The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 16, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 16, 19-16 • \. - MMred Whistle Becomes Bride of R. G. Edwards Jr. i .. - • .In i tunaaDy at H%h Noon yes- terdn at »ptl«t Church, Mies \WhisUe, daughter Mr., and Mrs. Clement Hamil Rosco Crafton Jr., cousin of the bridegroom. A program of nuptlnl music was presentee! Uy L. T. Moore Jr., or- tori Whistle of Elm Grove and gonlst. He played "Andante Csin- Whlstlevlil* Plantations, became i lalude," Tscha'lkowsky, and. 1 ' 8 * 1 '" . - "!*•-.• j •--.• .•• •• . •_ :-•-. j »j i._-j... gchubert and accoinpjnted the bride 'Af 'Rfcjianl Gerald Ed- enade" Schubert an wards Jr • SMI" of" Vlr.V Edwards nnd Noble Gill who sr the late Mrs. Edwards.\ . . ; »»d. "Through the ! Tlig Rev. » B: Wilford, pastor "- "-• - " 'of 'first Methodist Ch'urch, per•formed the double ring k ceremony jfii tlie preserves <?f\n K rou P Which included a number'of out of town came . WhHe gladioli, arranged In fan j Sorority, 'shaped bouquet?, fn'd\many white fnm» • n Diapers glowing in branched candcl- jabra featured; the background for .the. altar chancel, where''the cerc- !mony was performed. \ ! Massed against the chancel rull- liig was western huckleberry, fla'nk- 'ed wi'th palms' and towering behind the flowers and 1 .tapers were, ferns to complete the' effective decora- Becam Years." Tile traditional strains of the "Bridal Chorus" from "Lohengrin" heralded the weddiny party and during the exchanging of their VOHS, strains were heard of "My Dream Girl" soivg ot Dslti\ Gamm'a Baptist Women Meet In Groups Monday The Woman's Missionary Society I of First Baptist Church met. Monday afternoon in circle groups. Circle One met with Mrs. Ney uiH with 10 members present. Mrs. E. B. Woodson y.ivv the devotional, Inkcn from Deuteronomy and Miss Cordelia VVIIIilte nnd Wrs. James Roy Unjjlil the lesson. Mr. Trumble as best mart, . Following the s,a reception. Afterward, the wedding trip of which the member while bride be- attemllhg JHqns, The bridal couple knelt for .'prayer at t&e .wji''* prayer altar _ _. _ _ adorned with white gladioli. urim original model of chartreuse Clusters' of the\ same [lowers, i w |ti, navy accessories. Her costume University of Arkansas. Mendelssohn's : ' Wedding March" from Midsummer's Night bream" was used for the recessional. Mr. Edwards and his bride received congratulations In the vestibule of the church. Later, they left for a wedding trip to New Orleans and other points of the Mississippi Gulf const. For traveling, tlie bride wore a Mll- :tied with wide white satin j marked the , tamU_y;\pews. 'i The rainbow theme \was effective •'as used in the frocks.of ths fe'm- ; thine members of the .bridal party : and the bride's formal wedding > gown. ,. < (Wearing a lustrous antique ivory duchess satin gown worn by other In the faiplly, the bride ; was. given ini marriage by her " father. \ Designed with a' yoke of mous- \ seliiie de. sole oVitlmeVJ ' In seed 'pearls, the fitted bodice" Was slnr- rlbbon, I wtls completed with a yellow throat- Mr. Patton ceremony, there couple left for which will lake where they will Ihem to Clovls, make their home. Mrs. Pattern was graduated from Hlylhcvllle High school and has boon employed at Farmers Bank and Trust company. He recentlj was dischmgod Ivom the armiu forces. Miss Hardy Speaker Pruyers were led by Mrs. R. F. VanHooscr and Mrs. S. M. Hooci. Mrs. J. L. Terrell wjis lo Circle Two. Mrs. Ebb Carson A. w/CfO'M" i'-^- Iftuglu the lesson for the 11 mem- At WSLS Meeting l>ers present and prayers were <»- fered by Mrs. E. F. Blomcycr nnu Mrs. Ted King. Mrs. R. G. Cnsh was hostess ',-) 14 members of Circle three, for which Mrs. Roy Head taught the lesson. Mrs. Tom W. Jackson and Mrs. W. E. Buchanan led prayer:;. Circle Four met with Mrs. .J. L Wallace with 12 members attending. Mrs. H. C. ^ilankonship gnvc tlie devotional, taken from the Book of Psalms, and Mrs. Then- die Logiin lauyht the lessn. Mrs. Harry Ray Brooks nnd Mrs. j[. Blniikenshlp led prayers. Mrs. William Berrymnn was Miss Rosa Hardy', Blytheyllli High School principal, was ' speaker m Monday's program meet ug of the Woman's Sot'lety o Christian Service of First Melho dlst Cliurch. Discussing her subject, "Childre and the Peace," she pointed c/ti thq effect war lias had on th children of the world.. "The child ron of countries ravaged by w,» re filled with greed and iiatrc or simply <Io not think . i>ey.6n ?|^t Church meeting at the church, 45 o'clock. Mrs. Chester Caldwcll will be ostess to members of Chapter N, E. O. Sisterhood, at the home of Mrs. Elton W. kirby, 60« Chlck- asawba, 2 o'clock. Read Courier News Want Ml. Mike Grady, playing third base for the New York Giants, In 1895, made four errors on one batted ball. In 1 ilarly trimmed and the full skirt : fell into' a. Sweeping train. The j Jong sleeves tapered; inio pbints i over the irrlsts". id white orchid corsage. They will make their home in Favettevllte where Mr. Edwards plans, to attend University of Arkansas after recently returning from Navnl. service. " * Out of town'giiests present for the ceremony we're: Jufd McCrory ol McCrory, ftrk.; i, ~ . . . Mr. nnd Mrs. Teddy Edwards and ; , Mrs. Melvin Hnlscll was hostess Mrs. E. T. Edwtfrds. all of Bentcm, j;Tues(lay night to members of La Ark.; Mr. nnd Mrs. Leslie CraftOn, |'Nueve Club, all of whom were pre- Lesile Crafton Jr., Mrs. Jlmnile , sel 't. Edwards, Mrs. .Leo Crafton and , ; In evening bridge gnmes, hlgl . (jetting the next meal. Many are homeless and the years ahead an; us fruitless as those behind," she added. "Th e war had an effect on the children of the United States too," the lesson for the II members | she said. "Many left school for present and she and Mrs. Marvin • military scrvlc? or work and will Keuwright led prayers. i ....:;-.. .-.....,, nu.-~:. _i.ii^,«:. L.,..,,. charge of the devotional for Circle Five which met with Mrs. K. L Hnle. Mrs. igniter Bishop lauyht La Nueve Club Guests Of Mrs. Melvin Halsell all of Coivway, Mr. |s<;oje . prlzfi wenl to Mrs. John W. Jolin son, Leo Jr. . and Mrs j j, Tomlinson of At- iThomos. and second to Mrs. ^^ Qa . -^ Ba ,. bflru AndersonlR. McDonald. of p lttsburgn| Pa . ; Mrs . J0 e Sud- ( The Halsell home, 1710 Henrn. The full length veil, of Illusion, (lulh Qf stnte College Mlss __ Lee |was decorated with roses inul hy- ; edged in chintilly lace, fell from :j' a Queen Ann' Cap ehibroidered in ;! seed pearls' and fastered With Im',' ported orahgt blossoms'. 'i She carried a bouquet of lilies of '^ the valley sAd jtardenla's eentcred i. with a Whtte orchid. i The bri'de wits. atte.'nded by hur f sister, Jufrs. Paul Settlemire, and j Mr.. E&jfords. served his son as \ best man. ' .-Wriy s^ttlemlre.'s p>wn of yellow nousseline de sot£ v,'is, fashjonetl, ( Young of Neosho, Mo.; Mrs. R. A. ]dro.ngcs. Wall nnd Mrs. John Parks, both of Steclc, Mo.; Mrs. T. C. Beaslcy. nnd Mrs. Sims Michie of Marlunnu. Lange 1st, 6th Grades Present PTA Program "Gir^erbi^nd Boy" nnd "The Three/ Bears" told by the first grade A, snlad plate wns served. Stella Evans Bride Of William Patton Tlie wedding of Miss Stclln Evans, daughter or Mrs. Myrtle Evans, u> Willlanx Patlon; son of Mr. niul Mrs. W. M. Patlon of Clevis, N. Mex,, was Koleniui^ed last Friday in a ceremony at the home or .never return. Other children ' no parental guidance or did not, I have parental help when they need- |Ctl it." ! Miss Hardy's talk wa.s in con- junctibn with t,rie flag's pfb'grnm, ••Builders of the Peace." Mrs. Fred Fleeman led the devotional. The meeting .was opened with group singing of "America, the Beautiful." During the business, session, of whiph Mrs. Hugh, president, had charge, pl^ns were discussed for a luncheon to be given at the church ilonOring circle Bro'uiis which Wqn Iri the' re'ec'nt attendance cainpaign. liostesses selected . for Monday's meeting were ,Nlrs, Jame4 . Hill Jr., Mrs. Henry Humphreys, Mrs. Elma Armstrong. Mrs. W. . A... Stlckmop, Mrs. Roland Green, Mrs. Lby Welch, ^ „ . slorics were under direction' m of Miss Elizabeth Halstead, teach- Mrs. Bernard A. Gooch, Mrs. Wliile, Mis. W. H: toinynfcl lihit Mrs. pleeman. A guest .other than Miss Hardy wns Mrs. W. H. Ewart of Kosclu- sko, Miss., liouseguest of her mother, Mrs. A. M. R. Branson, and anuly. Tapers were lighted by Annette Whistle, sister of the bride, Mary Sue Cfafton. cousin ot and the! Another part of the pro^rani were o.t*i^v*», uuu^ii. wi I**.- . -. • • . • .- . , • ., . Their, Wrmal -ieeu-see - v « a ! select ons by the sixth grade, fiocks of moussellne de sole wercl'mrier direction of Mrs Rnliih Ber- .dentically fasliiohrt with Annette ''yniian, Blythevillc schools music in r\inv ~**A mroi., r on* In Wnp n<*~ instructor. in, pink and Mary Sue In blue. signed with:., basoue'. , waists and floor-length jskif ts,' Mary .'Sue wore a head dress of pink roses and a '' nfrist corsae*^. p{ same . llo'we'r ructt .Officers were installed with the ring ccru- Pormlng a setting for the wedding party were palms nvrang.:rt with baskets 'of roses. .Tlie bride wbre a navy dress with navy nnd white B'cccssovlos. Pinned at her shoulder was n purple orchid,. Her sister, Miss Junntln. Evnns, wn.s maid of honor. Her tlrcss was and Annette wore Dutch bine Iris. .Ushers' were Jimmie Paras and Suclbiiry. lenrsxirer. following goinu into ofiice: Mrs. Clinrles Pcnn, president; Mrs. Paul of pink crene trimmed with lac;. Jnbe, vice., president. Mrs. Prank Sparks, secretary and Mrs. Harold Coming Events FRIDAY •/Irs. Pnul kimiirongh hostess to JBC Club. Junior Fellowship of First Meth- Her accessories were In Ijlnck and she wore 1 red rose buds. shuuliler corsage LOOK! THIS LARGE SIZE JAR of MOROLINE Petroleum Jetty O)to ^ [l .4jy for minor burns—cuts, bruia- ^uajeiVffTjcfl, clirtfcfl. ubnuiiuTis, uiul ;&?%3*im "Killin-Mation». AklsIk-alinK. AND ONLY IQj A JEWELRY < Smartly Styled Jewelry . . . A Gift that W/7/ Long Be Remembered GRADUATION is an achievement worthy of recognition. What better way to say "Well Done" than with a gift of eternal value . . . smart JEWELRY from GUARD'S. We have ah outstanding collection of smart gifts . . . selected especially for This Spring's Graduate. 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