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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 70

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 25, 1998
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F10 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1998 LOS ANGELES TIMES TODAY CHANNELS Los Angeles IB KVEA (Tele.) 23 Orange County B3KDOCN J56 QKCBSICBSI02 0BKLCSPBS)17 aKNBC(N8C)04 EBKRCA(W)20 HKTIAIWBI05 h,. BKABC1ABCI07 . BKCAIIW.I09 SSm BJIOTVIFoxlll KlJ7.a IB KC0P(UPN) 13 Santa Baton DOKSailnd.118 ll;KEVTABC)07 B3KWHY(lnd.22 cru BDKCHIPBSI28 E)KMEX(Un(.14 24 EQKT6N(lnd.40 Ventura County B3KOCEPBS50 83iKADY(UPN) 16 Cable Services A&E 39 E! 63 SCI-FI 87 AMC 35 ESPN 34 SHOW 41 BET 57 ESPN2 84 TBS 43 BRVO 54 FAM 47 TIC 51 CNBC 31 FSW27 TMC 58 COM 79 FX89 TNN 49 CSPN 29 HBO 33 TNT 52 CMAX45 HIST 30 USA 44 CNN 42 UfE4S VH162 DSC 37 MTV 48 WGN 55 DISN 53 NICK 38 Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. A indicates advertisement. Movie Ratings A CLASSIC FIRST RATE FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS DESPERATION TIME TV RATINGS (TVYI All Children (TVY7 Directed to Older Children (TVG) General Audience (TVPG) Parental Guidance (TV14) Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA) Mature Audiences Only (D) Suggestive Dialogue (I) Coarse Language (SI Sex (V) Violence MORNING 7:00 a.m. H KCBS News U KNBC 36 KMIR Today .Author Thomas Moore. 96859 B KTLA Morning News " A Balinese wedding, Sam Rubin at ttie Grammys. 67651 HKABC 3 KEYT 4Z KESQ Good ; Morning America .flichard Dreyfuss ("Krippendorf's , Tribe"); Grammys preview; intema-tionalcat show. 59019 El KCAL Mummies Alive 15699 IP KTTV Good Day L A .News; celebrities; traffic; weather ' reports. Host Steve Edwards. 99651 C0 KCOP Marvel Superheroes 40496 Q3 KWHY Business News I' KVCR Introductory Geology BO KCET Barney (TVY) (Repeat) 68458 BD KMEX Despierta America! G3 KTBN Rod Parsley E3 KOCE Government by Consent OB KVEA Lift-Off 20274 S3 KDOC NewsJiNi Business News .(7:20) ED KLCS Learning English IB KRCA Kids Club 93019 3 KADYBullwinkle AMC Movie "The Naked Dawn" "119551(1 hr. 30 min.) 157537 ME The Equalizer CMAX Movie "Auntie Mame" ' .(1958) (2 hr. 23 min.) 216293 CNBC Market Watch 22670 CSPN House of Representatives "6695564 DISN Aladdin (TVY) t!E! News Oaily (TVPG-D) 188090 SPN SportsCenter SPN2 Perfect Parts FAM Bonanza (TVG) FSW Fox Sports News FX Trapper John, M O. (TVPG-D) HBO Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for 'Every Child (TVY JilST Movie "Seven Angry Men" . (1955) Raymond Massey. (2 hr.75336 UFE Everyday Workout (TVG) MTV MTV Jams (TVPG) NICK Rocko's Modern Life 648941 SCI-H Time Tunnel (TVG) JBS Mama's Family LCPappyland(TVY) TNN Crook & Chase (TVG) JCharlton Heston. 373106 TNT Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw .Years (TVPGI OSA Gargoyles (TVY7-FV) VH1 CardioVideo )rVGN Pinky & the Brain (TVY) 592019 7:30 a.m. P KCAL The Mask 94106 IB KCOP Extreme Dinosaurs 29903 ' HO KSCIIran-Sima(Farsi) 407944 B3 KWHY Business News 24 KVCR Introductory Geology SO KCET Storyume(W)(Repeat) 70293 CD KTBN Marilyn Hickey ED KOCE America Sews m KVEA Hola Los Angeles 49309 B3KD0C0hayo Salon 50 KLCS Putting English to Work 63 KADY Underdog DISN Timon & Pumbaa (TVY) ESPN2 BodyShaping HBO Babar (TVY) LIFE Denise Austin's Dairy Workout (TVG) NICK Looney Tunes TBS Mama's Family TLCSkinnamarinkTV(TVY) USA Gargoyles (TVY7-FV) WGN BatmanSuperman (TVY7) 8:00 a.m. 0 KCBS This Morning Black women and strokes; cosmetic-tester contamination. 33293 H KCAL World of Tex Avery 1 5125 IB KCOP Extreme Ghostbusters 55767 EB KWHY Business News 24 KVCR Time to Grow 53 KCET The Charlie Horse Music Pizza (TVY) 97309 EE KTBN Kenneth Copeland S3 KOCE Simply Painting: Beautiful Ireland in Watercolour 03 KDOC Robert Tilton S3 KLCS The Story of Read-Alee-Deed-Alee; Staff Development (8:15) 63 KADY Tennessee Tuxedo A&EQuincy (TVG) BET Jam Zone BRVO Movie "The Happiest Days of Your Life" (1950) Alastair Sim. 1 hr. 30 min.) 451583 COM Dr. KatzlTVPG) DISN Goof Troop (TVY) E!One Day at a Time 'SPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Fitness Beach FAM Rescue 911 (TVPG) FSW Fox Sports News FX Eight Is Enough (TVG) HBO Movie "Space Jam" (1 996) 1 hr 28 min.) 577962 LIFE What Every Baby Knows (TVGI NICK Charlie Brown 737274 SCI-H Incredible Hulk (TVGI SHOW Movie "Alaska" (19961 Thora Birch. 72183670 (8:25) TBS Beverly Hillbillies TLC David the Gnome (TVY) TMC Movie "The Day Mars Invaded Earth" (19631 Kent Taylor. (1 hr 10 min. 23612336 (8:15) TNN Dallas (TVPG) TNT Spenser: For Hire USA Webster (TVGI .VH1 Pop Up Video WGN Andy Griffith (TVG) 1 I . ON TV 8:30 a.m. D KCAL X-Men 14496 OD KCOP Bananas in Pajamas & the Crayon Box 54038 03 KSCI Omid, Today's Physician EB KWHY Business News 124 KVCR Time to Grow ES KCET Arthur (TVY) 89380 EE KTBN Lifestyle Magazine 754941 BD KOCE Dudley the Dragon 975895 BD KLCS Wishbone 60926 63 KADY Laverneand Shirley AMC Movie "Road to Rio" (19471(1 hr. 45 min.) 2618583 CNN CNN & Company 376187 COM The Daily Show (TVPG1 1230187 DISN Adventures in Wonderland (TVY) E! One Day at a Time ESPN2 Kiana's Flex Appeal LIFE Kids These Days (TVG) MTV Music Videos (TVPG) NICKRugrats TBS Beverly Hillbillies TLC The Wisdom of the Gnomes (TVY) USA Facts of Life (TVPGI VH1 Women First 675816 WGN Andy Griffith (TVG) 9:00 a.m. a KCBS Guiding Light (TV14) 76835 (3 KEYT Regis 8. Kathie Lee 63361 El KNBC 36 KMIR Leeza 61903 a KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TV1 4) Unhappy newlyweds. 83895 O KABC 42 KESQ Regis & Kathie Lee Gloria Stewart, Boyz (I Men; Olympian Cammi Granato. 29941 DKCAL63 KADYTheNewtywedGame HI KTTV Grace Under Fire DO KSCI I Can Do It! W KWHY Business News 24 IWCRWimzie'sHousetTVY) 50800 BD KCET Barney & Friends (TVY) 70632 EE KTBN Or Cherry S3 KOCE Instructional TV S3 KDOC Life in the Word BD KLCS Teams A&E Northern Exposure (TVPG) CNBC Power Lunch 71458 CNN Newsday COM Movie "Bad Medicine" (1985)(2 hr.) 1018038 DSC Assignment Discovery (TVG) DISN The Little Mermaid (TVY) E! Lifestyles of the Ricfiand Famous (TVG) ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Fitness America Pageant FAM The Waltons (TVGI FSW2 Scottish Soccer FX The Collectibles Show (TVGI HIST The Real West (TVGI UFE Sisters (TVPG-U NICK Little Bear 750125 SCI-H Twilight Zone TBS Matlock TLC Work in Progress (TVG) TMC Movie "Take Her, She's Mine" (1963) James Stewart. (1 hr. 38 min.) 6792881 6 (9:25) TNN Creative Living With Crafts (TVG) TNT Movie "Honkytonk Man" (19821 (2 hr. 30 mini 587748 USA Gimme a Break VH1 Crossroads WGN Geraldo Rivera (TVPGI White House scandal. 759477 9:30 a.m. KCAL 63 KADY The Dating Game ED KTTV Grace Under Fire DO KCOP A Different World B3 KWHY Business News 2 KVCR The Charlie Horse Music Pizza 68361 B3KCET The Puzzle Place (TVY) 15293 EE KTBN Dean and Mary Brown BO KLCS Math for Primary (9:451 BRVO Movie "Under the Volcano" (19841 (2 hr. 368800 CMAX Movie "Backlash: Oblivion 2" (19961(1 hr. 24 min.l 121372 CNN Burden of Proof 659390 DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) ESPN2 Fitness America Pageant HBO Movie "Pretty in Pink" (1986) (1 hr 36 min.) 410361 NICK Blue's Clues SCI-H Monsters (TVPG) TNN Creative Living With Crafts (TVG) USA Perfect Strangers (TVGI VH1 Music Videos 10:00 a.m. H KCBS The Price Is Right (TVGI El KNBC EXTRA (TVPGI 98496 IJ KTLA Little House on the Prairie fl KABC i 3J KEYT The View Stefanie Powers, plastic surgery. 61 854 D KCAL Jerry Springer 83090 DD KTTV Andy Griffith (TVGI ffi KCOP Dr. Quiim, Medicine Woman(WG 60 KWHY Business News 24 KVCR Creative Living BD KCET Sesame Street 76477 ED KMEX Maite '36 KMIR Maury Povich (TV14 900516 EE KTBN Behind the Scenes; John Avanzini. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (10:15) 42 KESQ Martha Stewart Living 52309 B5 KVEA PuraSangre 38293 ES KDOC Froozles 877212 BD KLCS Challenge of the Unknown 63 KADY Jenny Jones (TVPGI 41 1 25 AMC Movie "Midnight" (19391 (1hr. 45 min.) 55257748 (10:15) A&E Law & Order (TVPGI CNN CNN Today DSC Home Matters (TVGI 625090 DISN Bear in the Big Blue House (TVY) E! Talk Soup. (TVPG-D) 851 309 ESPN Black College Sports Today ESPN2 NBA 2Night FAM The 700 Club FX Dynasty (TVPG-DSI HIST Road to Glory: The Olympics (TVG) LIFE Our Home (TVG) 803816 NICK Richard Scarry 992274 SCI-R Night Gallery SHOW Movie "Ruby Jean and Joe" (1996) Tom SellecUlhr. 40 min I67855361 (10:15) TBS Movie 'The Sugarland Express" (1974) (2 hr.) 154980 TLC On the Inside (TVG) TNN America's Country Hits (TVG) USA Wings (TVPG) VH1 Top 10 Countdown WGN News 10:30 a.m. El KNBC Access Hollywood 12903 DO KTTV Andv Griffith (TVGI m KWHY Business News; Health NewsllU.bU 24 KVCR Sewing With Nancy EE KTBN Casey Treat 42 KESQ Gayle King 83106 BD KDOC Headline News BD KLCS American Frontier; Know It All (1U 4b( DISN Katie and Orbie (TVY) E! The Gossip Show (TVPG-D) 6821 06 ESPN High School All-Star Selection Show ESPN2 NBA Fantastic Series NICK Muppet Babies SCI-H Ray Bradbury Theater (TVPG) TLC Great Country Inns (TVG) USAWings(IVPG 11:OOa.m. D KCBS The Young and the Restless (1V14I 46372 El KNBC News EJ KTLA The Live Show Stalking and the paparazzi; dress rehearsal from the Soap Opera Digest Awards. 56922 II KABC 3 KEYTPortCharies81449 EJ KCAL Maury Povich (TV14) 20814 DO KTTV I Love Lucy (TVG) D3 KCOP Jenny Jones 38651 EH KWHY Business News; California Stocks 11:20 24 KVCR America Sews HD KCET Storytime (TVY) 27477 0 KMEX Agujetas de Color de Rosa livrui jooj 36 KMIR The People's Court EE KTBN James Robison 42 KESQ Jeopardy! B5KVEA Cafe con Aroma deMujer 25729 BD KDOC Southland Today BD KLCS Kratts' Creatures 54583 G8 KRCA Know Your Favorite Artists A&EMcCloud CMAX Movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer" (1993) 470903 CNBC Street Signs COM Soap (TVPG) DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart (TVGI DISN Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers (TVY) E! Sexy Men: What Women Want (TVPG-D) ESPN NCAA Final Four Highlights ' ESPN2 Karate FSW2 Carl's Jr. Big Show 830941 FX Picket Fences (TVPG-D) HBO America's Dream (TV14) HIST The War Years (TVG) UFE thirtysomething NICK World of Dr. Seuss 590670 SCI-H Swamp Thing (TVG) TLC INNtimate Escapes (TVG) TMC Movie "Window to Paris" (1994) 74714545(11:05) USA Major Dad (TVG) VH1VH1 1998 Grammy Preview WGN Empty Nest (TVG) 11:30 a.m. 3 KEYT News El KNBC News U KABC News DO KTTV I Love Lucy (TVG) DD KSCI Taiwan News FjS KWHY Business News 24 KVCR Spirit of Cross-Stitch BD KCET Wimzie's House 281 06 EE KTBN Benny Hmn ;42 KESQ Port Charles 35496 ED KDOC The Rifleman (TVPG-VI BDKLCS French in Action BET Planet Groove BRVO TwylaTharp (TVG) 241748 COM TraceyUllman (TVPG) DISN Madeline (TVY) ESPN NCAA Final Four Highlights FAM Carol Burnett and Friends (TVG) NICK Gullah Gullah Island 508699 SCI-H The Odyssey (TVGI TLC INNtimate Escapes (TVG) TNT Movie "Tall Man Riding" (19551(1 hr. 30 min.) 396038 USA Major Dad (TVG) WGN Empty Nest (TVG) AFTERNOON Noon fl KCBS News D KNBC 36 KMIR Another World ITV14) 58293 B KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TVPG) 98835 D KABC 3 KEYT 42 KESQ All My Children (TVPG) 83903 EI KCAL News ED KTTV Beverly Hillbillies DO KCOP Montel Williams 63274 DO KSCI Mandarin Drama m KWHY Business News; High-Tech Report (12:20) 24 KVCR California Missions BD KCET Puzzle Place (TVY) 90496 EE KTBN The 700 Club BD KOCE Collecting Across America S3 KVEA Movie "Cuando Corrio el Alazan" (1 hr. 30 min.) 51632 BD KDOC Perry Mason (TVPG-V) BDKLCS Real Science! EB KRCA Daily Taiwan News& Special Report AMC Movie "Song of the Islands" (19421 (1 hr 15 min.l 7070922 BRVO Movie "Sweet Liberty" (19861 Alan Alda. (2 hr.) 862380 CNNTalkBack Live 721081 COM Saturday Night Live (TV14-LI DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN The Little Mermaid (TVY) E! Fashion Emergency (TVPGI.673458 ESPN America's Horse ESPN2 Billiards FAM Diagnosis Murder (TVPGI FSW FIT-TV FX Life Goes On (TVPG-DI HIST Movie "Seven Angry Men" (1955) Raymond Massey. (2 hr.87019 UFE Almost Perfect (TVPG-L) NICK Little Bear 730361 SCI-H Lost in Space SHOW Movie "Ghosts of Mississippi" (1996) Alec Baldwin. (2 hr 10 mm.) 14507564 TBS Flintstones (TVG) TLC A Wedding Story (TVGI TNN Crook & Chase (TVGI 704767 USA Movie "Contagious" (1997) Lindsay Wagner. (2 hr.) 547748 VH1 FT-Fashion Television WGN Beauty and the Beast (TVPG-V) 12:30 p.m. a KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful (TV14 44090 03 KTTV Beverly Hillbillies W KWHY Business News, Show Biz Report ( 12:501 524 KVCR U S History Since 1877 BD KCET Mister Rogers 26309 BD KOCE Victory Garden BDKLCS Newton's Apple S3 KRCA Inside China DSC Interior Motives (TVGI DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVYI E! Model (TVPG) ESPN Racehorse Digest HBO Movies "William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet" (19961(2 hr.) 718816 UFE Hope & Gloria (TVPG-DL) NICK Blue's Clues TBS Flintstones (TVG) TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TMC Movie "The Falcon & the Snowman" (19851 Timothy Hutton. (2 hr. 11 min. 11087372(12:401 VH1 Women First 305545 1:00 p.m. a KCBS As the World Turns (TV1 4 49545 a KNBC 36 KMIR Days of Our Lives TV14 67941 H KTLA Blossom U KABC 3 KEYT 42 KESQ One Life to Live (TV14) 92651 Q KCAL The People's Court IB KTTV Gilligan's Island DO KCOP Ricki Lake (TVPGI 72922 EB KWHY NewsClosing Bell Report 24 KVCR U.S. History Since 1877 BD KCET Reading Rainbow (TVY) 67729 El KMEX Leonela 70564 EE KTBN John Hagee M KOCE Simply Painting: Beautiful Ireland in Watercolour BD KDOC Gunsmoke (TVPG-V) BD KLCS Reading Rainbow 92380 S3 KRCA Love Story AMC Movie "Money From Home (I9b3 Uean Martin, (l hr. 45 mm 157789651 (1:15) A&E The Equalizer CMAX Movie "American Shaolin" 19921(1 hr. 43 min. 4360651 CNBC Market Wrap CNN CNN Today COM The Daily Show (TVPGI 8095038 DSC Home Matters (TVG) 463187 DISN Jungle Cubs (TVY) E! Ei News Daily (TVPG-D) 320854 ESPN Ski World ESPN2 Extreme Bloopers 1995 FAM Home and Family LorettaLynn 197767 FSW Sports Tennis KrogerM. Juae uassic. hnai: Michael Chang vs Mark Philippoussis. 51670 FSW2 Film Feature FX Supercollectors (TVGI UFE Night Court MTV Mattrock (TVPGI NICK Allegra's Window 647212 SCI-FI Galactica 1980 TBS Super Looney Tunes (TVG) 267090 TLC Furniture to Go (TVG). TNN Dukes of Hazzard TNT In the Heat of the Night (TVPG-V) VH1 Hollywood & Vinyl WliN Beverly Hills, 90210 (TVPG) 1:30 p.m. H KTLA Brady Bunch EH KTTV Gilligan's Island DD KSCI Tea Time (Mandarin) 43038 m KWHY Market Wrap-Up; Chart Watch (1:45) (24' KVCR All About Photography BDKCETTte Magic School Bus(TVY) 18380 EE KTBN Rod Parsley BDKOCECiao Italia! B3 KVEA Movie "La Hermanita Dmamita" (19691 227632 BD KLCS Return to the Magic Library; Animal Families (1:45) BET Rap City CNN Burden of Proof 904467 COM Dr. Katz (TVPGI DISN Tale Spin (TVY) ESPN Skateboarding FX Pet Department (TVGI UFE Night Court NICK Rupert 465545 TBS California Dreams (TVG) 6394729 TLCHometime(TVG) VH1 Music Videos 2:00 p.m. B KCBS Martha Stewart Living Japanese treats. 7922 ' a KNBC 36 KMIR Sunset Beach ITV1 41 99125 B KTLA Bugs 'n' Daffy (TVY) 6212 EJ KABC 1 3 KEYT 42 KESQ General Hospital (TVPG) 15187 fl KCAL News 03 KTTV Bobby's World (TVY) 6922 DO KCOP Jenny Jones (TVPG) 95458 DO KSCI Panda TV Drama ffl KWHY You're on the Line 24293 !24 KVCR All About Photography BD KCET Crossroads Cafe B3 KMEX Amor Mio (TV141 13800 EE KTBN Praise the Lord SO KOCE Kaye's Quilting Friends BD KDOC Bonanza (TVPG-VI BO KLCS Read, Write and Research S3 KRCA Love Story A&E Quincy (TVGI BRVO Movie "Diva" (1 982) Frederic Andrei. (2 hr.) 988767 CNN Inside Politics 771583 COM Soap (TVPGI DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart (TVGI DISN Donald's Quack Attack (TVYI E! Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (TVG) ESPN NBAs Greatest Games ESPN2 ESPNEWS FX Hart to Hart (TVPG-DV) HIST The Real West (TVGI UFE Movie "The Killing of Randy Webster" (1981 ) (2 hr.) 29401 9 MTV MTV's 1998 Grammy Guide NICK Muppet Babies SCI-H Six Million Dollar Man (TVG) SHOW Movie "Thousand Pieces of Gold" (19901 Rosalind Chao.H hr. 45 min.l 57386748 (2:1 5) TBS Saved by the Bell (2:05) TLCHometime (TVG) TNN Club Dance (TVGI TNT Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (TVPG-VI USA Movie "The Hard Way" (1991) Michael J. Fox. (2 hr.847090 WGN Family Matters (TVGI 2:30 p.m. R KCBS Gayle King 651 El KTLA Captain Planet (TVY) 6423 03 KTTV Bobby's World (TVY) 2903 '24, KVCR Sesame Street 465564 B3 KCET Time to Grow BD KOCE Crafting for the '90s BD KLCS Musical Encounter 63 KADY 101 Dalmatians: The Series 6125 CMAX Movie "Short Circuit" (19861(1 hr. 38 min.) 94529038 (2:45) CNN Showbiz Today 485274 COM Kids in the Hall (TVPG) ' DISN Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers (TVY) ESPN NBA Finals Films ' ESPN2 ESPNEWS HBO Movie "Fly Away Home" (19961(1 hr. 47 min.) 1536496 NICK Looney Tunes TBS Saved by the Bell (2:35) TLC Home Savvy (TVG) TMC Movie "The Little Shop of Horrors" (1961) Jonathan Haze. (1 hr. 10 mini 97216941 (2:55) WGN California Dreams (TVG) 626800 3:00 p.m. fl KCBS Geraldo Rivera (TVPG) 2458 EJ KNBC A KEYT 36 KMIR Rosie ODonnell Penny Marshall; Jason Priestley; Carroll O'Connor. 7534 B KTLA Bugs W Daffy (TVY) 201 9 U KABC 42 KESQ Oprah Winfrey Bipolar disorder. 31944 El KCAL Judge Judy (TVG) ED KTTV BeetleBorgs Metallix (TVY) 2729 DDKCOPRoseanne S3 KWHY Noticiero CNN BD KCET Arthur (TVYI 72800 EE) KMEX GenteBien (TVPGI 79274 BD KOCE Martha's Sewing Room B3 KVEA Ely Ella 95800 BD KDOC Wild. Wild West BD KLCS The Now and Future Parent BD KRCA News Magazine 63 KADY Quack Pack 1941 AMC Movie "The Five Pennies" (1959) Danny Kaye. (2 hr.) 750651 A&E Northern Exposure (TVPG) CNBC The Edge 64922 CNNWorldView COM Saturday Night Live (TVPG) CSPN House of Representatives 987496 DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN Tale Spin (TVY) E! Talk Soup (TVPG-D) 268380 ESPN Up Close 785651 ESPN2 Spanish Fly FAM New Shop 'Til You Drop (TVG) FSW Sports Skiing World Pro Tour. 24380 FX Vega$ (TVPG-DV) HIST Road to Glory The Olympics (TVG) MTV All-Time Top 10 Videos (TVPG) NICK Charlie Brown 325293 SCI-H Quantum Leap TBS Family Matters (TVGI (3 05) TLC The Renovation Guide (TVG) TNN Dukes of Hazzard TNT Lois & Clark (TVPGI WGN Saved by the Bell 3:30 p.m. El KTLA Animaniacs (TVYI 2748 El KCAL News 10 KTTV Spider-Man (TVY71 4748 DO KCOP The Cosby Show 63 KWHY Cine .24 KVCR Arthur 42187 BD KCET Wishbone (TVY) 82729 BO KOCE The Huggabug Club 165729 BDKLCS Barney & Friends 19835 63 KADY DuckTales 1670 BET 227 DISN Goof Troop (TVYI E! Behind the Scenes (TVGI ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Sports Auto Racing CORR Winter Series, Round 8. 6516941 FAM Shopping Spree (TVG) NICK Inspector Gadget 152962 TBS Family Matters (TVG) (3:35) TLC The Renovation Guide (TVGI WGN Saved by the Bell 4:00 p.m. DKCBS Inside Edition 903 13 KEYT Mad About You (TVPG-DL) El KNBC News El KTLA Pinky & the Brain (TVY) 4583 I J KABC News El KCAL DuckTales 8187 D3 KTTV Power Rangers Tutio(TVY7) 6583 DO KCOP Montel Williams 90767 DDKSCI Harvest Time 24 KVCR Mister Rogers 54922 BD KCET Where in Time Is Carmen Sandtego' (TVY) 94564 B3 KMEX Cristina 98309 36 KMIR Access Hollywood 429583 42 KESQ Home Improvement BD KOCE Backyard Safari 177564 B3 KVEA Sevcec 87835 BD KOOC Gunsmoke (TVPG-V) Please see TV LOG, Fll The Wedding' Proves Olympian for Winfrey, ABC When it comes to winning ratings gold, Oprah Winfrey still has the Midas touch. As proof, the talk-show host's latest producing effort for ABC, "The Wedding," plowed through the Olympic closing ceremonies Sunday, according to results issued Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. "The Wedding," starring Halle Berry, joins Winfrey's last production, "Before Women Had Wings," as one of this season's five highest-rated made-for-TV movies. The union of "The Wedding" and "Casper" put ABC on top Sunday night, marking the first second-place finish for Olympic coverage in a decade. The Winter Games clearly proved a ratings Here are the rankings for national prime-time network television last week (Feb. 16-22) as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average number of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates that there are 254 million potential U.S. viewers age 2 and older. Viewership is listed here in millions. Program work eft 1. Winter Olympics (Fri.) CBS 38.18 2. Win. Olympics (Wed.) CBS 31.39 3. "The Wedding" ABC 24.43 4. Win. Olympics (Mon.) CBS 22.41 5. Seinfeld NBC 21.25 6. 60 Minutes CBS 20.53 7. Win. Olympics (Thur.) CBS 20.36 8. Win. Olympics (Tue.) CBS 20.12 9. "SurvivingImpact" FOX 19.67 10. The X-Files FOX 19.25 11. Winter Olympics (Sun.) CBS 18.42 12. Fnends NBC 18.27 13. 'Sanest Mice Chases 4" FOX 17.79 14. ER NBC 17.68 15. King or trie Hill FOX 16.81 16. The Simpsons FOX 16.50 17. 3rd Rock From the Sun NBC 16.42 18. "A Few Good Men" NBC 15.97 19. NYPDBme ABC 15.08 20. "Casper'' ABC . 14.89 21. Veronica's Closet NBC 14.58 22. "Crimson Tide" NBC 14.47 23. "Sister Act 2" FOX 14.04 24. The Drew Carey Show ABC 12.93 25. Home Improvement (8 p.m.) ABC 12.09 26. "The Mask" FOX 12.72 27. "A Clear and Present Danger" ABC 12.30 Home Improvement ABC 12.30 29. Soul Man ABC 12.19 30. Funniest Home videos ABC 11.98 31. 2020Mon.) ABC 11.66 32. Dateline NBC (Tue.) NBC 11.43 33. "Speed" FOX 11.22 34. OatelineNeCSun.) NBC 11.21 35. OharmatGreg ABC 10.97 36. Law t Order NBC 10.82 37. Frasier NBC 10.65 38. 2020 ABC 10.63 39. Grace Under Fire ABC 10.47 40. World's Funniest! FOX 10.45 41. America's Most Wanted FOX 9.98 42. Melrose Place FOX E.77 43. Cops (8:30 p.m.) FOX 9.66 44. Just Shoot Me NBC 9.52 45. SpinCily , ABC 9.50 46. Law & Order (9 p.m.) NBC 9.47 47. Mad About You NBC 9.45 48. The Practice ABC 9.42 49. Law! Order (8p.m.) NBC 9.15 50. Dateline NBC (Fit.) NBC 9.14 TIPS FOR TODAY 5:30-10 a.m. House Party: Broadcast live from the Museum of Television & Radio in New York Cily, KKBT-FM (92.3). 5-7 p.m. Larry Mantle's Airtalk: "Race in Modern America" 5-5:30 p.m.). "Advertising's Internal Audience" (5.30-6 p.m.), "Militias and Culls" (6 6:30 p.m.), KPCC-FM 89.3 8- 10 p.m. Ernest Fleischmann Tribute: Si belius ("Kullervo." Los Angeles Philharmonic). KKGO-FM (105.1). 10 p.m. -midnight The Philadelphia Orchestra: Simon Rattle conducts Rameau (Oances From "Les Boreades"), Beethoven (3rd Symphony), KKGO-FM 105.1). DRAMA-COMEOYFAMILY 9- 9:30 p.m., 2-2:30 a.m. Suspense: FEBRUARY It, THE MAGIC UT WOLFGANG AMAOEUS MOZART Rudal: Fddrly, Bradley, Holzmalr.Cox.Woir TICKETS AT BOX OFFICE OR TICKETMASTER: ! V ! 1 P! 3) 365 HOPERA Evenings at 7:30 pm, Mitlntt at 1:00 pm: no tatt leaung. In Gtf man with Engluh Suprtrtii. Artists subject to changt. No refunds or exchange!. Ticket! available at Music Center Box Office and all ffQ-trm locations: (Blotkbuit er Musk Rob, M,, roy) for mor. M(JSIC QNTER information call (IJ) 92-8001. oorono chawixw Ticket! on-ltn WWW CAOPfRA.ORG PAV I LI O N TONITE at 8 I CHILI QUEEN "BEA ARTHUR is incredible!" DMMUOfiltf Beatrice ARTHUR BRING IN'DA n PWtCHAS YOUR EXACT SEAT LOCATIONS 6Y CALLING 213628.2772 Prime-Time TV Rankings National Nielsen Viewership Halle Berry Not- View-Program work are 51. PrimeTimeUve ABC 9.04 52. "Motown 40, Music Forever" ABC 8.97 53. "Maverick" NBC 8.62 54. Sabrlna, the Teenage Witch ABC 8.56 55. Ally McBeal FOX 8.54 56. Cops FOX 8.53 57. Ellen ABC 8.49 58. NewsRadlo NBC 8.13 59. Dawson's Creek WB 8.04 60. "Virtuosity" NBC 7.43 61. ftOMsaedBkopers'98 NBC 7.31 62. "Elmopalooza" ABC 7.05 63. Prey ABC 6 35 64. Bufry, the Vampire Slayer WB 5.51 65. Star Trek: Voyager UPN 5.47 66. m Heaven WB 5.33 67. The Jamie Foxx Show WB 5.03 68. Unhappily Ever After W8 4.68 69. Sister, Sister WB 4.66 70. Smart Guy WB 4.45 71. The Steve Harvey Show WB 4.35 72. The Parent 'Hood WB 4.31 73. In the House UPN 4.29 74. The Wayans Bros. WB 4.26 75. Malcolm Eddie UPN 4.06 76. Good News UPN 3.80 77. Moesha UPN 3.71 78. NickFreno: licensed Teacher W8 3.40 79. Alright Already WB 331 Three WB 3.31 81. The Tom Show WB 3.27 82. Sparks UPN 3.23 "Sorry, Wrong Number," KNX (1070). 11-11:30 p.m. Cynic's Choice: "Bob Monk-house at the Beeb." KYPA 11230). MUSIC: CLASSICAL 10:45 a.m. -noon Masterpiece of the Day: Tchaikovsky (Violin Concerto in D, Gil Shaham), KKGO-FM (I05.l. MUSIC: P0P-C0UNTRV-F0LK-JAZZ-R0CK-R&B 11:30 p.m.-midnight From London With Music: "Sing a Rude Song," with Barbara Windsor. KYPA (1230). SPORTS Sports Reports 15 and 45 minutes past the hour, KFWB (980). KNX (1070). 4:30-7:30 p.m. Hockey: Kings at Detroit Red MARCH I Hdmesource www.latimes.cornhornesource "Mesmerizing!" -Paul Hodgta Orange County Register - 3500 THE 213.628.2772 Mark Taper Forum 135 North Grand Ave. at Temple SI, Downtown l.A. "A SCATHING COMEDY!" PlMiyBiiailiAaj 310657-7377 CORONET THEATRE .TV- 14 ieA 8rOC6UJ(WlWll5KT0WW raul Kobert DOOLEY MANDAN Paul Robert BMtbvsttr Mujfc crvkltany ETM MKhine in selected maNi Hughes and rvMtons markets. STUOtWT GROUP Wm anLI PL disappointment, falling 15 short of the level CBS had guaranteed advertisers; still, the Olympics also won 16 straight nights before Sunday, gave CBS an unassailable lead in the February sweeps and last week attracted more viewers than NBC and ABC combined. Fox buoyed by its Sunday lineup and' the movies "Sister Act 2," "The Mask" and "Speed" snagged second place. CBS' coverage peaked with Friday's skating competition, dropping ABC's "2020" to a season -low Friday rating despite an exclusive interview with Bernard Lewinsky, the father of Monica Lewinsky. -BRIAN LOWRY 83. 84. 85. RADIO ffiifif ti ri I in f l Written and THREE TRIALS OF OSCAR WILDE I Kaufman Marian MERCER ADDED MATINEE! TOM'Wat2 ALL SEATS '25 mm, iV:f. ?500 Itomr fobtntonpltoy Mkmo Latino CANON THEATRE nn7 CROUPS (;p on MORE TICKETS ABE ONLY S10 EACH) DISCOUNTS 213972.7231 Not- Program The Sentinel Clueless "1998 UPN All. Games" UPN UPN UPN 3.03 2.74 1.02 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. Last Week CBS 24.35 million FOX 13.08 ABC 12.19 NBC 11.90 WB 4.78 UPN 3.41 Season to Date NBC 15.32 million CBS 14.69 ABC 12.62 FOX 10.81 WB 4.50 UPN 4.16 Southland Viewing Here are Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs in the Los Angeles area during the same week. The rankings are based on the number of households watching. Sta- Kouse-Program Hon hoMs 1. 60 Minutes KCBS 911,680 2. "The Wedding" KABC 906,671 3. Seinfeld KNBC 901,661 4. Winter Olympics (Sat.) KCBS 661,588 5. The X-Files KTTV 611,495 6. Friends KNBC 791.458 7. "Greatest Police Chases 4" KTTV 766.412 8. ER KNBC 746,375 9. Veronica's Closet KNBC 666.228 10. "Surviving Moment o( Impact" KTTV 651,200 3rd Rock From the Sun KNBC 651,200 Wings. XIHA (b9U). 5-7:30 p.m. Basketball: Lakers at Indiana Pacers, KLAC (50). 7-10 p.m. Hockey: Mighty Ducks at Vancouver Canucks, KRLA l 1 10). 7:30-10 p.m. Basketball: Philadelphia 76ers at Clippers, KEZY-FM (95.9). NEWS-COMMENTARY 1-2, 7-8 p.m.-Which Way, L.A.7: "Environmental Artti Immigrationists." KCRW-fM (89.9). TALK, INTERVIEW 3-1 1 a.m. Howard Stern. KLSX-FM (97.1). 4:30-6 a.m.-Front Page. KJLH-FM (102.3). 5-9 a.m. Minyard and Tilden. KABC (790). S-9 a.m. Bill Handel, KFI (640). 5-9 a.m. Imus in the Morning, KLAC (570). "IMPRESSIVE!" -Los Angeles Times Debbie Allen. HARRIET'S RETURN by Karen Jones Meadows DKentGasli MSB mum JfU- HijV si. -"JJm,... i BEGINS RCH4 THEATRE at the Mu Center of Ids Angeles County N. Grand at Temple Street Downtown LA wvvw.taper-ahmartson.comctg r aiHTTiniaF J r J' jt m il nUHMANSON

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