The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1934
Page 2
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FAGIfWO BLTTHEVILLB, (ABK.)' COURIER MEW8 FRIDAY, APRIL 20. 1|S4 Social Calendar | MONDAY'S EVENTS ! Circles of \V. M. U. First Bap- list church! 1, Mrs. Arch Lindsay; 5, Mrs. E. B. Wocdson; circle 3, at church. W. M. S. First Methodist church having missionary prognim nt the dmrcli, 2:30 p.m. . Woman's council Flrsl Christian church meeting al social hull. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Crawford Greene having Young Matrons Bridge club. Tuesday Contract club mccllnis wilh Mrs. Floyd White. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Harry Klrty having Wednesday Bridi« club. THURSDAY'S EVENTS " Mrs. Charles L. Wylle huslcss to Thursday Bridge club. Thursday Contract club mcelinj, with Mrs." R. L, Brsdley. Pilgrim Guild mei.-ij..8 at school, 2 p.m. The Kiglil Way to Apply Masi-ari Has Party The Hy Blw Ny Sunday schoo ••class of the "First Baptifcl churcl ''• had a psYly last evening at th 1 home of Mrs. Pleas Secoy whc - Mrs. B. T. Worthy arid Mis. Seco ;; entertained other hieaibcrs of th '.! class. - It was a -radio" ixirly with Mrs - C. I". Tucker, Mr». Wcems mid '.; Mi!* Florence Bvars winning -» pftWb. •• A inbldM Salad was served with " sandwiches, cake n'nrt coffee to the *" 18 present. Has Club and GAstt. Mrs. R. B. Noleii cnloiinlnet) members of the Thursday. Hook club and several guests this week when 20 ladles played rook al her home. • Plotters from her garden were used with bowls of tulips in the living room ann i\ lavender motif in tlic dining room where irk and lilacs were arranged. A salad plalc was served the players which Included Mines Johli Fcat.herston. J. W. , Bndci Herman ' Cross, J. T. Allord. J Mel) Brooks, S. L. Rceder, B. M • Matthews and T. H. Haynes. Bib oj Netfs Mostly Personal WMtlefr.WiilHps. .-.Miss ' Josephine Whllley am Alice Fayt shows the r.ropcr technique for amjlyhir eye make-up, simuti L«uls phllliFS, both of Ihl x-iiy,' stctircA a marriage license at Clwrton; Mo., ; ""-' J - Thursday. BY ALICIA HART NKA Service Staff Writer Mascara is the most Ratterlug of all cosmetics—If it Is used sparingly and correctly, Eyelashes, the nondescript kind, that are light on UK ends and really nrcu'l atlrac- ,lKe frames for beautiful oyes. tuku |on a new glamor whi-n their 1111- I Learn to apply your mascara Ii Ihc new manner. One Khouldn' whisk llic little brush back am Mrs. W. U. TanniT :ind son Jiiiimie. relumed to lliolr home Ii elena yesterday lifter a brie ay with Mrs. Tannci'e mothei is. T. J. Miihan. Mrs, J. B. Gilford is returnln: j her home in Memphis "tie pending Severn I days with Mi nd Mrs. Krcd" Haiidclur. Sli irniei-iy resided here. Mrs. S. P. Lee iintl daughter nd Maurice Lutlrell. spent yes erday in Memphis where they at, :iidcd a show. Miss Marguerite Johnson, Mr O. M. Morgan. Mi-.,. Howard Proc or and Miss Cora Lee Coleinn re in Paragould loday for U tale convention of the Busine \nd Professional Women's Club. Farnsworth Black, of Memphis, wll! arrive tonight to spend ihe vcckend with relatives. Upon Ills elurn he-will bc by Mrs. Black and daughter! Betty, who have Ixen here several days. Miss Grace McFarland in now improving following an operation for nppendlcllis performed .Mun- rtuy at the Blylhevillc hospital. W. C. Leggclt and daughter. Miss Marie, have, returned I'rom Oxford. Miss., where, they vlsilcd Mr. Leggelt'n father who is seriously il). Mr. Lcggetl will return the first of llic week us Ills athcr's condition Is improved. Miss Irmn Laura Barnes return- d last night from a week's stay n Memphis as tlic guest of Mr. Mrs. W. B. McAfee and son. Bernard. Miss Bob Williams and her louscguest, Mrs. Oarvie Sharp, of :airo. III., are cpciuUng loduy in Memphis. Among those unending county council P. T. A. meeting h Wilson yesterday from ATOUKC were Mines. W. N. Williams. Jcs a; Manes, J. G. Ellis. Will And Orson, Jesse Ridenour. a. S. Wil Cove By Helen WeUimtr t OVK h n prelly dieam, you My, ^ A NKI He t!ut liiu jKU'ls'sinH. lirU-r as Hie slto\U'is Uial lull in Muy Mirl n^ Ji bird on wiri(f. A l:ifry !>lory lliiiUliMttdlieltn. In Ific Jitail of M pic'Luic Ivxtk; A I'nnlnsy tint WKJ ncvfr lin-d'i Though V* IUM \\l\\i ;i [|iu-itii)^ VOU [icvci 1 have hcW a rainlww, dt- Yet you Iiavt- wc/i Us glow, On 'A summer's d?y when a storm is done, Xcyonly iinics, I kiio\\l f:i[lli is the sLiir.UiiHT ol Iliiii^s unsi'cii, \Vc iru'il lill 1ln* wuild's liixirs rlo.M. 1 . \Vliru ilid v >1 ' toii'.h ;i ^l;l^. :\ \vjin), *riic Ivnsvunvc Uwl Ltivnil '|M!K «n goer, oul,v.illi i 1 'J'Jiu fin! of tin: Jitar.s IJIMJSS "['lit- cyrlc of staJliiiif and YIMI- 111 lor ycflr RIKS on. So MM'tlv your !yvc will cniti hi ]K':icr or lo HK".!(.k-iifi[ diu l-'rtr ft lic;«l (iiHil lum Eo iiuo EO Ll "llCII il COIIlLML NEXT WEEK a/ Blythevilles Theatres THE EITZ •Men in White," dfam»tl-iallou famous dr»m» of eternal romance; I of life In a modem hospital and by Alberto Caaella. ! one of this season's outstanding | It was oh a baltleileld lliat' , New York stage successes, has ie- Alberto Casclla Jlret wondered ,1 - celvcd official sanction, probably just what would happen if DcalUJ : ! for the first time in the history should take surcease from his cter-! 1 , (I of medicine, in a recent article nal task and come to tlic world ;| '•I I In the august "Journal of Iht.for a mortal holiday. The transla-;! ;l I American Medical Association." lion of that provocative Idea lnlo : i i:| The screen adaption of the l\ow the photoplay ras an I famous play has already been pro- task, but one which Paramount ' riuccd id the Metro-'Gbldwyn- lias proudly accomplished. Mayer studios and will open local- the picture tells hew this niys- ly at tlic Rilz TlH>atrc Sunday and totals shadow changes his shape- Monday. The picture 'was directed and form, becomes, for a tlirec- by Richard Boleslavsky with Clark day holiday, a gay. dashing, ro Gable and Myma Loy co-starred, mantle lover. He comes to Together with Gable "and Miss house^party, concealing Ins iden- y,-the cast of "Men In White" lily from ever)' one but the liasl. IncliideB Jean Hersholt, Elizabiih who introduces him as a friend. Allan Otlo Kruger, C. Hfnry Got- As a charming cavalier, Prince. don Russell Hardie,' Wallace Ford, Sirki, the guest searches foi- llle'ij Henry B Walthall 'ana Russell thrills, setks to learn wliaX man HOpton. latest stai i ' " loves in life that he must feai its end. Tllc ' casl is e"^^ 11 *" featuring w«tv>v jand concerns a' couple of heir Howard. waged b.i en aguins \ forth iicross Ihc lushes but. i »>>"• «be held aainst,, them while I 1 - rigger. Hams. W. Leonard Smith and C ackwell . an bristles anil, In llnil way. each) hulr Is covered from lip to root. -cd wh a-'TSfti* pariy-f-rirtny af- ' (eruotti iH lief tiitiw 'on West Main .-street. Veils*''and" 1 .white blcom- v mgYshirubs'fore in\emilngled ivitn .lilacs aid iris "for 'decorations in -/the living roonis and springtime lurnl color is deepened by the np-.Bo careliil not lo gel any mascara plication'of a bit ot mascara. into your eyes nor 10 spliish It on Once «pon u lime uclresses were Ihc Ikls. However, If «. neck does the onlv ones who used any sort get on Ihc eyelid, it cuu be easily ol cyu make-up nnd even Uicy re-, removcil with a bit of cleansing moved it the miiinlc they reached crenin, their dressing rooms after the i There's a new mascara on the performances were over. Later.' market loday and It really acls as and cVefhBdow came tola dye. stnyine on for many hours. The directions say lo pul "" " _, to be read in the Chrisllan 1^^^^^!^^^ ^d!e w^J HES MUST METHODIST C1IUKCH \V. V. Womack, Vaster Cliut'ch school, 0°45 a,in, Morning worship. 111:55 u.iii. Sub- •cl, "The Ujy ol Ihe Lord's Cum- HS-" Leagues, 7:15 p.m.. Science service, Sunday morning they ,t^~£«^£ ; £ '^ """Iihe gold in California, forms .. at 11 o'clock. scrupulousness. ••- sensational background for"Wnecl! he Golden Text is. "We also joy There Is a well balanced casl, of Destiny" the latest Ken May!) in God Ihrouih our Lord Jesus others in more important parts nard slan .j ng wts tern which ha' 1 Christ, by whom we have received Including Arthur Hohl, Philip ^. en ^j^ f or Satnrduv at, th the atonement" (Romans 5:11). Reed. Hobart Cavanaiigh, .Mayo Ritz Ul!?aU , r Among Ihe citations from the Mcthot, Ralfe Harolde, Philip I Ken acts as guldc and protec to, Bible is the following. "Who hath Fnversham and Nor» Lane. MIch-| to Marv a pioneer g ir i pi av<;[ i b ; believed our remit? and to whom | ael Curtiz dircclcd from the i^foi^y oix, during Ihc trc urm of the 53:1). The Lessou-Strnion will also in revealed?" screen play by Bertram Mllhaiiser. 'jiic iimcli-ltcraUled Paramount 'i.UJItes rtrc \Bcd.' ' •-- " bc lisc d [or formal evening wear The directions say to put on u -'..:-Mrs. Edgar. Borum won-the high a|)d HOW they ' nrc col -recl on tlic.fmall nmounl. lei that di-j 1 and • icorc prize, n luncheon sel, Mrs. B j r(H , t l)ie B0l[ course—nny place '.Mien apply miollicr coal, H comes ••'•Luis Scot I, •received a nuiplc lamp , u H u'--ihc only rule being thai n|!n several shades. .ior.Kcond hljii''nnrl Mre. Samuel low score was a .IV Morris'" gilt for I ros? bowl. 1 ' : -'V '.• A molded fruit salad course, was , served wilh Iced lea and candles lo tlic 20 guests, which . included ' '.Miis Dorothy Whlitcu ol< Memphis, guest_ of Mr. and Mrs. J. I 1 Mclntoslv. :.-',' - . « -.'• Compliments bride . Mits Elizabeth Sliman entertained' five tables oT guests wilh u bridge ptrty Tuesday uftcrnoon at her horn* In Luxoro especially complimenting .Mrs. Sam Hamm a bride. surplus of either Isn't becoming j and therefore is in bad lasle. where they consi physician concerning Anne eye:,. ill Wilson, w!' WiUou, attciittrrt lo business in Blythcvllle aml^Ar- morel Friday. ' : Mi-s. Gnrvic Sharp nnd -son, Garvic jr.. will return to their ionic in Cairo, III., tomorrow :if- er a week's slay viilh Mrs. Sharp's islcr, Miss Bob Willluins. Mrs. Mary Stciidrmvn hns rclurn- cd to her home In Sclmer, Tenn. afler an extended visit wilh her son, J. R. Steadman. und family. Mines. C. E. Crlyger. Bernurrt NEXT: Tlie four essentials. sou: "Insanity mid Liquor" — John Howard While; "The Influence- of Liquor Upon- Ediicntlon" — Mnr- garcl Moore: •s" -- Dick "Liquor Tiplon; Makes "Home (inoch. C. E. Criggcr Join Owning nnd Lkiuor" — Mr*. A. C. Blaylock. I^i: Club Tarty. Mrs. Erigiu 1 Boriim ciilcrliiln:-'! went to Mis» Artctby Saliba, und Mia. HsmtR. was showered \vitli gifts with l\,ilss Bllmafi prescnling hcr : a vanity set. A salad plate was served. • * « Insamim: Ajvnts Have BaaiiKi llrrt Agents, mnnngct-s and assistant managers of the Intcrstale Life atxi Acckteht Insurance company of the Uycrsburg. Tcnn.. and J:iticsboro districts had a biumuiU meeting nt Ihe Hotel Noble Friday evening. . : ,B. B. So'uslbn.-of Joncsboro. was toastmastcr and utter Ihc bantiue: there was dancing- with music by ir.embfrs of the Thurstlay Contract club mid Mrs. I'nrk IlalclicU «ud Mrs. Nciil Rircd this week. Tulips where the two tables were arranged an:l a red uio'.if v,us used in the rr- Ircslunents of ixn uspii: .salad. 1:01 prlzc,'tr>blo mats,' <iccor»tcd the living room negro orche.str*\,'_._ Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. Millican of Challanooiia. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mclntosh of roll 1 ;, picklrs, olives, d.itc loal* topped wilh whipped cream, and iced lea. Mis. R. L, UicUiUy \\un Uie prize, a nwnicuiv nd. Mis. G. U Keck received the cut prl?o. ." whlsU broom, and Mrs -Hntchct iKsi'i presented the cm-ii prize cards, Mrs. ^t. O. Usrcy ['.nLciluincd tl'.: Mid-Week Bridge c!ul> member nlid one yi:csl, Mfi. Kincsl llus ton, Tbi,i"sd;iy ftir lunch nnd card game. Mrs. Cecil Shan-: uon high ttu; prize, a cox of so.ip. nnd Mrs. was prtso'tucd a liandker- Mississippi County Federation ol Women: Clubs three, years ago *hlch pc>siilon Mic held until her lime esplrcd anil Mrs. L. <v. Hycr- 'y ol Lcachvillr WHS clccled to lie ollice at a meeting here lasi •cck. Mrs. Kdringiou organized and L-omote;l for n number of years ho annuiil county music festival n Mississippi county which anlc- dulcci Ihc national music weeX norcmcnt./. She is -active locally n both Mcthoilht, Missionary and ?.-T. ft. work, is a member ;hc William Strong chapter of D. A. n., and served dining the prst winter us county supervisor lion nt Helena Tuesday arid'Wed- Meyer nre In Joncsboro today fo the district meeting ol Ihe Am erican Legion iiuxiliary- Miis Nell Williams has none. I Memphis where she has ucceplc a iiositioii in the office of Dr. Henry, uslha spccialisl. W. M. Knox. who luis been confined to Ills home for four nioiillis ol illness, is no teller. ten^i and Friday. LAKE STREKT MBI1IODIST CHURCH Sunday school, 9:45 p.m. H Bnblcrt: cdyV Beiie Leagues, Prachittg, Nmiic One Never Forgets.' Invite your friends auO \isitors to attend tlicsc services—nil will given a hearty welcome, FIRST BAPTIST C1IUKCH Sund;iy Echcol, 0:45 a.m. Alviu Uolley. suiH. Morning worship. 11 n.m. Dr. J. R. Orfint. presldcnl ol OuaL-liil?. college, will rpcak. Six-cial music college quaitel. Mtes Vlrginiu i ami of Uie Lord' is revealed .*IU jlKlievc our report, and irisi Into Th6 picture'is based upon the jicwness of life with regeneration.' .-••.- • -= • :• • • ; il'his is'having part in the atorie- aci-oss the plains for fold. In Hi ccuiue of .Uie picture. Ken's HI saved by Tnrzan, «fler lie ha been found by Indiahs, and Ke and Tarzan save Mary and he little ; brother, from .death whc they are washed from their cu\ ered wagoVi into a raging torrci while fleeing from Indians on th; war path, by the Ouacliitn Tom |A in s. B.'-Y. I'. U., lj:30 p.m. Miss StCONI) BAPTIST CHURCH J. L. New sum, Pastor Sunday School, 9:45 A. .tV Thomus Bogun, Supt. • B. Y. P. U. 6L45, Mrs. J. Newsom, Director. iicliu. director. There, \vill bc ins .service. Teachers' meet 7:15 p.m. Praver service. evening pieacl ins, WcdneEdiiy, i p.m. I). Ramsey - the pastor will bo hi an all meeting ;it Gobncll. clay Hornersville Society-Personal nesday. • .- . Mrs. J. A. Merrill. has returned I from Memphis, where she was Ihe guest of her niece, Mrs. Edward Farrell. Mrs. Frank Wesson left Friday 'for her home in Springfield, Mass., after two a months visit wilh her nother, Mrs. R. E. Lcc Wilson. She will spend several days ut Washington, D. O., where she will bc Joined by Mr. Wesson. Mrs. Ernest Holderness of Bloomfield, Mo., spent this week with Mrs. J. W. Johnson of Lake WILSON,' Ark., April 21.-OiL| hundred and twenty memb?is A ; l Parent-Teacher associations in! sissippl county attended the ML':| sissippi county P.-T. A. counc. meeting, here Friday. t- The morning session was held :'-;| the community club house :itjy after lunrh. served ut the icho; caiceria, the meeting- was couth', ued in the school auditorium. ;! Dr. John Coughlcy led lh=- Us j votional and Supt. C. L. .Bird i" the local school welcomed th- \ <•:':• ifors: - Miss Winnie Turner, coiuul' examiner, discussed the "C'ouv.t Miss Winbiun is 3 speak on the subject "Nearer My Gcd lo Thee." Followed by a pan- lomino. of tl-.c CWA. woman's division of the spending Ihc weekend in Memphis. Mrs. M. Ii. Cox. who ha:, been HI several days, Ls .slightly belter. Miss Jennie Wren IMIluhunly and Biixlon Sullivan of Slcele, Mo., were in Memphis Thursday. Among tin- representatives of Ihe American Lesion Auxiliary who CHURCH ril.GUI.M LUTHERAN II. J. Kleiudicii^t, 1'aslnr Sunday school leathers' meeting. 8:'JO am. Sunday school session meets at 0 a.m. Morning V/oi^hlp. went lo Joncsboro loday lor u district meeting arc: Mrs. Howard lor stale Mr:-.. !•'. P. Travis wns hp., 10 members ol her three toblc bridge SSHBH»HK~»t£s™'-" 'lluiu'clay nflcrnoon. Mrs. I'crkins was winner cf liiRh More suest privo, Mrs. Sam B. Co- L-Ic won high club prize at'.d Mrs. K. C. nrvaii cut consolation favor. Dyersburg, Tcnn., Mr. and Mrs. B. B. houston of Joncsboro. W. E. Erangton, A. R. Hays. F. B. Carlcy nnd P. L. Goodman ol Dycrsburg. Tenn.. C. S, Frecmnn of Trcnlon, Teiin., H. B. Js'csly of Humboldl Tenn, R. M. Wood and O. L Pettyjohn of Martin, Tcnn.. VI. L. Jones of Union Cily. Tenn.. W. E. Webb, C. H. Frcncli and G«s Mc- Cavall of Jonesboro. J. A. Gandy o! Marked Tree, W. J. Anderson of Osceoln and C. G. Haynes and A J. Milter of here. * • * CUus to Xetl. • The Dorcas Sunday schoo Icliiss of the First Baplist church b extending R rpccial inVlUttion to Us members to attend the class lo morroit morning. Mrs. I. R. Hnlej is teacher. W1H Han The E. E. Lee B. Y. P. U. of Ihc First Baptist Church will prcscn! chief. Mr?.. J. D. Hniith rnlcrtuuu'ti her I wo table' bridge club Thurrday tit- lcni(X)ii with Mrs. C. W. W.itson (if Oweoln and Mi-s. May Bowcn Thomj^o nol Luxora as gucsl-s bc- i s-idcs Ihc club members. Hign ' f-core prize was awarded Mrs. J. A. Osceola Society — Personal Red Cross Will Hold Life Saving Schools iresidcnl. Mines. 1-loyd Whilr. Ed- ;ir liorum. W. J. Pollard. C. £ 'rigger. Bernard Goocli. Ii. E. Blaylnck. Loy Welch. A. M. Washburn. E. I!. Woodson. O, M. Mor- cttn ynd »S. S. yu-rnbcrg aiuJ Miss Cora Lcc Coleman. 10 a.m. Scr- Mj:ss Mildred Helm of Carutli- ersville is visiting her aunt. Mrs. icorge S. Brown. Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Halcher ittcnded a community singing convention at Monelte, Art;., last Sunday. Mike Shuw jr., 12. died last Sunday of typhoid fever. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon in .the Shields Baptist church. Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Matthews and Mrs. Pearl Taylor have gone to Flint snd Detroit, Mich,, to 'spend'n few days on business. her sister. Mrs. Roy Waters.'-. Cormorant, Miss., will spend, llw j school V.'nUook." JQr. A/M. Wasl|| summer with her daughter. -Mrs. bum spoke on "Malaria." "AlicS;| Mrs. .Martha Kehart. who has John Sullivan. : wen visiting her daughter, Mre. i. M. Lewis, returned Friday to her home 'at Little Bock. mon theme: "Sin Not. but Walt in Christian Love." Evening worship. 1 i>.rn. Tliemc I of sermon: "Watch Yum- Step!" -Caruthcrsville visilerl this week I ' ' Mr. and Mrs! Gage Knight of | rc r°rler. 4-H Club of Loot Oak Has Been Reorganized The 4-El club of Lone 0»k has been reorganised 'with Horace Walters as president. Itilas Davis ;ir, vice-president., Bctxlona Huey as secretary, and Jim Brooks as I burn gic Disease" wits the Mibjc-ct Or. Miriam Drane's address. McCreary of Memphis talked (",| the "Conscious Mind." Miss Kcl ; j| roye Thompson and the Wilsc?| [boys' quartet gave vocal nuniteil I Oflicers elected were: Mrs. R. | L-nngston, Luxora. president; Mil H. M. Hodges, Osceola. vice prcs ident; Mrs. A. E. Robinson. LcuclJ villc, secretary; Mrs. Robert Eoacl Wilson, treasurer; Mrs. W. N. Wil liams, Amiorel. historian. The ne';| - nformal Icclure On Ritln funda- with tire' former's brother. Rilcy menials nl 6:30 p.m. Topic: 'Th« JKnhjhl, mid his wile. • ChrLsllan Chinch ami Mcrnily." Twelve Hornersville high" school Thmtday 2 p.m. special ir.telins yirls were yuc.sls of Ihe GiriJ, Ath- of Pilgrim Guild at the school. |letic club of Cape Girardeau Thuriitay 7 p.m. WtOthrr League [Teachers 'college nt a "Play Day." combined meeting. | Program last Saturday. They were You are invited 10 our services Miiry Goodwin, Htihy Williams. Mall to licur the message oi "Christ and (laughler. Harbara. were in Mem- 1 phis Friday. "deorcc C'.rrb i.s c>:|«clcd lo re- futn tomorrow from Nashville, 1'cnn., where he has been atlend- onii i Him Crucllitd." to lor .several days. Uorinnc Coullcr iind Doris Roy Blackaril and In Accordance wllh all aununl tuslom. the American ncd Cross O..ccolo.l will tonducl a scries ol First 'Aid Mis. J. W. fkiringlon , elected president ol llic Fcncslj and Life Saving Instilutcs in tlra- Cily Di.slricl A. F. W. C. al Ih'. 1 'logic iocalions throughout the annual meeting held in Helena'ecunlry. during June, In the organ- Wednesday, has announced Ihc ap- j b.itiou'.s continuous cftoit lo reduce iwinlmont of Mrs. W. E. Hunt oi, rlroanings and other needless m!s- asccota. as corri'Sixsiulhig secretary' l:aps. In making this announcc- ol Ihc (llslrlrt ;nid Mrs. E. II. ment, C A. Cunningham, cbair- Ro-gcn; of Critlcndin county a; nia ot the local chapter, said t»o dLslrlcl parhamciilarlaii. The .rsl.t.i thr.'j; naming schools will be meeting of th eexecUivc board.: held in Hip Midwestern Aica from Yns. Edringlon Kilil. will be held'June lllh lo 20th. Inclusive. Or.": in Memphis isrly In May. . is lo bc al Camp Oak Point. Square Mrs. Edringlon is Ihc third O.-;La!;c, Sllliwaler, Minnesota, and Dobyns. Simon 11 Jonosboro today for Marshall are high =chool lllcwty meet. Miss, Coulter ill cuter in spelling. Mr. ntul Mrs. Ike Miller will eavc tomorrow for Uonr.c Tcrrc. Mo., lor a visit. Mrs. C. E. Coulter iiu:t [laughter. Miss Uorinnc. and Miv> Polly- aim Duck, will go to SI. LOJIS to- inarrow to spend a week. I llt'HCIl . in. .1. N. CAVAI.KV UA1*TIKT Hnnd:iy .school. 0;,r> a. in Ilrown, Mipl. Church, u A. M. and 7 The Kcv. Howard King. Mississippi county iiiit.sioiiury. will ----•---' Evelyn Rose. Itita Killian, Lelrus these K'rvices. A week's revival will begin Suti- dny, April 22. Everybody is invited. ttnuls, Clco Krapf, Fny Parks, Haxcl McGcc, Louise 'Nelson. Na- dinc Tinkle nnd Georgia Minirith. .Mr. and Mrs. Thomas II. Wilkins and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ross ' accompanied the young ladies lo the. Cape. conduct. Mr ' nll(i ' Mr5 - Ruc11 Manning of (Washington. D. C for a visit \ Manning and family. itogcr I- officers we're installed by Mrs. T. Leo of Joiner. Mrs. W. D. Uui"| kctt. retiring president, was sented with a gift. ""il d Commercial Water Routcl From Siberia to U. S. Sees Herman McLcod, Mrs. Mattic Huey and Mrs. Lydia Fields arc he sponsors. A number of new :ieml)crs have been iidinllled. Wednesday night the club met and played games. Refreshments were served by the .sponsors. The jrcvious Wednesday a call meeting was held at the community •:itclien at w-hich four members ol the club served refreshments. i lo the United States is . Tlic next meeting will be held] 0 *' Rudolph Samoilovlch, chief Wednesday night. May 'i. I 11 " 1 - Soviet Arctic Institute The regular oiwraliun cf II "oulc v,-ould upon up Ihc vii-sl fu.l mineral and llmter resources < j .he rich Lena river region at, transnorlatlon low cost. LENINGRAD (UP) — Suc commercial navigation of the ;.{: lliern water route from S Jnsull U Confident He'll Win Acquittal Judge Reversed Sentence After Second Look CHURCH <»K Tilt. \A/,AKKNK Eipha 1). Bea.slev. I'».stor Sunday school, 0:-l:> A. M. E. L. Evans, supl. Morniut! woi^hip. 11 A. M. Ser- j mon by Evangelist W. E. Ellis. ' Subjccl: "Die Corning of the. Row ol Sharon." tl. Y. I'. S., C:4;> i \ M. 1 Eveniiii; Wilson Sociely — Personal ccoln club woman to bc tli;' anot 'er at Like Lucerne, Eurckn a "Radio Broadcast" Program on honor of the district presidency In Springs, Arkansas. the subject, What Price Revenue? j recent years. Mrs. C. t. Suixhiy evening, the reccivlnj'Mr:. S. L. Gladish. both room will be the regular B. Y. P. V. room Wth the broadcasting sUUon Kt op hi some part of the church building. The procrun wiu bc as follows: ' ~ " " ' .5: 11-25; "Pic Wilson; "'Ll- ond Employ; "Crime »nd tte UqMr.. ProUen,"—JMk WU- -«fB* — DcUi .- Moore unilj Both Iiislitulcs will be staHect by of Oscc-; experts in accident prevention and ..j, have picvlcmsly hold the ol-'water safety work, chalnunn Cun- flcc. nlngliani said, and are intended to Mrs. Edrington lias b:cn active alirnct principally camp directors, In Club work and the work of olh- f Dimming inslructcrs, safely worker social nnd public welfare or-'ors and adult and juvenile organl- ganiations for a number of years.'xalicn leaders. Thos: having hart She is a chaitcr member and previous training will be given ad- former president cf Ihe Osceola vanccd courses, v;htle slanrtard WA1EUUURY, Conn. .UI') — "Ilaiiiry." a habitual driiniiani. told lolic? rourl Ji:(l(;c f>iw:i:;! M.iscola » lool; a drink lo etiw a p.i'.u cms,- Prog'rwiive club, passing from this , office to that of president of the this field. are oftcrcd those entering .-d by «xlraeliou. "Lrt me :ce where Ihe lurh v pulled? 1 ' ih» jnd?e askt-d "Barney" opined hL>. mow- and the judge locked. "Ten days for lying." lit,, C0 nrt prolcslccl :uirt oi>en- The p-.i td i'.is n-.oulh "w'der. locked closer. "Sentence si snapped. The judge tir- jidss riftccu members were present it llic meeting of Ihc Methodist csr™ ^ ki -on"--^o«^ i » rry ^. l ^.!rrs rn . nl M^ Great Tabulation. Uonl lall lo hear Ihcsc closing I-'IRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH K. K. lAtlmer, Minblrr Church school. 0:<S A. M. Holy Communion and :is Courage." Vesper service, li P. M. 'Hoy Waters was co-hostess. Mrs. .Bciry Crain siwkc on religious (education In Brazil. Mrs. Martha i Kehart of Little Rock played tcv- cral plsno seleclion.s. Two new members were enrolled, Mrs. Bruce sermon. Spencer and Mrs. W. F. Johnson. Mr. 'nnd Mis. Sinmicr Rcgcnald, J. B. r, ,,, KonhcI Mrs. Gordon Uiwhon was a g P " PhCl> ! Mr.'.ndMr,. W.F.Wilson. This service will be given to the Herron, Dwlght rile of baptism. A cordial welcome always. - „-. Anderson. Ted Coiner, Albert Greenwell and Ed- ABOARD S. S. EXILONA. at Sea. April 21. (UP)--Samuel In- suil. regaining his vitality, began planning his defense ag.iinst federal framl charges us the .steamship Exllonn nc.-vrtd the Atlantic cccan loday. From his attitude it was clear that he telicvcd implicitly be would be Iiccd. As the Exilona approached Gi| btaltar Insull commented that his airplane flight from Paris to Athens, when he was seeking refuge from American exlrailiiion, was his first. "f enjoyed i; Immensely." he taid. "I would like to flv to Soull Atrica." 2Z Million (isli "rUlltciP HELFJNA. Mont. (UP)—Montana streams were planted with more than 22.000.000 fish during 1933 Superintendent of fisheries Kenneth MacDonald expects 1031 plantings to bc even larger. Idic Regenald altended the open- CHRISTIAN SOCIETY Tuesday. ing •• baseball game »l Memphis Eamoilovich declared lliat II passage can bc mado navigable k I regular commercial ve.^scls prr vided lhat a powerful iccbrcak 1 . of Ihc "Krassin" type is kci available- at Vladivostok lo as^i: I vessels through the ice-bound .sec | lion of the Chukotski Sea. C»t MELROSE. Mass. (UP) — Albeijl A. Canton's thrcc-ycar-old p~ cat doesn't have lo meow when wants to go outdoors. It incrcl clings to the door with one pa and turns llic know »illi the cliic UKADI A Raw Milk Craig's Dairy BOSTON lUPt-Thc John Han-]I cock Mutual Life Insurance com-1 pany diirlne 1833 pnld claims lor! 173 ptersons who were murdered. Mrs Charles Elkiiis and small It was a new high for murdered I . dnughier, Bealrice. have returned policy holders. M L. G. MOSS, Hlythcvillo's Cut-Rale ' UNDERTAKER Why Prfy A Big Price?

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