Idaho State Journal from Pocatello, Idaho on May 17, 1955 · Page 9
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Idaho State Journal from Pocatello, Idaho · Page 9

Pocatello, Idaho
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1955
Page 9
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MARKET NEWS · N«w York Stock Exchange J. A. HOGLE I CO. -- Hvttl Noon Quotitioni Allied Stores Allis Chalmers Amer. Airlines Amer. Cyn Amer. Smelting .. Amer. Tel Tel .... Amer. Tobacco Anaconda Atchison Bethlehem Steel .... Boeing Canad. Pacific Chrysler Con. Copper D. R. G. W Dow . 25'i, . M% . 47 Ji .183 . 70 ,4 . 59% .143% . 74(4 14% 126 . 52 "4 Dupont ,,.... Food Much. ....... Gen. Electric Gen. Motors ...... Greyhound Idano Power .... Illinois Central Int. Tel Tel .. Kennecott Lockheed Mont. Ward Nat. Distill I I . Y. Central .... North Pacilic Pennsylvania Philco .. SO .. 50'i ... 04 . ... W, ... 30',', ... 62/4 ... 25V, ...103 ... 40?4 ... 7714 ,.. 20',i ... 39?i ... 72'/ ... 26!i ... 38 J4 Phillips Petrol Radio Corp Safeway . Sinclair South Pacific Std. Oil. Calif Std. Oil. N. J Texas Co. Transamerlca Union Pacific U. S. Steel Utah power Western Airlines United Airlines Zenith .. 70 1 ,; .. 46',: .. 44T .. 53 .. 5B5i .. 76»: ..111?: 93 40"; .165 ao«,i 44',i 42i,: .125', Investment Funds Local Stocks J. A. HOGLE CO. Bid Asked Affiliated Fund 5.98 6.4 Croff 34 .3 Eaton Howard Stock Fund 18 04 19.2 English Oil _ 60 .7 First Security Corp 34.00 36.00 Garrett Freightlines 67 0 conv Debentures ....101,00 104.0 Idaho Power 4% Pref. 88.00 100.00 Incorporated Investors 16.46 17.7! Local Grain Soft wheat per bu SI.87 Hed (hard) wheat per bu. ... $2.2 Baart $2.06 Barley, cwt $2.1' Oats, cwt $2.25 New York Stocks NEW YORK (UP)--Stocks de veliped a somewhat steadier ton after a lower, moderately active opening today. , Steels, hit hard in yesterday's selling, showed some improvement Bethlehem rose Vs to 126%, U. S Steel Vs to 80%. Youngstown Shee Tube % to 72. Chemicals were strong, with Du Pont up % to 18914. ' Chrysler gained % to 74 in the motors but General Motors dipped % to 93%. ' Socony-Mobil rose Vi to 52 and Standard Oil of California % to 76,. A loss of 1% points to 167 In Union Pacific weighed on the rail list. Yesterday's Late Markets *By UNITED PRESS Dow-Jones final stock averages: 30 industrials 415.01 off 4.56; 20 railroads 154.70 off 2.31 ; 15 utilities 63.58 off 0.31, and 65 stocks 155.51 off 1.72. Sales yesterday were about 2,160,000 shares compared with 1,860,000 shares traded Friday, GRAIN CHICAGO (UP)--Cash grain: Wheat: No. 2 red 219N, Corn: 1 yellow 150; 1 yellow lake billing 148; 2 yellow 150-151%; 3 yellow 146^-149; 4 yellow 144-146; 5 ytllow 139; sample grade yellow 95-147. Oats: 1 white 75^-77; 1 heavy white 77-78%; 2 white 74Vi; 2 white 74Vi; 2 heavy white 76 sample grade heavy white 73%; 1 mixed 75%; 1 heavy mixed 76 1 /4-77Ms; 3 medium heavy mixed 71; heavy mixld tough 72%; 1 special red 75 1 /;. Rye: 2 plump 114-115N. Barley: Range-malting 134-153N, feed 98-115N. Soybeans. 1 1 yellow Iowa 254^255, track Chicago. Advertisement NOTICE TO BIDDERS The State Purchasing Agent will receive scaled bids at his office, Room 225, State House, Boise, Idaho, until May 26. 1955 at 11:00 a m for the following: Drugs lor the Hospital South at Blackfoot. Idaho. Alt bids will be publicly opened and read at the above time ana place. Proposal Forms and Specifications may be secured from the State Purchasing Agent. The State reserves the right to reject any or all bids. TED CRAMER. State Purchasing Agent May 15, 16, 17 NOTICE TO CREDITORS IN THE PROBATE COURT OF BANNOCK COUNTY. STATE OF IDAHO. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE of OSCAR L. LUKER, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, Administratrix of the estate of Oscar L. Luker, deceased, to the creditors of, and all persons having claims against, said deceased, to exhibit said claims with necessary vouchers within four (4) months after the first publication of this Notice to said Administratrix at the office of Gee Hargraves, 21G Central Building, in Pocatcllo, Bannock County, Idaho, which said office the undersigned selects as her place ol business in all matters connected with said estate of Oscar L. Luker, de- Dated this 30th day of April, 1055. ALICE M. LUKER, Administratrix of the Estate of Oscar L. Luker May 3, 1C. 17, 24 NOTICE OF TIME AND PLACE SET FOR HEARING OF PETITION FO« PROBATE OF WILL AND ISSUANCE OF LETTER TESTAMENTARY. IN THE PROBATE COURT OF THE COUNTY OF BANNOCK. STATE OF IDAHO. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF TULA C TURNER, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that n petition for the probate of the Will of Tula C. Turner, deceased, and for the issuance of Letters Testamentary thereon to Orin M. Turner, of Firth, Idaho, has this day been filed in this Court and that Friday, the 20th day of May. 1955. at ten oclock a.m. of said day, and the Courtroom of said Court at the Courthouse in Pocatello, Bannock County, Idaho, have been appointed as the time and place for hearing said petition, when and where any persons interested may appear and contest the same and show cause, if any they have, why said petitioner should not be appointed and why said petition should not be granted. Said Will is in writing, duly executed and witnessed as required by law. Dated this 4th day of May, 1955. /s/ MABEL WARD. Deputy Clerk of said Probate Court J. Elaine Anderson, Attorney for Petitioner, Residence and Postoffice Address: Blackfoot, Idaho May I, 11, 17, 1955 Wool NEW YORK (UP)-Wool lop fu tures on the New York cotton ex change today opened 8 to 23 points lower. Opening prices follow: May 182.1 bid; July 178.0 bid; Oct. 176. bid Dec. 174.0 bid; March 172.0 bid May (1956) 170.0 bid; July 168.1 bid Oct. 166.0 bid. Wool futures opened unchange tc 20 points lower; May 146.0 bid July 142.0 bid; Oct. 140.5 bid; Dec 138.0 bid; March 136.5 bid; Ma; (1956) i35:" bid July 133.5 bid" Oct. 132.0 bid. Livestock OMAHA (UP)-- Livestock: Hogs 7,500; hogs opened 25-50 higher but closed with large parl of the advance lost and about 500 unsold at late morning hour; choici 190-240 Ibs 17.50-18.25. Cattle 12,500; calves 250; ' ted steers steady to 50 lower; heifers steady to 25 off; high choice and prime strong weight steers 25.00 some held higher; most choice steers 21.00-23.25; choice heifers 21.00-23.00; cows strong to 25 higher; utility and commercial 10.7513.00; stockers and feeders steady; several lots good yearling stock steers 18.00-20.50. Sheep 2,500; slaughter spring lambs strong to 50 higher; choice and prime springers 22.50; gi and choice 21.00-22.00; shorn lambs steady to strong; good and choice under 105 Ibs mostly No. 1 pelts 17.25. CHICAGO, (UP)--Livestock: Hogs: 7,500; market active; 25-70 higher on butchers and s o w s ; choice 190-220 Ib. butchers 18.0018.75; sows under 450 Ibs. 13.7515.25. Cattle: 8,000; calves: 300; Steers slow, steady to 50 lower; heifers about steady; cows- steady; bulls strong to 50 higher; other classes steady; prime 1100 Ib. steers 26.75; good and choice loiters 19.50-23.00; utility and commercial cows 11.2514.00; good and choice vealers 20.24.00. Sheep: 2,000; trade rather active. Slaughter lambs unevenly steady to 50 higher, instances up more; slaughter sheep steady; good to choice lpl-108 Ib shorn lambs 18.5019.25; cull to choice shorn ewes 4.00 to 6.50. Courthouse Lots To Get Sidewalk The county commissioners toda: announced plans for the parking lot at the rear of the courthouse a new sidewalk and two retaining walls. They hired Paul Gregersen, c mcut contractor, to build the sid_ walk a n d . two retaining walls for SI 199, Chairman C. Flash Nielsei said. The sidewalk will be built at the rear of the courthouse the lengtl of the block between North Sixtl and Fifth. A retaininjl'wall will be built 20 feet from the North Fifth sidewalk to separate the auto parking lot from the soon-to-be landscaped area on the North Fifth side of the courthouse. Another wall will be on the op posile side of the parking area it protect the landscaped area around the jail building from careless drivers. Nielsen said the parking area will not be paved this summer. The county road and bridge de partment, however, will lay an eight-inch gravel base on it. Reason for postponing the paving is to permit the eartfi fill in the basement area of the old courthouse to settle completely through the win :er. A public and employe entrance i the parking area will be the Droad stretch on Clark between the .wo retaining walls. An entrance for law enforcement officers and judges, exclusively, will be be- ,wccn the jail and courthouse building off North Sixth. OGDEN (UP)-- Livestock: Cattle 100; scattered sales about steady; utility cows largely 12.0013.00; canners and cutters 9.5011.50; common and medium stock steers 12.50-16.75. Calves 50; steady; good and choice vealers mainly 19.00-23.00; stock calves scarce, untested on early round. Hogs 100; barrows and gilts strong to 25 higher; sows scarce, steady; trucked lot choice 217 Ib. barrows and gilts mixed grade mostly choice No. 2 and 3, 19.20; "ew choice 3, 286 Ibs. 16.00; occasional 240 Ibs. 17.50; sows 14.50 down. Sheep 300; one car choice to prime 99 Ib. Idaho slaughter spring ambs 21.75, these around 1.00 higher than last carload spring lambs sold here 10 days ago. Potato** CHICAGO (UP)-- Potatoes: Arrivals 73, track, 288, total shipments 606. Supplies light, demand moderate, -narket about steady. New stock: supplies moderate, demand fair, market unsettled. Street sales (100 Ibs): Idaho Russets 6.50-7.25. Onions: supplies moderate, demand slow, market dull. Grain CHICAGO, (UP)-- Grain range: High Low Close WHEAT .lay uly Sept. )ec. Mar. CORN .lay uly Sept. Dec. . ,Iar. OATS May July Sept. Dec. 221 218=8 220V»-200 200% 198V4 198=i-% 201V4 200/4 200%-ft 204% 102% 202% 204% 203V4 20314 144%. 143% 143y»-% 147V5 146% 146%-^ 145 V4 144W 144V4-% 138'/i 138 13814-138 14U4 141 141 74 73i,4 73!i-74 67% 67% 67% 67% 67'A 6714 A 6914 68% 69% CHICAGO (UP)-Cash grain: Wheat: No. 5 yellow hard 212%. Corn: 1 yellow 151; 2 yellow 151; 3 yellow 150; 4 yellow 146-147; sample grade yellow 135-148V1. Oats: 1 white 75%-77; 1 heavy white 78-80; 1 extra heavy mixed 79. Rye: 2 plump 114-115N. Barley: Range-malting 135-153N, feed 98-115N. Soybeans: 2 yellow 252N, track Chicago. North Gem Classes A Swim, Picnic at Lava The Journal's Idaho News Service LAVA HOT SPRINGS--Two Nortl Marsh classes had swimming part ies at the state natatorium yesterday. The freshman class had a picnic unch after the swim. The juniors ilso had a picnic after swimming The juniors were accompanied b icir advisers, Harold Hawkei nd Bill Mathews. Underwriters Elect Chandler The Pocalello Life Underwriters association yesterday afternoon elected Wilson C. Chandler its ne\V president, succeeding Robert L. Adamson, W. V. Call was elected vice president and H. Dean Hoff, secrctai*- treasurer, Frank T. Briggs was named lo a three-year term as national commilteeman. Outgoing officers include vice president, Chandler; and secretary- treasurer, John G. Hill. Approximately 12 Idaho salesmen from the Eqiutable Lffc soc- ,cty, here for a sales convention, were guests at the meeting yesterday noon at the Bannock hotel. Purse Stolen in Car Mrs. Burt Knowles, Route 2 'Jorlh, reported lo police that her purse was stolen from her car last night while she was in a restaurant at 1304 North Main. She estimated .he value at $10. Thief Takes Candy Ronald Nicholas, 141 Taft t reported lo police yesterday that $15 vorth of candy was taken from his delivery truck while it was parked n the 300 block of East Center. News of Record BIRTHS SLATTEHY--To Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slattcry, 703 Ash. Bannock Mc- norfal hospital May 17, a son. JUSTICE COURT David H. Anderson, Route 2 North, was fined S5 and S3 costs in the court of Justice of tlie Pence William '. Ryan on a complaint filed hy State Officer V. R. Barfuss charging lim witii a stop sign violation on ,hc highway one mile north of Mc- -ammon. Hozalys Jensen, 1016 North Eighth, also was fined 55 and costs in Jus- ice Ryan's court on a complaint charging a stop sign violation one mile north of MeCammon. The eom- ilaint wns-signcd by Barfuss. Kennedy Watcrhouse, charged with disturbing the peace by f i g h t i n g in i complaint filed in the court of Justice of the Peace Charles W. Hyde, been sentenced to six months in he county j a i l . The complaint was igned by Carl Hcnsley. Chubbuck j f f i c e r , who alleged t h a t Waterhousc vent on the "war path" Sunday at he Valenty Bar in Chubbuck, struck lim and had to be subdued and h a n d , u f f e d with the assistance of State Officer Oscar Miller. Ohio has more telephones than all Latin American countries com-| MUNICIPAL COURT Max C. Armstrong, 21, 418 West Cusicr. was fined S5 on a charge of d r i v i n g with an expired driver's ]i- ·ense and S5 on a charge of making in illegal left t u r n David E. Burrows, IS, Route 1 iorth, was fined $10 on a speeding ·barge. Jacqueline R. Gordon, 18 820 West -edar, had her driver's license sus- endcd two months on a charge of negligent d r i v i n g . Joseph Shellhorn, 1015 East Shcr- nan. was given three days to clean in unlawful garbage and debris in lis yard on a charge filed by City Sanitary Inspector C. N. Perkins. Dean C. Ban-man, 27, 416 West Fremont, forfeited $8 bond on a chaige of driving without a driver's license and a SIO bond nn a charge of traveling against t r a f f i c . Robert W. MeCall, 18. Route 1 South, received a $10 suspended f i n e on a charge of unnecessary noise. Rosie Christensen, 20, 421 Va North Eighth, was fined $7.50 on a negligent d r i v i n g charge and $2.50 on a charge of driving w i t h o u t a license. Sharon Noc. 14. 226 Wfst Crecley. was restricted from driving for two months and was fined $5 on a charge Vclven I. A l b e i t . 26. 1035 F.ast W h i t m a n , was fined SIS on a charge of driving without a driver's license. of negligent driving. Rodeo Committee Plans Dance, Lunch Six new names were added to the membership roll, plans made for a chuck wagon lunch, and street dance and committees named at the meeting of the Pocalello Frontier rtotieo yesterday. Elmer Terry conducted the meeting. Voled to membership in the organization were Henry W. Nichols, William Guthrie, Howard Moffal, George McNabb, Hugh McGuIre, and William Aller. The chuck wagon lunch will be a new feature of "rodeo week." Mrs. Inger Bulls, Howard Moffat, Lester Selders and Muriel Buggies will have charge of the arrangements and Portneiif Grange members will have charge of the "chow." One evening of "rodeo week" will be enlivened with street dancing and entertainment in real western style. "Rodeo week" will be kicked off July 9 with every one in Pocatello expected to "go Western" and special events planned for the opening of 'the rodeo ticket office. Special entertainment is planned for every day and night of the week. Committees f o r ' t h e promotion and production of the 1955 rodeo on July 14-16 are: Parade (July 14 at 5 p. m.)-- John Spanbauer, chairman, Eimei Terry! Harry Morgan, William iithrie" Henry W. Nichols, C. (Flash.) Nielsen, Hugh McGulre, Lewis Selders, Pat Rauch, Emmette »raker, William Aller, C. S. Bosquet, Muriel Ruggles. Concessions--Lester and Nita Mae Selders. Tickets--Grant Stowell, chairman, Dan Kunz, Buggies, Rauch. Lights--Roy Jenkins, Spanbauer. Policing Grounds--Jess Cherry, chairman, Spraker, Frank McKinnon, Aller, McGuire. . Chuck Wagon Lunch--I n g a r Butts, chairman, Howard Moffal, Ruggles, Selders. Budget --Stowell, chairman, and Kunz. Publicity and Advertising--Buggies, chairman, Morgan, Rauch, Perry Swisher. Parking--Glenn Kunkel, chairman, Cherry, Spraker, McKinnon. Insurance--Stowell. Grounds Decoration--Ingar Butts. In Charge of Grounds--Selders, chairman, Nielsen, Selders, Sprak- Dairymen Map Events in June June Dairy Month observance here will include such events as a free motion picture for children, dairy night at Halliwell park, dairy bonus day at grocery stores, free swimming and free Fleasureland rides. This was announced today, after a meeting last night of the June Dairy Month committee at the Challenge Cream Butter association officers. The free movie for children 12 and under will be at the Chief theatre June 4. Dairy night at the hall park will be June 11. June 18 lias been selected as dairy bonus day at grocery stores. And on June 25 teen-agers can swim free at the Hoss park pool and children 12 and under will get free rides at Pleas- ureland. All days are Saturdays. Planning the events were Lloyd Phippen, chairman; William Hestir, secretary; A l b e r t Mylroie, Bannock county extension service; John Webb, Idaho Farm Bureau Federation; Wayne Egan, Junior Chamber of C o m m e r c e ; Earl Thomson, Cream Top Dairy, C. Ben Rowland, Rowland Brothers Dairy; Glen Scheele, Challenge Cream 4t Butter association, and Floyd Eckert, Idaho State Journal. Crash Injures Man, Woman A two-car accident in the 1000 block of East Center last night in- iured three persons, one seriously, and causc'j properly damages ol $1150, police reported. Robert S. Allen, 20, 403 South Jinlh, driver of one car, was in 3annock Memorial hospital today n fairly good condition. Patrolman II. J. Moldenhauer said Allen received a cut (ongue in (lie crash vlilch threw him on the lawn of Hev. n. A. Koch, 102G East Center, lo was unconscious and suffering :rom shock when police arrived. Sam Milton, 22, 233 South Tenth, a passenger in Allen's car, suffered a cut lip, Mrs. Bonnie Jean Evans, 18, 210 South Fourth, driver of the other car, received jruises. According (o the accident report Allen had tried to pass Mrs. Evans' car but pulled back into the lane when he sau an auto coming from he opposite direction. As he swung ack his car struck the rear of Mrs. Evans' auto knocking it into a utility pole. Airs. Evans was thrown from her car. Police charged Allen with negli- [cnt driving. Damages to his car vcre estimated at $500 and lo the vans car at $650. The-accident occurred about 7 p.m. Tools Thief Strikes Again Police today were faced with the second lumber company burglary n two days with the report that G48 worth of tools were stolen 'rom Pocatello Lumber Co., 500 South Second, sometime last night. Jack E. Smith, nn employe, discovered the break-in this morning. An inventory revealed that four electric saws, three sanders, a drill, polisher, jigsaw, chain saw, ool box and two boxes of sanding bells were taken. Detective Keith Parkinson said entry was made by breaking a door vindow. He added that he believes he burglar is the same person who ;lole $lfH worth of power tools rom McClelland Lumber Co., 804, North Fifth, early Sunday. er, Spanbauer, George McNabb, Aller, McGuire, Elmer Terry. Public Relations--Slowell, chairman, Terry, Nichols, Moffatt, Guthrie, Morgan, Settlers, Rnueh, Bosquet, McNabb. · Street Dance--Morgan, chairman. Ranch, Stowell. Officers are: President, Terry; Vice President, Stowell; Secretary- Treasurer, Ruggles; Executive directors: Selders, Morgan, Spanbauer and Selders. Accident Damages American Falls Sedan The Journal's Idaho News Service . AMERICAN FALLS -- A mid- afternoon accident Sunday caused an estimated $400 damage to the 1953 sedan owned by Cleon Chapman and driven by Bricc Chapman, 14. Deputy Sheriff Ross Jensen, who invcstigale'l, reported that the Chapman machine collided with a 1954 two-ton turck owned by E. G. Lish which was parked on Falls avenue. No damages were reported to the truck. IDAHO STATE JOURNAL AT DOWNEV Whittier P-TA Names Chairmen New chairmen for 14 committees of the Whittier Parent-Teachers association were announced last night at the organization's final meeting of the school year. Appointees included: Congress publications, Mrs. Andrex Isoloff; exceptional child, Mrs. Don C. Sandles; founder's day, Mrs. Suml Kanomata: health, Mrs. James Worsley; hospitality, Mrs. Oren Fisher; juvenile protection, James Johnson; l e g i s l a t i o n , James Phclps, Republican; and Dr. A. E. Taylor, Democrat; membership, Mrs. Orval K. Olsen. National P-TA magazine, Mrs. Harry Schorsch; room representative, Mrs. Richard Wallace and Mrs. Doren Parr; safely, Oren Fisher; Cub Scouts, Alvin P. Hailstone; carnival, Richard Wallace; and procedure book, Mrs. John O. Ricks. The appointments were made by Mrs. Robert Albcr, co-president. Mrs/Albcr presented $270 worth of books to the school library, purchased with proceeds from various P-TA projccls during Ihe year. Enlerlainmenl was provided by four members of the school orchestra who presented a short violin program. They were Inna Jean Burt, Sharon Bens, Nancy Robinson and Kalhylcen Myers. Their director was Gordon Childs, string music supervisor of the school dls- Iricl. VODKA MARTINI So smooth t* it leaves you breathless S mirnoff "./· , . 4V the qreaicst nawc » VODKA 80 proof Made from 100 OD fttin neutral tpiiilL Ste. Pierre Smirnoff FU. Inc.. Hirtford.Conn. M O V I N G local or long distance WAREHOUSING of your merchandise LOCAL CARTAGE STORAGE cf your household goods. MOTOR FREIGHT SERVICE Phone 3466 i COMOl/MTfD Arco VFW Installs Slate The Journal's Idaho News Service AUCO -- The Harland Clendenhi ost of Veterans of Foreign Wars as installed William McMurtrey s post commander. Senior vice commander Is Richrd Spellman, junior vice com- fander, Fred Jardiue; post sur- eon, Dr. J. C. Reines; chaplain, ed R, Walker; judge advocate, ay Jardine; adjutant-quartermas- r, Bud Wood. One-year trustee Is Harold Blatter; two-year trustee, Kenneth ish; and three - year trustee, lenn Phillips. Phillips, district ommandcr and o u t g o i n g post .mmander, was the installing of- cer. Arco members who were Install- d at a* District 8 meeting were IcMurlrey as junior vice com- lander and Phillips as one-year ustee. Phillips was awarded a ast district commanders pin in ehalf of the district at a meeting RiEby. The Journal's Idaho News Service DOWNEY--A public hearing on he proposed $500,000 flood control project on Marsh creek and Port- neiif river will be conducted here June 1. The hearing was announced by Edward C. Bruce, acting district engineer for the U. S. Corps of Engineers, Walla Walla, Wash. The proposed project calls for channel straightening and deepening on the Portneuf from Inkom upstream through Marsh creek aasln above Downey. TA Hears Parents Jp School Quality The best schools are those with e most interested and active par- its, members of the Jefferson arent-Teachers association were Id last night. The speakers were President obert B e n n e t t a n d Principal ulon Ellis, who reported on the ate P-TA convention at Boise. They said it represents a chal- nge to P-TA's to do more work nd thereby Improve their schools, ennett and Ellis also pointed up lack of communication between ihools am; the people, which was rcssed at the convention. Dr. John McMahon, president of le Southeast Idaho Medical so- ety, spoke on the history of im- lunology with particular reference i the Salk anti-polio vaccine. Mrs. John Cotant will have large of arrangements for the an- ml field days at the school next uesday and Wednesday. Field day or the Ilrst through" third grades 'ill be Tuesday and for the fourth hrough sixth on Wednesday. Tu.«kiy, May 17, 1955-* Engineers to Conduct Marsh Creek Hearing City Will Open Parking Bids Bids f r o m construction contractors to build two more blocks of off-street parking area north of Mnnson park will be opened tomorrow at 2 p.m. in the city clerk's office. The project will 'also Include paving three blocks of Pocatello avenue to complete the connection with North Fourth that is to become a one-way federal highway. The extension of Manson park 1 ing lot' to the north for another two blocks will provide off-street parking for another 175 cars. Another major'item in the bid bpening tomorrow, will be seal coating 20 blocks of streets scattered in the residential area. Fall Injures Woman Mrs. Eliza Bassil, 79, 171 Rosewood, suffered a broken right wrist and internal Injuries today at 11:30 a. m. in a fall down the Post Office steps at a South Arthur entrance, police reported. She was taken to Bannock Memorial hospital. Officers 0. R. Pharris and Paul Todd said the reason for her fall was not determined. The fall occurred at the north entrance on South Arthur. It also includes levee and,channel improvements south of Pocatello and through the approximately its northwest limits., atme of this work was done by the Corps of Engineers in 1949, after the rampaging Portneuf and Its tributaries swelled over the banks and flooded hundreds of acres of valuable farm land and homes. The last serious flood was in the spring of 1952. Bruce said the project will not eliminate flooding entirely but pe-, rioels of flooding would be shortened to non-damaging" durations. The discussions here June 1 will center on a report that is to bo submitted to Congress covering the proposed project, for which surveys were completed last .year. ·-- GOC at Bancroft Gets New Building The Journal's Idaho News Service BANCROFT--Arves Christensen," local businessman, donated a build-! ing approximately .ten feet square- to be used as the 'Ground Observv ers post here. The Ground Qbserv* ers supervisor, David W. Grimm," Harold Hayes assistant chief observer, and Deputy Sheriff Kar{ Kessler moved the building fronv the Cbristensen lot to the'city prop; erty south and west of Bancroft on Friday. * This Is a volunteer project, and" Fred Modersitzki, chief Ground Obserser, said that funds to coini plete the observatory as well as the labor, will be largely voluntary. * Idaho Polio Victim '· LEWISTON (UP)--Christine Deligan, IS, Lewlston, was diagnosed as a polio case yesterday 'and health authorities were invcstigaU ing to find out if she had associated with any Salk vaccinated persons! FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wearcra of false teeth .have auftcred real cmbarraMment bocun their plate dropped, slipped or wobbled lit juat the wronB time. Do not live In tear of this happening to you. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH, th« alkaline (non-acid) powder, on^your Plate:. Hold falie teeth more "nnly. in the; l«l mon eomloru«l. DOM not sour. OhecKB ''plate odor" (denture breath). Oet PASTEETH al any drug counter. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS Phone 17 FREE DEUVERY Open Weekdays 9 «e » (Sundays 1 to 7 p.m.) COOK DRUG CO. 333 Wtil Center Don't Miss This Big Event! Be Sure to Enter Your Child in the Big 1955 HOLLYWOOD Baby Parade CONTEST FOUR VALUABLE PRIZES Two for the Boys and Two for the Girls 2 Big Days-Thurs., Fri.-19 and 20 THRIFT SHOP-318 EAST CENTER Is Introducing Mr. Everett Esterby A well-known photographer of children, Mr. Esterby, will be in our store two days- Friday and Saturday, May 20th and 21st, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. to photograph kiddies one month to six years of age for the BIG HOLLYWOOD PARADE ONLY 99 PRESENT THIS ADVERTISEMENT Ycu will receive one beautiful 8 x - I O Mastercraft Vignette Portrait . , . plus your entry in the Hollywood Baby Contest. Our Regular $6.95 Value ONLY 99 · ENTRANTS JUDGED ON PERSONALITY · JUDGED BY STUDIO COMMITTEE · GENEROUS SELECTION OF PROOFS FROM WHICH TO CHOOSE · NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY AT THRIFT SHOP-318 EAST CENTER Don't Forget the Date-Thurs. and Fri.-19th and 20th JUST DOLL 'EM UP AND BRING 'EM INI

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