The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1951 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1951
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVIT.LE, (ARK.) COURIER N'EWS MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 1951 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Un» (or cor.«rcutl*e ................ SOc D*Uy rmM [M Insertion: Minimum ehste 1 lime ptr HUB ............... 15c 3 llmrs pei line per day . ....... 33c 3 lime a per l)n» pp r day ...... 9c 6 t] in en pei llnft per day . ...... Tc 13 t1mr!> pet Line per dhj ...... Sc Ucmth per im* ..... We Couni [lr« RTeraEe word* lo the Unc Ad ordered lor thrp« or il* tlm*(i and flopped before npltfttton will be rhnrc- #d for th» number o( Umr* lh« »d • pprared 'and Adjusimrnt ol blJI made All clREJlflrd adfprtlalnf! copy AU limit led hy pet^oni residing out«iri*> of Ihe clly mii*t he nrcompftrUed hy ted in- Adfriilflne ordered for irr •enlonn lakf* the one time Ubl« Ho responsibility will be taken lor more tb&n on* Incorrect Inaerllnn of tny elufBlfled A<1. All Adi M> rcatrlcled in tni-lr propel eUMltlcMLnn My> «nd typr. The Courier New.. [>*•"•«• the rlghl »o edit or reject any »d. Apartment for Rent room unfurnished apt. twntly ccorftted, Ph. 2350 or 3088. R 25 tk if 3 rm unfnr duplet Ptlvate bath. Kite W. Heater. Ph. 4235. 8 23 pk 30 i*r) RjiBitment <;4 ck If Modfrn 2-roam 0*11 5C3 or 3595. Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Bedrooms f4 up single. 114 Went Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf New unfnr., S large rooms nnd hMh, tll» floors Open iJ»«r . WOfl W. Rose 61 Ph «)0?-60a3 Bill P* *i" r* furn. apt,, private balh. furn. 1409 W, Ash, 8.24 pfc 31 2 na. fvir. apt., el«. kitchen. 103 W. K7_, Ph. 3IW, 8;i4 p* 2B yur. apl-. 4 room* »nd bMn. «lec- *tJo refrigerator. EM equipment, good furniture. 124 W- DftTii. Ph 3373 r. Simon. 7[» <* »' Auto Supplies and Services Don't *nd»nRi!r jovir family wtl Hulty tlr**— BUT LX* TIRES. OKAPUAX BEKVICB STATION Ihln and DlTUIon Phone 1548 Highest prie»« prild for wrecked, or burned automobiles, UHQ or later models. Wftd« Auto Salvage. Ph. 37W. K S ck B'B DID YOU KNOW? Wi have every number tr&nsmls- «loa for Ford. Chevrolet. «nd PJr- mouth 1936-1051 models. Waile Auto Balvag*. Dh 3785 ' 8'8 ck i;8 iHTO AND PURNITCTEB I.OAN8 • Pronlpt Persotijil 6er»lcB. Ovnernl Contraci PurchMe Corp 104 Soulh ilb Pbon> 0603 45 et tt Service* Washing Machines repaired, all makes. BJytheville Machine Shop. Phone 2828. 3-6 ck tf When it's painting you want, exterior or interior, he sure you get what you pay for. Call a sober and responsible man with 20 years experience. Call Tim Williams, Phone 6101. 8-23 pl< 30 1949 Gibson Range. New Knarnnte Call Diet Rooem." 6700 7113 ck Eiptti PJtimnlng. oil score pump repair ,*t! w"r« giiaiftnlrod Call Hnrry Mjeri. 63« 7J31 pk 8,31 Waihlnc anrf IrcnlnK WnrV reason- ible, 2109 Marsurrltp, I'h. 3407 22 ]>k 29 Watch and Jewelry Repair l-Daj *rr»lc( on Jewelry—3 dAjn on waichen and cloric/, On«r»ni<rd work Jont- by exprr" repairmen fjowest P PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second 10 3 ck 11 RADIO & TV SERVICE Torn ffl nn ihf t>l)n)c* For fflst nrn Ice call Hinder Car] Urns At Bl.YTllKVIl.l.K Tnlcvisinn i Radio Service 1141^ W Uiln Ptionp 37M Mils ck 1! TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO 111 W WMnu» Phona 3J8I Plenty of Parking Space For Sale, Misc. Used Combine* All Mckri * Model! CFish or Termi 61 Implement Co. H. Hl-xnj fll Phone 314 Buy aluminum screen window* w 1&e1 ILf« of your houi* Insl&ll oj Bullden Supply, Inc. fl;S ck If Pill tllrt for Rtle. Ph. 6303. a;i pk i;l If you want to sell or buy USED FURNITURE Bee us. Arnold & Gaines 406 East Main Ph. 6357 2-26 ck tf Registered corker nupplcs. Also SlBmoSrt Xlttens. rh. 3101. Mrs N. O Jerome. alls pk 30 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8-2 ck tf Sewing ind altrrattons. Mr* M*de« \Vel!n Ph 76B8. 407 K Rose 51 T 2fl pk « 2H Sfir-scrvico liumdry Ixit. buHrllnK and equipment, with eootl business Ideal Tor cmiplp. locution In town Priced to 5ell Buy now.- t\n<i qrt brnp- flt of [nil nnd winter btiMtirss Ph P8-17 or see H H - J5 a rn Pt t. 310 or 323 N 2nd St R n p k 0,14 Rebuilt Plnno. SMK Ph -IWfl, Ice crcnm and sandwich shop, Plfn- qtilpmont Se^t- 65 jirnplf Ilrst CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Railroad A Ash Phone 088R Vour Friendly Stutlrhakcr Denier location. S500 00 rlnwn Or \voiilrt - what hnvc yo.i Othor huslurss T ^tin for seUtnji Phone !>7 Manila \ R"« 261. 8 2-2 pk trade a nd save! 1951 Chevrolet An extra clean l-ri<x>r S«- dan. . .(rude and save. . . <ti495 1950 FORD Tudor "8", a one^owner car with jusl 1(1,0(10 miles $1345 1949 FORD Tusfoni Turlor «'ith radio, heater and overdrive... $1245 1949 FORD A Ko nl or Sedan \vifh radio, healer and overdrive $1095 1947 FORD Trade and save on this Tudor Sedan . . .our price, $645 1946 MERCURY A 2-door Sedan bargain- priced. . .trade and save now, $745 1946 Chevrolet Trade and save now at Phillips Motor Co.. . .our price, $795 ompang & Chickamwbo 4453 don't waste soybeans, get a MAYRATH loader and GLEANER combine now from. . Jack Robinson Implement Co. Osceolo, Dial 520 — Blyth.vill., Oi«l 2371 Insurance Htlp Wanted, Mate Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J Pollard Aoency Ptamipfl ProlPi'tion 134 W A.%h Si <3LrNt:Ol MOTBI BUIJ.U1NO 418 ct If Private Rooms Bcdrnoms. Blrthevllle Hot^l. Ph, 9952 824 pX &24 Bedroom convenient lo bath, nice location, ph 3325. 611 W, Main, S 2* pk 0 24 for Rent or Lease for R«nl or Iea«e—Ktotlern 3 rrwm house. Ph. 3670. 833 30 Modern 5 room house. Large lot. \? •locX bus Uru; ERsy terms, Ph- or Her 5 p.m. 297B. 25 ck tf House for pale. Must he mored from ot. Call 3751 or 6B1S. 25 pk 29 Remit.) Cul thrpe hptlromji hmtso In IIP ol onr hffit rcsldrntul nreafi. At- rnrtlvc features Include two complete xth!i, two cnr «nrnaf. larae shntly Int. F* 1 !? or call Mnx Log&n; fiynrh Blflg,, 'h. 2H34. M ck. 1 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS . — - .or nelllnc Noble 'Gill Agency REALTORS 5350.00 DOWN 5'to.oo PER MONTH Payment Includes (axes and Insur- nce on this nrwly-palnted 4-nv>in Lomp no Kenwood Drive, Has Pro- ns tank. Nic« oak Iloors JviRt rlrsincd nd waxrd, factory-built cabinets. E. ISA. TERRY Phone "2331—2134 H«/p UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY For alert, ambitious man for training as assistant manager. Excellent chance for advancement. Many employee benefits. Some retail experience desirable but not essential. Apply to Mr. Brown Black & White Store 24 ck 28 Notice DISTINCTIVE STONE "ArkunARi Appls Orchard" Beautiful thin or think cut l stone for Homes, Patios. Walls. Walks Barbecue Pits, Flagstones and Fire places. Also lar^e Chimney Caps Random: p*r SQT delivered 133 00 Custom: per aqr. delivered TtR?: ppr KtjT ijfllvered 1500 Barbecu*: ppr *qr. rlellTprrd 22 , Chlmner Caps, per srir. foot ,60 Telephone 844-R ,1. BatenvlU*. Ark. or Write •AIcBride Stone Quarries For Rent — Cecil Glencoe Rklg. 7 mom houAe. Two lilt; Jr>tn ny o-vii- «r Ph. 3333 23 pk .10 I IB mm Movie Projector, *,15 00 Ph |2MO. 824 pk 2S S38 per month MM ca^h lor nrn 2 h?<irnorn hoitJf .Vo iv tl Iipr fmm^rfljJtff po;.*r^';lnn Ph. 3633 NlRht, R 32 rX tt Durncs — If) pilts, *20 boars, for s:ilo. Snpt. fi at Sikoston. JIo. R. I). Clayton l>arn. AVrite J.ponarfl roonuaii, S*:<.'., S. K. Mo. Dm oc Hvmlers Ass'n. Jackson, Mo. S-LM ^ :w Th 40511 hcfnif S OH p in , _ 3 75 r>: 2 1 ) Cypivs? lumber cut to or- •!nr. G. G. Flowers, Plu Witt on 2 to(5 at rt. 13 i room honso find hat h Hi- Tdlj» property pcpntly inside «nrt »ck porch 10 i 30 Also good 4 toom Fir? room unfurnished apartment with private bath, hot water. RQ1 North Franklin. Phone 48flV B.J3 pk 30 4 room house with rlly walrr. «^ mll« Po. ot CHy Limits on Hlphway 61 Rt FalrvJrw Acres, c. A Him ion. 8,32 pk 2fl F'»irnlFhpd or undi rrilshed Bowen Apart nipiits. In Liberty Cash block, , CnnM hr Itl^al Tor buslnpss office* and 1,30 cH II | living quarters combiner). Call 6?lfi 8 21 cfc 26 Earls — Ph. fi868 of <oi, lor 131 a month This pmpcrty can j De Ot financed Price' llO.rxtO h At dl9 LaKe SI . (lisi <lnM AUJLU j uunrting JO » 50 11 ot 1500 <;q It- Also I In connection with bvilldlnj Is » large j woll-ArTiinncH modern nome wilt) t35t> j .sc|. It ol tloni space This proprrty I* i a yrars nlc] ^ntl in IIrM clasft ctmtH j lion Can h« iiAcd Tor scx«ri\i diftctctu Trailers for rent -lOI 3 rtn. fur. apt.. I—•* room untur. B[)t SLeopln? rooms. 113 ChlrX. 871 pk 33 .1 L^e rm;- A! ba'.h, furn ne-r RA* T^nee. refrlcerator. Llf?hts. hot A: rold nstpr lurn. Private entrances T'h, 8Fo9. B 24 pfc 97 8! 9 pk 94 WHAT TO DO OT CASH OP AN AO OIDKNT tf TOUT car In d»ms([»d In an anrlrieni h«re'n inmeihln? joi should know Huiimevi will fti« you i free pMnt ]ob on »n? repair work o 1300 or more The whole car U paint ed— not lu*t ih» damaged pa eta Fre en Urn At F.I For wrecker ^errlce csl «091 days - 410ft nl^hm BUKNKT' HUDSON BALKS. 31S Bflxk MMn 4 ! J3 ck t Reliable man with c«r wanted to call j n farmer* In Ul&5l» 1 ppl County. I Vonderful opportunity. *10 to $20 in day. No experience or capHal rp- ,ulr«d. P*zrnBn*ni, Write today. Mc- S'ess Company, Dept. A, ?r<-epdrt. 111. 827 pfc 23 Factory LBborf/s—Ooad. pay —$14.00 er Day. S days ppr week flroadrl«w >lv!%lon. Amerlran WUhert Vault Corp. 101 Gardner Rd.. Broadrl^-R-. hi,. P O- Grange, 111 a 22 pk 9.7 Refrigeration man wantert iy local firm, must have know- edge of refrigeration and will; to learn coin mechanism. Stale a#e, experience and references. Apply box XV c/o Courier News. 8-24 ck 28 Wanted to Buy We Buy—Sell—Trade Used FURNITURE Halsell & White Furniture Co. * Main & Division St. Ph. 6096 8-20 ck 9-20 00il A ff WALKER INSURANCE Glencoe Hotel Building Phone 4360 Fire-—Auto—Casualty Protection at Low Cost J. G. "Boh" Barnes W. L. "Bill" Walker 7-16 ck tf fur, apt, Ph. 357fi. flIB pk fl IS rnLrrn Cabins n. Ph 9951. nd Apt* $945 154" Sturichakcr Champion, 1 Door, Oni? o;\tirr ra r, rriuip- prd «i|h nil acrcs- s o r i r s. Ovcrdrivr. l.lclUs. Ctrctric I'lock .. at only IPIT1 Slurlrbakcr f'cim- itiatiricr. I Door, Full? ('quipped. Only 10,000 miles, F,\tra clean IJ150 Stuilcbakn Champion. 1 Door, Overdrive, Otv Owner car. .a W& rntr ,it only • Other Cars & Trucks $795 1916 fvmlUc Torpedo, 8 Cylinder, 1 dixir, Radio anrl llr.iler, E\tra Clean, A Bar- jaln al . . ......... IStl Chevrolet. Two Door Special !)c, Lu\e, A premium car mil Chrrvrclet 1/2- Ton Pick-up, Radio and I speed Transmission. A barsatn at C7QC only .............. - -P/7.3 ce 10 ycnrs. See or call JOHNNY MARR I I 1 roorr in Cill 3309 Ixist Hoy .M pk 9 14 n Prime f >ath •fl, fl 6 pV; P 6 A 37 ck If hath rear TO! S 11 ck Female Help Wanted WATTHESS WANTED Old enough to stll beer Good salary and llrln? quarters. Apply Lake David Cat?. Junction 01 and 63. Turrell. Ark. Phone 2471 631 pk 38 Experienced yegro Maid to cooV, kfpp honFr and care for baby. Must have rrference* «nd h«alth card. Prefer settled slnzle woman who can lire In hoiife on farm, Mrs. Bob Dyeas. Rt 1. Box 133. Luiora. phone Ln\orn 765R 8« pH 31 Uilice phuiie'iico plujji Or See sell K. Marr B. F. GOODRICH SPECIAL KarKains in u.--c(i lladio riionojrrapli CnniUi iKHicnis. Sonic with KM—si>mc wilh- out. Tlir |irire is ripht. l.nw i as ?5.00 down. ?:>.nn Diontii. B. F. Goodrich Co. 1-117 \V. Main Ph. i;-,:',l For Sale, Real Estate nrr Lnf IATIZT kUclirri. 1, .!r^ >-r,r r n^Vi iti^nv clo?c:< nn-;!i: i[]v ([.TP..'^,! Ph. GS07 7-lb ok li Lo^m Farm. f.O ce ilOO per acrp. ernis. .ni cotton lirm. J160. por ^cte rins Dcilb linn; only. mrn for lelephnne ronlact work your horn" Apply Junior Cham"- j ber ol Commerce. 309 N. 2nrt St. rh 62* px ae rnv.itr hark anrt troni enlranfs T0^> — Mlly at . Ph 408) 25 pk 1 ' wo ^omen | •a'oinrn. car i 3 tn\ imfnr apt. rear Rfll I.nlkr. Prt- , hnnsp. No rir CApabl« ot Hollywood Continued from Page 9 lold .Ton to kcrp your head up!" "I've had producers say something like this: "Jane, I've got part for you; it isn't tha lead but you get the role with the mnat In it. You cfvn do more with it because you don't have to worry about carry in y the picture-" If you I is ten clasely pr look at the script, the producer is trying lo .say the part L." better than the second or third lead- Neophytes in that business will be subjected to ft pitch that sounds like this: "Girlie, we're going to! start the ball rolling. We want to! let 'em know you're hfre. Not only i in the hometown but right here in ' Hollywood, You've got to b« seen." This means gel ready for cheesecake. How anyone can tell what you look Hk« posed as a, witch, on a broomstick for Hallowe'en is" more than I can understand. | GIMMICKS ! "Tjet'B gimmick this up" Is n director's that any good actress will consider an in suit. "Just pull your left ear" he will say. "and that will indicate to the audience | that you're angry." Every time you ; tug at the lobe, the audience will ; know that a -slorm Is brewing. Another example, is the gentle punch on the chin the hero gives the heroine ns he leaves her fol- owing *. near-violent love storm. H he raps her on the button, say- ng "So lonp. Butch." you know :hey are buddies no more ... it ays here. And finally, ther* \n one "floating phrase" for which there Is no defense. It's * sort r>f prt-alibi that; actually doesn't float, it sneaks up nn yon, This In the way It goes. Before * plctnr* niaHs, the cameraman walks tip (n ymr and 511751 "You have a nice race." "Thank you," yon Aay. "You have x very nice (ace. A very nice face. One of the nicest faces I've seen." "Thanks again." j "I mean it. You have a very nice face. You shouldn't he hard to photograph at all. A very nire face. I've seen much, much worse than thl5. What do they mean . . problem?" • 1949 Chevrolet deluxe 4-door Sedan loaded with extras, Bargain in this one., .see it today! • 1950 Chevrolet "Uel Air".. .a beautiful hlaek, one- owner car. • 19JO Chevrolet 1-door Sedan...a bargain at $395. • 1JM1 Mercury 4-door Sedan . .a beauty, §545. • 1941 Ford 1 Vi -Ton long vvtieelbase Truck with 12- foot body. . .SI95. • 1^48 Chevrolet long wheelbase truck, 12-foot platform. Motor completely overhauled., .$7*J5, • 1949 Dodge 3/4-Ton Stake driven $895. • 19-18 Chevrolet 3/4-Ton Pickup Truck. . .only $895. • 1919 Chevrolet !/ 2 -Ton Pickup Truck—special!.., $875. • 1948 Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton panel in A-l condition.,, $745. Easy GMAC Payment Plan Remember, You Can Always Get A Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY 381 West Walnut Phone 4578 ts. ph. 6T>19, « :>? pk 9 2 I bedroom Art Joint nc Ash St. Ph 2?n? CD. c'o Courier, 8 2S pX For Rent or Sale t , Ph. 3360. P 27 pk & 2 For Rent, Miscellaneous 2 j iiot.pit*i B*dc M.OO pfi month. witb Tht* hy appolniin^nT Mrs J- L. Lc-^1-*. Ill E Davlii. Phone: ,1097. P ?2 rk 2ii IHiplex locatcil in lii^h cl;t«;R noij?hliorhonrl. I,n\v tax nnd msuranco ra(p. Will not S 1 r . Small duu'ii pnyin^ni \\\\] handle. ("nn finani-o ;ii ]' . . Sre or call .Max Ijt^an Uynch BUIf. Ph. 20:', i. 4 room* an'l huh. 3 r.'r.-,-: rr _ TPiir loi, Good location Call iVo LANM) FOR SAI.K , mul plnn 1.5; ol out hulldlns5. This rii^r* Ls nn the hmi v ^ o( l.lttlo R1vpr an^! B*^ rlrtt a.« rn ( \ br. prlrr> S227..V1 ;>rr ar-r- rO ^crcs on Nark top. (TO trn-\n: hnusrs. pond hsrn snri nlrp mMii rr.n- hi a<r«rs on ihr hsnk« of Mttk Riv! rr. ?rc tt fcr vnur «.rl( Mortrrn P rnn-n 1 horn* nnrt rvnrythLn^ lo m-iKr AH Tin! ^ plicf for n hnitvf. ;>rlcr f.250 (Vi T!v.-. 1 pl.irp hi c a tare** loan ^11*1 <~.^n n* For Sale, Cars and Trucks WBRTEND ATTTO BALIS i27* 2lsi and Kenwnod W» rinunc* tupcHl Good C»r« In Town" A-Model Coups - 170 «20 ct « France has a rea] estate turnover l.ix of 36 per cent. . \Vc have al I st acrt'5 <ip ?OPIP nr ccm* In to ^r ma Rii:-?.fll K Car l/inrt Co. mnlr:- -\V. T Prirr'tt Real Estate D^lrrr. fi,2? cU 30 SU NDAt [ijlj Gentinc CURT QUEEH il COXES • SUmiS * HtUS • SHIRES QUARTS • PIN1S DAIRY QUEEN So. Highway (51 4 Get The Best Car Service! All Makt* >M Mo^tli! No mau«i whut Und ot en rou drive yonll s»i« rmmej 07 B«t- lins (tie person*! serTice •« r I Srnj Motor Co We'll care tor vour car M rou would rourscll T.I.SEAY MOTOR CO. OirTirtw-PlT 121 I *»»!• Check Your Speedometer! It Will Bart T« M.nt? Art you «ute your *peedomcter eads corrsctlT? It's no excuse tor -peedtng Com? In tomorrow- one (In; »e(Tlc« Cor kll can tnd truck*. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chmkr-ririMnlh l>«lcr tzi r. Mill rii>n< tin PRESCRIPTIONS Fr«sh Stock Guaranteed Best Prlcet Kirby Drug Stores WANTED MEN and WOMEN to follow leads on Hospital Insurance Great Demand — vinod Pay When In the Hospital friends send Flowers — We Send You Cash See United insurance Agency 106 S. First St. Blytheville "Everything in Insurance" At Lower Rates A. F. Dietrlck WE WANT YOUR TRUCK I NOW . , . get the highest cash price at Horner-Wilson—or trade your late model truck on a new GMC. We need your truck if it's in good condition. So sell it or trade it NOW —at Horner-WHson in Blythevillef '50 '49 '47 '44 GMC %.Ton Pickup that's like new . , . very low mileage . . . Chevrolet Vi -Ton Pickup with deluxe cab, radio and heater . . . good tires, too . . Chevrolet Vi - T o n pickup with deluxe cab—new tires— it's the best buy in Blytheville! , Dodge 1 '/2-Ton Long wheelbase truck . . . look twice at this super-bargain price!. . . 1045 $895 $795 14950 HORNER WILSON MOTOR CO Your Oldsmobile-GMC Truck Dealer Used Car Let - - • 30Q East Main Street

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