The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 21, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 21, 1934
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Served by Me United Preu BETTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS £7 '. •»•••> rw«_ml A wvt uk»«»«n* nwr-k n _ — . . . _ •—^—^^— w • • • • THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTH**. »r ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXI.—NO. 29 Blythetllle D«llj Newi Blythevilte (Vuiter V»lley Leader Blythwille Her*M BM'THEVIIXK, ARKANSAS. FRIDAY, Al'RI • 4 19M SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS , -V.J.. PRES1ENT BANKHEAD BILL Tucker Trusties Kill Two Convicts Capital's -Ijeaiily by Niglitf Authorities Refuse to Reveal Names of Guards Who Did Killing TUCKER PRISON FARM, Ark.; Apr. 21 tUP)—Guards' killed two escaping convicts today at the prison-farm. The men were Claude Roger Hord, 45, widely known police character, and P. J. Newbert, 42, who was serving a two-year sentence for alleged auto'theft. Details o[ the shooting were not revealed by prison authorities. Tne men were slain by trusty, guards, prison officials said, in the 'fields several miles from the prison. . , 6. Hord, serving a~21-year sentence for alleged.robbery.of the South-. i:rn Sales company at Little Rock, hod a long police record. The convict department said h.e' : yas wanted in' Columbus, O., for ".the murder of Herman Hoffstetter,-'and in several other states for alleged, robberies and thefts: ... ' : He is -wanted! : the prison •department .said, for a major' crime in Indianapolis, Ind., He has been* . linked with. 'postofflce*lri)M>ertes Jn' -, Arkansas "-aria Missouri and ; with . 'other crimey : in' New 'pricing '.;; 1 • v Names of';the. trusty guards who :' kIlled ' the • men. were? not -releaaeiJ. '•• . Newbert escaped from the • AA- ansas i penitentiary. ' . but year ngfle wos extradited Irani Illinois .and returned here. Newbert hss served prison terms In Texas, Illinois and Michigan. veA $4,000 Wor-ij|f New Paper Is No$""'' Circulation Here R. L. Banister, in : crlpt und stump .sales Blythevlll> Rfllrf Commltl ported at 1 p.m. lodny that 1 sold for cash J4.200' wdrlh ill tlflcates aiid> about -*r(5 woJ*h; of m'f^. and thai subscriptions 'for a substantial amount of .script »(erc on iiand, waiting'to IK filled. ! ' : The certificates were In general' circulation .today.- Business ihen.ot, the community have agreed almost. ICO per cent to accept them 1 , it' ' 10 Men Pull 104-Mile-an-Uour Train Tm Kelly', Says Youth With Gun, Visiting OH in |> Rail Unions Not Ready to Afree to Proposal WASHINGTON, April 21.. (TJP>— Railroad tabor leaders today, re- luscxl to accept immediately President Rosevelt's proposal that workers continue, under the present 10 per cent wage reduction for six months. • When Joseph B. Eastman, federal coordinator of transportation, called upon the union workers (or an answer, they discussed the question briefly and said a final .decir sion could not be reached until they had further instruuioiis u workers. Not : all the picturesque beauty of Washington's famed cherry blos- Mms-in-bloom is to ; be seen by day. How nightfall emphasizes the loveliness,.of_,this much .visited."spot Is strikingly illustrated in tills photdg'rapb'ot'the.iliunilnaled."shaft, of Washington monument as -..•seen, through a-framework.of blossoms on an opposite shore. ,- The' Courier News regrets' chat time did not permit Ih'^ elusion in the full r»B«. ad-, vertlsement published. yesterday.. of the names: of- nil. of ith'ose who desired to announce itfielr' cooperation ; In., the. Blyfhevlilf Relief Committee's...scripts-pro^ gram. A' . supplementary'.'. a'd-j vertlsement, -over' the .'naines' : -ol 21 additional'; individuals;. 'and; firms.-appears, on. page e.-of-to-j .day's ' paper:' - In' : all ipproKimii ately 100 .'stores 'and-1 business conceras :lmve: announced;^ thaf they will' '- accept'';the; script. '< at [Ls face'. yalu"e.-''. i' •',''.^".-' .V.'':":-; :'. = t:; ':•':•. ,'.j' ? ,'!i- : .'i'r:>''.'l; : .f ' ; • - .'t i* fj: V-.1",;,. v >.'. face valu»Mn;'payment,[for. »ncl .5;rvic?s.'- [ Large' l<t?£ p.l th'e script- yeni* to"; helj>:iiL_ piyroils ; today: arid-rapidly their way to local slorer-. s-01 \ ; uji) "Tlicy iWnk they've K«l 'Math- \iif- cum 1 Kelly In Jail biH they linvni'l—I'm 'Machine flan' Kelly." boitsti'rt 11 youth TlniMrinv nHn n.s p • , T he staggered Into .Harris 1 Tour- ollus lo camp, south of .'Blvthcvlllo, rccklf.vly wnvlns a pistol.: : The gun brandishing ol the ieli-Myled "Kelly" and u compnn- 'on .caused occupants of the camp .'.liiro to scatter In Quick order. .- Wlion officers, .smmii(m'«l by thu nlarnK'd cnmp oixrulor, urrlvcd. Kolly mill coinpnuy lind dljnp- After Uieli departure 'the nl the scene 'aurt UN WILL HELP youths i for. n time iilnjw) lilile Mad Seek with their pursuers. PHmllirY-about Ihc- time officers decided tto wall nt, the camp for Hie nl visit of the yoiillw, Hie jwlr stnick.out. ior Missouri in their cur, It wiis learned later. They are believed to have been front Tennessee. lor 1 ; &>ntrol of Cotton Prduclioh r -.-,.v '* new chnplcr Hf^-thc -history of rail; Philadelphia when" Hie 'Zephyr, An If DILL TEST mStK TO MDSIir PEnCllN EftSI of Magistrates to Japanese Ambassador Ex- French Police Claim Trotrky't Plans Foikd PARIS, April 21. (UP)—Secret police asserted today that Leon Trotrkys fourth international, designed to spread communism thru- out the world, received probably its death blow when his deportation was ordered. Misdemeanors Is y iQiallenged plains .Attitude To\vard Loans to China .JONESBORO, Art—A test case WASHINGTON. Anril 21. (UP) — Involving Jurisdiction oi justices ol Indications that proceeds from the peace in the western district United. States cotton and wheat of Cnighead county to try mis- loans to China had been used for demeanor criminal cases will be-political purposes which increased tward before Circuit Judge Nell threats against Asiatic peace wore KJllough at a night session of the behind Japan's restatement of chi- current court term here. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr! 121. (OP) —Cotton futures Held yesterday's closing prices in a quiet small market during the short week end session on the local • exchange today. open high low close May .. 1165 1165 1161 1161 July .. 2173 1173 11M 1168 Oct. .. 1185 1185 1181 1182 Dec. .. 11B5 1185 1191 1191 Jan. .. 1199 U99 1199 11851* Mar. .. 1206b I205b Snots closed steady at 1177. ofl 3. .na policy. Ambassador Salto told The case will be heard on a writ the United Press today, of cetlorari from. Magistrate Ap- j Salto said that most commercla plegate's court at Nettleton. Mrs. loans to China eventually find Martha Gott, .charged with ob- their way Into military use. whlcl structlng a highway, was brought was particularly disturbing to Ja into the justice court. Her at- pan as o neighbor. For this rea tomey. E. L. Watbrooke sr., rals-is&n Japan proposed In its restate ed the question of Jurtadletlon, I ment of 'policy that the powers contending that under an act pro-, take care about what kind of aid vldlng for establishment of the Jonesboro municipal court justices they give China. The Reconstruction Finance Cor Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, April 21. (OP)— Stocks fluctuated Irregularly today ns the dollar sank to new\ levels since Its official devaluation early In the year. A. T. snd T 12J i-2 Anaconda Copper it 3-4 Bethlehem Steel 43 J-« Chrysler ., 54 l-» Citie sServlce 3 Coca Cola 123 Gen. Am. .Tank 41 1-4 General Electric 23 3-8 General Motors 38 Intern. Harvester .... 42 1-2 Middlewest Utilities .... 8-1S Montgomery Ward 32 New York Central 35 1-2 Packard 5 1-4 Phillips Petroleum .... 20 1-5 Radio I 1-2 Simmons Beds 21 St. Louis-San. Fran 4 Standard of N. J 46 1-8 Texas Co ,. 27 5-4 U. S. Steel 53 1-J U. S. Smelting 124 , .v « L >«...* t »...- lll->.w...llt Ulvlvtl rlllHIII.C v^w. in the Jonesboro district of the portion last year advanced $50 county lost the right to try mis- 000,000 for wheat and cotton sale demeanor cases. ^ ' lo Cnina , Only about The question has been debated was used sSHSsrtS^V-^-r* ocate* It x hoped tSt the test ^J^^^SZ 5£ case here can be pushed 'through lo the supreme court for final decision. Justices o! the peace have secured Martin 'Green, local attorney, to represent the Nettleton Justice in the proceedings. New York Cotton NEW YORK. April 21. (UP)Cotton closed steady. open high low close May . H64 n M 1154 U5 j July . 1H4 1174 U6T H M Oct. . 1187 1188 1182 1183 Dec. . 1198 1198 1192 1195 Jan. . 1203 1205 1197 1199 Mar. ... 1210 1210 1206 1207 , assador said, but only wishes tha China shall not rely upon distort ations whose Interests are lea in- olved than Japan's for military issistance, disturbing to general iriental trnnquility. Spots closed steady at 1175, off 5, Chicago Wheat May July May July open 76 75 3-4 high 71 1-2 77 1-2 low clow 75 7-8 77 75 3-4 76 7-» Chicago Corn open 44 1-2 high 49 3-4 low close 44 1-2 46 1- There has been some misunderstanding, however, concerning the use of the stamps. A two c:nt stamp must be attached to eacli SI certificate each time it changes hnnrts. The person using the cer- (icaie to make a purchase should amp it and initial It. Every bus- ness establishment accepting script lould have on hand i>. quantity of tamps for sale to persons mafcln.?' irchaEes • with script. ; Script ond stamps arc boili on] ale by Mr. Banister at the Farm's Bank and Trust company. Relief workers who have br-cn mploycd tills week en thp nirpiiri r.d other local projects .rectlvcrt their first pay checks today. Their hecks were small, but num- sers of them showed their desire o coperate in the program which designed to make their jobs permanent. Mr. Banister reported hat many of them called at tin tank and used part of their pay 'or the purchase of script. It was again emphasized today by the committee in, charge that no merchant is •expjcted lo accept script in payment ol purchases so mall as to require a large amount of change. Mast business men are llvln? change for script when the purchase runs close to a dollar, but obviously It would be unreasonable lo expect anyone to i>ay two-cent charge on a transac tion so small that it would eat In .Its first trial run. So light that 10'men can pull it (as shown In the .test atove), the three-car train, < which can accommodate .72 passengers, |i shown below alter Its high speed run. It was built for the Chicago, Burlington it Qulncy railroad. State Department ancl Federal Bureau to Cooperate in Work ;MIES (I WASHINGTON, Apr. 31 President Roosevelt signed the Bankheatl cotton control bill tod»y with the statement tliat "ther* 'Is . JloUiIni new In the Miitlrotnt .!-'.]• which has resulted In the pazuge" V^'j of the legislation. ".. - •'-.'•"."•-".'--•jj The - act. embarked the nation •-•*,• upon Its flrsi experiment In coin- :.."j pulsory crop.' -control; '. '•."'; . ::1 "J am advised," the president! i[ said, "that the < overwhelming' b«J- ';.'} prlty of th» south's optuai pro- 'A ducers desire the enactment -ot '*?, legislation now embodied - In' tho ' '. Bankhead bill. H alms to prevent . ; Umt very utmll minority which :'; has refused to cooperate .i'lUi ' .: their neighbors and the govern-; '.-'i incnl from Impairing the effective- .; of the current cotton pro-- .~i !gram which .now' Includes Bj' per " ;i j 'cent of .the : cot ton acreage. ; '.-.<'"• »; ' "There is nothing new In the:-? sentltnent which has teWte-J^lh " " A ! ' ' •'• n~ L J A lithe" pissagiE"~of 'UJt'Binkheid biU. Aaron--- lUChardSOn 'and During Uie ~d»y« of -.the' Conleder-. V^rhon Gean ' vernoij uean Seven 'Years in Prison Given acv ">« ^ lven ducllon . . cotton pro- .- v; were adtocaWd:- Ajafc in ' . . w.- 'i«i.- «nd' IBM •>««-••• spread sentiment was . developed ;The, couoci «t»t«i 'htm" 1 ' found - v ' . . '.•Two, 'Aaron .Richard«m,' 34, and : Vernoni Oean, : 28, : were »ehl*pced to seven -years ,e«ch (In' -I penitentiary J,' Shleldsf'M." ' cerpP' S be: until It impossible' to set IhdepetidtnUy v-';j '' ' - ir s in 'unLm'.t6VacMive'i-th!»,'OMjj:^'-;; rhi^y have'aiked-.i<(r'-th«*"u)it of ^ federal pawn*,'* A' democra^.Kov-' - v- rt iieminent has consented: The upon- '•'•! •j I JOB ,-p'r tM -3ttBttiMU.- biu *p*»'?it-- £ t Biij:not;:fupplant f 'but will 'iuppte-•-•!.- ^^tfch- "f'nt'wid.'malie even'more' efKc-.-:--''! gram. '"it'ls the purpose 'to make.cerr tain that the splendid, progrea.-al-. 1-c.arlir ' '.*ViiirT«^ !• .' Ma to/4 * fntn*. I K;»^.,:£ : l5S: ± ^.resent adjustment ^o-- : ] irdson gang.., . ... k . ,_.. . . .. J. B, Richardson . Is . at preterit serving a five yeir prison term for a holdup here. He will : not be tried until his -.term ia>corp- pletcd. It was while at liberty on rtady enduri ' . lj consolidated ' Into nduring , beneflts. . The, objective;' >t''tne^b'!ll''ts to place ' tha cotton Luntu, iif rrtm WMI«C ab-iiucifcy wi . , . •. ..--.- . _ > • indefinite furlough that he alleg-1 Br< *<' B inW, 0 " » «>un<?:fln»!- edly'planned the 1 Kfkctt robb*H : , dal . «"?_ economic bus>, ' ' ,l(0pe A, jury that fouiid-ldlm gdllty.'in °'T -P™," 1 ?" f lr ^'^.'""^ 't?? quick .order or the- hold-up i here' Iff.'- 0 , T, U VP-*'," «;-tMUluwa-ay I VlQrl cnn/i0«efii\lu nA+l*lnnA>4 *^« I t'lLS 1CWlfim 11011, . ' up all the profit. Cuba Wants Machado Returned for Trial Wilson and Shawnee Schools Get FERA Aid The Wilson and Shiwnee school districts of this county will e&ch receive substtntl»l assfsUMe In federal • relief funds for the employment of teachers, according to an announcement at Little Rock yesterday. Floyd Sharp, acting u F. E. .R. A. administrator in the absence from the state of W. R Dyess, announced that the Wilson schools have been allotted »2,788.90 In relief funds and the Shawnee school $2,145. HAVANA, April 21 (TJP)-An obscure laborer, killed seven years ago. was made the agency of a request today for the extraditloi from the United States of former President Gerarrto iifachndo to nswer murder charges. The special penalties court aske< he department ol justice lt> re lirest Machado's extradition on In irounds that he and others mur d<red the laborer Domingo Du menlgo at Clenfuegos. > The next step will be taken when the department of Justlci hrough the usual diplomatic chan ncls, asks the American depart ment of »t»te to arrest Mnchadi l-» 41 1-4 47 1-1 41 3-4 ment today. MEXICO CITY, April 21. (OP —Charges that municipal author! Hex at Tenoslque In the state o Tabasco executed . 34 civilians un der. orders pi Governor Canlba were Investigated' by the govern Wanl. British Consul at New York Recalle WASHINGTON, April 21. (UP —A request that the British go< eminent be asked to recall Gera Campbell, British consul general : New York will face Secretary State Cordell Hull when he n turns to his office Tuesday. "The request la from Rep. Fre< A. Britten tRep., 111.) who in speech In the house said he won call upon Hull to ask for "his r call from the United States b cause ot his personal opposlti to legislation that was pending b" fore the American congress," McCuiston Loses Suit lor Title to Main Street . Property [had successfully .petitioned governor I for, (ils[ rcleas^i «• few- - '.-.•.•i niontris'' teles- on gramas ,6f.''m\-vill> I. J C i- taken' identity.'! ' > , • Hi i. =.''»! Roosevelt . and Senate .ITTLE ROCK, Apr. 21 (TJP9— Purchase for 1167 by Z. A. Mc- Intenslve study of traffic move- Cuiston, local grocer, of the C. L. ent on the stale highways of Samy two-story brick building on kanfas will be started within a East Main street, from improve- w days by the state highway ment districts which secured title pnrtment In cooperation with through delinquent tax sales, has e United States bureau of pub- ben set aside by Chancellor J. F. c ronds. Roy Spence, secretary. Gnutncy of Jonsboro. trie hlshway commission, snid I The chancellor ordered title to Shields, the youngest member of the Richardson gang, has also confessed, to a i part in .the Cooler, Mo., bank robbery last fall. Implicating J. B. Richardson and .-Aaron Richardson. ,',•••. . . ", • It is considered'doubtful here if charges alleging conspiracy in the Kensett robbery igalnst wlires of J. B. and- Aaron Richardson and their father will be pushed; They 'are here now, having..beon freed en bond some time ago. ••Verhon Oean Is a brother o) the two-women. is afternoon. I vest In the Tri-Statc Savings and The number of vehicles using 1-oan Association on repayment to! ch route, the origin and deslln- McQuLiton of the amount lie w«s' ion of such traffic, the volume out. McQulston plans an appeal tourists, their origin nnd length lo the state supreme court. stay, will be picked up at ap- 1 The chancellor held the sale to oximately 250 points throughout Sewer District. No. 1 Invalid be ie state. ' Bring Minister's Body / to Memphis for Burial DECATUR, Ala., April 21. (UP) .causf the Sautys were the record —The train bearing the body of Twenty states, have made such owners of the property while auitjW. W McDowell of Memphis late iidles in cooperation -with the was brought against O. O. Cm-'U. -S. minister-to the Irish'Free deral bureau during the last ten dill, another party at one time in-1 State, was delayed six hours here ears and as a result have been tcrcsted In. the property. Deacrip-1 today by the derailment of ble to set up their road pro- Han of the property was Insuf- rams \vlth complete knowledge of ficient in the sa!e to Paving Dls-. trlcts 2 and 3. Hie property being :ie requirements of road users. oiumbia Savants Clash >ver Child LaboV Proposal freight train. McDowell died two weeks ago in Dublin, Ireland. Emissaries of two nations will described as in Blythe Addition J attend the funeral at Memphis when it should have been Blythe i The Hon. Michael MeWhite min- the chancellor ! Ister to the United States and I Dr. Nathan D. McDowell of R'och- Suit was originally filed by Me- [ester, N. V.. brother of the dc- 'Ciiiston in circuit court, lo eject i ceased, arc accompanying the bcdy Thlrd Addition, further held. NEW YORK.' April 21 (UP)—l jessc Wilie, tenant, with the loan' "~xlatlon named as a Joint '' dnnt. he action wns later transform-! to chancery court with the ynonlmous with hipher learning t Columbia university, were in-, ed Is Dead at Mariuuu Leaders Discus Silver WASHINGTON,;April 21..(UP)— resident , Roosevelt talked silver round the table with senate lead- is today and reviewed the entire •orld monetary situation. '. ; .. The conferees, reluctant to. dls- uss what had transpired In tlie xecutive' onices; Indicated that lttle ; ~)f any 'progress' was made nd that silver legislation at thin tssion of congress still was In he discussion stage. The following statement was'is-^ lied by Secretary Steven Early i hen the meeting broke up: * "There was a 'thorough discus- Ion'of the whole world monetary Question, Including gold and sii-' fer, and there will Le further •pnfercnccs." Macon Orer Texas OB Florida Fifht DALLAS, Tex., Apr. 21 (UP)— rhe U. S. S. Macon passed over Toy«h, Tex., shortly .before 2 p. m. today 'and proceeded In ' » southeasternly direction' en route to Florida.' The ship's radio operator reported to the U. S. department .of commerce radio station here that the Macon planned lo fly over Guadalupe pass In South Texas. The route would take the craft over San Antonio. -he fore o! an ortMiiizatlon to dc-i 81 " 11 ? 5 ' original owners of the >at the amendment on the I Property- It was W protect this grounds tliat It would be another Judgment that he bought the prop- Cnwfori! for som McKeDar..WO! Make Race for Reelection inhibitory amendment and vlo- ale state rights. Dr. Dercy, pro- 'cssor emeritus of philosophy, In an Interview In a student newspaper, described Dr. Butler &•> 'sincere, honesl. straightforward, and cornplclrly wrong." erty, his attorney claimed. Frank C. Dougtns is attorney for McCulston and J. S. Abercrombte of Little Rock represents the loan association. Files Divorce Suit Mrs. Lillian Tnnt has filed suit :n chancery court seeking a divorce from C. A. Tnnt. The petition nlbgcs Indignities »s prounds tor the action. The Tants were married In 1930 and separated in February of this year. P. C. Douglas the pblntiiT. attorney for Major Crawford »nd f»ml,y motored to Murlanna early this morn In j. Funeral services were' to be held this «ftemoon. Presbyterian Revival Will Close Tomorrow Closing services In the series' of Former Manila Puf Fined in Local Court Otto Clay of Kinlla, former pugilist, was fined tt In municipal „ «>»* yesterday on his ple« of evangelical meetings which the » u »ty to a charge of disturbing Rev. D. Utoore Scott of Little Rockj'h* peace. The fine was suspend- has been conducting at the First "* -* Presbyterian church will be htkl NASHVILLE, ' April 21. (UP)—U. S. Senator K. D. McKellar of Memphis, senior senator from Tennessee and national commlt- leeman, today formally announced his candidacy for reelection to the senate, subject to the Democratic primary ol August 2. on parent of costs and dur- good behavior. A charge ot< WEATHER Arkansas—Fair and warmer tonight. Sunday fair, farmer In east portion. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and wanner tonight and Sunday. The maximum temperature but. tomorrow at 11 a. m., 3 p. m., and carrying a concealed weapon, was yfst«tJ»y wts «, mmlnna».'«. 7:30 p. m. A number of per*** nol-proMrt., Clay created ' " " -'-'- -——— •-•—will unite with the church at the turbance In Shelton's pool morning service. Man«», reaulting In W» wr»»ti 'servtr. a dls- partly cloqdy, Kcocdlaf^lo Bta- han Ktluel P. Norris, offlcMl *t«thtr «h-

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