The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 23, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 23, 1939
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23, 1939 USKTHE ' ' ** CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line for consecu- "ve Insertions:. One time per line 10c T«'o times per line per day osc Vhree times per line per day...06c Six Itmts per line per day 05a! Monti; rate per linci... jjo' Cards of Thanks 50c & 75c Minimum charge 59c Ads ordered for three or six 'hues and stopped before expira- Von fclil bo charged for the num-, ler of times the add appeared and idlustment. or bill made. i All Classified Advertising copy] Wanted Notice Fishm* License liibftiitted by persons residing out- tide of the 'city irftist be accohi-' ' pinled by cash. Rates may be eas- Uy computea frohi above table. — • Advertising ordered for Irregular MEN! FEEL YOUNGER. PEP UP insertions takes Ihc oiic thne rate. No respdhslbiltty will be taken lor more than otic Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. Experienced, lady, bookkeeper and stenographer. Answer, hi own ~..~, ,,i,on-.nri »ivioiu.i ImmlwrUhiB 1 . Write riox "XX". c/o Culled CIV) Company; Plaintiff Cuirier News. , 21-pk-28 vs . No. Ln H3 ' Crawford & • Coppedge Gin Company, O. W. Coppcclgc. hnd E. E. Slovens, ttefendanls, NOVICE OV SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Ihiil pm-siuinl. lo a decree entcied. FOR YOUR OONVKNIKNCK.' W.B '>}' U>e Uislrlcl Coml of the United ARE PREPARED TO ISSUE Stales for the Eastern District ot YODK FISHING UCKNSE AT Aransas, Western Division, on July 37, 1039, in a cause pending in said Court enlillcd Gullclt Gin Company, plainUIT, against Crawford & Coppedge Gin Company, 0. W oppedge and E. E, Stevens] dcfcnd- nnts, I, Lee Cazort, in and by -saitl decree appointed to be the Special Master therein referred to, will sell, at public auction, to Ihc highest OliB STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. I'hnnt 35 Personal . TODAY. Pht vigor in tliat "Old a* to" rundown body with Oslrex 7'oiilc Tablets. $1.00 she. For Kent . . . toflay 8Dc. If not, delimited, maker refunds .this i>ricc. Calf, write Kir- u.v Bras. Drue Store. Residence at in E, Davis, Electric water healer, electric stove and Coteman oil . lirater furnished. Pbone J. E. Hasten, 427. 22-ek-tt 3 room furnished apartment, electric stove and refrigerator. Call 433-W. 22-ck-29 Cool, soiilh bedroom. Garage, Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons 818 Wal»«'• 21-ck-U Vr'.iur Sln lhr hilH - '" >Bt| ™ '-'».' Ulill!t jflsh Uvf.r. work off r)rf .vmirself of chnstl- pnms snrt Dial sour. . •''ake one bos <• KiKBV'K s" r« Help Wanted Cclored woman to cook and do general housework. Kitchen elec- furnished robins adjoining nut. Phone 859-W. ' 2l-ck-28 3 room 'furnished apartment. COS No. 511). Mrs, Elma Crowrier. Wanted TVBuy Comfortable bcdi-oom Phone 2T1-J. 625 W. Main. IBck-tf 'One and two room furnished apartments. 701 w. Ash. 18pk23 Large front room. 2 beds. Coiiven-1 lent lo bath. Phone 380. 8-ck-tf .Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma No-' len. 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tt 1 One flat-top desk; one typewriter desk; one used typewriter; nine four-drawer 1 filing cabinet; Small adding machine and large safe. Tom Little Chevrolet Co. 17ck24 Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH MINNOWS Earl Damcn. Cor. Railroad & Ky. Dairy For Sale Lumber. $18.00 per thousand r c et nt mill. Adjoining Clear t.ike Farm. D. n. Gamer, Armorcl. i 23-pk-B-23 FOR SALE—1937 .Ford pick-np' truck, Frigidairc drink coolHigi bos. two Dayton computing; scalrs,: . Hpbart. slicer, Allen adding machine,-two glass'show cases, meat', block, etc. TliiB property foreclosed and cnn be sold at bargain prices. Call Reid & Evrard, Blytheville, Phone 882. 21-ck-28 pj>«sfRctory onnilty nnrt service in Dairy products. Cnttle free of Bane's Disease. ti\ bust of physical condition. Call Mrs Grace Lowenr. 30?—i. for Halscll's Grede" A Haw Milk. Cream. Country Butter. Buttermilk, extra or holiday orders n ennourneed anytime. ftalmll's Dairy miprd r ^ind. Route 2 SAFE. 3Sx18. Weight 3500 pounds. TERMS. City, box 434. 5-ck-9-5 C>T3resi' Gum Oax, Ash timber on 400 acres of woodland, 8 miles soiitheasl Blytheville. D. R. Oar- ner, Armorcl. 3-pk-9-3 Welding EXPERT RI.RCTftIC ANO ACETYLENE WELDING ine and heavy wi specialty. Barksdafe Mfg, Co. Dray line and heavy welding a specialty. Phone 19 nr Res. 1(118 aeiiinff. Trotiinjr Extiert wpshinu and irnnins. Chean. Pouch dry and finish. r> quills One day seivice. Willie Dell Green, behind City Ice Plnnt. B-ck-9-B OOES YOUR GAR Shimmy, Wander, Weave WEAR AWAY YOUR TIRES? It's dangerous and expensive lo drive w'fh Steering Gear and Front Wheels fml of adjnst- nimt. Kccpinc them in gcna order is ST simrlc- nnd incxpcn- sivc you should never trust to clinnccs. ADJUST STEERING GEAR GEAR c- ftP 4 | Hf) | I * n ADJUSTMENT, ihirtins— adjusJituiit of all Ball -Socket joints — lightening front Spring Clips a,td Ics. (Parts E\tra). FREE FRONT END INSPECTION (The shove incliwcs a complete INSPECTION and REPORT on cnndilion of Wheel Alismmcnl and factors affeclinj lire wear.) PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ith &. Walnut Phone 810 Tee ICE-SCE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN ICE COI.D WATERMELONS A hovsc chestnut is not n chestnut; grapefruit is not related to grapes; pepper-grass is not a- grass; calla lilies arc not. lilies; and a pineapple is neither a pine nor an apple. THE, DISTRICT COUUT OP THE UNITED STATES, EASTERN DISTRICT OF ARKAN SAS, WESTERN bidder, ut the front door of the County courlhousc in niylhevllle Mississippi county, Arkansas, oj the 8th day of September, 1939, (it len o'clock hi the forenoon or soon thereafter, prior to three o'clock in the afls-nooii on the same dale, as may lie convenient for snld sale, (he following described personal properly, lo-wlt: A complete 3/i)o saw direct connected airblast cotton ginning outfit, more fully described, viz: 3—80 saw model 88 Drh Dir Conn Airblast Gins NO. , . willi couplings, ex-' tractor support casling and drive pulleys; 3/flO Saw multiple hill! extracting feeders No. , wit!: spouts, !)" hull conv. in steel box with drive, etc.; 1—48" Steel battery condenser N °- with hood, slide, supports and doivn dlscli, dust flues; I— 3/SO savv conveyor cllslr. No. 880 complete with hoppers, siwiit and shield ami drive. shaft, etc.; 1—50" Hal. Clnr. separator No. — with dust spout, inlet and outlet; , 1—50"x4 drum steel HO cleaner N O. with hood, dust pan, supporters, etc.; 1-^3/80 saw right hand lint flue system coniplete with short Bin , flues and incline No. 1 double box hydraulic steel down packing press complete with ram, cylinder, pump No. • with tank base, pulleys, tramper No. —^ with screen and feeders; 1—40 Airblast fan with intake .and attachments to gin nozzle; '1—40" elevator... suet ion' fan complete .with ' 'piping ' from wagon to separator, gate valve, piping to overflow .aha from separator to fan and from fan to seed and cotton house; t—25" hull fan complete with air connections to .extractors, etc. and to blow refuse to outside location; 1 line seed conveyor uiidcr gins and seed feeder; 1 line of 0" hull and mote conv. under gins 'for concrete V 'complete; '•• . , 2 le.xrope drives for airblast and suction fans; ' : i main belt, tightener, main TENNIS EXPERT HORIZONTAL 3,6 Former II. S. tennis champion. 12 Larval stage. 13 Do wry. 14 Percussion instrument. 15 Rabbits. 16 Tiny vegetable. 17 Form of "be." 18 Dry. 20 Either. 21 Pound. 22 .Subsisted. 24 Toward. 25 Respiratory sound. 27 To draw together. 29 To evade. .11 A rap. 33 Good fellow. 35 Drive. 36 Indian gold coin. • 38 Tree. 30 Strips blubber •tl Ucigning Answer tc- Frcvlous Puzzle •IS Southeast. 47 Enemy. 49 Gypsy. 50 Rubber tree. 53 Rumanian coin. 54 Awkward persons. 5G Hock containing metal. 58 She is fin excellent -— player. 43 Musical sound 50 She wns the 44 To board a .woman train. player ih J832 JO.Shc has in overseas matches." 21 To lo,id. 23 Vampire. : 25 Impolite. 26 Leader of dacoits. 28 Saxhorn. 30 To sing cheerfullyl 31 .Quack yd medicine. L 32 Tough IE! _ hcartwood. 34 Japanese family badges. 30 Masculine adults. 37 Portuguese coin. 4.0 To observe. 42 Antelope. 45 Garmont. VERTICAL 1 Laughter _ sound. .2 Senior. 3 Kalian coin'. 4 Sour plum. 5 Memorable. ,„„„„„„ 7 Impenetrable 47 Feudal hardness.. benefice 8 Heart. 3 Is indebted. 10 To besiege. . H Senior. . •15 Bird of prey. 54 Sun god. 16 She plays a 55 Street. strong or. 57 Electrical game. term. drive belt and pulley; nil transmissions Including slub slmfl, collars, pulleys, uelk and''hall •bcarln floor stands; trnmpcr right angle diivc countershaft • complete with bull bearing hangers, collars, couplings, pulleys and Ijells; Above lo te complete cotton' ginning plniit with telescope, valves, connections, etc. and nil transmission applliuiccs; situ-' alcd In the Comity of Mississippi, Stale of; Arkansas, iind located on the following described lands in said County, to-wlt: That piece or parcel curved out ot Ihc Northeast Quarter of Scution 17. lu Township 15 North, Kainje 11 E lls t ot the llfllt principal meridian, in Mississippi County. Arkansas, described as follows, to-w|l: Beghtnlne M, a iwiiit on liie East nnil West qunrlcr Section line, 721 feet Kast of Ihe Ccnler of Section n aforesaid; thence Ensl 09 (cot; thence 300 feet; thence Weil flD feet; thence South 3QU fret to Iho point of beginning;, or wlicccvci 1 siild personal properly may be. Said sitlc will be on a credit uf three months, and Cie piirclmscr I Wan led In Trail n A (.'000 RMILK Vw K'm\'K WOOD or anyttilnc; of value See A. K Wctrivh lilyllirvillc I'hone 312 or 700 Wert Optometrist "HE MAKES 'KM 8KB" Over jcre Tsaac.s' Store Phone 510 slinll be rpcinirfd lo execute n bond with sureties theiwm lo be tui- provi-d by the Special Master, nrtd a lien shall be retained upon said properly lo secure (he payment of .••aid bond; provided, If (ilnlnlltr KhnU become the purchaser nt said £n 'e It shall nmicd bond only for sni'li mi iniioiint BS their bid ex- cecils (he debt nnd cost iu'itn. Dnled: Augiisl 7, 1030. LEE CAZOIIT, Special Mn.slcr. O-lli-23-30 WAIlNlNd n the Chnnreo 1 Court, sawba Dklrlct, WRMssIp Chlcka- ii Coun- J. L. GUARD Optometrist Only Onidiialc Optometrist In Illjlhcvlllo. (ilasscs Filled Corrtcily ls v , Arkansas, Lillian Oberchi, I'tnlnllir, Vs. No, G9S1 Frank Oberchi. Dcfendnnt, The defendant, Frank Oberchi, Is warned lo appear within thirty days In the court mimed In Die caption hereof and answer the complain Of |1 !( . plaintiff, u\\lan Obercht, PHONB 2nii FOR YOU K POULTRY Nice, fnt liens mm fryers & oilier poultry nt nil times. ft'K IWKSS AN1> DKl-iVKH FllfcKI STICKLKlMJOOmVIN CO. <*« K, Main HEMORRHOIDS Cured Without Surgery, imil'(J«:iriiulc'wi A very .v:ifc mid hnrniless method; without conllhciiii-n|. lo .. l:ed. toss of (Hue fr imi wo ,. k ,, ml vvllll vwy , mi( , rt!scomt()vl JAII types of iilles. iisMirco, ll.slulas, clc., Irentcd by our orilce inciuods. BUS. N1ES & NIES oil M»ii, Bljth»yl)l., Art. •Vow Located at IUI North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON KDWAKUif, 1'roprlctor All ftlnkcs of Rtttinin TypcwrlU'rs, AdiUnj; MnchhiCH Cnlculalors—UciinlriiiK—i'atts—Itlbbonji I his 23ril day of Aug. 19J9. JiAHVEy Monnis, cieik Pnrllow & nrnfllcy, Altys. for Pltf. Percy A. Wrlghl, Ally. Ad Litcm. • 23-30-0-13 WAKNINH OKUKIl In Ihc . Clmncfi'y Coilil, Chlckil- sawba Dlstj-lcl, Mlsilv,l|»)ii County, Arkansas. Vela May Hntlcy, Pliilnllff, vs. No. C983 Elflc Halley, Defendant The defendant,, Elz|e Hatlcy, is yaincd to appear within thirty nays Irt lhe - colirl nartie'd In the caption hereof • and answer the complaint, 'of the plalivlitr Vela May Halley, , > Dated thlii 23id day ot Ailg lofo [iAHVrJY MOURIS, Clerk Pnrllow & Bradley, Allys. for Pltf Percy A. Wright, Ally. Ad Litem.) 23-30-0-13 *Ol£J5VBKYTniNG - By Clyde "ilcy.Joel Who Mm heck sold you your last batch ol eggs?" RY"FRED HARMAN 4B Your ,ind n\y. 51 Tennis stroke. 52 Before. ; 53 nehold. Saved b.v'Umim'l RE.U6ASE PRISONERS/ W 0UT SUDDENLY A' \-JHli-JlN STRIKED VAmiii'i^RAlSSO F1SIN6 'SQUfi.o, Wliii( Ik Likes GEE. DOtTHKT HOT UME OP VOURS SURE GOT US IN SOU WITH HELEN' HOVJ'D VOU /ITS NOT KMOW ALL THIS BUNK, / BUNK ABOUt'WHKT'S G0^1M^/^UUEy IT'S HKPPEN TOTKOV? r\HI5TORV! HOU&HT TO BE BC)T A HOMERIC^ LE&PMD, THIS TROJAN WAR IS NOW KNOWN TO BE THE FIRST GREAT WAR OF- HISTORY: OUR. FAIR HELEN,CARRIED — BY A T RO JAN PRINCE, WAS HUGE WAVY SO THAT'S WHERE \E)tAtTW» LOOK OUT VA GOT THAT CRACK I TOWARD THE SEA WELL.! WHAT SAY WE STICK AfJQLIND FOR A SP6LL? TAINT IN HO HURRY T'&O.HOME ABOUT TH' FACE THAT LAUMCHED THOUSAND SHIPS, EH? THE SHIPS AND TUG CAMP OF Tlie GREEKS BESIE&IH6 THE CITY RHRAR MAHTIA. BY UOY CRANK STOP BEA,TWa AROUNO THE BUSK. VOU OOIMS TO (SET WAT BEAUTY SKQET? 6WEME TME.CUBV PLEASE!! VOU DOtfT UUDEPSTAVJD THESE KIPPA-HULA WOMEU. TKEVfeE PECULIAR. THEY'VE SWOfill vauc LIFE AMO «U GWE ME THE RUM f'-RJ<:CKI,KS AND HIS FRIEND'S An Important Hcni OY MRRRIJ,!. RLOSSKH DID MUBBIM EVER ' WHERE He 10 WHAT HIS LASF NAME WAS ? AM APPLE VAtLEV ABOUT Tvvo HUMORED MILES NOR.TH OF HE«6 -—-A SMALL. PLACE —- X'VE BEBN TriROLXSM IT / WHERE WOULD WE GET THE DOUSH • TO BUY THAT MUCH

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