The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 28, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1949 BLTTHEVTLLE (ARK.? COURIER NEWS PAGE FTVB THf NATION TODAY— Congress in Hurry to Adjourn But Members Showing Little Inclination to Face Big Issues By Jamn Mar tow WASHINGTON, July 28. M'j—These arc the dog dtiys in Washing- Ion, when the weather Is hot enough to boll your shirt, and Congress is trying to finish up for the year and go home. In spite of the heat, which is scorching the city like a blow-torch, the old, slow, waltz-me-around-again pulling and lugging among ihe congressmen never stops. + _ JSyt, they have a nice place for it> air-conditioned, and their offices are cool, so where they do their fussing nml long-winded speechmaking is pleasant as spring After walking in out of the crushing summer sun and watching them operate in the unwrlnkled linens, I figured I could speed up their unfinished business. It would be easy. Just move them Communists Run Into Difficulty In Chinese Cities to some of the im-air-coticiiticmeil offices in Washington, turn them loose, and see how long it would take them to Bel done and go home. Many Proposals Sidetracked ConRres-s wants to get away by Sept. 1. There are a few things left to clear up. That is, of the things they want to clear up. Gone now is all talk of some of the big programs that got so much attention earlier In this session. For example, a national compulsory health insurance program. Nothing will be done on that this year. Maybe next year. But il would be a sturdy character who'd bet that anything happens on it nexb year, either. Then there's President Truman's civil rights program—the anti-poll tax bill, an anti-lynching bill, and the PEPC (the Fair Employment. Practices Commission)—which held ft big place in the news when this Blst Congress took over last January. I can't see how r.ny of it ran •, squeezed in, even for debate, there's less chance for any Tt to get passed. That will maks plenty of talk next year. too. The Senate earlier this year pasted a federal aid to education bin. Then it was .sent over to the House • for action, since the bill couldn't be law without House Approval. Education Bill Stymied But now it's • unlikely the House will act on it, so that will make one more year in which a federal aid to education bill almost made the grade in Congress, but not quit*. Since the Senate acted, there's been so much religious contrqversy over it particularly the dispute between Francis Cardinal.Spellman and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt—'hat ihe House probably will step out of Its way. Congress may try to put through R new minimum wage law—raising minimum pay toe workers in inter- stale industry from 40 Io maybe 75 cents an hour—and it may act on these; Widening social security benefits and voting money for President Trl'inan's program to arm Western Europe. But the arms program alone will probably provide almost a month's ralk in the Senate where talk Is unlimited and plenty of senators don't like the idea of sending muni- jth^is overseas. ^Meanwhile, though, there'll be plenty of news out of Congress. Congressmen will be holding hearings and issuing statements. SHANGHAI. July 28. I/Pi — The Communists are having to discharge more people from government owned enterprises in Shanghai. The newspaper, Liberation Daily, disclosed today that 27 per cent of 3.400 employes of tlie government Hoard of Agriculture and Forestry had been rcaleased. There also was a report that 202 employes out of 453 ill the government Fisheries Department, which operates a fleet of former UNRRA fishing craft, had been released. The newspaper said the govern- ncnt was planning a large scale arming project in North Kiangsti and Anhwci provinces io raise cotton and rice. This is in line \vil a policy change the Communists appeared to have made recently when blockaded coastal cities became burdensome. NINE Londoi Greeks Deny Charges Plane Bombed Village ATHENS. July 23. M»i — The Greek foreign ministry said today Vugoslavia had protested that a Greek plane bombed a Yugoslav village near the Greek border 15 days ago and killed five civilians. The Yugoslav protest said a Greek officer refused when asked by the Yugoslavs to investigate the incident. The Greek A!r Force said there was no evidence the plane which bombed the village was Greek ise they had no planes in area at the lime. Labor Troubles Arise In Australian Cities SYDNEY. Australia. July 28. Wi- Australia's labor [roubles boiled up today, as Communist-led extremists clashed with moderates and police in Sydney and Melbourne. In Melbourne, 400 .striking seamen anct Communists marched < Parliament House. Polire clro them back from the steps of tlie building. The seamen were protesting the action of the Victoria cabinet declaring a ftate of emergency in Victoria. Read Courier News Want Ads YEARS LATER—Kui e ,md patients watch men ot s Bomb Disposal unil bring a 2500-pound bomb to the surface after removing the fuse. The bomb, one of thousands drTnl ., \ l ' lc <"-' nna " S "' ' 4 °' s blilz ' " art lain underneath a partly demolished building until it was discovered . . . nine years after being dropped. Suggests Cotton Surplus Be Disposed of by Barter JACKSON. Tenn.. July 28— liPi — Cotton surpluses in this nation might be disposed of by a barter program overseas, an assistant secretary of agriculture believes. E. D. White, specialist on cotton exports, made the suggestion at a farm institute here yesterday. A dollar shortage abroad prevents other nations from paying for a large volume of cotton fibre, White said. "It might IK better." he continued, "for tiie government to infest in strategic material form abroad than in cotton .surplus under the price support plan. This could be done by barter." Memphis Exchange Gets Commodity Futures W/re MEMPHIS. July 28— <a<>— A commodity futures quotation ticker service will begin next week on the floor of the Memphis Merchants BxchangL—the first such service to originals in the south outside of New Orleans. ft will tarry quotations on cottonseed and soybean meal futures nad- cd on (he exchange and, through a relay service, prices of related commodities traded on other futures markets. Few Pemiscot Voters Oppose HealthUnitTax A11 precincts except two had submitted returns by (his morning n Pemiscot County special election on a half-mill tax for funds to operate, the county health mill and final tabulation to be made this afternoon was expected to show overwhelming approval. A light vote of from 800 to 90 ballots from the county's 32 precincts was expected io be shown by (he official totals, Pemlscnt county Clerk Harold 5. Jones of Cavuthers- ville said today. Mr. Jimc.s e.stimalcd thai opposition to the levy would be shown by only about 50 ballots, Based on the county's assessed valuation, (lie ha If-mill levy will bring from $11.000 to $12.000 revenue for operation of health unit, Mr. Jones said. These funds are earmarked for this purpose only. While (he the 1947 Missouri i a w transferring health units from jurisdiction of county judges to county health councils also permits erection of new buildings to house the units, no construction Is planned in Pemiscot County. Mr. Jones said this would require at least a one-mill levy. The Pemiscot County Health Unit will mnnhi in its present headquarters In the court at CamlhersvUle, he .said. Revenue from Ihc new levy wll! be used for salaries, traveling costs and other ixrsonal expenses. The current budget includes txnil $9,000 annually from county funds and an equal n mount froii the slate, Mr. Jones said. Girl in Iron Lung Has Birthday Party LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. July 28. f/P) —Helen Rose Powell of San Antonio. Tex,, celebrated her 14 th birthday here yesterday—in a respirator (iron lungl. The staff of St. Vincent's Infirmary, where she is a polin patient, save her a party complete with gifts and birthday cake. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. B Powell of San Antonio, \verc here for the event. Helen Rose was stricken July 12 while visiting relatives in Monette, Ark. Jury Convicts Youth In Pangburn Slaying SEARCY. Ark., July 28. f/P) Gerntri Redel), 22, of Pangburn. must serve up to 21 years in prison for 1h c pool room rien I h of Ed Williams, 57. of Pangburn last May. The Jury which yesterday found him guilty of second decree murder fixed the punishment. Williams died after he was Mmck on the head with a pool cue. McMath Disagrees With Harold Stasscn LITTLE ROCK. July 28. (JTt- Governor McMath very definite!: doesn't agree with former Gov Harold E. Stasscn of Minncsot that Arkansas is "one of the weak or states financially." Sta.ssen, who opposes I he reccn Minnesota purchase of $5,208.000 the new Arkansas highway bond 1 , made the statement at a news con Terence. MrMnln declared Arkansas oh libations are "RllL edged securities He said Minnesota previously ha purchased some several millions highway bonds and other stale se curities from Arkansas. Radio Course Pfc. Chnrles T. Parrlsh, 18, son of Lr. and Mrs. J. K. Parrish of Bly- levillc, has reported to Kecslcr Air e Hase In Mississippi to begin raining in the radio operators chooi there. His (raining period ill last 32 weeks. •ROPOSKII BUDGET OF KXI>KNMHT;K*:S TOGETHER WITH TAX LEVY FOR FISCAL YEAR HEGIN'NING JULY 1, 1950, TO AX1> INCLUDING JUNK 30, 1951 The Board of Directors of Mu- ila School District No 15 of Mis- iviipui County, Arkapsas, hi coin- rtiance with the requirements of \memimcnL No, 40 to ihe CuiiMini- . of the S t a to of A rk a ns;i.s, idopted November 2, 10-18, have peered., approved, uncl hcirby muko umlic the proposed budget 01 c-x- icnriUiircvi together with the tax •ate as lollow.s: General Cimlrol. $5,25000; In- .truclloi^ 533,180.00; Operation of •cliool builitlng, $3.505,00; Mainte- lance of .school plant and o<tuip- ncnl, $0.015.00; Anxoli.iry Agencies PURE PORK SAUSAGE Is seasoned" JUST RIGHT! Enjoy this flavor-rich goodness for breakfast, lunch or itipper. (including transportation), »15,896.00; Fixed Charges (Insurance), |3,095.00; Debt Service, »15.339.00; Capital outlay, None. To provide for the foregoing proposed budget of expenditure.? the Bo.ird of Directors proposes a tax levy of 30 mills, This tax levy includes the present, continuing levy lor the retirement of present indebtedness. Seven mills of the above proposed tax levy of 30 mills Ls for a projiosed bond issue of $160,000, estimated to run 25 years, for the purjxxse of erecting and equipping new school building* and making improvements and addi- tions to present school buildings and refunding outstanding bond*. The Directors will ask the electors to vote 7 mills through 1961 and 15 mills thereafter for the proposed bond issue of UOO.COO, which will constitute a continuing annual levy until the principal of and Interest on the bonds are paid In lull. Given this 26 clay of July, 1949. Boaid of Directors, Manila School District No. IS of Mtestalppl County, Arkansas By C. W. Tip ton, President C. B. Chlldress, Secretary 7;28, 8.4-11 Krieger New Commande MEMPHIS. July 28— <A'>— T h c new commander of the nir reserve training unit at the nearby nnvnl air station will be c«]il. Keith M. Krieger. now of Norfolk. Vn. The Navy announced IIP would succeed Cap. C.O. Taff Aug. 15. Labor Leader to Take Case to Supreme Court PAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. July 28.— [.-Pj—An AFL union leader, convict- rri of contempt of court, plans to ask the Arkansas Supreme Court to review his case. Joe Folsom, president of the Fort Smith Building Trades Council and an official of the AFL International Hod Carriers' union, was fined Sl.OOO and sentenced Io six months in jail by Washington Chancellor John K. Butt, He was charged with violating an order from Chancellor Butt pho- hibiting pitcketing at the rural electrification building under construction here. Karl Grccnhav. Fayclteviilc attorney for Folsom, yesterday said Ihe union leader would file a petition for review of the case with the supreme court Friday. LADIES! 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