The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 27, 1951
Page 9
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MONDAY, AUGUST 27, 1951 BtATHEVIIXE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS lfW.1 Strong Southeast Europe Believed Aim of Harriman In Visit to Marsha! Tito BLED, Yugoslavia, Aug. 27. (API —Formation of « strong defensive bloc against Russian Imuerlallsin In southeastern Europe Is believed here to have hen the aim of w. Averell Hnrrirnan's week-end visit j$o Marshal Tito. . Harriman, President. Truman's top-ranking diplomatic trouble shooter, paused In Yugoslavia Saturday and Sunday en route from Tehran. Iran, to London. It is an open secret that the U.S.. Britain and various other Atlantic Pact countries would like countries in this area—Yugoslavia. Greece. Turkey and perhaps Italy—to draw together in a military alliance. Collectively they could mount enough strength in fighting men nnd material to challenge, with American help, Soviet hopes of obtaining a controlling position In the Mediterranean. Yugoslavia has an army second in size only to Russia on the European continent; the Greek army has been toughened by its experiences in the recently-ended civil war and IS equipped by the U.S." The Turks always have proved formidable foes. Dream started In 194ft The U.S.' State Department and Joint Chiefs of Staff dreamed of such an alliance as long ago as 1946. At lhat time. Tito sill! was allied with the Kremlin. Support for the alliance was demonstrated by congressional passage of the Greek-Turkey aid bill which bolstered anti-Russian morale in both countries. ^f,With the split between Tito and Stalin the situation improved further. Yugoslavia, while insisting on a neutral position, had to turn to the West for economic aid and military equipment no longer available from its one time Communist allies. All these factors were brought out over the luncheon table Saturday where Harriman and Tito sat talk- irg for-five hours. Kmphasis N'ot Too Strong It is doubtful if tile chain-smoking Harriman em pha sized too strongly the U.S. -lesire for a southeast Europe alliance since he is well aware of how "ispicious and resentful other ( countries are of American interference 1 in their if- fairs. But it is probable that he emphasized^to Tito that the spigots of American aid—both military and economic—would be opened wider if Yugoslavia will say frankly where it will stand in event of a third world war. Harriman, who lias had wide diplomatic exnerience in London, Moscow and Washington, looks at the nroblem of southeaster]! Europe from a geographical rather than a political point of view. It Seem* Natural To him it seems natural lhat Yugoslavia, Greece and Turkey should be drawn together tor protection against Russia despite their political differences. It Is » bit different in the case of Italy. Open wounds still remain between Yugoslavs and Italians stemming from the Italian Peace Treaty. Until such questions as the future of Trieste are solved there seems little chance of partnership. Harriman spent Saturday night in a villa across a lake from Tito's home. Notes of the American song "Solitude" drifted over the water- expressing Yugoslavia's present position In the world. Perhaps Harriman's (alks have helped to change the tune. Polio Victim Becomes Top Model and Movie Starlet Ike's' GOP Supporters Content to 'Rock Along' WASHINGTON, Aug. 37. (AP) — Gen, Dwight D. Eisenhower's Republican supporters evidently are content to let hl» prospective Presidential candidacy rock along while without nudging. Senator Duff (R-Pa), regarded as one of the leaders ol the Eisenhower boom, has told Senate friends he is content not to beat up the political bushes until after Congress quite, probably In October. Duff apparently Is well pleased with the way things are going in the absence of any definite assurance from Eisenhower thai he will be availably tor th« Republican nomination. v ^. It ift the Pennsylvania senator's •Kitude that a groilndswell from the Wnks Is worth several manufactured wave* of sentiment. And he apparently thinks the groundswell is on. Senator Saltonstall (R-Mass) came out for Eisenhower yesterday Appearing on a television program he called the general "the best man at the present time." Bewey May Renew Effort* The return of GOT. Thomas E Dewey of New York from »n Inspection trip to the Far East Is expected to bring renewed efforts from the Dewey camp In behalf of Eisenhower's potential candidacy. The New York governor has been Invited to the White House, ma> write some magazine articles anc probably has some speeches up his sleeve. It will not be difficult for him to slip In a few words for Eisenhower on occasion. The Dewey campaign 1» regard- id with some suspicion by others In the Elsenhower camp who apparently feel that the New York governor wo'uld be willing to bid . (j£ a third party presidential nom- «S>tion If the general makes It plain he Isn't available. Dewey and Duff, for Instance •eemed to be dealing somewhat PROGRAM SCHEDULE KOSE »«0 On Tonr Dial Tuesday, August 28, 1951 MORNING ' 5:15—Sign On •VIS—Musical Round Up 6:00—Newi 6:05—Farm Fair 6:15—Musical Round Up 6:30—Gospel Gems 6:45—Southern Gospel Singers 7:00—News 7:05—Yawntn' In Mawnln' 8:00—News 8:15—Bing Sings 8:30--XOSE Kapers 9:00--Woman's Viewpoint «:30—Tin Pan Alley 9:<5—Dearest Mother 10:00--News >JB:05--Modem Concert Hall v3):30— Meet tht Band 11:00- News 11:05—Farm Prolici AFTERNOON 12:00 -News 12:15—Noon Serenade 12:30—Cotton Area forecast 1:00—Behind the World News 1:05—Matinee Melodies 1:30—Guest Star 1:45—Navy Band 2:00—News , 2:05—Hillbilly Round Up 3-00 News 3:05—Hep lime 4:00 Hews »:05—Murray's Madhouse 5:00—News 5:05—Record Rack 6:00—Buchanan Scoreboard «:!.">- Stars on Parade 6:30—News 6:35—Evening Serenade fi:4.i—Sl?n Off arm's length In backing Eisenhow- •. Duff has made it pretty clear -B doesn't want the Republicans to wind up with Dewey as their candidate 11 they don't get Eisenhower J>arbj- Won't Back De»r.T Similarly, former Senator Harry Darby of Kansas, an unofficial campaign manager of sorts for the Eisenhower camp, has said publicly that he would not support Dewey— i he did twice before—In a bid for the nomination. Friends of Senator Taft (R-Ohiol. whose race for the nomination Is still .unofficial, said they are satisfied with the Impression he made -1 a. New England tour last week. Taft would like to break Into the eastern seaboard with some convention delegate support to add to the Middle West and Southern strength he is credited with having. Senator Brewster (R-Me) Is doing his best to help Taft out in that Effort. However, Senator Margaret Chase Smith stayed away from the Taft appearance is her state and is regarded by the Elsenhower followers as one of them. SLIDE, BABY, SLIDE — If you're ever had to take a baby .•arriage up and down stairs to give baby a daily slroll, you'll know what prompted, the invention of this novel stroller in Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to four regular wheels, the carriage has sled- like runners thai take over when the going gets rough. The runners turn a bumpy stairs into one long, smooth.glide. By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 31. (1ft — ari Blanchard, recently New York's top model of bathing suits and now a promising movie starlet, walking down a studio street and evoking whistles from admiring ma the muscles working, Her theory "You'd never suspect," remarked I was thai whatever part of the body bystander, "that she was once I we do not me will wither and die. cripiiied by pulio." Mari. a/vivacious, York Changed Her Nmm« "I changed my name from Mary to Mari/' said the beauty, "because models are always trying to get tome distinctive name. Alter a while I found there were many model* calling themselves Mari and even some actresses in Hollywood." Soon she was in great demand as a model of swim suits, since her shapely girl wlio has ail the physical assets for Hollywood stardom, told me her story as we lunched at the Brown D«rby. "I w?.s nine when polio struck." she related. "I was paralyzed below the hips, in my right arm and ihe right side cf my face. My mother —thanlt God—was a physical therapist and she had been working for .years on (he treatment of polio along the srine lines as Sister Kenny. Slic wouldn't let the doctors put me in a cast. Instead, she slart- ed me exercising. "She drew a line along the ceiling of my room and told me to Imagine I wa-s a soldier marching along the line. She had me chew "In a couple of years, I had recovered enough to start learning to walk again, First I had two crutches, (hen one, then I walked unaided. My mother told me: 'You have two legs, use them!' In three years I was back in school. Mari, a Long Beach, Calif., girl who moved to Ixis Angeles, dld"» great deal of swimming as part of her therapy and the results paid oft when she later Iried a modeling career. At first she was Intent on a career in international law and studied at Santa Barbara Slate, UCLA and USD. She decided she had to earn a living and got work with an Import firm as file clerk. But she was earning more money In part-time modeling work and decided to hit the biglime—New three and four packs of gum at a time, to keep the facial muscles working. She bought a small canvas pool, put It in the back yard and gave ,ne massages In It. I ^VlVlcuTty T« Upmost swim Muscles Kept Working I suit, pichlrw are taken In the win- '•Everythiug was designed to keep ter time, to be ready for the summer trade. ' "They woulti sweep away the snow so I could," she recalled with a shiver. "I had a cold during the entire time I was modelling." But she didn't mind the sniffles at her salary of $50 an hour, plus free trips to Nassau. Bermuda, etc. Once Bathed All Day Once she suffered all day through a bubble bath while posing (or a photographic ad. The photographer cheered her with: "This Job will get you a movie offer: the ad will Fingerprint Expert Has Hit 'Kit' Stolen fating in Restaurant INDIANAPOLIS. Aug. 27. W) —It was up to th« police to find the cluea today to the robbery of Dot! W. Calvert, '67, a freelance fingerprint expert. Calvert reported someone stole his fingerprint kit while h« wai eating In a restaurant. 83-Year-Old Parachutist Soys He Is Good for 10 More Years NEW YORK. Aug. 27. CAP)—Physical culturlst Bernarr MacFadden, who celebrated his 83rd birthday with a 2,000-foot parachute Jump into the Hudson River, yesterday, says he is "good for things like this for 10 more years." "I recommend this for everybody." he adds. "It's a damn jjood thing to do. I could do it every day in the week." When MacFadden was fished out of the Hudson after his jump yesterday, he said: "I feel like a million. I feel 25. Next year, I'm going to jump over rfiagRra Falls " MacFadden's parachute leap yesterday was for the dual purpose, he said, of demonstratlong that "old age is Just a habit" and that U.S. paratroopers need have no fear of landing in water. 'But the publisher of health pamphlets and romance magazines almost failed to accomplish the second purpose. A wind caught MacFadden and almost dashed him Into the rocky palisades. Then he narrowly missed a clump of trees on the cliff, and finally landed in the river only 20 feet off the New Jersey shore, near Alpine and opposite Yonkers, N.Y., Just north of New York City. From both banks of the Hudson, thousands of onlookers watched as the octogenarian jumped, his ski suit looking like red flannel underwear. Rescuers.dragged him Into a fishing boat. Then MacFadden transferred to a yacht and personally took the wheel. But first he discarded his ski suit, white life belt and helmet, and changed Into a gray suit and shirt, ptaid bow tie and straw hat. MacFadden had intended to Jump near the George Washington bridge, but New York city authorities sent up a police helicopter to shoo him away. So he took his stunt upstream. Silimar bouts with Canadian and American authorities had caused him previously to drop, at least temporarily, plans to parachute next week Into the churning waters below Niagara Palls, he said. Emperor Hirohito Visits Gen. Matthew Ridgway TOKYO, Aug. n. wv- Emperor Hirohito today made *. courtesy call on Gen. Matlhew B. Ridgway at the American Embassy. It was the emperor's second visit to the Supreme Allied Commander's residence since Ridgway replaced General MacArthur. Secret Russian, Hungary Treaty Reported Signed LONDON, Aug. 27. OP,—Reports have reached here that Russia and Hungary signed a secret, treaty in early June permitting the Red army to send new units to Hungary for training In addition to the large occupation forces already maintained there. Hungary must pay all the bill!, these reports said. . They came from a refugee recently arrived In Western Europe who had high contacts in the Hungarian defense ministry. The treaty reportedly also calk for Hungary to send complete units to Russia for training with Hungary again paying the bills. 4-Foot Blackinak* Joint Baptist Church Service, But Rock Halts Its Crow/ TSTACHATTA, Fla., Aug. 17. (AP>— A four foot blacksnake slowly wriggled down the aisle of the Baptist Church during the sermon at a recent service. As it reached the pulpit, the Rev. Flatcher Weston threw « hymn book but didn't stop the snake. Several women raised their feet off the floor. One left. But she came back with a good sized rock and handed it to the minister. He killed the snake and resumed the «ermon. . On February 4 the British meat ration was decreased to 9c per head. For many families this will mean only one meat meal a week. Need Cash? TO PAY BILLS... .BUY A CAR MEET HOSPITAL EXPENSES... <Mf^; f^J .BUY AN APPLIANCE You can g«t it far these one' other worthwhile purposes wifi'i a PERSONAL L O AN FROM DELTA LOAN «* FINANCE COMPANY OF BLYTHEVILLE 321 West Ash Phone 2091 Mrs. Lona Cronk Asst. Manager Sears Order Office Sez: Heal 1 Your Home with a KENMORE Oil Circulator • Giant 2-Burner • 2-7 Room Size • Heat Economizer Cuts Heat Loss ONLY 22UM1M* 94 Also Other Models SEARS ORDER OFFICE TOB East Main Blytheville, Ark. TBLEl'HONB 8131 8 1 .1 2 8 1 3 3 ATTENTION LANDOWNERS If you art interested in selling or trading your farm you should contact the A. T. Earls Real Estate & Loan Co. 'There Is no substitute for experience" A. T. Earls Ltwin W. Stoni Novel W. I)«n«m Bakerville, Mo. Lilbourn, Mo. Kennett, Mo. be printed in the Hollywood trade )apers." He was right. She left the sniffles behind to lake • Paramount contract. Alter a year of nothing but taking lessons, she left the Chen Kuo-Fu, Once Power In China, Dies of TB TAIPEH, Formosa, Aug. 25. (AP> —Chen Kuo-fu. once one of th» most powerful men In China, died here Saturday of tuberculosis. Hi was 59, Until Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek skipped them of power last November. Cllen Kuo-fu and his,brother Chun Ll-fu, were leaders of-ihe right 1st clement in the Kuomintang, the Nationalist, Party. has done two films at Columbia, -10 Tall Men" and "The Brigand" and may land a term contract there. Her succe.". 1 ! is due to her mother's studio and is now free-lancing. She words: "Never give in to polio." COOL OH WITH A "DOUUa-IICH" KENTUCKY COLLINS I* M»y »• mat* witfc "V*wM*-fti'rh" Owm »1 K«fltucty( A REAL tlOt »-»^4 «<2« BUY AT *t4/5 G)t.* Pint ' Si Pt. KtNTUCKY WHISKIV-* HIND. 16rWtf.lH,II.Ml SPECIAL Get Your FREEZ-R-PAK Kit with each one BEN-HUR -K- PAK KIT I L WITH THI PURCHASE Of ANY MiW BEN-HUR farm and home FREEZER W» want you to hart Hilt "G»t Storied" Kit faicaut* w» want <fov to prov* how *eiy and «ImpU packing and fr««lng foodi can b* with y»ur •EN-HU* Friutr. Th*rV» enough packaging mal.rloU hir* tor practically a whole itaion'i requirement! — hundreds of pounds of froien foods. Hold-, up to 1000 -hs BIG $3925 Compt.U BEN-HUR "G.t Srart.d" FftfEZ-K-PAK Kit Containi, • IIH-HUI In C<ib> Mol»t . |lo » • Will IENO f«J ( ............ lj'?l • 0«un U-... CIOWN FIIEZ- TAINUl ........................................ mo • D<»n JJ.or. 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