The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on July 22, 1953 · Page 6
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, July 22, 1953
Page 6
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PAC£ SIX PHONE 0000 POTTSTOWM JitJtCUKY. POTTSTOWM. PA. WEDNESDAY MORNING. JULY 22, 1«S3 Cool Cook Finds She Just Doesn't Have Time to Let the Heat Beat Her If any homemaker can b« too busy to b« bothered by heat. «h« is Mrs. Russell Ahnv, Pottstown RD 4. ftesttes t a k i « t c a r p tl a h*«e, several acre* ·£ laad, tfcrte cUdrri and a kttsbaad, Mrs. Ak»cr k«Mc feint a f*ll- UMC Bight * as well. "I just don't have the time." explains Mrs. Ahner, "to let the heat get me down." And she has a number of q u i c k , rr.Lniniuni- cookiiig recipes to help keep her kitchen liveable. Among the favorites in the Ahner household is baked bean salad, a quick, beany dish that Mrs. Ahner often serves ss a main course at dmner. "Start with a can of odd baked beans," she mstmcted, "and empty then into a large salad bowl." Next she adds i\vo tablespoons ^oTrhaydnnaise, onions. ce!ery (both mir.ced) and some chopped, hard- boiled egj?. and tosses. Another J^aj^orite "msn-size" salad in the Ahner home is macaroni, to which dressing, onion, celery, egg and seasonings are added. Mrs. Ahner's household routine is a hectic one, since she -works nights. She arises i« the early after- U» do her fco*se»ork a»4 prepare diaaer, leaves fw wprk : ia the evemiag. AW the«. there are always special prwj- i eels U fill ia remaiaia- efcunks ; of time-- gardenia* a»d. right ' »ow, the paiatiag of her house. Her three children are Jane:te, 13: Enos. 9. and Lynn. 6. Daughter Janette. her mother ssvs fondly, is an accomplished young cook in her own right, and ;s a great help in both keeping house and preparing meaLs. Limches are JaneUe's special- tie.-, and she enjoys preparing quick, light snacks for the fam- i'v such as tMna saiad. corn fritters, bscon a n d e g g s , toasted cheese and bacon sandwiches. j For the latter, she places a slice 'of cheese upon a slice of bread, covers with strips of bacon, and p'sees beneath the broiler for one- hElf minute or until done. Vegetables in the Ahner menus will largely be from their own garden when it begins to produce regularly, and they are planning such homegrown dishes as fried tomatoes, creamed cabbage, filled peppers and a variety of green salads. Potatoes, however, are a tabu in the Summertime meals planned by Mrs. Ahner, who says "in hot weather, potatoes make you yolks and two tablespoons corn-:fets uifailingly good results, her; staroh, mixed with enough water: mother said. warmer. ; Another of Mrs. Ahners tricks for keeping cool is to dress lightly j"and to suit myself' as she does ·her housework. She regrets, though, that their home is not nearer a lake or creek. ''It would be so nice for the children to be close to water," she wistfully mused, "and if we did have a creek, why even I myself would be in it."' All the water used hy the Ahners is fr»m a well, and extremely cold, so the family is anabie to cool off even by standing under a full blast ho:e, she added. Pies are among Mrs. Ahner's specialties and her favorite dessert. T'.\o of her best are boiled cider and pumpkin pies. j ''One trick," she confided, ''to 'keep the crusts from getting soggy is 10 bake the sheil before you add the filling." ^_.i For boiled cider pie she starts i with one cup of boiled cider, one ·cup of hot water and 2 3s cups of sugar. Next she adds two tablespoons melted butter, two well beaten egg to make a paste. "Them," she 4e*criked, "·« Hist stir im '« '--«»?«·· ·* salt aid c«* all the iBgredieats together aaiil thick aa4 poor it iato a baked pie shell." Her pumpkin pie, however, is her greatest accomplishment, learned from her mother, and she guarantees it as a sure success every time. In the top of a double boiler Ste starts with a haif-cup of .shortening and adds one and one jand '.* cups sugar. Then she sep- jarates two eggs, saving tie whites to add last. Next iigredieat is h*t water, ··e cupful, folUwed by a half- cupful of c*coa, »mr and 'cups flour, 'i teasp«»« salt, 1 teaspoon baking s«da, 1 teaspoon baking powder and 1 teaspoon vanilla. She stirs thoroughiv and bakes Relish spread, made on a cool day. is aLso a "lifesaver," says Mrs. Ahner. on days when it is just too hot to cook. Not only can it be used as a side dish or a "dunk"' for crackers, but she finds it functional as a sandwich spread and salad base. Major ingredients are twelve green peppers, twelve red peppers, twelve large green tomatoes and four large onions. These she grinds, pressing ·at juice, awl places ia boil- i*g water for about two ·uitttes, then drains. Next she takes three cups sugar, ·'·: cap v.aier, one cup vine- gar and one pint prepared mustard, mixes all together and cooks for about ten minutes, stirring continually. The relish is removed from the fire for a quart of mayonnaise- type dressing to be stirred in, and the mixture is ready u b« jarrad and sealed. she heats aLl together two cups cooked pumpkin, one quart milk, until done in an oven heated at 350 two tablespoons butter and -* tea- degrees. spooa sal'.. ) Relishes slso rank high on the "While that simmers," she de- list of Ahner family favorite foods scribed. "lake one and -i C'jps and Mrs. Ahner each yezr puts up suger. sLx tablespoons cornstarch, a quantity of lima bean relish, two or three eggs, a teaspoon She begins' with two quarts of cinnamon and mis with a little cooked lima beans, adds three milk to make a paste."' bunches of chopped celery, three She adds the latter to th; jred. three green and three yellow first mixture in the double 'peppers and ( b u t not necessary) boiler and cooks until it thickens, cools and pours into the j pre-baked pie shell. Not completely pie-prejudiced, the Ahners aLso eat cake (quite \villin°lv. laughed Mrs- Ahner) and this is the realm in which, Janette presides. Her favorite is a "midnight chocolate cake" recipe, with which she ing. one pint 01 onions. Neit she takes one cup sugar, one cup vinegar, one cup water and 1 teaspoon salt, mixes together, and adds gradually until there is enough juice to cover.' The mixture then cooks until done, when it is ready for jarring and seal- Guests Garb in Shorts, Pajamas and Hair Curlers To Attend Nancy Saltzer's Come as You Are Party "Come as You Are"' themed the; party given at the home of Nancy Saltzer. 243 Beech street, last night. Majority of the girls present came in shorts, though two were wearing pajamas and one a house, coat. One girl came with her hair done np in cnrls, while several others arrived in I bare feet. ! Nancy said she called most of the -Is in the afternoon. "This accounts," she said, '"for the rather natural dothing." Others she called: in the early morning and late at night. Decorations in the house were Chinese lanterns and Chinese umbrellas. The sixteen guests present received Chinese lanterns as favors. Highlight of the evening was tie game that required Ray L. SalUer, Nancy's father, to dress in all women's garb and pose as the girls wrote a description of his attire. Winner of this contest was Fern Rover who received a pair of sun glasses for her sharp eyesight Booby prize was awarded to; Judy Shane-r. She was given a magnifying glass. A scavenger hunt was also planned for the evening. Objects ^searched for by the girls were a ·purple button, little red fire en igine and a Saturday copy of the 'Mercury. Bandaid. orange bottle cap, green apple, emery board, Hershey wrapper, children's bool: and a birthday candle. i After quite a while of unsuccessful searching, the fire engine i was found in a hobby shop on Charlotte street. A change was made by one team. They brought back»green pear instead of a green apple. Pink combs were given to the winning team, with the losers get : ting "ja-.v breakers." A game of "barnyard" was played in which the leader went around and secretly told each girl to make the sound of a different animal at a given signal. "The catch in the game," Nancy explained, "is that only one girl is told to make a sound, and she brays like a donkey." Geraldiae Smith who will celebrate her birthday Monday was the honor guest of the evening. The gir's all changed to shorts and held a square dance. Served to the girls was punch, sandwiches on colored bread, potato chips and pretzels. Present w e r e : Georgeann Jacobs, Peggy Grow, Barbara Grove. Judy Shaner, Doris Seibold. Judy DeSantis, Lorraine Bohner and Fern Royer. Joan Royer. Marguerite Saylor. Geraldine Smith, Nancy Saltzer and Elsie Ann Dindino. --.Mercury Staff Photo TWO COOKS REIGX in the Ahner kitchen, Pottstown RD'-4, and arc pictured ibove «i they cooperate in preparing a cool supper for the family. At right is .Mrs. Ahner, mother of three children, housewife and full-time worker besides. Her daughter. Janette, is pictured with her. Thirteen years old, Janette helps her mother with kitchen and house work and is a cake specialist! If you find the Ahner recipes helpful in keeping your own kitchen cool this Summer, they are hoping you will return the favor and describe your own favorites through The Mercury's "cool cook" series. Girl Scout Troop 56 Stage Swimming Party, Picnic and Hike; Mrs, Frank Ewing and Mrs. Paul Bergstresser Chaperone . Girl Scout troop 56, Royersford, held a picnic and swimming party at Lake- The girls brought their own lunches. j view Park. j : Those present were: "Sandra Jlingo. ! Batten, Margaret Bechtel, Mary: Scouts built a fire and roasted; Alice Bergstresser, Carol BoLker/marshmallows. SHORTs PREDOMINATED among the costamrs which turned up at the "come as yon are" party given last evening by Nancy Saltzer. In the picture above, the girls compare notes as to what each wa?. doing when her invitation came. Seated in chairs, from left, are: Loraine Bohner. Doris Seibold, Nancy Saltzer, Barbara Grove, Judy DeSantis, Joan Royer. Gerry Smith. Georgann Jacobs. Peggy Grow and Judy Shaner. The pair sitting upon the grass are Marguerite Savior and Fern Rover. --Mercury Stc.% Photo -- Social Calendar - Lois Bower, Judy Brown, Patsy Cassaboon, Marie Devine, Merrily Kiggins, Sally Lou Lowe. Mary Marchionne, Jo3ce Nold, Judy Wadsworth, Donna Walker and Norma Jean West. Scout leaders are Mrs. Frank Ewing and Mrs. Paul Bergstresser. Hikers included: Sandra Batten, Margaret Bechtel, Mar?' Alice Bergstresser, Leah Bixler, Carol Bolker, Lois Bower, Judy Brown, Janet Brunner, Patsy Cassaboon, Marie Devine. Pamela Edleman, Suzanne Listed on the Summer program; G r e b e _ Merrily Kiggins, Mary of events was a night hike to; Marchionc!i Mary Murphy. Joyce Nold, Carol Nurnberg. Betty Prindle. Shirley Pnndle, Judy \Vads-.vorth. Donna Walker. Xorma Jean West- Many Louise Wisler, Mr. and Mrs. James Ewing and son, Frank, Mr., and Mrs. John Wadsworth and daughter. Tma, and Mr. and Mrs. Harris Bergstresser. Wedding Anniversaries Today Mr_ and Mrs. '"Richard Blakely 7 Pottstown RD 2, because today is their second weddin? anniversary. -SALE- ALL SUMMER SHOES- GREATLY REDUCED BOSTON SHOE STORE 259 Hi{k St., Louise Kulp Goes Shopping for Pennsylvania Dutch Miniatures And Returns Pushing Baby Carriage--A Gift at Surprise Shower Louise Kulp %vent to the home of Mrs. Robert Smith p l a n n i n g to buy mini-' h o m e of Doreth ature Pennsylvania Dutch furniture and came back home pushing a baby carnage.' CnC " » * She \vas feted with a surprise 1 Eagles' Auxiliary Sets Picnic Meeting Tonight MCE NESTS A nested set of cups are wonder- ] fully handy for measuring fractions of a cup of dry ingredients or fats. A set consists of four measures of one-quarter, one-third, one-half and 1 cup capacities. These nested cups ; Today Teen-Age auxiliary of Memorial: are usually made of aluminum or 'Auxiliary to the Eagles--meets at hospital -- picnic today at the plastic. 7:30 p. m. at the Eagles' home home of Dr. and Mrs. R. H. to leave for picnic at the home Linn. Pughtown; cars leave from of Estclla Spiclman. Sanatoga. j nurses home on the hour from - * * I 2 to 5 p. m. ITosierman circle--meets * * * roast tonight at the Emmanuel Lutheran church Sun- 3-eisch. Lim- fa y school picnic--starts at 3 (Contiantd on Pajc Seven) GLADIOLI DAILY $1-00 M PAUL MOVER 1Z7 Beech Street. Phone . , . . Lady *Vittcnmver Rcbckah lodge-- s.ork slower oy 3,rs. Smith and Fe:;Icv Kav Ijau . ]er F]orcncc mcct , ai s p . m . ln O dd Felow* co-hostess. Mary rocat. : Kummerer. Florence Gotta and hall. Decorations were pink, blue ; Millie Strouse. ; and white streamers. She was Members of the Eagles' atixil- presented with a baby carriage iary will hold a picnic this evening with a do11 and rattle inside - Don't wait for Christmas to serve hard sauce! You'll find it's de- ,, ,, , f -c , -i c - , Guests present included: Flo,n 02e borne of Esteila Sp ; e!man. rcnce S a s s a m a a _ M i n n i c shumaker, Iidoils ^ lh blueberr- or peach Saratoga. Thelma Kerr. Elizabeth Deiiicker. cobbler. Good, too. \viih a fresh Women v.-iU meet at 7:30 p. at the Eagles home to leave the picnic site. Thelma Kerr. Elizabeth Deiiicker. cobbler. Mary Focht. Betty Mentzcr, Pearl;cherry pudding. Piano Tun- inc and Rebuilding Jos. E. Mack J445-J or 17«-J SHE'S CONVALESCING Mary Krause Robinson is reported as a patient convalescing at the Evergreens, Kenilworth RD 1. JULY BRA SALE OUR R E G . $1.00 BRAS Reg- J2.00 N y l o n t 2 ,, $1.50 LEONARD SHOP «10« IT. AT FKAKKUlf Hijh St. -- Phone 3J4J -- tVE DELIVER -- SPECIAL Wheeling 2K G». Hot Dipped Zinc Coated. Gitranlzeod. 15c We carry s full line of Fanceti, Traps, Toilet is. Plunking Smppliei. POimOWN'S SILVER STORE STERLING AGENTS FOR: GORHAM, HEIRLOOM, LUNT, REED BARTON, INTERNATIONAL and Others Only SI.00 Starts Your Service W. L. STONE SON Registered Juclcr American Gem Society 210 H^i St., Pottitows BOYS' Health-Tex BOXER SHORTS 9Sc sues I S TOYS' Hcattti-Tcx LONGKS Denim. G a liir- dint. Sttrsucker. Sim 3 to (. $1 BOYS Cotton WASH SHORTS M t o l | s l" 1* »vy -- Brown -- G r t e n -- Grty w i t h - zipper fly -- S » n f o r i « e d . CURLS' COTTON MIDRIFF'S RUFFIED 69 White, solid, plaids and striped seersuckers. Sixci 3 to 14. Reg. We valve! QIRLS' COTTON KNIT MIDRIFFS ^ fw Ittf. i»c JLB4 TJc tim M aew snmmer Sizes 3 to H. selec- stripes. GIRLS' DRESSES K« SUN DRESSES Greatly Reduced MILTON'S Pottslown's Infants' · GirU' and Boy*' Store 221 HIGH ST. PHONE 22«3 Starts TODAY! UMW · DJUl · MHUtU

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