The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 28, 1949
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN BLYTTTFA'TLLE (ARK.1 COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, APRIL 28, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION I2c ••man: a iim» p*t uiu 2 timw p*j Une per da; 1 Umw pel Une p*J d*> T• time* par LID* pec o*f ic U lime* pel Un« D*> <1*J *c Montt> pei Hut »* Count dve *ver«c« VOTOJ to tb« line Ad oraerea rui tore* oi «u Umw *no Atoppea oelive expiration will M cturg •a for ine numbcj oi times lor *a «P JUJ UlMAUieo Advertising 0"p> *UD- mutca oy perwmi* residing nuwiar nl til4 Cltl mURt M &CCOtDpMDIMl bj C»*tl Uiic* *y oe easily cnmumta fmm tn« ADOTC haul* AdvertlMng urati fuj uieguiM . m*»i won* u*e« toe on* tim* nw no ceapunnibiLlt; win Oe t*iea l« mote tnao tint mcorrec* insertion oi »ny cuisinta u All «0> «* resliiciKi to ineli prup*i • act type Tb« courier reserve* Uii reject an; MI UOUM moTinx tthort or long dl»- . taiK-« fJenij ol equipment um eipei- lent* LcveJiiift *nd foundation worn VifiSii Knley 413 Eaal Short Afth Phnn Rent sandei's Refinisli your own floors. Rent an electric sander from Wards. Economical! F r ee instructions, Montgomery Ward 4-7 ck tf rigbi to e<m *« Apurtment for Rent 2 room imnlshed ai>arlmcnt. Cl In. rnone 2062. - 4,:AB-|)* 3-room furnished opl 521 &- Lake. Ph. 298y, Couple only. f'JS-vfc-S.l 2 room lurutfilied apartment. UUH- nes luruishetl, oirls only Phone 208*. LOCAL TKUCKING— HAULING HOMER FISHER 217 l.iikc St. Phone 2451 Lawnmowers Sharpened Henry Westbrook's Shop Machinists. Welders. Blacksmith* 2'25 North IM Slreel Oa? 1'lione 1161 Night 41'JJ 4.23-ek-ir Typewriter TYPEWRITERS ttoyEi tinilta Oomn» and Rrmlnj- DON EDWARDS For Salt. R*al fitof* Real Estate Farms — City Properly LOANS ID ictcrwteo u> I'tif J7pcwr tlu M tiecnnd Bt 3-roomi ana bath furnished (Jas •quipmeal ana cJecLrlc lelrlgenitoi Fh aiy'2. fc'. Simon 4 20-ck-U furnished upariment. Phone 2D61 4.27-pk-M Business Service Directory Auto Supp'tei and Services Jeep parts now available at MOTOR CO. w* c*>ti mi •!! ynui need' U«t genuine Irom oui raoa- p[ftt« UQ«, K^l.tH POOJJi OWNKH 4: OPKRAlOfl bouUi HlgbWR. til at tit eel* Uo Pbnne 8le«le *» CHAPMAN SEUIV1CF STATION U&ln & U1 vision Phtm* Uon t endnngei 5"tiui tainllj «rit' Imultj lire*—BUY UIB 1'tRES 12113-ci-U Loans AUTO AND FURNITURE LOANS Prompt Personal Service General Conlracl purchnse Corp 106 South 5th Pboue 803 Money to Loan Do you Qeea » Loan to repair or i noCelv No down paymrnt no mart tftg.e no red tape FHA APPROVED RATE 5% ASK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Phoni U0:<4 Lvnr> Bulldini BlytD-rtlU Ark UilJ-CX Services For Sole. Mite. One 10' hill counter and compressed very Jlllle. BulWiim located ) E. Main, for sale or rent. Apply •14 ChlckasuwbB Ave. or call 20*3. ATTENTION FISHERMEN! Just, received shipment of men's llshl , Over the Shoe fishing boots, igh length. Fit right over the shoe. ,sy wallclnB comfort Sl/es C to 12 eg fll 95 TAlue. S0.98, HAYS STORK, INC We n oolcta Inr prl br Co. Coolerator c a 15 cu tt "Family SS/.e -1 • Freezer \isecl tlian 'Mi Koort «n new for 13^500 Heg- E C Robinson RESTORE CAR BEAUTY ««4)£ SKILLFUL BUMPING W« hav* body and («nd«r brulm bump«d out by >xpirl workman wh« imploy up-lo-doU tools and «quipm«nl that ar* deiign«d •tpacially for lhat purpoia. PRECISION REFINISHING Af1»r damaged af«at In bodl«» and f*nd«rt hav« b««n bumped out, W« giv« *v»ry iurfac« that tmoolh, mJrioi- lik* tl**l<n«ii your cor had whan !l wai brand n«w. FACTORY-QUALITY REPAINTING Wh»lh«r your car n>*di louchlng-up or a compUO npalnljob, you can d«pend on ui forth) hlghtll quality material* and axpttrl workmonlhip. Noble Gill Agency Cecil Karls -— F. B. Joyner REALTORS Glencoe Bldg. Phone 819 Nottc* ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN crippled free of 100% G.I. FINANCED Beautiful country home. Modern G room and bath, garage, out - door storage, O" "O I " •*• " r» chicken lioiise. In restricted COUNTRY CLUB AREA ADDITION. Lot 100 by 200. riccd $10,000. A lovely home on Kentucky Avenue. Modern to the minute. 5 room and bath, garage and hrceneway, large screen- cd-iii porch. Priced $10,250. 3 bedroom, 1 '/•> story, on Cemetery Koad. You'll like this modern little home. Less than 2 years old and sturdily built. See or call. JOHNNY MARR REALTOR Phone 4111 or 2596 1 Li! South Second St. 4-25-ck-tf Dead, fallen and animals picked up charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blylhe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 4-21-ck-5-21 For Sale, Cars & Trucks llso a complete • as $25.00 Red'* liody Bliop. Phone 4913, 118 Lilly Street MODEL A FORD, paint jot> ror RS lo SEE THIS CAR! 3 wheel CUSHMAH SCOOTEU. All etftt ^8"x24" dellveo' bctl - Ptacllcally • «• tires. Fair rutiiiluK condition. Com- letc with windshield and frame tor al> call Fletcher \Vlbori. 3382 days. 'J70 n |pht3. 428-i;l:-5 1 l FERTILIZER We HIT. several toi^ ol i-U-18 lti«l nave tiot ocen spoten lor ['LANTEnS COUPEBATJVR U1N H1CJHWAT 61 SOUTb PHONE 120 I'lurr ins vvi new antl used phimb- rk done L O ElolllKon Phnnf 3.'JO-plt-4!30 IT'S niOTIns day lor dirt when jou DEAL'S i'AINT STORE LAwn mowra and cated for. Ph. 25 G*Ors« Bovrers. 4;22-pic-3;6 BELT8. BUCKLES, covered buttonl. button holes Wae iher. Alma Bass, Klma Crowdcr rhone 3S3S If no an- •wer. «i32. 606 N. 5th. St 4 22-pk-5i22 4 12-ck-Sin New tractoi tire "paddl wheel iiower" give you maxi mum rvaction in heavy we soils. Tread base up to 20% greater than conventional de sign. Compounded to resis "weathering". Buy you "power tract" tires now Pa nt'ter yon harvest. See them a Wards. Montgomery Ward. 4-13-ck-5- Koda* Hnifintrjg OSTEEN'H STUDIO rjour «er»lc« MaKe ynur nome pretty foi spring Expert Rug (Jlean)n(c Service U ynurr PEERLESS CLEANERS Phrmf 2433 r.lytnevllle Laundry. Rough dry. Also blankets • r.fl light quilts. 509 Lilly. Phone 6181 4 26-pH-M 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Nice beer tavern on 61 Highway North, l-'or sale rhoap. Walk out prop- sLtlon. room nome on pnvcmcnt. Corner ot. Will citri-y a lOQ*^ GI Loan. Nice U room concrete nek home oi lly Street. This will carry a lOO^i "BERT ROSS, REALTOR 20U 1 -, WEST MAIN Phone 2415 or 3816 4.27-ck-S;4 For Sale, Mrsc. 3 piece bedroom sun P. Good condl- ion. I'(ionr 4461 nays or 34GO alter 4 'clock- 4.M-ck-tf \vnllpaiior: s t n Hie nationally known uiancls Rl WaiU'.-i now You can't gel Dcitci pRpci utiywnere lor your iinjii Miintyuniery Ward 4jiy-ck 1947 HUDSON Commodore "6" 4-Door Sedan Only SI 295 mat's just one at the really Special values you'll llnd at Use 61 Motor Co 'f Used Uar Lot Bcinrc you decide on b car ^ee oui used car? oi compare nui iraae-in allowance on a new Kalsej oi i-razer You'll tie glad you did 61 MOTOR CO. rtft tiiRbway 61 Pftnne 2 Ha 6-rootn modern house oil corner lot. lovely shade U33 Holly. Small nc-A' 3- oom House 414 N. 1511l St. 427-ck-30 Salesman Wanted First Class Automobile Salesman. Write Box GHI, % Dortchsoy No. 2 Seed Soybeans The liigliest yielding be;in n the :rninty foulest last fall. '' Recli-ancd sacked. Only $2.75 Pcr nu 61 Implement Co. Nurth Hiijliway Cl Phone 2W2 4-lu-ck-lf Close out 88 Venetian Blind;,, si/.e 2-1" to -14". Spc- t-iiil price ?1.00. Some slightly damaged but usable, all sales filial, no exchanges or refunds. Montgomery Ward. Courier News. 4-22-ck-tf Waited to Rent j-'or highest prices bring your chlcfc- ens to PurcHi's arocery. 125 Lilly St. Spring Sale Of Late Model Reconditioned Cars 1917 Chevrolet Fleclmastcr Town Sedan, 2-tone blue, has radio, healer, defroster, white sidewall tires, and 19-19 Arkansas license. A bargain. 1917 Chevrolet 5-Passenger Coupe, one-owner car, ha» black finish, radio, healer, peep mirrors, compass, and many other extras. It's a beauty. 1917 Chevrolet Maroon Town Sedan. 1912 Chevrolet Town Sedan. 1911 Chevrolet Special Town Sedan. 1911 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has heater and 1919 license. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, equipped with radio, healer, seat covers and 1919 Arkansas license. 19li7 LaSalle Sedan, one owner, has radio, heater, and 1919 Arkansas license. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 3 or 4 room furnished apartment with bath by ixiuiile. No children Good references, call Mrs. whlueu. Hotel Nome. 4,26-pk-SjlO House Trailer, same as new. used only mo. 'lb ll M-system 3-rooms with snowcr. HRrgam J. W. flrtiwu. 'idl N. dlh . Hayll, Mo. 4,2G-pk-29 Tractor eiiuipment, o n atalk cutter, one Heavy Duty Pulverizing Disc, two sets of John Deere two row cultivators. GOOD AS NEW Several thousand second-hand brick, clean and ready for use. GOSNEI.L GIN CO. Phone 723 4-27-pk-4-30 Notice Palmers: We liavu \vliltc house paint $J.5l> [i-m Gal. Moupy back «unr- aniee. All kltuls ol KnRcinl psilnt Sl.OO per quarl. Wrsi Hiway 18.McOhiili'ls Auction, Ch Ujl. -!26-ck-420 KLt'Clrlc atier 5 pi cwlns machine 1'h for Sale, Real Estate Personal mi nut* phntnst«tlc *emc* b MTUUIO Uft-ck-tJ Business Opportunity Home improvements, a new toot \p.irKlln& wall tile, coollns insulation attractive MdlnR. ore yours tot the row- cst possible cost Select the material and Wards no the rest AsX today at Mnn. Comely Watd 4;13-cJc-S;l It's Easy To Buy A Car AT LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. 1947 CHEVROLET $499 DOWN 4-door Fleelmaster Sedan, equipped with heater, white sirlcwall llres, and 1M9 license . . . low mileage. Cottonseed - oybeans Brooder's, Statc-registerec: 'urple tag) Hale DeltKpine coit'»nsccd. ?10 per 100 Ibs Breeder's, Not registered certified, Hale Dcllapine 78 )tlon?i'ed ?8 per 100 Ibs. Grade A 18 Months To Pay Tola! . . $1195 1946 FORD $435 5-Passengcr Coupe, has radio, healer, and seal covers . . . 25,000 acliuil miks. in excellent condition. DOWN 18 Months To Tay Total ". . $1295 4-door Special Sedan. lias new engine, chrome mouldings, radio, neater, scat rovers. Has new paint job, performs like new. 1942 BUICK $438 DOWN 12 Months To Pa}' Total . . $1095 1910 CHEVROLET . . . S318 Down and 12 months lo pay. Total cost, §795. This is a special DeLuxe Tudor Sedan, has new paint job . . . hody, motor, and lires in excellent condition. 1939 FORD ... $210 Down. Total cost: $525. This Tudor Sedan has practically new molor and tires, is equipped with radio and heater . . . S525. 1936 BUICK . . . S178 Down. Total cost: $M5. Buick Coupe, has good tires and good motor, is equipped with radi& and healer. OTHO STANF1E1.D W. J. "BILL" WUNDERLICH Salesmen "When Better Cars Are Built, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Ukia Tag) Oyden soybeans. 3.50 per bu. State-certified, Commercial radc (Red tag) Ogden soy- cans, $3.25 pi'i bu. Non certified (from ccrti- inci seed) Ogden soybeans, 3 per DU. State-certified, Commercia Grade (Red tag) Dortchso:> No. 2 soybean*. 53--S per bu HALF. SEED FARMS BurJeUc, Ark. 4-13-ck-tf Supci liouse paint. For greater protection and lasting Uuauty use Ward's Super House Paint. No better paint anywhere. Gallon in fives' $•1.52. .Single gallon S1.G2. Montgomery Ward. •i-13-ck-o-l Modern K. H. A. built lo rated on \Vesl Walnut St. 2 bedrooms, select harilwooi floors, attic fan, built with prewar materials. Idea! loca- :ion worth investigating. 3-beclroom honie on Dougan jse to busiiiexs district. Kquippcd with automatic hot water beater and attic fan. This house has been appraised with 100%' G.I. Loan. Immediate possession. Spacious 5-room home on large lot. This place lias everything necessary for a com- "ortable living. The location s restricted lo residential irupcrty and siirroundingb ire ideal. For further inior- nalioii sec or call Max Logan l.vnch Building, Ark. Ph. 2031. Hlythevillc 4-26-ck-a-I "^ soofl douses. 1 1-room. 1 3 -room on lol 50x1 W in Sicclc SUtiOU terms llomei Cowlcj'. ownct Inquire al Aclc FRANCHISE AVAILABLE For nationally advertised material and process used in the building trade for many years. We offer an unusual opportunity to one having reasonable working capital and tb* ability lo direct a good selling organization and construction crews. This will appe-al to tfie seasoned businessman, with good local background, seeking a lifetime connection with profits in line with his ability. A letter addressed to the home office will bring a prompt and complete explanation. PEUMA STONE COMPANY Tlfl E. Hudson SL Columbus 11, Ohio For Rent, Houses T. I. SKAY MOTOR CO. USED CAR BARGAINS 1946 Chrysler Windsor 4-uoor Sedan, beautiful blue, low mileage. Equipped with radio, heater, and white sidewall tires. An exceptional uuy. 1947 Plymouth Special DeLuxe 4-door, maroon cc lor, has radio, heater, and white oidewal! tires Only 18,000 miles. Priced to sell. 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Scrlun, lias clean finish, good tires. A bargain price. 1941 Chrysler 4-door Sedan equipped with radio, heater, jjood tires In perfect condition. This car value can not be beat. 1946 Mack Truck 2-ton Long Wheelbase model In excellent shape all around Amazingly low-priced. 1946 Chevrolet I'/j-Ton Truck with Army body. Priced to sell. You'll tie glad you saw these cars Dclore you bought. T. /. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 Kast Main St. Phone 2122 301 Wtst Walnut Phone 578 btorc tiieele 4.2l-pk-5,5 Lots on North HiRhwny fil Just across Irom Camp Moultrlr 50 by 400 deep. SUWOOU. '« dO'Mi balance twelve months Ph. 2'.I57. 4 23-cV-t( 6 house* aiirl More Store doing fcood tmsliip^.i Honors Te:ilt-<l. BOOd condition. Will «cH or trade Call 4326. 4 25-ck-52 [>PW 3-room house furnished at 414 15th SI. «,27-cK-30 Help Wanted Man to take charge ot draRllne on rcentagc basis. New machines. Call Read Courier News Want Ads tons ot Ko p Call V U Curvt-lnn Grocery ClicvrOlct miiL] UcsJt 3M'2 or 2 1 J\\). ck-U •w M 1 new M Farm all Ttarior. 1 n 3 4-row cultivator. 1 s-et ol 3 n onn Uette Busters, 1 nc-s.- A John Ucere iractot and 4-row cultivator. 1 Oonn Dccrc 4-row pianlor. 1 I 5V 4-row plarurr Edwin .i*rrls. Ken- ncu. Mo Ph TW Walnut mt Broadway Dial 555 for S*rric* Bert-divano with slip cover In goo< condition PH. 6161- 426-pjt-S] IB" Mather Cooler PncllcallT C«ll 62J5 426-1 V-2 LUMBER if yo»i have » loi and part monr f furnish you everything lo bull with, nolllson Lumber Co S'orlh-10 Camp MOUtirle DrlTc Res. Ph 3309 4 26-ck-l 3 plrre sectional sofa In good conrt tlon. Th 2991 \ 26-cV-'2 courlci Want Ad». He's Flipped His Lid! Here's What the Boss Soys: CHECK THESE LOW-PRICED USED CARS & TRUCKS IM7 Ford l-door Sedan, newly painted, new (ires, new- sea I covers ... in excellent condition . . . $250. 1911 Oldsmuliilc 2-door Sedan, sky-blue just for you, » good looker, has new seal covers . . special SfiSO. 1!)37 Chevrolet, new paint, new scat covers . . . $325. 1911 Korfl '-Ton Pickup, new lues Rood over-all condition 295 1939 Plymouth 2-aoor radio A: UeMci E>9o 1946 Ford -l-dooi coulppcd with heater A: s«at covers SKSb 1947 Dodge ".-Ton Picnup 1050 1941 Oodse 'i-Tor Pickup 1295 1948 International L j-'Ion Pukup 139b 1947 Foro Sedan Delivery I29b 1946 Chevrolet I'.i-Ton Lons Whrclbase 995 1948 International Hi-Ton Long Wheelbase Stake 179b PAY ON EASY TERMS Blylheville Motor Co. Broadway & Chickasawha Phone 4422 For Rent varenolise iO' i 40' on railroad i g Mldweat Dairy Products Ph 4' «;l9-ct-tl camcrRs lor -S BTUOIO occasions 415-ck-tl Three Rooms lurnlshcct 343 3. DUl- n Will rent to couple only. Fergu- n. Ph. 553. 4;37-ck-lt Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OUNCOE SOTE1- BU1UMNO 1J« W ASH 8T 418-cfc-U Can You Top This? $10,000 Life Insurance only &5AMONTH* „ (10 year term age 29—fo 20 year term $6.28 _ month b Maximum Written^200,00 CONTINENTAL ASSURANCE COMPANY W U. Myers, General Agen 1 Box 504 Phone 160 Sikeslon, Mo. Agents & Brokei_s_\Vanted """ "-28-ck-4-30 Bargains! Bargains! Bargains! These Cars and Trucks Must Go! Only a Few Left 3 !)18 Ford Super Deluxe 4 door sedan, radio, heater, seal covers, l'J49 license . . . Sl,-195. 19-17 Dodge 2 door Custom, radio, seat covers and 1949 license . . . 1,295. 1910 Chevrolet Coupe, clean as pin, only 495.OIK 1938 Chevrolet Coupe, good condition, radio, heater, 1949 license, bargain at 395.00. 1936 Ford Tudor, new motor, only 250.00. 1948 CMC I 1 /. Ton LWU Truck with grain bed, 1949 license, only 8,000 miles, like new, 1,(>95. 1948 CMC Vi Ton Pickup, new motor, with less than 3,000 miles. 1949 license . . . 1,295. 1947 Chevrolet 1 '/ 2 Ton MVB Truck, top condition. Good tires. 1949 license . . . only 895.00. 1946 GMC «/i Ton ['ickup, new tires. 1949 license . . . 895.00. These cars and trucks have been reconditioned and are in perfect shape. Buy today. Use our GMAC TIME PAYMENT PLAN, with a small down payment. LEE MOTOR SALES, me OLDSMOB1LE — GMC TRUCKS 311-317 East Main Blytheville. Ark (Continued on Ntxt Pog«) You Don't Need To Be An Expert To Buy a Reliable Used Car From Our Lot 1912 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan 1317 Oldsmobile i-door Sedan 1916 Mercury -l-door Sedan 1947 Dodge J-door Sedan 1916 Ford Pickup Truck 1917 Plymouth 4-door Sedan 1916 Chevrolet Fleetline 1917 GMC Pickup Truck 1916 Plymouth 2-door Sedan ••' STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phon* 4333

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