The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1934
Page 8
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• PAtlE- EIGHT BLVTHEVILI.R, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS i er, and "Lefty" ntmcr, a south- 1 jnnw, pitching In mld-wason form, I ' holding the 1 Pedagogues to ton ;' scattered lilts, Robinson mixed their twelve nils with an even down nilscues by the Instructors to run away with their game. "Ace" Piic-kelt. on tlie mound lor the- Teachers, pitched creditable i' hall mid with good sujiywrt. would piobaWy have (ami licltor. i Carl Oaisikp with tlirce lilts and 1 -- . I four runs ltd In the httllnfi. l>ot- rlPrs nnt\ KivllV Oil, 1 "' Mnrsh Callinvny Jr. nnil Kod- ncn, ,<imi iyii>) " ' ory c . omn i )liu ,<i i,,,,,^ runs. Mar.* l.OSing ElKl as Soil nalhCalluw.iy -a-., Hairy Alkliw, ami • : chnrltt Kromer each gathered two lllS. 'lilm for the Ifcen,. Kramer also ' : u!iiy«] a flno numf In llw flelii. noblman D:ug company and Kir by Dpfrnsn i.'rarks Pnf.itm» Bilbaul larlor got olt Ui Mu-r holding ilw I'usllmcrs to filing starts In the Soft Ball four hltn and one run In four fragile opening last night by win- ' Inning*, the itt'lcmo of Kltoy plug 'their eanws. T<outn.'on dc- cracked wide opi-n In the fifth, /ralert the Teachers. 11-10. while f-rjr cmi.sccullvi" i-rrnrs will 11 two Ktrby DniR dropped a 13-8 di 1 - : bagger ii'sultinn In four run'; and clsion to Rock -Sahlia's crew. 15e- l\!iis: the .scon:. In tin 1 Mslh. Klr- tpllc the cool weather iippruxl- . by si'fflvd u pair to (oi«c iiheacl, ruately 250 witnessed the twin lillU 7-ii. after the iwol ttiim hnil ]>:a v i'd iindi?:' the 11'ihLs at llalcy counted mn-e. but lull into their lie-id. niiiiR ways In lliL 1 llnal innlhi;, Will] "I'.:ck" Potter, rl'^hl hand- 1'o.stlwi' IiinielUii'j four hit* with n • DCglll ' five «rors to wor* wv«n run*.' flPII ITflnn • I flOF Lutes, pitching for Klrby, alloMd UL Ufl I MUU |I|UL eleven lilts while Smotherman al- ill IIH I lUliI I UuL lowed o;ie less and finished strong. »•«•••" «•••« «•!»»»»• Bunch hammered out a liome run for Pastime while Freeman got n four baser for Klrby. Three fast double plays were turned In by the Kirby Infield. 'File Ira scores. ( First (limit Hobliuson Urotjdon, cf ... Crowe -ss Itlmer, Ib-p ... ; rotter p-lb-c .. Callawoy, Jr. c .. noush. ss Ganske lib .... fiotlery. If Hale. 'Jl> Pinker rf 4 , ^~ vk last Time Today i T BL I ""'•• 2:; « ) . '"-'•" __________ Nile GM!i. 10-S. r ,c . 4 The Wonder Shon: of (he Wonder Century 10 GREAT DRAMATIC STARS (ioo «.i.0!tioi;s (iiitr.s WONDER BAR' Lnitfjhtcr! Sony! Drama! Spectacle! Kititnalriek Travel Talk "TFIJKT" :Moyie Mi'moriiis - - Soni; Hit Stories Totals jTciicliers i Kramer c jHolland :tb-lb .. Fi tend F.s-31i-2b iBninetL »i i Ncvlii 1 ; .If 'Atkins Ih-cf ,.. Pnekell p Cdlluwny dr. rf Stciliinin 3u-e .. Hunt ss Robert* cf Moslcy cf Totals Score hy Innings: 'fcachers Robln.son Umpire—John Welsb!ird. All U 4 ^ 4 4 4 4 4 4 li 4 39 1 2 •2 2 ;fl 1 4 •I 0 0 n All R 4 2 a HPOA 0 1 2 2 1 0 3 2 1 0 1 I 7 4 4 0 0 1 2 1 21 0 2 1 2 0 1 1 0 3 0 10 11 I'D A 2 II 2 I; 3 i E 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 2 0 K 1 n Yankees Take Athletics, Pirates Defeat Cards, Indians. Win. New Memphis Defeats Little Rock and Birmingham Wins Over Pels. Only two games were played In 4 1 0 I the Southern I-eanue yesterday. In one the Memphis Chicles defeated the Utlle Roek Travelers and In York's world champion another the Birmingham Baron? Giants turned In their third beat the New Orleans Pelicans, « victory of the season yes- to 5 UTdny winning over the Phillies, i „ c ,,, cks ,, lt the offerln?s of •i to 0. The Senators American follr ,. luk , . Rock plt ehers'Jor 13 -eamic champs wem down twice , )IL , nnrt won ,, to G )n casy ?™ i"!L^ Ston W " Sm - 5 "V nshlon despite the fact that the ll'obs flarnered 14 hits off Mem- won behind the p |i ls i, ur ii n ,,, Ettcn, Peb first PItcliliiK of Parmele* and . t . 1ckcr . ^ two triples,'a double .r! V.i , ric Giants ? ? S ?i '",T' A" *" vo , UP ^" ly five hits and a single In four times at bat. i i ° i i'o'm Cn , thcm ; Tlic ?, lanu 8ot to Chapman drove in four runs for 22402 Ml,,.; for onlv four blows hut one lhc " chi( . Xs . Touchslolle was , ne "•131 was Terry's Homer In the first W | nnlng p | lcher . 0 0 0 0 3 2 00001 00000 35 10 a ID 10 \'i H. H. E. 001 400 5-10 9 12 040 \m x—18 12 5 Smith; .scorer— ClnclnnaU team, sweeping the se- , raa ,. Ncw Orleans scored four rie* with the Kedlegs. Malone' of Us rulls i n .the eighth innlh'g. -out Die route for the Bruins and Dunawny was the winning pitch- Derrlnger was the losing pitcher.. el and Bryant the loser. Daniel .abUv- HnrtiwU hit n homer for ,,, t for the circuit, he Cubs. Hatone deserved a | The Nasnvlrre . Allnn(n Bame w!>s rained out' and a .similar mishap prevented' the Chattahooga-Knox- ville tilt, • , .' Vaudeville Saturday .MATFNEB anil NIGHT—1 ftc - 2fic- On the Stafje in Person HANK FHHBS, IWIE COWBOY AND TRICK ROPKIl' and His Company of Western Stars PRESENT!N'G A TYPICAL WESTERN SHOW • THE ENTIRE FAMILY WILL ENJOY Second Pastime rfoore. c Smolhcrninn p .. enklns 3b Hover ib ' lames .If lunch ss .ttlwcll ss lulte.y 2b ...'.'.. MiMllln ef Totals .... Klruy Goodmnn c cs p .... 'osier Ih .. •Vecmnn 2h Sdritz Jb .. Mlbbin ss .. Inrdaway ss lamby rf- .. fJothrock cf Morgan cf . Tyronnc cf Baton If ... Ali R HPOA E 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 1 2 3 1 1 1 2 1 t 0 0 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 2 1 0020 002 2 1 U 30 13 11 20x 7_ 7 AB R HPOA E lining. Tlie Chicago Cubs defeated thc The Baroas beat the New Orleans Pelicans 6 to 5 at New Or- 'huloiit but Stalnback lost a fly .11 the sun and the hitter even- .Ht)llv_. scored. FOB broke up tlie Braves and Dodgers Kame. at New York with the. snnre ' tied at 1.-1 in the-Bev- ntl' Iriuln-'. Walter Beck and Tom Zachnrv had engaged In a hurl-j duel with Beck allowing only three hits. Bhrkhafer Comes Bock The PlttsburRh Pirates beat the Cardinals H to 4 at SI. Louis. Elrkhofer. sent to the showers by exhibition here Tuesday night In 'he Cards two days ago, returned (Westing Tony Liwo of Memphis, 'o hold the Cards to eight hits, two out of three falls. The Blics got 13 blows oft Halla- I Knickle won the second and third ha". Hhem-and Mooricy. [falls after Unro-took the first. It The Boston Red Sox beat Joe [ was Hie second victory for Knickle Cronln's Senators, scoring a ninth over Lawo in as many nights |"nln? run to win 5 to 4. They Knickle having won at Blythevllle Freddie Knickle Makes Hit With Cape Fandom ] CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo.—Freddie Knickle of Birmingham, Ala., tlulmunt of tlw junior middleweight title of America, gave a colorful 4 0 4 1 :i l 4 1 4 2 -I 1 2 1 4 2 1 1 then turned the trick again 00 . 5 0 ' llii! second game. 7 to 3. Waloerg I 0 2 2 In Monday nlg'.:l. In a preliminary match Roy 000 I 3 0 '0 j prut Rhodes hurled, .the opener ,and 'i Welch won over Bill Faulkner and 2 ' Wplc !'. " le second:-, Welch heid',the continued 1 as a local favorite. l Nuis to .live 'blows'. Crowdcr" iind I - : ---- : — State Champion Lapidet Prim were the losing The Chicago /While Sox defeated the Detroit,'/Tigers 9 to 8 at 00100 c htcngo. Gosljh and Gehrlnger l«it hard for the Tigers, the lat- 'er getting a homer. Wyatt was the winning and Auker the losing plteher. . . The New York Yankees wal- 0 1 0 0 I 0 0 0000 1001 37 B ID 21 11 ID Innings: R. H. E. '100 041 7—13 11 1 500 002 1— 8 10 10 Umpire—John Smith. Krpt Him Young ESSEX. Conn. (UP)—Geoi'uc K. 94. believes the only way to keep young Is to "ffl fishing." This year he was one of the to ' Hike out n license. For years he has fished In "any stream big enough to hold a trout" and he Is « regular seasonal visitor- at Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and the Boston Sixirlsmen's Slww. Ready for District Meet OSCEOI.A. Ark.— Meh'ln Lapides \,'ho holds the Arkansas stats 100- ynrd Uash championship, Kill represent Osceola high school -in that loped . the - Phlladelnhia AthJetlcsl at Phlladelohia. The score was '^'jo Dickey hit „ homer and was 10 to 4. John the losln the Inner. The Cleveland Indians beat the St. Louis Browns 3 to'2 ot Cleveand. The Indians won when Vos* mlk crashed a homer into the hleuchers In thc eighth Innln? with Pvtlak on base. Tlie Indians used three pitchers with Weine- B J? nl '' o A & M »| M * "' ""^ S » t - Tcmpcriitures on Mara RL are ns low as 11 degrees 7ero. night below FRIDAY, APJUL 20, 1934 ^OU naiimllf expect Ftutlipt 66 to L r*higherintchinoibcrmotorfacls, 'icn you know that Phillip] it tht . uld's lirnitH producer of nuurilhigh -t gasoliar. Just look tt the (nvirf (or high t«t) -.urei, it the right. Thty pro»e «h»t your • .peciiiion is 100 per c«« cornet. Then ask yourself why Phillips pub. .>Ses these icurec moMk after fflooth t .ile otWrs dot not! Obriouily the r«- '.n is th« Phillip* figuxcj mn higher, Phillips welcomes uty lad all com- .-irisons based on fict. for tictii engine!, ihi* gn*itr gatlift ii » rcml Spring toaic .; . scientifically mucbed to the weather bjr the Phillips pioneer principle of CONTROLLED VOLA- TJUTY. Efttj gallon is high test, and eiery high ten particle puts new snap and power back of e»h inch of piston travel, liteos up acceleration. Adds mileage, too! Since you doo'c haTe to pay a penny extra for it, bow can you possibly lose by trying a tankful! PH1LL-UP with PHIiups thcYery next time you see the Orange and Black 66 shield. 62.0 66.5 yiGHESTTEST"^:/. it the price of ordinary gasoline We Invite You fa the, garner gelling credit, for the vie- ] athletic meet broad jump and a relay, team jvil be . chosen from among the five Osceola nthlcics who will, be .entered in the meet. The other three are Ned Ayers, Harold Hen- drlcks and Cecil O'dham. •••' ....Announcement of the. entrants was made by Coach 'Carrol Bird, who will accompany .them "to the COLEMfiN RRNGE REVUE AT OUR STORE - APRIL 23rd TO 28th I Come In and See the Amazing New. lory. Wells was the loser. — On the Screen — W. C. I'M ELDS. BUSTER CHABHE, JOAN MARSH and ADRIENNK AAIES in THAT GREAT LAUGH HIT 6 YOUR TELLING ME' SERIAL AND CARTOON Now Understands Why Gly-Cas Gets So Much Praise Mr. \yoolrlridge Relieved of 12 Years Suffering After All Other Medicines Had Failed to Help Him. "I was so discouraged being so thin, run down, and worn-out all the time, and could find nothing to help me \m\\\ l was finally persuaded to give Gly-Cas a trial- it was wonderful," said Mr. W. T. Wooidridge. Route 3, Blythrvlllc, STANDINGS SOUTHERN LEAGUE W. IO Nashville Memphis New Orleans Chattanooga Knoxville Birmingham Lit lie Rock Atlanla 1 NATIONAL tEAGlFF, W. L. Chicago ............ 3 0 Pet. 1.000 .607 .667 .500 .500 .333 .333 .000 Pot. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE .Memphis at Little Rock. Atlanta at Nashville." Chattanooga at Knqxvllle. New Orleans at Birmingham.. NATIONAL LEAUUE Philadelphia at Brooklyn. Pittsburgh at Cincinnati. Boston at New York. Chicago at St. Louis. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York at Boston. St. Louis at Chicago. Detroit at Cleveland. Washington at Philadelphia. New York Pittsburgh Brooklyn Boslon S;. Loms ........... i Cincinnati .......... o Philadelphia ........ o .......... 3 .......... 2 1 \ |•"£! The. George Washington bridge '•K™ in Nev YorK City is llw world'.* •»'''I longest suspension 'bridge. SUNDAY-MONDAY MATIN EH iintl NIGHT—tOc - -15c S Months on Rroatt- wav id;d in by rich and irtle women ....this handsome yount? doctor £<£ ^ fought to live his own life! Gate? tv* '.'•' ^rand Ih the film sensattoii from the Jtage hit! with JEAN HERSHOLT. 'ELIZABETH ALLAN and OTTO KRUGER A Metro-Coldwyn-Mayer Picture ?rom the Play by Sidney Kingsley by Richard Doleslavsky :Prcdiiced by Monla Bell PARAMOUNT NEWS Technicolor Musical "Not Tonight Josephine" with Frank McHugh and Kitty Kelly AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. Detroit 5 1 Clevx-laiid 2 1 New York 2 1 Boston a 2 Washington 2 2 Philadelphia i 2 St. Louis 1 2 Chicago i 2 Read Courier News Wfint Ads. WRESTLING FREDDIE KNICHEL TOMMY^TASSAS ROY WELCH RAY MYERS ARMORY, MONDAY NITE MYRNA LOY MR. W. T. WOOLOKIBGE well known local farmer. "I could revcr enjoy my menls knowing the terrible attacks of Indigestion I would have afterwards. My foods soured, would become short of breath and so nervous I was confined to bed at times. Rheu inatLMn settled In my hip and crippled me until I couM hardly walk at times. But Gly-Cas wasted no time In helping me once I gave H a chance and today It is casy for me to understand why EC many people are prulslng this new remedy—It deserves it. Why my stomach and bowels were icgulatcd almost at one* and even thai dreadful rheumatism h»s been relieved. It is wonderful that siif- lerlng people can get a medicine like this Oly-Cas. It has given me my old pep, T am able to •vork, stronger and feel better in every way." Gly-cai is sold by Ktrby Bros. Drug Co., BlyUievllte, and by all leading drug stores In surround- Ins tnwns. 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