The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1938 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1938
Page 10
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PAGE TEN Rut She Wants To Be Com- 'edienne Rather Than Romantic Actress BY PAUl, HARRISON NEA Service Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, April 2G.—Before Jane Withers was born, iier mother fcoiielit a supply of clothes for n baby girl, chose a career for her, and selected a name that would look v.'el) oil theater mar(|iic.s. Being as optimistic as nil tliat, Mrs. Walter Withers naturally ns- fumed that litr daugliter would be a star. So now she is pleased, if not greatly surprised, '.hat Jane ranks sixth of (lie 10 leading )x>x offlce attractions of the movies, topping Astaire and Rogers, Sonja Heinle, Gary Cooper, and Myrna toy. The above two paragraphs, unsupported by details, would be very unfair to all the Withcrscs. Tlie statements, nlone, might call up visions of a single-minded, drivingly ambitious mother and a supercilious, typically "Hollywood" brat. Any such' ideas would be wrong. The fact Is that Ruth Withers has seen her dreams materialize without doing much of anything about, them. She taught Jane to dance a little and sing a little, and (hen took her to a studio. After that, things happened by them- elves. Tne mother's role now Is one of od-naturcd restraint instead of ggresstve promotion. Her Job Is to ep her daughter natural, fjane is earning $1500 a week, ist of which, plus the returns pm n recent personal nppenrancc. ur ($5000 a week), Is going into funds and investments made l her Jianie. nt-Size Trouper moiig }he people who make pic- es and act in .them, Jane Is the !St-liked of all young players. And Bt's saying a good deal in a town at has a great many nice kids. _J5he never spoils n scene willi- 'out trying valiantly to ad lib her way through It. This is often pos•y to BLYTnEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS She's Getting Older Too OF CRIES THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1938 Skates Straight Into Films at 5 It takes only a glance at this picture of Jane Withers to believe that she's only one of movieland's most natural "naturals." stble because she does not tr, learn her lines verbatiim before rehearsal but merely gels the sense out of them. .She's an unselfish trouper. I watched her play a scene with a colored woman who had n long, difficult speech and was faltering In It. Miss Withers voluntarily turned her back to the camera, thus sacrificing a closcup, and silently mouthed the woman's lines to cue her from one sentence to another. And |Janf (Is; conscientious. OIT the set she may be full of pranks and an agreeable precocity. But. not once, during ^jvc,yours in Hollywood, has .she'ever'held up production a minute with temperament or tardiness, or even illness. Now you know why movie-makers like her. ' One of tlic Busiest Mrs. Withers almost always is on the sound stage, but she does not watch the shooting and she never enters a suggestion or a protest. So she has plenty of time for talking: "Jane was 12 on the twelfth of April. The studio is finding stories for her that represent her exact' age. After this one, 'Hello, Holly; wood,' she'll do 'The Texas Kid,' then "Salome Jane,' and probably one called 'Meet the Girls. 1 "She is under contract for tour pictures a year, and has six weeks for personal appearances. The tour this spring went to Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Detroit. Jane loved it. mid not for the S5000 a week, either. She's ns thrilled as the fans are, and never would let us take her out a side door lo dodge a crowd." The Future Miss Withers grew nn Inch find n half last year, and now is 59 inches tall. She weighs 94 pounds, ,and thus is plumper, or at least solider, than any other star, Hei parents haven't required or even permitted her to diet, though. "She doesn't expect to be a romantic leading lady, anyway," Mrs Withers continued. "Jane doesn't seem to have n bit of personal vanity; never, has' used a trace of makeup on or off the screen. She wants to 1)0 something like Patsy Kelly or Martha nnyc." "Eventually, though, she'd like to write. Jane already has written a fniry-tnle picture and would like lo cast Don Aincche in it. "Jane most likes lo play with older children, partly because she Is so good at sports. "We let her have n lot of things but. she doesn't abuse her privileges. Her allowance is $5 a week, but it goes for tilings for other people. "She lias five dogs, four cats, two horses, ducks, chickens, pheasants, rabbits, n parrot and a canary on her four-acre place. She also has two motorbikes, and a boat at Lake Arrowhead. "\Yc always have made a point Mary Lynn Jackson, June Workman, Evelyn Jordan. At 9:4!> a. in. the group will be divided into units immediately following which, field day at the Irack will be held. At thin time the 220 yard dash and relays will be rim, iiiul other competitive games will take place. Lunch, which will be served at 12:00 o'clock, will be followed by n rest hour, but at 1:00 o'clock the activities will be resumed. For two lioms, a nature study which will include shrub tree identification by C. O. McKce, a member of tlio high school faculty, will lie conducted. A study of the various scout badges, games and stories will make up tlie next two hour period from ' ~ " " l->"l+fv i njv Kit (H,.»t t/\\ <J CHilil llCltiHf ot discussing money matters be-l.,:00 until 5:00 o'clock nt the fnl-n Ijnf '' _ , .... fore her ...Walter Witliers is the representative here of n whole-side furni- tine coinpnny. He leaves the movie business Klrictly lo the women. Scout News Boys Girls elusion of which, the Rirls : will eook supper on ;i grill. At fi:00 p in. retrait will be sounded. An Indian cnmpfirc is. schcdutcd from 7:1)0 lo 9.UO o'clock ! at which lime, the-program will be made up of SOUBS and dramatic skits given by encli irooi> of scouts. The public. has been invited eampiirc progrnm. lo attend the Announces Staff Fnr Oirl Scmil Day Camp The slafT and program of Ihe Girl Scout Day camp which will Je held in Walker Park Saturday when nit the troops of the city will p.uliciixilc. has been announced by Miss Allyce Nelson, commissioner of the Girl Seoul city council and director of the camp. Miss Mildred Moore will serve tis assistant director of the camp for the day. The unit leaders will be: Miss Charles Jones. Mrs. Rudolph Morris. Miss Aita Mae Gr,rlhi|;lon. Miss Grace McFarland, Miss Jes- snlyn Blomoyer. Miss Eflle Terrell, Mrs. L. L. Hubener. Mrs. W. C. HTgglnson, Miss Lena Mae Oliver. Mrs. Cicovge M. Hunt. Miss Marguerite Siiaz. Mrs. llnrvey Morris and Miss Virginia Little. Miss Mary Virignla Harrson will be on duly throiigbont the day in Ihc capa- city.of nurse. Tlic first event of the day at 9:00 o'clock will be an introduction of the slalf by the bird names which they will assume during thp duration of tlie camp. This will be followed at 9:30 o'clock by sonys and yamcs and colors. The color guards are: Mary Helfn Moore Years ago. panthers were credited wl(l) Die ability to attract, their prey by tlie sweetness of their brt'ath.s. Nrarby Countries Are Within KJ- Minulcs Air Attacking Time iiv I.UCA itiy./Aimi llnilid I'ri'ss stulf C;niTi's[H)ndeiit HHUSKKI-S. A|)iil ac. (UP;—Thr: faic 1 ot Ueltjiuin'N civilian popttla- iiii in ItK 1 air warfare of another jrojM-jin ciwillict -.vuiilil Iw oppnJi- ni;. iicconlinj; Ui Alliiirl Devew, c.rniiT Hc-lijlan minister for nnllcin- ll 'Jl'feil.M.'. •What happened In S|mln and at .Shanghai v.-oiild he )iothin(j c»ini>iiri'd u'illi our fate if Uclgluni wi ic- diiigBcd Into a .general war," hi; said, ".lust consider tin: tremendous nil 1 armadus of Belgium's neighbors niul the sniallness of 0111 leiriloiy. Our cilie.s are situated so close t«i;other Ihnl Ibe deviislntlon I hat could be caused In a few hours i fearful to think of." J'hul e.vplnlns why Hie Belgian is working feverishly ID protect the civilian population (ignliist uir iitlni'ks. fji'KC .lust Inside Hinder I.lcse, first Belgian city to fall lo Ihc Germans in (he World War, lies only 31 miles from tlie Be'.go- Cicrnian frontier. Charlerol, one of lielgiiiin's great industrial centers, i.s only CO miles from the frontier. Brussels itself is !IO miles — less than a half-hour's (light for fast, bombers—from the border,. Brussels, tlic fortified city ot Antwerp, the important ports of Ghent and Ostend mid the factories of Charlerol all would be the objectives of immediate air onslaughts if Belgium were caught in another European war. All are almost equally vulnerable. The powerful fortress-city of Liege, with it.s great steel works and arms factories, would be bombed immediately on outbreak of war. Belgium's preparations for protecting civilians against air raids are in the hands of two organizations — the Commissariat de Defense Passive Aericnna, or the commission of pa.ssivc nir defense, ami Ihe Ligue de Protection Aeri- ennc—air protective length They co-operate with the Red Cross. Concrete air raid shelters already have been constructed in ninny Belgian cities. Some, shaped like beehives; can accoaimcxiiitc 20 persons. A few can hold as many as 7CO. Oilier shelters have been built in underground cellars. More are of concrete, 4 feet thick. Acliun Must lie Fast Probably only 10 minutes would intervene between the first air raid signal nix! Ihe arrival of hostile planes. In each city .throughput the Country volunteers arc b'ehig trained intensively to carry out the evacuation of civilians and provide them with gas masks. At the same time local Red Gross squads would be called out to take over emergency hospitals. Plans also have been made lo evacuate whole populations of cities if necessary. The evacuation would be superintended by members of Ihe air protective league. Trenches would be dug along main roads in Manila Society — Personal ARE YOU SUPERSTITIOUS ABOUT SPILLING SALT? $AVINCS ON USED CARS ALL * BARG/UNf 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $99.00 Runs good—Good Tires 1935 Plymouth Sedan $199.00 Good Shape ... No Trade 1937 G. M. C, i/ 2 ion Pick-Up $575.00 Clean, lav mileage. 18" Wheels. 1935 Chevrolet i/ 2 ton truck $175.00 A Bargain 1936 G. M. C. \y 2 ton Truck $395.00 Long W. B. Slake body. Real buy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. G.M.C. Trucks OlilsmoWlos Sales ami Service W E. Main rh(Ulc .,,,,, THE SALT SUP€RSTtTlON as liaving rrdrmptivc f}U4lit('c< into sacrittctal fires by Greeks .mil Woman-* Ihc gods. In olden lim«. salt unc. the person toward whom Ihe s^lt ctll^r f«H would throw a pinch oC -ixlt over his left ttioutrl Send penny pout card or Jtttcr ioi FREK n-na booklet on "Popular Suptrxlltions." Wrirc- T. \Y. Sanuels Distilltty, 7nc.. Onciirwlf. Ohio BELIWE IN SUPERSTITION OR NOT,,, THE FINER QUALITYOFT.W.SatllUElS HAS BEEN A-#u£-5INCE 1844- M EN who want the best say O'.at T. W. Samuels whiskey is "the salt of the earth." See for yourself that the last sip in the glass tastes just as good as the fust... that here is a truly different wliiskey that keeps your drink from going "wcjk" on you Kvcry drop of "T. W." is distilled and liotllcd at the T. VV. Samuels Distillery. Arkansas Distributor Moon Distributing Company—Li I He Hock I." '-4"**-xs&&gf5SSS*. WAKSef&t&lssXHU Tlic' title ot world's youngest figure skater- which dimpled, curly-haired Irene Diirc, above, tjf St. Paul holds at five, seems now to have whirled her straight toward further honor s—in Hollywood. The little girl, daughter of Hurry Davidson, SI. 1'aul newspaperman, lias signed a motion picture contract, and seems very happy as she (ells a friend about it on the phone, while her puppy looks on with interest. <- which refugees will be able to find shelter if suddenly attacked by en- 01113' planes. Accommodation in castles and houses in the country will he reserved for old and sick refugees, while civilians generally will be housed temporarily in barns, .si'hools, or empty factories. Most refugees will have to leave the cities on foot, although plans have been prepared to take sonic in automobiles and buses. The Belgian ixople already are being accustomed to a i v raid alarms through practice raids carried out on Sundays. Steadily increasing numbers of volunteers arc being trained for air raid precautions. The annual fish fry of the Lions Club was held at tliu Tower on Hi • Luke Wednesday.' it was announced by tin; committee in diiUi'. They are Rilty Dmikin, Ci. MiV-i and W. O. Gm-ji. I lii' Mcthoillxl church of Manila has dcslgmilc-d May !! as Home Coming Day, accwJin't; to the Hcv. Honry A. Stroll]), pastor. All rnwn- Ijirs. tcumiT inemlx-iM and citi/c'iis who l!;tvc moved to oth<-r <:oiciniti~ nllles arc oxtCTjdcd nn invitation It) Jittuul tin: iriiKMiionir*. H wus ••Hid Mini tin? roll rail of thirty Ji us ui;o will l« eallr-d and :i :JitjiL history of tliv rumimmlly mid l-llllJOll will l)l> (jilCII. Tin- Epv.imh U'liaue of Die .Mclh- odist church prrr.onU'd "John's Vi i ,ion of Heaven" Held nn the Isle ol 1'iitmo.v This pageant was til en from tin' 21st chapter uf Krulations. A most Inipirsstve- purl of the ceremony included c:.llin<: ;i list of the names of tlioso who liad tin n fsle of ['utinos expr-rltiice and havt 1 I'lHered into IbHr A.s each name was called n voiniij lady plucked a lily from the vine and as Ihey ttvre slowly carried out of .slglil the con!;roi;alinn was reminded that f.u-Ii one is traveling that va\ The names included members of the church who had passi-il on I since last year. Ml.s'.s Koxie Wilson of Kansas Oil) Mo.. Is visiting Mrs. Cirarge Curtwrijjht and family. .She plans to remain fur nnaiticr week. Mr. and Mrs. William Edwards jr.. and daughter, Linda Sue, and Mi', and Mrs. W. L. Thompson visited iu Piggott Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. Alfred Siiarks Sirs. C. W. Tipton ami daughter. Miss Edilh, accompanied Mrs. Tipton's father, A. A. Sago to Poca- honlfis. He had been visiting here for (he past few days. C. w. Tipton transacted business in Memphis yesterday. He was accompanied by Adrian" Carawav who is returning to Washington, D. C. to resume his duties in the senate office building. Mr. carnwnv hns been visiting; relatives here and in UUle Hock fer the past lev weeks The measles are reported to lx> on the wane here and in adjacent territory. Seveml children have been reported 111 from this disease tmallpox Inoculations are .said to' li.'u-o teen elvi'ii in numerous cases lien; during the past few days. J. J. Mussey relumed lo /lot K|)r1n:j.s after transacting business here for the past lew diiys. Kay Limk'imiiiti KHurned lo Chicago Tuesday after being j,«i! f or Ihc- past severul weeks. Mrs. E. 1, .Caraway left Sunday lo visit her daughter, Mrs. j. E Crowe in Winston Kalcm, N. C .She will remain there for a week anil leave for Washington. IJ. c., lei rcuiain for a (1 iiidt/inite time with her nun, .vir. mid Mrs, I-ewip Caraway. Mr. mid Mrs. P. E. Jlownll and son. ilie Rev. Miiurrlce llowll, returned from Litttlc li.x'k Sunilay 'I liey iillwidcd Hie <letaie held Ije- twct-n (be Church of Clirisi. and lli« liaptlst Church. M. C. Criltendoji of DlytheviJle liunsnctrd business in Manila and fctownh Tuesday. Mr. iinil Mr.,, jioljerl OrirDn of Kl. l-oiils, MO., are visiting friends and relatives || Prc for a tl , w ( ,. lys OrcRon was the first state in the union lo have n gasoline lax. The levy was imposed for (he first time In 1919. Iturbi Will Conduct "'"'• Cincinnati Symphony CINCINNATI, 0. (UP) — J 0 sl rtmlil, world renowned pianist; and Ham Laiise of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, have been ?lBi»'il lo si-eve as guest conductors of llx; Cincinnati Symphony fur a six week period in 1MB. It was announced litre by Luclen Wats!)), cliuintian r>l Hie symphony bund. luubi and I^ange will conduct the Cincinnati .symphony, during the absence of Eugene Ooosc-as, it.s regular leader. Coosscns lias been grained a leave of absence to serve us riHiiluctw for Die Royal PlilliiiuTiionii: Orchestra In IjOiidon, (,'losinjr Onl Our Ni>w TIRES Firestone OFF All Tim (Jiuminlet><) Arian Auto Parts 128 E. Main Mione 116 A Spring Tune-up INSURES' Better Spring Driving JL Our equipment is modern . . . Our mechanics ^ live experts . . . Our prices arc very reasonable . . . Our work is RiiaraiUeeil ... All of which means . . . your complete siitisfaclion . . . 11 111 NO YOUR CAR IN NOW!. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Mh & Walnut I'honi: SKI ficlmlv* Sal.i »«pr.iM(ot|r,,, OHARIH f. Mlllll, IHC., IN TIRE QUALITY AND VA LU E! G-3 ALL-WEATHER GIVES YOU 43% MORE NOi\-SKI» MILEAGE For 23 years, tho world'9 first-choice tire . .. more people ride on Goodyear Urea than on any other kind. 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SUMMERIZE at the sign of the Flying Ked Horse! Change Now fo Summer Grade Copyright, IMS, Magnolia Telroltum Co. B-Sum.28 AT YOUR FRIENDLY MAGNOLIA DEALER Babcock Motor Co. llroadway * \Vallnit J. J. Hargett Service Station Sixlli & CIilckasawti.1 Glen Harrison Service Station SlKin &• Lilly Burdette Service Station Bimlelle, Ark. F. B. Joyner, Wholesale Agent I'lionn 41!) Dixie Service Station Broadway * Asli Lefty's Seryice Station Slate Unc C. R. Shelby Manila, Ark.

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