The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania on April 28, 1953 · Page 27
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The Mercury from Pottstown, Pennsylvania · Page 27

Pottstown, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 28, 1953
Page 27
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MrmtL 2*. rOTTSTOWM. PA. Royersford. Spring Citylfc CMC*. rHOME PACE TW1 Obituaries Mr. MM Mrs. W. «_ Dfewrr. MS CWcfc ftnet, I«jrettfar4; tcrtfc* · Brdhti Chvch ,fnr*» ky JMMIU rafltf* dMtr. law will be the M*-! Wesley Dimmer Jr.. «» Uke A refioaal Mr*»o Youtk rallr isj^ 1 ·* tke aatetiat ·* t** Tax ;^»rile«* i» the eaatata, "The Last' scheduled to be htid in Jtoymfeoi'***" l**^ of Korersiord ··' MeaBoaite BrHhre* in cfciistflfcuwday *i£kt at 7:3« ·'dock i* church. Walnut street. betwee.] Hu "»««* Fire co«p.av's kail, it PVCATUC CI I K I C D A I C I *, Satwf-j*** «»«-ced ywtrnlar- i LfcA | H5 -- FUNERALS i Mr. BJlett · Ml! itto *aj Ktotted U the te^ttal Sixth and Seveatk avtaoti. day nj;ht at 7:3« o'clock. Guest' speaker will be the Christian BUM-! oessmaa of Philadelphia l j - A- fe»C*e p*t«i- to *«·. chMrehes at Graierfer Hariey* CUr a^d ··yen- TVEer. the Ihe MatfieU the serrke. a*4 Eraert Mert- »»C, Qvakertewft. w« have W the Maf«c aarf major the ««r»'»ce$ for EABL A.' A native ·( Mt J*cfcso«. Va..i Ruth {Pierce),^ came t* PMUtowii 12 year* at*! ·D I. *«e;from Winchester. Va. Except for! iheid yesterday afteraowi fr»* * : a few year* with Gudebrad Bmth-i at 112 North Wash-'ers Silk company, he had Officialise was the Rev. Clarence'since he came here. He wai an! Philadel-! Interment was iia Hithland Memorial park. | Bearers were Garvxj and Clair jWunderlteh. George Takach. Mar- ·vin Zollers. Howard Houck and Rhoads. ; He HOSPITAL A4mHte4: JRobert Lantzey. Phoe Delegations from all the pa r -' nixvi11 ': **"J «»«P*!ii»* Belloch, ticipating churches vnll attend. T h«! Pho * llixviu ': Ra? Millmore. Phoe-J Funeral services will be held' ^ public h« been invited to attend.!^' 111 *; Mrs Plrk K - Soyder,;io,,,,*,,,. afternoon at 2 o'clock i m i d e ,_ ;Pnoenixville; Martin M a t City; Glenn Elten. Sonnz-ttrmM Www.n,w,n. f or member Flre His »i/e. who is from ' Wiaehes r «,ri«inallv, U the «HJ]V clwe «ir- Mai Memorial Program ! Services will be held Thursday! in. Winchester. Inter meat will bej in Mt. Herbert cemetery i i there. Arrangements are in * tof a funeral home at - Phoenixville; jr. srt'KANAS. C,' of 29 irrra Daywalt, Port Providence; j MAIN STREET SPRING Robert Hallman, PboenixvilJe; ; w ho died Saturday morning Inter-S Richard Fox. Oak*. Jment w i l l be made in St. r . WILLIAM' D. FOSTER. «J, hus p au j- s !band of (he late Kathenn* Royersford Humape Fire com- j 1 "* c -»'* e : Albert M u n r o ', j Lutheran cemetery Red Hill '(Pharaoh) Foster, BOYEB.TOWN pany named a committee to eo- ! Blrchrunv »U«; Mrs .Harry BarnettJ Son of Mrs MarceHa Stubanas i K D 2 - died in Memorial hospitali operate wilh Friendship Fire com-' Spr ? nt Oty; Mrs Richar d Li£ht-|and the late Samuel Stubana*. he'Testerday f°oTMTMK « 3 o'clock. 1 pany to arrange plans for M e - » C l p p *^rf°rl: Paula Feair-iwas born at Red Hill and made! He nad been * Patient at thei mona) Day at its April meeting ; heUcr - Royersford; Ruth Wentiel..his home in thi* area since 1*J5. S hos P* t * 1 for ten day * last night. | Royersford. ! He was lait employed as an elec-! Born in Philadelphia, he lived all) The fire companv also ordered'~T ttl t m .n r+ Mtlj : it"«*tt *t Pennhurtt Slate *ebool! of nl * We lh * re unUJ 14 ?«»« »*°! the purchase of equipment and ad-! IWHt-B»T» CtMtfHma j»od was a.member of Liberty Fire! when *·« moved to his present »d =jcompany. Spring Citr. 'dress ' " · ' - - besides " h i s mother.^ . Hc *'» s * milled seven new members. Tfce c»» mitier U work with the HMkies f«- the Me»»dal Day observance c.Hprises K»h- ert BeidcBaa. l»a«J He.ricks ··d Pi-i G«dshalk. The ·teat ·rdered was a M»xzle f»r the hosier line *f the aew pamper t»4 sew t»r» ·«t coats f*r members of the I crew. j - New jnembers voted in were! Clarence Foreman Sr_, Morris' wTij-ranK--T^ n^..,f i S35--j ^"".-"""K utsnit:^ ni* roomer · -- - r* 1 ' 1 "^ distnct en- A ir^^ n ^r3 0 w ! ^I:!PhoenixvUle, are his »ife, Rulh|»n«r fr ^^ Philadelphia public «e 7e*r«. Relative* ana inend»i(Kerrigan) Sfubanas Bryn Maw--' 5Cbo01 system. He was a member, £!£ "^r^V^/'Vr^^lt-* sons. William 'H , " Philadel-j^ the Philadelphia Public School and John H., Haverford; I'.Emtiyes association. iar at i p. m. interment Femwoodj daughter. Muriel, ^wife of Thomasj He l«» v «s one daughter, M»v, .~t" " . /- [Sadieir Rrvn ^lawr* «*v^n 0r«ru4 ! Walnut St..-Rojrr«rrd. m Pemwoodjdaught i , Brvn Mawr- seven grand-! wifc of Atf"* 1 - " " 1 ^ » _ 1V71J1C J LiIT-i**») , C i"Ci^LiJK / iO » t "" ^ · ' · - - ' - · ^ a . ^n« . ' - . . J 1 _ - 1 J KrJol^^Erpi»5«^i^.:7ri 1 ^u.r^5' chlldr ' n - jdelphia.^ two graodchUdren samroay. Aprt; is. 1953. »t Alice! Also the following brothers and: two widow or the i.i* cnarie* E jsisters, Elmer. Mrs. Verda Coul-' Ki:tr *fed 7f rear* aj* tnTlced and 1.0 ·' anend the jston. John, Ralph. Mrs. Ruth ranerai r^txi; th* sr-aikop ptintrai Harding and Mrs. Dorothv Funeral services will "be from a funeral home at 112 North Wash- Barr, Clarence Reimers. Oscari ^ me - 13S B - ld a« *· - S;rtn* CUT. « Phoeniiville TV - « 11 - *, - -~ ' w«Qnetd»T at 2 o 1Y1 Interment -Si ' Dreibelbis. Richard Pennypacker. Mllliara Gross and MprriU Adams. Three propositions f o r . member-i_fil ship were received. ; Monthly report of CapiaLn Beide-j" man listed f u e alarms during; ApriL L. t 2 p m Interment J*me^ cemeierr. Lirnerlri mar call at trie funeral non, u ». ( sha top) NMJe* ML ROS3 COUWCIt 101 S. AKD D OF L All mtmt*r? *"c r fxiucotJt(l to iric^t ^iMoose Lodge Seats "Officers al Meeting R,^^ ington street, Friday, at the coo- -ivemence of the family. The Rev. T)r Luther A. Krou^e, pastor of jEmmanuel Lutheran church, will] joffteiate. Interment will be in! I Arlington Cemetery. Philadelphia i t at T o'clock at the Jfeimani New officers »ere installed at; Services for WEHJAIW K. COOK. 41J SOUTH KEIM ST»EET, were rtineL%: Hod nixvi : le. to bold *errlc*i lor Lulu Arterx , ESTHKR OKISHKR. Councilor. ""*-} the regular meeting of'the Loval: " 'held yesterday afternoon at 2 of Moose last-night in the {organization's- quarters. Don Koctn. rooDnj ana painUnf. no»| looat*d at 11J Oat SU Orchard Ttr race. RoTer»Td. NO phone araiiabi* j»t Fmat ROLL PTiat 5c-rie» SUl'lOX DRUG STORE Main St PTlone Roi»-*'o«-l W« D* IB; Punt hol« . front end . piowlnj. rotoratlni A top aou tii« Plowman. Fti ttoytra. AV2-1V Dcla* Hall, turjm pnon* i and Papwrhanjlm. ecttmatai X ' Eoy Kwa. 33» Bridx* lattalled were Marrr J. Well*. g*rera*r: Gewrge A. BeQ Jr.. jui*r g*rer««r; Keo- Aeth. L. Mmrrmj, -prelate: Maarice BHtimg, treasvrer: Wtymtmi Ellis.' truitee f«r three ye'an; Wayne Leader. tergeaMt - at · atais; Le««ar4 Bflfpit, teaer gmard. The iastmllin^ officer was ·atj Supc«»«^.GoT«rnor^R«rl "B B*cM«L The »ew officer* will as *um« .their duties officially on 1. i o'clock from a memorial home in iParkerford. I The Rev Felix Milas. pastor of 1st. Vincent's Baptist church, officiated.- Bearers were Maxwell Corson, Herbert Corson. Arthur Headly. William Cook, Lewis Peck, andj |William Parson. I i -.Interment was made in St. Vincent's Baptist cemetery. - Services-for Emnu'-E. (CLAUSER) WE1CTX, PINK FOKGK. wffl !be held on Thursday^at 2-30 p. m in the Landisville Mennonit* -Two new members wert initiatedi ch . u " h - -- Fi last night: Chester E. Stine Jr.,i i and Hay Goveleski. Twenty-five | members attended the meeting. i Interment will be 'made in the I WATTMSS WAJTTED--AppiT Twln-Boro j Dtner. Main a^; BrtOg« gt Cltr Fhone RoT*n,fonl 117T Toman or Olrl for p«rt -o- fTtiF -wort. Apply D«iwUer'». Rojrafordli Pbone 9». ~ i INSECT WAR - Fro* One) In addition to "survivors men tioned in the obituary in yesterday s Mercury. JOSEFB J. PKOS TOVaCH.- PRICE AND GROVE STREETS, is survived by a fourth sister, Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Mary. COMMISSION HEAD _ Ed war* F. Httwrey, ab»ve. · B-rke, Va.. it the »ew chalr- B»'a» *f the Federal Trade cg«t- atisskni. The 49-year-eM lawyer ii a .alive rtT Waterio«, Ta. on . st, Ro ? er,for d . ! includes « -pot which heats the Wolfe] 1228 Center avenue »P»"»y material. -For several years the Junior, chamber of Commerce sponsored! ArUctcs fwr Sale MJ -erial spra\ing programs. Ton cj-i Wy an Ironrtt* Ironer To?) T*«» ·* J«" the pr^raM kjril/OTI HP HEWSTIPS "~ »lt«J5. Gail today for d«taiU_ L«txi rura Co PTxnt Borerjford 311. From Paje Oar) la IrMtar nrppltea talneia. Koraiu tefa and txnrt, containers 3c e+ · S«d», Fhmcn M: In 1934. the liner Olympic fol ! boo« meal. Vl«oro. ii ITM *1 OK radio beam sent out b y j , nd «,,,, tood^n Un . sprav aw tne Nantucket lightship and coL-i iu5tinf materials. Dq lided with the lightship, sinking it ! _ llou '^- Spnn» car. p?, Gre Rofers was ihtMkmed awl i^rayiBg wax xpvradic. War ·· S«MMer I petU was waged *aly where J t^Mteer* s«licrted terrific j ·eighhwrhMds. Mosquitoes were thick a n di troublesome "the past year The wet Spring and the lack of .a bor-j wide it* ently was struck by a hit-run dri-i ver on High street - The top whiBers proved that the sane thiMg ca he *aW *t ·ewjtip* that is said «f war- j ri*e i» a» «M raBderfle s*«g. ; "It's aever U» late and it's 1 ·e\er to* »··*-"' ! With the warmer weather here.! SAVAGE RADIO scmncc 3-ii Mat* nu B*rmCw«. G«raiiiui spray campaign were! reasons cited for the! Mother', O.T I heavy increase in mosquitoes. , all kinds of interesting items should j IT Aaieaa. Patuy and "Marthar Ticks have been in evidence for' c o m e out of ' nibern-tion Don tj the little tips on human- ^ stories are always wel- jtorenfora 74 ' 'j COUNCIL DEC1DF.D in m i d-' comt along with the tips on bigger, 5! Winter to create an anti tick and! 1 ** 5 of such thin « s a5 . accidentsi or fires. Just call 6000 Waihington." and ~»iLn». IK.-H5 nave oeen in evidence ior"- - "· ^-*V,!» number of meeks in the borough.i for i et ' Phonii * * * ' |interest Ui irT^rSna-cosnipT! mosquito comer of Main and Hall · Frlce 00 3 rooms. Adulta St,«_ Spring Cltj Roy«r3ford 1077. * Kooms mad BattT" Crctrlc rumi«ried Central. PTione Col'.erteii:is 6K1 «f tne ·iichiBe I The Mercury will! call which cvnoiitteeHea will i» jpect is $184*. Prices »· the ,do the rest ·bt niachiaet arc *Ml J r«r Safe 71. Chairman John Frain. Ernest iHurter, Paul Xohler. Paul Msx-1 Four Montco (lab Ywrtte To Try for Sdwiarsliip Ifexlem BrlcJc Horne · rms and aua* porch. iiTin» -oam »ith" rirepiace is^'U, "iw P«ul I. Romig attcndedl. Four area youths are among ten! dining room modem kitchen, bed-fthe session vn\h Borough Manager^membcrs of U« Montco Pion««ri 2^.^^n^ : ^ t f e Src^t 0 ^! Hor « ce B - GuW « n ««« *« three' Tractor Maintenance club who will 2nd i:oor. ru:i i»«ment iri«i sbowtr sprayer salesmen. ; compete for a part scholarship lo 1 Penn State college. Oil bot waUr lieat. attached acrt lot. Near nr«r Held 27M RIOQ* Lin- AGENT TO KETOtE in« OTOR The inttf was selected fr»« i a larger KTMV · 3t j*atk* wh* i r«cc*Ur cimrteiri a r*«r»r hi Uict«r BiaiBt^miBcr whtrb wa* SyMH9ffT^ tktwtt)(k tkC Cw-wftr* atM4i ti ^ac Jl4HKj4^flMf7 4-B Om*. j i The four sekcted are: Wiypej lAstheimer of Royersford RD I, A ship must ns« -; longer anchor; Glenn Yarnall of BechtelsviU* RD. chain hi rmigh weather than in.Charles Harvey of Peridomenville ! calm weather to allow for ship)and Dennis Harrer, b* of Pcrk- ·p j Bwrement. S MEADVILLE, April 27 g,t, --«' ter K- Turaer, S3. freight afent! top quality uwi car^. Wer* 01 " **·* Eri * railroad, will retire' you to »e« ta*». TTSOf Thursday. Turner, nho also is ! i cauasetor of the ljon« Club inter-; j national, ha; been with the rail-! i road 43 years. TKal'i a tk* emc» SUI* Fan* . tM UH a«iwrt. StaU Farm Mitwal Hiivrr Mly earrfwl ta. T*« p«y Ik* State rum U f.»«« f«r. fr n »·« fcrcaw* SUl» Twnm H a rl tin ROBERT HERBERT MARCUS WEBER HOHL KUNE S T i T F ai'OMOB'lL CCVP4.SV 12 ttNKNKU TW t^tett N«tKm-Wi4« FMhMM Newt! lo P OMT « 'fabric, y*vr («ara«*ee «f tfc* knt s* m»nj tnty sttlcne* per iaefe nf Jtow PMH MO«KT, PC MOT JAK StW 14. M tt n 6 0 0 0 I S T H E L U C K Y N U M B E R · T O C A L L T O P L A C E Y O U R W A N T A D ·f Ik* tow Cm** ML Wvru. «e« "!· y«*n. M^'arlTfj a4 friends Af« i»Ttt*d to Uk* MCTlCt* OC Tma**daj. Jt^ttl 3*. IM tbt Laod- . . Proiettaat, «^4 Catholic. Wed- oeJy--spta Til » 5, ». KERO BTUDIO, JUnj at *ml i*. for e Surstct Hoo;« ]ua Tacanc-r ffinalt p«n*at, wiio 1^ aot. UM M»rl*« rtuMfa! Mom* I»KSSMxmMG and f 4K3-H ' BOLLKTT--On Monday. April 27. 1*U. ftofetn, M. »uU«». huibani at Jutn'La (Scataauccrr) «iiltt.. ««« JJ yt»r«- *«rvicei »ou b* coo4uct«d from tht Jon*s Fu- c*tju Koa*. Wtacn«t*r. V» . «c Thucadar momioc, April 3D. 1553. *r;i la Mt_ . Wtociieer^r. Va. j cal! TueaolaT »r«a:nf a^ ib4 Jroro T - I_ (Barter) ry Tutsdaj from 12 oooa_ US Hitb Si. (orer Weitzeniorri's) by M^s KatHrj-c Er»n* *er7:c» 7'i5 Mso 10QJ Franitlin St.. Rfidigg Pn_ -J-051O »CA.UTT COUXSE-ORS Cotsetlcs". TTT btrore you buy. ltr«. Dtslr-.butort of JbuW 8. »03cr. lai« oi «ry Co. tec«k«4. Letters of Ad- m)nUlraix« AH til* abo-i* Estate Jartac beem traal«l to iht to «aid Eila:« ate Immodlat* payment, and nariai Irtal claim*, to pre- txar. me tune wutkouL delay to Mrs. Myrtle Brook*. 2:a W- Siitii St_ BojerLowa. Pa, Mrs. Manon j Harr»y. »5« Ha:* Si_ Pottstflari. ! Fa_ Or Rutter. O'Doonel! A: Stiu- J ' VEKETIA3C ·UXTJCI L SPSS cm Mary S. Prali. Hsiorer He!£hu POSTZJl -- On Mnndar. April 3T, 1»53. WUliam D^ hutb«nd ot to* Hearing from 112 J*. May 1 jrars. « Mo^ck Funva! ahin(^ott St. on Frid»T. t- Lhe coQTenienc« o' tlie lBL«rm*n£ in Arlington niiiadtlrhU_ Fr:eads a^ the funeral home on e-enint. 7 u . Ba:t*ri«. Salt* and Krnrlc* d O B*cht«t. 435 Hltb S;. ?h. 2« t*t» of Jennie J Hiic«is. late oi! U p p e r Pottsjrove Townsi'p. j lers Testamentary on tfc.e abov* JE^tate havlnt been jrant*i to the undersigned, all persons '~t- debte^i to ^aM E3La;« are requested to 3iake :mmeiiJite par- j ment. a^d tbo*« iiar^ix le^al j rU'T-s. txj present tne same wttb- j out de!ay to Earl L Rboadi. ED j P^xer. Ado : sej-. ZS3 H^h St.. I Pottitown. Pa. i BOOKKEEPING For Coneera* WUhocxt JOHN A LQgHK. Ph. Ucfltld 4251 RAYMOXD-S :ab, CHd Shr^a=-Seal ; Heat. rate». FTM Repaired. Br jour UjsLer to tit« Earl t *»· U^eJ Car lot, 13*0 t. streer. Ca;i »i Signs-Truck Lettering; XD BL'CHAK. Bo;.?nri'»-= T-O357 IT ! P«OSTQVICH--On Sunday. Apn' , 26. !«3 Joseph J , hti^na-.d o: 1 Mar'e (Sca*artr) Prostox-cn. r L^cd 4i je»rs. ReUtlve^ and ices from ius lat« residence. Price j and Orore Sti. on Thursday. ! April 30 at. · a m_ A Solemn I H:jh Requle-n Mars wh: be cele- ' bratel la St. ilc..-ilus Catholic | Church at 10 a re. InteTKtnt in j St. Alojiius New c e r c e t e r r . I rr-.enels may call at h" !ate i ~iat.ti.otC. Rojarr ttrvlce at j *-ao p 31 .-- . . PARK TODR OA* At 35« Hits Street 2O Sp*cex Available MIT 20Ji ao MoctbiT Rates DICKTS PARKING LOT. Pfaone 527 p'tog cleaa up t!rce U here! Let. us haul Tour irasb. auJbes and Junt of all kindi Ci". Z31-R. rrt^rjrisC. Barts-aa"". !ate o£ D o u j l i f e s TowHilup. I Moc'ioa;*rT Co . deceased. Let- j · ters Tf«tir«er.tarT on trie above | Estate barlr;i be«3 K:ant-i M ' the undersigned, al" pe-soiv j to iald E.-.tate are re- · 10 maie immediate paj- j men:, and tho-e hiving ;e-;a'. [ cU'ms. -*o present the ^arr.e -a-:th- I out deUy to Mrs Kat^ B CTMEVT COSTRACTIXG and BuUH^s o: AH Kindt Gib-- el F-.»ni. T«rp. Line. Pa, 1S2-J-2. Aitgr 5 p. rn. -- 573»- J. JOHN DEI-LAQUILA Cad Po Brick Stone Pointing ?iio=» ±37. CARL DESIX Stnye4. Lwt !· LOST--Ijriy's red rhar;se purse. VlcinitT or itoose Ha!! G'lbe-t Evans. Z5 Frince Street. 5uwe. Phone :3!4-J 7OUXD--Pemale Da'matian Doc with 2 Pups Phone 1720 or 4776-W. -- On rr'.day. Ap?.H H53 Florence X (Quint*:) Sc»n- iln. wile or the !il* Join B ·canlln. of Kariovrr Heights. Pottnown RE 2. a?e 61 years Ae.aTlves and frlerids are InTjted to the services from b.e~ late reaidanct on Tue*day. April 25. I»i3 at 2 p. m. Jnierrnen:. In Mt £!on cemetery Fr+ecdi may cal 1 -Mofidmr efeninc f^om. 7 to 9 at her late rtjldenc*. ^Wilson) ,-=,--.- 1 f J LXDST--Green Walle:. Vic Le'.en- KOCK! Road, Starve S- . or Reno'di A7f Rg^ard. Pliojie 1251-W. in uucri wlrh opportufitry litr W»nt Ad« dally LEGAL NOTICES 11 SatUrHajr. April 25. 1»S3. FC3 WUliam Cheite' Col- -ltn«. U S ?f. son ot Arthur E. and Beatrice (nee Westl Co'.I'.iv; aje Z2 yea^t Re!itlres ana friends ire invited to the vrvtce"; from the Schurr.acher Pune-al Home. 35» Kin* £t^ on Wednes- dar. April 2t. as 2 p m Oiricnt- !n» wl'l ke Edward S. Horn. Interment la Me. £lon cerneterr rnenfls mar call Tt'e«iJaT eve- nlnt. 7 t.33. fSchirmache-t CHATCHDCK^On Fridar. ^prl: 247 1»S3 Jacob D . ion or the :ate O«met and Crirtstlna (Kow»:i- chuck) Charchuck. axed M years Heiatlrei and friends are Inr'ted to tat voices from the Tleisch- ^lann Funeral Home. 725 HIph 9t. on Tuesday Apri! 28 at 10 a. m. Interment In- PtjttJiiown ·»st End cemeterr P-iencIs may cmU at th« yielschmanri r"uaerai Hrwne. 726 Ht(th 51. on aConday eTenlnt. ~ to 9. (Flelschmaim) Thanks The» of the late Ear! A ICirlln d»nre» «) thank ths kind nelfhbor- and frlendj for -.h» asilatauce and «vmp«thy. th» floral tribute* and us« of ca-^ offered durlni t n e i r lecent COOK The famUr of the Jate Wil.iam - H. Coot desirM to thank the kind n^lfhrw* and friend. 1 ? it?! the a-al3t«zice: and sympathy the Qorxi tribntrv and iise of cars offered,-durlnj i h e r r rer-ent berr«Teiiieat. Pa. Jo5epb L 253 H'5 K 5t .. P P-tnce. Atto-ne o U t o w n . Pa. Estate or Alfred D Bojer. 'i:« of Boroujh of Pottito^n. Montgom- e.T Co_ cleceaj,4C. Letters or AC ministration on the above Eotite har'-j been sranted to ne un- co sa'd Estate are rec JOHN H KCLP. Contractor Builder. Obelisk. Pi. Phone SaA-amarx-rriKe 4-HJG, Bloci and Ccmenl Work. A;tcrat!ori» o: All Kinds. G^ E HEXNZ5SET Phone 1»30-ML BGILXUNQ AND REiiODELlXG CoTtr»c:Jn^ Eton* Estimates JOSEPH AXTUSiL Phost 23S-J. make paymtnc. arc D'AXGZLO General Contr»cU and Cement SOS I B.-^cir. p^eieni. rhe iame ·cii.ricur, del^T ! LO Mrs Mvr: Brooke. 210 W. i SLKtri St. . Bovenoitn. ?a. M-s I Varion Harrey. 9^8 Ha'e St.. roctstown Pa. Or Rutier. O'Jjn ne!l 4: Mauler. A:iomeyj. :52 H!;h St 'Po^Ktown. Pa Block ana bxuli Fanner's Market WnLADELWIIA P«ODUCE PMlLADaXPHIA Apru 27 if, (USDA). -- Rece:?U were much heavier acd trading was active or. ttoe wholesale produce market today. Aiparajus. "H. i crat«.«. cSozrn bunches *3 OOaS 00 Spinach Bu*h- eU Savoy tjpe. I«. J. 50a75c. Pa. 35a7ic. Va. Norlolk sec Tic Mu-h- Pa 4-qt buke^i tl OOajO. Bushels and boxes- Pa Delicious M.50 Stayiiiiiis 1425 Ai- bema.Ie Pippins i3 00a25. York^ »323: N J. Romes »3 00«J5 W l n » K 73. carton? tia-r-pack Wlne- »[»s »4jOa7i. Goiden D-1'.cioi^s *3Ji*400 RadLsr»e». N. J. 4/5 Su crates ti^3. Va 12-qt basket. 301 7Sc Rftuaarb- Per burjeti P». and If. J. 3aS ceats Scail.oris. N J bunches y t cents Potatoes- P» Katahdins. mo»tly ordlrjar% to fair. ilMB sacks 75ca»: 00: iO-Ia sacks lj«20c."Various greens. Bj£ti- rU: Colinrtis -Va *I 00, CtD3»£e j Sprout^ Va. »5a75c. Salad j N J. 75caJLOO. Kale Jf J 5Oa7Dr. i Muriarl Va ".hredded J; 25ajO: i Turnip tops Va. tl OOaiS Sweet potatoes IT. J bushels Jer = e.- typr yellows and oranite tvpe 13 Oo»5 OQ Wnlte Tarns *t 30*5.00. Pxie'-to R!c- juis *5 00: *i bvsk^ti vfl'ows J2.53a 4 W Parley: pa and IT J busr;- Ji 00 lyeJc* N. J. on 12 bt:Dcie- »1.73. Watercresi- Pa. bunches 10 ctnts TKf-COl,TT CO-OPOl^TITE WORCESTER WHITE-- ASSOCIATION H ';h Lo yiincy M?diurn Eltrai Larse Ertra^ M-dlum -Standard Larre Standard Medi-j- ...... 53 5,1 Wee* .............. 42 53 55 59 53 53 51 49 3Q FancT Larjf Fancy VeC'.iun tr»i Larie txtras MeCti.i-ri ___ ... Standard Lar?e Standard Mcd'.um ... Pullet! Pre We^ . . . . . . . Tot*: Cjue* Sold -- 1552 AUCTION -»5 29 H!;h Loir Fowr-Colortd . . . 43 33 Fon-I-Le jihom ... 27 25 rn;:et«-Cc: over « 43' - 4,1 Ro»st*^-Co- . . . * ) " 3« (Tpti-Cpn Sp. o r e r S .......... 46 42"- Sprln^erj-Co: ..... ^ 32 Tuck. .......... 29'- 2« Or«^e ............ 2-3 :« TurS:«ic Tom« . . 411, 3S 1 .Total Crat« Sold-- 113. Avg 3 3- j 2S ]» 40 _ W M U t -- Kxtrax Lancr. . Extru Medium Standard Lar*» Stand. Medium BROWK-- Bliras Lar|te Kxtraa Medium Standard Larfe 54 M' 54' 51 51 S2 534 55 si Jumlw ........... *5 Total Cajes Sold-- HI. Lo» 53'- S3 5: 50 47 54 51'- 5I !3 sos 47 7» Avr, 561, 53 55 : - 52U 83 AN ORDIKAMCrE \MENDISG SECTIONS 5 (a), (b). and (O OF THE POLICE PENSION FUND ORDINANCE OP MAY 5. 1942 -BOROUGH CODE O- ORDINANCES. CHAPTER 20 PsOK3 33O LO 234. BY SPECIFYING CERTAIN REQUIREMENTS FOR ELIGIBILITY FOR PENSIONS. PROVIDING A vnrci- MUM MOf rHIA PfJs'SION" P\Y- MENT. ^ND PROVIDING PENSION" BENTtriTS POR. DGTT IX CURRSD DISABILITY BE IT A"D IT IS HEREBY ORRA.INED rv T^» Burse-.s ind Town Cot;rir!I or the Borough o: Pottsto-s-n at th- re«u!iir ·tieet'ns o' . 19S3. tliat Section.* S f a l . f b ) . and (D of ^e Prl!ce Pension Pi;nd Ortf;- nance" of May 5. 1W2 Borough Codr of Ordinances. Chapter -20. p«ne. 33O to 33* Inc'.-js've a-e heretv amended to read as folio*^ "ifli) On"" qaaUried. active, and full t'.rn- members j.i good vtAndlo^ or the Po^t5V5wn Police Tore; who shall hav;; at- (50) years and shal J hA\e ser^-cl as a member ot said Pottstown Police fo^re and sfcal' have been a member of the PottiWwn Po- 1'ce Pfni'on Fund ^or » continuous pnod of at least twent-T (2O) years shall upon honorab.e dl-chirje the^-from.. b- ellgib'r fo- pen.-ion-s. provided, however. tl'At tho«e incorporators of tnr Pottstown Pours Pension Pund who have continuou.'ily b»ei members -n. Rood standing or the Pottstown Police force .ihall upon Tiono-able discharge, be eligible for pension, regardless or their period of acrvice. provided, tucb, »ervl£e has been coa- t'.nuous. their time £oc elljibtllty on their continuous service as "nil timr members of the Pottf- to*n Police force'" "fb) P e n s i o n pavrren;= a' on*-".a.f C,i) of tn- -rontlily rate oi jw of the perxsloner at the date of hi* Jionorabie dL5- charscft O" retirement, but which pa-.menta in any e.ent ^hall not be le^c than One Hundred Dollars ($100) per month. tasU be \ made to -hose »l;tfib.e pensioners who n3.v» contributed to the Pen-slon Puna Irom their WB^es * ,*rcent*^e eji:al to that, de- duc^ed from their i^azes bv tne Bo-ough (ia:d deduction bT th- Borou^h beln5 in 'act a con^n hution madr by an increase !n pax it the time or inception or thiS fund and rriad* fo- the ex- pre=s purpose of a Bo'OuRL cou- t.ibutloii to the Pension P\ind). and who shall havr paid 'n -Aid contribution jn fui] at til- t-,:np of d^cna-i;- or retirement No benefits or pen-ion payments wh»t-o--er shall be mice to thc^e who sre not, also members of the Police Pension Fund or j ^ho fail to contribute an a.nount [ equil to that contributed oy 't't Borough through the abo.e wi^e nc-ease and deduction, even though sx:ch poltcemAn mar otierarlse be eligible " "t') If anr rx-^iceman sha'I be hono'ab y dl^chirred l^ of physical or- mental disability not. L T icu~red In line of d u t y and i before b«com!n? elin.jl; for or j receiving any pension, ne shil" j then reccl-. - arid be pild the fu.'_ drdt:cticEs made hy the that amount, contributed by sa'rt poilcem»r. through Ms author- ! iwd deductions, which In tn!^ ' ca-e ^CIJL'.I b* equa! to the sum of four per cent |4"PO or th- T»^es paia TT-ch -po'Iceman. si'c! pnvrr.-nt to be rn»de iitl-.o-at is- orab'.y dLscrvar^ec; b-cauv; of ph..,ical or *nrntal di- c ability In- curr-d _n *h; line of dutv b*- fcr» b^corrlrs; ciislole fo* or ~~- '· ceiv.n^ anv pension, then he . T.a... upon prOT'f of said phji- j c^I O" mental .ncurrerl i in the of duty, b-com* -1'^ib 1 .* for pension In proportion to the number of years of service iit has la the depart- m:r.t. A pny^lca; o- mental examination to determine ab'J'.tv Incurred in th- line of duty shall r- made br two 2) ! doctors selected bv tie Police | Pension Fiind Com-r.:tt*? of 3or- 1 otii^i Counct:. and upon ap- j prova! by soicr: doctors of said pollcerrian-.s physical or mczitju j dlsabtHry Incurred '.n the ::n- I of duty, the F^etutlvc Board of | Pund shall thereupon fli; tiie I amount, of pension v be p»;d ·=ald police--»n i:: accordance witii tile provision- or thL? i Ordinance " j IN" all otiier provlfions and re- j sp»ct5 tr* aforesaid Po'ice Pen- \ slon Fur.d Ordinance of Mar S I 1942 together wltn prior amend- j rr.ent5. is hertby rea"irnied, re- , enacted and reorda'.net: I E"\Ci.-.u Into an Ordinance at the Council Cliaaib-r ;i)Ls | day of . A D. 1953. I THI HGRGESS AXD TOWS 1 COUNCIL OT THE ' BOROUGH Or POTTSTOYirN 8y W H. RETFSNYDER ' Prwident Attest: HORACE B Boroufh ,,,, APPROVSO this 27tti ijay o f « April. A. ^D. 1853. | WILLIAM A SEALED BEDS will be received by the County Co T.mK- loners for the Countr of Montgomery. State of PtnnsylvaT.a in the'-- ofricei in the Coi.rt- House. Swed? and A !rr Strife u. NorniLown, Pa. ui- tl! 10 o'clock A M_ on the 15tn of ICav. 1953 .'or the fo-owiz ^umishint and Delirerms: or. PHOTOSTATIC SUPPLIES CONTR\CT PERIOD S H A L L BE FROM MAY 15. 1953 to December 31. 1353 Detailed speclrications ma.v b« secured from William T. Mu : drew c-irf c'e-lc to the County Comnilisionerj. Room 2O5. Court Hou=e. Ce-tiried checis accompiETin; proposal! rr.iy be 'n the same o- sepame envelope but ait^t bt; in the hands or th Chief Clerl^ prior to the 10 o'clock: deadline on the date set rorth above- Each bid must br- cnc'osed !n a sealed envelope, ciea-lir ma'trd on the o u t = ' d f - "BID FOR PHOTOSTATIC SUPPLIES" and mailed or dellvr-red to. the office o f - t h e County Comiijisaloilerr. R^^^m 205 In the Court Home' Bids "win b- opened pubhclv by the Countv Commi.5=ionp-s at II 00 o'clock A. U on the- xanje div. The rifxht Is reserved to reject *ny or a!! bids and to award the contract In ;uch a manner as may appear to be to the be^t ,n- t»r«t« or the County of Montgomery FREDERICK C. PETERS FOSTTR C HILLEO\ES RAYMOND K MENSCH Count* BUSINESS GUIDE WEBBS HAULING--Rubbish or all kinds. Boxes, ashes, paper. Bea sonabie rates. Pnone 4JS6-W and repalrwl- Pbone ?»ttati»wn - 5fO-B-l. " r.L»» I-A S\LpH-S GLASS SE3.VICE 410 ^pp-'e St. Phone 2*M-R_ Wlndow k Plate G!a.-s Mirrors. Safety Glasa Installed ia Cars. Prompt S e r v i c e orr all wort. Mirrors Bid;. Gi« Thorn S*-xtl A Aluralnum Saari \V. S. Antrim Son 61 High St. Phoof »22 Open daily--C!oj* Sat. at Noon HUTT'S GLASS SHOP, GLASS FO:t ALL PORPOSKS ?HOXS BOTERTOWN 7-250» ut repa'r'nj. mothproonnj Buz* · and Fumlt.ur» Shampooed. S. SIS Queen St. Ph. 3IS. Tall paper lemoTed by attain- Painted walli. vindowa. Tenetlan WncU cleaned. F'oor »ailnt AI» J\COB Phone li*7-W. Orr?«»»aalnc--MlUinay 21 A?te r a~ions on pants, dresse. 1 ; osher c'othe^ Co'.Iarj turned. 25c each- Call 5406-*. 1266 MapTe Street PlumMnp -- Heating -- Ou 'Bnmera it p-jmp«--JOSEPH J ZELEZSICK 3flO Apple 31. Fbona 4T^g Expert Radio ajid TV . Xo job too bis or ;oo small. 24 hr sen ice on all makes and mode;s Authorized G I Sale. 1 ; - ant! Service. LEE'S ELECTRONIC . Phor.- 5' 26 WASH MACHINE s?/? mak« Par^s. wr:n?er ro.Lc etc Paul Prior 4: E 2lid St. Ph. 234 Pree EsV.mate Lmoew 39*4 ROBERT PAI5.TER Ce«pools ana septic tank* cleaned Reasonabl- prices W Dott*rer _ Phone Tellow Kmat »-»2iO ODD CARPENTR.Y^TdBS~e^p7ruT and promp^j done. Rea«onab'- r ^t^ ?*h- Sassamamvl'Ie 4-43«I BUHH S RADIO and TV ... P A. System Rental Pnone «'1«-R ot 472S-J BULLDOZTKG 1C A PiTERKA Caa Llnfleld 3079 WELL DRILLING ^e« ^:imst«--potutoTm S06» r Hill Trpewrlttr Ezpalr Service ill mitts if model? John Gala,-rtba" 368 'ew S: . Pottst'n Pb_ 4540-R. CESSPOODT »nd Septic Tsnka CTiearied LeRor H Kulp i»ho»r:-xTllIe 4123 AWNINGS Zephyr Ventilated A l u m i n u m Storm Windows VENETIAN BLINDS BILL BUSH SALES --Plumbing Oil Burner Jt Stoker Sales A Serr. J Fcker 144 King 3t Ph 10SO ai!LIABUrs~KOOFING SKRVTCK New Roolx a Specialty Can Arrange Pinanclrij "36 Months to Pay. Phone S211 Certified Booflns Service KLMKt EB.B. BD 3. PtotUtown VTV*KD 3 PLUMBING HEATING Work done anywhere In Pottstown and »icinltr_ Evening o~ weekend work, phone 5444-J. KDWIN L. CHKISTMAIT. Ma»ter Plumber DAKlEtTS BOOFWO CO --tSldlni; -- Roof '.Of -- Spoutlns. For iica estimate, prompt and tfflc'eir, wrrlce. call Pottsto»n 3KB-R or Blrdsbo-o 2-545S or 2-5489 HARRY E. HERPST Padded Van St~t'ce. Mavbiss Pianos and Rtfnseraiors 4« N Kvan« Phone 94* MOVING--HAULING 311 South St. Pioue 1306 OSCAS K. TERGET MOVING - STORAGE Pznmp: Piano i: Rttz'Z- Mo^Lags. Phone PotUM«n ZT2T or 5:2 LUTHZB GRAHAM MOVING - HAULING 106 Sin? Phone 3014 J Palnttn f -- Papering PAINTING--IhtT'r'o 1 aad Ester Free estimates. Pbone 3^1 boro 2-5019 Russell Griesemer PAINTING Interior ana Exterior. Free estiinates Phone Haynroofl 1333 dar or "vc THOMAS O'NEAL POINTING and ? SAilCEL C EPLER 220 Perm it Phone 5737 HARVEY P. GERHART ~1 Jeir-rson ATe Ph 25S5 R 17"! P A P E R H A N G I N O Prwfessional Services i8 Hxvr Marital Protf.ema? C*\l MuIllH Detective Bureau oij S*3rrds Boyer'on-n Phone 7-2346. QUICK T3-.LEVIMON SERVICE" JOVE3 RAUIO CO Ph S35-R-^. Ca!',s 13 DS.T or OTESSPOOLS ~ purcpetj ciean Phon? Pjr;htr 307! AD^V HOLOWI5 ' E-S TV »f. Radio "s;-- to 172 Rs-rao'.ds »-.ecue P.-.or-.- S2S3 rrsvrred -- remoO eel. TOSHER'S. Fami-n^ton fc Dlainond, I^h. 120a CISSPOOL aad SSPTIC TANK CLEA?n,G Horace Pr»j Pione P-JZhtoxn 3102. Browns Radio-TV Serv. ; 222 ' Cha-Iott- St. Fnont 5515 ODD CARPSTTTRT JOB3 --~Zl- nertly. pror^ptly don? Rtason- ) ab -TLtes Phone 5652 TV TUBES~~~PARTS~ j Pictu-- Tubes Ar.te^nas. ?o :s, i Guy Wire. Lead In - v^:re acr-^- - Comp."te toci Lo^ p-icei ' ^·PJ^IANCE SERVICE CO | 70 S Franklin St Phon" 3777 ! Shultz Radio--TV Serv j 1114 Hlirh street Phone :o:4 ' Furniture Reilriisned. rrtroho;- stcrcd. repaired J. £ SNORE. 22 wamct Sctticmeni. Pa 3^G-J EMPLOYMENT Help Wmntcd -- Female K WAITRESS No ?horc App.-.COFFEE CUP 232 Higq St.- WAITRESS ?irt-- n:" -w:JcentJ iro-ic Muji r» over 13 vrarx old Fcr .nrorma- Uou ca;" Pushto-sr. 0213. TRUNK'S BAR-B-Q. AWNINGS STOR3* WINDOWS ETC AVON COSMETICS has opening; 'or mit-urc T^orrien to servtci ^03d to--.Tories :n Potistcrsra. G'.b?rt^v.::; a^d v.c.aity. Ears K. ar. hour In spare tirce Fo: ! -x-r'e to Mi-^i Crl? Snxpi. 745 Nob'.e St.. Norris- toin. Pa Ajax Canvas Co. ' Ph. Boyertown 7-25621 WAITRESS \pp.v Crummy* Reo.t,varant :03 S. Haao--er St. THE MERCURY'S CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SECTION CLOSES AT 8 P. M. Day Before Publication of Dora 8 Savior. lsT of the Borou^ri of PottltO«n, Mant- Komery C o , deceased Letters Tr»t»mentarr cm th« above Estate having been fianted to the unJ«r«ltnrl, al! persons Indebted to said Kutat* ire requested to make Immediate pay- m e n t , *nd thc*e h a v l n j le?tl clalm«. to prr»f r.t the »am» -wM*-- out del»T to Harold D. Saylor, r. Room 437, Cltj IU11, T, rm. Join The Breakfast Club ·t the BAR-B-Q Pit Plenty of Parking . . . Open at 6 A.M. Club Bre*kf«st 233 West Hi* Slreef r Pothtm

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