The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on January 31, 1947 · Page 7
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, January 31, 1947
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 31, 1947 POTTSTOWN MERCURY, POTTSTOWN, PA, Phone 2263 PACE SEVEN ITS A P FOR GRAND FOODS AT MODEST PRICES! Large, Juicy Florida ORANGES 200-116 Size, Thin Skin»*i 2 dozen 45 C ftew SoHtherm Cabbaf · Fresk Broccoli * f ~ t -* Celery Hearts //c cc s==«, Grapef rait «--= /= ?5 '-«« »,.-; Rome BeitBty Apple* J* Fresh Carrots cc/ 0 -^ Yellow Omions « --^ cc, Slieedl Peaches fa-re- F-^ % S« 3 /· 29c ^ /-£.*.« 17e 5 0 ^ /-/» p* f A P's DAIRY CENTER NOW HAS YOUR FAVORITE CHEESE 2 /c 93e STOCK UP WITH THESE PANTRY NEEDS KADOTA FIGS fancy ,--*»^. [ ^Ik i 1 } I I "_L-j- Digirfy OiCna . 2?-oc car AFPIJE JUICK 32 or bctti* S\1AD Air. D cg»_crec-n/, l--oo- 1 - J-oi ;o PAAC4KE FtOUR |«£, S'jr-/Tie'd 23 or p*cJ»-^* r * ]\ I I CORXMEAL « '^'MW °'"·'-"· ' J^ EIGHT O'CLOCK EVAP. MIMC g i *. * M. CASDY cxxo'or* -- }J-«i ARE FROM mm wrraoiiT PEERS A 3c P Si-pcr R^ht road's ^teakc chops come :-om iavistil corn-fed steers, mi'V.-~ed veal ana young nos* Vnd *o t.'it jo'ir innir- can «njc t.lis 5ni ineii. A . P prict* e^eri- pound "01 :t at one price -- the ioweiL The price ou »ee adxertised nere is »fie pnce } on p»y -Then jon come to bjrr »t \ i P. Sirloin, Porferhou** or Round STEAKS '·-· - 61' ONE PRICE -- N O N E H I G H E R Pork Ivoin Roasts a or Loin End . Long Island . . . nonm hJ 5 her Sv-- 'i "'·- i.-- C co-, f.rr- ib 47e IL 43« / t Freshly Groand Beef CMCK ROAST AAIA 39' 367 High St, Pottstown Boyertown Rrtler Is Returned As Superintendent By Sunday School Hanev D. R:i r er -*as re-elec*ed ' genera! super-mercec* o: trie Sun- cay school o' S' Johns E-. argeLca! Lutheran cnurcn for 1947 at a recei-t meeting. Oiler general officer^ are Emma X. Fr.-z, recording secre:ar , In '2 X. ETD, si^tistic^i secreiar , \\ il- i_ara B N'a^e:. a-^-b-'-iir s'a'^ncal iecreiar\ ; ErJerger 51 ETD, treasurer, A. "A'iilei Gticn'aiiic, head Lorar_an; lirs AUeine Mu rf iarc arc: iva'iirvn Sciiaerler, aisisian^s Teacaers ;n ire Young P^ple'i. 3:ole classes ^ere oo:b re-e!ectea. Th^y are Emma N Frrz, '.oimg ladies cl^Si, ana Gu'cin G Yoaer. ·. GLM'g men. ' Kilter aiio was rc-eleiicd ta post of superintendent of Main department. Claude A. Croll and Cora DaMdhei^er vcrrt named iiii^LanLs. Other officer* of the department arc 3Irs. £arl Brumbach, m u s i c a l director; Ihere^i JKej»er. piuiisl, and Jean Kohler, asiLstant pianist. J_:!_:o- :tr'.cne's ·O_CT I CG-i-tn -aCe-, ilrs H^r\r. D ?...i.rr. ilri a- c Pe^ e~, S'_t^i Joimson. anc ^n-cl Re-lua._e-. iir.- fjra^o. ilrb j"'ei, Kri-_=-, iiri He en Bern-art erLL'ee Mcer. ind Mrs '.*;- «m bcTL»n- , (= i.^ giic!e. Mrs, S-ivmona Fr-.e- -^rrii 'Aasios. -Mid Doro^c.. R_ppert I-;enr."ciiie teacne-s a-e (be- e^l race Es'ne- Hcnr:ln%er. Mrs \mm ie""au(ir Ctar'e^ Kra J- ard ^ Yemen Delegates Meet in London Two delegates from Yemen, colorful!\ attired in their m m e attend the reopening of the Pale-.tii'p ('onferenct- at M. James' Palace in London. Pictured a b o \ e are E! S a i d Hassan Vlni-i Ibrahim i l e f t ) and H K II \rair =leif Vl-I^!am \bdullah Late reports indicate thai the Palestine Question mav be ?nen to the U-N;-- OI)ituaries F R I T Z ^ C H E VERDICT DE N'L'SRNBERG. Jii- 30 .1 -- The Nazi droacoi^:er a hand I i nan ilsrr Lea Cro-1, Geru c r ind Dou^'as Heat. rL.nt;i g-ao^j Mrs ione- CleirirLr. Gordon Rose. He!e A el e~.; Ecna Mecne'.y S-n-0- tez.cneri Main ceparLmeni i-e i-eir* trscJe). Kt'e- Go---^a-' itr?, Sirl B-iLi^sicn Samue' A'e^js. an. Heorv G^o'e, ( ^ ' r - gride), Mrs He e Vaage- G'c-a. Hevd;.. ar.d Me. .: Si.bierre'' "2;- ^-ace). Claude A C-o ' M-s Wa-icr La'. -CLi;e!_er. Cora ,n ! M\KY C. (ML K R A I ) DtT- i j WII.ER, 65 '\r'e o f W-iI'air- ? ; ," ( Dct? uer POTTSTOWX RD 2. c-ec J ies"err~E\ mo' T ' 1 !"g 11 "le'* home ."- ·* nere sne had lr. ec all .erd-c: 'omor sirpennre3leni F'-n. p'aiMiT. He-osi.. Mrs M*T G M-s. E-iner Ke--. er LuLrer H Sc^mojer i« re*ciier of . the !e»cersc'p c'as or rae M»-n de- pa*^meni Th.en;e arouna vch^c^i .cs M3cs are ou-l!^ S* Imp-o--ng Our I_-e«d- Xo pnmarr CepiroreriT: supe--ntcn- fo-- or Ca-- e S JLora. 1 -. \--eran pub lc ·-oiioo^ te^cner and cnurcii scaoo. Oliier officers Mrs Egenjre~ Mrs. La-erne i«b»_i s«cre"a"y, ass-stant Mr^ ir'e- Zuner. and Mrs La.-, erne Heriisr virere named mLjr.c I c-reccor; -srrLUe 3iT8 Wl' Carnng ! Ba^dergar-tea a^e teacl-e-» a-e ?ir» Da"ie Znaer. Ca'-'ie Swavel.. Mrs ' Ra.rmond. S*ar*o*5. artl ilr« \l~n Ster' ne^ Oilier p--rrary leacners art (ELrst I ''ra-de} ilrs W -tllam Carrng^oi. Mrs lAirre-.ce Konler. Mrs Samael A Horn. and. Mrs Larerre Herbsr; (c,ecood £-adel, M-s Jesse Sciiane.^ Mrs Elmer Server. Mrs Ra-rmond Samscl j Mrs Vtm-Lr- Hunsbe-ger. (Jirrd. j Carrie S lo-a 1 ^ M-« KTP C t M^s Norman Joimsoii. a-id. Mm. "Walte^ | her ^:fe. Sne oelorged to Nanoneal Methodist church Besices ncr nusbanc, she is sur; -1'- ea by 3 daughter. Mrs Alice Sup- piee, 11 Nor'n. Hano\er street; a sister ana tnree orotners. Florence B-shoo, of Pasaaena. Cahr ; Otle.. Murrav, of ^Cantmeal; Karrv MJI-- ra, o' Manoa ^PC Scc;ar A ilur- rav. of J\erson, and two ?ranQ- Weak Painful FEET Rhe"mat'c-i'i.e pains in fev t let;?, and c:her parts of trie rxxl. niav be due | to weak, broken do-wm ' ircr"-* D 1 " Scroll · A^ch Supports inimeciiately j r^Lic%c rr"» rroabte b- I-. bur firml .· Funeral arrar'se'Eents ha\e nor \ec beer 1 completea Pottstown Landing Mrs J B Custer. corr Clair deliverv. Fhone PotLsiown 329. j The I Banso I. Laucks, and Re 1 . Fenton vis'ted in to*-n Robert P Ecker, plumber :s confined to tne Jefferson hospital Pniladelphia Samuel Yerger -a^as confined to h_s room this Dast ^efE Mrs Rufus Ecier and her daugn- ter, Carol, "vis'ted Mr and Mrs Jonn Snyder and family, Custer's court, Perm Village 54 JO per pair. Wm Specialize I fe Dr ScboII's Foot Comfort Serrfc*. Hundred* of foot sufferers hav* obtained immediate and listing through our effort*. BOSTON SHOE STORE 259 HIQH STREET *T department »upeniitend«"t 's M»b baiid JF Longacre *-lfe ol ibe pasto"- Mrs Russ«Il Croli i« c-ad"= -oil s^per_nte"^enL. M-^ Rooerc Ernes. p an-st ard Mrs. Lulu Boim ard 3*r« , Norman Jolinson - ___ ~ Teache-s in the nurserT departrrent foJow (Cradie -o- 1 ), Mr^ Walter Ter- \^£T and Mrs Ri^seli Ge ge- tmir=T7), I Mr« Sdw^i £jie-ra-d and Mrs Howard I Ser-eale-, asb'tted bT Mrs Henry Star* I (oeglnners) M-? Leon F.rn Mrs. Ble-| oe-i Sieltz XIrs Russeli Hobo-wbuiS i and Mrs John Rose. asir^Ued oy Mrs i Irai5 Babe (MU-ers' C-ass) M-S Lu- ·ner Scnraoye" M-s Rjsseil CroU. i MT Ge-ald Kocnel. and Mrs D. T j L-ons»c-e ' Kor^e department wo-ae-^ are M-s Harr Reicnert Mr? Sadie Scniroyer. ; Mr* Harold MaLLLer. Mrs Samuel Jonn ', son. and Carte S Ijorai Over 1000 Firei and Loss, of 75 Lives Every Day in U.S~A. HOMES, HOTELS, SCHOOLS. CHURCHES WORKSHOPS, RESTAtTK^VTS. L\BOR4TORTES, ELECTRIC PO«ER STATIONS AIRPORTS, etc. can be protected with M1ARVEL KILL- FYR exUn^Uishers. WTiiIe KILL-FYR is automatic, it can be msed manually. Remember . . Marvel Automatic Kill FTTS £ir£ you 24-Tionr protection l\hen yoa Jock our Store or Sriop or retire for the nijrht at home, if the extinguishers YOU ha\e are not AUTOMATIC YOU ARE GAMBLING. Martel Auioj^iaiic Kin^Fi/r Aaency RICHARD LIGHTOWLER r 109i Hic|h Sf. r Distributor · P H O N E 2099-W PERSONALS | T 3 'c Robei t Pislier. son of Mr j and Mrs Samuel R Fisher, 339 East | Philadelphia avenue, will returri to \ duty at Portland, Ore, Sunday, after a ten-day lea\e » · * Miss Marv Keiir daughter of Mr and Mrs Milton W. Keim. Boyertown RD 2 now is empioed as a nurse at Children s hospital. Honolulu, TJH. MISS Kerm. a former Army nurse ^n Italv. flew from here to the West; Coast, and from there to Hono- luiJ. We invite you to com* in and 5e* the Great New Westinghouse SELECT-0-RAY Combination Sun and H«at L»mp Described by Ted Malon* over the ABC Radio Network Mon.. Wed., Frill :45 A. M., WFIL ZANGRIUI6, TUFANI ·5 HIOM STRBXT WOOL RUGS and CARPETS Axmmster and Wilton* rn 9-foot wide goods can furnuh 9 x 12 or larger sizes -- plain or figured patterns. Also 27 inch wide Axminster carpet for use as hall runners. WILSON'S Shades 174 North Charlotte Street Linoleum PottstOWD, Pa. THRIFT What w»* tr»e in o«r forefathers' d*r is eq«*Ur a.ppH- eakfe to the fa«t-m«Tlnj tiiBcs in which we lire . . . the best »ec«ritj in the world is the ^ecKntj b«ilt ami tt * a T i B f ·* troui TOW own efforts. *·»«*· to *AVI RE«- ULARLY lit 1»47. Op*n y · M r\ »cc*tHTt In *wr bank, and k*«p K M»l NATIONAL BANK ·f ^o Serving Pottstaun. and Vicinity for 13 Yean ·c ^nao* k w«« prodvced br « a f*c1*rj c*r*if*+4 plaat «s»og top cfojdxr B-F-Goodndu IMecBf travi ·M*cr«Ll irbxi irfac* add«d «D r»bb«- ··« k ^f^tmtifUf M^Mv, T«l»*, CO*'* B.FGoodrich T I R E S 130 High Street, Pottitown FEBRUARY SUPER-VALUES Now . . . At The ARNELL Store! V FINGER-TIP CONTROL R:gnc on 'tie nsndle, a^ Lhe toucii of a fm?sr \o\i can select, tne correct, temperature for the fabric \' REALLY LIGHT WEIGHT Actuall.' onl 2S las for easy rir»- ,less iromns Con.enienL for traveling \' COMFORT-DESIGN GRIP Ba'--eLte telephone enp," heat n Sisung, Tninim-.z ,V SEALED THERMOSTAT Trouole free Presents failures due to moisture or dirt particles. Delivers constant controlled heat. ONLY 15 TO SELL AT THIS SPECIAL PRICE! With 7 Extra, Attachments CLOSE-OUT SALE! 25 Pieces of Quality LUGGAGE · OVERNIGHT CASES · MEN'S CLUB BAGS · LADIES' TRAVELING CASES Value, to 16,95 I Your Choice . . « Immediate Delivery 1 SPERT1 SUNLAMPS in 1 S-»reep«r-V»c VACUUM CLEANER $59.95 Re*. $10.3O 2-Burner HOT PLATES Famou« "TotcfigKt" FLUORESCENT LANTERN For Motorists, For $15.75 Re*. 10 4O 5-Pfece KENT HOSTESS COFFEE SET $8.88 CONVENIENT TERMS Famous TRrLMOJTT BUck Heat ROOM HEATERS Ivory or Walnut $33 ARNELL PHOTO DEPARTMENT Your Authorized ANSCO Dealer ANSCO ROLL FILM In All Popular Sizes ANSCO CUT FILM All Sizes ... All Types ANSCO PHOTO CHEMICALS For Every Photo Purpo»« Famou* CINEMASTER MOVIE CAMERA, F2.8 Leu*, $ 66.6S Famous CINEMASTER PROJECTOR, 300 Watt . . . *37.00 UNIFLASH Roll Film FLASH Camera $ 8-75 New HOLLYWOOD REFLEX CAMERA for 120 Film, $ 19.95 Reduced! DeJur LIGHT METER with Case *14.85 261 HIGH ST. POTTSTOWN. PA. .NFWSPAPFRf ^WSPAPFR!

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