The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 22, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 22, 1931
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Served by the United Press BtYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKAST AUKAN3AS AND ROi mit - 1OT .,T OO ^,,,,, * .——. Tf K^ VOL. XXVII—NO. 2G-1 ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytlieville Courier, niythcvlMe Herald. HOME EDITION Mississippi Valley leader. [Novelist Would Not Suffer Unhappy Marriage Silently W'YT^VIU.G, j^tl£A^^AS,_TllL-|{SDAY. JANUAKY"22, ISM !Controller Heard at , Waller Cole Hudson Charg-j cd With Misapplication of $24,000 Bank Money Senate" Inquiry FEED FOB SIKH WIIUILE FOR SINGLE COPIES-FIVE OENT8 The Edisons-Soiilhward Bound PINE BLUFF. Jan. 22 (UP)—A. preliminary hearing p-obably will : be held today for Walter Cole Hud-! son, 09. former president of (he closed National Bank on Arkan-1 sas. of this city. i Hudson was arrested last night 1 by Deputy United States Mnr-' sisal W. S. Freeman on a warrant . charging mUupplluatlon, of ap- j proxiinatcly 524,000. • The former; bank president was unable to fin-: nish bond and was lodged in thc, Su B6 t ' stl!1 i; that "very serious con Jefferson county jail. United |sidi-rnticn" be given to Hit- advlsn- States Commissioner J. M. Elliot!,! bllity of separating banks ant! se; of Pine Bluff, who will hear the'curity companies frequently o;ier- i case later arranged for Hudson's I atc d by them. John W. Pole. Con| release upon his own recognition.! trollcr ot ihe Currency.'Is shown ! The warrant for Hudson's arrest | nuovc as lie testified In Wnshlng- i was issued yesterday at Little Hock j ton before the E nnte sub-cohimit- i upon information filed by Ira J. ! Mack.. United State:) attorney. It j was charged three conversions of i bank funds were made by Hud! FOIL These, covered a period of i approximately 11 months, it was | alleged. Hudson served as chief executive Bui Ro The Cross Pk:is lo line! Assistance Fchru-; Says ;Ziehin. j listribulion. on a. limited j ix'jlt'. of I?:d for M'wlssippl conn-1 ti' livestock that might otherwise; die or iiilli-i- permanent injury, I has been .authorized by Ameri-j can Red Cross for the remaining! nine days of January, but, after I that lime It is the h'npe and cx- pccuillon of ihe Red Cross that! the feed situation will be lak;n car? of Ihrcugh loans uniler the. iiex federal (ceil and seed loan! law. | Infoimation cniu-ernlng the Hed Cross feetl policy was given officers o; Mis local chapter and J. E. (es investigating national bank practices. He discussed proposed legal changes which would permit national banks to establish branches. + I I 0." the National Bank for six i years FISH! was the son ot the late '• lj. M. Hudson, a pioneer banker 1 of Pine Bluff, and founder of thi- fi rs I bank In the city. Annual vacationers In the .soulhluiul, M . Critz. county agricultural agent.! son here are pictured as they left r. and Mrs Thomas Alva Eilt- Fa illi Baldwin Hunks the spi rious marriage (]]<-.: (lived. might Hold Services at Cooler v ! for Little Douglas Child j Al ^ m P'. to Enter Through Sky-Light Discovered by Employes ..Yesterday.' ; COOTER, Mo.— Funeral services! ! were held this morning for the in- i fant o! NSr. and Mrs. Spence Don- I glas of St. Louis. Mo. Rev. J. B. Thieves, who have been using sky Says Union Should End When Love and Respect Have Copeland conducted the services j "Bhts to gain entrance to stores EDITOR'S NOTE: Should unhip- py marriages be dissolved—or -t;f- fertd in sil'rncc? Striking views on follow-in.? arlicls which Faith Baldwin, noted AmiTit-an novelist, 1m? uriltfn exclusively fnr Courier .News and XEA Srrricc. reasonable grounds for divorce.! These are physical Incompatibility^! mental' incompatibility, deliberate ! 'and interment was made in the Ml. iiu lhe business district during--the iZion cemetery. Mr. and Mrs.'Don-• l' asl ft "' v weeks, were thwarted In j glas were former residents of Coo-! 2tl e!r ° r t '° cuter the J. C. Penney ller, Mrs. Douglas being the daugh- | st0 ^' ^-° West Main, by the same store did not | notice that an attempt had beesi the building until - -, , and absolute lack of love or affection. -Most people marry because of | physical attraction. That's ail right.! If that element is not. present a:i this territory. He said t'.iat until | February 1 the Red Crow will ap-1 prove feed fov mules at ihe rate of i $1 lo 51.25 |>er day, where ade-! mime evidence was pies'.u-.ed lhat! the owners of the animals had no <nh:r way of piovldlng for them. Sue nifTereiit Sltu;illon Mr. Grit;-, and C. R. .Babcock, local disaster relief dirccto:-. made 11 clear to the Red Cross reprc-1 i scntativc lhat .in llu'ir opinion I funds available under the federal j feed and seed loan law would be of little benefit, and tint withdrawal of Red Cross assistance for Jivesloek February 1 would leave a serious situation. A majority of farmers have been nble to carry their stock fairly well until this time, but the next two months will give them a dlfii- cult problem unless either some form of credit other lhan provided in Ihe federal law or Red Cross help is forthcoming.- Mr. Critz estimated that between 3.000 and mra "°' Newark, N. J for *- in a prt»ie llielr been experimenting in the production of syniho'.le ruh- btr at liM Florida et'.lale. HILL TO DIRECT BY FAITM BALDWIN Written for NErl Service 1 build I can't for the life of me see how j respec.Tt^'^ ^e £"*"•' any thinking person can contend ' built, there is no that a marriage from which bve' and respect has disappeared should real marriage, „„-• the spurious marriage mi"ht as well be dissolved. 'But not with an allowance of r.l- ! Bidi Mate Wednesday afternoon. Several counter beneath a covered with dusj. •employes of'.the stow Iced a decided draft w'he'n beneath tha skylight. | On investigation Ihey discovered . tliat a glass panel had been re- 10 1 moved from tlie skylight arid re' ported their discovery to police. ?i; t>) imony. I think alimony is continue. A home in which Ihere is not mutual love r.nd respect between hus- unjustified unless Sren-onfthatV'iru!^ "* '""" f ' m ' SS5 th = mtlrri <^ h»ta- \ M °'°<» ™* ™*^~ by .., though the rarats retroin f~ ' ™?* c]i ^ th = "Oman, through highway commission at a special the- glass panel tnougn tne paients lefrom from . injury or ags. For a woman to yap i meeting last night, length of rope there "mu't Commission Prepares Award Contracts for Highway Projects. LITTLE ROCK, Jan. 22 (UP)-^i' b ' Jr f! arS '/ Vfl "; lle - rs werc .ids on 25 road projects, situated j'" the store " sl nl S ht ' entirely' in 15 counties, involving expendi- : Tlle nl S nl wtls uneventful but re chil-! ture of'between S2.500000 and S3-i whei1 an em P !o >'C of -the stor3 the slatel clalnbeted U P°" Hie roof to replac' ! Under the impression that the pan- 'el had been removed,.possibly with of a return visit .by- line intention i burglars, stationed :—J — J «' *s~. i-or a woman to van I one another: about her modernity and thin'go I Children feel ; Victorian and demand support from ss;utioii. an-J j a man from whom shs is s»pi- he ball j T don't know as it is possible to ! father;prove that the modern wny of liv- throwing things at one over the dinner table. C, the atmosphere of diss they take advantage of It. Th;r' rated is a sorry =i-h( play oif the mother against the! blackmail—and " ° ' father, and the other way around, j marry for it The yo'.;ng son says to his father.' "Mother says I can'l go tD ths ball game. Can I go?" And the rays, "Sure." Such a home should be broken up. It is foolish to hoM it tojeth":- "for the sake of the children." A = much for t'neir sake cs for another reason, the parents should separate. I believe that a clrl- 1 should not. however. !« shifted back and forth from his father to his mo;her wh:n they are divorced. A bny cr girl -should remain with ,n<! P-rcnt until grown. That is the only fail way io do. The bids were for work on approximately 120 miles of concrete i ! '8ht. this morning, a and several sacks were discovered lying by the sky- plenty of women is s?pi- j pavement. 13 miles of grading and" Officers say it Is possible that the It's legal ] nearly^ 4.0CW feet of steel and; ropes and sacks could have bec:i i i. ._..,.,—_ placed on the roof, and the panel removed in anticipation of gaining entrance to the store on soms op- be let this prlnnc occasion, but the generally accepted theory is that the burglars were unable to lower themselves through the opening because of the construction of the skylight, i-r were frighteneti away. concrete bridges. Ths highway department busy today comparing bids on the contracts which .... j „, , ly _ , afternoon, officials of the highway Ing has resulted in a' social gain i department announced last night. Those who used to grin and bcsr! A11 but tour of " w P r <>Jects up- nnsatisfaetory marriages were n ' on whicn bids were submitted are happier t'rinn the moderns, but • federal aid i° DS - Thirty-five bids there is not evidence to show th"v ' vclc recelvs d a "d it Is expected were not so happv. However ^.' 0 • the work will be distributed among can't go back. 'We need houses • sevclaf colltractors ln order th? and not r.ibbit warren apartment- ' work rnny fcc com P 1etct l a ' nearly to rs-cstablish the old Vive" -.V : the same time, need the old v.'iys: economic structure,! arrinot .ndepenftnl wor 1: ,n g \ 3 .'i Local Physician Takes And one more thing: Let me pav | Post in Nevada Hospital v vn^'VTtc frt. tVm n-n n ._ i. _ . . ' r SEEK HELP FOR (0 Givt Monev Needed Child Chance fo v Normal Future Life. 4,000 mulos would and several hundred be short of feed before long. - In the Chlckasawba district of Mississippi county the Red Cross Is now feeding almost 2,000 families, r-rpresentlng probably at least 10,000 persons. The number is in- wasing dally, and besl_ estimates at this time are that by early "In February more than 2.500 families will be receiving Red Cross help. Approves Work Program While the need for relief is exceeding early estimates here and elsewhere, throughout tho drouth area, -Mr.- Ztehm Indicated that funds might be forthcoming to permit a slightly more liberal food allowance to each, family. Mr. Z!e!nn expressed himself as well pleased with the work program -that has been adopted in chapter's terrl- bcneficiaries, to ihe number of about 300 a day. arc eaining their food allowances by work, on the ditches of Drainage District No. 17. The work has been proceeding satisfactorily and If fair weather continues all of the important ditches will be cleared of brush and trees. Food allowances of men used in this work are augmented by a lunch consisting of colfee. sandwich and sv.-eet roll, served on the job at noon each day. 'the - Chickasawba tory. Red Cress Osceola to Distribute Feed OSCEOLA. ARK—A grant for feed for milk cows ai:il work stock was allowed by the Red Cross at o meeting here Tuesday of the local relief committees from the nine community headquarters of the south end of the county in conference with 14. H. Zcihm. district. Red Crofs representative in charge of this territory. The grant for fesd. which will b: purchased and distributed thro- in the same manner as food dis o SDirinjawe ~ — —' •"<= '" """•<= "™ <™™. i . tvibutions have been made, is a man I do not think'nT^ "ft na«v • : nr. McDaniel has accepted a posi- Acherfnl mil* i«, ,H ,. B^nd to hundreds of farmfrs. ^ ,^ o r b - " n ^ " ! i «™«>»«0^«~K. Chesl^iK," a S " r8Cfln '» the ^'''baby^V^ 1 ^^^ ^ «** * ^ SUffCr ' n5 ' to""^. CXtC " dS ° VCr "l^,^^^"! 0 .^.^^' ""''^Jrl^vln.-.^^..^,™,,..:?™'™ 1 ™ 1 ""^"h » *»' "f I have no patience "' -- with the argument that men and women gnin In character by putting up with marriages that do not make tftcm happy. No c.ic should be remiirec! -or .should require liimself-to live with anyone who. tor Instan-e. arouses a physical repulsion, fount means teccmini; v.arp-'d b ; t- ter or hysterical. And let it b3 under=toc-d that I am not arguing for easily broken marriage ties. If a woman is thoughtful and decent, she v:i>] hesitate r\ long tims before breakinc them, for to do ro Is to confesj failure, and nobody wants that. North Franklin House : surgeon and practicing phys'cinn : here for several years. Is a era.-iu- way. Members, ot the class and is looked upon by local leaders ns a measure of far rcachin; i economic Importance to this section of the country, which will be dependent for the next year on Its work stock no less than upon Its men. It is conservatively esti mated that between 2.5CO and 3.000 [ O t3 5 head of stock will have to be fed Will Be Master of Ceremonies at Little Rock for Nal ion-Wide ; Hookup. LITTLE UOCK, Jan. 22 (UP)\Vill Rogers, cowboy-humorist, will Federal Reserve Appointment Sent Back to Senate Committee. WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 (UP>Nomination of Eugene Merer Ir , erer direct a huge national broadcast- . to be governor of the federal r«- Ins hook-up here tonight as master SC rve board was recommended • to- of ceremonies, upon his arrival day to the senate banking and cur- by plane from Washm u ton where with lional Red Cros.- officials. Tlie broadcast which will rency committee for further erntlon after Senator Drookhc Republican, lown, complained "' tho floor of the senate he had been continue for an hour. ^Captain Frank Ifawkes, holder ot tfic 'transcontinental airplane spaed Meyer was unanimous consent. Senators who said they would , vote to 'confirm Meyer Insisted it | would be his dcslrq In view of (charges brought.- agahii-Vihlin- to :'" himself. record, will pilot Roars'plane from I „ Washington and Is expected to! nc P ub llcan leaders made no move land here late this afternoon While for ilollse ncllon on ^hc interior here Ihe noted cowboy will con-: department appropriations bill with fer with drouth relief agencies con-1 '"=525,000,000 Red 'Cross relief cernlng his proposed charity tour ' >lnd rlder wllcn It was received of Arkansas, during which' he and i froln tlle sc "ate. The controversial Captain Hawkes will appear in mcrl 5"rc went to Speaker Long- dual performances, the proceeds ofl wortn ' s table, there to remain un- wiilch will go for aid to drouth stricken farmers of tlle state. Tonight's piogram is a national Red Cross hook-up in support of its $10.000 campaign. til some decision Is reached as to a course of procedure, which Is expected tomorrow. Bandits Rob Passengers Aboard Train in Ohio BELLEFONTAINB, O.. Jan. 22 (UP)—Six bandits held up a Detroit-Cincinnati Big Four train nt Grants, near here, early today, shot one passenger and robbed seven others of $2,500 In cash and jewelry and then escaped as the :rain entered Bellefontaine. Edwin K. Nelson, Jr., Campbell, .F!a. wns . n hol through the lungs when he made an outcry as the bandits sought to starch him. All the victims were occupants of a sleeping car which the bandits entered when the passengers were asleep. They were r.rousecl and forced to accompany th? out laws to the dressing room, then robbed. Alexander Flies Home to Try Case in Court B. E. Alexander, Mississippi county representative, was one of the first members of the state legislature to '.ike advantage of the offer of the Arkansas national guard to furnish aerial transportation for members of the assembly the present session. Mississippi county Icgisla- j durlr The lor new from Little Rock to" this city yesterday to appear as counsel in a case being tried In circuit court here. He left this moin- Ing on the return trip with his pilot. C1 cbume Representative Has .New Bank Bill;' Sunday Ball Up Again. LITTLE HOCK, Jan. '23. (UP) — Both 'nouses of Ihe general assembly adjourned ever the week end <U nom tcdny following busy mbrn- I ing sessions. Another bill designed lo restrict aclirity of stale banks found Its way to the committee on banks and banking after being Introduced by Representative S. A. Turner. Cle- bnrne county. The measura would proliibll any slate bank from engaging in any other business olhcr lhan banking, would curlall the Hiiiount of loans to stockholders, officers and directors, and would cre- alc a fund to be deposited In the state treasury to guarantee deposits, Constitutional Convention A bill Introduced by Representative Willlinn U. McCable, Baxter county, would provide u, consti- tuticnl convention to meet Oct. 0,' 1931, In Lltlle Rock, and for calling of n s]x?clal election to choose delegates, fourteen of which are to be selected ot large and the K- nninder one from each state rep- resenlntlve district. A further provision would appro- ' >rlalc $25,000 to defray expenses of '• the conventions. Three bills offered by rteprcscn- latlve T. P. Oliver, Union county, ' were Introduced by another representative by leave of the house when It was explained Oliver' was confined to El Dnrado and has not' -' •cen able to attend tlio. session. Of the most Interesting of the oiiver ! bills was one permitting a referendum on Sunday baseball In Ar- - ; kansas in counties having 50.0000 or •? more population, according to tlie ; 1830 census. • :'• Adoption of a resolution drafted ,' bv tlis'Commltlce on Banks'and 't Banking which calls for .Immediate ; inquiry" Into 'the. causes"of recent'"! bank and Insurance company fall- ; ures and au investigation of the .] stats „ bank , and Insurance depirI- "".i ment£~-.ifld.J?nro'a't!'Jt.:cT;--pf j-svefaV^ important bills, Including one t<f"'j create n Department, of 'Aeronautics i were principal matters v beforc' the : Scsmle yesterday. • • • i Favor Back Tax Repeal : The senate Committee on Rev- i cnue and Taxation, following a : public hearing at the Hotel Mar- j Ion last night, voted unanimously : to report favorably Senator Clran- ey'.-i bill for repeal, of the back- tax law. ; Tlie measure would prohibit suit ; for back taxes, except in cases of ' attempted fraud or violation of tax laws, and would bar the hiring of. private lawyers to prosecute cases brought under the new lawi Nelson Offers Bills Senator I!. A. Kelson of Elythe- ville Introduced four bills yesterday. Oho of these, S. B. 09, would i extend the tlnfe for paying taxes : on real and personal property to •• make them payable from the First '. Betsy' Ross' .Second Marriage Commemorated! common school 10, 1932. Another, S. D. 92, provides for repeal of Section 4 of Act 47 of 1S29. authorizing funding of bond Indebtedness of levee and drainage districts and reassessment of benefits. S. B. 96, by Mr. Nelson, regulates the fees of prosecuting attorney, and S. B. 97, also ] by Mr. Nelson, provides for amcnd- ' ment of the law apportioning the Cuban Impressario Back PHILADELPHIA (UP)—A tablet i coinmcs-ating the second marriage Alma Rubens, Beauly of Screen, Dies Suddenly !0f -, j been placed In Gloria Dei ( 0' Bars Alter Concert! Swedes) Church here, exactly 152 \ > I years after the maker of the First I HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 22 (UP) — I American flag and her childhood i Tlle checkered career of Alma Ru! sweetheart. Captain Joseph Ash- D£lls . stage and screen star, came burn, were wedded there. | to a peaceful and sudden end last Ashturn was a master marine'.! ^'r 11 ' when she died of pneumonia, of Philadelphia. | Ml=s Rubens, once clalm-rd the Both John Ross, her first hus-, most beautiful actress onthesaV), ate of the" New York college of sur- : "l e sU * y ot thc bab > - ' the sraal!c « i 1" lhls SCCti °" "V" 6 C °;' nty b °" "*"-° v Vl aitl nf cdL-arnl nUiu ;„ . j-.ii*..! _ ! iTr«»n nnn- onrt PAhrjinrv 1 :n rranKim nouse gcry and was m a c.m.c at darks- Destroyed by Flames dall!r Miss " b5tore comi "3 n «e- to cl; A negro dwelling on North Franklin street, owned by J. H. Roncy. was practically destroyed by fire- o'clock this morning. Daniel and her mother i have lived here for a number of i of several children 'in a dettlt-1.' ! twcen Row and February 1. family, by Mrs. Emma Burney. Reel I A tota ' ° f 2 - 2M families Cross worker. The _ other classes of ho na Burnev. Reel A total ot 2.2M families aavci j , - . a ; OTC5! story spread to >^" P™vldcd food through the ^°P »"' * as » rre - Sundav school! °s c ™ Ia organization, according to ,i._ ..,..;;,., -'ye'arc "Mrs Broote^a, ToiTLfn i and •PP^V.US" W was o~- "cords of the local relief commit-j , lc f om bthlnd the • prominenUy ScS^ with^hS ! %X*" l Ot " e old of ^ ^i *L*™ f00d distrlbutlons « w !I.n' e club and civic activities. 1 "" ll j»«le youngster, whose case ll:sout- ] ie Sim. f Unhappy marriages used to be I .suffered in EilMice because divorce' wr.'! 10 looked down upon, and the result was that children becam: the ranpematin? factors for the d!slra;;ght parents. That error K pjfs:!!?. Now we have not away from the smothering of children In the love of po&ssssicn. We reali.-c tliat we o'.ve our children other Ihint-s. r.nd that, sooner or !al»y. they will : et out to do their o".--' ilvin7 anvivay. and no Icnger • r f!inp:ns.ilo us for unhapnincss. Tii:re are, It seems to me, four . regular r.ctivillcs of .... | Red Cress. | t With the money raised the baby '' was placed In BUFFALO, N. Y. (UP)—Cuba's I Impresario, Andre-.v Bonard. 35. in Irouble becaus; ills dollar-a- ."rcat concert was^an "artistic success"—and a financial failnr-:. Only H5 persons attended his! . .... . music revue presented by a CO--band, and Ashburn gave their lives• was strlcsen four days ago In her piece orcliestr.i with Bonard as! for the cause of American indc-: Hollywood cpartment. She was re- leader; and 125 of these were ad- i pendence. Betsy Ross was mar- l "wed to the homo, of a close mittcd on piuses. : ™d a third time to another Phlla-' frlmrt «'"«« che died at 7:25 A. Lacking money to pay a bill,' de!phia sea captain. John Cloypole. M - Sne was 33. Bonard pav,-ncd for So a SSO clarl-' It was he who brought her word of : Her cslrnnged husband. Ricardo i net he had borrca-ed iron: a music' the death of Ashburn in Mill' Cortez. did not arrive befors iier sled on a charge; Prison, England, where they had j death but hec mother, Mrs. Thcr- bcen prisoners of war together tja Rubens, a sister. Mrs. Hazel after their capture by the British. I-nrge, and her husband's brother, on the high seas. : Stanley Certez, w«re there. The tablet was unveiled by Don- i I aldson Scale Cooper. Jr.. t~o-year- i I old son of Dr. and Mrs. Donaldson i "li the bars of a pa- station. Bonard deplored the •esponsivenejs of Buffn'.onians. LUXORA, ARK.—An appeal for j contributions of clothing for fami- i lies dependent upon the Red Cross] for food was Issued from local; relief headquarters, where It was! said many Instances of Inadequate ly clad men, women and children i Travelling Libraries Planned MEMPHIS. (UP) — mounted on trucks will be operas ^hroughout Shelby county in v:h!ch is located to supply th; of farmers and t'-cif faml- Ics. Th» allotment of $11,000 will be distributed over a period of Bve years. ^ — fun^^e-i Court Rules Friendly ^ Firemen saved I Hug Not Worth $10,000 toriu f nm H.-i'r,Li BrOUP ° f ! : a «"ition was assured. A plivsici^n from destruction. BUFFALO. N. Y. (UP)-ls the > co »ssnted to give the baby'treat- iJomngc wos estimated at about! mental distress caused by a friend- :mcllt ' wnlc " h e believes will effect !>-m i'y h»S worth SIO.OOO? n complete cure, if the necessary > ha , ^^ , u d V otunfer work ' ' ' A . Su F*™ cou « J«"V "ere de-''»^i,ie ™s suppUed. ,™ d a Thand"mg "eHef pro^JS< ^t-in reluming; With calls for aid being made;gram here from quarters In t'.ie n i?rll? r'" 101 ," 1 :,^, Vari=U3 ways ' the Iadlc3: «« of the Herman Spiccr furnl- n Hcjan, locomotive and Mrs. Burney In particular are i ture store. .scheming to find some way to se-' : ARer told the jury euro the $36 with which to purchase j MEMPHIS. (WP)—Bill Terry, errrH t * ti . ., I stram lhat "lay glvfc their first baseman of the ,\ew York Gl- but ccunttr"ed f-int itV.i I 5ri»S!f' : r^i 6 " ,, b ? bs " the chance for a ant * and a winter resident of Mem- ftiHT- «^"-i s, 1 ^rMj'ss^.r-pBwr^i^ I 5l |nnve pictures of his family made. Fealty Ufaicrs Optimistic „ . -----. i MEMPHIS (UP)-A survey ot .?.™ p "'.. a J 1 ?.. a ... grca V g I c ? t !"al estate dealers hrre Farmer Battles Fierce Owl in Ontario : | r ^ t " erCat8ra ''" 3 " nepliew of Betsy i d'is'eloJeT^thar'maJorttV bcllmd UWl 111 unianu KOSS. ' hlillrlinc. onH hii^lnr.« rlpnk hfrr- ORILLIA. ONT. Whitncj saw an make oil CUP) — Henry enormous bird " ' C ' one of his choice pound turkeys. e got his gun and gave chase, located the bird In the a nearby apple tree, quietly: Hornersville Man Out for County Treasurer ! buildin ! during I '.930. . I and business deals here 1931 will exceed those of WEATHER HORNERSVILLE. Mo. —T. B.. - .. i Kinjolvlnsr, pioneer citizen and ex- i enjoying a meal of turiev. ! tensive landowner of this city, has I One shot and bird and turkey announced his candidacy for treas-1 fell to th? Rroxmd, but when Whit- urer of Dunklln county and ex-of-1 ney tried to seiK- his o.uarry the, flclo trustee. Klnsolving Is consld-! bird made a violent attack. •: ercd one of the most progressive'day "was Sa'deiroes'and' Whitney today exhibited a badly and substantial f*raiers In the mum 50 decree*; ca«r On ^ sar lacerated arm and an Arctic owl county and has beretor,« resisted day vrao 30 degrees and the r-mi- n-ltn .o, nve-and-a-half foot vnng- all efforts of frlenas to secure his psrature was 2 degrees and tho spread as proof of his story. entry into politics. maximum t0 ' Friday. According to the official we«th r observe? CharL PhlkV h" [empfraure ' naxl- "

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