The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1938 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1938 B1ATHEVILLE (ARK.) Strong Man Of Mexican Govenimcn Peons and Wealthy Alike Give Into Nation's Common Fund I1V \VII.1.1S THOKNTON NKA Si'i-vlce Stall Ciirri'spo MEXICO, II R, April H5. -- Nolliini! .since KM; .shout of It'uMgn wliicli launched Mexico's lirsl ix-vo- lullon against Spain move t-lun twi years 113,0 luis stirred and Mexico like tlie oil crisis. The expropriation of Hie Ainc-ii- i-an anil UrKish oil properties, and (he serious assumption of Hie outi- Ijatlou to jjay for Diem, implies Unit Mexico iniisi make a .strenuous ul- fort to stand on Her own nuam-ial nJld economic legs, and the response to the appeal lias' brai nniay.ln<> even to governiaenl ottl- cltils. Touching evidence of ihe eiitlin- slnsin ol' Ihis Hnp|X)i't by even very humble people was revealed at (he Bank of Mexico with the opening of tin.' lira! of 20 boxes In which long lines of women and white- cotton or (lenlin-clnd workmen had 'been depositing their contributions toward a fund lo pay off Die oil debt-. Vri'siilciil's Wife Leads The women's campaign was actively sponsored by Senora Anialia S. dc Cardenas, wife of the president. In tlie Pnlacc o( Fine Arts. magnificent down-town building which also serves ns an opera house, wooden boxes were placed. In these passei-sby could leave their contributions to what, lias become a na- s llonnl cause. I After several days, tlie filled boxes were carried to the Bank of Mexico and unsealed. Three women high in government circles unpacked the boxes, assorted tlie -contents, mid prepared them tor later sale or deposit, to the credit of the fund. The first of- ihe 20 boxes to be dumped out on a table top revealed the spirit of sacrifice behind (he contributions. Bracelets, earrings, decorations from former wars, souvenir spoons, rings, watches, stickpins and a pair of gold- rimmed glasses, tumbled out of the rough wooden box In a ivelter of small coins, many evidently out of hoarding and dating back to the time of Maximilian. A book of school savings stomps, a lottery ticket, a little silver mesh bag which contained a worn silver ring and one American penny. Spanish and Peruvian coin.?, and a Joose emerald in, a paper envelope. Rosaries, a silver' thimble, a nugget, of-pi'ire silver, nvedding rings, even a pair of gloves, came tumbling out of the box. Shuw of" Heroism ' "This is an evidence of heroism Jnn tlie part of humble people, the \ like of which Mexico has never seen." said Senora Antonia Mcndex de Pi-iani. wife of tlie bead of the fund committee for the Federal District. "I have seen an Indian woman with six children come up to the box with her little mite, r have seen the little boys ask to haw the decorative buttons cut otf their chairo i con boy) suits to he their offering lo Ihe fund. Seeing these tilings, people of greater wealth can not [ail lo take up the bonds which Hill be sold later lo larger contributors." This -bond issue" of IOO.000.OCO pesos, or around $25.000,000 in American money, at present rales of exchange, represents a tremendous undertaking for Mexico, a country of 16,000.000 people as compared to the 135.000.000 of Dip United Slates. And most Mexicans fire desperately poor. ' But. |l, il>(> ms likely Mint the ' money will be raised. The newly- organized Party of the Mexican «ev_olution has already petitioned the government that it. be allotted the entire 50.000.000 pesos in bonds for sale the first year, for distribution through its membership. 1'atriotic Kerror The city has broken out. in a rash of benefit bull fights, benefit, concerts, benefit polo games part of the proceeds to go lo the debt funds. A big sugar company subscribes in advance to 1,000,000 pesos of bonds, tlie stale of Nuevo Leon Wires Cor 4.000.000. Vera Cm?, state employes ask for a million. The families of the 42nd battalion in Yucatan send $11; boys of a school at Taxco send $8; collective fann- ers in Sonora send a little more Own $G; an association of ranchers in San Luis Polosi sends $B6. Leagues, families, individuals, labor > unions, schools, I li e Catholic / church as represented by Archbishop Garibi y flivera of Guadalajara, are all helping to raise tlie fund. Jtist bow much eventually will ue needed In payment, is not yet known. Even if the entire 100.000.°00 pesos <S23,000,COO) is raked in three years as proposed, lhat amount would be lilttle more than a down payment. Money derived I from (lie sale of the oil ilself musu eventually be Ihe backbone of any! payment, when, in the future, legal appeals are exhausted and an "mount set. But In the meantime the patriotic fervor sweeps the country. An organization of ranchers in COURIER NEWS Islle ,-cT IT " " l ' WS "' M< "" m ""-""""" «>-»> "•«"•'>»* *U, W vl Emul ,s mitionul- o U o 1 "";' """'i?" " '*'« l ""* "> "" '-""""y. This sketch shows Cardenas a, he took the "•"I, of omce voth a Fa.s,,.,( Sl |,, 1( . „„-,„,„ ., ,„,,,;,,„„„,, uf (tu , „„„,„„ M| . ( Luxora Society —- Personal I'lie minimi election of ollli'ers i« lu'lii ut tin' uiC'i'ltnif of the l.usora Pali-ills 'lVii<-)u>r.-i Wedne/i- iiitiThoon In Ihe liluli school iiiiililiii-liiin. Mrs. Webster Heiul will «'i-vi> ;is pri'slili'nl, Mrs. Cii'0i>;e k. viiv pri'slili'iil; Mrs. Mll- i'lihciu.oii, Keori'lury; Mrs. . Hale Wilklus. Ireiisiu'er. li. W. Ntdmls led the pro- in "(..'iilliinil Apprfoliitlon." UBS by (lie I-'ur.t, Kecimd mill jl'hhd i'i-:nle.'i inn! u dmn by Mis; I'liirar unit fniuivs l.tvi'i'iuu, were l<y a urn* rcvlrw, "Cloldi'ii IV Mrs. (Snthlnijs; n sliuiy I IIMI luinulis ll:i!llllli[;;;, '"I'lie Illiie mi "I'inktu", liy Mrs. C. II, und "A Kunlii.'-.y" by Ibi- •liool Draiiiiiili- club wevc ilVl'll. 'Mir tuuitli nmdi' iiiiiin, Mrs. f(. jW. rJIHuii:;, leni'lier, iwi.-lvi'il tlie lilli•iiUaiuv iiwnrd, Mrs, H. ,). .Snillii :«':•». tin 1 i:uer.t 'riilirsilny und V'rl- ' uj 1 "I AH:,, li.j;;i' fldiiiml/jvld, ol MeiiiphK. Mr. ;iud Mir,. Tnylor .Si'ijnivi'.", llii'lr I'.ucst lor several till il- (liUlllllll'l', Ml-S. (,'lUll- li'i'i 1 , "I Avon Piirk, l-'lorldu. Mr. and Mrs John Mm I In tiuil clilklivn. ihixel anil John Jr., ol' lie, Mo., wi'i'c quests nf Oielr dininlili-r, Mrs Cliurle.s Ilins-- r.rd. Kimdn.v. : .liilinny I'li'ltc. svho hus been t'Dll- liiu-il lii ids Inline for tlie pus! few weeks on umniiit ol erj'slpelns In Ills ttiui., Is improving. 'I'lie Itev. !•', A. Wlitteley, Mlssls- sli>|)i i-ounty lliijitlsi. inlssioniiry | mud tlit- indplt of (lie Rev. |,. I', j Fleinmliv; for liolli the inumlUK uiul evening services Sundiiy. 'I'lie ) Hev. ,vir. iqeiiiliii! Is still enitiiijcd ] - In u revival service at Dell. 1 Mr. mul Mrs. J. C. Sunle, wllose tniirrliiijo oecurn-d ut tliu hoinu ol Rn.s, arak-'s piui'iilK. Mr. <in ( | Mrs. lirltt .lackson, liuster Sunday, luive ! (rum llieli- wwldlnsj trip hud an' maktiti; their home In lhi> Lanilinin apailmcnts. The Baptist, Wonmirti Mlssloii- hry Society met, hi the liome of Mrs. C. U. Wood Tuesday iiltcr- iioon vvllli seventeen members nml two quests. Mrs. li, S. Urltt, of Minted Tree, anil Mrs. Joe Mlllur, present. Plans were completed for tlie entertainment of the Mississippi county Workers Council and Mts- floii Uonrd meeting lo be held hi Luxorn Baptist church May 3. ) During Hie Inishicss session announcement wns made of the election of Mrs. s. J. Smith, as one ot PAGE SEV»«. May Hca'cl New Irish State t>r for the Itoyal Service iiiotii'uiii (in "Alrlca," Tnc- program wns oi>- eiu-d by Iho sli)Bhi K of two negro splrltiuils, Ijy .seven neuro ulils. "Fifty Vein's AUO ami Today" wiis ulvi'ii by f,\ n . Wood and Mm. W, I,. Clink. Mrs. Knfjenlii Clnrk iitagg To Boss Meet Track Men MINNEAPOLIS (UP) - Two men who have bi'en connected with In- .. , u. viuin, 1*11.1, r.lllJl'Ul.l \JHUK j H —••••-vn-\* n*\u Hi" KIW« "Ad-Ira or Tomorrow" nun •'• re " >1 f6 |ftlc athliillcs since their ' "Alitai hi rtini'iicti". Mrs 13 O j )mi;ltel) "Wmlnf? will return to WJIklii.? loin lh,> life jilOTy'oi 'M«-' \ >m ! m for "><! Hallonal Collegiate j kohi A 1:11,1 Ayoiin.k', wliu will '''5' ""''' l J1me " im " "•••;• pivii'iil nl. MI., cimuii Tiihiiw, , y '"''• A '»°s Alonzo "Slags, •• v ' •""""" who coached truck and football ai l lie University of Chicago lor 41 urn r Dress Sliirl Autograph Will Be Pul In Frame HOUSTON dip) ... cimi-le-i I'luiHi', I'lmiiil • of n fliv ((ep,, limit ii'M-ii,-, ri.'w, pliui-; (,) f m u ilri-:,% ililrt iii f'f;uih'. ;in milo^vniih coll, liMlmiimiil diiiiirr i,j, ntiihic (liri: I'aiJtiilh haitli'l l,cury V/lll'll III' MIW till' lllllllllll'K p|l..;. ''"I. l.n I'tnnti' lm,| thru, , uuo '. nil Il"' from of lih .'.hiri-iii'iil rl I yours, mid who Is now conch 'at (Jii- (Mleiry nl' (| 1C Pndflo, stock. Inn. l.'n)-. and VV. V'/. (Pudge) Hcf- li'llliiKor, an All - America Yule inmril n-oni 1(180 to 1001, mul now H Minneapolis |)H'j|nr;.-sinnn, l>tni;e will referee (lie event* In the UK-el, while lloffellli^c-r will lie ' Juiil, Klmii Walks flHOTXiu, N. Y. (llp!-..'Vnl.Mici>il in M'nv Dim. nioiill),'; on (i i'lini-jje III IllllttlciitttJM. .luwjjli iruljn.ijfj W;r, Iciinil l,i I),. „ "wiilkiiiK |mik •'•liqr Wlll'll M'llivheil |,y 11 l (|1 . u _ key, 'I'lii; |irlsCMi,.|-\ |« w k,.(.s i!i'lili\-| U!» (lUUIKlli of UK'orM u-nU'U lll,,l clui'k imvls, Kliissirs, Idols mid other m I Icli'.-;. U minimi utmost | m |[ iiu hour to empiy bis |iuclii.|,.;. Mouse fLM-nii nre s;iid to thrive Hd'j- In i.tu-tial slmiln. GRAND DADS Peaberry COFFEE Always Fresh Buy a Package Today The first prosi'ticnl of tho new stiilc of Irelmid, wliieli replaced the Irish [.'ree State uniler tho recently adopted constitution niuy lie 7U-year-old Or, Dmttfas llyilc, invited by both miilor INirlti'!! to accept the ofllcc. Poet rhnmpion uf Gaelic m a llvini; Iniijjuaue. lilaloriun nml mitlior- ity on folklore, Dr. Hyde Is considered one of the most distin- ijuished living Irish writers. the forty-five odlclal delegates from Arkansas lo the Golden Jubilee meeting of the Southern Baptist Woman's Ml&slonni-y Unlun at Richmond, Vlrelnln-, Mny n. Mrs. L. I'. Fleming was tile lead- Boxes relived lo fllcl coins arc placed throiishout Mexico recnvul ihc to.m.buHons ol the ,,,ople toward the fund now beine pay for ihe expropriation of foreign oil properties. The contents of tho coins out of Hoarding ami nil kind:: of personal triii^, revtultA llk . ^, mrf ,., ch „„„ ^ iiig to pay Mexico's bill. mill' to (lie fund. A reporter for Ihe government newspaper, 'thinking to gel. from the old man n ( dement praising the Cardenas rijime, queried him. This was the i,'rimil)liiiir reply; 'Oil! This Cardenas. I suppose hi. is a bandit just like nil the ulher.s. nut. this— Mils is for Mexico. IIITI> .is my peso!" License N'liiiilirrs Matched DALLAS lUPi—Severnl thousand f illiis CouiHiiius now know their uilomobile license numbers for the first lime. Manager Herbert Watson of tlie comity's highway lax division made that possible by grnnlln" plntes including home or business (ilcphoiic number .series to all who ipplicd for that, privilege. Tlie machines used to grind and polish the plates of elass used tu I OK) and Lincoln curs arc so long l «t HID curvature of the enrih imiM, bn taken Into consideration. PERFECTION es have such Veuora /Miialiu R. lie Cardenas, in ]|»ht rtrrss. wife of Mexico's pi-fsklcnl, is pictured above a.s with other women lenders she contributed part ot Ilic family silver lowiml the $25.000.GCO needed for tlH' pnymciit. on tlie expropriation debt. Sonora, \vliose luiuls have lieen ex- ]'• propriatwi as i»rt. of Ihe agriciil-1 tnral program, is actually offering j to turn back lo the government, i bonds received in payment, and i:;! ni'Silig (ither lanriowners to tlo like- i wi:,e as their contribution toward 1 solving the agricultural pvobleui. i "Comliat Vessimisiii!" ] HOK- long this nationalistic and | patriotic fever will last, ancl liw much it will contribute to a lastingly unitcil Mexico, no one can tell. But. it is seen on every hand tixlay. Along (lie principal streets posters llaiue: "The Pessimists in Ihe Oil Case arc imcoiisrlosis Traitors to Ilicir country! Combat. Pessimism!" For Hie present, nt least, this spirit is (riumpliln; over the longstanding and well-Jiislirie<l skepticism thai Mexicans feel toward government. Typical of the spirit is oni- old man whi» came to Die Flue Arts Palace to contribute liis WASH & GREASE 51.00 Wash, Grease, Poltsh and ff.rvci! 55,00 H. R. SCHMUCK "Ksso" Station Main and Division SAVE AS MUCH AS 90c ON 10 GAL. OF HMEST NO NOX GASOLINE Pennsylvania Oil. Sealed Cnnlaincrs 2fic •I Miles No. of SI ale Line H. W. fit HOLLAND, MO. Stop, Look and Listen! •lust :i few of our Many Hargaiiis _ These cars Jti'c carefully checked & priced. 1031 Chevrolet Coach. Extra ST ............ $137.50 \'.m Ford V-8 Tu- fr-inr dnr. Krai liny .... <J>1 ^D Chevrolet A-i rn Coupe. Otily 193C Ford V-8 Pick- lip Truck .......... IDS I Chcvrnlft 13t inch \\\ li. Truck . . i; O. Sf. r. Taymrnl I' j WB TRADE Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phone G33 Klltull *-V,.| t .r,,, r MOONLIGHT EXCURSION First <>/ tltu Scuxun lc. 5jn Souci IjnJing. ,.9;00 pm (On ,l|jin Ilitln/it JJJ „/, [„(„, O,,«^ I'ICHON'S "Pepper-Uppers" Hit Cjpllol'i bund new II Plcc« Norelly BjnJ JiytltJ t> fATS WALLKR'S DOUBLE rf ,SV» 0,1,™, Slnscr, rimo Phyer tnA Hatlet Etttflrlalnor wild loll of lip and pepl Only Perfection has High-Power burner speed, cleanliness and precise regulation T HIS modern Perfection range is both Beautiful and convenient. Its simple lines and cream-white porcelain finish make it a joy to live with. Also made with pure white porcelain finish; Five High-Power burners arc concealed 1 by a hinged panel which opcnsne.itly.igainstthe lower from of the rangc.Thcse burners, known the world over for their cleanliness and speed, work equally well with the panel open or closed. The oven is full-size, "Live- Heat" design with "air seal" insulation. It requires no stooping, because of its convenient height. The concealed two-gallon oil reservoir is removable, Another convenience is the removable burner tray, Price? What i.s your estimate? Others have guessed fifiy to one hundred dol lars too much.- Come in and we'll surprise you with the correct priccj Ko. Si I. 0*1 if lu; ,:l,.ll,,i Itilt-Pemr 1'tTftclhv til s'm-rt. PortjMt Ptrttdhn t ' . €) Now is.Ihe lime lo get your car in shape for Spring ami A Summor driving. Take ". advantage ol these low priced -. seivico combinations. Our men f' aro exports in their , . ? ! ' lo givn you highest qualiiy fiorvice at lowest cost, HARDWARE CO, PHONE 32 19 Years of Service anil Square Dealing l.lslcn lo Ihs Voice of Firtilonf fralurinc tlictira troou and »ar»rtt ol'eaks, Monday evening* over Xalianwido N. H, C. Hcd X?:naik 3PHMLIPS M O TO R CO: 5th & Walnut Phone 810

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