The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 15, 1944 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 15, 1944
Page 5
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FRIDAY, DECIiMKBK' 15, 1944 BLVTHRVILLH COURIER:NEWS Sergt. Johnson Wins Air Medal Blytheville Gunner Is Cited After 33rd Mission From Italy the Air Medal has teen awarded Slaff Sergt. S. L. Johnson, 23, son of Mrs. N. w. Trnnttintn, 110 East Ash slrccl, wlio recently completed Ills 33ixl combat mission as ball Eiiiitior on a 13-24 bomber of the 15l!i Air Force In Italy. S Tlie Blythcvlllc airman, formerly employe of Arkansas-Missouri »'«• Company here, hus been in f.crvicc two years and went overseas July 9. He was graduated at Boise, Idaho, last June where he a member of a crew which ranked third of 5(i plane crews training there. Sergeant Johnson promptly sent the modnl l.o his motlicr, who received It this week, along with olher souvenirs which included a "good luck bell" of St. Michael which the flier obtained at Capri where he went for a week's rest He also sent his mother a copy ol Ihc 15lh Air Force anniversary ?ditlon of Stars and Stripes. H is believed that. Sergeant Johnson Is stationed at Foggia Italy. His brother, Pfc. Lester U. L Joliiu.on, 25, who formerly wni employed at Blytheville Bakery I now is serving with the U. S. En- I liium.s in Holland'. Lester enlistee I ft month before his brother am totli participated in the Itivasloi [of Southern ••France. < I Mrs. Trantham recently receive! I an interesting souvenir from Les j ter, too. It was a copy of an un roiincl newspaper published "a e, Belgium. The paper, was ( I special • edition in English . hallhn 1 the Allied liberators of their coun T. '.. • * A letter accompanying the pape | also informed his mother- thai, 1 !»l gotten a copy of a magazin 'lidwcst Telephone News" con aining pictures of Mrs. Ruby Ne I Raines, formerly chief operate I here, and* Mrs.' Virginia Davis I chief operator. It was very, muc :: thriii, he said, to open eczide' iri Belgium, and-see pic I twos of people froin your owii I home town. Grand Champion Steer arm Bousing Vogrom \V/H Je Discussed ATLANTA, Dee. IB (Ul')--Solltli- nstorn rural houslnu offk-lulp will ii'el here in Jnuuaiy to outline un sltmated 150.million dollar post- vnr in-ogrnm of fanu housing. sink 1 ren.unvr George I), iramlltonan- lomices. ' lliimlllon, who directs Oeori'la's ural houshiR program, was (owl he nxnot date for the session Int- r. He says tho cojiferenee was call- d pfjmurlly to smooth the way for implications for Federal Public Au- horlty lunds. The applications pro- jojo'to finance'thousands more of modern five-room fiivm homes. Ben. Grave, 17-year-old^Bryant, Iowa,' Fanner, with "Teddy", his 1,100-pound Hereford sleer, which wor nim the Junior and then the Grand Championship of the 3rd wnrlliuc Clilcauo Market Fiit Stock Show (NliA Tclephoto.) Avoid Overly Strong Flavors In Dressing For Holiday Fow/ Declaring that much of the suc-|3 cups of chopped celery, parsley Temperatures I Atlanta I Augusta • Birmingham .•;.••. *.:... 1 Charles ton '-. .:.:...'.. • Charlotte ." • Chattanooga :. Ichlctigo •Cincinnati •Denver •Detroit I Jacksonville ,-..., llahassee Kansas Citv.Ii. •('•Bacon' . .'.?.?. .?.../• Memphis .- ' ' •- ^ Kiami.. "...I! Mitgpmery. ,• .;..,. New Orleans • York Hi Low 35 21 •13 24 19 18 18 15 14 11 24 16 23 20 ,4238 . 35 .. 32 .. 53 .. S8 ..47' .. 45 42 47 36 •San Antonio ._ :.66, • Savannah Irampa . Houston . ......- Jacksoii". .'....' Little Rock' -. Shrevepbrt •. -. 43 . 5fi .-34 G2 .'.-..-:.'... 40 ..45 . _. /;::.:.-;^oi;,-,..31 3.1 21 28 35 19 34 28 ,32 21 . 33 25 33 37 2G .30 cess of the holiday bird depends on how the stuffing Is seasoned, Miss Cora Lee Coleman, county home demonstration agent, iccom- nicmtcd a blend or boutiuct of dif- dercnt flavors. She cautioned, however', that such ; :i bleiid. requires care in I lie use not only of seasoning vegetables and' herbs but also of fat and moisture. Too largo a quantity of such strong flavors , as onion and sage' can cover up the more delicate flavors in 'the stuffing, too much fat also overbalances flavor and makes, stuffing greasy, and too much.moishire dilutes flavor and makes, stuffing greasy, arid too much moisture -dilutes flavor and makes a tasteless stuffing, the liome demonstration agent precau- tioned. . Seasoning vegetables- onion, celery, and parsley—carry their flavor} I more evenly through stuffing if they are chopped and cooked in fat a Jew minutes before being mixed «'ilh the bread crumbs. Leaves of celery as well as the stalk, she said, give line flavor when chopped and heated in fat. ,She recommended only about a fourth as much chopped onion as celery. Celery salt is a favorite seasoning, too, she reminded. To avoid an overdose of sage flavor,. Miss coleman suggested poul- powdered sea- for n 5-pound and onion, the home demonstration agent recommended using only one to 2 teaspoons ol soiling herbs; and .„ , duck or roast chicken, which calls for one quart of crumbs and l',!i pups of seasoning.vegetables, only 'A teaspoon of seasoning herbs. '.: The amount of fat'in stuffing should.depend on how much natural fat the bird contains, she explained. She staled that ducks 'find geese generally have more fat than chickens and turkeys. Prom one to i'.i tablespoons of fat is generally enough for each cup of crumbs. Often pieces of fat arc removed from the bird, fried out, and used in the stuffing, but any othcv good- flavored fal may be used. ' Cooks have long nrgucjj the merits of dry ami.:moist stuffing, she 'Hid. The tyoks In fuvor of the dr> method aifd no milk or water t crumbs, maintaining lha linmolslened crumbs take up mor of the Juice from (he meat, color and onion, 1111,1 thus make n moi' nvorful stuffing.' Many cooks save lime by stuff lug I he bird the night before, ac cording to Miss Coleman. "Duriii the overnight, standing the inca absorbs flavor, from the stuffing which may or 'mny not please th family's lasfe,"- she said. I'.-llboy Memorial NBW YORK (UP) — A memor., to (he U. S. Army engineers who died In an assault on Normand 20 minutes before H-hour on D-Day will be erected on the site of the lirst German pillbox they captured, according loathe publication, ------ „..,. __ „ ........ „. Construction Methods. The pillbox^ Often pieces of fat arc removed jtiie engineers' first -headquarters ' •'-- •• ..... • after their landing, Is helng sealed to Inclose a plaque engraved with the nanies of the, Americans. The memorial will be completed lifter tlic war. ' ; ." ' Princeton Picks Foster For Basketball Coach dollars worth of these loines hnvc already bcmr built '01 contracted for lii thu SoiUhensi. Hamilton points out tli'nt nl- •Iwugli mint .of the proeri\in must rim \ilnns nosy aiviilt only Wl'll's okay inul Hie'niileonu- or n cowl ,i'st on Ihc validity of tux exemptions Ki'iintiul to rural houses. soin'o phn'sos mny be cnrrletl out -Jc (-* • \ r . •-;• ! . n U\f. iii-iir fiiturc. lie reveiiled tlmt / J Oil"! oCOUtS " ' ' ' U-iitiitlvi- plnns Imve been nnulrj to'-p r-• /—• \ '• ' I o bing Carols Here Tonight >,, Would you like to have Ihe Girl Scouts or.Ulythcvllle fitpp at yoiiv honu! lotilglit to sliigHlie tm, illtlonnl Chrlslinus carols? . ,'. , If so, nil you hfwo to do'^s'pul ..,,,„,,, - llutitfil ciitKlle \\\ your window I'UlNChlON. N. J., Doe. IB (UP) as n signal to. them. Scvcnty-tivo -A l.ll'lltl't' flllln Mtllilt I.L..I.. '......»....... .Lt-'.i .... ..! v ' ."- • Ohio StalB ullilclc iiceompuiilcil by ttib l-'i'Bler, lin.s bei-n iiunieij lenders, will' go llir'otigli/)Ut. head buskc'lbul! coach, and assist- nut footbitll couch at I'vliicc-lnn, I'Vsler conehed liaskelball anil luolbnll ul Harvard from 1DJ3 (« 1011. and then wont to Wesleyim. At pi'o.sinil lie Is on leave of nl>- senee from Wesleyun, wllh the i«-reat!.-)niil division of the Office of SlniU'cle Services In Washington. tonl(!lil for their nnniml CliilKlnuiH enrolling inul hoi>c,lp-bc iiblc to .-itoj) wherever lighted eiuidles nrc showing. • ..'. More rkc Is ciiiisumcd Ihrdiigli- out the world today than any other 'mid product. ; , More thiin 65 out of every 100 arrests miule In the Untied Slates ,...„.; .',--; 7. i--»--v -" ludny are for either drunkenness V*«ltj)enccHnie;liulldhM! colidltlons, | or traffic vliilnliui-ji. maijejof ife fereli£''h|rbS^_ turkey, .which,•"retj'iiireV'z^to^'a'iT qunrts of bread crumbs and about Save 50% On . TRUSSES Slcel and Elastic STEWART'S Drug Store Wain & Lake .Phone. 2822 HOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNERS Termites may be ruining your properly, CaH me to ch'e'sk up without cost or obligation. KATS, MICE AND ROACH CONTROL 300 E. Kentucky GUARANTEED WORK H. C. BLANKENSH1P Phone 2350 Keep LIQUOR on Your Shelf For Holiday Guests! Put cheer into the holiday season with wines and liquors that arc a traditional part of Christmas entertaining. We carry all available nationally known brands. WSNES: BRANDIES: (Domestic & Imported) I'OKT KUBV PORT TAWNY PORT SHERRY 1-.VI.E DRY SHKRRY HIIINK WINK , | /.INFAMJKI, CLARET ftliRGUXDY JHJSCATKI, TOKAY SAllTKHXK Imported Portuguese Imported Spanish All Kinds Domestic LIQUERS Balzac Cuban Liqucr Cointreau French Liqucr Cocktail Hour 'CHAMPAGNES: (Domestic A: Imported) ALSO: Complete Stocks of Domestic and Import- I ed Rums and Gins . . . And Reasonable Stocks of Whiskies. FOSTER'S__ I Foster's Brnailway Liquor Sl6rc—100 N. Broadway Ph/jnc 2868 I Welch Foster Liquor Store —ill W. Walnut Phone 2127 Applications To Insidli Equipment Burning Bul^ne or Butane- Propane Gas l^.xiwres proveiiiyLaw. - "Petroleum Administrator for War Restriction" Prior to this change in policy a few civilian con-: siiniers of BUTANE gas undur priority rciiucsl were pfermitted occasional' installations oi- trahsfci-• of •etiuipnient from one home to anothci'. Now. :howcvef'i" stocks of Liqiaif|cd/Petroleum Gases. are •'vei ; y ; "'tight', c; ''' 1 ^omietitientlf f it/ has'"'hccii 'necessary for I'AW to restrict further increase!) in consumption of these irn^ portant ingratlioiils of AVIATION GASOUNE. ; BUTANE' GAS is an iniiiorlcint component in the manufacture of AVIATION GASOLINE as well as in SYNTHETIC UUDBKU. Roth being critical items in the prosecution of tlio WAK. The immediate change in policy' is not intended to affect consumers who have alrauly installed eiiuipnient in their lioines, offices, commercial or industrial plants Ijvit those consumers are advised and requested to conserve LI'-Cas as much as possible to protect, the stocks on hand. The following conservation measures arc recommended: 1. Do not use kitchen ovens to heat the room or house. 2. Use hot water as little as possible—do not use running hot water to wash dishes, hands etc. Heat and use no more water than is necessary. 3. In house Dealing close off all unused rooms. 'J. Use the fireplace or other type heaters whenever possible. 5. Storm windows and storm doors should be used to prevent the escape of heal. G. Attic floors should be insulated with mineral wool or similar material. Attic ventilators and house underpinning should lie closed. 7. Where possible walls of homes should be insulated, windows and doors weather-stripped and cracks should be caulked to keep out drafts and prevent heat escape. If all will co-operate and conserve gas, we as a company feel sure we can weather the winter and take care of our customers but we feel we should advise you a critical and serious situation nationwide does exist which will not be relieved so long as our bombers and fighters flying in great numbers as they arc now doing present this heavy and unusual demand for 100'! OCTANE AVIATION GASOLINE. WE know AMERICANS DO NOT WANT TO WASTE A DROP OF GAS WHICH MIGHT AFFECT OUR HOYS WHO ARE DOING SUCH A MAGNIFICENT JOB FIGHTING IN THE SKIES. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY R. C. Weis, Prop. Forrest City—Brinkley—Blytheville—AVesl Mcmpnis .- —Whcaflcy, Ark. Gas Distributors since l!);)5. ^~ Doing our host to serve in 1915. "Let's all co-operate, liny Bonds—Win the Kiglil" •'• Planters Hdw. Co., Inc. , ,'homc of SHERWiN-WILLIAMS PAJNT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS :U,S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE 'COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE ,-,•: Phone 515, .IHythcville, Ark. '^> f -'~i '*'••' .'«V^.V it!<S,. •(!•-,'• or IroiKhUl'Irfit«t!<H,i bin ifi CfJMn' .. Bueklcy'i f>m»u«:"CANAb|OL' l1 vi; ; COUGHS! .. BOoit druK nluro fo^ri : lit llncklcyn- OANAOIOI, Mlxtursr ; (trlplo 'nelliiK)'.; VriihQ. a-'coutilo or .allia at'IrtililnuV I-'cer l|» • lliitiinl iK.ivoiful offrctlvo nclloir»nrra[l;l)iru ' tlifoal/honil uh'J bronnhlal ifiljo'f. U '*tnrli n-l oiica.'lO Ipgsitn irp>, llilck.n clinking i>M<?nni,.8odl)]<y rnw .fncm-, br/uil'S lirid limVo hrcilllilliK CHHlcr. ''' Huffori-ra from llLoicjKjicr^lqt^U,'' ;»aMy Irr tn.tliin.r.oiiKlio or .Ij/oncUlsl ... Irritation*' ililo-lij-cblrffi'(Inn- RiioH-' 1 " 1 Ifj-'H lirliiKT nuk'k nml '<frtci.ilvo' f«-- " IK'f. Don'i wall— gal DiieMlcy'H'C'nn- r n<(lol today, You net rd!6f Insliintly." V ' BOKtM'S'DRUGS J s r COLD WEATHER SERVICE T \Vu insiuirAUTO .CLASS^hew FLOOH* MATO 'arid WOIN F. B. JOYNER C'driicr Kcconil & Ash Sis,' ! > SERVICE STATION: Phone 2611 DOH EDWARDS ' . "The Typewriter M»n' ' ', : ' ; : '','" .. HOYAL, SMITH, CORONA, AND REMINGTON PORTABli . TYPEWRITERS . .... [ 7; | 118 N. 2nd 3THEET .".•'' • -. PHONE S3M (E»«ry T»DMcHoa Mu.l Bt SatUfactory) M^ LIFE & ACCIDENT j INSURANCE CO. E. H, FORD, Representative , . ; Z*8 Lyncii, BWg.' '' '. : ;'.; 91G— Now cardigan nocklino on lailorod Kvo-piuco bulclior * suit, Skill Una conlot kick. In doop IOIIOB ol blown, navy, green, rod, 12-20 . . No rod poinla nodded butcher lltjoii* InllorccI anil. Doop two-bullon •wriilu dickey. Six-rjorod aVltt. Solid Colorado! ttc]i brown, navy rod. 12-20 K906—I(B whilo piquo collar cortioa ElraiyhtfronianEntjIIshbworcchoo!, Two-pioco drossinakor sn[l] lloral print rayon.' Tliroa-quailer length sbovoa with piquo cuUu, Filled w •Kno ticcoiils this voiy young lull. Luygago, iose f groon. 10-18 ' ' 5907—A Ivyo-ploco wadt&blo rayon 'lor Ihoao who dolo'oh'tlbts. Closer 11 boW-ffb pockol«';.'3-(onft'Liilto'n bluo, luggayo and groon. 'fiayoa aaJCotlam 5318 ,.. ol what a good suit should be. You'll wear yours at the slightest excuse .--.-•. for these timely two-piecers are tailored to flatter your own figure, or that of ths lucky ladyVho gets one as a gift. MISSES 1 AND WOMEN'S SUES Incorporated In Blythcville Since J902 ••-r;-

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