The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 16, 1944 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 16, 1944
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Blythevlllo Dally News BlythevJlle Courier VOL. XLI-NO. 231 Blythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Leader p SATUKDAY, DiCCICMBKU NEWS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS They Cope With Production-Headoch tizer Units . PARIS Dec. 16 (U.P.}-Thc American Sovcnth Army is rolling through the Pnlalinalo Gap into Bnvaria despite furious German resistance. The Germans arc trying hard to check Geneva! Patch's bold attempt lo force this historic invasion corridor to central and southern Germanv. They've rushed cnick'Panzer reserves from thc north into the batt c m a desperate effort to halt the Americans At 'fast two, and perhaps more divisions already are across the Reich border at the Wissembmu- loading'from Alsace And still others arc rapidly approaching the frontier along the 19 mile front that stretches from the Vosses Mountains to the Rhine. g At this point, it should' be re- y .-'.: : ' •-• .-.••'•-•- membered, (lie French - German I frontier runs east and '\ycsl. not north and south as thc border for most of its length, and the Seventh Army is driving northward from Alsace. The Palatinate is immediately cast and a little south of the Saar Basin, where General Patton's Third Army is stalled in bittsr fighting with the Germans. Genera! Patch's men are advancing right into the face of German guns blazing from the Siegfried Line. Many pillboxes have been overran. Lines of camouflaged bunkers have been broken through. One Seventh Army column is within a mile of Wissemboiirg. Meanwhile, up in the Saar, General ration's troops ec'fictl through „., „,„ u stubborn resistance to win another Tllc n ... £.„, in the ciiK-iU'c.l r'ly of S-nr ' u -11 , " P' CT Qrmc For Bombardier Lieutenant- Seg raves Of Osceola Will Be Honored Tomorrow Family Of Six Dies From Gas Former Blythcvillc Residents Victims Of Asphyxiation Funeral services were lo be held this afternoon al Kennctt Mo for a former Ulytheville man an ( i"fj,r members of his family asphvxlatci Churchill May Make Plea For Unity Of Allies Broadccm Probable Dealing With Issues In Greece, Poland LONDON, Cc'C. ifl (UP) - ['rime •Minister Churchill Is expected tu broadcast (o the world Hits weekend, perhaps Suiulny night The British lender has nol decided definitely but sources nt No. 10 Downing street say Indications W]t Monday al home In Detroit, -Mich. Dead are Roy Skipper, 30; his wife, thc former Miss Alma Nee Bamlin of Kennctt, Mo., and their four children, Jack, B; Philip taulern. And P.Hton's , 5 th Diviston entered a burning German village six miles northeast of Saaregue- mines. In the bitter battle of thc Rocr river to the north, General Hodges' First American Army has llahlctwd its siege arc around Durcn. key German city on the Coiogne plain. Other First Army units Iwve wiped out the last remaining Nn/.i pockets along a IG-milc stretch of • (lie Rocr river north of Duron. I" the air, hundreds of British licavy 'bombers hit hard al thc Rhinelfir.-l rJ'cinic,-!! center of Lv.i- wiBsshafeu EI,<! two important com- municadjit <.cnicrs behind the western front las: night. And today the Nazi radio rcporU Allied bomijnrs over tlir; nhineinnd. In Tt.aly Canadian troops of thi Eighth Army have extended their bridgehead over the Naviglio canal nest of KavcniiK. American Fdlh Army troops have thrown buck ftrong German counterattacks sont'.i of Bologna, Three Minor Blazes There were three file alarms yesterday afternoon and this morning but very little damage resulted from any of tile blazes. A grass fire started at Cities Service Station, South Division strecl, al 1:30 p. m. a larse I>l.i7p when Memorial services will be held ii Csccola tomorrow afternoon fo L-icnt. Nelson Scgravcs, who was killed in action over Antwerp Belgium, July 21. aiirj whose death was officially announced this week bj the War Department. Galloway of Fay- in Osccola ... . . u ...,^. [jtioiui UL \jst;LUi;t and Ihe Rev. Earl Cravens, paslor v.lll conduct the service at the Methodist church there 2'3( o'clock. Born in Osccola in 1915, h c lived there his entire life. Thc second son of Mr and Mrs. G. B. Segravcs, hc attended University of Arkansas before volunteering in the Army Air Forces in 1941. A lead bombardier, hc had received the Distinguished Plyin» Cross, the Air Medal and Oak Leaf Clusters for meritorious achieve- ents during his 27 missions became ignited but there damage. A grass lire at Oak and Lilly yesterday afternoon ignited a small outbuilding, slightly damaged bi- lbo flames. i An ironing board became i?nilcd 1 this morning, u o'clock, at 512 Worth Franklin, with damage confined to thc board. was no ; M Ernest Monette Barber Suffers Fatal Heart Attack Bud Flagg, Monctic barber .shop owner, died suddenly last night while walking home from work The 62-year-old barber wa< stricken with n heart attack and Mumped to the ground will, dealh clmosl instantaneous. Funeral arrangements are incomplete pending arrival O f a son '. J. Masg of Lake Wales, Fla| Born in Ohio, lie came to Mississippi County when 15 years- old nnd had spent the time since at by his Simpson Rites Held Funeral services were lo be held lliis afternoon at Cobb Funeral Home for Mrs. Saliie Cavishcr Simpson, 75, who died laic Thursday night of a heart attack. Burial was to be made at Maple Grove Cemetery. Flagg of SB: another Blythcvillc; four daughters, Mrs. Lucile .Gyngard M.-MIHR, Mrs. Dorothy Slaggs and Mrs. Pauline Gage of Caraway, and Miss Close PJagg of MoncWc- a sister, Mrs. n a b Veach of Manila, Dave Flagg of Chicago Wheat open low close prcl. lG8y, 169?; 103',i 104v'-: ntid a brother, Monette. Holt Funeral Home is in charge, Navy Officer Returns Ensign John D. Ferguson has anded in New York after having been with the Navy in the North African and European theater of operations, he has informed his wife the former Miss Mildred Owens. ' She has been making her homo with her parent*, Mr. nnd Mrs. A C. Owens at Lost Cane since he entered thc service. It Is expected lie will arrive home soon for a leave. Thc services were to be held to- cem'T ( "' h bU ' il " al Ule Kennctt Mr. Skipper, brother of Mrs. Clinton Abbott, was employed at the K. o. Hughes Oin several years ago when .he Jived hen. _From Blythcvillc lie went to California and last July moved to Detroit, where £j vria csnnjtt^ j ni'i; a 'tfansporrcbmpany. 1 'He'7vas reared In Kennett, where born Death of thc family O f six was discovered by R sister of Mr Skipper, Mrs. Paul James, who went to their home Monday. Finding the doors locked she sought aid or police who forced open Ihc door and found all members of the family h, their beds dead. A leaky gas sove was blamed for the tragedy. ' The services today were to be attended by Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Abbott and four children, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Abbott and Mr. an c i Mrs. Paul Abbott. : Mr. Skipper also is survived by Ins parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. E Skipper of Kennctt and a brother, Pvt. Roy Skipper of Kennett, now with thc Army in France. N. oTConorT If lie docs brondcnsl, Churchill is expected to appeal for n Greek aimlsllcc, mid again ask Washlni;- M ? H"; l?llUIlc lts «tUl«dc on the Poll.* problem. Ho also Is c>- peeled (o appeal again for a conference with President . Hooseve f and Josef Stalin. New Meclim; Urred • Meanwhile the British press is Wiling In n concerted appeal for another !,1 K three meet, to bo held "TI! ,f;" rlicst I'osslb'e. nioinertt." rlic liberal Manchester Onnrd- inn says he Allied crisis extend fiir beyond the rollito Issue The Cjunrdinn asks "! s uie price " R "f la ". ftaKlslilp n denial of the Atlantic Charter?" '•m^, Gi n''". lni1 BOCS so r " r « R l « rS I f thc '"'^"L e ri »'s ecu d lead to a sHunllou In which Br inln might Have lo «bj"d«, either her alliance with Hie United frl ,°, r , llel ' nmimce »'«"'• RUB-' *i'- al ;?. lI ; aL *oul [n ,lanl the seeds for a (Inrd world war n,It he Q, Y n' kSlli '' c Observer suiicsls hat Stalin has refused to 'meet \lh other Allied leaders until the favor 1MU<! l ' as ' >CC " • wuicd ' !l > f > lis London roles Munr . 7' C r°" sh Government in Exile Loml,,,, is still silent on Ohrn-cH^ "is latest demand Hint former Premier Mikolnjczyk l,e restored to °"^.^ "'"I die London Poles •iccepl Hie Cm-am line as the P 0 : lish-Russian fronlier Meanwhile- a late bulletin from AtlKMK quotes imthDi-lalh'e /Jo *rc«! S " V Medics Lead the Way i A medical corpsman holds (he Red Cross Jla E nlofl as he rldci a . JDKgins jeep loaded with wounded G. I.'s bcin« bro.ighfoni of the ! • fighting on the Huron sector ot (he Cologne front in Ocnna y ' 008 say thc "icssnge lo in co '»»»>»<le r is an offer 10 ovaci.ato the area around Athens/ 11 r n r, H '" lg rorccs I|H ™ squeezed He Bri is), and the government r leih , less than n m lle deep In: the mWdlc *L™ i- A ' Ul Ulcir B«»s have score,, „ ( | lrccl bu On t lire ague Hotel, headquarters of the mmsh and Ulc Government of Premier Papandrcou. Justices Will Issue No More Marriage Licenses In County Man-togc license's no longer will he issued by iiistlcoM of ponce in Mississippi County who perlon), ccrwnonicK hul will he so M only alllu, IJIylheville and Onccola offices of thc Comity Court Clerk bcUveun hours of 8 n. m. nnd fi'n m on week days. •/ . ' ' 'Oils announcement was made lo- < " : • •' '" day by T. W. Potlcr of Osr.eolu,, , '- • "• "" County Court clerk, as latest de- |_Qte Bulletins ' ' Mar. May . July . Oct. . Dec. . 2193 218B 2140 2047 2193 2186 2151 2057 2192 2191 2192 2183 2185 2185 2H8 2151 214!) 2041 2055 2046 2043 The word "enrol" today means almost any Christinas hymn. In earlier clays (.he word was' used lo discriminate between a hymn and a song ol merrymaking. Base Builder Farm Credit Group Elects New Officers JUipi Counly, which lends money o /nriners, were told yesterday , 5U mcmbcrs ^"-rowed during 1B , H , ,, card „ ta]k mni m Mi " Cr ' mrctttr y of lllc man of !cc in s( ^ (mrt CCt ° rs who lalcr lln »>«l (USAAF Pholo from KEA) U.-Col. Kdward A. Flanders, above, 27-year-old aviation engineer from Oshkosh, Wis., is (lie man responsible for completing B-29 Superfortress' .bases on Saipan, since U. S in- .vasion in June. A graduate of Uniied Slates Military Academy, Flanders has been directing Air Toice base building in Ihe p a l.; cific [oi 1 three years.' f AL the annual mccling, held at the Osccola high OT hml audKorliim. Noble Gill was- elected a, director and D. S. Laney, of Osceola, rc- elcctel a member. Also on Ihe toard are Charles Coeman of OMeola. Emtiiett Oh cs of Pecan Point and Jake Hollomaii of Lepanlo. Officers cleclcd by Ihc director; were: Mr. Lan cy . president; Mr Gill vice president; Lloyd Godley ol Osccola, .secretary and treasurer; R. I,. Gaincs of Dlythevillc. assistnnt sccrclary and treasurer Pointing out that such n lending nMonntion for farmers was needed n> prosperous times as well a in '.ears of depression. Mr. Miller citrd accomplUhments o( the association. Main office i.s- nt Osceola witli a branch office in Blythevillc. vclopmcnl In Ihc widely-discussed practice of allowing corlnln justices of peace to Issue licenses they Imd obtained from the clerk's offices for use at night, weekend, fihd holidays. Mr. Potter, who is ill at his Oscc- oln home, could nol be reached for ft statement bul issued the an- unccniejiL through Ills deputy there, Roy,L. ware, who declined comment. ' ;. ' Mr. Potter will begin'Oik third tehn in this atfice J?n. l.• Stopping' m" tdn Jifrieilco' li'i Mis-' slssippl County, following opcji criticism of thc procedure, is expcclcd lo be far-reaching throughout Arkansas because of Ihe many couples married under such procedure which was criticized by the state attorney general's office. An opinion recently was announced thtit -such marriages were believed Invalid "ami If not Illegal very lax." In defending the practice started here several years ugo nnd lone a custom In Osccola, Mr. Potter said' he considered the justice of peace to whom thc signed blank licenses were given as 11 deputy nnd he believed the procedure legal Miss Elizabeth Hiythe. deputy in charge of the Ulytheville office, Mopped issuing blank licenses to Mrs. Annabel Bryant Fill, .1 Justice of peace, more than a month ago ATIIKNS, I»M. IB (Ul>.)-0cn- ural liunald ycobic anngtinral Bodily Mint Major .GcnciiU' Slu r ' 'ianns Hnrufis, cnnnnandcr (if, the. HI.\S rorccs, 1 , hnil agrcnl', |n. cvar.mili' Hit Athens urca.Vtml liml falind i» carry out'lils nraru- Ise. . LONDON, l)tc.J(i (U,I'll, One VnrtrfS.«»,'; «v: i '' flliislaiiRs, allFii:t;ci! the rail yard's, at Kiirinvcfitlictni, u suburb of- Stuttgart, (oday. . ' . WASHINGTON, I) 0 ,r, 10 |U.r.) —Speaker Sum Knyliiirn lulil the Iliilisc (ndny tlinl. . President ItoosCTcIl hail signed llic . Social Kmnily (ax f rccl c hill which wnuld c'onllnuc IbLv levy at one |ier cent for annther year. Wfflinnl (he new Jaw, (he rale' would have risen to two percent nulninadciilly ' 011 •'Jan. 1. . Marie Soldier !s Casualty'Oh Western Front U.5. Planes Support 'jNewesf wore fitill off bnlmice. '• ' wl^r' m n "? l >>Cei1 ' r » Vc »ioti exactly 'hep the landings took place. But lie Japanese Don )0 l agency says one Jim American division, about 15- WO U-oons, is pourlnte,ovbr thc beaches near San Jose,., That (own is !'* " 1 ' e "[ , onu of Mlmioro's main Molds it i, Cour miles tnlund on the southwestern end of (he island. -Official Mnirccs My American ens-" nn ^1,1°' lRr IUlVC bfel "B' 11 ' H »i nilthorltics add a warning to Ihiir rcporl. waynhiK llmt the Japanese limy Ire cxjicclcijao-couiUcr-allack " The at Osccola by W. r. Hale, justice of peace there, who long had issued licenses given lilin by Mr. Potter, bul these licenses were lo be liikcii up today, It was said. Chicago Rye open high low close prcl Dec. . HIM in-.; tiQit, up; no-i May . ICO 10D!i 108M 108-s; 108% N. Y. Stocks AT&T id Anicr Tobacco 66 Anaconda Copper 28 Beth atcel fi,| Chrysler .... 93 Gen Electric .....'.'..'.'.'..'. 40 Gen Motors 64 Montgomery Ward . 51 N Y Central 22 Inl Harvester 82 Republic steel 19 Socony Vacuum 13 Stiidebiikcr 19 Standard of N J ''.,'.'.....'. 56 Texas Corp 48 V S Steel GO New York Cotton Mar. . 2192 210:! 2189 21flO 2193 May . 2183 2186 2183 2184 2183 July . 2145 2148 2144 2KG 2H5 Oct. . 2047 2057 20-13 2053 204G IJCC. . 2040 20-10 2040 20-10 I Nov. 25, thc War Department Ims \ informed Ids wife. tn thc Infantry, Private HIM was. n part of the large First Army moving Into the enemy lerrllory. Prior lo entering (ho service he assisted his father in operation of 11 farm and store nt Marie. Ills wife and daughter. Joan Helen, now live at Wilson and hc "!xo l.s survived by his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hill Sr., of Marie; two sisters, Mrs. Justus Etlrlngton of Wilson and Miss Marjorlc Hill of Memphis and a brother. James Hill of thc Navy, now In Ihc South Pacific. Maurice Thwcz, lonfi-exilcd bccrclnry-general ul Ihc French :Communist Parly, relumed re- cenlly from Moscow mid is pic- ;lured as fit urged his fellow- ;counlry from an American flag- bcdcckcd plalform ;it a Com- munisl rally in Paris to "first win the war . . before pro- Mrs. Hattic C. Green Dies At Flint, Mich. I Mrs. Haltle Carrie Green, who left niythcvlllc In 1928, died Dec. 7 at Flint, Mich., it has been learned here by Mrs. Allie Bishop, a friend of the family. She was 75. Funeral services were held there where burial was made. The family moved from Burdclte to Ulytheville in 1917, where she resided until the family went to Flinl where she made her home with a son, Robert Green, and family, 102 East Second. She also Is survived by three sisters. Mrs. litrdlc f'ennicfc and Mis' Midge Harl of El Paso, Texas, anc Mrs. Robbie Robinson of Los Angeles; a brollier, Harry Hart o 1 Los Angeles; two grandchildren and a great grandson. TODAY'S WAR ANALYSIS New Invasion Will Further Weaken Luzon By DAVID WKKKS Unlled 1'rcsu Stuff Writer The American Invasion of Mindoro inland gives the United Stale's another chance lo drain llio strcnflh Irqin Ihc Japanese forces trylni! lo hold Ihe Philippines. II is dramatic, but not ttlrnlo- Blcally Important at the moment, that Uie - Americans have now returned lo the shores of Ihe China Sea for Ihe first time since we lost Ualnan In 1942. • '• W|nil Is significant Is that we now liaye cut thc Philippines in two'al- most nt Its-waist,, and have moved '- on Island within less limn 10 pf our primary objccllve, Uie ;,- "f 'Luzon. Moreover, when American alrlmot'S are set. up on Mlndoio.coiir Ijumlicrs wilt Ixvwllh- J»; range of, llic China coast nnd .ho Jap fortrciis island of Formosa both only 750 miles nivny. In addition, wo will be able to provide flghl- if. plnjje cover over almost every Ingh oi.tho-Philippine island chnln which .stretches over about 1000 nllcs. Of 'all these advantages, however the mnln one Is UjHt.wc have thrown » block across the southern ap- H-oachcs (o Luzon Island at thc very point where we can exploit It lo.tho best advantage. Dangers Admitted It was, as Lieut. Gen. Waller 1'Kreugar, commander of the American, Sixth Army, says, n risky lii- vnslon. The armada of sonic ISO American ships had lo push through some 600 miles of the SuHi Sea close to many Islands on which the Japs have airfields. The palli had been cleared lo some extent by American nir attacks on thc Luzon area which had destroyed upward of 300 enemy planes on thc ground and In thc nir. And In addition, Filipino guerrilla forces, active on some of the islands, Imd seized some of the enemy fields. But with all the risk, Mindoro promises to pay big dividends as soon as we can exploit Its geographical position and Its fncllilles. Mindoro has nn aren of nearly 3600 square miles. EVcn so. It is less tlmn one tenth the ste of Luzon, the largest Island. Bul. according to the dispatches from Mlnrioro this morning, It hns n dry climate at Ihis the American, carrier, pianos arc spreading a heavy blanket of air cover over Mindoro and the nearby Japanese strongholds. 'Tins'- Japanese Oomol'netvjs agency says American .bombers allackcd Ihe' Philippines capital of .Manila "in waves" iiBHW lids morning.' < ' llrayy Blows Delivered The Navy' says '.already" carrier planes have knocked out 347 Jan- nuese nlrcraft : lh, :round-thc-clock raids .on Luzon. And returning airmen say. every ship In Manila Bay 'ins been sunk.oridnmagcd. • •;.0'/II[:l6,l,'s)ipkesn)'ch. sny-hboiit one-- half'of-Die-Japanese,nir force on ' ' been knocked out Uiran time of year, in contrast to k ,,<; muddy wetness of L«ylc. And in addition, there Is less jungle. Although early reports of the invasion say our forces had a much easier time invading Mindoro Ihan had been expcclcd, Ihe Japs probably won't give It up without a fight , rnm ,- „„ rtr , , as stiff or stlffcr than they put up m, ™ , , i v f,. e on from ra P t " r « on Lcytc. u <' jBliamo lo join the vanguards wind Pvt. James B. Forsythe Wounded In France Pvt. James B. Korsylhc, son of Mrs. Lola Foi'sytlie, has been wounded in France alter having been ovciseas only several weeks. Tic wrote his mother It was planner lo present him Ihc Order ot -- ,*, (-•v.tvuv linn nn; ^mur ui nc Purple Heart soon but no de- of his Injury were revealed. ifis home is at 623 South Lake. Weather ARKANSAS: Generally fair this •Utcmoon, tonight nnd Sunday, i»d not much change In tempcrii- »rc. Lowest loiilgtu near freezing h north wcsl portion. By official United States compilation, Ihc defense of I,cyte Island cost thc Japs more Mian 82,000 men killed, .which placed a staggering drain on Ihc Japanese forces manning the Philippines. Blockade by Air Originally, Xhis force consisted of lot more than a quarter of a mil- Ion Japanese Iroops. Tims, we won •he first battle of Luzon on Leytc 'ar lo Ihe south. The second battle s now shaping im on Mindoro. Ev 'ry Jap put out of action on Min- ioro, means one less Jap to fight In the showdown battle for Lu»n. For with out airfields on Min- toro, which cMi be utilized long before tlic whole Island Is con- lucred, Gen6ral MacArthur can throw an effective air blockade around Luzon to reduce the number of reinforcements the Japs can funnel In from Die mainland or from Formosa. Thc initial offensive on Mindoro runs true lo the form of modern war in this respect. From Japanese account, Hie Initial landings were made In ihe vicinity of Ihe towi! of Snn Jose, near thc southwest Up of Mindoro. That means thc Yank invaders are heading for the airfields, One of thc two biggest Japanese-operated airdromes on Mindoro Is nt San Jose, Thc Japs nre known to have a I , . :. -- — -.---.-*, »t.vii n.uuihi:Ll (Jill by no\v. Many of the enemy planes were, shot down when the enemy Ulod .to. bring In air -rcinfonne' nicnt-s from' Formosa.' • ' ''< And the,enemy broadcast claims Japanese plnncs,-'led by the 'so- called "suicide corps", sank or damaged 25 of .the ships In Ihe invading American arnlada. ... Genera] MacArthur .says some •Milanese. planes attacked the 150- shiD convoy, but United'Press Cor- respondcnt Prank Hewlett says six planes which attacked the convoy in the first stages of the Invasion were shot down. The Navy says ils planes have so shattered the .Japanese air forces on Luzon that the enemy apparently is Slaving a hard time mustering enough aircraft to Ihrow inlo a .counler-attack. Called Risky Venture Military observers say thc success of the risky Mindoro cnmpaHi will depend a great deal on thc degree to which enemy strongholds on nearby Islands can' be neutralized General MacArthur already lias taken;steps in that direction. MacArthur says Filipino guerrillas, operating under his orders, have cap- lured large areas on six islands around Mindoro and Lcyle. One of these islands Is Mindanao, thc hig- sesl and southernmost Philippine island, which has been battered continually In reCent months by thc American Air' Forces. MacArthur says thc Filipinos have seized coastal points and airfields on Mindanao and five other Important islands in that area. Says MacArthur, "The conquests of Japan to the south are rapidly being isolated, imperilling the so- called 'imperial lifeline.'" On Ihc Asiatic mainland, Chinese, -oops arc driving on from raptured lamo to join thc vanguards which by-passed Uie city In their drive iulo southern Burma. Thc last of thc enemy garrison now lias been cleaned out of Bhamo, and thc victory lays open all bul a 40 to 50 mile strclch of the Burma Road into China. Other Chlncso forces have pushed the Japanese back through Kwangsi province to a point only 100 miles from Ihe former base of the 14th U. 8. Air Force at Lluchow. And the advancing Chinese now arc closing In on an important rail city in Kwangsi. sizeable. concentration ot, Iroops in (lie Batangas area of Luzon Island, which is only 20 miles north of Mindoro. They have plenty of barges and small vessels in the Luzon harbors to transport the men across the narrow Verde. Island passage to northern Mindoro. And there's hardly doubt, but that Japanese strategy will be the same as nt Lcy- tc. They'll try to hold Mindoro as long as possible, to delay the ulti- ma te invasion of Luzon. . . Of ail the Viands In the Philippines, none is better situated than Mindoro to become the springboard for the assault on Luzon. In Spanish, Mindoro means gold nine. General MACArlhur intends lo make a swap wilh^the Japs. A gold nine for some liot lead. '.•-'•'

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