The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1931
Page 5
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THURSDAY, j A XjlARYJg, J931 « . j BT/YTHFA'ILLE, (AKK.) COURIER NEvVS PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for first li^ertiou and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advcrtlsemtiU tiken for less than 50c. Count the words and send Die cash. Phone 30C FOR SALE j FOIl SALE — Hupmobile coupe, I nair.e your price. Broadway Bar- j DCT Shop. 20P-K21 ©I \m IHEBOBBS - MERRILL'CO; OtTK BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern BKCIS HEBE TODAY In 1lic-imlt ">"" "« FOR SALS—Saw - cotton Co. 21C-K2B' •^ FOR SALE I RECONDITIONED | In buying one o; cur RKCONDI- i TIONED USED CARS, you net j only receive va'.ue far above the' price, tut still more important,! you are insured against trouble • and expense by reason of our guir- j ante;. j Here nre real values--yen canj teltc-r appreciate them by coining I in to see for yourself and rccolv- | ing an actual demonstration. i 1925 FORD FOKDOR SEDAN S 1G30 TO!;!) ROADSTER . 1X3 FORD SPOUT COl'l'E .. SM5 j 1S20 FORD TUDOR SEDAN S20U j 1930 FORl) TUDOR SEDAN SH5 10:{0 3-WINDOW FOUDOR 53SO | 1328 FORl) rliAETON .... S'233 | 1023 CHFA'KOLET COACH .. SHU j 1928 CHEVROLET SEDAN ... S185. 1927 CHEVROLET COlTIi .. S 7o i 152a CURVSI.ER CO COACH $11= ! 1928 DODGE G SEDAN ... S225! 1929 WHIPPET COACH ... S595 j 1919 ESSEX COVPE S1931 1929 ntKANT SEDAN S125 j • 1927 FOP.D RDSTLR TICK-UPS 65 j 1920 DODGE CHASSIS 2!j Ton 575 j iO'D FORD RDSl'ERPlCK-lir?230 1930 FORD C21ASSIS CLOSED • CAB. 151 in. STAKE BODY SC75 1 1930 CARTERS DUAL WHEEL TRAILER ?28j " "^XcT'ttw—Call 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR - COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealer Doggedly, before silken black beard. "S WITH TIM: STOUV CHAPTER VIII •i.\y," the artist Interrupted at last, "are those my ilrc-n you're crowing ab~'jt! old the devil (io you think I am anyhow. Kale?" "My name's not Kate." "My error." lie slid. "I apologize This ii Iowa, Isn't it? I was think iuK of Shakespeare." Ginger decided to accept apology. He raisin have bsen Ii landing a coinpliii'.enl. A relercnc to Shakespeare was usually con- pliraciilary, and just otlbauil lilt tl:at she could not place Kate. She considered liis question. He wasn't so old probably as her father, lie wasn't gray but lliat long, Slack beard was deceptive. "Oil, alionl 50, 1 suppose." she said at last. "Fifty— good lord—about SO';" He appealed suddenly to Goo!>y. "Is she in her right riilnrl an'l all?" . of Ginger, M iliaued off -Ihf Goohy t-i ave it as a mcmcr.t and her opinion tliat she beard." he said. "Me tiii-l ray Eiandciilldrcnl Humph!" • - * • 5ST—DIDN'T u'.can to hurt your -I feelings," Fsid Uinser zcr.'.lj 1 . "You don't loo* exactly old bat— Baikal. That's it-Biblical. You ITO'K likn all Hie disciples nt t!,' ast Eiiprer—except Judas, of course." she added politely. "Thanks," he taifl grimly. He accepted the pan of hot i and tl'.e cal;e of soap from Cc« "Say, let me tell you something. Miss Dcfcctivc-IlDlimiuciU, or whoever you arc, I'm just 27 years oltl.'" "Tv.'cnly-sevc-n!" Ginscr was amazed. "Why. you're not so oil! as Ktltly Jacksoa." "I'm not so old as a lot ot poo- Ho le.iucd forward tuddcnly ord ouched Hie lip ot her chin lilted uji ward him. His liaiids were liurucd own Ly (he Eiin. "And pink." ha lilcd, laugliliiB. Color auepl tho crcnray face. She ave a lillle nervous laugh uml w lieuelt up ivllh prim dignity, marlhlni; lior hair. The ailln went on wllli his work. 'You see. these chop who mrike i livlns wrllliiB nboul us Depcml- cms, Detectives ami Dclhii|ui!iil.t," :i- taiil cheerfully, "ovcvlook n few nlnor cotisldenitlons. Tlicro IB talc:it, for one Ilitng. There Is nrL And xlicre Is beauty. "Now ulieii you conin lo t!u\.*ft suljll:i!c> abstracUoiw. nn rules Kooil. Who. lor luslauce, in cull- mnllng love, ivnulil ImrX hack to i^?^lblo ileppiuloticlos, dcllmiueii 1 lei or even ilcfucls ot clmrncler or ei'Eon? When mio loves, tmo doci ol tiny, 'All, bill ho Is dciionilent en hh liaml.1 (or Ills dally bread, f bis hamls should Uo cul ctt. he would bo dependent on me.' !.'or Iocs o;io.Br.y. 'I love her. but she baa n sllslit mole beneath her rlKht cyo which puts her unions llio nhynicnl defcclives.' Now does ono?" shook her hw.d. She ^ cmihl find no words to mako ro- Ply. "And If one- Ilko myself— u poor biu joyous arils'. — elects to faro through tho countryside. worship nature with Ms eyes, nml [ryltig with Ma small abilities to reproduce Us beauties for others, iiorhans not so observing, should onu tlip.t lie Is n dependent because ho does not pay for his dinner wllh cash Instead ot with the tnlctit God gavo him?' "I was just itninli," sighed Gin. tcr Us settled down lo bis work In Boc-d earnest. "No, yon wcro rishl." he said cheerfully, and a smile shot through tho shadows of his si ay »>'«• "' B ™ a financial flop. I really am hoboing through. ^Yl!en j w - 5 0 kl ,i i Wn3 n |i ( or WM[1 . t 60 ^ a s(D(:[) lvo lu 011r how you think 1 look." he tilled back, tho kllclicn •. hoi.steJ his iuiec and went on c(1|1 j or mny a ,i, n n our viitucs. ith the drawing. I "i go t prizes, ami medals, nnd "You're not bald, or anythlnB, UehohrBhlns nnd was Beul lo l>ar!s are you?" he asked suddenly. • — aud I'll tell the world I wasn't loo Da( |. i was S001 i, •Unbl! Cerlalnly not." . "If you'll Just lake off that «<1 p a n:ii!Ute." be said inyratlat- iu:;]y. Ginger flushed violcr.lly 11 isn't ,.„„,.$, lo be good. You havo to be . 1()lc Io se n j- our .; e |f. i v.-asn'l. 1 thought when 1 came hack ucoplo antl Uvonld cmr.o flocking lo my deor. and ihcr:, dogccdly, l:;for-j <|'- ;i iii n; alienee, ami her hair flew into 011 ],| 3 limrid Wuc eyes ct Gi::--nt tlla. c-yei whirh melted Kv>iiily f.o:ii boundless amazement to iTri>pr.:. : i- h!e laughter, he shaved off the silken black hcaril. By the time lie had finishd! ."he was quite doubled up in her chair ivith mirth, and Gcohy ling largely into the bowl of raisins. "U'liey all wear Ihem in I'.iri.-," I'.e bright cloudy tangle, lie smiled. ;crl;eil it oft. "I just put it on to be-1 Eavingi -riiiK man who has p: sanitary when I'm cooking. u !e famous il^btlng ficurea of nil She shook her head with nervous |Europe, must paint —• little son car.' Or. 'This man I who lias painlcd n golilon passion Unto tho p;:ro heart of a Illy must he Bali! and went on see It ho can find Eomo unsuspected , h'q ilriwine "Very" nice emotion in my inmost soul.'" , h.s drawing, ^ery nice.| ^ ^^ ^ m ^ "Nobody cam*. FOH SAI.-E—B.iby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching toHut- cd Mavilyn Hatchery, Biyf-ieville. iO-CK-TF FOit KENT i I-'OH RENT -Four icom ar>r>rt-. mcnt, CIO West Asli. Call 510. . 5C-TF! ^ j bungalow. pie," be said moodily. Ho dropped explained, patting his face with a the cover on his pad of paper and liatidkerchicf. "It's quito tbe i.-'.-" tossed it upon the tahle. Then he rcachsd firmly into his portfolio. "Miss," he said to Gooby, "can I holher you for a little nice hot lather?" "Irlather?" echoed Ginger. "You mean plain soap and water? 1 didn't knofv' they used lather in— Cooby, a lo'.vl of soap and hot wafer, at once." "I'm eoinj 1= shave oil FOR RENT — Modern garage, on paved street. Call I Fowler, 838 or 'I50J. 20fJ-TF[ FOR RENT—Furnishcrt aparlir.jut Tie Tviped his razor an 1 ! p:il it rack in the portfolio: Tiler. !:c replaced the pad and pencils. Arc—aren't you going to finish my r.ortrait.?" she Queried binbiy. "Xot if I've got to hear any i:iore about Defective? and nelinc..ici:ls." he said Etubbornlyr "Xo din:i--T's worth it." "I wouT," she promised. "Xi't P- word. Do finirh it. I'm (UiUo keen VII put tiio rai! on In the piclure with shailov.-s. She twitted Lor hands to face back fiower-liko in onicr out in my beloved nld Raltlclrap. I When she breaks down 1 work. hen I am broke, sho goes without to iga3. It has been fun." ' Ho smiled at her. Then bo tossed In black and white. You've g°t to have color for such a face. Ivory and blue and gold—'' "If I iiliek crouml town a few days ^7lll you let mo do ynn in color!" (To Be Continued). FOR RENT—Modern 6 roam lio'.ise. coai and wood house. I Corner chlchiisawta and Broad- FOR way. Phone 1512-F4. ?2P-K2ol , ]IX Steam hetit. Call C3G or 1015. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. taxi jaunt from Tu!?a. RE,\T— Steam hea'.ccl roo,,,, C03 West Main. Phone Icr •22P-K21 Bimineham landed Sidney Given'-. .Ftolcn train i negro. "i:i jiil. He was arrested aft;:-: post oBTice. [renl |lie attempted to cr.sli a S1QO ir.cucy . — (UP)- ^'cy order, postal inspectors sa!:l. was I WOMEN HOLD GRAVY CONTEST Okb.. t-J wriltcn en one of th= 1C! tlv.ik? I MEMPHIS. (UP)-A contest for Los Angeles branch gravy artists was held liere recent- Hcd Ball Harbor Shop 318 W. Main Williams .t Damon, Pro;). Felix Ky'.e, Fred tioyctt, Guy Rogers. Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. 17c-tf ly—competitors were not men who manage lo sjxckle their vests with a fully 1 tbe liquid, bill their wives, who ;is:icni. 'cooked it. IFOR REMT--Furushcel apartment, i j nev.-lv decorated. 719 Chickafawfc.i. j I rhonc" 295. 19C-K23 FOR KENT—4 rcom hci:=c. 515 Madison St. Apply S17 Madtecm. NOW FOR SOME FUN WANTED FAY O.DAVIS riiones 2S4 or Kl Cash Paid For l.ate Model Used Cars \V. T. KAKNIOTT 117-119 Fast Main St. Phone 83S or 887 POULTRY V/AKTED—Market prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat-1 chery. Sib S. rViurth St. SC-TF • WANTED — 1'amily Washings.; Washed antl ironed by compc-1 tenl white woman. Mr.;. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF | Local and Ions distance hauling. Snccial rates on rarload lots. Team fur local hauling. V. Ii. WASH AM 1100 Oiickasairbn riionc R.i! WANTED—To Buy- Poultry e-'«s market prices. J. W. Mccrc. . corner Lake & Main. 20P-K23 j "ToiJLTRY V/ANTED— Market! j prices pai'J :'-t C. L. ii;mieu. Co. j •Feed Stere. -10 N. Hailroart St.; j west of co-.irMi^HSC 1 . N'ot buying at : Fi6licr's lilaci- en First St. anjir.orc. J. E. FISilER. ICc-kl VVANTLD—5-clicitor.s. \vllh or with- I out cx;:c-:ir:icc. Can cam three 1 to leu dollar.-, tally. Aprily 7 V. it. i Waiualiuiu Holtl. Call for Mr. I Dainron. Printlnz v ^ Chinese ill 593 lnven;cd by A. D. can nn Save yuu money Auto Glass JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main Phone G6 I5:\Y Ore b.'.e or a train load. E-'iu CORN, shuck on, 38c bu. SI)uck ° !f . Mc ' )or bu - " l car IClo. Cotton StitM Sales Co., Inc. niylhevllle. Avk. phone 174 or LD 1806. Gulf Service Station "That Giiml Gulf (iasollnc" KOU TRADK New or Uicd Automobiles City Properly. I,. I-WI-ER J'huiie 8SS e^ro woman nnrl tliL> r also were arrested. The nion- • recruited ...DO You "WAT O.O.SUSD CF e is—.THE ows i HAD LAST VJ1WTER? . X IDEA!.' TMAT.... LOTS BSTTEH.!! EWP ER SUE HIM f OR. WEftCH A IT HIM QMLV SW MILLION, WOULD STILL (X FEVJ MIV.UW1 WT6WPT5 10 APOLOGIZE Von - QLiV Wllo FOR MlMg VeARS I -10 "BREA^ Irt-To A . 1/J TRQWT 0V - f ALL DEBT'S 1 ARE -5QLJAREP VAV .. week's 1 IM MAKES BUS AW M6 50UR tivfeS ~TTilS BAWD/-^ I'M WEEKS BElllMP ~ AW MRS. WILL CRoWP Me To V.-frl 1 CURB, "^" ll "DOBS' MV GQS(-( IM -fH' RED So rViUcM, IF I WAS 1 MARKED OFF BILL rlEWE tST PAIP UP -iWo uieeK's' ADV/AMCE t AND HER BUDDIES THIC . WOT owt XOO ,i\M ? OUR t>OOGV\ V.'. 60 WttA UE RtKLIX IW. S01US To HITCH UWOY "E> THIS Si-SO AH' HA/e HIW OS FOR A NICE RIDE IM THE VJILL G£T A (JOTH1MS SELFISH A,\E.... WO SIR.'-' ^CJT TRV BPEftWHCi TttE HER OV.D TrtEM CHMltN&t VOU To ^ DUEL, If V\f. DOESN'T KILL NOU, VOOU 'EE Sf.TTlMe To PLW OM >\ GlHl.. t . HHt'LL C-ET V.OME.V NOT F.E A TO MARRS TH& \T X^OULD TEACH A NOT A LAUGHING MATTER D

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