Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 7, 1923 · Page 1
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 1

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 7, 1923
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H r Mexico's iLeading Newspaper l m - --r,; ,:-lrr (f rrtiiTV-THimi i mail VCU (IAXIX. Xo. 7. fiOIIFRIIMiHTS MIT FnHNhFfii WOMUI OF THIS ilJ W 1 11 III III hall I W IIU I I UUIIUUU SI UPON 1 ASSOCiATIQ SPOBLIC PLUNDER-CQOLIDGE' ' No One Can Deny That '' an Abounding Prosperity and This Prosperity f Is Well Distributed; Especially Is This True of the Wage Earner The Afnriiintr Journal torlav nublishes the third of a f extracts from speeches and addresses by Calvin Series o f Coolide e which reflect his I.' politics, Law and Order. Peace. Business and Govern- lnent. Thuy were made while he was President of the of Massachusetts and Governor of the Commort-of Massachusetts They were compiled with his Jon and published under his personal copyright. BY CALVIN COOLIDGE '; Senate ; wealth f Copyright by Calvin Coolidge, f merit With John F. JJilie Co. The conduct of public affairs is not a game. Responsible office does not go to the crafty. Governments are not founded upon an association for public plunder but on the cooperation of men wherein each is seeking to do 1 his duty. , , , There are among us a great mass of people who have been reared for generations tinder a government of ijtvrannv and oppression. It is ingrained in their blood 5t that there is no other form of government. Tney are 1 disposed and inclined to think our institutions partake of I the same nature as these they have left behind. We .! know they are wrong. Thev wrong. There is sovernment. There are righteous laws. We know the formula by which thev ,r produced. Th Principle Is ' he.'t stated in the Immortal Decla-' ration of Independence to 1' "the reinsert "ft 'he Roverr-ed." It is i from that source our government its J-jft rowers and Pro- mnigates lis righteous laws. They . lire the wilt of the people. The set tled conviction derived from or- r I 11 c it Wicttiv s-enned tnat take on the to the people s the o ml i n ?r dw 'annv ces tl'.e th'U "obedience -such iaw and e 1 to resi'l ( t .er a'lmetiiTio law ; i;ier" dorived. Plieje prlneip : pci.f.'- (K:r h I have the foun- d. ria'iir f r e !; t it Ut '.oils, the freedom sr.d -ty entitled to e ' f.'i .III r' n :re,f , 'oer;- thj. r'.iie i 1 1 ' o t s f r o 1 It constitutes if the people. Jt fics the author-iuHVJLb5iKtion .os-eriuner.t. Tt Is tered throush r.M- iwrt etiier cttr.!ee, le-jpnti.-ni - l:5"-(;t riii I'or the ?nof sr.arri'.v or prcr ji n-j part human i.cor -He r i e:rence!' on" r.e the r-tl-pr of it h.v failed to tvln- these 1 rrr to the neop;e. I. nl imps can p. l he can of 1 nlws the h the rewards e e tor.e. tun ri e i ti -f welfare of the A"iericnn ir.stitu-de tor that welfare itv Is hopeless, u of Prosperity, I ury, justice and r on of duly well tinner a rule of the f eome at all. ii wrii aorinflon hope aed. 1 it.ds of scifiij. w nat he ran. r.e "-!. earn t;i We had hoje,) were settled. l!u them oueMiors !s s-'t- led that eil and Felfih men can '.ltd advantage for themselves 1n nverlhrowlnj. We Tunst eternally m;te the took of public conscience if tlie water of patriotism fire to t.our forth. We ntusl ever be ready to point out the puree.! of our country as justification of our de-terniinntlon to Mipport It. .No one cap deny that we are Ir. 'he rni'l.t of an abounding pros-peritv. Xo one oan deny that this iirope-it' is welt distrihut ed : es-pe.-:nlly is this true of the waste, 1 nrlurtria llv. I'OnimercIal-!y, firanclatly, America has been ctifr-s. Waaes and hours of labor were nevet ' 50 favorable. We have at-i.i. red a standard of livinir among people the like of which never fore existed on earth. Intellectually our progress com-res with our prosperity. The opportunity for rdui-afi'n 's not oplv larsc. but if tvull used. The cloml is i' o r i' ii i e r c , Ignorance is a ti:.f4'.".ice. The turrets of rol-iet and university dot the land. 'ITe.r Mt;.lr.r.( bodms Mere i rvev so tarte. Science ami invention, literature and firt flourish. There is liifher siandard of justice in all the affairs of life than iii the Pa.n. "ur commercial trans-.iciions are on a higher plane. There is a moral Ma nil aril tiuit runs ;lirotu;h nil the avenues of our life that ha"t lifted it Into n new position and cives to men a keener sense of honor m ail tliinss. Thrre has cuoe to be a new re alir.nti'U of the biot hrrhood of man, a nw h'.g nif icn nee to rclilj-ion. There cm bp tin material prosperity without order. Stores and banks i-ouid not open. Vactorl"" could not run. railways could riot operate. , t'n order iliipntls all Intellectual ;.ty,rcss. Without it all schools P WEATHER 1 OK I it AM" Tei,ver. Oct. i-Xin- Mexico vrcwliit cloudiness Sunday; Mond'iv, unsettled; cooler Sunday i.ortlnwst portion. Arixor.i !( neraily fair Snndav sr.d probably; no derided oii.iiipe in temperature. UK j HI POUT Cm-.riiuor'i for the twenty-four lir.ii! 8 ended at. S p. m. yesterday, recorded by the university; ll vhe-t temperature TT "' - -I i ;-...-e r: v ...can . , . . o Humidity at g a. m tl timidity at ti p. m 2?, y'reeipit.ition ii ;i:d velocity CO i 'a . t of Wlipl oil Ih Chul l'"t e; ..f .la v , , CVa ; ALBUQUERQ ll WkW 111! i We Are in the Midst of opinions on Laoor, capita!, Published by arrange- must be snown mey are close, libraries ar empty, education stops lisnrder was the fore, ruroer of the Dark Ases. Without order the mora! progress of the people would be lost. With the schools would K th.e churches. There could be no assemblages for worship, no service, ever, for the departed, pietv would be swallowed tip !n viclotistiesf. I have understated the result of disorder. Man bus not the inia-inaUor,. the ability to overstate it. There are those who aim to brio? about exactly this result. Naturally the question arises, what shall we do to defend our birthright? In the first place everybody must take a more active pari in public pffairs. It w ill not uo for men to send, thev rr.ust ro. 't is not cnoush to draw a eh'ck. Hood ifovr. rr.mer.t cannot be bought, it to be iien. iiffice hns Efrea? oppoitunitiea fr ibdni; wrorR. but r-oual chance fur doimr rllit. I'n-less Rcod oitirens hold office bad citizens will. People see the officeholder raihor than tho rovpi nment. Let. the worth of the officeholder speak the worth of the trovern-ment. 'I'he voice of the people speak.? bv the voice of the imli- ul i i n t . I'utv not collective, it is personal. let every inhalutaft! nrike krkowti his detenoiration to sujiport law and order. That duty is supicue. rPh,"lf the fl) n"-f rv. 15 r" of fl'p t':! W the preservation of the government itself , the tr.a Intainenco of order, should be the Issue of this campaign was eniirely due to circumstances beyond rnv cordrol. That nr.',' orip should dare to put it) jeopardy the stability of our srovrrtitnent for th purpoe of sc-cui'irjt' office was to me inconceivable. That any one should at-t'tnpt to substitute the will of n in outside nrifanizail..n for the authority cimferred by law upon the r-nreserttaftves of the people h;id never occurred to me. But the issue arose bv action of some of the police of Itostoii and it. was my duty to meet it. 1 shall continue to administer the law of all the people. 1 should have been pleased to I make this campaign on the record of the past, year. 1 should have been pleased to show what the march of progress had been under the people's governnifnt, what artion had been taken for the relief of those who toil with their hands as well as their heads. -and the record was never tnore allurinc. what lias been done to advance the business and commercial interests of this treat, industrial commonwealth, what lias Promoted public CentinufrJ on Tub Two. ENGLISH DERBY FLASH OF SPEE Papyrus. Who Will Race Zev, American Thoroughbred, Impresses American Trainers in Workout New York. Ort. fi. Papyrus, KngljiH derby winner, which will lace the .American thoroughbred crack. .eV. m c JlOO.nnO "match at licimont jinrlt, in two weeks, today showed his first flash of speed since arriving in this country. American trainers who watched the workor.t Were im pressed with the form displayed by the lhuisli three-yea r-old. t'omiti; lo the end of a ruilc workout Papyrus stepped the final Quarter in "i seconds flat Wiihout effort and w.thont urg.'rs on the part of his exercise boy. The "choppy" stride, shown in previous gallops ami which had been a source of sunie criticism, disaji-peared in this brief "breeze1 Tho coit settle,! down to a long, rhythmical fctride that convinced critics ho is a formidable distance runner. The time for the mile was 1 : 4 . Zev, definite:;- chosen la.-.; night hy the Jockey c!u'.) to carry America's colors in preference to My Own, hurl a lop? gallop of . mtle nnd a ouarter under restraint. In -till. The mile was done lti fairly fast time, 1:411. hut after that the rider took a strong hold on the colt for the ve t of the workout. Has;! Jarv'.s. trainer of Papyrus, rdan to l. t bis bor.-;e down for its f :s: i .--a I ""peed test next Tuesdaj. win snows CIII SISTER OF ALLEGED Mrs. H. E. Staples Is Related to Alex Kels, Charged With Killing a Man in Insurance Plot That Mrs. Staples, sifter of Alex Kels, who murdered a man and had the body hurled as his own in order to collect the insuranop, did rot know of the supposed death of her brother on September 12, when she read of li is mysterious disappearance In an Albuquerque paper on October 3. was the .statement made by If. K. Staples', the brother-in-law, to a Morning Journal representative yesterday. The statement that it was believed that Alex Kels was' a. live corpse, which his sister read i in the report jn the papers here,' was the fiist Intimation which Mrs. Staples had of his death. No word ! from their mother, who lived in j Lodi, Calif.. In more than three' weeks; and no word from the wife of Kels. had been received bv his I A Ihuqueroun relatives tellimr of his! death. Mrs, (Staples left Hie nior- i ning before, she read of the murder of tho man by her brother and of! his return to Pinks HI confession. I Since that time Staples h had no word from her further than that slip arrived at her destination. Staples stated yesterday that neither he nor his wife had heard front Kels tn over a year, but that thev did rot correspond except, or such occasions us Christmas and other holidays. )!,. aid ho could not account for Kels' action unless lie vi as nicnt.iliy "not littht" at tliel tintc. There had been no indica-! turn c' ln-nitv in his actions be- i fore that, lie said. Staph s test!- ! Ticii to tile fact that his brother- in-law was a popular man in Loud, and an txcellcnt business man. Staples, said jpstenlav that K1a and .Mrs. Staples had another sister liviiitj in Santa llofn, Calif., w ho had sent no word here telllnx of the s.appoH'd death of their biot her. another f-t which llo.y could tt'-t a.-eiuint fo". No word from their mother ;,s,, caused Mr?. Stupe's to le.-ne the city as ouieklv as possible to find put how matters stood, All. of the Kels children, sahl Mr. Staples yesterday. y,.rc born in Germany with the exception of one. ami all r.f thevtt natives of central Prussia. Ak Kcis was one of the fcei-ii l.o.-n. and Mrs. Staphs ano'her. veai-s older than Staples in a crr.t bold she am! her Known and rest-Staples is niitht the Sar.ia l'e. She was her broth. Mi iluate nuese. arid husband are W'-il ected here. Mr. car foreman for IMMIigt KH I"llK,s ,toscuH, i i.e. ti,- There was considerable los of life iaul tiuuiy-arc liomeless in ctinscijuenco of the earthquake at. Kcnnaii. Persia on Kcptenilter ai cording to a d s-patch from Teheran. Many Train Loads of Ex-Service Men Will Be Drawn to Golden Gate City for Annual Convention Inuiauiiiiolis, Dot. 6,- Many train loads of American legion members will set. forth from all sections of the lounlry ahout tic-, tober 10 to begin the tratisconti- nental "irek" across the nation to the annual legion gathering in si;Ui FranciSi-n. From Florida. from tho rocky coasts of w Fngiand and from all the central west,1 trains of sol. d Pullman cars bear- ins hundreds of legion men audi women will speed westward across1 tho vast prairies and through the. mountains to tho Pacific coast. sites. The San Franciscans conn- , dently expect. JJO.OOO visitors to, the convention. Distinctive features mark the! Irlji of every delegation. 1-Voin 1 the. start of Ihe "national ram-' maitder's special" to bear the Tex- . as delegates, the "old gray marc" and the "day Marc" band of Prownwood will be in evidence.: At Lubbock, this party will be Joined by ".Red'' Kurkendall. I keeper and manager of the three! thousand pound Texas steer whoi is to be the center of Texas ! ties at tha convention. Kastern trains, passing through extended tours personally conducted by tourist agencies will stop at Springfield, 111. to permit a glimpse of Lincoln's tomb. From the southeast the "Dixieland special" will operate, bearing those from Florida, Oeorgta and tho l arolmas. ChI-a--oans. who nre SVOWPlI V ' is LaSfor LEGIONNAIRES Out for the 19;4 0ll!ivem have ! Jiei.uerson mocked Jfauser s some "stunts" planned. Judge K j Pa,lt (m llle Colorado 10-yard Hue M. Landis, who will be kepi from in ,h" flvM period and was firs', .traveling on the legion trains be-i 10 r'ut 1,10 Ua" behind Colorado's cause of the world's series in base-)03' for a touchdown, 1'yott klck-! ball, will fly with his son, Major ieJ fu;i'- ! Heed O. Landis. chairman of the ! :Jhrkr scored Chicago ? other legion's aviation committee from i nr"nis- ''h a goal from field, from Chicago to the convention city. Two or more special trains will bear the "tall corn" delegation from Iowa to the convention city, and these will be followed by trains, from Nebraska and Wyoming. Practically every trip planned by the legion tourists will afford excellent opportunity for sightseeing. The first largo party r.f legionnaires to reach San Franc.'co Is that o the employes of titr rational headquarters from Indianapolis. This party is scheduled to Arrive in the conention city on Oo. tober 7, offices being opened the follow lug morning. Returning the legionnaires will for the most part be left to their own devices. choosing varied routes and not traveling on special accommodations in order to permit stopovers and visits ep rou'. E Albuquerque, New Mexico, Sunday, October 7, 1923. Actual Photo of Crime That Almost Threw World Into War E nut.;?' . my? rft y .'"ij'i Photo, taken at scent of crime, found.. 1 Tenento Donactni. 2 This picture shows the gruesome results of the act which almost precipitated a world war. It was taken on the spot where five mer.i-j hers of the Albanian bou ndary commitsion. Italians, w ere assas- i SPECIAL j flnfl Unnrlrorl Will Qfnn in ) Will I IUIIUI I III J iup III Albuquerque From 9:30 to 11:30 This Morning; Entertainment Arranged The l'.ow man-Wood pecia'. a train licarins 100 of the leading lc te! nr u of the country, w ill stop j in Albuuucruup from 9:30 to 11 :.")' today on its way east, after a three week tour of the United StatJ and t'aoada. ' M. T. Grkr, manager of thej new Vranclscan. wlinsp efforts! hroiisht the train to Albimucrrjue. j unnounced last nisht that the pro-' liriiiu for the entorfa inment of the! Hundred Hosts had been com-! pleTll, The special will be met at the depot this iiiornini; by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce ami all civic ciubst with their cars. The hotel ncoplo will he Piloted to thp Franciscan where Pablo Abey-to. governor of lsleta, in f ill native costume, w ill welcome them to Xcw Mexico. His speech will be followed by a special rer.monia! dance of lsleta Indians. Guens will then be it.ven souvenirs of New .Mexico bv Pablo Aheyta. and taKen for a s.iBht-see-tiiir trip shout Albuqueruue and the vicinity. Tho Chamber of Commerce last nisht uru'ed eiu.-.eris wllh cars to be at the station at 9:20 his morphia: for their part in the entertainment. Many Cars Promised Following is a list of auto owners who hae promised to have their cars at the Santa F -. nta :30 i r a t station this mcrnine at C take the visitors fo city. Arthur Tracer. S. Grier. Fred Fistic-telle, be-. P. 11. clock, to ur of the M. Weil, . M. P. T-lriitRS, M. T. French, Frank Ptorts. J. Tley-nolds. I-:. Y. Deny. Frank Strong. Harry Strong, I!, W. Crist, J. X. Ulaildinjtr. If. B. Heniug, O. A. Mat-son. Mr. Freeman, Frank Shuffle-barger, "Spot" Moore, Cuy Ijiuder-baugh. Clinton P. Anderson, Seymour I.ey. iuson. Meyer Osoff. J. 11. McCollum. A 1 hunuprque .Motor Co.. Ca.'l C. Macre, Mrs. 1 1. Jkiohechi, I'r. .1. J. DePrasiin. A. 1,. Martin, Howard Cruehl, A. Fleischer, Vn I,. S. Peters, Howard Livingston, .1. A. Jlubbs. B. H. Calkins, G. K. Fb'tcher, Frank Miniilin. U C. F.en-nctt. 'ol. I. K. F. Sellers, Hal Franklin nnd Mrs. Panlin. . , 7tL, . COLORADO AGGIES ARE BLANKED RY CHICAGO I Stagj; Tieid. Chics en. Oct. ! The University of Chicago eleven 'was fouKht to a standstill today by ; the Co'orido Ag;cs. Chicago wii;-I ning 10 to 0. through a Inckv , 1 -. ... .1. A n A 1 . ' oim 11 l!"e. mini i.i...; in? it-yara ime. i. oio-auo out-! played Cblrago in the third period ! but the Maroons st-ffenrd withir. t their "fi-yard line and the visitor's best chance to f core was gone. Twice Colorado held Chicago for downs intide their five-yard line. Colorado's passes generally were unsuccessful. IWISCONSIN DEFEATS ! COE COLLEGE ELEVEN Camp r..indall, Oct. 6 Wisconsin University s football team battled ihe (03 college elev en from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to a 7 to 3 defeat, at Camp Handall stadium here today in the stiffest preliminary gridiron till seen here in years. The badger backs were repulsed many times without s gam when the;' buried themselves against Cop College's .forward wall. HOTEL MEN DUE HERE TODAY Oil MORNING ..' A'k.. " an "V 4 v IF 'M. yh1"; y o 4 -H ' shows bodies of three of the five murdered commissioners, as they wert t'ondinente Farnati. 3 Interpreter Cravori. sinated from atnhush. Italy ac-1 cused Greeks of the murder and j demanded what Greece culled "Itu-i rniliating" indemnity, Greece re- fused to accedt to the demands for' a time. International students , SUN ROOM FOR GUESTS WILL BE NEW FEATURE CF ALVARAD0 HOTEL A sun room for tho cupsts of tiir Mvarnd.i lintel, to occupy the entire; spa(" formerly filled by the news Maud and l lie curio room ail.ioinini;. Is to lie added to the lintel; and the rcmoib I nir of the kitchens and installntliui nf up-to-date machinery are to c forward at the same time. The floor space of the Mulicns Is to Ik in-frcascil SO ier cent, and new tentiliUioi). Iieatinir and licht-iiis stems are to he installed. dared whit? tile floors nnd waiiiscotlnir will form the interior finlshiita;. It is understood that ninny electrical features, siich as fond chop-per, mlxlne machines anil bread slleers nro to he added to the oeiiipmonl. 1 he work was i oiuiiicii' cil I.avt week, and Is lieinsr done hy the regular Santa l 'e const rue) ion caitK that works on jobs of the sort over the system. The sun room is to he an cn-t n-l new feature In Harvey hotels of Spanish architecture, it is to lie oh. sod on the depot side, and will ois'ii into the patio. It will be used only by the (.miosis or the hotel. VVhllc jdmw for the interior decora -foil and furnishing, have not been received. It Is understood that it will bo of the same order as the pre-ent interior furnishings of the hold. FEDERAL COORT CLOSES SESSIO Eighty-Three Indictments Under Prohibition Law Dealth With Together With Other Crimes Aftpf workirj for 21 days the special session of the federal court. commenced on September 17, by Judge Phillips, will close tomorrow, under Judge Nebl. p.. An examination of the court ecord, by th.e Morning Journal. shows some interesting data. The volume of the prohibition business. that clutters up the federal court. may be judged from th.e record of the special session here. Out of about .S3 Indictments p"-c- ser.led under various phased of ihe i prohibition law, there were 15 convictions. "1 acquittals and 111 cases Worred to the next fe.ssion of court. Tim result of the more Important criminal cases was as follows; San'uigo Romero, accuse.! of murder, acquitted. L". C. Lewis, whine slave traffic charge, c - p. -victed. Frank Shadows, theft if motor charge, convicted. Robert L. Taylor, perjury charge, acquit ted. Willie P. Turner, perjury charge, convicted. John R. Hoh- good, perjury charge, continued. Uten Olfiehl, pe'-jury charge, continued. Ceo. II. Frown, forgery ami embezzlement charge, convicted. Frank' L, ftroadders. Dyer Act charge, convicted. Lather Hughes, smuggling chnrc-e, convicted, liias Noot-.p. jmmieratlnn act charge, n.-quitied. w. S. Hughes, extortion by informer charge, acquitted. John Rapp. conspi icy charge, acquitted. Jas. W. Price, motor theft chart", convicted. Jose Chinana, ltd Inn. accused of assault with intent, convicted. L. Leroy Tarpley, motor theft, charge, acquitted, J. W. Price, motor theft charge, convicted. Fred Pena, conspiracy charge, convicted? J. M. Johuon. motor theft charge, convicted. John .Stevenson. motor theft charge, convicted. Edward Mur-guia. smuggling charge, acquitted. Convictions under the prohibition net. were secured against the following: Frank 11. Chine, Miss F.illle Murphy. Geo. Reynolds. Geo. H. Firown. Conrad Sanchez. Louis Partot. R, L. Jackson, Auib-osio fonlinntd en Fg Tito. ii i TOMO OWI Mi ..." , r' feared a war involving at least all of Kurope. The writiitff on the photo above was made by the nho- tOKrapher who tools th picture, which has Just reached the United States. DENVER VARSITY DEFEATS LOBOS; SCORE IS ii-J Drop Kick By 0'Donnell From the Twenty-Eight Yard Line in the Third Quarter Wins for Parsons Denver. Oct. C. A drop kick by j O'Donnell in the third quarter gave j S.'trw university a 10 to " victory over the Xew Mexico univer- lsil eleven here this afternoon. i A series of pnes. V ilhams to Boyd, took the ball to -New Me.t-I ico's five-viird line iu the first I period and Williams plunged over ! for the firsr touchdown of the 1 J ft an . . . . the I.obos took the ball down the field In the second period on a sries of line plajs and Jones plunged through for the tally and kicked goal, The half ended with the score tied, ? to T. O'Dotinell's spectacular drep j kick from the 2 8 -yard line in the I third period gave the ministers- a' thrc point lead that they man-, jged to hold until the final 1 whistle. Tho lineup and sum- r.iary: .New Mexico (J) 7ener V. (10) j Po-diion I L. Hernandez. ,t..VI. Deal i oen .... Ward i Ireuter. . Hebber. . Wilson . . lirenko. . ' ilassman Jones. , . , Poppjoy . L.T O'Donnell . I. t; Conner 'iatti . .U.G.. . . .R.T.... . R.E..., . Q.B.... .L.H.H., . .P..H.F. . CrriHeli Kleinholz Williams Bowman . . Scilley ... Rovd . . . Miller 1 1'-' iia nde . F.R. . , core fiy period: New Mexico Denver . . . fl 0 Denver scoring Touchdown Williams. Points from try after touchdown O'Donnell. Goal from field O'Donnell. .New Mexico scoring Touchdown Jones. Points from try after touchdown Jones. MW CABINET IN GERMANY SET UP BY STRESEMAM Berlin, Oct, fi (by the Associat-1 ed Dress.) Chancellor ttre- .,n .e.r.,- oe,n..lete.l 1 1 , fn en, o . completed the tion of his he, will act pew cabinet, in which i as minister of foreign affairs as well as chancellor, with j Dr. Jlans Luther taking the port-i folio of minister of finanre, Herr Koeth that of public economy. The as now announced is as follows: Chancellor nnd minister of foreign affairs, Dr. Gustav Sircse-mann. Minister of the Interior, Wilhcim Soilmann. Minister of finance, Dr. Hans Luther. Minister of labor, Ilelnrich Bratiiig. Minister of Publ.c economy. Dr. Koeth. Minister of justice, Guslav Kad-bruch. Minister of rclel-.swchr, Dr. Otto, Gessp.,-. Minister of posts, lierr Hoefe. Minter of communications, Ru-' dolph Ofscr. j Minister of occupied regions, , Johannes Fuchs. I Minister cf reconstruction, Rob-! ert Schmidt. i The post of minister of supplies ' remains tmfilkd, Mill IV DISITlIISsj San Francisco. Oct. C. Incomplete radio messages picked up by the Radio Corooration of America and Federal Telegraph company here lunisht Indicated that n ship was in distress somewhere off this port. Neither the name of the vesst-1 ror other details were learned from the messages, which apparently were being Rent from one ship to another, neither of them being tin ship in trouble. game. Williams kicked goal, l""-""11' Captain Jones and Popejoy ofh'.ary, 300 UENAL f) PAGES TODAY IS GO TO CRUCES FOR -CONTESTS Bernalillo to Be Represented by Poultry, Sewing and Hot Lunch Demonstrations at Staje College Bernalillo county's poultry, hot lunch and sewing clubs will lea- today and tomorrow for State College, where they will participate in tha annual competition for boys and girls' clubs. Garnet Burks and Conrad Becker make up the poultry team and will give a demonstration of the methods of preparing poultry for exhibition and grading. They will take with them chickens of ihe type called for by their demonstration end use them to illustrate their work. Becker was called on Thursday to act as a member of tho team when Gene Calkins, regular team member, became ill. He and Burks have lieen taking some Intensive training, assisted by C. P. Hay, poultry expert. The sewing team Is from the Armljo Sewing club and is composed of Misses Clcrgia Ferrel and Gwendolyn Kimsey. The hot lunch demons'ra-tlou team is from the Mountain View Cooking club and Is composed of Misses Nell and Dell Bow. ers, twin sisters. The girls' subject is "Health First in School." They will give a demonstration of the preparation of a hot lunch suitable for school children. The teams will be accompanied by Mrs. Maud Doty, county home demonstration agent, and Iee J. Raynokls, county agricultural agent. NEBRASKA DEFEATED BY ILLINOIS ELEVEN t rbana, Ills.. Oct. 6 (.by the Associated Fressi The untried Illinois team tprun thp surprise of the football season's opening today by decisively defeating Xebraskn, 1922 champions of the Missouri Valley conference, by a score of 14 to T. The game, in many respects, without Precedent in his- I fory, resulted In the first victory j Illinois has ever scored over the Cornliuskew. It wns the first clash between these, two teams in IS 'years. i The "fighting IllinI," after a I scoreless first period, tied the Nebraskans in knots: outplayed ' them in forward pa stun and open I field runninsr and outseneraled I them In gridiron tactics. Two of Illinois' three touchdowns were the result of spectacular field running by (irange. left half back, playing his firrt same for (he Jtllni. i-htii uttirki; hit n -KI II MIOCKS 1I-.I.T Quebec . t un. b - Larth Shocks f.r fnlt hfll'e at 6:15 a- - ,0,'1a5'" VrsQia were awakaenea ny .i u,.,.i- A wall in Quebec sem- years old. was toppled. LEGION WILL !j Ex-Soldiers Also Arrange to Qhnu r.nnrtpsv tn Mem- VI.WII . W W J ........ bers of Order on Way to San Francisco In order that even' member of the Hush A. Carlisle post of the American legion may attend the COUNTY TEAMS ATTEND MEET FOR TOULOUSE 7 1 reception to Major Toulouse Mon-10 1 day evening at the Armory, the I regular bi-monthly meeting lias been changed from Monday to the following night. Tuesday. All I members have been ordered to at-I tend thn Toulouse meeting. The club rooms of the Legion at the public library have been 'furnished and are ready for use. Thre are pool tables, card tables. I reading room nnd a tobacco ami 'refreshment stand. A custodian ; has been installed and the rooms i are open to nil CN-scrvioe men from 2 p. m. until late in the evening. The legion men will co-operate with the Chamber of Commerce entcrtain-ng the thousands of i x-sollifra who will pass through I A 111 U 11 UC fl) U 0 Oil their Way t til national convention tit San Fran cisco. The convention will be held I from the fourteenth to seventeenth t of this month. The first train I will l.p here Wednesday. These 'trains will be in Albuquerque from Ihvo to (six Ikhum and altogether lit is estimated that between 3.5t?0 and J.O'.i'J legion men w ill be In this icily for a few hours. It is intended that the Irf-giou rooms will 1 be tho rendezvous of the visitors. CALL IS ISSUED BY GOV. WALTON FOR AN EXTRAORDINARY SESSION OF OKLAHOMA STATE LEGISLATURE Oklahoma City, Ok la.. Oct. 8 (by the Associated Press.) A call for an f itraord.nary session cf the stale legislature on October 11 "for the purpose of tho enactment ot a law- to protect the people from j masked and lawless maruders and secret organizations," was Issued 'tonight by Governor J. C. Walton, j Tne governor's call precedes fcy I lers than u week a eesskm sjrt-I nioned by a majority of the meni-i bers of the lower house for Octo ber 17, at which a general investigation of impeachable states officers would be made. The rail indicated that ewdeioe adduced by military courts of Inquiry throughout the state woald be placed before the legislature to support the executive's demand for ontl-Ku Klux K'i.m legislation. Counsel;,,.!- Iiltke declared that New Mexico's Leading Advertising Medium rnrcE nvn envrs ATTACKERS FIND THREE CONVICTS DEAD EN DINI BALI Of PRI1 Lifeless Bodies of Murder-, ers Found on Second Story When a Storming Party Enters Building BELIEVE oiFklLLED DURING THE SIEGE Other Two Are Thought to Have Committed Suicide to Escape Death Froni the Fumes of Ammonia Western Kentucky State PenU tentiary, Oct, (by the Associated Press.) Monte Walters, Lawrence Griffith and Harry Ferland, three convict murderers, were found dead when attackers entered tht barricaded mess hall here late to day. Tho gunmen were found dead on the second story of the wiesn hall when a storming party of seven menentered the building after H had been flooded with high proof ammonia. Walters evidently had fceetv killed hy a bullet during the siege. Griffith and Kerland were dead from pistol wounds through th heart, suggesting they had committed suicide to escape death from the ammonia. SPECTACULAR SIF.f.K OK 81 HOI KS ESDED Paducah. Ky., Oct. (by tha Associated Tress) Three convtct murderers, who since Wednesday have held prison authorities at bay. killing three guards, as they fired from the mess hall of the western Kentucky state penitentiary, were found dead today when the besiegers entered the bullet-torn stronghold after flooding the. building with ammonia fumes. After the deadly gases had been turned into the barricaded cover of the desperate trio and all sifC of life were lacking, a storming na'-ty of seven men entered th building. All was quiet on tha first floor and they moved cautiously on to the second. Ther they found the bodies of the men who died with the blood of three prison guards, victims of the gunmen's automatic pistols when th break for liberty waa road early Wednesday morning, on their. hands. ..... a Mont Walters, fully dreiwed, apparently had been killed by bullets fired during th wirge. Law-ience Griffith and Harry Ferland. his companions stripped to Cm waist, were dead from bullet wounds through the heart. Griffith and Fearland. it was believed died by their own pistols to es cape ammonia The storming partv entered th mess hall lit 5:19 o'clock. Authorities succeeded in nterlng the disputed barricade after a flpectacu-Inr siege of .l hours in the coursw of which prison guards reinforced, by two details of Kentucky national guardsmen, riddled the building w'ith withering barrages ot steel jacketed bullets from high powered rifles and two machine (runs; swept the interior of the buildinff with the shrapnel formed hy bursting riflp grenades and twice suc-eeedPd In placing tear gas in tha building. The s'ege wore on through successive days and nights without authorities apparently having progressed materially in efforts to dislodge the desperadoes. Today, however, 300 pounds f 100 proof ammonia was obtained from Pad tics U and emergency pipa lines were laid to the heleagureri building by members ot the attacking forces, working behind tha protection of improvised metal, shields. When this work was completed the ammonia, held under compression in heavy metal drums, was released. For an hour, the ammonia wat permitted to creep Into the mes" hall. Then control valves wer closed and another anxious hour passed whila besiegers waited for the wind to sweep the -mes clear of the barricade. The ' "mopping up" party cf seven picked . men then moved across the no-man's land about the mess hall, nerves taut and trigger finger curved ready about pistols at full cock. Those waiting breathlessly on tha "firing line" heard s. shout front within the bulldinjf. the word flashed out. "all dead." The "siege of Eddyvllle'' was ended. FIRK AT N YSHVITXn Nashville, Tenn., Oct. 6. Nash- ville's wholesale district on Second, avenue was the scene ot a fire today entailing a loss of $2.VI,000. The stocks of the Hooper Grocery company and Cline and Bernhelni were destroyed. "tha call Indicates that martial lav might be lifted soon." He de- ciinej to indicate details of any program that might look to that end. Martial law throughout tha state was declared three weeks aga tom'ght. Governor Walton, in a statement to the Associated Press, detl. red that ho "wanted to make tt plain that no effort v.' ill be made to hinder in any way any attempt by thi members ot the house" to impeach him. "It has been said in some quat ters that I would try to prevent impeachment action against me' the executive said, "I want ti deny that emphatically. I am ready to defend my every act and I cour; tho investigation of my office. I have nothing to fear and tha .' 1 w:ll maite wtll be ta sea that the truth i-s told.".,

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