The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1953 · Page 10
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 13, 1953
Page 10
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Dori, Sova Gain Decisions Amoles Win 2 From Royersford Vkhen the dust settled on Memorial park diamond veMerday afternoon, the Potts'own Legion Jun ^ ior« were in third place m the Montco Legion^ lessue. · With t w o comparative'v easv . ... nins over RON ersford behind them. «a not in rime and Dick came in to be replaced bv Gcor S e Me.cai 4-2 and 12-5, ihe Amoles now must w i t h the i»mun? run. Josh Sova in the .ast inomg. face the stretch-drive test ia the followed -.nth hi fcr^ hit of the Potistown jumped :o a torec n.n vear. sending Dor. to third. lead off Slough ia ine fir*; :amag Car! Homer · safe on a Roy- Singles by Ron Chenev and Ho-.v.r ersford crro- aid Don tallied the Bedell and Qiuna"? fir;: triple fij- run The southpaw winner ured in the ^cona^. : REALLY MAKING GOOD OARYL · fy Alan Mover Wins With Birdie on 19th next two weeks. Al D*ri »md J»sfc S»a were the »iBHUi* pitchers as the Amoles tipped their record to ~-2. The t»ia \icu»r marks tbe second time a three-game winning streak has been in progress. Xorri»u« B. trailing PottsU»n bv a half game will he at Franklin field Wednesday evening far an important bailie. T h e 'Fords o f f e r e d -lausc m the f: helped ' n --- ov a cause b\ driving in ·the £i:^t tv.o riiiis with singles in the vecond and fourt.". innings, i Lin Bieler started for Potts- 1 t o w n in ihe second game, hut ! he was wild to the decree of ' six walks in two and a third in- ninjs. Rhoads called on So\a to re z, and clihough he v. as no con- Mac Shirey singled in the second frame, stole second and came home as Bieler singled in his Mtlv time at bat this Quinn opened the tairci iMlh a ^ and Drauschak followed w i t h a might\ bias; into the lefi- r . e;d ^^ [o rlhrcc basc _ N An er , or a v - a l k and a couple of ia . J t^i^l J - j V - S - *J_l LilV - 4 - ^ 7 * . ^U. -.I.*. U" . , . L i * Ui · » ! - · · » « . *-...v» -- f ihev twice cane.from behind to tro1 artist. - h -e « ^ m senou* trouoie f , el(1 ou{s g a ^ e p o:l5to « a I w o P'ore J.C ?:\-\.IL *- p ^ i i O *ViiV» t. i \~ *J _ -- . . . _ » · - · . - U l C l l l i A V i . C the Khoadsnicr. b'a t : c d in the slugaln- In the n:gntcap. Quinn . n (Q pltch sivJi Dick Geisler. v.ho now lead went 4-4 v^th two triples and t\vo * » _ the team in hlf'ng v.r.h a .345 singles One of the three baggers HORNER STARTED Pottstown's .-nark, started a rallv with a single, came w i t h bases loaded, and he D j sgesl exp i os i on m the fifth b_v He stole second, and after Don al-o drove m another run. giving b eal j n g out an Lrrield dribbler, walked. Geisler sviped tirrd him four fo- that game Cheney walked and sheer speed - - - ~ ~ ' gave Bedell first on an infield hit MAC SHIREY hit an infield DEE SLOUGH opened on the Q u i nn then laced a mighty drive grounder and a plav was made at hill for the visitors Like Bieler he to risnt field. The "Fords George home tryiag to catch Geisler but it gave up too many ualks and had Kevser made a great driving tr\ -- -jo catch the ball, but as he hit, the BOYERTOWN JUNIORS WIN 2 WEEKEND GAMES error admitted Quinn. and Geibler drove in Drauschak with a Mngle. Boyertovvn Legion J u n i o rs with his second triple. The losers went down fighting handed Leesport'its first loss in DAVE ERB was the hitting star with a trio of runs in the last ot the Berks County Legion league at Leesport. He drove in Uie urst the fifth. Dick Geisler let John yesterday, 9-3, sending Bob Fink iwo runs with a long single in the Boettger's solid single roll through down to" his initial defeat in two first inning. He also collected an- his legs as two runs scored. other pair of singles FIRST G*MF. Dan Schoenlv wacked a triple r ° l " la b*Ai o^. NfW YOXK /ANT ROOK/c Lee Sadtefe BeaU Jake Fcjely for President's dp Title Lee Saettele eased a 12-foot putt into the cup on the l*h hole to win the President t Cup at Brookside Country club Saturday afternoon. In one of the best local tourna- ~ ~\ * w w ment final? in many season's. Saet- an } it appeared Lee was headed tele finished his bid for the title f or a run-away. But the veteran with a birdjo three as veteran J. came on strong to win four of the JC. Fegeh saw his putt stop three next five holes and held the slim advantage a* the started around the second time. Seattele evened matters in a ^hort time but Fcgely again went I up on the 14th as he made use of a handicap s t r o k e ! inches short of the hole- It was a see-saw battle all the w=y as Fe«eiv started sl«wly, tben spurted t« take a »*e b*lr lead at tbe halfway pout. Tbe lead changed hands ·n tbe back mimt and »*ly a great putt by Fegely ·· tbe lStb«kept the match from ending in the re£ulattoa distance. Fege! w a s striving to w i n »he title that he f i r s t captured 32 years ago w h e n the President'^ Cup tournament wa:s originated. Saettele replaces Alex Czarick. who won the tournament crown last year by defeating Mrs Ludwie Cros.-. Big Field Qualify For Struckman Prince trophy One of the largest qua'ifslng On the rounds in the hisiorv of the Ernst they halved Struckman Lee Prince Troph\ was held over the weekend at Brook5:de short 15th water hole it with pars, but Jake w a s in trou ) ble w i t h his drive on the 15th and Country c.ub. Saettele won the hole to deadlock Al Bering's 74 led the qua'uiers \s:th J. C. Fegelv only one stroke behind. No handicaps are used during the qualifving round \vh-eh ends toda. The l»w 1C qualifiers will compete for the Stmekman Hannie tbe fegely followers His tee shoi was on the green, but a long uphill the match. Fegelv went one over par on the 17th and Saettele hopped into the lead by making a par four. The 18th w a s a real thriller for Saetiele reached the finals b c j i m b con f rom him as he prepared doumng Marv Joan Czarick ihe past week, and Fegely eliminated Lew Unneberg in their semi-final match. to putt a « a t n " He ^ank the 20 footer to birdie and tie the match THE FIRST few holes were all KOTH WERE long off the 1 Saettele. Going into the long fifth tee. landing about 240 vards out. hole. Jake was three strokes down Fegely lifted his second shot onto tr*ph, and ihe second 16 ne for the Prince trophv. Matches will be ptaed at 85 percent of handicap. First round matches must be completed by next Saturday and second round matche must be finished bv Sunday. The third and fourth rounds will be held the following weekend. The following are the qualifier;, POTTSTOWN MERCURY Sports PAGE 1» MON-, JULY 13, 1S53 C Fese:\ George C.a-.-.on A' Caro'Ij. Harry Moore 2d Reading at 6 o'clock. years. The hard working Beyers also won on Saturday against Kutztown, 12-5, and now have an 8-4 mark with the schedule running its course. Leesport, now 10-1, has a rough road to travel from here onjn. \ string of Boyertown wins could carry Coach Warren Fry's team into ! Boyertown (s-i) Leesport. ai-i) the playoffs. ' _ « r3 1 Bccker cf ^ o It was hit or strikeout for Sc ^ sa , 1 ^a 4 i : Kenr. ·: - i Boyertown yesterda against Fink.'5nji£r "io s o z oracr-h.^b ; i Tte speedy Leesport \eteran. \\in- ^* 1 ^- 3b 5 i ^ |^Sh 23 ' ner of. six straight before B-Town, G rrha.- c manhandled him for 13 hits, whif- Re-cna^.. ^ fed 15 before he was relieved in H evL.'c: the eighth inning. Matiuas. p CARL MATHLAS, who dropped Ta . 3ls his first decision the past Thurs-'Bovcrto»n day against Reading Keys. the green. p:n high about lo yards their scores and handicap^ to the nght Saettele belted his *-- BC==:=~ iron shot to the left and above the pin He had about a 12 foot putt to make Fegely's putter .sas hot all after- Le°= Pnrrce^.. noon, and the gallery felt he had ^f^p s^.i-^ " . the easier puti since it was on more Me' u-nebe^-; level turf. He tenderly spanked K^f-nT^fJ^,., the ball and it headed straight for Henrr van D\'_e the cup but pulled up a -,cant three, wi^^Sr^e-'ie- · inches short. sob KiL-e:v Saettele studied and then curled w ^::-.- Vaa^Dv;./ his putt over and down the hill into Boa i t h e cup. It was a fitting end. H ZllLs Jo=e_s Koyerford rJ: o a Don Allison Wins Feature at Sanatoga Speedway S 7 - 7 Dor 1 . P 3 1 2 _ _ . n - Tonight Bovertown plav5 at West bmrev. cb 4 o o i i Hefci r^o ^ .. u · * - - - - Q 0 2 0^ie---. c 2 0 x 0 i o i o o ~ o = t - ToiaU 2S 4 S 2 I 4 1 I 1 Smdcr. ^ O 0 Heeler 13 0 0 Rohrtn'er.c 0 1 - i k . p Totals 26 2 5 21 0 1 0 1 0 2 0--t 0 0 i 1 0 0 i 1 Zj ,DC*_*^l.c- J .J..-- -- 0 o'RBI Homer. Don 2. Srirey. Caun.-.i t-o r;ei = ie'- SB.--Cliene/ 2 Dr^uv:--a 0 0 G^r 2 " Don 2 303-^3 Don 0 i,Tern3lr:on 4 HBP--B- Don i D 0 i -3D SO-r 0 WINDER--Don l3-C 0 i -TI SO--3v Do'i 'I Templ?:o!i 3. - -- LOSER--Tem?!s- 1 0 Horrnian. p 0 0 0 *° 2 Toi^Is Zi 3 5 o o : i o i z :--9 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0--3 i 3B -- Kehr. SECOND GV.ME KOYEBSFOKD (2-S) A3 ?- H O A D. Horncr 3b 2b 4 0 1 , 3 0 01 3 o :l 3 0 O l 1 Fontaine, 2 Slouch. D °'Metcal. 5 master of the league leaders as.o^c^vh. s c ^orr.';"" "BOB-or FU:^ ^'f-^er -' -he scattered five hits and Struck- Manias 2 SO--Bv Fmk IS Hanman 2 \ c *usTMs.n. Ib '.'.' T T.- ii_- j - iMatniis I- VvrSNER--Mati.ia.^ '--1) · out 14. It w a s his third win. LOSER--Fmk IO-D Terrv Shaner had a banner weekend at the plate. At Kutztown! *jertown_ ^ Kutztowa ^ ^ he clubbed t\vo triples and a grand-lschoeniv r' 2 3 : Price c ib 5 o j hlam homer. He batted in eight of,|^^; e%l320 ? ; ^ AaaSi^p "o 2 his team's runs. His two-game spacer. 3b 6 3 record reads, six hits in 10 times'Erb s-s -= o at bat, five runs scored. eight|° 0 ^^_ cc i g RBI's, two tnples. a double, a[Reichart. ir homer and two singles. Dick Ludy won the first game as he halted Kutztown on six hits. He went five innings without giving up a run, but weakened for-four in the sitth. 3 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 5 0 2 0 1 0 ' 0 0 0 I 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 1 lotais R H O A Horner 2b ( 29o 0 0, Cher.cT s» (310) . ;He\dr. cf iLi;a'v p IFox. ss Bnt his mates had already moved far out in front, 12 0, and he had no trouble the rest of the way. 1 0 FTer rf p 0 0 Wa-on't.2'0 4 1 1 ^rrold 2o 0 0 OjBsciei! c r (J43) 3 0 0 Kunkle.r-.;} 4 1 0. Quinn. e. rT (-344) ... 0 0 0 |Fontana. r f I 000) . . ' 0 0 0 iDrauiChak. r f . c (-2o3l " Geliler If C^S) 37 .2 10 To'aN 35 5 6, Dori. Ib I 233) ^o.crtOAn 2 S 0 0 4 D O O 0--ij f a h i r e v 3 b ( 236) ..... kutzio-s-n " . 0 Q 0 0 0 4 1 0 0-- s'Mose!. 0^ f OOO) RBI--Shaner 3. Sn.;:.:?y, Ero ' Reed 2 Bicler D ( l O O O i . -35 -- Ma".V S^ancr 2 HR -- Snaner. SO'a, D ( 12o) WINNER--Luc\ 13-2 i LOSER-- 3 1 - · 7 1 1 j 2 2 2 4 3 4 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 2 I P O i 0 i 3 0 0 P A A * AA Toia!s "5 12 I-! 21 = Rover=:ord . . 0 0 1 0 3 ! 0 -- 5 ,Pot.;sto^n . . . . 3 1 3 0 5 0 x--.' j E--Ye?;'e 2. KCO-.T; C-uSman. TJ Qu-.r.r. - 3-ds.' Shaner started his hit spree in the first inning at Kutztown He PA A =oftball team will report to ^ tripled with tv.o on In the ne\f the association's headquarters at'-.:-, frame he sparked a six-run rally 5 o'clock tonight to leave for Phila- |^^_ v.ith his four-run homer. Then in dolphia for a game under the BOB--on 5:01,--. 3 i 3iei the sixth when his team scored lights w i t h the Chn.-tian street four more, he accounted for three YMCA" Don AUi.-on ran a w a y from the field in w i n n i n g the Sanatoga Speedwa\"s feature event Saturday mght. The Xomstown driver broke into the clear during the earlv laps ' against his All Star Stock Racing club fraternity brothers H a r r y Moore and Red Lesher waged a stiff battle for second place as Allison had clear Bailing almost a half lap ahead It was a prosperous evening for 'Allison, as he treated the crowd of 4000 to a semi-final win as well as his victory in the 30 lapper. He had more trouble winning his firsL as Ray Johnson held the lead for more than half the distance. Allison finallv moved around Johnson 'on the eighth lap and started to desert the field But fast-moving Harr Moore worked his way through the throng and was coming on strong at the finish. Another lap or two and Moore's brown No. Tl might h a \ e caught the checkered flag. It was Moore who opened the .evening's festivities with a fast win , m the first qualifying heat. Fri day night at Municipal Stadium he won his first feature of the y e a r His start Saturday indicated he was strongly considering making it two in a row. ~ * » ' FRANK EH ING had things Gavilan Fights Fuenles Wednesday Monk Keller and Lesher to get around him and close in on Ewing A water line broke and dampened the track near the end of the third qua'ifving heat. Curt Sherman had a bis lead when the restart was called with two laps to go. But NEW YORK. July 12 If,--This is he had no trouble holding it as welterweight week in boxing w i t h Rocky Ewmg held off Charlie the 147-pound champ himself. Kid Kelly for second place. Gavilan, heading the skimpv na After Allison won the first semi, "o^ 1 program. Rocky won the second semi The welters are featured m all bv staving out in front of ilose of the network television * BIG six * Me: G r!X'.r." Pau - S-o'ev H T KemQ . Mr R_ Gro5; LEADING BVTSMEV on 200 a: Ba^s) National Lta;ne G AB R H PCT ^~ S: I~ SI 334 66 114 .341 . :a. _:e»- Yort . . . 77 239 -3 Ss -323 Amcridn League G AB R H PCT I!. BOaton 72 249 -0 S2 J3"° i^oc - 62 246 33 31 -323, i^O . . 32 200 53 96 -320 HOME RUNS Moore and Lesher. It just wasn't Lesher's night j as he failed in his bids to pass Harry TToore ia the fmaT7 and Most Moore in the semi-final. Lesher had car trouble at the ' Stadium on Friday, depriving him of his chance to try for his fifth straight Philadelphia win. Kellv. vvRo broke Lesher's : Sanatoga streak a week ago, went and in a few others besides. j Gavilan takes OB Ramon ! Fuentes, the California cham- · pion. in a ten round non-title go in Milwaukee Wednesday · night. Fuentes, a 25-year old ex Marine from Los Angeles, ' has been clamoring for a chance at the classy Cuban. He has won 14 in a row and, 21 of 22 pro fights. In his last! outing, a ten rounder with Al Wil j Klus=cw5ki. Cm'; 2-"i Zernia' Far-\d 3. 20 fl CT htS Cannpariella BVu 22 Gerneri Boston 17 RUNS BATTED IX League \mcnran I ca'He Mliw'e 75 Rosrn. Cleveland Tl · Tort S3 Zemlal. FnHacTi 53 M RoTr'.znd M A Milloct rs!a O'Drl! . . . Con uoocr.ov. Mart- J Czs'ict 'Coarles ETai_-?lT Dr J G Hafer Joe Plac do . ... George Rovr- D- H Scl-.m.d-.. . Mr5 Leir Uineoer Alex Czarict Jack Soitf ES-- I " 92 -:6 =3 -- ZO 5^-- :a "7 -- n 99--20 ,3O-- 17 · Q - -- -0 - m _ ~ * 103-- :5 :o~ -- 2T Z07 -- 12 1GS CO Imn. N 's Larkin Paces Outdoor ,.-,,.., , Tom Larkin. Phoenixville Clip- , ., c t , ^TtVtT-ntoh son in New York ' the Cahfornian r ace is i ea dmg the Summer into the fence on the backstretcn,.^^.^ as a ^^ cle;er nng 1 ^,,^^,. O ^ VD(V ,^, i ' lA , OIt . ,,, ^_ during the second semi. He was never in contention in the feature impressed as a solid, clever ring Outdoor Basketbalfleague in scor- orkman. ] in o- \\i\h 75 points as the second . , | Ga\ilan hasn't shown much in' na if o f p i av begins tonight. Allison gained his winning ad- his recent ^^ and lt could b I Four ^ behind ^^ ^ vantage about one-,hird Jirough i t h a t he JS on tne way down The_ D o u g Moscr . Ro n's Boys lost the race. By the time he nad .. cna mp, however, insists that he Moser to the Marines this past l a P o m e startin tailenders. to He still has it and intends to show we ek. bo his scoring for the season his form from now on. gradually worked his way into a «-£ v e r v fight I make now I on the Junior High court is com_ w _ nleted p a c k o f good drivers, although they Iry for j^^j.^,.,, sald G a ^ l l a n , - Larldn -- 31 fje!d goals J S also were an entire lap behind ^ scrap get u n d e r w a y at io.{ug h and Dick Kovach rules the For a short time it appeared this p. m.. Pottstown time and will be foul goal department with IT. his undoing because telecast coast to coast. Lesher were' so^s ^ TO-B -^ NER-- so. (2--). second second and w a s t e d no time getting the lead. He opened a sizeable gap as Mike Roadcap warded , off the attempts of Mose Moore. and closing in as he was! jjjj- QJJJER coast-to-coast TV he'd up in the jam. But at the end -pin^t he still had a safe margin of more Bo \ ton s a t u r day night where Gerry Rpa^_Bov 5 than a quarter of a lap. Drejer. British Empire welter- w ** Johnson, in his '36 Buick again u e l g n t king, meets Wilbur Wilson w o n the Destruction Derby as he of R OX bury. Mass. Their ten outlasted hearse-riding Curt Sher-. roundcr Start5 at 9 p m . and will man. It was one of the best Derby's ^ c t e i ecas t of the y e a r as Johnson. Sherman and W a v n e Carl decided in a hurry to gang up on Walter Yoder ST VXD INGS (fir*4 nai') Pnoeruxviiit Of Torrbov. W Tom I In Chicago Monday. Alan ^?-'\ ; -. the best of the i.oung West- Peif i ern 147-pounders. hooks up with T " 2» LEVDIVG SCOKKKS G I-G »rk:n ?X 5 31 Chisox Lower Boom on Tribe I CHICAGO. July 12 if--The ram' paging China go White Sox dealt a 'crushing blow m the battle of the Amencan League runners-up to;da with a double tnmming of 'the Cleveland Indians. 14-2 and 3-1 before Cormskey Park's top 1953 crowd. 43.419. It was the 25th Sox victory in ,31 games. In the tight finale, Virgil (Fire) Trucks won his fifth straight in Sox uniform and his [first over Cleveland since the finale of the 1951 season However, Trucks needed ninth' inning help from Sox ace Billy Pierce The twin triumph marking the third spot Indians put Chicago ^ games behind the pace-setting 'New- York Yankees The Yanks iwon a single contest with Washington, 6-5, and lost a half game to the surging Sox. Mike Formeles won the run- a w a y opener with a FIX hit performance for his seventh \ictory 1 against two defeats. ser. R3 izaer TB K Br -. . eleck-.. ERX Boo Srrath. PPTS 1- 75 3 53 12 60 Italv's Waldo Fusaro in an eight »,,, Bro-x-n WG '.. 4 2^ 5 oerser. Harr* Mavarei: Don Ai!l5on Jl-n Rvar T'.rne--3 175 2ca heat--Frar.ic r.w.r; 'VSi'.ce Rosd C3D Mo?e Moore Mori's. Se.Icr. xvcti L^siier Time--3 IS D 3rd nea^ -- Cx," SocXT S.n^ Charge Ke .v Nool Roinc.i.. ^tm Kci.rr. No t..rr.c ].j- senii--^l-t 1 ^^ ciarT~r Afoorr Ra-. Jonn^on Buck. Grandv. HoaenSer; er 2^(1 5crr.I--RocV^ r^ir.^ ^loc^? ^*ioo-"f. rounder headlining a tripleheaderiDick Kovacn. RB . at R ain bow Area. 5OIiL : * ?»n-v -3..5:. Moore. TODAY'S SPORTS CITY I N D L S T K I V L LEAGUE V»llcj For^t TS Jarob_. it ^a field, 6 p m. SOFTBALl, LE-VGLTI Thomas Motors im st. \rs Clayton, Sensing Win Tourney A spectacular stretch drive car ried George Clayton and Al Bensing to a win in the second flight of the Schuylkill Country club best bail tourney \esterday. Playing against the formidable pair of Clyde Oskin and Ralph Httnsicker, tie Pottstown team halved the 14th bole to remain two down and two to play. The local pair won the 15th with a par and then C l a y t o n Frank- putted and made birdies on the 16th and 17th to push the Brookside at members out in front. Sensing needed a birdie to match Bernhardt ERN" ' N"orm 5*und5trotn. ERN | ^r.civ KriczkT TB Gar-r TroUinser TB -. j Ron Hoi? WG i Mlis Kriczkv. TB . -! Harrr Ixaait:r PX .... '.Tor Ranai::. WG ....... i V BodoK.*. RB ..... 3 r G " " ^~ Poiiick. TB 3 20 5 !» ·; is 4 14 3 .3 33 Lions Host Keystone The Linfieid Lions with Juke Thompson pitching, will host Keystone Firp company of the Boyertown Little league tonight at 6 o'clock at. Sportsmen's field in Linfield The home player; will report ;o ihe field at 5 o'clock JUST ARRIVED! A New Shipment of Short Sleeve SPORT SHIRTS * Open Weave Cottons * Checks * Blue, Tan, Green, Grey, Yellow, White SMlLLEIUSO* 211 High St. Coventry Brethren park C IS p. n OUTDOOR E\SRETB\LL LEAGVE , , . , , . . , , Borertown T« xomfcoys »t j»mor Oskin on tne final hole and he made Huh. 9:15 -p. m. it to siv e his team the win Their^^^r^n^ , medal was a three under par 69. BIG BILL P U D OFF--Six members of the West Potts^rove Rod snd Gun clab in Stowe, smile as tiie look at the mortgage on their ciubhou^ tJiat is about to be burned. The cereir.onv took place yesterday morning. Left to right are Frank Panfile, Elmer Hamp- to«. William Slaby, Peter I«ri. Artfcar Hcimbach and Mike Wargo. Hcimbacli. wbo is prcsidc»t was in charge of the ceremony. Tic building was erected four rars ago and it was tbe original mortgage that has been paid off. For Complete GUARANTEED TV SERVICE AH M*k«« - Mod* » sm KUS mil W4 7 24«7 PETRQ Oil BURNER KUSEft BROS., Inc. t O Y l P T O W N JOHN MINCHAK ^ ii«v« _ rk. IM i FREDERICK BROS., Inc. "Our Modern Planing Mill Is At Your Service" STOCK CUSTOM MILLWORK LUMBER - ROOFING - INSULATION WALLBOARDS-HARDWARE Phone 1450 Hanover and E*»t Street*, PotUtown, P«. All Dacron SLACKS BROWN - NAVY - BLUE BUNTING'S High and HMMVWT StnMts MONEY SAVING SPECIALS! USED TIRE BARGAINS! 6.00x16 6.50x16 6.70x15 7.10x15 7.60x15 S.00x15 New Car Clunge-Over Tire* Taken m Exchange for New B. F. GOODRICH TUBELESS TIRES As Low As l.OO Down Up to 6 Months to COME IN TODAY AND SAVE! B.F.Goodrich ISO NfON ST., POTT»TOWN 144 Until 9

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