The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 2, 1966 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1966
Page 11
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Wytnevflle (Ark.) Courier News — Thursday, SUM t, 19M- >a|e Eleven China Courts Castro By EUGENE LEVIN TOKYO (AP) - Communist China made an open move today to mend its relations with Fidel Castro's Cuba and charged that Moscow is betraying the Cuban people. An article in the official Peking People's Daily claimed the Russians are not really supporting the Cubans in recent incidents at the U.S naval base - at Guantanamo. It said China is •Cuba's "most faithful and dependable" friend. The article came a day after Peking announced that it had renewed its trade and scientific '-. cooperation agreement with Cuba. The New China News Agency said the agreement was signed in Havana a week ago. The Cuban government had announced earlier that the two " countries signed a pact for the exchange of rice and sugar. The collapse of a similar barter agreement last fall led to a deterioration in relations between the two countries. In a speech on March 14, Cas- .tro accused Peking of "launching an imperialist-type campaign against Cuba." China implied that Castro was moving ideologically toward Russia, and there were reports that he was purging pro-Peking elements in Cuba. What brought the apparent change in China's attitude was not clear . APPEALING—Never underestimate the power of a woman—in this case in encouraging safe driving. Teen-agers Josie Weaver, Cheryl Seuberth and Mary Mossbarger show off the bumper strip a boy can earn if his date rates him high in S.D.A.—Safe Driver Appeal. He's rated on, among other points, eyes on road, drinking while driving and two hands on the wheel. The girls are touring U.S. high schopls^with a.n orchestra and glee club for Chrysler.Corp.'s Driver Education Program".' LBJs Viet Optimism Draws Varied Reaction By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson's optimistic report that preparations for elections in South Viet Nam are moving in a sound direction aroused both hope and skepticism in Congress Thursday. . . Johnson told a news conference Wednesday that "while there will be missteps, the direction is sound" toward voting Armed Services Committee Chairman Richard B. Russell, D-Ga., who supports Johnson's Viet Nam policies, said he thinks "some progress has been made but just how substantial it is will be determined by future events." * * * "It is exceedingly difficult to have a fair expression of the country's sentiment, under the conditions that exist," he said. aimed at installing a civilian I Sen. Joseph S. Clark, D-Pa., a U.S.-Red China Policy Guesswork tJlIllCU ol lllrSiniiiug « I.ITJJI.JJII OCII. tt\JJ^^lli W. wiutiif ^ *• «•» — regime to replace the military | foreign relations committeeman government in Saigon. who has criticized Johnson's Senatorial critics and supporters of the President's Viet Nam policies joined . in expressing hope that Johnson was right in saying that with "reasonable unity and proper diligence and constant'regard for'our national interest, we will achieve our objectives here — at home — d there in Viet Nam." Among those willing to speak t, however, none found quite Four Hanged In Congo LEOPOLDVILLE, the Congo (AP) — A crowd of more than 100,000 looked on today as four Congolese politicians were -hanged in Leopoldville's main square on charges of plotting to kill President Joseph Mobutu. The government declared a holiday for the execution, and .the government radio urged a large turnout to watch "the end of those who wanted to overthrow the regime and betray their fatherland." One by one, the four condemned men stepped barefooted . from a military jeep and '..climbed the step to the gallows : under a blazing sun. They wore '.black hoods over their faces and ?Wue-striped shorts. •: The hanging took less than ;half an hour. Estimates of the ...crowd ranged from 100,000 to : 200,000. There were i few shouts ' as the trap was sprung beneath the first man, but otherwise the crowd was quiet. Those hanged were former Premier Evariste Kimba and . former cabinet ministers Emmanuel Bamba, Jerome Anany and Alexandre Mahamba. They . were arrested Monday and convicted and sentenced by a military court Tuesday after a 90- minute trial. By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) - Much of American policy toward Red China is a guessing game, including the hope it will change its ways, an'd now .there are rumbles there. But that doesn't change, if it comes, will come soon. That there has been discontent with the present ueadership in Red China has ueen clear for weeks, giving some support to the hope that in time, when younger leaders take over, some of the present fanaticism will disappear. It is for this reason that so' Chinese intellectuals by the government . of Mao-Tze-lung. But until now 'the dissidents have simply been rebuked or downgraded, so far as is known. Now the Chinese government is attacking Ten To, once its leading spokesman as editor of the official People's Daily. There are indications he will be brought to trial an purged. It might be the start of a far wider purge and thus became a repetition of what happened in Russia under Stalin in the 1930s. He began his purges in 1934, just 17 years after the Bolshevik revolution took Russia. I , J * almost IT years much of American policy ,to-|. s jnce the Chinese Communists ward Red China has been aimed i [ 00 i; control of the China main- at preventing the Chinese from ) a nd, making it seem that with- Dcan Rusk put it this way. ."It j masters. I~ ii.nJ nf nt?pontial tn 'pntlf flll1 r PlnOT*D is just as essential to Communist aggression .in Asia as it was, and is, to 'contain' Communist aggression in Europe." * * * In recent months there have been continued attacks News Of Men In Service up ..the rest of Asia Last March Secretary of State gobbling now. .in -less than a generation after a Red revolution younger people get fed up with the fanatic old | happened if the West, led by the i United .States,. ; had ..not "contained" Russia through a mili- ,ary alliance Which 1 "prevented Stalin from grabbing Europe. This early containment policy also was based on the hope in :ime Russia might become less aggressive and easier to live with. Rusk expressed the same view about China: "We must keep firmly in our minds that there is nothing eternal about the policies and atti- ludes of Communist China. Peking's present state of mind is a combination of aggressive arrogance 'and obsessions of its own making. "We have little hope of changing the outlook of these leaders They are 'the product of their entire lives, they seem to be immune to agreement or, persuasion;".. - NEWS BRIEFS Navy Ensign Harold L. Cross• fcno, son of Bill Crosskno of • Blytheville, has completed the basic Naval Aviation Officers " school at Pensacola, Fla. : Crosskno is now eligible for Naval Flight Officer Training, EUBANKS Flooring Co. 815 N. 6th PO 3-6092 • Lees Carpet • Armstrong Linoleum • Kentile Tile • Formica Cabinet Tops • Ozite Outdoor Carpet • Viking Kitchen Carpet • Stylon Ceramic Tile Open Thwt. fren/itgs Til 8 P.M. SEATTLE (AP) - The French Cveek, first of 11. reactivated tankers which will serve as power plants at- ports; in South Viet Nam, will'sail'Sun- day for the Far East. ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) - Sargent Shriver, director of the Office of Economic Opportunity, has appealed for college students to join the Peace Corps or the war against poverty. Shriver said at Morehouse College: "I suggest that in 20 years, the man who joined the Peace Corps, the Job corps, will be ahead of the one who played it cool." SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) —The poodles and four kerryblue dogs are beneficiaries of a $173,311 estate left by a Spokane dowager. Mrs. Columbia W. Steltz left instructions that a suitable kennel be furnished and a caretaker be hired to look after the dogs. The trust for the dogs ends in 20 years and then is to be distributed to various persons, a church and a hospital. There can be no doubt Mao has wrought many beneficial changes for the Chinese people since he and his group of lieu- tenants'after two decades of trying seized the mainland. ... But the Chinese people have on had a tough time on the road to progress. Meanwhile, the Mao leadership has made them hostile to most of the world with anti-Western and even anti-Russian propaganda. At the same time the Chinese have seen their leadership suffer defeats and rebuffs around the world. They have nothing to Dumdum Bullet Dumdum bullet is the name given to a bullet which has the lead core exposed at its tip to cause expansion or impact and, therefore, greater damage. The name is derived from Dum-Dum arsenal. Bengal, India, where it was first manufactured for use in Indian frontier fighting, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. In Christian art, St. Christo pher, is usually depicted as a giant carrying the Christ-child over a river. look forward to but even more isolation from the rest of the world, including most of the Communist world. * * * To achieve Chinese magnificence Ma'd has insisted upon total conformity and acceptance of his leadership. The discontent of recent months shows the j leadership is not being accepted otally. The present discontent may be crushed, just as" Stalin crushed it during his lifetime in Russia. He Was repudiated by >is successors. It's doubtful that would have Rocky's Bait Shop 201 No. Center St. (Formerly Bud and Ira's Bait Shop) Minnows - Worm* Crayfish - Crickets Fishing Tackle Ice and Snacks FURNITURE UPHOLSTERY MATERIAL $2.00 yd. REPLACEMENT RUBBER FLOOR MATS $5.00 Front BOAT SEATS AND CUSHIONS Yi PRICE Complete Auto Upholstery Gilbert's 800 E. Main Ph. 3-6742 BOX STORAGE YES! Cold Storage! CALL TODAY — DO NOT Of LAY PROTECT Your FURS and Woolens from Moths and other Summer Dangers with Professionally safe Vault or Box Storage. FULL BOX $2.95 PER BOX Includes $100.00 Insurance valuation, 2% added for each additional $100.00 valuation. mi-m laundry-Cleaners ; Sft N. Second SI. Phone POJ-447* OPEN NIGHTS 'TIL 8:00 much encouragement as hnson said he'did by. the prog- ss of a special Vietnamese mmittee preparing for the ection of a constitutional as- mbly. course, said, in a separate interview "I-hope he's right." "But I think we are in serious trouble not only in Viet Nam hut all over the world,", he.added. Johnson covered a wide variety of subjects in his.Cabinet room meeting with reporters, including an expression of .satisfaction with the course of the national economy and the pace with which .Congress is.dealing with his legislative programs. On other matters, iie: * .* * —Complained that he doesn't Negroes Told Don't Expect Miracles 7 see in the newspapers the kind of "in depth reporting" h« would like io have on political H'ogress in South Viet Nam. —Said he rather agrees with :he view of Senate Republican jeader- Everett M. Dirksen that eaders of both parties should be iriefed on Viet Nam developments. He said he had talked to Jirksen .twice in the last few weeks. ' . . —Reported that the U. S. program of dealing with France's 'orthcoming withdrawal of troops from NATO "is going very well and as expected and according to schedule." —Classified the civil rights •situation as one "we think desperately needs attention." Only southern city that has always flown, the Union flag is Key West,.Fla. WASHINGTON (AP) - President Johnson has cautioned Negroes not to expect presidential miracles in the struggle against racial injustice. "No national government, however enlightened, can by itself change the conditions of Negro .life in America," he told his White House Conference on Civil Rights Wednesday night. But he brought the 2,400 dele- SKY TAXI—At busy metropolitan airports, it may often seem that it takes as long to get from the park-' ing .lot to the terminal on foot as it takes a plane to fly to a distant destination. No longer at the Houston, Tex., International Airport. A half-million dollar, electronically controlled Sky Taxi, beginning a two-year test, zips along a monorail on. rubber tires between the farthest parking areas and the terminal. Passen- ;ers enter and leave on a ; milt-in elevator. ! gates to their feet with the measured declaration that "we are, moving — we shall not turn back." He pledged "to give my days, and such talents as I have been given, to the pursuit of justice and opportunity for those so long denied that." Johnson's unannounced appearance at the conference was seen by many delegates as a morale booster to an event that had limped from the starting line in a welter of parliamen- j tary squabbling. Discussions .of the planning council's 100 recommendations to bring the Negro into .'full equality in-jobs, housing, education and justice resume today at a midtown hotel. In the last few hours before the conference ends, delegates will have their hard-won chance to vote ont he resolutions to be tacked onto the council recommendations in a report to the President. It is here that the Viet Nam issue may be injected into the two-day conference for the first time;- Floyd- McKissitk, national director of the Congress of Racial Equality has promised resolutions "dealing with the effect of the war in Viet Nam'on the Negro in the ghetto." "We have made mistakes," Johnson said in his soft-spoken address. "We will make others for we know our weaknesses. We will arouse hopes as we have already done that cannot be quickly fulfilled. , "Do,not expect from me, or any man,, a miracle. Do not expect "us, .even together' to put right in one year or four all that took centuries to make wrong." Political Candidates The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates for office in the forthcoming Democratic Primary election: Legislative Post No. t BILLY NICHOLSON * *' * District Prosecuting Attorney RAIVH E. WILSON WALKER PARK Miniature Golf Weekdays 6-10 p.m. Sat. and Sun. MO p.m. NOTICE Gosnell Water Association announces a meeting for June 3, 1966 at 7:30 P.M. in the Gosnell High School auditorium for the purpose of users signing for water for the Gosnell Community and explanation of construction. : J. W. 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