Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on February 1, 1985 · Page 84
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 84

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, February 1, 1985
Page 84
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F22 ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Friday, February 1, 'The Bad Seed' David Carradine finds himself in danger when he suspects that Carrie Wells may not be so inno-pent as she seems and may, in fact, be a cold-blooded killer. 7 p.m. Channel 7 5:00 A.M. 0 News Muppets (48; 700 Club (Spanish) 1451 Jim Bakker S Business Times (R) U Cartoons (N) Adventures Of Black Beauty "Good Neighbors" Albert's Uncle Briggs fights eviction from his cottage. 1 C ; Superbook IT; It's Showtime A tribute to Hollywood's animal actors including Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, Flipper, Daisy (Blondie's dog), Cheetah (Tarzan's chimpanzee) and Francis the Talking Mule. 5:30 A.M. O a NBC News At Sunrise CD GD CBS Early Morning News ix) Terry Tunes (48i Jimmy Swaggart ! N i Lassie (C) Flying House 5:35 A.M. (G) I Dream Of Jaannle 5:45 A.M. O A.M. Weather 6:00 A.M. G Blznet News OO Today O Hooked On Aerobics O CD ABC News This Morning g CD GD CBS Morning News CO Jlmm Swaggart Bozo Show El Chapulin Colorado (45) Real World Of Women (5) Business Times (R) (N) Belle And Sebastian (C) Wheelle And The Chopper Bunch (H) Movie "The Wonder Of It All" (1974, Documentary) Footage of animals from all over the globe is featured in this look at the variety of wildlife on earth. 'G' (1 hr., 35 mln.) 6:05 A.M. ) Bewitched 6:30 A.M. O Llllas, Yoga And Vou O 20 Minute Workout 3 My Favorite Martian Mis HuiMpedes Jewish Voice Broadcast . N Today's Special (CO Flipper (X) Movie "Embryo" (1976, Science-Fiction) Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera. A doctor observes the terrifying effects of tampering with nature after he creates a woman who is born at the age of 24. 'PG' (1 hr., 44 min.) 6:35 A.M. 52 I Love Lucy 6:45 A.M. A.M. Weather 7:00 A.M. O Morning Stretch Q Wild America O (D Good Morning America Scheduled: special needs of children in foster care (Part 4 of 5).g(2 hrs.) fii! Health And Exercise Program CO Flintstones Kartoon Karnlval ii J: Llllas, Yoga And You (: Jimmy Swaggart Teaching ( S : SportsCenter (U) Calliope N Plnwheel C DobleGlllls 7:05A.M. ' ! (13 Movie VS ,"A Walk In The Spring , V If Rain" (1970. Romance) Ingrid Bergman, Anthony Ouinn. A happily married woman finds herself falling in love with a mountain man while she is vacationing with her husband. (2 hrs.) 7:30 A.M. O Three Stooges Q Mister Rogers njj Jimmy Swaggart (Spanish) tO Scooby Doo Beverly Hillbillies Body Buddies Los Ricos Tamblen Lloran Light And Lively ! S ' SportsLook (R) !C,i Bachelor Father (H) Movie "Woodplum" (1982, Adventure) Arlette Biernaux, Michel Cas-tel. Some French youngsters care for an abandoned baby they found in the woods. (Dubbed) (1 hr., 26 min.) 8:00 A.M. O O Time Machine O iij) Sesame Street 700 Club CD $25,000 Pyramid tO Voltron, Defender Of The Universe Waltons Power Of Pentecost (S) College Basketball Minnesota at Iowa (R) (2 hrs.) (U) Sonya Scheduled: motivational speaker and salesman Zlg Zlglar; coping with sudden infant death syndrome. (R)(1hr.) CO 700 Club Scheduled topic: suicide. (1 hr., 30 min.) 8:30 A.M. Q Popeye And Friends O O Sale Of The Century CO (A) Press Your Luck CO Bugs Bunny And Friends Beverly Hillbillies (T) Movie "The Lady In Red" (1979, Drama) Robert Conrad, Pamela Sue Martin. In the violent days of the lawless 1920s, an idealistic young farm girl becomes the moll of the infamous gangster John Dillinger. 'R' (1 hr., 33 min.) 9:00 A.M. O Wheel Of Fortune O Sesame Street g O Trivia Trap QJ Faith Comes By Hearing ' (B Donahue (D Great Space Coaster Wild, Wild West Big Valley (T) Hour Magazine Scheduled: Donna Mills; Mr. T; adoption; significant drug breakthroughs of the '80s. (1 hr.) (18 Educational Programming GD Price Is Right Jim Bakker CU) Tales Of The Unexpected CH) Movie "Second Thoughts" (1982, Comedy) Lucie Arnaz, Craig Wasson. A young lawyer becomes involved with a musician. 'PG' (1 hr., 38 min.) 9:05 A.M. Catllns 9:30 A.M. O Dick Van Dyke CI Scrabble ti Family Feud QJ) Jimmy Swaggart (0 700 Club (48j Hoy Mlsmo CU) Peyton Place (Another Life ' 9:35 A.M. Lucy Show ) i 1985 1 .4 v 10:00 A.M. O More Real People CI O Super Password O Mister Rogers O CD Ryan's Hope 111; God Answers Prayer CD Young And The Restless Perry Mason Family Camp Meeting U.S.A. (S) Aerobics: Bodies In Motion (03 Movie "Kangaroo" (1952, Adventure) Peter Lawford, Richard Boone. American adventurers find romance and plenty of action when they travel to the outback regions of Australia. (2 hrs.) Q: Ben Casey 10:05 A.M. Perry Mason ff) Movie "Blame It On Rio" (1984, Comedy) Michael Caine, Joseph Bologna. A businessman vacationing in Rio de Janeiro succumbs to an affair with his best friend's teen-age daughter, then tries to keep it a secret. 'R' (1 hr., 50 min.) 10:30 A.M. 0 We're Cooking Now O Search For Tomorrow O Electric Company (R) 0 (I) Loving ISJ Gymnastics: America's Golden Heroes (R) 11:00A.M. Q Alive & Well Scheduled: Norm Crosby; a drug that helps combat heroin addiction. (1 hr.) O O Days Of Our Lives O Ripples O CD All My Children (111 Faith Comes By Hearing CD As The World Turns CD Family VegaS Midday News Body Language I Mundo Latino 5j Lester Sumrall Teaching CC) Nobody Will Ever Know CH) Movie "Crackers" (1984, Comedy) Donald Sutherland, Jack Warden. Down-on-thelr-luck characters in San Francisco's Mission district decide to ease their financial woes by cracking a pawnshop owner's safe. 'PG' (1 hr., 32 mln.) 11:05 A.M. Movie "Without Reserva tions" (1946, Comedy) Claudette Colbert, John Wayne. On her way to Hollywood, a novelist meets a Marine and his friend on ihe train. (2 hrs.) 11:15 a.m. O Science Alliance 11:30 A.M. O Hooked On Aerobics (n) Richard Roberts As The World Turns (4 Derln's Coffee Shop (S) College Basketball LaSalle at Notre Dame (R) (2 hrs.) i NOON f Bonanza O O Another World O Llllas, Yoga And You Q(D One Life To Live CD News CO Independent News Movie "My Father's House" Carol Burnett And Friends , - Educational Programming ' (4 El Chapulin Colorado James Roblson (10 Alive & Well Scheduled: Norm Crosby; a drug that helps combat heroin addiction. (1 hr.) (N) Today' Special (C ; Pat Boone, USA (D It's Showtime A tribute to Hollywood's animal actors including Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, Flipper, Daisy (Blondie's dog), Cheetah (Tarzan's chimpanzee) and Francis the Talking Mule. (1 hr., 27 min.) 12:30 P.M. H Illustrated Dally Of! Something Beautiful CD Stopwatch CO Carol Burnett And Friends Andy Griffith Capitol Lo Que El Cielo No Perdona (45) Heritage Singers (N) Adventures Of Black Beauty "Good Neighbors" Albert's Uncle Briggs tights eviction from his cottage. (H) Movie "Timerider" (1982, Science-Fiction) Fred Ward, Belinda Bauer. A motorcyclist unwittingly travels through a time warp and winds up among 19th-century Western outlaws. 'PG'(1 hr., 35 min.) 1:00 P.M. Q Movie "Hurricane" (1974, Drama) Larry Hagman, Martin Milner. A hurricane swirls through a Gulf Coast town wreaking havoc on the lives of terrified citizens. (1 hr., 30 min.) O O Santa Barbara ) Nature O General Hospital CD Price is Right (0 Bewitched I Dream Of Jeannle Guiding Light (48, Chlsplta (45) Jeoff Benward ill: Heartllght City ; N; Lassie CO 700 Club Scheduled topic: suicide, (ihr.) 1:05 P.M. Bugs Bunny And Friends 1:15 P.M. 3-2-1 Contact 1:30 P.M. (H) Pamela Cole Exercise CO Addams Family Scooby Doo Joy (Si Top Rank Boxing Troy Wortham vs. Ken Butler In a welterweight bout scheduled for eight rounds, from Atlantic City, N.J. (R) (2 hrs., 30 mln.) (N) Belle And Sebastian (T) Movie "The Westerner" (1940, Western) Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan. The tyrannical Judge Roy Bean is confronted by the powerful "Westerner." (1 hr., 40 min.) 1:35 P.M. 5Z' Heckle And Jeckle 1:45 P.M. QD Educational Programming 2:00 P.M. O Waltons O Thlnkabouf ti Rituals an Joy CD Body Language CO Brady Bunch 60 Let's Make A Deal Superfrlands Q Love Connection (2) Divorce Court Dallas (2? Sesame Street g (48j Los Clen Dlas De Ana (U Room 222 (N) You Can't Do That On Television "ESP, Magic, Astrology... " Why does It seem like business as usual when weird phenomena invade the set? (C) Blockbusters (H) Movie "WarGames" (1983, Suspense) Matthew Croderick, Dabney Coleman. A teen-age computer whiz inadvertently gains access to the Pentagon's strategic computer system and nearly begins World War III. 'PG' Q (1 hr., 53 min.) 2:05 P.M. Flintstones 2:15 P.M. O American Legacy 2:30 P.M. O All In The Family II Sound Express O Dating Game 1 . CD Guiding Light 1 1 j CO Gllllgan's Island Love Connection Heathcllff O Wheel Of Fortune (7) Let's Make A Deal (IS Lester Sumrall Teaching (U.) Candid Camera (Nl Dangermouse "Dream Machine" DM and Penfold learn the danger of having their heads in the clouds. (CJ Face The Music 2:35 P.M. QS Flintstones 2:45 P.M. O Art Maker 3:00 P.M. O Andy Griffith CI I Love Lucy O Creative Woman CJ Love Boat ill) Ross Bagley CO Inspector Gadget Woody Woodpecker Dukes Of Hazzard O Scrabble CO Voltron, Defender Of The Universe 3-2-1 Contact (R)g Trapper John M.D. Mister Rogers M La Flora Ml Praise The Lord I U ' Good Morning World (N) Third Eye "Under The Mountain" Twins Rachel and Theo learn to use their mystical powers to reclaim the earth from a race of slug-like creatures. (C) Tic Tac Dough 3:05 P.M. US Leave It To Beaver '3:15 P.M. (N) Going Great 3:30 P.M. O Gomer Pyle O Tom And Jerry O Mister Rogers (n) Children's Program CD Hour Magazine Scheduled: battered husbands; Leslie C.aron; fashion show with Madge Sinclair ("Trapper John, M.D."); how to influence people. (1 hr.) CO Heathcllff ffi Fat Albert O Alice He-Man And Masters Of The Universe 5) Electric Company (R) !U ; Gong Show CN) Against The Odds "Kenyata and Villa" Jomo Kenyatta and Pancho Villa both struggled for their people's freedom and became national heroes. (C; Card Sharks CD Movie "Borsalino" (1970, Drama) Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain De-Ion. Two rogues dominate the Marseilles underworld in the 1930s. 'PG' (2 hrs., 3 min.) 3:35 P.M. Andy Griffith 4:00 P.M. G Three Stooges O Dukes Of Hazzard OO Sesame Street g O Jeopardy (ID Circle Square CO Superfriends Top 40 Videos Jeffersons O Tic Tac Dough Scooby Doo 3-2-1 Contact (R)g Mundo Latino Praise The Lord (S) Fitness Magazine Hosts: Tom and Nancy Seaver. CU) Cartoon 8 (N) Out Of Control "Comedy Computer" The cast maintains a byte-ing sense of humor. CO Hot Potato CH) Not Necessarily The News Comedy sketches combine with classic film and news footage in an offbeat, satiric takeoff. 4:05 P M. Beverly Hillbillies Jed'and his family are mistaken for a staff of crazy servants when they move into thoir new mansion. 4:30 P.M. Q People's Court (LD Bible Bowl CD News CO He-Man And Masters Of The Unl-. verse , Alice 7 I O Joker's Wild C . ' Three' Company - - - - - (

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