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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 97
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California • Page 97

Los Angeles, California
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Real Estate, Industry and Development Vol. XLIV. SUNDAY MORNING, JULY 12, 1925. LOS ANGELES HARBOR SAVES VAST TOLL SUM JOINTS AKU POINTERS BUSINESS PROPERTY PART 14 Pag" Structures, Completed, Proposed and Under Way, Show Trend Here Hi I iiMIIIIMIIfW III lllll III llll I I III1! IM 1 1 III I I I I ill I III I V1 lil4S FEET TO ALLEY. VERY 0E8IS-ABLE H10H-CLAS8 APARTMENT SITE. CLOSE TO WILSHIBE AND VERMONT. ACTUAL VALUE, W5.000. CLEAR. Will tiilMM ffr wHI.ItcaUd buslHMt euur IISO.00O. Ply am uwmh 70.000 SQUARE FEET OF INOUSTRIALi PROPERTY WITH TRACKAOE. PAVEH STREET. AND ALL PUBLIC UTILITIES. ACTUAL VALUE. W2.0M. 0 Wirt tHt fisnk mtrtim, HO. 000. Will ttctst 1 nil-tfltattd lMr bvllBtM lt ftr taulty. 4 BEAUTIFUL HOME IN HEART OP WINDSOR SQUARE. COMPLETELY ANO ELEOANTLY FURNISHED. Artull nlue. SI00.0O0, ilMr. Will eieJuns ttr bull. utii rvnsr. InBrffyRtf. us S200.000. Will iiuma and pay tain. SOUTHEAST CORNER OF WIL8HIRE BLVD. AND FRANKLIN. StllU MbbIol. 9(1 1 JO illry. 1150 a laot. 114.000. EASY TERMS. luva many tHanh with araMrlv ftha will eiehaaH far wall-taoated Imamtd unfmprovad (milnaat aarntra In Lai Angalei, Bay eaah and aaiuma. Or wa aan tail ycur praparty far aaih If the prlea li rlahL Our aiparlancod arflaaln. tlen will ba glad ta aoniult with yau abaut yaur real eitata Brabiama. Call ar write. TTALUE OF PORT'S TONNAGE INCREASED $50,193,901 Unprecedented Gain is Caused by Nets Shippers $100,000,000 BY WILL O'BVRNE Real Estate and Industrial Editor The increased valuation of the tonnage that passed through the Lbs Angeles Harbor during the first eleven months of the fiscal year ended June 30 as compared to the same period in 1924 is represented by the astounding sum of $50,193,901. Figures showing this have been released, by officials of the Board of Harbor Commissioners and it is believed then when the total valuations for the year are announced the sum will indicate unmistakably the port's position as. the second most important on the continent and one of the busiest in the world. 714.10 PACIFIC MUTUAL BLO0. According to estimates by the of- i' II" mm hh'i sc tr it mu iiu wtv jn. 11 m. uivimiu PERMITS SHOW FACT AND COMMENT I. FURTHER GAINS STRUCTURE COMPLETED Doctors of Pasadena Open Own Building Erected at Cost of S500M00 AN INVESTOR'S MARKET Kxn.rsivB ntsPATmi PASADKNA. July 11. I Building permits continue to gain over the same period i last year. Permits issued by Chief Building Inspector J.A J. Backus for the first nine days of the month have a valua-i tlon of $3,833,248, as against $2,489,000 for the same pe- riod last year. This year 1.148 permits 4c were Issued, compared to 1012 last year. I According to officials of Southern California Chapter, jt. Associated General Contrac- tors of America, the total for the year stands at 706, as against $81,317,738 this time In 1924. The; WILSHIRE BLVD. CORNER EAST OF WESTERN AVENUE. ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE BEST C0RNEB8 ON WILSHIRI. ADJOINING CORNERS HELD FOR S3000 PER FOOT. CASH BUYS THIS ONE FOR 12000 PER FOOT. IMPROVED NOMINALLY. AND HAS SOME INCOME. INFORMATION ONLY AT OUR OFFICE. Medical Rulldlng. said tn be the second of Its kind in the MELROSE CORNER A REAL CORNER NEAR LA SRCA FOR LESS I'lUied States, has been officially opened, it was built at a coat of apprtimatcly (600.000 and stands at thawcorncr of North Madison avenue and Herkimer street. The building is owned and op THAN 1330 PER FOOT, AOIOININO CORNERS HELD AT HOD. HALF CASH TO HANDLE IT. INCOME PROPERTIES erated by forty-four prominent Pasadena II was built for TWO EXCEPTIONAL BUYS IN WILSHIRE ANO HOLLYWOOD OISTRICTS. MODERN FLAT BUILDIN08. OWNER LIVES OUT OF CITY. AND HAS PRICED THEM TO SELL QUICKLY. the exclusive use of the medical profession. Even the maln-flonr stores havo been leased AMMMHHMMMAMMMMMHMrAM to a prescription pharmacy: a lr A is 1 fair 111 iff wtt-Naii INDUSTRIAL PROPERTIES GOODYEAR TRACT. 40a PER -SQUARE FOOT nurses' club and other such Insti SANTA FE AVENUE. 1200 PER FOOT tutions. The only other building NATlO'STflCET CORNER, UDO PER FOOT CHOICE FACTORY BUILDINGS CHEAP. First1 Sketches of New Medical Home Selected or its Klnil was orected In Los Angeles some time ago. Fifty-four doctors' offices are lo cated In tho eight-story building. Tim general architecture Is of flclals, shippers are saved between IB and $10 per ton on all tonnage that passes through the port. On that basis during the eleven-month period mentioned, there was saved to shippers of Southern California In freight tariffs approximately $100,000,000. The tremendous Increase In valuations Is Indicative o.f the growth of manufacturing in Southern California for It must be remembered that though the tonnage for the entire year Is. decreasing the valuations are snowing a decided Increase. This is explained by the fact that there is a constantly growing volume of manufactured products be-fnjr exported to foreign countries and that there Is an Increasing volume of goods manufactured hero being shipped by way of the Panama Canal to eastern points. To mention but' one item, ahlp; loads of vegetable oils are received here, manufactured Into various commodities and reshlpped as such. With a wider dissemination of knowledge relative to the resources of Southern California, such as Ideal labor conditions, low cost fuel a.nd jpower, nearness to raw matorlals. good transportation both rail and ships, and ideal climatic conditions; manufacturing must continue to grow. With the unprecedented growth' pf Los Angeles and the geographical and. other natural advantages of the port its destiny us haven for world, commerce seems assured. During June a fresh record was established In the movements of ships. There was a total of 546 ttie tonnage amounting to The departures numbered 65o shlp-4 with I.462.41S tons. This la the largest ship movement recorded (it the harbor slnco-November 10J3. They fly the flags' of all nations ard reach every lmuortant por' In the world. The valu of the coastwise trade for the flfcn, year ended June. amounted: to 253,109, 049; Intercostal trade. 292,224, T36; Hawaiian $12,248,341 and foreign commerce, J101.976.65S accord-, Ing to figures released hy the Chamber Commerce. The tonnage that passed over tho municipal wharves only during April. May and Juna alpo showed u. healthy Increase according to S. SardbergMraffl: niar- glT. In'Apill there passed over the municipal wharves a total of tons: in May 1.334.364 tons and In June there was decided Increase the total belnij tons. Commenting on tho tonnages, Mr. Sandberg said. "The commerce through tills Tmlor-Gothlc design and the atruc Construction activities are a splendid barometer of the prosperity and progress of any city. So measured, -Los Angeles commands an enviable position compared to any other city in the United States. Building permits issued each month; buildings under way and buildings planned Indicate a record-breaking year. On another page of this section Is an Illustration which at first glance appears to" be a forest of steel and derricks but which on closer examination depicts the skeletons of what will be In the near future stately structures of various kinds. Reports from all parts of the Southland relative to building permits Issued show the same Increasing construction activity. Nor Is It confined to any particular class of building. A study of the permits shows that they are made up of Industrial plants, business blocks, theaters, clubs, churches, municipal structures, schools, lodge buildings and a tremendous number of homes ranging from tho moderately priced to palatial mansions. It requires but a glance' at the various reports to understand thnt the growth Is normal along, all lines Illustrating In a most practical mariner an enviable prosperity. The marked increase In the building of homes speaks well for the stability or-Southern Callfori nla. Throughout the United States conditions are much the same. This 1b proved by construction ap-tlvltles measured In turn by' increased shipments of the cement Industry. It used to be steel that was tho barometer. "What's steel doing?" was a common question whenever progress and prosperity was under discussion. In fact steel was long thought of as the pulse of the business world. Economists are' now asking, however, "What are the comparative cement shipments?" Cement Is a much belter measuring stick of the construction Industry and the Increase in shipments from the 135 plants In operation throughout-the country have been steadily Increasing. The Idea prevalent a few years ago that the greater portion of the cement produced was used In paving and highway work has been relegated to the limbo of other Illusions by the United States Geological Survey. Its estimates show that but 24 per cent of the output is so used and that turn was deslgnod by Dodd 300 TITLE INSURANCE 6L0G. TRIsilr .0131. REAL ESTATE RENTALS INSUftANCf. Khhards, Los Angeles architects. bvery modern conven enco nos THEATER TO BE BUILT IN HOLLYWOOD With preliminary sketches and studies for the new 1500-bed addition to the Los Angeles General Hospital completed by the Allied slblo for tho doctors has been Incorporated In tho building. Auto- nmtie -rrotsewsireisvators. light sle POPt'LATiOfi-10 3 0 AVGELKS 1.500,000 Architects' Association of this city, 1 nals Instead of bells, a special ele vator to carry the sick; on stretch era. fine marble toilets, sound- work Is to be rushed on the final plana so that actual construction on the $6,000,000 addition to the noadened floor surfaces, compressed air for dentists, hot and cold wa I'inety-nine-Year Lease is Signed With Total Rental city's medical home can be started by October 1. ter in an rooms, high-pressure water tank on roof, automatic mall cnutes, an Incinerator In the base Aggregating Million The sketches reproduced In the layout on. this page today were among nine, prepared by members WE HAVE RIGHT TOW A BARGAIN IN A BUSINESS CORNER ment, and an auditorium In the hasement, are some of the fea oi tne association, which were se BEAGH HAS NEW THEATERS Eight Playhouses Built or Nearing, Completion With Others Being Planned for'Fuiure EXCLUSIVE DISPATCH LONG BEACH. July 11. No other, activity In Long Beach during the present year has been bo strongly Indicative of the confidence of capital in the development of this city than that of theater construction. No less, than eight new'thcaters, representing an Investment of more than have been cdmpleted here or are rapidly nenrlng com lected as the basis of the final de sign for tho structure. Appointments of special Juries on design, engineering and specification have been made and these bodies will work out tho details of I2.50H.000 WORTH OF VACANT PROPERTY HAS BEEN SOLD NEAR IT IN PAST SO DAYS, tne nnai specifications for the tures or this new Medical Building. The stockholders of the building are made up entirely of doctors and dentists who are tenants of the building. Dr. w. J. Stone la president of the corporation; Dr. V. H. Roberts, vice-president; Dr. J. If. Breyer. seoretary-treasurer: Dr. Leroy Sherry" and Dr. C. H. Parker, directors. Every cant of the stock subscribed was paid for In cash, it has been announced. Ten spare officer and the main floor has boen leased in nthe nw. A nincty-nlne-yenr ground lease lias been signed on property lo-nitert nt 602S Hollywood boulevard calling for a tolnl rental In excess of $1,000,000 and the election of a Clnas A theater, which has been leased to the Hansen Theaters, for twenty-five years al. a total rental of $000,000. T. Larkin Grlflin of the W. I. (Collingsworth Company, real estate lirm. represented all parties to plant. FLOOR IS LEASED FOR GOSPEL MISSION pletion since December 1, 1024. In addition, two other playhouses 'arc LET US TELL YOU SOMETHING ABOUT IT. WE BELIEVE THIS CORNER TO BE AT LEAST to PER CENT UNDER VALUE. slcians. (500,000 Ebell club building Is being utilized as Its home, no mention pf Long Beach theaters would be complete that leaves out Hoyt's Ebell theater at Cerrlto and Third street. Ojvned by Otis Hoyt, owner of Hoyt's vnudevlllo theater on the Pike, the Hoyt's Ebell wan one of he first of the now nclcli-borhood theaters to open hero this year. GETS MOTOR REPAIR SHOP- HOME GARnnua II. L. Suydam reports the following business leases. For Arthur Greenberg the entire upper floor at South Los Angeles street for Gospel mission and meeting hall: for Ma-thllde R. Cousins, store 402 Allso street, to .1. Miller for office fixtures exchange; for Gil Rloseco store nnd basement, 210 Commer- SEE W. M. OARLAND more than 26 per cent Is used In pumic ni)d commercial buildings, The nation is faolne 16.000.. part Is on a much more stable lvi- being planned. In and size tho West Coast Theaters' magnificent (1,000,000 enterprise located on East' Ocean Boulevard, just east of American avenue, leads the list. The building and equipment. It is said, represent a total Investment of The ground on which the structure Is located was obtained by the West Coast Theaters, under a ninety-nine year lease that will bring millions of dollars In rentals to Its owners. The It was estimated yesterday, Is valued $4000 a foot front. RITZ COMPLETED Another new Long Beach ploy-house Is the Rl'i, recently completed In this city's-famous amusement bordering on The Pike. Located on East Seaside Boulevard. This community now has Its first automobile repair establishment, A. Holton of Huntington Park has taken over the Home Gardens Garage, succeeding S. Wilson, and ha Is busy Installing new equipment In the place. sis than was experienced during 000,000 construction year, accord- lie ileal. li 0 pvoptM'iy, fronting seventy' feet on Hollywood Houlovanl a tl with a depth of SSfi feet, was leased to II. J. imi: and .1. J. Mlllor, 'representing a syndicate, of Hollywood capitalists. They, In turn, leased tle theater to the Hanson Theaters, Inc. Prominent In NINTH AND SPRING STREETS. (Contlnucd on Pajic 'i. Column 8) (Continued on Pafro 3, Column 6) clal street, to Jose Domlngloes. NEW BALBOA CLUBHOUSE IS PLANNED Alice Ground-to he Broken for Eighl-Story Structure in November the theater, unique In design and decoration, Is one of the show places of the city. It was com pleted at a cost of (250,000. Tho playhouse was built and Is owned by C. 51. Donnelley and E. W. Bollnger. In the same section of the city, but' a few doors awnv. Is Pico St. Corner Near Forum Theatre 100 Ft. Pico Frontage The price is $100 per foot under value of other similar Pico St. frontages, and is now ripe for improvements. Might consider some trade. Pico Street is One of the East and West Arteries SEE MR. PEACOCK WESTLAKE Apartment Bargain Price Only $67,500 Income $12,600 This splendid building consisting of 40 large rooms Is located In the popular renting district near WESTLAKE PARK. The building less than two years oil); has hardwood throughout, tile baths and tile kitchens and Is completely furnished with beautiful overstuffed furnlturet Would consider smaller property In desirable locality a part payment. Mortgage of $35,000 at 7 can remain. for further particulars see mr. McCarthy or mr. hahn. Scott's Theater on East Seaside Boujevard. built at a cost of more than (50,000 by Scott, otfn- Thirty-third of a series of Talks on Business Property FAITH AND VISION WITHOUT Faith in the stability of government, in the supremacy of right, in the unchecked advance of civilization, all making for the growth of cities, no man would wish to own property. Paul of Tarsus, though proclaiming Charity the greatest of three virtues, yet put Faith first. Without ir few forward moves would be made, by the race. Out of Faith grows vision, and these are the two qualities that have primarily moved every man who has made a daring or successful move in real property or development. Have you Faith? Have you Vision? Do you believe in the future of California and Los Angeles? er of a string of picture houses here and In Huntington Beach. These complete the' new amusement ventures located in the down town section of the One other Is planned, It was reported yesterday, although no official word has bee.i given out. It Is said tho Wpst Cnant Theaters. nre pnn- I templatlng leasing a portion of the hotel building now under i construction directly west of their new the Hansen Theaters, activities are Mark II, Hansen, president; Joseph G. Curl, secretary, and Alice Calhoun, motion-picture actress. The deal was arranged by Mr. Grlflin through the Hollywood Boulevard, Cahuenga-to-Westtirn Improvement Associate. William Allan Is the architect and It Is announced that ground for tho now structure Is to be broken within the next thirty, days. It has been that the theater'wlll occupy. the entire seventy-foot Crontage on Hollywood Boulevard with a depth of more than 200 the remainder of the lot to be resorved as a parking place for patrons' automobiles. Two sections of the mezzanine floor of the theater will be completely Inclosed in glass, one to be used exclusively for theater parr Hob, md the other as indies' and gentlemen's smoking-rooms during tho screening of pictures, The entire second floor will be, used as Eeners! oftlces for the Mark M. Hansen Theater Company. Tiny tubes at tho top of the ulass-lnclbsed sections will carry notes of the organ and orchestra to these compartments, while no sound will he emitted to disturb patrons in the auditorium. An Innovation hy way of ventilating systems will be provided for the auditorium and smoking-rooms, the system being designed To as to remove smoke from the smoking compartments In addition td pro-vldlng a constant circulation of frh air. Of the 12S0 seats, there will he logos. Pastel shades of old rose, gold and hlue will be In West Coast Theater, and that a smaller' theater will be built. OTHERS SCATTERED Scattered -about the city In the A total sum In excess of about (800,000 is to be Involved In the erection of th6 Southern Seas Club at Balboa Beach, occupying the site of the old Garson residence, located between Bay View avenue and Fernando street, facing the bay and the ocean. Architectural and engineering plans for the contemplated building are now being prepared by the architectural firm of Huoft Mun-son. It Is to an eight-story building with six floors or club apartments of two and three rooms each, consisting of eighty-four double apartments and seventy-eight single apartments and seventy-two. single rooms, all with baths. Its amusement and diversion section will contain an art gallery and ballroom. 60 by 110 feet on the roof, a dining-room, social hall, lobby and ladles' room will occupy the entire second floor with a -for billiards, cards and gTHl. One of the outstanding features of the club is the large swimming pool and storage for about. several hundred rowboats and canoes, locker rooms. Turkish baths, bowling, handball courts and gymnasium room, beach and surf bathing for the 2000 members. Officials of the new club are J. P. Oreely, vice-president: Mayor George Wilson, treasurer, and George Neal. secretary. A groundbreaking ceremony Is scheduled for some time In November. Wilshire Boulevard Income Property community centers are five new and extremely modem playhouses devoted to screen production. Four of them have been in operation for several months. A fifth Is now rapidly nearlng completion and will be operied to the public early In August. Chief among these Is the Carter Money Wanted We are getting more calls for gilt-edged loans than we can supply, and can now use money to place on first class improved properties. We never recommend a loan until our experts have personally thoroughly inspected and investigated each offering, and have arrived at a very conservative loan appraisal. If you have from $1,000.00 up to loan out at 7 to 8, see our FITZGERALD OR MR. QILLIES SANTA MONICA BOULEVARD Splendid corner on Sanla Monica near Western. Well improved. Property could not be duplicated for price asked. Income over $12,000 year. Price $125,000 $25,000 cash will handle. BUSINESS BLOCK Large corner, well improved and splendid leases for sale or lease. Only $25,000 required. Information at, office only. 99 YEAR LEASE In the heart of the downtown district surrounded by limit height buildings. No telephone Theater, on East Fourth street at Cherry avenue, built and managed by H. C. Williams at a total cost for building and equipment of THIS VALUABLE PROPERTY it located In Business Zone and consists of fine large house of 12 Seautlful, well-arranged rooms wlfh 2 baths and a Bungalow Court of 8 renting units of 2 rooms and bath each. units under one lease and showing good- income. Thli valuable lot of 60x136 la worth more than the entire property can bs had for at this time as It Is priced very low for a quick tale. Price $45,000, Mortgage $25,000 Balance to Suit SEE MR. HAHN OR MR. MCCARTHY. Other new playhouses that are helping to put Long Beach In the front rank as a tneater town are the Ramona, on Redondo avenue, near Seventh street: owned by John Bushman anft built by him at a cosC of approximately (80,000, Home Theater, locates on East prominence, while special Hchtlntr efforts will he used to soften and ulidue a variable color scheme. At Intervals along the walls nrrhes will he built rontalnlnc Anaheim street, east of walnut, built at an approximate cast of Brayton Theater, now parchment paintings of spencs from nearlng completion on Atlantic avenue near HIP, street at a cost W. I. Hollingsworth Co. TRinity 9651 Exclusive Agents Hollingsworth Bldg. 6th and Hill ROBERT MARSH REALTORS TRinity 1 131 200 Marsh-Strong Bldg. TRinity 1 131 MArSOLEVM CONTRACT. LET Contract for the. erection of one-story reinforced concrete mausoleum' and a three-story rn-crete hell tower on Santa Monica Boulevard between Van Ns avenue and Rower street, for the Hollywood "cemetery, has been awarded of (150.000. on property listed at ($0,000. I KBEMi FIRST Although no building Invest every rnuntry In the world. Illuml-nntpjd from the rear hy Indirect llchts. no fixtures or hiilhs helng vjsIMp. a spectacular effect will he nMnlned. Many other departures from the usual theater design will bp Incorporated In the construction of the show house. ment Is represented, since the mag nlflclent auditorium of the new to W. A. Corcoran.

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