished. For f u r t h e r detail? and personal I n t e r v i e w , Writ? Mercury Box p-36. KEY PUNCH OPERATOR M'.ist. B? Experienced Apply SUPERIOR TUBE COMPANY Phone ColiesevlUe 3211 GENERAL OFFICE CLERK BOOKKEEPING EXPERIENCE HELPFUL. BUT NOT NECESSARY Write ?. O. Box 293. PotT^town. Reliable woman to talc» c'narzr ·-'. home f"r 2 weeX.= In November. No ws^hlns or ironing. Sleep In or o u r . w r i t ? Merrary Box P-.1.V FLATLOCK OPERATORS Experienced . . . P^'.rl HrCrlv-? 1 . . . Life ar.ri H-^i'/r. APPLY IN PERSON E. V. HUNTER CORP. EXPERIENCED OPERATORS On Children's Dresses Apply -Un Floor _ LOOMCRAFT FROCKS, INC. 3rd and Penn Streets Mlddlf3g»d Woman /or housework. " L i v e In preferred. Writ? Mercury Box P-29. SEWING MACHINE OPERATORS- Experienced and V a c a t i o n w i t h pay. six psld holidays, sick, benefits and - A p p l y OSAN MFG. CO. Front, a n d Washington Sts., I Boynrtown. W A NTED--FLATLOCK OPERATORS. MERROW OPERATORS ALSO LEARNEES. E-CLT KNITTING MILLS INC. Hoyersford QPERATORS on ATHLETIC SHIRTS and "T" Shirts One and Tivo Needle Experienced or Learners Wanted younz farmer, married, h'ch "ype. ^F 5?cond man t-o leartl pur» bred beast, business. Reference. Phon- C h s i t e r Springs 2752. MACHINISTS FIRSt CLASS--FOR: Turret Lathes Engine Lathes ALSO M A C H I N E TOOL OPE3- ATOFS AND MEN WITH GENERAL MACHINING EXPERIENCE i These a r e excellent Ions ran;? opportunitips at goocl pay with pleasant worklne conditions. Tree insurance. hospital'.aation a n d , other benefits. Company Represp.nla:.ive vM be at the Potutown OTllce o the PENNSYLVANIA STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 362 King Street Pottstown.. Pa. ON F R I D A T. SEPTEMBER 19!h, 1352 FOR INTEHVTEWS Minneapolis - Honeywell Regulator- Company Valve Division MEN For General Work on Woodworking Machinery. STYLE A PARLOR FRAME CO. Greca Lane. Phone Haj~*ood 2551 Roomblast Operators Swing Grindera_ PAID VACATION'S PENSION AND rS'STT 33N-EFIT5 Appir Empicymen: Of'lce AMERICAN CHAIN CABLE CO. Tuir^hocsjr. and L V. B. Jt READING, PA. Experienced SEWING MACHINE MACHINIST for pants facto-- in Reidm?- Appiv to . PENN-CRAFT TROUSER CO. 222 Wood St.. Reading. ?». DRIVER-OWNERS wanted. O~e? ?5 ysars. Have contracts left for 2 reliable men. No phone calls. EPHRAIM H. KELLSR. MACS TRUCKS. 327 W. High strset. BODY MAN Capable of handling rnstl work. wood, u-ork and pointing on tractors and trailers. JONES MOTOR CO. Experienced bookkeeper for tull- tlms employment In well-estab- iifhed Pottstown store. P?rma= nen; pcsltion ?.ad go-M saUrj tor » progress!'-'? man. Writs Mercury 3ox O-113 stating a?e. experience and startla? "salary desired. WANTED TVe!d?r=. fitrtr;. machlss »r3tor=. draftsmen. Vacations holidays with pay. Free zatlon anrt Insurance. Apply Boiler Engineering ck Supply Co,, Inc. Miaar-oii Street, YOUNG MAN To ssoume purchasing and shots processing duties 'or aunuiict- ursr o: packaEinr micalne*. Salarj- depeadeiit on experlencs anci capabiiity. Write Mercurv Bos P-18. ^ s p:;?'.!73':on. honu?. ^· :j .c''". r on::?n'.V. ."'ir- r-.'vi' rr. -'.t5n d a y - r ^"n° ' n d 5-e ·;; If \ 7 - ^ r . r 7 i r f . ^« 1 or 2 r^nes f r o m other .v:;; tr 3 . ir. you. Appl? .MEN To Work In Chemical P l a n t Appl- KAWECKI CHEMICAL CO. BoyerTown. Pa. ENGINEER A?e 30 - 35 Position open .'or experi^cced man electrica'.. mechanlcai or ind-iist-na! engtaeerlng training and experience. SEPCO CORP. Phone 4 0 2 5 Fot-ts'.O'a'Ti, Pa. WANTED Mer. f o r ;?n»r2- fo-jndrv '-'nor p - i r ' - . n ; r ?··-·· $;.3=. : 3 ?°r hour THE EASTERN FOUNDRY COMPANY BoY?r'O7rn, Pa. GOOD JOBS FOR YOU at LIKENS STEEL COMPANY ' Press Helpers * General Plant Helpers Guaranteed ratp S1.4S hr. upward. Dependent oa ability. * 3rd Cl|$$ Machine Operators M u s t he able to set u p aiicl ,»r,oral» on» of fnllowifl::: Planer. Lath». Sh^per. PrlH Press. or M t l l i n s M j r h G ' l a r a n t e e d wage rate--51.75'-i hour. * Other Positions in Piani Available Radio TV R-E-p-A-l-R-S xnrf i n ^ f a l l a f i n n on anr m n k r srt. Phone 330 or 2353 Call day \r ^ v ^ n i n s - DEVON KNITTING MILLS ~-~ infxp'r'.'r.r*'-] "* '.=5r SHOE TRADF. App'.v M. BSC ERMAN fc SON. Inc . 326 Fo;;r:h 5 r . . Soyertoxr.. pi. 5ChS?.rh, Pa. A N T E D - G I F L o-e: 16 years -x' s r = f " CANT?" DF.FT PIOPLES' SHRV7CE DRUG STORE. 255 LABORER ApP'v Gerald G. Richards 'T? nf mm STEEL co, will ·· a! t^e Penna. State Employment Office BRINGING UP FATHER by GEORGE McMANUS / S^UT UP ' vou / WOT 6O-^a CM TW= { VACATION wrr-4 M= " ?= COX'S PIG-KNUCKtE PARTY TWO -DAY EXCUCSOM 51 F

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