The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEETEMBEft SO, **i — 6LY1HBVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS IOASSIF1ED ADS •two mat • wora nc am in- rMritao *od co» o*nt t ward tor «eb wbwautot UMU- , 'ttak H4 *M(tlMCiMltt*IB> lit IM UMtt Mo. Count UH PhMMSM FOK SALB K)R BALE—Cash or Trade—my equity in property at 10V West Asu bt., pncca at a great deal txtov value. Dr. O. A. Caldweii, Laie, Ark. MP-lU-M FOR BALE—Neighborhood grocery, doing a good Business, with r«i- ; enable rein. Living rcoms In rear. ' Musi sell because ol 111 health. 1'uone m ^1-K1 FOtt SALE—My Cale ad a bar- tain lor casn. Bee me at 191U \V. Mam §t., Blythcville. 30P-K'( FOK KENT FOR RENT—« Room House, 116 Cherry. Phone 014. 29P-K4 FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Mala street. Tel\ epnone 187 and 511. 15U. FOR RENT—6 room house, 233 Uougan'. Phone 334. iticku FOR RENT—1031 Walnut, two oaths, newly decorated. Kent sia. Tnnmas Lana Company. 30c-Ki jfOH KENT—Two room apartment. Furnished. 505 West Main. Phone 353. 30p-W FOR .RENT—5 room house, modern,' corner tfmn ai.< raric su>. Mis. f. f • Caner, Wti vlor(ii r'mu WANTED WANTED — Jttunlly Washing. -.YuJjiiud and ironed by competent, wmie woman, Mra. .bi'owu, •(W B- i**e Bi. iick-u AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OK UNil't'u ai'A'rtS. fermaneni positions; clericuX mechanical, salesmanship; experience unnecessary. Salaries $^-$1110 weekly.trans- ponauon lurmsheii. Box H'IO, Cni- i-ago, 111. WANTED TO TRADE—120 acres Improved land near Manila, clear ol incumbrance, lor Blytneville property. What nave you/ J. C. Cliapm, Manila, ArK. 30p-kJ ' LOST AND FOUND TAKEN UP—On September 20th, two black horse-mules, weight about 900 pounds, age 8 or 9 years. J. B. Trimue at Fuxico bridge. 25P-K9 LOST. STRAYED OR STOLEN—2 pjfck h9rse-mules, weight about 900 'pounds. John Toland, Wilson, Ave., Blythevllle, 26pk2 WILL PARTY who took ladle's wrist watch in Cash Store Thursday afternoon please return. No questions asked. Frank Santy, % Courier News. 29P-K1 TAKEN UP—One dark small mare mule and one dark small horse mule. Ezra Hampton, Route 2, Box 119. 30p-k2. ARSENIC IN SOUP OLMUETZ, Czechoslovakia, (UP) —In the nearby village oi Luke a waiter, as revenge for a reprimand, placed arsenic in tho soup of his employer, his employer's wife, and two restaurant guests who were dining with them. Good cheer and a. smiling ser. vice has won more patrons for us than any other one factor. We serve attractive, seasonable, palatable dishes, priced on a range popular with the average patron. An artistic dish is half digested. BLACK CAT COFFEE SHOPPE AT THE COFF HOTEL. WERT He Makes 'Em See NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Ceo. Carney, we now bare the best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JEN KINS GARAGE Pickwick BaiUing "We know we know how" _ „ LAURA LOU BROOKMAN AUTViOP QC "RA6U BQMANCE* I1KO1PH tIKKR TOUAt CKL1A MITCIIKI.1,, IT, fnfr« • • ew life vrhrji *tt karri the hfciMt rn nulllmor* rrhrr* tfcr ha> Uvrjl tvllk hrr • raMttreM Molhrr, »l,MU;,tHr'/r KiKiKHH. l« J«l» krr 'nlkrr. JOH* MITCI1KI.L, • »* Jit-r u'KiBdMulhrr !• • *tHtel7 New Thi* jrlrl hud nut cvra fcaoww Krr falkrr ««» llr!«K "ill t»« ilnj hi* vHMr (o ik« BaUlmorr npnrliiii-nl. frlla kud «mppo«r4 HUH KOIilcm. hrr •otkrr'i nrf- tmi hNKlmiH, in to fccr Ntfcrr. Hllrkrll i,tr.r> Olla * lift •< S 'irllk. mid IKE «•>•«• ng kind. "Of coiirx I how ahe 1 )' behave lienelf. You b»ven't *r«o seen ter yet." "But, Mrs. Mltchell-l Th« older woman went to t t»- lie and touched a bell. A niomeut Hke !litKcrj> IH nfrloUKlT Jj), tiHj lrnvr> I1AHM:Y SHIELDS, brr >kr wfco Crlln tvlll br malrlri. Tkr Klrl !• l«»<.|jn«J Ml at r:i«r It. Nnr Ytirk. Hrr nrl«t«- crnlh- cranJmnlhrr rrltlrlErji her Mild n«r rvrnlnK Mhrkfll ftKrift krr In lrnr». Mr CMlta OB Mlt!l. KVRI.YN PAHSONS.,'" lirnatlr>l MKrUrH'N rl»"r friend,. Mm. I'At~ Crlln i« Ikr rlrht net of jr-unrs IJroitlr hal lirr tmrreMt t» rlrnrty In Mltrkrll >liu>rlf and ••! !• Ike Ctrl. • * SOW CO 0\ WITH TUP. 5TORT CHAPTER XVI - "VOO will let her-come, won't •"•you?" -Mrs. Parsons leaned forward, smlllug eagerly as ahe epoke.' She was fitting'In one of the ElK- ar.d DicK-aOo chnlrs In the ilra'v|na room 'of.'llie Mltchi'll homo' faring Mrs. Tboman Worthington Mitchell. It was the.-aCtcr- noonvfollowing -Mitchell's"ylclt 'at Evflyn ;Par3otis' aparlment. The two women wcro nlono.ln the yast room'' a,nd the 'youthful tanking widow, had jiist stated the'oblect of. her .call. Mrs. Mitchell frowned, cleared her throat.. Before she could specie, • Evelyn' hurried 'on.. "Of course, It's not really a party! Just these few youngsters who like to ; use rtiy tennis courts.and 'lance-to radio music on the porch There's Kate Duncan and ber-ijs ter, Llsi. . -Walter , Carr—Faniiy Price ,CarrV SOD, you knorf—and Ere-arid Coiirtney Brooks. 'Then Jimmy Webster's coming. .They're all such nlco - young' people - foi your granddaughter 1 to knoi'," '•"I suppose there's no ' harm,' Mrs. Mitchell agreed, 1 "so long a: her' father thinks it's all -right—' "But ho does! And really, Mrs Mitchell, you.mustn't tie .'yoursel down here In this-hot city:]ust because of—well, -this- newvreipons blltty. . 1 think It's. wonderfi^l o yon,- but'you're too self-sacrHlcing. Mrs.: Mitchell, shrugged" he elioulder. . - . ..- "Nonsenr- -I'm only, trying-t do.-! the., nalit. tbiug:, by -.John daughter, l.-.-guesa (Shevcati I ioii-a' for- tha-ire^t^ Can-she'drive-down In. yo.u'r '.c&r . Erelyn.--Parsons-iiifldei'-, ."That's-jiist whaV.i'.vo planned she 1 said, "i'llrstop.ihere for,he about; H; o'clock.'Saturday.' mor •1ng> and '.I'll-- see that-.she'i'. bac 'safely''Monday.' Now you musln have i a restless moment—" "I .won't.worry." Mrs. Mitche .eaid'firmly. "i'ia:iiot'the-''worT and then Edtrard apptared In the doorway. "Old you rius. m«0amt" "Yes, Edward. Send Martha to atk Miei Celia to came here." Edward departed with thla met- sage. Mrs. Pirsons fanned herself gently with a folded. shed ot piper. Sho wore an Inconspicuous frock ot black with vhito lare at the throat Her broa'd-brimmed hat was black alto. The c<Jstume was gauged to meet the dignified Mrs. Mitchell's approval. There was no trouble," the said quietly, "about—the girl's mother!" The eld*.- woman'a back stiffened. "You mean about bringing Cella ire? 1 should jhihk not! That eature made her bed—let her lie II." Evelyn Parson:' lashes lowered imurely. She looked all Inno- nee as her purring vole* conuued: , 'You didn't approve p{. the mar- age, then?" • "Approve!" Tho Yehetarnee 6t ho word was unmistakable. "Ap- rove? Ko, I didn't. 'And John ilchell'a been paying tor bta fool- ::&• -At said. "There are eolng to b« aome other young people. Youo« people I'm sura you'll enjoy. Will'you cornel" Cella eyed her grandmother aide- wise. RS. MITCHELL'S words were not nnlshtiL Standing In the oorway, hetlta'llDg, to '(enter^Ibe oom, appeared a glrll-h figure. . "Com* In,. Cella," lier- grandmother said quickly. "I want ydu o meet Mrs. Parsons. 'Mrs. Par- 0119, this Is my granddaughter," Cella huj-ried toward them. "You pretty chlldl' "I'll be glad to," she uld. And then aht repeated, "It's lovely of you to ask me." There was nioro ttlk, during which Erelyn chattered to Mrs. Mitchell ot persona oC whom Cella had nerer heard. Afler 10 mln utes ot this Mrs. rarsooa left. Co- Ha was dismissed and returned to the book aha had been reading. At the dinner table that evening the girl beard more Interesting news. "Mra. Parsons 13 coming to lake you shopping In tho morning," John Mitchell told her. "To lake me shopping?" "Why, yes." Mitchell epoko cas ually, "1 hear you're Invited to Long Island for tho week-end Mother iiris a mission board meet Ing tomorrow, and Mrs. Parsons kindly offered to take you on tour of tho nhopa. Buy up a fi things you'll need in the country.' "Is Long Island country?" Colla wauled to know. "I thought 1 was—very fashionable," eadednesa d-" ever tlnce. After ull, a printed aflcrnoot Crock «n« o billowing party drcsse*. Tlicro were shoes to match everything, loves, little felt Imls, a bcict mid rond-brlmmeJ straw, Tlicro weio thvr accessories, too. Dill they're so expensive!" ilio Irl had protested moro than ouce. Kvelyu Parsons Iniitlu'd (it her. 'Your father's orders, my denr, t'e because you'ro such a Dtctly Irl. Ho wanls t? show you off!" Cello, blushing, felt thnt her new rlciul wna indeed n "wonilcrtul voinaii," "Mrs. Parsons," tho girl fatd shy- y us tlicy imrlcd that afternoon, 'I rtou't know how to thank you—" Krclyn tapped her wrist. 'Tliere, • there," nho Eald, "snvo hoso blushes for tho yoiuin men. I'm BOliiK to sec that you meet ;on:o liantlsoino ones, too. llo "c<i<ly tomorrow mornliiE." "Oh. yes! I'll tio ready!" Mitchell laughed. "Right," he said. able — parts of It. "It's fashion New Vorkei 1 Evelyn Parsons' uplifted _~- ..• a\, » face lowed with sweetness;' She took he gjrl'a band in both; her own, iresslns It warmly. :'- : '' "Cella, my dear," iiri. Paraois onlinued, ''I'm so gltd to know "ou, and I .hope^you're'going to le very happy here In" New York. OUR BOARDING HOUSE, ByAHcw • ••" • ' : • •• *-.. ' '. ['our father and Mends- for years. I have been Yoa must -let me be your friend, too." Theu ate stalled , "I—I'm glad to meet yon," Cella said,'hoping she did not aliow the confusion ahe fell • • • "Sit down, • Cella," her grandmother prompted. _•• Tho girl took the nearest chair. Mrs/Mitchell coughed. 'She said, "Mra. Parsons has brought you an invitation, child. Sha wants you to spend the week-end with b'er on Long Island. Your>fath'er-ani I have agreed that yon may so." If they bad expected Celia to show spontaneous delight at this announcement the women, vere disappointed, With n» chaege-ot expression the girl said: , "It's rery nice of Invite me. Mrs. Parsons." The widow beamed. "I only, hope you'll 2nd It amoi- like to call anything outside th ftre boroughs 'country.' I hop you'll enjoy the trip." "Ob. I'm sure I will," Celia sal quickly. "Mrs, Parsons seems to be very nice," "Evelyn," Eald John Mitchell thoughtfully, "is a wonderful woman." Cella darted a swift glance at her father. After that ahe ate in al- ienee. rpHE chopping trip Friday morn-*- Ing was a revelation to young Cella Mitchell. In tho first place sho and Mr«. Parsons rode in a ilmouslne behind a liveried chauffeur. Never had Ctlla felt so important. Secondly she had to watch herself closely to keep from ihowinr, amazement at tha places they visited. In a thickly carpeted salon with beautiful furniture where ono or two attractive young women lol tercd, Cella was astounded to hear Mrs. Parsons ash to be,'shown sport clothes. It was Inconceivable—un til she saw it was true—that gar ments were for sale here. There wero others to follow Ifke this first emporium. And alter Ce Ha had become accustomed to tbi uncommercial aspect of the shop: she was enraptured with tha pur chases Mrs. 1'arsona mado. They Trero to buy "just a fey. things," the woman had said whcu they set out It was three o'clocl In tha afternoon, whcp Cell re-ached home amid boxes imd bun dies. Within the packages was brief tennis dress, beach pajama —vitid green splotched wit •range—a green, jersey ewlmmtn carried tho packages into tho house. For tsvo lionra after tlint Celln hnd a fashion aliow, trying on first ono coalimio ami Iheii another, parading IMuro her mirrors. She tlld all this In the privacy of her own room. "Oh, mother," Cella whispered, 'IT you could only seo me!" She resolved to sit down nt once nud write her mother about tlio Kortjcoutj purchases and her new friend, Mrs. Tarsoua. Before the letter was linlslicd, however, It nas tiuio for Cellit to dress for illu- cr nuil after that, for some rci- on, the lelter\wns not llhlshcil. "I'll drive down Sunday after- oon and bring you back." Mitchell old the girl as they ust with Mrs. Itchell discussing tho week-end linn. "Why, John," Ills raolher cut In, I didn't know you wero Eoliii;!'' Oh, Evelyn thought It might lake It a llttlo pleusunler (or Cen. You aco oil tho others there •vill ho Elraueers." "I suppose so," "Coultln't you go with us tomor- ow?' 1 Celia nskeil. "No—[ifratd I couldn't get nway o do thnt." Her.Alher shook his icnd. "I£velyu's stopping for you, ,sn't she?" / "Yea. At 11 o'clock." It was 10 in I initOB after that ;our when Evelyn Parsons' motor ar stopped ucforo Ilia Mitchpll- Lome. Evelyn went up the steps. Ik'furo she could ring tho l>ell Colla had tho door open. "Ob, good morning, Mrs. Par sons! Come in. I'm all ready 1 ." -Mra. Mitchell emerged from behind Celia. EOwanl carrlct] -tlio mgsago out and atuwccl. i^ in,, car. Theu Cclla KO.VO licr grandmother a dutiful kiss. It was just then tlint Martha appeared In the hallway. She. caught Cclla/n eyo and hurried toward tho girl. "Kor you!" Mnrtha whispered. Cella felt soiueUilng bolng pressed Into her hnnd. (To He Continued) DEAR MUST" iM^es-ric3AT&' -rWe: • 1 ' COIL'S CLOP, bop OFFER MV BAKSR.V 2 BAKER, Vos -feu-iMa ME. \-f -Trie Btvs WERB -rtte POOL -TABLES LET 6(^5 MUCH, S>£K p(.A5fef? COME LOOSE F&GM FALL A OF ClMMAMoiii CLUB LAST MI6HT To • PELH/ISR A •'•' LECTURE- ' .ft I * I BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES | ! By Martin MAKING A GOOD STOKY Quits Ranks of Amateur Golfers —Auto Parts— Why Pay More? IACKSON AUTO PARTS kfain at Zlst Call 66 Royal C. Mills Pnblic Accountant and Auditor Special Mug in Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone SZ Ingram Bldg. Blythevllle, Ark New YorkCotton NEW YORK,, Septl 30 CUP) — • Cotton closed steady. I Open High Low Close 'Oct (old) 1008 1019 960 '1019 Oct (new) 1002 1019 997 1018 Dec <old) 1020 1045 1022 1045 Dec (new) 1024 1044 10J8 1MO Jan (old) 1036 1055 1034 1055 Jan (new) 1036 1063 1030 1051 Mar 1053 1013 1048 1071 May 1012 1090 1067 1086 ^ul 1101 1104 1078 1100 Spots closed steady .at'1035, up 5. 'd Courttr W«wi Wait Ads. Cotton Seed Market MEMPHIS. Sept. 30. (UP)—Cotton seed "closec arm on the Mcjn- phis exchange today. Oct. 2C to 2650; Nov. 26b; Dec. 2Gb; Jan. 26.15; Feb. 27b; Mar. 27b; Apr. 27. 25b; May 21.50b.~ No sales. Cotton se.Ki meal closed very firm. Oct. 26.75 flat; Nov. 27.50 flat; Dec, 27.75 to 28.25; Jan 28 to 28.75; Feb. 23 to 29; Mar. 29 Hat; May 29.50 to 31. Sales totaled 10,400 tons TRINIDAD, Colo. (UP- Carson museum recently a volume of the Spectator, bound and datcr 1712. It wns donated by Mrs. O. p. Rlcli. She also lent the museum a wrought-iron grease lamp, more than 300 ycnrs olrl nm a knife nnd fork more than a century old. THE DALLES, Ore., (UP)—Authorities here are rm/zlcd liow to proceed against Westly McKlnley whom Ihcy captured "steering while drunk." They do not know whether the penalites for driving while intoxicated apply to those whose machine are being towed by. on- other. I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS V. K. WASHAM-Trantfer Dally trips to Memphis. Win pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special tales on caricad lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-931' GEORGE H'ON ELM,' !LOS Arigeles amatcur.'arid I former TU.-.'S. ch'am- pioii, Announced yesterday .that he had forsaken,the ranks of : amateur golfers. Von Elm'tosk a rap at\the U..S'. ,G. A! for'some.'orthetr''tac- tics'la-departing'from the "slmon pure"/group. Von.Elm,..wrio says ho U a business man golfer,• will .be out for the prize money in the.'fu- ture.but n professional In the ordinary sense of tho word. 666...AS L0«5 AS A F£ULA HAS US STCWACU FULL OF GOOD STOP F TO EAT ues SOT LOTS OF I'Wl BEiSlUWlHS To FEEL WATER DOT OF RNERS AW' EATII-I' BERRIES OFP BUSHGS AIMT So HOT....VJPAT ro Ll'/E" is so we GOOD POTATOES .'.' VIBJ.... SEE TH6 fJANCH-.-BCf/! I HOPE so... j \ ooa H6BOTPIMKS AES TOBK6YS PJWMETb 8E MULTOR6S pep BUT \ieu_ i. £ PAST FE\N DAYS HAS UVIED -me UFE OF.-A HUNTED MAM.... DORI1J6 TUE PAST N'.SuT ME SLEPT ATTUE •moosxr OF SW»P DONW VJHGM H6 DROPS HIS TRACKS AMD HAS TWO B(>u.eTS LEFT IN H\S COM SOUNDS FINE, ON THE FACE OF IT VX)NT.MOMC orr THE BIG. ON TME CLOCK CLENK AKOUMD YOV) COME V'JIH ME.VOUNO. « CtxU'T T SU \N t KDNT OF -TOE UTTLE IN T\1E KITCHEN

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