The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1934
Page 3
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'FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1934 BLYTEEVILLS, (Am? COURIER NEWS PAGE THEM AJU T Q O B I L.E F» A O E and Motes for the /Motorists Chevrolet Assembly Line to Feature World's Fair Great Increase in Employment When II Becomes Effective WASHINGTON.- Approximately 1,110.000 vehicles are expected la irgiitRr tills inonlli uiidT the Code of f'nlr Competition for the truck- I'M IndiKlr;. These will include vehic-lrs not, for-hlrc as well as vehicles for-lilte and v.'ill extend 10 <;very hamlet in ihe nation in coii- ionnity with n plan no\v bein<* pui fnlo effect by ihc American Trucking Associations, Inc. Owing (o the vast amount ul preparatory work Involved In rcu- Lstralioh of vehicles under this code, the effective dale of the code was set ahead Ihirly days by. special order o( General" Hugh S. Johnson. Word Ls now going out to all affiliated associations of Ihe. national organizalion to Marl rotf- istratlon immediately. Operators who register prior to April 29 will be entitled to vote for members, of the State Code Authority! who xill have primary jurisdiction over the code in tliclr slate. Registration of the trucking industry will give a comprehensive picture, for the flrst time, of the number of vehicles operated in ihe various classes of services, number of vehicles in interstate commerce, the tonnage hauled, number ot employes, types of vehicles used and other information necessary In order to adminisler the code for this industry effectively. "When n (nick operator registers his vehicles under the trucking code," explained Ted V. RoU- g'ers, president of the American Trucking Associations, "he will be entitled to a certificate of compliance and insignia which/he must display on his vehicle. Registration is one of the means of obtaining compliance under our code It, Ls a plan largely dictated by Ihe National Recovery Administration. It should be productive of a vast amount of, information hitherto unascertainable about this industry. Until such information Ls obtained, digested and tabulated, it is premature to talk about federal regulation .of. highway operators. In order to regulate an industry intelligently, the factors in .such ihdustry -must: be. .known.' As a result of the general adop lion of the forty-eight hour wee by the trucking industry^ it is cs tlmated 300,000 wage earners wil be put to work. This figure represents about 10 per cent of th total reemployment under all oth er codes thus far approved b President Roosevelt. Many true operators, it is pointed out. hn been on a sixty to a sevemy-tw hour week. Light Weight, Miuli Speed, • All-Kndosod Transports Adopted IJF.THOIT. Mich.—New-type ull- riK'Insi'd hnuliiu'iiy irui'k.s nud tnilli'i'.s, built ol n new exlivuiely llnhl-weluhl niiHnl nnd clt-M^ned lor ImnspurliiUoii ol nrw lAiril V-H curs unit trucks (nun IVrd btntich a.vM'iiibly plunts to ni'iirby llnilvl'.s in all pails of the Unili'd SmU'.s lire helnii plnced In KT- vlec. Their purpose Is (o provide still- ible delivery lor di.slnnccs up In mill's und lo eliminate us. im liosMble thu delivery of new cms and trucks under (heir iiwr power. The till-enclmed type win, ni!o]itcil because it Is |x»sll)lr u deliver new cnrs lo piirchnscis h the Mimo condition In which the; come off the n-wmbly line HI HIL Ford plnnl.s, preventing Ihe diun- usunlty incident to hnndllu anil exposure lo weather in olhe lypus of haulaway nud "drli'c away" deliveries. The hiVRPbl shave ot nil Povi deliveries lo dealers from Fon pltinls now yoes by rnll. The Ini csl fliMires show Hint Xi per ecu <if nil Port! new car deliveries nr mnde In thLs 'mnnner, while 3 per cent arc 1jy hnulnwny true nnd 12 per cent by boat, 'file Ijal mice comprises miscellaneous dc The millions of visitors who will attend the 1934 "Century of Progress" exposition in Chicago Ihls summer, will mjain Ije OirlUed lie actual building of from 25 to 3D new 1034 Knee-Action Chevrolet cars each d;iy." Those who saw last\ I'alr well remember ilic bove scenes. No. 1. the GerteiM Motors Building which homes the assembly lint. The mammoth, 400-foot-lo'.^ room in which tbu lint 1 op- ratc-s is pictured in Ko. 2. Part of Hie crowd which filled the balcony around the line is shown In No. 3, iim! No. 4 is :i close-up of u Chevrolet workman finishing Ihe inside of the Fisher body. llveriph. mostly (hnsc made lit th I I plants direct, to dculers. The ral 1 road shiirc of Ihc business Is mor Priceless Vehicles in Ford Exposition at World Fair Havoline Series Calls Back Early Days of Motoring INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.—Fragrant j indeed are memories of the early I days ol motordom, when peg-lop I pants and hobble-skirls were sar- ] torially "hoL stuff," George M. I Cohan had begun to notice the I American nag, and crockinole and I passepartouting were among the I leading indoor sports. Aulomoblle I ventilation was of the full or I complete type: I. e., all the air I there was. The crank was rain- I pant on every motorist's coat-of- I arms. One-man tops tried the soul I of anyone not equipped with nine I hands and a stepladder. And there I were still leading citizens who rub- 1 bed their chins, and "calculated I them d«rn 'contraptions will never | replace the horse." Those dead dead days are be- I ing brought to mind in the extcn- l.alve newspaper advertising cam- I paign just launched for the new Havoline waxlree and tarfrce 'mo- l.tor oil by its manufacturer, the I Indian Refining Company, Indian- 1 apolis. Indiana, affiliated with The | Texas Company. The distinguished history of I this motor oil is emphasized in a [slogan which points'out that Hav- I oline was a good oil in 1SKH, but I that it is a great oil in 1334. Illustrations call up tlie turn-of- I the-century period of chugging I automobiles, veils and -goggles, [gleaming brightwork and awesome [smells. Even the type Ls rcmtn- liscent. That Havoline Ls now sold In I refinery-sealed cans is pointed out | in this' Interesting campaign. The [outstanding Interest created by the I Havoline thermometer at A Cen- 1 tury of Progress Exposition in I Chicago last summer is mentioned las Ls the announcement, thai "the 1 world's largest thermometer" I bo a feature of the world's fair in 11934. than 2Cin per cent grealei 1 Ihnn year mjo. the Increase being m counted for by the eurlnllment i driveawny.s under power. The nt'\v haulaway trucks n uwd only lo serve dealers with! short-lunil distances of local a M'mbly branches, ihe average dL lancf lx>lng 10G miles. IriTiic llBh' of the rtc montlu, at the front door of ie Court HOIISL', belwcm the ours prescribed by law, In the ly of lilythevllle, Arkinwnx, on f 511i ilny of May, 1034, the fol- wlnj ten! o.stiito, to-wlt; Lot Eleven (11), In lilnck Tiwily-foiirt24»,of the Hlylliu Addition loiho City of tllythc- vlllo,'.slppl County. Aik- nr.sixs. Said Snli> will be hud lo s.illsly Id ilcci-ei 1 111 (he sum of $1613.28. Itli len [x>r com Interest from ovcmlM'r 1, 133U. T11R purchn.w nl said snln will 1 ii'iiiilrc'd lo execute Imiid'wltli Pliroved .srcuiily, lo n-ciire lln 1 pmchiLH* nioiu'y. and best bidder, for cash, on a credit o: three months, (it Ihe front door of tlu Court lloiisc, between the hours prescribed by Inw, In the City of Uljthevllle, ArkmiMis. on ilin 511) day of May, I9IH. tiie following ron) tsinle, t'iwlL: Ixils One 'II and Two 121, In n'.ott: Kisht ifii, or iim iiuag Addition la the City nf lllylhc- vllle, Aikansns. .Said Siik- will l:e lind lo inlWv •aid dreree In the sum nl t4Hii.ll!), \slili ton per com inmost fnr.ii Nov. 13. I93J. TJIK liurchnser tit .said Mile will In- I'rtiuiii'd lo e;:ecuU: Ijtinil mill i.ppiovcd .si.ciirily, lo .sixjjre the uf the nil n lien will u"> reblued upon! iiiyineiil of U:o purchase money, ilil proiHTly u H nddlllnnnl snciir-|inid n lien will \>:- ivinlucd UIHJII y for Ihe pavmi'iii of Midi pur- .-.:iid projk-rty us ndditiomil srcuri- Ly fiii 1 the payment u! Mich p;ir- money. WITNESS my hand mid iho snnl o! Mild Court, cm this, (lie I41h hiiKi! money. W1TNKSS my luiiiil und the seal f mill Court, tin ihl-i, the l-ilh iny ol ApiII, 1934 It. \,. CIAIKKS Commissioner in ChiUKv-ry. Trie!, Evnird it Henderson, Ally*. i I4--JI COM.MISSIONKK'S SAI.K NOT1CK Ls herein- uiven Hint he iindiTKlRiii'd commissioner, In :uiupllnnre wllh ihe k'nii.s of a locre? rendered by the Chnncery Court for Hie ChlckiiMiwba Dls- rftt of Mississippi County, Arkan- 101 on ihe 27ih dny of lYbrnnry. 1034, wherein Union Savings ij fc I^an Association \vcis I'liiliillir, No. 6U'21. nud l.iverne I'rloln et nl were Defendants, will at public auction lo the hlah- •sl ami Ix'.st bidder, tot, on u '.-milt or three uinnllu, nl the from door of ihc Court House, bc- weon ihe hours prescribed by law. in Ihc city of niythevlllc, Arknn- •»s. oi! tlu> 5lh dny of Mny, 1934, '.he following real MUUt. io-wlt: Lot Thirteen 1131. In lllock Two <S). of Ihe I'urk Addition lo 1! 1 y Hi e vllle. Mississippi County. Artnnsns, d:iy of April.' i H. I,. C1AINKS ConiitilMilnner In Clinnciery. find, Kvi-.inl >t llcnder.son, Allys. 4 14-21 Hrad Courier News Waul Ads. DON'T TAKE CHANCES WITH Said Sale will be had to satisfy) snid decree In (he sum of $318.08, | with ten per cent Interesl from N'ovcmber 7, 1033. TIIE purchaser nl snlcl snle .will Chevrolet t Will Produce Cars at ,1934 Century of Progress Exposition er and is 12 feet hlsjli nnd 40 'e;t over nil, Us lotnl welghl Is oiilv !.!100 pounds. In Jrand Concourse of the Ford 'inkling now under construction. On the circular walls above the motorized portion of the display I In seeking a Terfect 48 Year Record BOSTON (UP)—For <8 consccti | live years, Miss Nfary E. Elliot. 81 of somcrvlllc, has not missed d«y at the Boston headquarter* of the Woman's Relief Corps where she Is department sccrelnrj l\ More th»n S3 po r cent ol urban •Umilles In Ihc Unllcd Slate *ere houwd in apartments 1928. Above. Henry Ford's Drama of :ortation. an agc-oltl panorama of Iransportalion from the curliest chariots ol the V'.B>'pi^n kin£s lo today's motor cars, as it appear in Hie cfntral rotunda of the Ford Exposition at the 1931 Chicago World's Fair. I«tl, ns Ihc jreal Ford F.xnosition buililiiig, !HH) fert longt. will appear from^ Fricson drive, Ilic niain central boulcvuril of the World's F;iir grounds. uf Irnilei.s. coupled with Hie power of the Ford V-fl (jiiglne, makes It possible lo drive Ihe new truck nnd j trailer at 45 lo 50 miles tin hour, wllh Ihc same degree of snfely po.<sib!c \rllh ihe passenger cnrs, Cms expcdiUni; the transport ol iii'iv cars nnd Insuring Iheir delivery In "new-cur" condition. Ttie new trailers lire coiLslruc'- od of "dowmctnl" 1 n magnesium DFI'ROIT. Mich.—Inslallniion of alloy which Is lighter In weight rfinipmont (or Hie assembly <tf|thnii nluuiiniuii and. as strong a.' ClK-rrolct automobiles In the On- islecl. Although Ihe trnllcr Is run- era! Motors building nl ihc 193-1 ] P'elcly enclosed ngnlnsl the wcnrii- "Century of Progress Inlernalioml Exposition." Chicnso. has already 1,-cen started by the Chevrolet, Mo- tar Company. M. E. Coyle,. presi- j dent nnd iicnend manager, an- r.oiinccd today. Complete installation will be effected well In advance of llv 'cheduled tc-r.peniir; of i!u- inni World's Fair on May 20. Mr. Cnylc ftilrt, iicsurini! cnrly vhllora thai I liiey will Ijt- able to see nn nuto- ' i mobile built up from the bare [ram? 10 the coniplelctl car. from the opcnim.' lil! tile closina day cl ihe e\'[X»sitlnii. Mnchlnerv is identical wilh Ihrii iiFod in Chevrolet's nine other ns- sombly plants, with (lie exception ^ of overlK-ad conveyors. Tlie ialter | have been rrphcfd l:y tlcor ly|)e ! conveyni-s lo hint; parts to the | prm:cr stations alom Ilic line. This i Alight change hi factory proced: lire provides visibility for the thou'.'ands who will wntch Ihe assrm- bly each dny. Machines will attain ! be finished in silver with black The ex- ! I* required , lo execute com! with new lypci'W'W-d security, tJ secure (he iinyincnl ur Un> pur;' inonuy,. .ml a lien will \K retained uixi?ii aid property ar addiilnnnl tecnr- lly for the pnymenl of such pur- -nse money. WITNESS my Imnil nnd Hie senl uf snld Court, on IhLs, ilw Mth day of A])r:l, 1334. R. L. OAINES CommlMloncr In Chancery, livid, Evrnrd A: HenderEoii, Atty.s. i 14-21 Hcnrj' Ford's priceless collection -photo-murals eighteen feet f road vehicles will be the cen- [height will present one of feature of the Ford Exposi- [most elaborate pictorial features '• bcrl . , ion at the Chloigo World's Pair of the Fair. [cidcd upon the appropriateness ol . assembly trim, nnd will l:c manned fey np- in aicliitccturnl molif 'of Ihe Fordi proslnialely 2CO workers In wlilte the'building at Chicago thLs year Al- uniforms. Knhn. Detroit architect, de-1 A balcony wvpn feet above the line nnd creeled in cir- . hls year. Hugh Fcrriss. New York' Prominent among the collection j the gear. The result Ls that the : rlisl., at the right, gives has con- jof motor cars of a generation ago 'huge central rotunda of the build- eption of how. this unique trans- |v,'ill be No. 999, tlic priceless relic | ing will resemble graduated in- ortation S!KW will appear in the]of the days ,whcn Mr. Ford was I (crnally meshed gears standing ten | making ays history- as an automobile racing driver and marks of "a- . e lortes high and measuring 210 mile-a-minutc" were being slmt tcrcd. • feet In diameter at the base. The miain entrance of tl>e building Ls keynote for Ihe!shown at the left. Clievrolel Sends Checks to Stars of Sales Force DETROIT. Mich.- Checks total- ,ng $73.650 are being mailed this week to nearly 082 Chevrolet salesmen all over the United States.! who qualified for membership in- tlic Chevrolet 100-Car Club by every year they mnke the club. All but 302 of the salesmen now leeching Ihclr awards had been members before. Mr. Holler said. Nearly 100 were qualifying for the fourth lime. 90 lor Ihc fiflli. 57 for the sixth. 48 for the seventn and 29 for Ihe eighth. :hcir automobile sales performance- in 1933. The announcement was made by William E. Holler, general sales manager of the Chevrolet Motor Company. Mr. Holler also announced the national officers of the club, selection of whom is mnde each year on the basis of new car sales. The officers arc: president, G. L. Car- 'nt. Chicago, 391 new cnrs; vicc- 'jrcsldenl, Wesley Perry. Pittslon. P.I.. 285 new cars; secretary. A. H. Cooper, Chicago. 281 new cnrs. and treasurer. S. M. Stroll. Chicago. 243 new rare. All three Chicago men arc connected with the same dealership. Nelson Ct^vtolct Sales. Besides the cash award of S75, and a parchment scroll recording Ihc award, each member of the club-receives Chevrolet's gold 100- Car Club pin, while who already own the "repealers.' pin, receive as compared with 37.967 orders to the snme date of last year. These orders include domestic, export rular form so that ihe maximum number of visitors may walk completely around the line and waicf every operation in Ihc hulliltin ol a typically modern automobile, has i teen provided. Mr. Coyle said, Production of 25 to 30 car.s n day is planned. Two b<xly types-conches nnd sedans—will lie built en the Master Chevrolet chassis. Regular inspection posts will check every operation along the line, nnd " ln c;lrs ""'" h(1 out under WAKMNC ORIH:R the Chiinrery Court. Chlckn- sawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. ISerthn Leslie, I'lnlntlff, vs.' No. 5699 Waller Ix-slic. Dcfenrtnnt. Tire defcndnnt Walter Leslie Is vnrned to nppcar within thirty lays in Ihc court named in Ihe cnption hereof nud answer the ccmplaini of ihe plaintiff. Bertha Leslie. d this 13 dny of April. 10111. R U Ciaincs. Clerk, By Elliott Sartaln, D. C. Shelly t t Stiles. Ally. 21-28-5-1L IN TIIK CHANCERY COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT. Mrs. Manic Noble and C M Noble, Plaiiitltl.s. vs. No. 5705 Sybil Noble. Fred Shauver. D. D liiRiimels. Rellly, J. Baker. Pete Kehre.s, Berllm Witter. W E Holdrnr[?d, Anton Bolm. C. Lou I."! Soc'fcr. Adolph A. Graf, Jos Mnlecck. Charles Kramp. Ell?a belli Wlnlerbnucr nnd Alber Nolle. Delendnnts. WARNING ORDER The dofrndnnls, D. D. Ingameb Relllv J. Bnker. Peter Kchrcs, Ber tha Witter. W. E. Holdenriert, An Ion Bolm. C. Louisn Soeker, Adolpl A. Graf. Jos Matrcok. Chnrlc Kramp. Elizabeth Winterbauer an. Albert Nolle, are warnett to np in the Chancery Court o and Canadian. Petroleum Code Group to Meet Here Friday Plymouth Deliveries Establish New Record DETROIT. — Rclall delivery ol 8.378 Plymouth cars during the week ending March 31st was me largest week In the history of the Plymouth Motor Corporation. H. G. Moock, general sales manager, announced here today. This is an Increase of 6.8 per cent over th.- i invited. „ previous week and almost, three! tcrpreutious ot The federal pc- i Iheir own power, lasted nnd put i Ihrotijjh lin.i] inspection rl^ht on the tpol. , Additional will be ftir- I nLshed this year in the Chevrolet assembly plant by the insinuation of a "knee nrtion" assembly, ati A district meeting of lite Arkan- j cuts-landing feature of Ihe 1031 Chevrolet. Visitors \vlll see just how tins reiuniknble development, which contributes fo materially to liilins comfort, is constructed. fas Petroleum Code Marketing committee will be held at the Ho- lel Noble al 7:30 Friday night. April 21. according to an an-' nounccment by J. C. Schoo of 1,U- l)c Rock, state secretary. j The meeting, according to Mr. 1 Schoo, Is of importance lo every j co ""ty court ..._ ., one engaged In the marketing of: 1 "? 10 ", D. C.. nn application for a p:tro!etim products and nil are'. s ™7.400 PWA crant to build Oregon Seeks 5597,490 TILLAMOOK. Ore. <UP)—The send to Wash- limes greater than the same wecK of Inst yenr. The fact that this the peak has been reached b?for- usuni normal buying season troleum cotle will be discussed and explained. has begun Is viewed as significant by Plymouth officials. Shipments of !).92I Plymouths last week, ns compared with 3,503 in the same wee>. of 1933, represents a 1D34 gain of 183 per cent. Retail deliveries for the first, quarter of the -current yenr exceed the. first quarter ot last year by 115.4 per cent. Mr. Moock said. Orders received (his year to nnd fire damaged 300.000 acres wore timber whore burned in a .._ ...... huge forest lire last summer. f. I .I'll I J w •»•*.• w ••-vtllkM »Jil» ^ till IU llll*' an additional diamond Ihcrcon lor I including April 4th total 183.272, Woman, 88, Has Hair Bohlx-d AUGUSTA. Kan. (UP)—The older generation has finally bowed to the style of the modern here. Mrs. ] Margaret Wlllets, 88. hnd her hair, bobbed lor ihe first time. She snid Read Courier Nous Want Ads. Mississippi County, Arkansa Chlcknsawba Dislrlct. within thlr ly days and answer the complain of (he plaintiffs. Mrs. Mattie Nob! and C. M. Noble. WITNESS my hnnd and senl dork of said Court, on thLs I* da r.I April. 19.14. R. L. OAINES. Clerk Elliott Snrlain. D.C. -I H-21-28-5 1 COMMISSIONKK'S SALE NOTICE Ls hereby given lhalth undersigned commissioner. In com pilnnce with the lerms of n de cree rendered by Ihe Chancer Court for the Chlckasawba Dlstric of Mississippi County. Arkansas o the 27th day of February. 183' wherein Union Savings Bulldin & Loan Association wns Plaintlf No. 5523. and J. W. Fishcrj ct a were Defendants, will sell at pub lie auction to the highest and bes bidd:r. tor cssh. on n credit o her long tresses were too bother-; The Alps, the Carpathians, the 1 Apennines, nnd are mountains the Caucasus all I located on the JOYNER & KOIWIKLD COMMISSIONER'S SAI.K NOTICE Ls hereby glm, that ie undersigned commissioner, in omnllnnrc with the terms of n ecree rendered by Hie Chancery otirl for the Chlcknsnwba DIs- rlcl of Mississippi County, Arknn- ns, on On: 27th dny o( February, !H4, wherein Union Savings Dulld- HK & Ixmn Assoclntlon was Plaln- llf, No. BS25. nnd Robert II. Alen el nl were Uefendnuls, \dll .sell .t pul-.lic nv.ctlon to the highest md best,, bidder, lor cash, on n :redlt of llirec months, nl the ront door of the Court House, between (he hours prescribed by nw. In Ihe Clly of lilylhevllle Arkansas, on ihe 5lh dny of Mny 1931, the following renl estate, towlt: Lots One (I) nnd Two (a). Block Tsveiily-slx (2GI, Hlylhe's Addilion lo Ihe City of Blythc- vllle. Mississippi County, Ark- nnsns. Said Sale will be hnd to sntlsf) said decree In the sum of $1157.20 with len per cent Interest Iron Nov. 7, 1933. THE purchaser at said sale wil be required to execute bond wltl approved securlly. to secure Ih payment of the purchase inonc) nnd n Hen will be retained upoi ?i»1d proi«rly as nddlMonnl secur ity for the payment of such pur chase money. WITNESS my hnnd and Die sen of snld Court, on this, the 11(1 day of April. 1934 R. U OAINES Commissioner In Chnnccr> Reid. Evrard & Henderson. Atlys. 4 M-2 COMMISSIONCIfS SAt.F. NOTICE Is hereby given Hint In, undersigned commLsslouer, in com pllance with the terms of n dc crec rendered by the Chaucer Court for Hie Chlcknsnwba Dlstric of Mississippi Counly. Arkansas 01 Ihe 27th day of February. 1D34 wherein The Mississippi Count Building it loan Association wa Plaintiff, No. 502C, and W. O Johnson et nl were Defendants will sell at public auction to th Windstorms Strike Quickly Windstorms are merciless. They strike n-ithoul warning. You can guard against fire or thieves, but you are helpless to protect your properly against tornado damage cxccpl with insurance In a good company. Sec us about windstorm Insurance for all property. First Nntio?ial Insurance Agency General Insurance Phone 12 TIRES] Goodrich- Certif/ed KNOW you re buying Tires look alike on the outside. Don't let this deceive you into buying unknown value, ot tempting prices. If you buy low-priced (ires— play safe. The Goodrich COMMANDER is tough, honestly-built, and gives dependable service at ar. amazingly low price. A 63-year Goodrich reputation stands in back of it. C.'odrich wes \V. J. Wimderlich's Main Service Station

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