The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 30, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1930
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER 'NEWS QnniPTv PI i IRQ uUult I Y-uLUDu Activities and News of Women .. . 'The B. y. P.- C. douncll 01 <-\* rtret Btpffet eauith it meeting -tit Uie cbiudi at 74'ctoek. ; The 6u4burjr P«reht-Te»cher as- sod»tioa will utte iU first axcUtif a' t&e year at th» tchooL 'The executive board of the Junior High Parent-Teacher associated Is meeting at the school at 3:34 o'clock. ' Mn. A. B. -PaUffield la entertaining: the Uld-Week club. The Thursday Luncheon club Is mfaUBg with ttrti R. F. Kirshner. Mrs. 0. K. Attlnwri will have the Taunt UatnoB club* .-:-' . . Friday The American -Legion auxiliary Is -nieeUng with Mrs. Harry W. Kaiae> Mrs. 0. R. Babcock and MrSi^Wekh Faster at the l»me of Mrs.'Hairwj at S o'clock. TnaLKites Bible.class of UK First ifetnodlst church will have a business and social meeting at the church at 7:30 ojciock with Mrs- E. F". Roe and Mrs. Zeph O'Brien as hcctessec. MrtkWbk SUMy. The ,'19 members ol the • wocikn's mlisiotairy society in the Plrit Methodist church famous charao- ters In early history Monday atter- noori, in a meeting at. the church when the second ot lessons on tri. mission book "The Trail of the Conquestidors" was given with Mrs Ira Uray as leader. Mrs. , W. W, Hollipeter discussed Columbus, Corlea. was given 'By Mirs. E. A. Goodrlchl Plzzaro 6 Peru and liis accomplishments Was uUcea up by Mrs. J. d. Suabiiry Mrs:- p. U. Lrtinritc told ot the dls coTtrer of the Pacific, DeSoio'v wanderings were given by Mrs O. N. Hawkins, Mrs. M. G. (joodwln discussed. Santo DbmUigo, MLS- W M. 'iaylor took .up the objective o tbj UohquesUdors, how the Span lards treated "the .Indians was gir en by Mr». B, F. Brogden, the • Hi suits of .the Conquest" and tni "White, Man's .Burden" were sub jects outlined by .the leader whili Mrs. J, B. Critz. explained the Mon roe doctrine and the Piatte amend meat. A .prayer by Mrs. O. C Ganske closed .tbe meeting. Brifc bmei ';'•'• ' Another ^lovely party lor Mrs Charles Wallace Oarrigan, former lyMi&s 'Bonnie Lynn Gay, was tha giren by Misses Weal Luctett and -Minnie MonaaP" evening' at- IH M«tthews home when 21 guesi were present. . Arrow taUBs and the' green, am white shades-used .to the flower and refreshments added to Hie ot: cation. The chicken salad, cheese and olive sandwiches, green mints and coffee, was served at the conclusion of several bridge games. ' Mrs. A. Craftoh won. hosiery for high score; a handkerchief went to Mrs. Randolph Smith for low score and toe hoiioree's gift was, a whatnot. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER Bits of News Mostly Personal Luxora Society—Personal . , WORM MTV A ^KZT AM0 COW OT «D TOtD. * (S&OVPf-BWt 1APIW MAtt? WE GOAT W M GWTEP. VtRV SPORT/- IOOKING COATON1HERI6UT Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phillips arc in Memphis having gone down Monday afternoon and will return onlght. Misses Warrcno BrownJoc ami Tliursday. 'ranees Evans will leave Wcdnes- uy for Ulue Mountain, Miss., •here they are lo attend Blue fountain college. Miss Brownlce Is Mrs. Clarence Mcore was a Mem nhls visitor Wednesday. Mrs. Ora 1 Hill returned Wet! day aflcr spending several -days visiting relatives :n Craw;;:i,, | Memphis ami Osceolj. . Mcsdamcs Alvin Wundcrlich and [ Ray Graham and children attend• ed the fair in Memphis Monday and Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Cook, Mrs. Clarence Vollmer, and Miss Eva Ccok attended the fair at Memphis class- party, Thunday night In the gymnasium. Games and dancing were enjoy»d. Tom Butus Is seriously ill at his home on Calhoun street.' Mr. and Un. Prank Vollmer were budceu vUltorc in Blythc- ville Saturday. There was a full attendance at J the Intermediate girls B. Y. P. U. '""'"'• 'at the Baptist church Sunday night. The following of fleers • were elected. President, Elinor Shost; vice president-Dixie Howard; sec- retary—margaret Richards; social ommlltee—Mildred Richard, Meredith Graham, and Elizabeth Davis; bible readers leader—Mable George and Margaret Andrews. senior mid Mlss Evans will be a unlor. Mr. und Mrs. Otto Kochtllzky will eturn tonight from a brief visit In Rosedule, Mlss. Mrs J. A. Lcccli; accompanied by Mrs. J. W. Moise and Dr. p. Flint, >f Orange, Cal., \vcrc visitors hi Puragould Sunday. Mrs. EthU Clsrk returned to her ionic hi Memphis yesterday alter brief stay wiili her sister, Mrs.J r!. C. Pillion, and family. Mrs. Pat- I on and Mrs. M. S. Sieger accom- I >anicd her home. ; Paul. Uosciithal is attending to business In St. Louie. Mrs. J. K. Garner, of -West Helena, Is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Little, for several days. Mr, a: and Mr families were visitors in Memphis Sunday. ., .-• . : Mr. and Mrs. Eddie .B. David Mcsdames R. N.. Forbes and Herman SplKjr were business visitors In Blylheville Tuesday. Mrs. Win. Wundcrlich of Blythe- dlle spent Thursday In Luxora. Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Thwcat were Osccola visitors Thursday. Mrs. Dave Richards visited relatives In Osccola Friday.. Mrs, Will Wood and father, Dr. J. J. Richards of KUslmmce, Florida, were business visitors in Osceola Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss Yancey and daughter, Mary of Hughes, Ark., spent the week end with Mr. nnd Mrs. Louis Sp'ann. Jack Brown of Memphis visited relatives here i\ few days this week. Mlss Mary Jane Woodson of Osccola spent the week end with relatives here. • : Richard Revierei was a business • visitor in Memphis ' Friday.. | Mlss Evalyn Martin entertained past wc?k' end. Members of the-Junior and In tcnncdlate Epworth League were enter ' Ql " ed nt x? of Mlss were S^S!* Mrt I ™«n Lynch 'Friday,night. After David's mother, Mrs. B. F. Potto ' "«f stm ? Barnes, were played, ve- who will be here'for a .week. • > f'' CE » mcnl ' i ot sandwiches and coca Mr. and Mrs. Russell Blair have as their guests Mrs. Blair's.moth- ' er, Mrs. L. p. Berry, of.Marion; . Mrs. L. p. Berry of Marion, Arit '„,,.,. Is visiting her daughter-Mrsr. Rus-! Satu , rdflfyTtnc Party-hikes four miles sell Bliilr and Mr'Blair . . ! south of Luxora and enjoyed toast- 1 cd welnors and- marshihillows. The guest list included Elizabeth Davis Margaret Richards, Dixie ; , Howard cola WOTe enjoyed!. Miss Elinor Shoap entertained a number of her friends, ai her home party. t. J. Marian and;W. J. Polla;d nrc to return from St. - Louis' to - J. . - L wh.ire they have been Epeiid- ing several days. A. M. Butt; who went with them, Is remaining 'for rom a week's vacation 'spent in 'st. Louis. i : - Helves _ "Navy Day;' was observed at -the first meeting ol the c. of c. oi fie ttuott Pletcner cluster of the ' t- «J Daughters of the Conl- y fq rthe season Saturday al . .-.., at the home of Mrs. Marvii. i. '. inson. '- - . . Ruth Eleanor Tucker, iie*-ir elected president, was leaaer of til* .program wit hthe« numbers- "Raphael Semmes", Carolyn 'Hall; Matthew Fontaine Maury", Sunshine Ad was; "Judah P. Benjamin', Sue Butt; the answering of the questionnaire sent out by the state historian. The hostess served a cheese salad courst with hot tea. • • ' • Bamilton-Koach. The marriage of. Mlss Minnie Lee Roach and Mr. obbic Hamilton, both of Holland, was performed here Saturday, The Rev. A. J Hill said the service. Girl ScwU Organize A Girl Scout troop' has been or ganlzed al the^Sudbury elenwntar school with Evelyn Smart as scribe finma Sue Stewart and Mary Su wuilngham. as patrol leaders Loraine Secoy as secretary treasurer. ' •':• .Thfc troop, with lilrs. Hoy Andcr s^n as.captain and Mrs. Cecil G. White as lieutenant, will meet each Wednesday. •., " ."•-*• Ha»e Mnk 'arty TMUfht : V -r . Mrt. J. Cecil Lowe and MJss Helen | Lowe are entertaining their pu- Plls, their pareuli »hd a number of ed ; ln the 'social hour which con- ciudfhithe meeting In which interesting; plans were made for future activities'. • * » B Square Grocp iects Offl«re Tfc B Square club oi the Sud- ury elementary kchool was or'gan- ed Monday imiler the sponsor- ilp of Mlss Tjuclle Armstrong with hesc officers': 't'egey Martin, prcs- dent; Euln Mae Judd, vice presl- ent; Evelyn Nash, secretary; Jcs- e Livingston, treasurer; Cleo Oz- lent, reiwrter. Gr;cn and white wlll.bc the colors-. The president appointed the fol- owing committee: Program, Marie leggins, Mary Lynn Sweat, Irene "•inker, Barbara ' Molt, Roberta Graham, Cora Belle McGaughey nd Louise Keller; Social, Ruby Jrakc, Nancy Klrshner, Keen Bos- fSicn lesson on -JjOok Upon The Fields". It was voted lo endeavor to reach the standard of excellence this year nnd activities will be carried out with this object. * 4 * Sen Born. •• Mr. and Mrs. Harvey McCall announce the birth of a son toda> at the Blylheville hospilul. The baby weighs eight and a half pounds. Before her marriage several years ago Mrs. McCall was Miss Alta Osborne. Fnvcrite Poems Heard. "My Favorite Poem" was the theme of the Business and Profcs slonal Women's iirogram Monday evening for a meeting at the Goff Hotel. Dr. Edna Nies read for her fav oviie poem, "Compensation," b; veil, 'Altx-rta Crccellus, Evalyn j Eila Wheeler Wilcox. and "Invlctus 1 fash, Margaret Wright; Member- j ^. wllli a™ Earnest Henley, was hip. Opal McFarland, Sylvia Buchanan, Dbilc Mack, Delores 'Ictchcr, Estclle :row, Nina Wilson. Hawks, Norn a Jirtfes Have Meetings Circles of the First Baptist church woman's missionary union held their first meetings of the now Fear Monday afternoon with all oi the groii|« meeting at the churcl Miss Althca Edwards' favorlt poetry selection. Mrs. Bob Barnes supplemented these with the sing ing of tvo solos. * » • Guild Meets. Plans for a. .rummage sale, t be held a week from Saturday, an sewing for the annual Christina, sale occupied members of the S Stephen Eplscnpal Guild in n meet- Katherine Jane . Bowen, Mable George, AdeV; George,, .Meredith Graham Vivian Lynch-and Elinor Driver Grove People of this community are about to complete their cotton pick- Ing for this season. Charles Boles' was the guest of Charles Springer Jr. Saturday night. A large crowd attended the'ball B»me Sunday at Ellgha Swain's. Half Moon was defeated by Driver Grove, 16 to 7. Mrs. Bertha Brock, Mrs. Maude Springer, Mrs. Annie Robertson and Ola Robertson were guests of Mrs Ethe Swain Sunday. afternoon. Troy Bigham was the dinner guest of Russell Springer Sunday. Lloyd Mangold will preach at the Driver schoolhouse Wednesday night at 1:35. Everyone is Invited Mr. Mangold will also preach at 11 o'clock Sunday morning and at 7 o'clock Sunday night. Mrs. Ethel .Swain's baby is wry sick this week. ' Pasco Waldrope, Tommy Daniel and Mrs. Ethel Swain returned home from-Turrel Thursday accompanied by Mrs. Mattie Pitt'man A large crowd attended tlv> box supper last Wednesday. Proceeds were $12. . • , -f|>|m| Mr. and,- Mrs. Lawrence Swam visited in Lone Oak Sunday afternoon. The third, quarter was completed at the local Sunday school Sunday Indications point to a good enrollment for the,-next quarter By WM. E. McKENNEV American Bridge The declarer In today's hand Is called upon to run tlie third lead by his opponents, but must plan several, tricks ahead "so as to know Jiut what card to rufl wth. The South, the dealer, at contract, opens with two spades. This Is a forcing bid ind requires partner to keep the bidding open. West should pass. As North holds only cne high card trick— the ace of hearts— he must respond with two no trump to definitely tell his partner that .the hand does not contain two high card tricks. East passes, South bids three . spades. This informs his partner that his hand contains at least five spades. North would tlien take the contract to four- spades as he holds three spadea. and one trick. This would close the contracting. .NORtH S-tO.8-4 H-A-54 UVT 6-2 H-MO. 8-6 D— M usinoss in today. Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Layman, of lemphls who were .residents of 31ythevillc for a. number of years, islted frlentts during ' nd. Blytheville attended the Epworth -. league party here Friday night William L. Gooch Enters United States Navy William Lloyd. Gooch of Luxora son of Mr. and Mrs. William Arthur Gooch, left today for Hamp- n Roads, Va., for his first service the United States navy having listed at the local recruiting of- Mr. and Mis. Fred Warren -and aughter, Margie, si>ent 'Sunday. In itcinphls. Dr. ami sirs. John R. McDanlcl r., motored to Memphis this aftcr- loon. W. A. Grace is transacting busi- less In Walnut Ridge .to'day. Mrs. Roy Hurst and two sons, of Paragould. arc visiting relatives icic today. Mrsr. Louise Stnckc and diuigh- er, Anita, accompanied by Misses Earnestine Holland and Edun Garrett, spent 'Sunday 'In New Madrid Mo. -..-.>-, Mrs. Cecil t,? e is returning to her tiome In Dyersburg,- Tenn., today after a brief visit with her sister, Mrs. George W. Uillnhunty, and mother, Mrs. Hattle Gillcspic. Mlss Jennl.2 Marie Crowcier, of Memphis, spent the weekend at home. J. J. Jaggcrs spent the weekend In Little Rock attending a banquet for Head Camp and overelgn Camn officers of the Woodmen ot the World. Mr. and Mrs. A. Conway had ns their guest for the week-end, Miss Mary Catherine Klnzey of Columbia. Mo., who Is a member of the Cnmlhersvllle, .Mo., school faculty this year. Mlss Dorothy -'Brown was; a business visitor in Keiser -.Wednesday. ... .-, Mrs. Roy.Graham attended, the the . week-! rootball game at'Kstser. Friday. • " ' Chester Danah'ovver was a 1 busi- »«*' visito in'Osiepla-Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Ben'Cqop'er .of Blytheville were Luxora visitors .'Friday. Mrs. Willie Howard was a Blylho- ville visitor Thursday. ' '\ ' Mrs. B. w. Thwoat is confined to her home by illness this week. 'Mrs. B. O. Wllklns and children B. O. and Ann and Margaret and Jane- Richards were Osceola visitors Thursday. Eighth grade had their first -»>- D - ^..]^j n.vtmjt, (,IL. IILC 11IMII.U , j,. ~ except circle 3 which was enter- ln , g wllh Mrs - A - Conway Monday ailernoon. The. sevenl present were served dainty refreshments. lairied. by Mrs. E. F. Blomoycr. In -the first group there were six present. Mrs. J. W. Bishop read and commented upon the sixth chapter of Matthew and both Hie leader and Miss Cordelia Wilhltc offered prayer. Mrs. T. H. Baylies used Romans 12 tot the devotional In circle 2, al- lencYid by. eight members. Silent prayers and those olfercd by Mesdames K. L. Reede.r, Frank Simmons and Alvin Huffman concluded this season. -;-,V" The seven numtcrs" who Wilson Society—Personal , social hall < of .tM First Christian church. Uut Je,ae Bryant of st l«uls,.or the Prbgressjvc aeries so, ctety, in charge of an In- '•'ettlng program. .' ''' were life of Joslnh anrt prayers were also saltl by Mcsdames T. E King, R. A. Mahan and E. F. Bio- There were five members and a new member, Mrs. A. Fender, at "SmtteAt theAche C. E. «»e)» New tMkm. ,The intennecUate Christian Er.- d*«wc-»ociety of. the First Presbyterian churcii was reorganized Monday erentag In- a -meeting ta the home' of the Be».,«u»d Mrs. Msr-'.i J*..C*lla*»r when Marsh Callaway . If.; .mi host to, 17 'members. ««cm'weW named. John . Miss Thelma W«tthta«U», nee. president; Miss ret Keck, secretary; Mlss ;•«)*<«», treasurer; Mlss 'Utast;' Marsh M tter. frtihwentj ireri serv- X, ott rtfrtihw Lowery Pace and Cnssic Clayton attended the Memphis Fair Friday night. Miss Nina Ferguson of Memphis spent the weekend with relatives in Wilson.. Ralph Robinson, city mall carrier, .attended th.: Memphis Fair Saturday. JolnuVRagsdalc spent Sunday in Memphis. ' Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Freeman re- u«-_ ,.;.-." "—•• • ""•-"»•!».! turner) from Memphis Sunday eve- Herman Walpolc had the devotional 1 nlng. l^i i Romans 8 u WBS dc- John Jackson spent Sunday In cided to have the fourth Monday of MarkM Tree each month for a social meeting.! Eddie Rcginold E. o. Fitch were wrs. A. w. Livingston closed this in Memphis Saturday n! B M. «uh prayer. ; Clyde Perrj'and family and Mr. ioiiiis Matrons had ten Perry's mother spent, the week cud with Mrs. Marion Williams. In Kentucky visiting relatives m Charge of the devotional. These i Allen White and family spent the women Will use the fourth Monday . week end at Kennett, Mo., with Mr lor social gathering!;. Mrs- K. D.| Whiles mother Mrs Go^aee. They •• refuriMl home Sunday evening. Funeral services were held Satiir- _. - ,day afternoon for little Barbara There were 14 members and three ! Alice Anglln, daughter of Mr and : visitors at (lie meeting of the Sec- '•• Mrs. Hugh Anglin I ond Baptist church Woman's MU-j Rev. Maiuvarrlng of the BapIlM ' a:nary Union Monday afternoon.'church conducted llic-scrvlccs. In-i »t the home of Mrs. R. T. Asher.! termen: was mnde al the Msi-u Mrs. Esn Harrison read from the'cemetery. ID Psalms for the devotional and, Besides her parents, sn- leaves Mrs..E. .z. Ncwfom led in prayer'.two sisters. Mary Cloc and Fian- ceiore Mrs. Leslie Moore gave thc'ck, besides many other relatives Marr offered the closing prayer -'...«». H»ve Minion Study. There's a new, 1 pleasant, mint-flavored, tablet that relieves ordinary headache and neuralgia, muscular pains and functional pains. It's excellent for Corjv.a —cold in the head—and for the sore throat that often accompanies it. Physicians have been writing prescriptions for a similar combination for years. The Dr. Miles Medical Company has standardized this \vell balanced formula arid is-Rlad to offer it in the form of a stable, palatable, mint-flavored tablet for home Use. Pocket Size loc, Regular PicV«ge 25c YOU'LL GET RELIEF-OR YOUR MONEY BACK BRATISLAVA, Czechoslovakia, JP)—Czechoslovakia's longest rail- ay tunnel, that under the Bradlo tween Handlova anil Neustubc, ork on which was begun in 1927 nd concluded during July, has a ngth of almost two miles and has :en named for President Mas- WHT S—7. ' . - K-7.J C-94-2 D—0-9.S. C--K-Q- 10-8-fi SOOTK-CEM.ER S-*0-J-9-3 H-«-0-3 D-A-K-4 0-1-5 The Play Tlie club Suit is West's strongest, and as it is headed with the king- queen, the king Is opened, East plays the seven, an encouraging card, declarer the five. West's proper return is a small club which-East wins with the ace, declarer playing his last club, the jack. East's best return is the three of clubs. Naturally South is going to trump. With which spade would you trump this club? If you are careless and (rump with either the three or the (hat there U only one entry Ujj dujnmy—the ace of hearts—acd I/;. East should hold four spades tin th»;, king he mutt be In a position to<, pick up that king of spades. ThereVp fore th« trick should be trumped;, with the Jack of spades.- ; The declarer leads the three ofn hearts which Is won in dummy I: with tl» ace of beirts. The dummy's plsy is the ten ol spades which East retuses to cover, playing the; deuce. Declarer must again bs • areful and play the nine spat un- , der the ten. West plays singleton • seven ol spades. The eight spot Is-. ed from dummy, East again reuses to cover, playing the (ive, It s easy to see how valuable a card . he three spot Is to the declarer as t permits him to leave the lead in r he dummy. The four of spades is' • ed from dummy, East plays the six' and declarer the queen. The de- 1 clarer then leads the ace of spades, picking up the king of spades in he East hand. . : The king and queen of hearts', arc both good and his ace and ' king of diamonds. He must lose oneV\ diamond trick, but he lias made 111/ contract of four spades which wou have been impossible if he had trumped the third club lead tow. nine, of spades, you cannot go Hospital Notes j; Patients admitted'to the Blythe-. vllle Hospital: Mrs. J. J. Simmons, > city; Bernard F. Montgomery, Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. Virgil.. H«rris, Senath, Mo., was dismissed.:. 666 a Hudac&e «r NenralfU b> W miBBtes, efcedu • Cold Uw ' Brat day, and checks Malaria in three dajs, . ,. 666 also in Tablels LOW ROUND Trill' FARES to St. Louis for the World's Series TICKETS ON SALE OCT. 3-4 • RETURN LIMIT OCT. 10 For Additional Information'. : Ask the Frisco Agent • 1 • ." K ''',.- ; .. j' '. Hall Sisters Shoppe Presents Its Annual Shotting of CORRECT AUTUMN MODES Coats An . irfcsal assortment of styles featuring smart Sport ami Dress Coats both Plain and Fur trimmed. $10.75 to $125' Dresses Many seasonable models in the popular Travel Print, Plain Crepe and Velvets. A most reasonable! price range $10.75 to $35,75 : ' 'I . Fur Fell, Felt and Velvet, and Vclour. Very Chic for Fall $1.95 lo §15. Purses Genuine French Antelope, Calfskin, and exclusive models, with touches of Reptile leathers. Unusual craftman- shlp. Gloves to match every costume. Gauntlet and plain cud. Kid and Chamoisclte. $1.50 to 85.50 Sheer Chiffon and service weight hosiery in all the . new Fall shades— Shadow— Promenade— Duskec— Brown Leaf— Mauve Beige— $1.50-82.50 Wo also offer special full-fashioned hosiery, pure silk to the lop, at SI. Both Chiffon and Serviee weight. Costume Jewelry in harmonizing colors that lend,sparkling life to your new outfit. Lingerie of dainty design and more than ordinary quality. Nationally known linos. : ~ <~"\\ '. '"K

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