The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1944
Page 6
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P.4GS G5X BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15; 1944 the Published Every Friday In lutemt of Farm Familieg of Agricultural Section. ' Enter th« Plant-to-Prosper Ccm^ testa sponsored by. the Courier News and Commercial Appeal, AAA Committee {Elections Held ^Delegates Also Are Named For County •• Meeting Wednesday ^Community corhmltteemcn. find aiterimte :commlttee for .the Agvi- 'fiiHural : Adjustment Admlnlstfa- j lion in 1945 have been _ elected In i Various farming communities •. of North: Mississippi County at elections held this month. • Delegates and alternates also' Were named f°v -the county meet- iug in Osccola Wednesday, ntwhich time the county committee for the coming year will be elected. The £econd man listed fronTea'eli coin- munity Is ; nlternntB delegate. ' These' 'WDM nnmed: ,'Armorcl — E. M. Regenold; chairmnn; T, B. O'Keefe/ A H> Hnisltmnh; alter- nntes/ ; E. /!>'. "Hale. Louis Molone. Blythtvllle— Fielder' Perry, cl>nir-j niah; ; A: e. thittos, 'Leslie Moore; I alternates, 'Charles L. Drogdon,. Robert, L. Hawkins. Clear take — Jnmes Mlddloton, chairman;'W. A. Scott, fi. H. Scott,; nltciimlcs, Walter Liites, John Burks, i Dell • — Rex Wnrren, cJinlnnan; Lester Gllli .Malcolm Grecnwny; Alternates, 'D.' 'W. Craiiford, Floyd Mocncy...,-. ., • Forty find Eight—George CnsSldy, chairman; •' I. .'A. Harrison, R. L. Adklsson: nMerniHca, , B. B. White, Elmer Hcnson.' Hftlf.-Moon—Clnutl Duncan, clinlr- nirin; R. C. Riggs. Glen Alexander; •. alternates,' T. J. Richnrctsoti, Joe j Baker. . •• '; I Lost-, Cane—D. L! ahcphcrd, chairman; • C., A. Evtins. M. I.' Stiitls; alternates, W. D. Vnstlilnd- cr, E. C. iLewls.. Manila—R, T. White, chairman; L. V. Waddcll, Parker Osfoorne; alternates, J. If. David, J. N. Bellinger. -• Pawhcen—Bruce cul|>, chairmiin; E, Coy Mny, W. A. Onlyonn; niter- nates, B. B. Qalyonn. A. R. Gifford. : Whlsp — Ruffin Ncwsom, clmlr- man; Norman Bailey, VV. P. Carter; alternates; E. E. Wilson, T; G. Milllgan. . LtachviUo — Bob Slilpley, chair Hereford Group Elects Whistle Mississippi County Cattleman On Board Of Association O; H. Whistle ol Manila was man; J. W. Johnson,. W.. H.. Skin- elected a member of the-board of nor; alternatea, Bill Minor, Jim Lacey. ., Yarbro—H. C. Bunuli, chairman; ' Roohni'd Haynen, w, II. Wyntt; nl- lemates,. Herbert a racy., Mulllns, O. T. Gosnell—M. E, Cook, chairman; C .A. Moody. G. W. Potter; alter- i«Hc!S, P. H. Raspberry. 'Raspberry, W. H. nele(jntcs and alternates- are -ns follows: Armorcl— E.' _M. Regcnold, Max Wntsbii'; " Blyllievlllc • — H.. O. .Knnupciiberfrer,'. Fielder Pc'yi'js; 1 Clear Lake .— Ira Koonce; Oinrloy Elites;' nell— E. -M. 'Wpodiird, R,' 'A: Grecnway; Forty 'and' Eight — ' is. Hagan, I. .A." • Harrison; Half Moon— Claud Duncut), Sam ' Ihe Hereford Breeders Associiition of the Arkansas Beef Cattlemen's Association at its annual meeting In Uttle Rock Tuesday., ' The ..meeting was attended by Mr. Whistle, J. C. Buchanan and Sta'n- Pradenburf! of Lost Cane coin- ttock, state extension animal hus- "Merchandising •Purebred Cattle," Ijiiniiman, was nnmcd secretary and said ieattlemen should take advant- tieiisui'er. Named to serve two years age of all shows and auctions possl- ns director.'! were Frank Hudson of We -to develop best methods of 111 Dorado am! Carl B. King of i iilonm Springs. 'lhe':,svoup also approved In resolution";! lie accredited herd plnri for control of Bangs disease, explained in earlier session by Dr. J. f S. Campbell, state veterinarian. The program :calls for removal 'of in- fortcir'tyilmals from the grower's herd, and vaccination for prcven- lion'ot the disease. Individual herds will be accredited for .stiles, whoro- as formerly approval wns placed on nn area basis. Group meetings were held during itio afternoon by Arkansas Aberdeen-Angus Breeders Association, Arkansas Hereford Cattle Breeders presenting their stock, with a view to good sales. Courier News Wmnl Adi. MONTPELJER, Vt. '(UP) — The 1045 Vermont Legislature will have 44 women members — the largest number In state history. munity. , The entire group.: cndorscci the ArkanBas Livestock Show-' Association's legislative program to obtain fluids- for erection : of 'buildings on Hid , recently purchased grounds near Roosevelt road, •'•'*. - - • ,, The ciUllomen adopted' a' respiu ford anj Arkansas 'Short- Breeders . Association. Here- breeders ve-elcoted officers •nntl developed' plans -for a show to be held on; the livestock, show grounds Feb. 19. i . Glen Wallace of tyashvllle was rc-clectecl president. OJlier of fleers Carl B.-, King of Slloinn • Spiings Host' chne— A. ' C., Owens. .P. O. Lewis; Manila— J. H. biwlt, -R. T. t'lo'n urging the' legislature "to pro- vire president; John L Ruilknei of vide money'loir the erection of per- Mctm -' secretary; «-n& treasure! irad manoht liitlldlngt;'find ; s(ipporf of • Illc following,Imrd'members C H the-Arkansas Livestock 'show As- Whistle of Manila', G.'B. Dopier of scoliiilon." Preston Meek of .Fort J.'-C. Rapp of McGeliee was Smllli and Ed Mays of Leslie While; Pnwlicen — W. O. GalyeWl, eleutcil presidunl, .succeeding James Frank Farley, editor of Southun B. C. May; Whlsp^nuffln Ncwxdm, C. Gillesple of.Boohe county. J. E. Stockmen of Memphis, sfieakjng on ,W. P. Carter; :.Leachville — V. S. Pelker -of Rogers, secretary' and 'Johnson,-H.° A. Groom; Ynrbro — troasiircr, was elected vice p'resi- H. G. Bunch, J. R. Lambert; Bow- dent and M. \v.. MUldrow of Little ,cn—G. A.-Hamllton, .M. E. Cook, i —— -':— — PLAYITSAFE! • Why take any chaotcs on 'not. having all your equipment in good lunning order, next season when you can have it all li*ed up now. That's our business-expert repairs on any tractor, implement or tool us«l in farming. \X'c have the mechanics, the special shop equipment nnd a big stock of genuine IHC parts to do your work right. The main thing is to give us a'Jittle advance notice when )OU can. Most of .the time ourshop is swamped but when v e know ahead of time we can schedule your jobs and have your machines ready when you want them. Just give us a ring. Then when you're coming in, on the ne\t trip, load up your tractor or any other piece of'equip- ment and drop It off here. You'll find our service as good as the McCotmick-Dccring machines we sell. Our prices arc reasonable. And we guarantee your satisfaction. Delta Implements, Inc. Blytheville, Ark. BE WISE-BE AH laily Bird ORDER On The Farm Front Federal Crop Insurance is .back from the grave. Killed by Cougross early in the year because It was tbo costly, it was brought back to life wheu'thc senate voted its re-, vival. The bill adopted by the Senate differs ; a 'little from the House version' but these differences are expected' to-be settled in Jig time in conference •commlUee. •ll was'.thought.unlikely that crop .Insurance '.could'be revived before .CjOnuress. took over, but.tin: Icglslution .-was .whipped through with surprising, speed. :Insurance ^policies'can be taken cane, potatoes, citrus , fruits and tiime. hay. Later on timber will be added to the list. Insurance will BO Into efrect : .ln,a p neighborhood when formal , 'appll- ] cations arc made for. ; 50 ifarnis. It ' can also be obtainetl .when- applications are made for • coverage oi j. one-third of the productive 'farms of each county. The protection would amount [o 75 per cent 'o£ L the appraised average yield of'Uhe farm involved. ' • • • -.'.-. Tile- American Farm Bureau Federation thinks it's high time 1 we were planning .for post-war- operations In agriculture and industry^ To '• this end the lefleratipn's convention, held in Chicago, recommended a series of I945''ronfcren'ccs ! of agriculture, labor niuLindustry leaders. 1 They .would be expected to work out iilnns promoting economic balance lor all three groups.- 'Tile .federation is convinced :tbftt balance will be promoted , if - there Is a fair exchange value . ior^ the'on wheat, cotton and products of agriculture hnd<i.ndus- flax crops. And scattered policies try- Alli , it r ce ls that wages will be. issued on corn and tobacco )a j, or s i, onW in. experiments to determine it ov : lhc cr-nll •Insu those crops. • Eventually TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES Onn't rely on makeshift methods of termite control. Let the world's largest termite control organization protect you'against costly damage. Free inspections on re- [|UCSt. '. ' . BRUCE TERMINIX CO* Licensee of E. L. Bruce Co. MEMPHIS SINCE 1327 ' Thai's.Whai ii amounts to when you get your equipment back from us after • i. ciicck-up and overhaul job . the knowledge that «very job you start will bc'fir.ishecJ wiih no unnecessary ' delay. • No, the premium you pny isn't big jives you ihe best possible protection on your tractor investment, for a lay-off o( your equipment adds up 10 important loss In your food production program You will save all the way around by adopting'our regular service check-up. You will prevent trouble, you will save ^ the cost of » breik-dowti as against a timely adjustment and your tractor will give you that dependable performance tliat means satisfaction anil profit. Our Service Shop has the men, methods, and material to keep your equipment in perfect working order. They have the "know how" loo because ihey arc factory trained. Missco Implement Co. OSCEOM held In line with between agriculture •Insurance is practical ,ror. nml industry. .The group' lavor's an : . • • l.intevnatlonaL trade conference;', 1 farm .leaders .hope lower world. trade barriers. .. that -protection against .flood, .The 'federation gave, isolationism routh, lightning and othcr^'losses. :anntiicr liinrf rap. II reconimen^d can be extended to 'most'- of rbur-vinteniatiqnal;! do-opcratjon • nn<l'' W-. other basic crops.- These Include' • Si-'.pbrticipation iii world peace. /'It • di'v beans, onts, barley, rye,, pea- woulfl bnck a : peace . organize tioii mils, rice.'soybeatu, sugar beets 'and- with force if necessary.': '••'.•j:' Published By The Delta Implement Co., Blythcville VoL 3 Friday, Dec. 15 No. 16 Prevent. disease in layintj house. Brush or spray Chet-R'FccI solution . on |loois, walls, fetches. Safe, mines' readily, pleasant odor. Sanitize your Laying Howe ,\Ve notice in (rude pupcrs that manufacturers of farm equipment were 25/{ behind. oil quotas/as of November 1st. All the dope •we. .can K^t. indicates ^thal the situation ••will get worse 'before it gets better. . . Can you doubt the .wisdom oC having your equip- 1 merit put into A-l condiliou for next year; the first possible :chancc you get? ; ' - - DI— D. B. AJjbott, of Number Nine, has [or sale a good -used McCormick-Deuring No. 10-C Hammer Mill. , ' .\Ve had a letter this .\vec(t from Sergt. Vcr- ' ncr V/iliiams who is now in the 'middle of the Philippine fracas. Sergt. Williams was formerly one of our mechanics. Whirl-Pool Electric Churner To fit on your 3, 4, 5, or 6 Gallon Chum Not Necessary to Ruy A New Churn WKIGHS 7 POUNDS Rustless Dasher arid Rod Churns 1/2 to 5.Gallons Whole Milk In 6 to 18 Minutes Will produce more butter than by hand churning. Sanitary, Ensilv Cleaned. Will Give Many Years of Service A Wrillcn Guarantee Furnished With Each Churner Price $17.50 Sold By .''••• Hardware Go. Incorporited "The Complete Hardware Stort" -DI- Dick Dugsci 1 , fanning West of Manila, has a tised cultivator for an F-30 trnctor for sale. Kill COLD CtRttS For teHef of colds, dusl birds with : CMo:ena Powder. 3 Ibs, sufficient for 3000 birds at cosl of about V^c each. Dusf vvifh CHLORENA' l>v ^W f or '• of$ D' Low-Cost Eggs... -^PURINA IA YEN A Get eggs with uniform yolks, strong shells, cblicious flavor. Complete (eed — your choice, mash or pellets. I Condition DOC America's choice {or hunting dog food — because il Helps promote vigor, condition, slamina to keep 'em hualing all day! DOG CHOW for Hunters Ashcraft Co. -DI- Tom W. Jacks6n, "Uncle Tom" to most of you, is now hjandling the clerical work in out service department. In our shops this week: an F-20 for overhaul for Fred Rean, of Number Nino; a D-30 International Truck for minor repairs for Lewis Townsend, of Manila ; and a Farmall for overhaul and repair for R. C. • Higgs, of Half Moon. -BI- AS we've said before-in these columns, we're not ublc to keep a man in the field for sales and collections as formerly because of tire and gasoline shortages. However, we can sell as much or more equipment than we can get our hands on, and our customers have been more than fair in mailing checks when -they got their statements . . . And don't thn\k we don't appreciate this last'. All Highly Improved, lying in Dunklin County, Mo., and Mississippi, County, Ark., and City Property m Hornersville, Mo. To Be Sold to the Highest To Liquidate the Estate of the Late Dr. Floyd Kinsolving Sealed Bids Will Be Received Up to 12 Noon SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23,1944 By the Undersigned atKennett, Missouri • ON-T •*«! If STUCK HALFWAY » fc* • tMrf TOOAYl The Farm Land, all located in the same general community, includes some of the most in the entire section of Southeast Missouri and Northeast Arkansas. The Farm Land is being advertised in Tracts ranging from 10 acres to 560 acres, and a list giving descriptions, may be had by writing either of the undersigned at Kennctt, Missouri " HAL H. MCHANEY, Kennett, Mo. ELBERT L, FORD, Kennett, Mo. Attorneys for Owners

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