The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, 'AFRIT, M, COUKTER NEWS PAGB FIFTEEM OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople IN PROMT, i PON' t BIAME •1=M--I3UT "TH'ONES BACK THERE HAS BEEN \ SPIKED SINCE \ BKNDOOCK'S DEFEAT--! BUT 1X3 1DU MO1 ICE I HOW KJt?RVOUS / PEOPLE &IT V\ WHEN A KID "NEAR IT? WE'VE LIVED WITH IT ALL uves AW Jl >ST NOW FOUMQ IK' JOKE IKS IT- IHEY'RG MOT SO STUPID. wiuxeo SVAflfwe SPIKES OF SL DORADO BeCKtoiJ-—iso, A it? fifiV'ERTO OETORtJ IWM4 Of= M.V -%V —A WEARY "UV KliCOIL ME LAUOH.' WE'LL HAVE SOMi; FUM WITH ']Hl~,. oMERTHIr FAC6 Of- 3^=** NOT OWELU UtJDER THM ROOF AFTER ., BEIMG F£LLEC( EARTH- JlJ. Private Kooms He tl room. NCHP b:\th. Close hi. Mrs, Belle Wood. Ptione 3374. 4.2£-pk-5;i e* furnished room td Joining balh, iMi privileges, If desired. Ph. 6:106. Hrdroom Adjoining hiUli. Air eping J»h. -22W. 4;2&-pk-5,1 S*UglH housekeeping room Pli 2920 Room 514 West Walnut. Men pre- Ifrred. 1'tloliB 2D1S. 4 25-ck-H8 Bedroom. Kitchen privileges conven- leiu 10 bain No children Ph 2-32:1 Comfort&bli bedroom Phon« 2675, 4]l5-pk-20 Bedroom. convenient to balh 611 W Mam. Piiont 332S SiSt-ph-itSO Bed-room prlvale bath i'h. Bedroom 1109 ChlckasawbB Ph 2375 4[16-pV:-aiI6 SPECIAL RATES liy the week Fur Permanent Guests NEW GLENCOE HOTEL Air Condltlonfd ror Summer Plione 4464 . l,lght Housekeeping room. Ill . fl^n. Phon* 4603. 4,26-1 LODGER COPYRIGHT IY GUfNfEtG: HJftLlfmt WUIHUTIO IY H€A UIVKL WC II." I snapped. "Tin're's nothing ' e ^ downstairs o eal," she snapped back. f ASKED Betty lo explain to her sitters thai they mustn't use my ey help light house keeping rooms. Ph Bedrooms Blythevllle Hotel. Ph. 932. Comfortable, cool bedroom*. Close tn. Hfti only. 310 W. Wntnut. 4 27-pX-5|27 Bedroom. 6J2 W. Main. Wanted to Buy City Properly Wanted! Do you have city property you want to sell? Small lots, small houses, vacant lots or nice homes. You may have just what we are looking for, no call us. Rl ALES LAND Co, Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnelt E. E. Williams 3322 — Phones — 4139 Blytlievillc, Ark. 4-23-ck-5-5 XXIII T ASKED Betty to instruct her -*• sitters to stay out of my part Of the house. Betty sighed, said she'd get a new girl. The implication was that none who had worked for her—and me—would be willing to return lo the job She hinted thai possibly I'd flml it more lo my liking to sit with the baby myself. "I'd love to," I agreed, "when I'm home, anyway. But I can't make any promises to stay home because sometimes I change my plnns on the spur of the moment I've got to be free to do that," said, annoyed at being on th< defensive, "But when I'm settlec Tor Ihc night, or la?heii to U washing machine. I'll he delightet to take care of Caroline." Betty got a new girl. She (iidn 1 Int. and she didn't have d;mcing j parties. But she must have had a • tapeworm. The refrigerator door ranged on the hour and on the [ hour like a faithful old clock. rhe sixlh or so time il bunged, 1 couldn't control myself. I took off 'or the kitchen, my kitchen. Standing by the sink, loaning over I so the juice wouldn't run down ler front, was the siller, eating a slice of watermelon. I opened and shut my mouth a few times, priming Ihe pump, before any words came. "Why are you eating out o( my refrigerator?" I asked. Tin hungry/ 1 she replied accusingly. "Didn'l Mrs. Morgan tell you what to have for your lunch?" "Sure, I ale thai." **This is my icebox. You're not supposed to be in my kitehr-n ,it iK-Iicn nor help themselves lo y food. "Oh. denr," she cried. "I don't relieve I'll ever be able lo find a sitter to suit you. I guess I'll just have to slay home all the time She looked nl me as were deliberately mak- Wlllmm the Conqueror caused a great census to be made of England called the Domesday Book, which , enumerated all pos-sesioTis down to th« last pipr. ox and cow. SHY U . . With Flowt-rt THE FLOWER SHOP (ilencne rtuiUling Thnne 4191 or 2747 myself." though ing trouble for her. Surely there must be someone you can make imriersland thai thi.c two-family house now and that our hnlf is nnl for her lo make use of." "Well, I'll try," Belly said, "bul I'm about out of names." She found one more girl to put up with me—a child of about 13. She arrived alone, but within a mailer of minutes hnd spirited three liltle companions into the bas-cment. 1 saw them slink np the garden walk, piping all Ihc windows on thai side of the house, bul though they looked cautiously, they did not sro me behind a Ve- nelinn blind. Tlicy Up-toed down the basement stairs, quiet as mice The house began to rock on its foundation. I allowed four five tremors lo pass unnoted then proceeded lo the basement The children were making si much noise they didn't hear me a I called to them, and when 1 ctidn' Ilnd them in the laundry or sittinj room, I continued lo the bndroori where I discovered them all in lh< closet. They screamed at my un announced appearance. "Girls, whal are you up to?" wondered aloud how they had got the hook down. "Oh. we've been jumping (or il. Mazie," indicating a wiry child, "jumped the highest. She ranched il." Leaving out (he ethics of Uu-ir helping thiMn.selvos Vo things put up on lop shelves, I su^j'.rslrd they might have gol it mori- cosily nnd more (juicily by stand ing on a chair. "Oil. jumping's more fun?" they ni used. ~\N the days Ihnl Hetty did stay home and lake earn of the Lile Character herself, she had rou pi of other young mothers ami icir children to keep her cotu- nny. From every nook and cran- y they came—rooms over grocery lores, shack houses in backyards, olds downtown. Often they were heeling baby carriages piled with tp robes, pillows, books, sun-Ian il, bottles, diapers, and, n( course, he bitby. II was a plcnsiuil si o look out on: a large circle of oung mothers lying around snn- iing themselves, smoking, drink- ng cokes, occasionally jn by over to brown on the other moving it out of Ihe sun iltogelher. or changing it, or giv- it a bottle. It made our garden seem useful nnd worth the effort ;o keep il in order. 1 never had time to sit in il; il wa«= os much as 1 could manage to mow the lawn. 1 never decided whether Rob was loo heavy [or such light work, or vice versa, or just allergic lo work, period, lie CQKf 1941 IV MA ltRV|Cr IHC- T. M »16 U. I fU,.Ofr_ FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSEH »om» Other Tim* "If you want your gftr&g« cltimed, Mrs. Jones, we have * special cut rat* thi» w««k—don't miss the huge saving." f (- NO w*H w cue* • COULD RESIST HER. t WAS tlU TVIE DAWW. A X ^ WO UUW. QUEftlDO. . • UT CES SAD fop. * Me To'SAY NO. TllM'^ES SOCWMJ I'KISCILLA'S I'OP M'fulhi'i I'l'i i By \L VERMEEtt They giggled. One wan clulchin a large book in her arms. I lookd at it. II was Betty's scrnpbook. "Where asked. "Off Ih s were d. I looked at the height of did you get this?" top shelt," shelf and the size of Ihc girls an trailed on the theory lhnl outside work w;is gardeners' work, nnd f t lie re weren't garde tiers to had. il wasn't his fault and he couldn't be expected to lake n ball of clay in his hands and create one. Snow shovcleis ditto. Kaeh time I manned the htwn mower or the snow shovel, he followed me around, moving from window to window inside the house, tupping with his finger to fid Tnjr .Attention; and when I looked up, he would shake his head dolefully and wig-wag me not to do it, that thai work was too hard for- me. Well, as 1 said before, it was gratifying 'o see the nicely mowed lawn being appreciated, (To Be t-nnliniifMl) nuEirts Hreirm . . . Wear Di, r, \\\\\ M mutt it Htiinm. K.TTIKVIUI M* i "The guy's right, Chief —he didn't get this $500 illegally! He got a loan on his car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" COTTON FARMERS ^' Chemically delmted collon seed jcr.rmhule <l"lc^«r. plant and plow Ihe same week. Reduce chnppinjt e'zpRiiise und produce more collon p«r ncre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE O A P. L. No, U, per aU Lb. Ban flU.OU l>. k P. L. No. I A. Per 5fl Lb. B« K 10.00 Sloncville 2 B, l*er 50 Lb. B»B 10.UU .Stnnevillr Z C, Per 50 Lb. B«« 10.00 Kowden 41-B. Per M Lb. Hag Half & Half rtlibrcdl. Per 50 Lb. BRJC 10 - ou Cokrr's 100 Wilt RrNi^Unl. Per M) Lh. Bait 10.00 Paula, Per SO Lb. Raff ^ Kmpfre. Per 50 Lb- IU K 10-00 Come In and placn Tour order or (T.M rotir Mipplr tnday. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Hlylhcvill*. Ark. Phone 857 Branches: Leachville. Ark., llornrrsville, ? • nd Senath. Mn. .STUDEBAKER. Phone 8S8 Choose A Number 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 1946 Cni's and Trucks .. . whatever model you want, you'll find it here al Cliamblin Sales Co.—nl R new low jo price! i'lan to come in tomorrow. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your [ f rieiidly Sludebaker Dealer" Hailroad & Ash 1'Iione SSS •STUDEBAKER OM OUR WEDDING OAV YOU SAID YOU'D WALK ID THE. FI-ID5 OF THii liARTH TOR WALDO, 1 NtCD RAKING 5ORA.I WOULD VOU 'VO THE TOR ME? 0'MAU,KY mid RALPH LANE I UNHAND ME, SIR, OR I 5HAIL\ Meanwhile, at a little hot«l called"Tlie Mascoma Club"... WHY DONT YOU T BV GEORGE, A/o! TODDIE ON HOME.\1 REFUSE TO A POND ? I'll EXP1AIN I BE POT UPON EVERYTHING IN i THI5 WAY/ THE MORNING? LISTEN, POND, 1W 8U5V.' MOW GET BACK IN YOUR CAR DO YOU DAMAGE...WHAT? YES, MR. BA150M \WAMT 7 NO, LIVES HERE.BUT HE) TO (GROWIIE, HASN'T BEEN IN I WAIT, V 1ST 'S All DAY. XTVVIC7A 60. ; «y MOSUL! TUUNER WASH TUBBS ..AUDAFfW V LIFE COUIDMT HOURS LMER. 8E \ BE HIM CRUELTO BftCK IN WE GUT1EE. JCWHVl tOSIMGHEK. WORSE 1IWN WE /DfVDDYHOW VIOULO EUEK.W^&l ^A. BE VIRRDER TH^^) EUE-C! ^IH^^^CH^WGEI^J \isur we BOJHKMOW IHM WO WEEKS, M01HER.I \WJ M.COIIOUCC^ MA.V T I'M SURE HE CAHi GIG 1 - VOU WUST JAM. \SEE HIM A6 50DW fts HE GET BACK IN TOWH! "* •"'•'•&] BE EX- MCOHOUIC LIKE BEN C»,»« ME1.P ME IICKTWS TH1K&! . TO BE WELL ON THE WAD TO RECOUER.V... lE'S 60 EKC SIA.C.TIWG OB 10MOEKOW...1HO Wl WERVOU6 AROIir MIUUUG GOOD. By KHED HARM AN YIMI Will, Kimvi BUGS BUNNY IMA61NE MEETING/ «MM.L QWEETIN&S, SUSS.' By V. T. HAMLIN \VHY SH0ULO L TAKE ...t WAS (2NLY TEV1N' T'KNCCK Y MvRISHT D'YtfU KSALIZE VA/OUOTE? IT SHALL BE YOU JUST /• I -J UNLAWFUL TO PEMCA'E BEOKE TH" / WHA.T \ TH' SYMBOL OF NUMBEE. / LAW« \ AUTHOKITY ONB LA>W ( TH^T I TH' HEAD OF TH' Of MOO ? OKDEKS FEOM \OU ? T DON T SEE NO SVMBOL I DIDN'T MEAN TO... YOU OUT UNDER IT. 1 OF AUTHORITY StTTIN' STAND THERE. .GO GET IT.' By EDGAR MARTIN How Kidiciilous BOOTS AND HKK BUDDIES

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