The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO • BLYTHEVILLE.' CARK.) COURIER NEWS TJ1U USD A Y, J_A>iUAKY 22, Friendship Just about the flnwt- thing That the fleeting years can bring Is the comfort.- of a friendship •', •'st'aujich >and true! Life is lull'of happiness. But all.other joys mean leas Thiin/.t'ne kindly (teeds a friendly hand will do. Wealth and fame are deariy 1) DUE lit IE. their benefits- are sojsht At the sacrifice of loyal, helpful friends; An .dthc-saddest man I know And the saddest man I know •All alone to where lib earthly journey ends. Friendship lights tlie darkest clay. And the rough and weary way Is. made pleasant by the suu- :;. ^shlr.e^pr a smile; Averi' J.°>* brings twice the cheer Wh'civ fijc .folks we love are near, "• And cur' friends' nnk: al! car '•••• blessings more worth-'i'hllc —Lawrence Hawthorne Delphian Leader W:. foil? Ml WOt TtlEif? BMC ft TlfiP OH Tilt. 18MK~- , ~ & MHHIH&- WAV 90IAE -fOLKV „ .I'AVW Club Meets. Tile Burdette 4-H .. ') met Thiirtday Ktternpon.for the foiio'.v- in<*. program: "What Is Expsc'.rl oi fS'i-'Club Member," William M-:Kay:< .-"Keeping a Good Rcccrci 0:1 the Record Book," VJelma Scoit; "Whnl a Field Crop Member Should Do Now," Arnold Ford: -\viiat Lin Slock Members sitfiilU Da Now," Ernest McAfee: 'What Poultry Club Members Sh.'.uk! EC- . Dcins Now." Mildred Jaraf.: "What darkening and Canning Club Members S;:ou!d Be Doing Now," Pauliii; Gnnctf. 'The Goal of Our Club," L. IS. Autry; "What Crop Club Members Should Be Doing Now." S. D. Cai-penter; "How \V= Con'.? Jleip Our Parents Right Now." Mios j Cora Lee Coleman.' « « * KnU'ilaiiLs Club. Mrs. j-iatvey ;W. Stewart w,i. hostess to the Mntlnee Contra.:' club Wednesday aiternoen. In the iiuerestiijs .. panics ' played Mrs. Chafes 'crigger jr., won the high score prize, a pottery pitcher. Delicious tuna fl£>. salad stuffed ir. tomatoes, Philadelphia cream Fanth'.-iches. p: i Ciin candy and tea refreshed the eight ladies. Mrs. Joe Von Almen will entertain .the club-next week. ' * * *• Club-Meets:-.- ...;:*• ' ,- : Miss j&ary SatterfieM of Mem- Society Calendar Thursday Mrs. J. Ncal Clesell is having the Young Matrons Bridge club.: The Mid-Wcek Bridge club' Is being entertained by Mrs. • :Cecil Slianc. niij Jewish Ladies aid.'society meeting in Oscaola at, the home n[ Mrs. E. M. Jallc.- The Young People's, cioss of the First l'resbyterlan ,. £Unday Khcol Is having 'a, buffet Supper at the home of Mi£. George H. Crockett. ....... Friday Tho Woman's club Is meeting at the club house at 2:30 o'clock.' The. Men's club of (he First Pres- oyterlnn uhurch Is having a dinner nectlng In Die social room of Ills; church. Saturday There will be a story hour at the Blythevllle library. M<i Bits of News Mostly Personal,". —YO-f? UiHihiiG UIWP -DWlfff VOJ— —' BRIDGE Mrs. Oeori'e Mclxiod was. taken, BV EDWARD C. WOLFK j by his original declaration, would to B Memphis hospital today- fo;- ] Jlcmlier of (he National Chnnipion- treatinent. Siie hns been ill for u I ~ ions time. Miss Frances Shults lias returned from Memphis where she spent able to ment!ou.*a stit in ' -------- "— "' "- ' '" Auction Team When partner has made a forcing bid and the responding hand is un- U>a week-end. W. H. Stovall and Dr. S. P. Martin were in New Madrid, Mo., Tii.-s- <lay attending court. Mrs. LtsltL- Hooper, Mrs. C. M. -Mi:.-. \VI!.UAJ1 MoL'OMU. ruy, Mrs. Lucy McAdams and Ma- Ion Gray spent Tuesday in Mom- Ms. They were accompanied Ir. ::ic iy Miss Mery Avden Galloway vv!u>. S the houscgucst of Mr, and Mr;,, j \KST K—A-K- 1 Carrol F. Dlnkemorc. • s—l-"> J °~-''^ J. C. Noah, of Memphis, is here-] H—Q-l-7- C ~ 6 Mrs, William McComb Honor Guest at Delphian Luncheon The purpose of the Delphian as- women's work, Mrs. McComb Is also sembly >vns Interestingly portrayed to members oi the local chapter by. Mi's, William McComb of Llttb Rock, state president, nt the lunc'n- phk-jasi"thDVguest-. of' JJiss qi'.ice-i^MvSVon |n her hgnor yesterday Webb ydter'day afternoon-' \vl:?ri] at iKc" liotcf Noble. sLio _entert,iincd the Wednesday llridge "club. : Mrs..E. ^C. Pattoiv.won tl-.e prize, hosiery," and Mrs. W. *B. Tnnnsr, a bride,i was given a towel. The,,'hostess served dainty refreshments of. pear salad, nut bread and coflee. • Club Jlfcts. e new weekly contract club. Mrs. McComb was (he honseguest of : Mf. and i\rrs. James IJ. Clark while In the cily for a brief slay before sbtiiR to Paragonld tcdnv where s!:i- is being complimented wltli sri afternoon reception. Preceding the luncheon the usual business and program meeting wns h3ld at which Mrs. McComb spoke. Mrs. Horace T. Culp wns leader of the program on the theme "Art I thereto, then bid the full limit of your hand in no trump. In other words, a minimum take out in no trump is an absolute denial of any lurther strength in the hand tnan that which has been declared. The'Bidding - NORTH S—fl-J-10-9-8-5-2 ,-. K-,V 'or fieveral duys on business. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Mack, fcr- mcrly of-herc : and now of Jor.,'.)Doro, were 'quests of Mrs. Josephine Srltu und daughter,.. Miss JeiiblL 1 . Tuesday. .. . : '<i.< Mrs. Riley '.Jones',Avas a vlsi'.or iii Wilson yesterday,! Roscoo L. 1 Moms has return::! D—Q-J-2 C—K-'iO- S-8 E*ST S—Q-3 H—5-3-2 D-K-9-4 C—7-5• 4-3-2 be deceiving his partner by bidding only two no trump. His additional one high card trick is consequently pro claimed by his bid oi three no trump. North, now being encouraged by the fact that South had mere strength than his original one diamond declaration guaranteed, responds with an invitation for slam, to-wit, five spades; South, because of this Invitation ami th° information obtained by virtue c! North's forcing bid of two spades, | Is entitled to take « gamble on a slam by bidding six spades. Tills maximum declaration can best b; place imlil dcuWe in bulk find In a moderately hot oven. bake as usual. The Inrse amount of yeast, used ... In this recipe makes it possible to Daily Menu shorten the" length of time requir- BREAKFAST—Crape fruit. c;r- ed for the dough to rise. | eal. cream, cinnamon rolls, milk, The next rule is excellent for coffee. LUNCHEON' — Mock salvages, delicious j creamed celery, new cniolit. rj;: j brenrt. cocoanut cookies 1 , mill:, tc.i. DINNER—Stewed chicken with cinnamon, mil or These sweet rolls with coflee. currant are Sweet Rolls noodles, glaced sweet p^tc with, cauliflower in cream r.~>v,c.", ^ , , . . i ttllli UlUllllU « V. Ill l-ttiwll ...' One yeast cake, s-4 cup luke-, d pjppermliit Q\'n\ li—Itft- 1 dull llMlt I rllTl 1' = ' ' r . warm water, 1 cup milk. 1 cup ice ctcam, chocolate flour. 1-3 cup sugar, 1-4 cup '"ci,. ' • I teaspoon salt. 2 egg-yolks, i ta- nulkl conce ' blespoons creamed butter, 1-2 cup sugar, 2 teaspoons cinnamon. Scald milk and cool to DIES AT THKOTTLS nOBO, Miss. (UP)-Th: U:L aci o[ C'r.aries S. Brant, H, v:!;: i >:i worm temperature. Dissolve yeast. cng i ncer O j the Y. « M. V. .-a::cake in lukc'.vann -,va;er mid add; road, was to putl '.:is fi;!:ja: tra:=i to milk. Add flour and beat \veil. fron; the main tracks iut'. r. s'..\Cover and let rise lor one hour.' ing. He die;! shortly afc^r t!:: SOUTH—DCALEP. ' S-K-< / H-l 0-9-3 D-A-10-8-7-6, C—n-0-1 Jonuerly kno™ ris the "Every O th-'' rvcasllrcs ° r P^rencc and er Week Contract Club" \vtis en- terlairieil by Mr£. : F.- B. Joynsr Wednesday afternoon -.vhen Mcs- damcs W. Leon Smith, C. R. Babcock and G. E. Keck were guests. Mrs. Roscos Cralton won the club prize, a powder box. and high sccre among the guests, a rccipo book, went to Mrs. G. E. Keck. The hostess served delicious refreshments. * * • Celebrates Birthday. A. N. Church surprised Mrs. Church with a party Wednesday evcnins complimenting htr upon her birthday. The 32 present cn- • joyed games and cdntens and later delicious refreshments of fruit jello and cake tvere served. The guest of honor received a number of intereitinj ijifts. * * • 3'. T. A. Plans lo Give ,1'iay. In the business session of the Venice." In speaking of [he Delphian ns- ECiubly, which has grown to have 300,000 members in the lust 20 ye:i-s, ' - ciiVd 'thrse for ils continuous growth: The supervised study and expression of thos? things necessary for tile best- educated woman develops the individual woman: she gains B nalionnl contact with other women of her realm and she lenrns to pass her ideas concerning such studies on lo others by self expression. An .outstanding \vn:nau in thni president o( the Arkansas Authors r.nd Composers association and is clmlnnoii of Literature of the. Arkansas Federation of Woman's clubs. The delicious menu was sefvi hi four courses to the 1Q member present. The table decorations showed the .Valentine motif also seen throughout the menu. - For the program preceding tV.e luncheon these talks were given: "A Resume of Thoughts," Mrs. Hov- ! nee T. Culp: "The Ciithedral Square-Hie Bargclln nml the Uffl- zi and Other Ancient Art Centers," Mrs. Frank Thrasher; "San Mavoo and Husklns' Essay on Mnrco." Mrs. A. J. Cole of Wilson; "Ducal Palace and the Guild Hall in the Academy," Mrs. otto Kochtlteky: "Stiidy of Pictures, the Cathedral and Companile of Florence and Venetian Architecture." Mrs. R. N. Wnre Jr. Mrs. F. p. Jacobs of Grlder, who has studied in Florence and Venice, displayed pictures of these art centers. First round: South one diamond, from St. Louis; where he was^ilh | W( , s!i pil5S _ North two sp , dt , s (forc _ ingt. East pass. Second round: South three no trump -(full limit), West pass, North five spades (invitation), East pass. .. Third round: - South six spades, VVcs: pass. North pass, East pass. Tile L'isentinl feature of this hand his mother ;who'is seriously ill a: St. Luke's hospital. .Marvin chappelle is attending to business in • Forrest City. R. L. Ocdinan was called to A;-- k|nsas City, 1 Ark., yesterday by [lie death of his mother, Mrs. Alice Dedman. ; - ' A Cancer and daughter. Miss Marie, of Senat-h, Mo., were gii3sts of Dr. and Mrs. Paul L. Tipton today. reached by the use of the forcing I A - da su sar. salt. lord, egg yolks j wheels stopped rolling. bid of two spades and the response aua CI! ™ 3h llcur to , m ^f a i:iJ U~: •- •• • 'dough. Knead on a lightly floured! A. 15 nihiutcs. Return to I /^ of three Instead of two no tri ump. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN • board for i mixing bowl, cover and let rise iuj 1 a ivarm place until double in bulk, i i Turn into a floured board and pal '• and roll Into a rectangular sheet j about 1-? inch thick and nvice as ; wide j creamed ^^ .it I end Headache 2 inch thick and rwice as p VENlhtmost . evcresic i thca< j 31:hcs I is long. Spread «"-h £ „. ,; nnshorttimcw he.lyou butter, sprinkle v.-ich sii- takcC:lpu ,lir.e. Iniliousaiidmfhswics and cinnamon mixed and roll | -,n OYCr America, 1 Capuilme is a s-.ind- lup like a jelly roll. Cut in slices i flr[ i h om c remedy, always on hand to about an inch chick put into i put an end to distressing pain- : x .- - a buitcr£d pan . Lct rise about an l Ginudine acts iirn-«f/ - BY SISTER MARY ._ I iiour in a warm until double atc |£ oiWin one-third thu tiivl ;'.;; -NBA Service Writer ... ' | in bulk, anil bake aOj^inutes in. a I rl .. qu j rat i by ot!|cr fprrus.'li UDnuin Many 'hostess?s like to serve hot oven. no narcotics, docs not disturb ciigcs- home-iuude rolls for i luncheon or supper. If not wanted will be nd ask Honor Roll Students at Dell School Listed state became of her ac'lvltlcs ill' Mrs. McComb. Aliaifa ?ie!b Now Mrs. G. O. Cmidlll, vice president, presided hi the business session. Mrs. James B. Clark Is president c[ the proup which enterlc.hied at lenst three and one-half high card tricks, -,>r at '.east one iiigh card trick in excess of that adver- tized by his original on« diamond DELL. Ark.—The following "pupils of the Dell school were on the honor roll for Uic past six'-wceks:' First grade—David Boron. Kline Emerson, Harry Gordon, .Loaise Meadows, Jcanette Simmons.' r | Second grade—Billy liullard. Cecil Metcalf. Lorene Chiimbcrs. Fje- da May Blair, Betty Armstrong!, Third grade—Jerlecn Evans. -\Iar- giierlte Simmons, Muriel Bullard. Fourth grade—Eugene Evans. Wil- mn Berry, Melvin Nuckclls. Fifth grade—Charles Armstrong, A. G. Emerson. Marie Ig'.chnrt. Sixth grade— Thclma Koehlev, Ilaymond Pinchbark. ' Eighth grade—Hays liendcrson, Robbie D. Hardin, Dorothy njair, Perdew. declaration North ovcrc.ills a forcing bid oi two spades to- trie reason lliat be has ut Icust two and a half lo llnvc high'card tricks. After this forcing bUI l:y North it is compulsory that t".:e bidding- remain ojisn until a game declaration has been reached. Eaii'lh's duty, therefore. K to give North all possible intonnation by his nest bid. First. South s'r.oukl respond with another ?ult bid if possible. Having r.o legitimate further suit bid and not sufficient strength in dia- f-j >ii •» IT - * •« iMaoie reraew. I'd! (Ilia VlCimty \ Nimu grade-Pansy Evans. •• f !"••» . r - - n - Wllcoxscn and Mr. l' Oi lTi:Q\VesttDcll Combs w I Net. • :UPi—Little i did trie Ainolii Brot::,'rs. farmer!; j near here, dream that, vvhi-n they 30-aerc field ut alfalfa 20 D - Central Ward Parent-Teacher as- years ago (hey were aiding farm- sociation Wednesday afternoon c:s of all niid-weslcrn stales, plans v:ere formulated lor the pro- | Tl:e origlnr,! Arnold lield is the ore Blytheville vlsi- U- Wllco.xien. Jr.. ami Ed- Cjmbs spent Sunciay at Mr. James Combs is improving after several days illness. Mr. Will seymore was n Dell visitor Monday. Yarbro 4-H Club Meets The 4-K club of Yarbro mot Wednesday at llu- Yarbro fcliooi build- Ins with J. E. Ctltz, county agricultural agent, and Miss COLT Lee Coleman, home rrv-'ir.onstr.ition agent, present. The meeting; was 'called to order by Either of the ru'r? r?.:i 1:? used ' linn and is approver! by doctors and for ice-box rolls. After the. (lough druggists. Even with the most loveic has b:en allowed to rise for the headache, relief comes very quickly, second time it is kneaded down. Sold «T)raeSinr«.iof.30# 4 «0i bodies brushed with melted butter and The first rule, baked in the pop-i kepi in the refrigerator until i ulnr "clover lonf" form, is partial- i wanted for baking. When ready larly good. Three small balls of I? use remove from bowl, knead j and bytbedoscac Sotlj Koumains. HlCKf dough are baked in each muffin ring to make the "clover leaves." 4 • • Clover Uaf Balls One cup ricccl potatoes. 2 compressed yeast cakes, 1-2 cup water in which iKnatoes were cooked, cups milk, 1-2 cull lard. 1-3 cup sugar, 2 teaspoons salt, 7 1-2 cups flour. Scald milk and add lard. and shape. to lukewarm temperature. Cool Cool 1-2 cup water in which potatoes were cooked to lukewarm temperature and add yeast cakes. Wnen cakes are dissolved acid to milk mor.ds to rebid that suit, he can wit ' n potmocs. sugar, salt and 1 1-2 cnly consider n response in no i cups flour. Beat thoroughly, covei and let stand in a warm place for trumps. -The question [hectare arises. "Shall South (who is com- pcllLd. to kep the bidding open) respond with a minimum takeout of two no trump or shall l:c bid the full limit of ills har.d?" Clearly Scut-h. having at least one high card trick more than lie advertised renting of a home talent play. "The ; ••n-.o-.hci" to most of the alfalfa Mr Ge—e nurc'i vid Mr r- ra " Cd l ° °" icr b) ' lllc l nr: > Went . Puppets Play," at a' near date. For I lands oi Nebraska nnd nuny of the B Bmich'wevc Dell visitors Tucs I ', ! "" i " C ^^ Ti " CV:l Jo:1 - s was next month's meeting "Daddy's j tracts of other western ,;ales Tre dav nicl t ilics -,| elected song captain. Night." will be observed with fath- rvarlety of alfalfa has proven to b: J : j in:l " 5 wcre mncic lcr llle >J:ning out. The brothers have named their crop "Hardistan." ers of students as guests of hon :r. icne of tl:c most adaptable to se- Sslecticns by the Kiddie Band, ! vsr e "inter conditions. Ii will iio: made up of stuc'-.nts in Mrs. Jo. Trieschman's room, a v.iik --.< Mrs. Howard B. Procter on "Il^jiics of Children'' as taken frc-n the child Welfare magazine nnd the rcac'"; of t^e president's mcssase by Mrs. 3ra Gray made up the program. Scculs Attend Parly. IJusCR Replace Street C'ar.s ZANESVILLE, O. (UP)—Busses year's program of social even:.-, and individual projects. ted Hospital Noics Williams, citv. v..1^ n'upu- to Hit Blythcville i-.j-i>::al!' nm! I trnnsi»rtatlon interests lo operate 1 under a franchise. The city coun-1 cil negotiated with Hie Zanesvilie 1 Rapid Transit Company fo; ] busses following curtailment of street car service. . The pituitary glnnd. a littl 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Carolina Woman Lost 47 Lbs. In 3 .llnutlis und l-'cels Years Younger cue hour, nnd knead Add remaining flour on a lightly floured board for ten minutes. Return to j mixing bowl, and let stand tvo| hoars. The dough should double j in bulk. Shape into rolls and let .lave you passec the noonday of Life ! Then maim the Vfoiru rand happy l>\ keeping your strength nml health. AI-, nnfniKng icnrniiijf "/ n r«i«/oicr» condition if thu iliniinisliing o/ the rcil-blootl-celh. TWICE WHEN CARDU HELPED I,:idy Tells of Xurvous, Wcnli Condition Which This iMcilicinc Ki-liercd. CORSICANA. Texas.—Mentioning A DEFICIENCY of red-ccllr, in the blood is usually followed physical exhaustion, loss of appetite, nnder- •wcight, nervous- "I liavr been lakir.s: Kruschi'ii [ a disorder which troubled her Salts for nearly ;i months. I have | early womanhood. Mrs. Drucilla | crintinnj'd taking ci:ie Calartcd bleed Commo build up nnd envicli your lil:iO<l, ftivc you new life and vitality! Your njipclitc will pick up—yo ; \ will Tecl iikeyoursclf acain 1 . flic down roaut brighL hy keeping ness anil pimples your rcd-Wood-cells fightir.c; for iind l;oils. When yon. Get the large bizc. At all your red-blood- drugstores. CS.E.S.cs. cells are only SO^o you arc NOT yourself—OO'o is very dangerous. ns. l na\i- cauv womaiinixni. *wis. O^IIU.IIK*, , f«i. nT , in lea,poonful|Lipford of 512- South Ninotrenth, every l^f'Wo_step bo token to war in water every morning. I Street, this city, says she. obtnincd I then weighed 217 paunds. was al- Cuiv L'nlds, lleiiiiui-hi's, I'evcv "*, s boinere.-l with p.-.ius in my l " l j erf CAIWp | back and lower pavi ol abdomen Cures liaby's Cnld nib'it, were gu"jls o: n-;r:nan and Biil Turner in coia'oralins Bills 13lh birthday. After .games, ar.d in the vdches. hot chocolate drinks were served. Until 1871 comnlviltn Eriliih Army cou!d 1* iibl.iir.ed by music, sand- j purchase. | just- below the skull, controls [growth. If it is over-active, slants' are produced: if not active enough i growth is stunted. and coldl ]lc-cm Gives an Assembly Program. Students of Roscoe L. Morris' room in the Sudbury c^msntary f.ei:ool gave an assembly program today in the form of a burlOKUr entertainment. Members of tnc facility . and other students of the tthocl were impersonated in a series of clever siimts in a one act performance. iv~-i>y\ tiirv ,,,,,, S t ia boilhig wattr afid inbalo i vapors; also snuff up none. OVCRJPkllUON JArfSUSEO YEARIY In my riear nephew. ~F;r.!«.y Cart- v.rijht. Jr.. who pa}Kd. away, just one ycai 1 aqo Wednci'i.iv. J,in 21 1530. A happy home we rnjoycd How swtft t>.; mrmcr. still But death has loll a Imilncbs This world can never till. Ke bade no or.c a bsi, farrwcll He saiti good bye to none His lovin.! heart had ceased to beat Before we knew he was gon?. Cur hearts arc sad with pain Life without you will never be the same Sleep on, dear Finlcy and take your rest, We loved you. but God Idvcd you best. MRS. VIRGIL GREENE. AU blood -sucking u-.sccts arc pro- vldcti with btilettos. .ir lana-r- with be pierced. The jobin Is the m»M co:nm.;iu bird ill the United States, while the i sparrow comes second. ' An Asiatic expedilion miner Roy I Chapman Andrews discovered dino- ! iaur's eggs in Mongolia, in 1923. I fc •'!"/»UV/*A§ 8/^UC klSGnl COUGnS |^ Positively stopped almost in- S5c stantly \s*itli one swallow of CC'c THOXINE Kirby-Bell Drug 90.. and Kiiby Drug Co., Dorit Risk Neglect / Kiilnoy DisfHilcri* An- Too Serious to Ignore. 1( bothered with bladder irritations, getting up at night and constant backache, don't lake chances! Help your kidneys at the first sign ofdisordcr. Use Dunn's Piils. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorstd by hundreds o( thousands of grateful users. Get Doan's today. Sold everywhere. Doan's ai:d sides. "Now ] am plat] well lec-i >o t ,iy I HIH Mronger. correct such a condition. Take •ills /i Btlf&Ef/C fOR years younger and my weight is 170 pounds. I (So not only Ice! bel- ter but Ijook uci.tor. so all my friends say. "t shall iicvn- be wUhrjiu Kruschen Salt^. will nru'r rcar;C taking my daily dose ar.d mure than glad relief through her mother's confi-1 S.S.S. teloro each meal. H deiice in n well-known medicine r— which women have used for over fifty years. "Mother thought Cavdui \umld help me." writes Mrs. Upforci. ••«> she got it for me. and it wasn't loni; until I was all v'.;ht. K corrected my trouble in just a little while, and I felt good. "After I was married, this irou- ble came tack. I felt weak Dud no , account most of the time. Mv to highly recommend it for the , bark ached, and I would have nrr- fircat. pood Or,: is hi n " Mrs. S.I \ous- spells when T. lelt blue anrl A. Solomon. Now licrn. N. c.. J;in. i (icppnnrtcnt. 1 did not c::joy doniij 103i)." "P. S. You may Hiini; I .im unylhiug. I never valued food cxaggr-ialir.f by -.u'ltini; such a ; health until I did not luvc it. | iciif; letter bm tr;:ly 1 reel .-,o in-: "1 rumcmbcrcrl how Carditi had" dcblcd to you for puttiiK out s-uch heliml me before, so I brs.ui to wonderful tails that I cannot say lake- it again. i enough." i "I improved from the ins;, l; A bottle of Kills,In;i Sails that i tcok teven botllrs. as it was d:iin5 lasV-i 4 wcrki costs but So cents me so much good. I did not stop at Kirby Dru L ' Co.. nml drussWs until 1 was in good health." ! the world over. Tako one half lea- I ] spoon in LI of hot u.ilcr every ' I mornin? bffoi'o bvc.iklas'.. Attention to diet \u-l help—cut out pastry and InUy mcat^—:;o; light on potatoes, butter, cream and ! sut;.ir—the Krii^clisn w:iy is tlie j sate way to !c<o fat Trv one bfll- llc and if no: p\Ju.iy ^aiisricci—j mor.i'V back. -Ariv. 2 [ Theaford's Dlack-Drausl'.l j-oc] : should also l:o used, us n laxa- j • live, tn connection with Cardui. i sense, suggestf that Builds Sturdy Health inl-Ad Service is liku i tiniit! uiiily Switch Hoard. itnsmit >onr dtsirts to s Ad-Ti-.kei- . . • iis llu> i-onncclion you jiud ;i special iiiterrsU'd piirtics . ;i!i«l most direct iih rostills. an Ad-Take^

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