The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on June 23, 1953 · Page 9
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, June 23, 1953
Page 9
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TUESDAY MORNING. JUNE 23. 1953 TOTTSTOWN MERCURY. TOTT5TOWN. PA. THONE 600O TACE FIFTEEN B o y e r t o w n CARL I. BCNFICLD. Repr«i«ntativ» 129 NortK W»lnut St. Phont 7-2503 HEAT, RAINS - (Continued From Pi;» O n f ) ins our field corn for the second time." lie said, "and this rain should do it good." Stutzle and his partner. George (Cnntlnurd f'rom P»j» On») Search Is Continued $81,723 BID- For Former Pastor Missing Five Days then asked. "Can't \ve set a set' of specifications that all contractors would have to follow in build-! Burti* ins Scouts Take Cooking Tests at CampE^L'^r^Ur: Members of Boyertown Boy Scoutigene Hilbcrt. Walter Bt«rkepile, .'rented land in Trappc and near Troop 3 took a weekend camping.George Reifsnyder, Rodney Endy.'Creamery, trip to Fancy Hill, near-the Boyer-j Robert Herricht, Leon Houp arid. ''It's still ra town watershed, at which time sev-jassistant scoutmaster. David Gru- the croos wi Thc missing father of A. K u r t i "^ C ^ rn :_ Uh - Ca .V..° nt ^ a " d ,HalIock Jr., pastor of First Pres-: bytcrian church, may bo on his w a y to Harrisburg, Illinois, a searcher said last night. Albert A. Saffren. police chief [ th '"S^sted «hat the trouble with . . . b r o k e n sidewalks isn't a l w a v s MARSHALL said he thought con-, tractors were already supposed to follow certain specifications. j Then Burgess \Villiam A. Griff- eral boys passed their cooking test bcr and scouting 'requirements. Train. On Saturday night, the Scouts built a campfirc and played games about the fire. j Daniel Rittcr, junior assistant { scoutmaster, traveled to the j camping site on Sunday morn- j ing and taught the Sunda i school lesson. I Troop members and leaders! making the trip were Cr.iig Landis. Klaus Ncubauer, Theodore Saul, Freddie Saul, Gerald Werner, Ku- rather early to tell how the crops will be." Stut/lc said.'of New town township, said t h a t i scoutmaster, Robert S ,-but things so far'have been very' he "missing man had talked of go- cau?:cd b ' wrong mixtures of con- 1 " i ing back to the Illinois town, where . 5TM'* an , d SiaiM J bm sometimes by. 1923 School Group Holds Class Reunion At Boyer To wne Inn BRIDAL SHOWER HELD FOR GIRL i Shirley Ann HeytH Guest ; Of Honor at : Event i 'favorable." · · · ·WILLIAM J. NOBLE. Douslass-' ville R D 1, who with his two sons f a r m s 324 acics about six miles· from Poltstown, said that the corn' up that way was ·· t little hack- ward" because of the weather,, but nothing to worry about. , "No. the weeds didn't get ahead, of the corn." he said. "We sprayed, between the rows with 2--1-D. i "Yes. it was very wet for awhile, he had formerly lived. The Kev. A. BurlU Ilallot-k . Sr.. like his son. a Presbyterian pastor until his retirement 20 y e a r s ago. disappeared early Wednesday night after wandering away f r o m t h e Ncwtown. Delaware c o u n t y. convalescent home one d a y after he arrived. The 75-year-old man was wearing an Eisenhower jacket, gray bad workmanship. , "Even if contractors do follow ^ specifications, the w o r k m a n s h i p it-' self may cause the .sidewalk to break up soon." Councilman G u s t a v If. ! Srharlr Jr. then asked whether j the borough has any way of knowing whether the specifications are being followed when private contractors huild short stretches of sidewalk for private citiTens. Borough M a n a g e r Gulden .said The class of 1923 of Boyertown High school held a reunion in thc Boycr Townc inn on Saturday |, e || Shirley Ann Heydf. daughter o f . u ' c " " ( Mr. and" Mrs. A m a n d u s Heydt. r,9!, asscnc(I West Philadelphia avenue. Boyer-j town, was thc guest of honor at a ' surprise bridal shower held recently at thc home of Mrs. Harold Rothenberjjcr. New Bcrlinvillc. but with good management I think trousers and no hat w h e n last seen. good crops," N'oble He is six feet tall. his office sometimes sees jobs hut A group of 15 New t o w n citizens, t h a t supervision is practically Jm- directed by Chie( o Saffrcn, formed possible a searching party that was still · * · looking for the missing man yes- THE SUB.IECT was changed terday. when Schade brought up the qucs- The Rev. Hallock Jr. was not l i o n of a n a " c ' between Sixth Noble's large f a r m supports a herd of 121 Guernsey cattle, so natually he's interested in the hay crop. "This year the pasture looks Centering the room of the Roth- b , ue w h i t e and vellow too. night. It was the second reunion 'streamers leading to thc m a n y held by the class, their first-having! s jf t s . Also placed in thc center been held five years ago. ; w a s a bouquet of mixed Jlo\\ers. The class at graduation, n u m - l Refreshments were served a f t e r hercd 28 and every member is still| t h c | )r j ( ! c .t 0 .l)c had opened all her. [""'"'· alive. Of the 28 members. 15 at- ,,:««. fine." hc said, "and both the a l f a l f a available for comment last night. an * Seventh streets. and clover arc coming along well."'Chief Saffrcn said hc had probably Th c councilmen then agreed on ----- -Hc also has 130 acres of wheat Sonc to thc f a m i l y home in \Vest. lhc General point t h a t periodic ^ l O P Ofll l/ITl planted, and that's doing nicely!Chester to await word of th c : t c m P° r a r - v improvements of a]Icy.S^^|- o U L V t U --Mercury Staff Photo T I R K D AND G R I M - L O O K I N G , these three y o u t h s were responsible for retrieving the b o d y of Sandy Green. 317 Grant street, who perished beneath the waters of the Manatawny creek, Memorial park, Sunday afternoon. Green's drownin? tragedy was the second w i t h i n three years at the park. Previous efforts to obtain volunteer l i f e guard aid and place a ban on s w i m m i n g there frittered away. Now that the hot. Summer weather is here again, m a n y residents arc asking, "How m a n y more drownings will there be before something is done?" Shown above arc (left U» right). Charles A u m a n . Pottstown RD 4: Gerald Kennedy, Pottstown RD t and William Rcrmy- slowski, 367 Howard street, Stowe. tended thc reunion. Thc class voted to present a podium to the new Boyertown Joint High school. A committee consisting of Paul Grim. Dr. William Erb and Mrs. Walter R. LeFevrc.wa* appointed by the president to purchase the podium. Thc members also voted to again hold a reunion in 1338. Class members who attended were: Khervin Ziegler, president, Gilbcrtsville; Paul G r i m , North Dr. William Erb. -Rid- I Miss Heydt will become the j bride of Paul Babb on Salur- I day. July 11. 1 Those, a t t e n d i n g were: Grace lEshbach. Ethel Eshbach. M r s . j.Iune Heydt, Mrs. Arlenc Voder. [ M a m i e Endy. P a u l i n e Mover. Pauline Leister. MRS. Beulah », ,TIL' i LMOTI.-M. xi M A R I h L h l S I K K . Mrs., - H cv d t^Erma : r. i!C\ (ll. £*~ Ilia . ' | by scraping, grading, etc.. was not Police in Harnsburg. Illinois, satisfactory. j E. BARCLAY Kirkner, of Pugh- have been notified to be on the' Thc - v agreed t h a t ordained j Spring City RD 1, admitted-lookout for thc missing man, thel allc - vs should be improved per- | that it was "rough getting crops chief said. j into the ground," on his 70-acrc -: -- . farm during thc wet spell. DAI-A^UA Mnil U t t v r ' "Those rains made a lot of hay., t\c5vl f C U!lll f l v U l S though." he observed. "Therc'li 1 be a good crop this year when it ripens up for cutting." The recent hot spell was good, A Pottstown pilot who saw jet , , v . . . for his 15 acres of corn. K i r k n e r action in Korea w a s guest speaker, S ' r e C l s t0 bcc °, mc badly thought, although if it were pro-; a t the regular meeting of Flight! longed it would h a v e been less c, 901-1 Volunteer Air R e s e r v e ! . ,, good. 'Training unit last night * . . » . . scrapc t h e allc v ln n'cst.on. estimated that his corn Fliers' Roost, Pottstown ( C o n t i n u e d Prom Pac* On») Talk by Jet Pilot a t t h c , alleys should be improved per- \ . didn't realize he had struck thc manently. · ' i Sate. However, the subject of costi Fronl t n c niarks on thc truck.; was introduced and at a suggestion'P"lice decided t h a t thc truck h a d j by Gulden t h a t the money in the Passed partially under the galej highway account would be better' a "d ' n a t - t n c top of thc truck j u s t j spent on m a i n t a i n i n g streets a l - [ s n a g g e d the descending gate, snap-| j ready paved rather t h a n improving! P' n 2 it off. j 'alleys and allowing thc paved * " * I rutted. | NO CHARGES were placed; * · " jagainst thc driver, but he was ad- 1 GULDEN TOLD Schade he would vised to notify his company. ifTM" 1 A Reading company spokesman avc a CAR WRECKED stilly Plea Entered so ARE PLANS'" lnslalmenlDea!h Marine-to-Be Finds He's Without Auto A Y e l l o w H o u s e boy, BUTLER, Junc 22 Off--Walter Henderson, 2G, pleaded guilty today to the instalment plan slaying of Mrs. Alice Storch. Russell Budd, also 26, pleaded innocent to thc same charge and went on trial. Henderson was returned to jail to await hearing of testimony before hc is sentenced. Selection of to keep his car for l e a v e j a jury started immediately for the Marine corps, doesn't!the gudd t r i a l . , car anymore. Henderson, Budd and Richard ic IS J u n e R u b c n d a l l , : yk c most foot big area dairy farmers., Mrs. Lucy Rush. Lillian Schacffcr.. Kirkner also raises oats, barley _.. , , x . T i- -n i esses. Mrs. Harold KoHienberger; Titus Johnson New Berlmv,IIe; M d , Mrs Alice Mover Luckenbach, 1 _,, .. - , - , " . , , , Somcrs Point. N.' J.: Mrs. Evelyn;, 1 hose sending gifts but u n a b l e , Zern Smith. West Chester; Robert' 1 0 a t t e n d wcrc M r s " U : i r r c n Mllt ' Limerick. Lt. Lester Lindemuth. S o u t h ' Pottstown. who flew F-86 jets i n ' before year ago. spoke on his cnces in Korea and his work as an instructor. one owned by Christopher Hoi- , Lindemuth is on his w a y lenbach Jr.. a n o t h e r d a i r y m a n . ! from Florida to Las Vecas, Hollenbach. whose place is just] uhcrc he'll t r a i n more pilots outside the borough line on North! in f i g h t e r gunnery. Councilman Peter j. Lcwlcr thcn'said it w a s "thc f i f t h or sixth! Roland Gricscmcr. 18. a JuncjHaincs. 28. all of Pittsburgh, are airport in brou ,,[ lt l)p a 5U bj C ct that found thc time since the gates were erected! craduate of Amity High school, councilmen a g a i n in agreement. .two years ago t h a t they've been;and 'May enlistee in thc Marines, Said Lawler, "The condition of knocked down." ;lost his car last night. at! He was driving home from . . . accused of beating and strangling .some of our intersections is tcr- Me estimated the d a m a g e rible. or three e fil1 in t i m c s a lhc two Mrs. Storch the past Feb. 26 in her Butler county home after her work,'husband Ernest hired them to kill about S75. at Paul's Service station, Doug- her for $10.000. - vcar . , "cn after The train, the G:50 out of Phil- lassville, along Route 662, when the Storch and Hamcs probably i t h c first rain, the "cars sink downj^elphia bound for Allentown. was',1916 black coupe slipped off thc be tried in September. ^The^SUtc |to their axles and first thing you'' css t n a n 900 feet from the t r u c k j r o a d onto gravel of thc shoulder. i know we have to fill them in again.! a l the crossing, observers said. Grcenawald Daniel Feglcy. M r s . | l c l Mrs ' W a r r c n Stauffer. Mrs. Hanover street, f a r m s 78 acres of j T h e - o r i c a t a t i o n lecture w a s ! Dorothy Stauffer Neiman ~Ma"rianl S h c l d o n w - Funk - Mr5 - E a r l M i '-'his own and 60 rented acres. i given by Maj. Elmer S. Friedberg, Rcichert Mrs Helen Kohler Lc- Icr - ^ a n a " Tezak, M r s . R u t h I · * - j commander of the unit. Captain's Fevrc and Mrs Dorothy Kolb, o r a ; h - Mr5 - · I a n c t Lora;n - M r 5 - j TO F E E D HIS hcrd of 40 Hoi- bars were presented to two mcm-i lEstella Wellington. Mrs. Charlotte steins hc raises ' the traditional,bers, Capt. John S. Weisfcld and! Stelt/., all of Boyertown. . . Guests attending were Mrs. P a u l ; K u I P an(l Catharine Groff. Grim, Mrs. William Erb. Mrs.' Carl Gilbert. Mrs. Henry .larrett, Mrs. Titus Johnson, Herbert Luckenbach. Mrs. Robert Greenawald, F. B. G. Yodcr.' rv i 1^1 · ' i i Declares Dividends American Legion Women To. Hold Picnic-Meeting wheat, oats. corn, a l f a l f a , clover,Capt. John E. Kurtz. and timothy. ! ! "I'm lucky when the weather \l/|Qr MITP O I Q i i * wet." he confided. "My land i s ' l Y l R L HI I U u A l l I mostly on a hillside, where it dries, | off quickly." | Because, of this. Hollenhach was able to cultivate his crops when other f a r m s were still Dividends o'f $1.17 a share on thc 4.68 percent preferred stock was "r'n^ i?^ 3 ^ by dirCCt ° rS ° f , the Philadelphia Electric company.! In a 1 uick s u m m a r y of On the 4:4 percent preferred (prospects for this area, he stock, dividends of SI. 10 per share! t h a t wheat looked like (Continued From Pa»;c One) Lawler suggested t h a t the borough use concrete to cover its intersections. "Some of thc worst ones arc at Madison and Queen streets and at South and Franklin streets." he said. j " I f " these were made of con-, jcrete," he said. "I'm sure t h a t , we'd save a lot of money. We'd do 1 it once and it would be finished." The teletype alarm was sent out! [immediately after the accident by |Police Chief George Mover of. Col- llcgcville. crop said 0 - c i oc ). ,.' h i lt7pri nll , ° r TM d , ' r f TM «"?! ?our hours Morc l f l a n a h n l f i n c l i of rain! ' SCHADE chimed in in agreement and brought out that the intersection of Charlotte and High streets and Washington and High) also bar" ' '-- A R E A A I R M A N WED IN ST, LOUIS Waiter Slyer Family Attends the Service He narrated, "I got on thc loose stones, struck a culvert, ran back onto the road, and then ran off thc road again. I knocked down a six-inch tree and turned over on the roof in the ditch. "As soon as 1 stopped claims only $3500 of thc $10,000 was paid thc trio. Thc rest was to have been paid after the slaying. BALLY BEAR - (Continued From Pace Onc) I crawled out the window on the that the man seeing the animal driver's side and then called for t h e | m a y have mistaken it for a bear, A meeting and picnic by mem hers of the Charles B. Yerger Post!cent preferred stock, Sl.OTVi. ·471. American Legion Ladics'j The .1.8 percent stock paid auxiliary. Boyertown, will be held' ·tonight at the home of Mrs. Leoni Toms, Gablesville. were announced and on the 4.3 per- crop in years." Oats was "favor-l able." Corn seemed to be "a gooil stand--a foot high already." The ·E. sSjSn. 1 * d """ s "" " ur -i::^ - - i «=*' Councilman Paul P. Kohler said.i s t L F O K n -- Mrs. Charles Fore*-, rorr. tow truck. "The trouble was the spun when 1 went over the culvert and when the car went back on the road I couldn't hold it there." ibut he, too, steering happened. said it could have "BEARS and other wild animals are sometimes transported into the THE ACCIDENT took place at- s t a l C ) » hc explained. "Sometimes -:15 o'clock. iVi miles north of these animals break loose and re- Route 422. Gricsemer, a son of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Griesemer, enlisted in the dividends f S.9o. Thc dividends n a v crops "coming along fine." are payable Aug. 1. | He added t h a t a neighbor. Her- Thc directors also declared 1 n a r d McMuIlcn. has good stands Any member desiring transpor-i quarterly dividends of 25 cents a"° c w "cat and clover this year. tation are requested to be in front i share on the SI. 00 dividend prefcr-i . - · The dividend of -50 cents on com- DEATHS-FUNERALS!" 0 " slock incrcascs thc annual 'rate from $1.50 to SI. 60. State's Target Signs Draw Excessive Fire Services for EMMA G. (KEIM.) Y E R G E R . widow of John G. Ycr- gcr. BARTO, were held yesterday! at 2 p. m. from a funeral home atj 124 West Philadelphia avenue.] Boyertown. The Rev. Edgar M. Cooper, pas- SALT L A KE CITY. June 22 t.fl -(or of New Hanover Lutheranj T h e proposed use of "target signs" church, officiated. ^ i ( 0 protect Utah's highway safety Interment was made in the N c w j m a r k c r s h a s becn a t, andoncd In {. Hanover L u t h e r a n cemetery. j t i a l experiments proved too -suc- Bcarcrs were Ralph Saylor,^^^]. James Savior. William Stailey.j -j-^ state Planning Director Speak LeRoy L. Little, director of Mont- jgomcry county Planning sion. will- address a In one hour from 12 o'clock noon u n t i l 1 p. m. the mercury t u m b l e d 12 degrees from I RS to 74. It continued f a l l i n g j and reached a low of 72 at 4 i o'clock. It climbed back to 76 I by 6 p. m . ^ a n d tapered off to I 70 at midnight. It was a cool 67 at 3 o'clock this morning. H was the first time since the past Friday the, temperature dipped below 70. LIGHTNING knocked down ""' Ph ° ne Te| -,' Ma "nc corps this past May 25. He win cn{cr lhe Marine corps in turn to the woods. Perhaps it was one of these animals that was spotted near Bally." Walnut streets. Your car goes M A ,, ,,. ,, c , w c n c r e a r n e corps n a down-bump-then up-bump Ter; 1 , ' . , Stycr and | Philadelphia o n July 1 a n d will! n ... _ " ~ . * * riblc.^ And thc second worst one is at Washington and Lincoln [streets." | The councilmen will bring up j o t h e r intersections t h a t may pre- i meeting and discuss the situation 'further. . ' sons, home Carl after St. Louis, tended thc A i r m a n 1' Roberta and Mrs. and Alton, spending a rcturnedi ,i basic training at Ki- 855 Two Youths Injured In Motorcycle Crash ding was held al the "Church of the Mag'deline" in St. Louis. The bride wore a gown of blush pink c h a n t i l l y lace over satin, dc-j signed on rcdingote. lines, thc skirt' was slit to reveal a panel of pleated tulle. A crown of orange; blossoms held her veil and her Blair noted the chance of seeing bear is extremely rare. "Thc nearest ones to my knowledge are Parrisjiocatcd in Pike county, which is about 70 to 100 miles from here." wanted There have been times when I came ;some people get confused between But I guess I a black and brown bear, Blair said. now -" iSome black bears take on a brown- A spokesman at Paul's garagejish tint. These are what thc game | who towed thc car from thc scene ^commission refers to as a cinnamon | estimated damage at $600. He said I bear. Maybe this type was 'the car was a total wreck. 'ted. V eck l n i Island, S. C. Mo There they a t - j Gricsemer said. "I wedding of their son.; (o h a v e , he car w h e n . Edum R. Slyer to, f r o m t h e Marines. of M r -, T won't have anv Powers. Th (dcnw Mght gathering O f the ru- of Lconard P c n n v p a c k c t , _, . . North A d a m s street. Broken' . T ,7 - vout ^ «'cre injured last bo ,, { , hanot| , a n d i D . , bricks were spraved over the front n '* I U w h c n t h c i r motorcycle ram, P l c r s o l 'and back yards of the Penny- Little will speak on planning as it applies in this area. ; Th( , f , m i , « ,, cil!nrt "! ' aT he" yomhs were David BJ The flo«er girl was in pink THEY ALL SAY YOU CAN GET IT AT 'Home at 6:15 o'clock. j Program C h a i r m a n R a v Earl Yerger. Gordon Morris Brcndlingcr. Shinn a n d i road -commission PERSONALS Rensselaer Student Returns to College After Visiting Parents .packer home. j The f a m i l y was visiting w h e n the bolt hit at 1:15 p. m. Robert Schwoyer. who lives at 854 Warren street, tr the. rear of the Pennypacker home. ! reported hearing an "awful i crash." i When Mrs Pennypacker re-| turned she discovered a 2-bv-4' mcd into the rear of a doctor's car on Route 422 near R u m m y ' s Itavern. roses. The bride's a t t e n d a n t s wore frocks of pink silk s h a n t u n g . 'jercctcd a few bulls-eye markers; |in remote areas to sec if they; (would draw thc fire of disgruntled' jhunters away from road signs, a (form of vandalism which takes ""^^R^*"'^ J r - DH " P h o n c '·'"· d« u ' under the chimney had becn Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Moser andi about $30.000 out of the State's, \ ' ·.split, porcelain electrical fixtures Mr. and Mrs. Paul MoaU. Jr.,.coffers every year for replace-! Henry Pollak, student at the on the second floor had been 613 East Philadelphia avenuc.'mcnts. . 'Polytechnic college at Renssclaer. cracked and several fuses \\cre Boycrtown, returned home Sun-| Commission C h a i r m a n D. II.'N. Y. has returned after spending knocked out. day night from Norfolk. Ya. Rc-jWhittcnburg said the target signs several days with his parents. Mr. . . . turning with them was Carl Moser. worked--too well. Thc signs w c r c l a n d Mrs. Abraham P.ollak. AT 1 O'CLOCK Abner Kolb. 136 son o f - M r . and Mrs. Moscr. who damaged little, but me targets. The recent graduates from the Main street. East Greenville, was is stationed aboard thc USS;wcre riddled worse than unpro-!Limerick township Grade school jarred whcn a destructive Shenandoah. Hc is spending ajtectcd signs ever \vcre. Fromm, 25. and Walter Repinsky, 26, both of Reading. The. motorcycle, operated by Fromm, slammed into thc rear of the car operated by Dr. j .Martin U'asscrswig, Reading, 1 at about I I p. m. ! The youths were t a k e n to St. ; organdy. j Edwin Stycr chose his brother. Carl, for his best man and an-, iother brother, Alton, was one of the ushers. THE B R I D E ' S MOTHER wore a beige dress w i t h m a t c h i n g ac- M.rv cirmcn.. corr. beam near the second-floor win-,j 0 : C D h - s " hosni ' t ,i R c a d i n . hv , h r ccssorics and the groom's mother r.. n.0.. rhnn* A n ,,,,,.. ,u« ,,!,: i,.j i i.'u.-tpii .s nuNpiiai. ncaoin.,, n\ me ..-.,, x-·,-,· ,,-Jit, ,,!,;.« «·,,« burns ' ' far 80 Drown as Floods Down India 21-day leave in Boycrtown. Deaths classified Bi " ^ Federal Loans jFor College Educations MADRAS. In-lia. Junc 22 if-. ,,, , , ,, , ho ' 1 Unexpected floods racing down an were Joanne Chapay. M a r t h a Epps. flashed through his television set. Indian river drowned about SO per- Helcn Gregory, David Ku^cr. Rich-' Hc was s i t t i n g on the closed.sons in small boats today j a r d Landis, Kenneth Long. Frank-] porch whcn thc lightning h i t . 'reports said. » i l i n Mautc. Gladys R u m l c r . EIroy, "I heard it when it struck." he The torrent also swept a w a y 'Ruppert. Billy Schurr. Daly Schurr. said, "and then 1 saw smoke fly boats loaded w i t h one million j J a m c s Swartlcy. Stanley ~ " press wore Navy with w h i t e . Aftcr a reception at thc Edgewater club thc couple came East to spend a few days with nis parents. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stayer. A reception also was held at the Stycr home for thc newly married couple. Guests attended from St. Louis". Missouri. Pottstown. Schwcnks- villc. Flourtown. Limerick, Boycr- town. Sanatoga. Telford. Soudcr- ton. Springfield. Vcrnficld. Bcrgcy and Harleysvillc. Thc couple left i i j » - i i r « M l W I m W 1 1 W U W LU U l»U 1 1 U 1 1 .B · - - - . w » \ . - i v u v t v - v * »« i \ t » i'*i t, I M I I I I I J M * T-.I T. rr* i rffR i-QlSi^toKn on Frtdar.! w v s m N T f o v Illn , ' , T hJ ·" Swartlcy - ^^^ Stefa-^ut of the side of the house (through rupees worth of timber. Thc ,nci., f o r . h l ,r aso -, Tcx " ^"c they w,I( ^ S «ri«M. cA» s (Heiniy). wtt.j WASHINGTON. June 22 '--The now.c?. and Barbara Zubcrt. a first floor w i n d o w ) . dent occurred on the river Sabari m a k c l h c i r h o m o ^ v h l l c " h c I!: Ma ' ft* n.. ... O A . t * A p * n n · r«* 1 F* PflPr 3 I I »oV*rf*I*n fM ^r\T \»'/il 1H r\n i » « - TtL _ * ^ - » y ^ . . . 1 i.« . · . . . . . . . . . * « . A n j « * I « « « D . « · « · « * ? _ TJ"» -- _ _ 1. _ _ _ aeelrcderal Government would be au- You See It On TV You Hear It On Radio Nationally Advertised We Have It BEN FRANKLIN STORE Received JOO Coses SUMMER GLASSWARE New Patterns and Styles Large Assortment of Glass Sets 69 C _ 79* _ 1 -oo _ i.29 See our counter and window display Set "I went inside and i; smelted like 30 miles from Hvdcrabad. tioncd at Biggs Air Force base. Card of Thanks YERGER wl«h to thunk - ... .... , . Girl scout of the year was Joannclf"-^* were blown. 3; .0 mil ion Collars from « h i c h i C h a p a v Shp ,,, cu . ou( , h p c d , ; E lsewher^in thc ~i!TM n! L 0 _. f . J:,°^_"- U | d , b !... m " dc _ ^iPresented her mother with a ros"c'Plit trees and the .the commissioner of education hir« »nl friend' for the manr »c'-«;.sory or k'.nrtnrv* shoxn: for rm^flihv '\- VndM «n1 for th' b»»utiru! tiers tr'.btr.t^ »t th« funcr»! or Emmii O v-rcrr Thc FAMILY. r . e i-h- students, who would sign promis-i-. --.,, hearing onc percent m i n i a t u r c pin to ncr f a t h c r .'downcd tree branches. '-- rom thc sc; RENT REPORTED were burned. · WASHINGTON. June 22 '.?. -and four Renters of city homes paid an average of about $44 a month thc l i g h t n i n g past year for their houses and and rain, apartments, thc Commerce dc- (·partmcnt reported. area wind notes nvrr o v e r We Can Do U 18 AND STONK POINTING Chimney Rcp»lr«--Roof Tsintlns Phone Poltstown 15". Articles for Sale Dottle Coni C*ll Boyertown 7-24 NOTICE! My O f f i c e Will Be from JULY 11 TO AUttUST 2 INCLUSIVE Dr. John H. 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For Complete GUARANTEED TV SERVICE All Mak*l - Mod«l» ·OYCKTOWN 7-24«7 PCNNSBURO 7374 KUSER BROS., Inc. ·OYKRTOWN CAST GREENVILLE Yachl and TV and Beach Chairs Children* m Adults Yachf . . . . $l.98|Yachf Chair . . $3.49 Beach Lounge . $2.98|Beach Chair . . $4.69 All Sizes Window Screens, 98' io M.69 RICE STRAW PORCH RUGS 98c -- 1.29 -- 2.29 I NEW SUMMER LUGGAGE 1.98--2.98 -- 3.39 Complete Line Of PICNIC NEEDS - IOC, 15c, 19 PkgS. Be vSure to See Our MATCHING SETS Largest Assortment of CHILDREN'S and LADIES' BATHING SUITS and SUN SUITS at Lowest Prices Be Sure to Visit Our LINGERIE SHOP For Latest Styles -- Lowest Prices IN LADIES' AND MISSES' APPAREL Save Time and Money -- Shop the Ben Franklin Stores Friday and Saturday Evenings Till 8:30 P, M.

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