The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1938 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1938
Page 9
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BLYT11EV1LLE (AUK.) COUltlBlt Nl-SWS PAGE NIN6 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale iwr line for cousecu- livc insertions: One time per line lOc Two times per line per day ...08c i'lirec limes [>or line per day . ,OGc pix limes per line per day ....05c Month late per line UOi; Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minlinuin charge 50e . Ads ordered for three or six limes ami stopped licforc expiration will lib clm'mcd for (he number of times the mid appeared and adjustment of bin made. All Cliissllled Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of ll> ccity must lie accompanied by rash, nates may he easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions takes the one time rote. No responsibility will be- taken for more than one incorrect, insertion of any classified ml. Business Directory Harry Knilcv's CURVE IN CAFE Good Foixl at Good Prices 1'KESII HEKLFOOT Crappie EXl'EHT AUTO KEI'AIUS Garage operated by Floyd llargctt Cigarettes 2 for 2f>c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, 1M6. Phones 5-F-4 & 873 HOOM LOTS WALLPAl'EK $1.75 and U|>' H. C. Robinson i Real Estate Kirby's TasteToss CHILL TONIC I Contains More Qulnlnf ^More Iroo M.U.AltfAI, C'HILI.S Hnd*°KKVEK SWAMP FEVEU —AGUE *' At All Klibj Dro| Btolii LICENSED KL'AL ESTATE BUOKKKS We lisl farm and city 1'ioperty. if. you would he n buyer or u seller, T E H II Y AHSTKACT & IJEALTY CO. 213 W. Wulmil Phone CIV For Sale I'rcity ivsidetuv. 100 foot lot on Kentucky. 52650.00. $500 cash. S22.5& inonliily. Thomas l.aml Co. Vrupcity owned by 11. o. b. C. Ifasy monthly payments, DM in- lere.'U. V21 J.imcson—0 room Batteries BATTERY SERVICE J. Ben Chine Phone fl at Tom Jackson's Used Furniture WE UUY & SULL USED FURNITURE BUY MOW - - PAY NEXT FALL HUBBARD 2n& Kami Furniture Next fc> Con Hotel Seed COW PEAS, CANE SEE1J SEED CORK, SOYREANt " & Rcizi! , : W. 0. REEVES So, k. ,P,..St. Mytlir-villi;, 4r!f. FhoiKS 555 A 509 '"' Piano Tuning Pianos tuned and repaired. Call George Ford, at Wade Furniture Co. Phone 155. foot lot, [.hade and fniil trees. *150 cash, $12,50 monthly. 213 \V. Kentucky, 5 room col- taue, $1650. $150 cash and $15.00 inonliily. LcachUlk'. Ark.. 5 room cottage, with (wo loLs. Highway IB. ueau- Iful place. S'JKjO. $200 cash and ">20 monthly. 115 E. Ash. $2250. $250 cash and >22.50 monthly. 1418 W. Ash. 8 room residence, J lots $2700. S3CO cash and 527.00 ncmthly. 210 \V. Cherry, fl room residence line condition. $3500. $350 cash •uid $35 monthly. 701 W. Ash. Large corner lot. Lteht taxes, 9 room residence. 2 ;aths. $.1200. $350 cash and $42.00 monthly. Thomas Lund Co. 28-ck- 1CS Iliigim $15CO 208 Diigan 301 Diigan $1250 310 Diiefln J1250 3W uugan $1250 Ail modern cottages, to he sold on small cash payments and $12.50 a month. 2237 Carolyn. 5 room stucco, S1250. $300 cash and $12.50 monthly. H'a E. Sycamore—2 residences. $lo()0. 4,'iC.l cash, $15.(IO monthly. 2315 Highway 18, stucco bungalow, hardwood llcov, $1250. $500 cash anrt $12.50 monthly. ;Tl)e mortgage company has hi- k i,£. tlnictcd- us to sell this" propcity. 'Von could not buy the material in anyr.f Ihese housc.s for what we arc asking lor the property. Thomas Land Co. as-ck-2 Wanted To Buy S2SOO Worth ot USED l-'UKNtTUKK All Malm (l.idlus lic|):iir«] WADK FURNITU1JE CO. 12 W. Mulii WaniedTo Rent va. 'nisi flutist In llio Minneapolis Symphony 'Orchrslra, mid nt 2li the youngest, In any major symphony, got his start using rlwr willows, wlii'ii lie was iitont 10 years old. foJIfKi! t;irl Hies Cm- if uu NEW YORK <Ul>)-Kli\lnc Kru- vor. lU-yenr-old Hunter Collewe ln.vihm.iit Is up ill (lie nlr. Wlillu her classmates are spending a pvosnlc week-end on the EI.KCTH1U * WELDING AT UKST PlilOES PKOMPT-fe HRV1CS Barksdale Mfg. Co. , slic- spends her Saturdays riyliie n cub plahe for the fvm of It. She has il hours of .solo (lying toward the 60 required for n pilot's license. In the extreme tchiix'raluri's of the l^otar rcsldns, Ovdlurtry clacks FOWLER CO Furnished house. Call p. W. Sweet-1 man, G35. Salesmen Wnnicd MAN WANTK1) to consumers. We train anil help yon. Good pri>fils for hustlers. No ex- raiciiec ii«-c.s«ai'y. Pleasant, pro- litable, dlmiitled work. Wrllc Kaw- leii-irs, Uepl. AKU-27-53C, Mcm- lihis. 'J'cnii., oc sec A. Cate, Joiner, Ark. Hint Siriuil Coiners It at AUBURN, N. Y. (UP) ~ l>:>lire with drawn revolvers apprehended a large rut in Ilic basement of a store when they searched the building lor a burglur. A patrolman who heard a "suspicions riolse" when he tried the door, culled the riot, squad. YOU it DRUGGIST Malii & Itt I'hotir. lil , Wert & Wcrt OlPTOJMEtHiSTS O>'er Job IEHOC.I' Htore "VFE MAKE 'EM BEE" Phone 6W Twins, 80, Celebrate LIVERPOOL, N. Y. iW>—Em- met Patterson, of Syrnciise, N. Y., and his twin sister, Mrs. James Robinson, celebrated their 80th birthday iinniversiiries at a party at Airs. Robinson's home here. Three grcat-i!r;ind;hlklren were among the guests. Hi.le Player iDdilly Tralncil MINNEAPOLIS I UP)—Emll Opa- OAK LUMBER Tor Kale—1(10.000 ft. of hill onk lumber ih'livcreii very low prices. See J. W. Itarron Illytlicvllle, Ark. P/iuilo 308 'un lie usL'it. II nil irni'i-s ot hiljrl-1 •ants me removed. not' YAUf) DIRT Sand & Gravel Mimic 701) SCREEN WORK AT A SAViNO K< |uli in;; ,t NI. W .Scr RIAUK I'OU AI.I Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'houc I!) SEED Wo have on hand for wile or trudc, for olhrr pioiluctB, llenns Ltunln. 1) e 1st a. Mainmotll Hiwvn, Wilson and Virginia Hrovvn. l'ciis-~\Vlil\>s nnd. New l-.'ni. l-csiicdcwi —icorenn. Cot- Ion KCPO--D, !'. I,. 11-A mid KloncvllU- .|-A, Will sell for vnsli «r (mile with you for other hinds o[ Ix'iins or cotton seed. I, R, Malthcws Gin Co. TH. ll-l'-:(, vartiro, t/Dtloll, (,'llillHI S«Wl t'OJll CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB \ Distinguished. Authotl - •"•• ' •-•-^v^—.-JT . ... - - ..,,,. i man of utters EE 10 Memorised'' \ ; role. 11 Toward, "« 13 Wings. > *•>14 To press. N 15 Form o{ "a." 1C Saucy. " 17 Pastry.' V 18 Tidier. HB Dnara aaa i D DfflHIy liHnraa i 24 Commnlid, 25 Mflnnci', 28 Pkluve. i s 20 Inflamed ncd li ,52 Strong . '•;.) bird. ' "*** vegetable. ¥ •) Indian! •writer o(-— and skill. Ml 25 Was vie- 1 pi torlouj, v : v> 26 Measure of area. - ,U 27 Aye. 30 To besiege^ 3! To bresk Up,' 34 Moisture. , 36Brohic. i.-i ' •M To . • •17 To Kivc » VERttCAD mcdlcnl csrc." 1 Tlircc. •10 Mukcs Uice. 2 The — ihiub. 50 Forcwcll. 17 "y. < ' 51 Snoaky. t 18 He is a win- 53 North J, • •, \«cr of the i America.' •, • • l>i'jz«. 55 JVorthvvcs't, > Tailors Let us moth-proof your clothes closets & living room suites. Guaranteed protection I year. Monite process. Band Box cleaners. Phone 171. 30-ck-'l-30 M)' HOMi: and cxira lot. 100 It. frontage. Oil Highway 18 just Outsdc city limits. City water and h'Shls. A real bargain. Apply 2319 Highway 18 West. Between Gateway and Moore Bros. ii-i Hardware I'scd Lawn Mowers 52.50 nji II.sccl Oil Stoves S2.5I] liii Used Oil Took Slovts S2.. r .O up Used Bicycles S1.50 uy All ill F;iir CJuiulition SHOUSE-HENRY UARDWAKB CO. Coal & Ice My Coal )s Black Bnl I Trc.!! Vou U'httb ICE I.OC'AI, ILMJMNG John Buchanan Bljtlicvillc, Ark. I'houc 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS iShiirpcncfl & Hi-|);tirwl Ely. Machiiic Shop Go. 2nd. Phone EOS ! milmnishcd rooms. KcawmaMc. S.H Walnut. Mrs. 13. 13. Wilson. 28-pk-5 2 rt!t;Nis;ui:i) iitle. Call 07-J. TltKEi; Kwm luifuinished npart- menl with bath. Newly decorated. Thomas Land Company, phone W7. a">-ck-2 Ilalchcry Baby Chicle. 1 ; PUBLIC IIATCHIN'G. Mnri!ji\ Ilalchcry. lilythcvillc, Ark., H,W. Gl North. Phone 743. Shoe Kcpairing Quality Shoe Shop W-:AV SAMPLK siioi-:s EVcrytliing For Your Shoes 1'liottc J20 I'Vcc Delivery Poultry WE BUY POULTRY Highest ^lalkcl rricw I'aicl. J. W. MOOKK S3i '!-;. torn si. Anto USED AUTO PARTS Ford-Chcviolet-Plyiiioulh City Auto Parts Co. Ne.xt to Bus Station HliAl'—Automatic Oelco LIB lit Plant, with fill equipment. Cood condition. J. A. Ilage, Manila. 22-pk-20 Dance hall and beer parlor on Highway 61. Uolnij good tieis. E. U. ChitK'ood. 12-pk-5-12 G room while stucco house. 512 NO. 1st. Call Quality Choc Shop, 120, II. 13. Campbell. 5-ck-U Hay—Snylj cans—Oats Seed .'Corn—Milch Cows And Tractor Work. Sec. W. U Talc, Arnior'ei, Ark. tor Rent Ucason- 20-ck-L'S 3 room nnfurni»hc<l niKuiihcnt 100 W. Wiiliiul. Aliss Elisc i\foorc. 21-ck-lf. Nicely furnished bedroom. Inner spring inattrcM. Miss Hall, phone 2CO. ' 18-ck-ir Apnrtiiicnl and oflicn in I Biiilclini;. Inquire IMrklmrsl" Co. •1-ck-tf 2 or 3 fmnishcd rooms. 2 lins'lairs. OH Hcarn. Mortci-n ;i room apnvtmcnt. Newly drcoratcd. Untarnished. Corner Main & 2nd. K Simon, phone 764. 2-ck-5-2 Sior'c anrt Modern residence combined. Near factory, i,. rowlcr, Blythcvlllc Motor Co. call 838. Lost Lnr^o. yello'j; Persian rat. Answers to Ihn name of Tony. Call C.irl Havis, Jr.. at. G3G. 25-rta-da Kooni and .Board Hoom ami bc-anl. S03 Wcsl Asli ""' ' '!>1. 12-ck-5-12 Land For Rent GO ACRES. Will give liberal' rent contract, for 3 years to right „ „ en p ? rty ' Delta ImplemenU, Inc.. Call SI1 Phone 803, 20-ck-tf i.IllC Of ELECTRICAL I'MxtlllTM 1'loor ShoW Every Night Startlnti 'I'urKilay, Anvil iliru .Siiiitlav, April 21 Kxpurt Wirinr "'1'ln, 1 Complete lih'ctrli'al SI ore" 11(1 Su. 2ml Vliimc :iM 15 Acts—2 Shows Nightly—15 Atls "All- Now Located at 101 North Krcond ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU Alllsic hy (ieni'Kc Hi'iniesl" Kami BON EDWAUHS, TroprlcH* C'Rlcnlalcrs—ItC|irHrhiB—i'ai-tj—inniiDHj All makes n( Kchullt Typewriters, Atlilln^ Machines «ii( CnlciiliHors—llcimtvins—1'arls - ?, ° r-i -i^S lu/'^->;;| 0 > n U .~> ' •"• t\ ^^ i\ V ''"S r t- '' -\$f''^* l ' J '-\ f i?i * t~~\ -* • \" *f ^ /s 1 '**' 1 ^ 1 '*" ^i*/' T'Vx 1 OT>.j9_3n m M.* sriivict. ifa. T.'M. Rcc.'i's. 'rriafr^f'- '• BOOTS AND HER BUDIMUS . 193 a BV KCAScRv ICE. Ific. T. M. SEC. uTsTBOT^f''' * ' UY ROY CRANil EMERV TI^E THW6S BE6W TO VQ.OK BLOQEY.' tAVlH ALWAYS HAPPENS. ; i WOULDWT TWO-BY TOUR. CWSEY.ER TELL ME WHAT TO DO. KID, HE'S A PU6LIC WHAT OM EARTH WILL YOU DO, DW5UMG? STOPA,T/1 •DA.RUNG.-7 6tE WIZA CASE, tU WITH ^^/ V PlP\<cJ/ CACV/I \ uA)( aiir-,*><• BE TOU6H, TOO-tP t yJAWTA, FRANKIE SUW6HTER ATTEMPTS tO MUSCLE INONTOPSV TURVyClUB. WOtU 3 DO? /LAC'P'IE.AMD . STAKE-THE OECiSIOM ISN'T FOR WE TO THREATENS TO PUT WASH OUT CF BUSIWESS UNLESS HE " HOURS TO DECIDE-. V COPR. 1938 BY ME* SERVICE Fftt:CKLKS AND HIS FKIKNDS ( HY MERRIIJ, HLOSSBR ITS 1:50 — LE-.T'S KNOCK OFF A WAFFLE DOWN "' -TME KUMMQM INJ.M I wuwe V/AYMAKJ WAS 'ACCEPTED DUDLEY^ IklVITATIOKI "TO GO "K5 PROM..... ITS 4:30. FRECKLES .' LETS DASH Of A WAFFI.K, AMD YOU CAM TELL ME ALL. YOUR , "TROUBLES' SOUMDS GOC» I'LL COMFUCIUS OMCE SAID - VVUEM A V/OWAM PREPARES FOR WAR , sue S T OTLG SURE KEEPS ONCE HER POWDER J SAID- DP,Y/" y " MIND YOUR OWN WOMAMS HER FORTUNE' OKAY! MAYBE IT'LL COULD . ^r FOR ,, CQUNTERFEITIfSG? THEM -THE CLASS .BOOM -pk-5-2

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