The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1931
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1M1 (ARK.l COUltlflR NEWS Fll CfllBPJ !I if lien f O 1 PHD oy o' 3i«!icrs .tall rro- 'iir.i''ioii a Success Bui ?:;:»? S»i!l HA! Hope. >• ( ' nmoirs MOTH: lii'it cf itvcral c>\f-li!' >-:nr of the m:re «f the ropsrl ef llu ('.ciii'iisirn. The i:tV UV KI)I)Nl:V SSH'iVllKit Nt:.'. Si-r.'ii't- IV.I.ii- 'Cppyri<?l:t. 1331. NEA £.•.':•:?;. WASHINCSTO!!.— Tnc n-pr the Wk'kci-ihaai C3:!i:r:j:-i'. Prohibition COMI/MII*; ; •;:.K\vh:y. encouvnf.'iiicnt for [<::> v.-;i; for the drys, hu'_ !:o:ti f:u'tic:s find hope in it. It is still u ini'.ic-:- of lieu Mhctiipv tli« !»;::• i .. !r>.tc a substantial irnuvii enforcement, pujvr: i:: h;. L/ : erious bloiv yri f .ilosi or be Iji-jc fsiess and the cc-.mry. T.-.erc is this tor the drv.,: T!i commission R]IR»S; i:;i.vii:.i-ire; recommends thai, v.-lsii? th ' amendment rciiisiii'i in ihe CMS-.L- tlon. 10 agree on Anderson's fovm of revision. .^Tks Vi'ar'e Further Trhl McCornick, doubtful iis to v.-lPS > er tin 1 I'lifrirceability cr rv:ti')i?L lailni'f- nf the am >'idiiu".i! li=-' b?c:i demonstrated, is tV.j '.".n!.:K;.',:':u' 1 r who fay.s tii.i.i, if Coii^r?;; *•!'.' promptly emct the" iMMimli-h/.'f proposed iiieKsurra he believe; "w y?fiv \vo:ild l:j ;i reaiciut'? l'.:ne f induuitablv (.'oiiclutle whstlio: 1 •• no: llic l«l'-. Bmcndmin 1 . n" i- properly friiforcc'J us a nc:;',: - .'.' mandate." i • No<i't!in D. liake: 1 "ai7il"M5nt-.' L> ; nmnii of Nf.v Orl??!>- favor o'.r.. , rjp!u renral; !'r?=li]riir. Aria 1 C;:'n- I ?!cck cf Itjdi-lMfi' Co'.le-!- ,'.:-:i: • ! vi'.inn ol I'IP u!:i:i«l!r."nt '.r, ]::-.• \ iir.'fci b/ Antic:',0:1. Fi'?.nK J. i_cpsc'n ' the* CniL'a^a criiu 1 : P v :|)Cit. fnvn^- j t!i? v.i)alt> Airiers'j!! p!an ant! Dean •. Ifcu-c;- round of Harvard f;>v- ' ! i!-'. cji-lul consiii'vaiiOH as llic U;:-:: I and tnc^t ramylcte bromht 10 Hi--; . commission's nltontim. , Wickersham.- tnc chairman, cvi : not believe tint such a New Los Angeles Stock Mart for Alfalfa Bill PAOR THREh New York Cotton NKW Cell cm ' Jan > Jan '• Mai YORK, Jan. closed steady. oprn Ilia! ii3i im IH5 1037 • ioi):> 1C-!!. ICII3 IOJ1 IlKt 1052 1018 1013 1007 1120 low* close 1130 11:11 1020 1028 1040 1046 1WO 10-13 ico. r ) icca 101)8 1093 mi 1117 Spots steady ill 1055, up 10. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 22 (UPJ- Colton dosed steady. open high low close D C= 1031 1030 1028 1033b Ja» 1025 1030 1021 1023 Ml' 1 10« 1047 1033 1040 Mny 1060 1074 10C4 1071 July 1090 1095 1083 1093 Del 1U7 1113 1108 1114 Spots steady at 1003, up 10. The term "red tape" - --S. t>.»i» iw\t layrr urivjii^tc j Ovi-r oiw-thlrd the total mimtor |lrom the practice of tying up offi- ,ol ncoidnit-j] deaths In Hie United [clal documents in "r ca ta pe " n Kt.itcs HIV c.niy-d by motor vrhtcle?.'keep Inem In order. BEWARE THE COUGHFROi COLDS THAT HANG ON -'Chun,: ilm i,e h:id loo murli work to <!u lo taHe the lime to B o lions, on his r, r ... day in r.tliie by lirlngliiB M-. l.mcli wU h him in n liap.-i nag. n ( , | S S |, owll lic| . c . u ,,,,. d ., sy , vi|h ^ I);|g of U|Mh 10 n Hitaunuu 10 MI at noon. Ciovt'rnor W. 11. -Alfalfa Mil" Muv- iay ol Ofclalmin siirjnlscd attaches ai ' Hie Oklahom.-i Oily state bi'iidi- lilm. The most beautiful buildin? of its kind in the world, according to architects, the new Los Angeles stock exchange, shown above, has o:en thrown cr.-jn for business. Of unusual architectural design, the building contains three magnificent carved panels by Salvatore Car- tinao ScarpillH, noted sculptor. der:on control plan is t!tc m:st ad- eiiiiale of any alterations suggested. Anil Judge William I. Grubb stiyj c!"an. tfiicisin and b?itrr financed Cliairman Wii-h.-tsham givinf; tbc report his liiul rcadin.?. .tution as now written, c'?ruin measures be adopted to • R.ik? -:>i- -ftrccment men c!Ie;'.ivc. Tb2s? measures, aeec.-dinj ID the dry:^ yvnembers of the commission, will •4 table pro:-,!titicri to !,jve a fai- \(riai. . Six Favpr IJcvisnn. There is this for the wen: Six of the 31 m?m>rs favc;- rf- !:e:ii or revis:=n cf the 13th ari?n:l- ni:nt. beint; convinced tint t-_: present JHW^ c?.nn:t be enf3rc~ i Instead of the present s-slcii'c^ riaticnl prohibition most of thDni iivy,- fcrcrr.l or stats] T t:th. Four numbers believe prc':i- biticn should be i | tant experiment should b2 abiii- dcned alter seven years cf quit? impeifcct enforcement and only 1 three years of re organ 12 a lion and effort to r?pair earlier mUtak-is . The crucial point, he rays, i: ; whether it is too late to hope for a . favorable turn in public opinir.i: such as is vitally n3ce?sary for -ni- forccment. : Wants Further Trial ! He v.-oulci like ;o nave CcTigrei- ; pass an amcndraem rep^alinj th 18lh and tiien have t!:..- measure considered by state conventions to :"roncct ;he sober, informed and deliberate opintcn of the people" H° a fmti'.r-r i favors further trial now he s->ys IUVD a nations!'because he sees no escape from re- eflec:. He woult! ..__ „ , :Jl ,., : ,-, : rcjulatory liquor commfssion, how- .turn of the EaToon"in ever, anci a national corporation to tsrnatives offered prahlhltlan *"*' the Amendment He says the An- Piles Go Quick Without Salves or Cutting lliou.'ar.ds of Pile sufferers have learned that quick and permanent relief -ju only bo accomplished with an internal medicine. Neither ralvcs cr cutting remove the cause. Bad circulation of the blood in I the lower bowel causes piles. The veins are flabby, the bowel walls weak— the parts almost dead. To end Piles an internal medicine must | be used to stimulate the circulation and strengthen the affected parts. Dr. J. S. Lconhardt was the first to discover a real internal pile remedy. He called his prescription i HEM-HOID. nnd prescribed it for 1000 patients with the marvelous ,iccord ci success in 950 cases, and j then decided every Pile sullerer ! should be able to get HEM-ROID , iroai il-.eir own druggist witu a rigid money-back guarantee. Dr. Lconhardfs prescription has a wonderful record of success in !*iis city and KIrby Drug Co. in- «t;.; every Pile sufferer to try th inc. oim O.leans. with of 100 tons. . a currying CM- ; about 3 milr., ,„ |, 0 ur She made Her it c ,ui Cuuilu Mr,,, w nfl, Coughs hulil cdlils may irsd |u te. riiiiis liuulili-. You can ttoii ihem IMHV uiih Crcoinuliion, an rmuTfilicil crois.itc thai i» |,l« SJ ni | 0 ul,.. Cicu:unl:iuii is u uiuiical discou>ry ivilli lw»-lul.| .n-iii.n; it soollics mul fi'-jl3 (lie inlljiiinl incinhraiii^ tun! in- Iiiliit3 i;cnn ciawili. Of nil kiumn drugs creosolo U recognized by liiyli medlcjl autliorilica ^3 one of llic priMlcsl lieali»B URciicics lor rnntili! fjoin cvlds and lironcliinl inilaliuiij. Crcoiruilsiou conloins, in nJiiiliuii to creosote, oilier licalin" . tfontc Lcmann, New Orleans law- . yer, who disagreed with ntia'a; HEJl-ROID and guarantees to re- features of the report and refused | tmld 'J'c purchase price to sign it. .tiifcrcement "may" chanje the present hostile public attitude so that satisfactory results may be obtained. Neil: The Wickcrsiiam Ccrtmls- on's Idea of why pruliibillcn enforcement has been unsuccessful. fuud t jdoes not if Read Courier News Want Ads. Modish Women Will Be ColtonPickers ;.\cw Medicine Soon Ends j Stubborn Ailments And i E'trns Praise Of Little Rock Man. Cottons fcr sprlnp. N'c\v cotton. 'Ltd to rfcht" frock, nr.i; ;:;r.i;ol. Tlio sir;;:,-; yeta?hnm is rcf.octc.: in this outft \ pl:r rlc nnd grren. and V'-;bar,i. Tvo textures are bMter than one in a uses plaid Binolnm in wi-,i[e. nisi, yellow and and mate whi r!:caliy and Iiorlzontally. ock of c* of open coltcn mssh in rust lone, ircwn for the bolero yoke, sleeves and collar. JIK. BEN F. REYNOLDS "My health was very jioor for ov:r a year", said Mr. Ben P Reynolds, 532S A. Street. LitUe Rock. "I had r, dull ache in the small of my back and I felt tired and worn out in the morning. My appetite was very poor and food d:d not agree with n-.e. I tried several highly recommended medicines s>.nd treatments without result. "Konjoia was the medicine I needed for my health improved within n week. My kidneys were regular nnU the dull ache left my tacs. My appetite improved and! the pains in other parts of my body grew! less, sick headaches passed awny and after I had fin- ifliad the third bottle I was a well man again. I gained five pounds in weight ami I jhall always recommend Konjoia." Taken regularly over a six to eight week period Kcnjola works Bonders in cnses of ailment of the . stomacl). liver, kidneys nnd bowels, „!.,< 11 a ' ld rll( ™iatism, neuritis, and l)i,i.« j nervousness. bit of | Konj'ola Is told in belt are of the' Arkansas at Kirby Drug. I by all the best druggists Iti oil 'towns throughout' this entire sec- 1 1!cn - ' -Adv. SUNS elements which soollio anil lital ths inlhiiKil membranes anil slop tho irritation, uliile the creoioic (joes ou to Ilio itoinacli, h absorbed into the Iilooii, allatts ihe st-al of llic trouble mid i-hccks tin; ftroidli of llic gams. Crcoimiltlim is guarantctil utiifac- loiy in ilie. treatmcnt of couj-hi from coliN, broncliiljs anJ minor fottna ot hrancliiid iirilalioii!, and is excellent for l.nildiiiK up the system nflcr colJj or flu. Money rcfumlcd if not re- liocil ufter taking acconiine lodircc- iniMiiei omer ncaim- lions. Ask your drugcin (ad?) EOMUL5ION ^OUGHFROM COLDS THAT HANG ON EL LOWS • r • rifies LUCKIES are always kind to your throat Everyone knows that sunshine mellows-that's why the "TOASTING" process includes the use of the Ultra Violet Rays. LUCKY STRIKE — the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos —the Cream of the Crop-THEN "ITS TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and so "TOASTING" that extra/ secret process—removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing. The adjike o/ jour physician is: Keep out of doors, in the open air, breathe deeply; take plenty of exercise in the mellow sunshine, and ha\v a periodic check-up on the heoWl of your body. Protection—against irritation—against cough Q181I. Td« Areeclcin Toticco Co.. Mfrj.

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