The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1947 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1947
Page 15
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THURSDAY, APRIL i7, 1947 BLTTHEVI1,LB (ARK.) COUHIBK NISWtJ CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION femon"'* Mr ""* *" e ° B ««««« ">• Mlinluiura Oh*r« BtH 1 tlm. f, T Un, n_" °M J lime, uer llu. p,r 4j, . 12e 3 limes jier llni p.r d«j 8C 0 times pot !!»• u«r d»y .. 7 C 1-i times per llua p«r daj Cc Month per line 90c Count fire *v«ragB words to tbft line. Ad ordered ?or *hre« or ebc tircea and stopped licrore expiration will be charged for the nimiber of times tlio ad al>- Vearca and adjiutmeat of bill made All Classified Advertising copy ' tntt- fjjkAjy persona lesidhin outside of the CI VSPF- ke accompauled by c»sn. Bates uny US easily toiuiiuled from the abo« table. Advertising order for trrmUr Imer- Dons takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be uken for more than one Incorrect InBerttoo of any classified ad. For Sale HAHY CHICKS $13.75 uor hundred -Ilm Kluro. 315-ck-lt i'" t'rtMin .iti.r fiariilwir.i shop, complete r.-irjijiitm for iiiuMiit: «"«i MoriuK rr.-jiin. I,«rj,'fl rpiola of milk, Konson- Rl'l'i. Karl t'&j-tirr, Xlrtiitla Ark ihmtf j-fin ilnn't npnlt Tmdo l it al Kwii]» Shop. '101 K. M:.Iu. 8f>9. :i|20-rk>4|20 MKKCIMNTS <"nn Rtvo you iiiiriifdlsto rifHvflrr on 'Loiil.U- t\\\lv infnt IMISPS in ni.y ii'jiKthx. Also ]jave bcveruBC coolers, wulk-ijj ri-Mtri'j-ators nno t(fp|> fr.'fixo cahim-lR. Jititrlicr Kii|»i>liu*. Also Mills crimjrrossor.s. Thnno l»i!l) Scott. 22f>0. 3]'25-ch-ll25 for Sale r'»rmnll tractor. M. H. Jarr.Mfs (i n i'ry :1 Millt'i uimli i)l <IOMI..|I ;>t Si . UNO. . .. . -Iln-i.k- IMS (InUiuiil I'ntm- <-nr. K»r .1 ...... strfltiiui «-atl -HI) or :ili7S. .] !17-|.X-' M'rl In UP t"li ol.'clrJp ttuieJ. uT llin.lix wntJlhij; m»,-]iiiu., .,]] hi K ,, riirnlltCiiiL. I'lii'iip -J!ji><>. -I 17 pi; Warm .Morning tinl w.iti'r In ;u,-r ntik iiinl l>i|U'>. *:!(>. I'll,,n,' 2.100. -I! Kvonlnt' and party dresses, sizes 8 ID 12. Ill \V. Itose. 411 l-|ik-lt> POWER LAWN MOWKRS?7. See the last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that c'uts to any height anil umlor any conditions. lilydtevilie Machine Sho'n. •i-l^-ck-tf 1012 —l",t Ion Ton! 11,11,1,.,,, | n ,,. k xvjj IIIDV,. .nyibiiij;. Tri|,l,. In ' f r ,,n, <•«>> b:l, k \vllh s|i,',i,l 'I'lujmt,,,, ,|,, v ,. 1011 lianct ,r,,,-k will, |,.,V ,.,„ ino nillos ,111 IH>VV rn,it,ir Si,il[is,in Oil (',!.. Sl:lt,-li,ii' ^ -Illil-lih.V't For Kent Bedroom. 814 N. 9tm .St. i'li. 2anH " lle<lrooru«. 1)1) Ihevilla Hold. 105 ~K. MttljJ. J^OJIB 05^. ilrs. Cuillnijjis . '"!) FRYERS SI. Raised in brooder. Abraham's Poultry House, rear Abraham's Cafe, next to American Legion Field on S. Hwy. 61 3-28-ck-tf per liuiiilrnl. lllylbprillo O<n 1 V ^^hn Doer,' trnrmr wilh 2 row ^•llar. 11 .1. Koi-hli-r. 11,'U Phr."n 71.S^ :l-7-uk-21 T|LI~" :irc Hi" nircst in town, Ktr<">t wil] ht- irr:iv,'l*,l Wntor ill rcnr fif curl, Int. H.'sfru t,-,l to ?.S by 2-1 sl/p luni^c. HrU'k ,lr,i|, si,lii,ir A^li,-«li'i Rbint;!"- Hfirk ,,r C;,ini. Alnnltrir^ Drive, nn" \. St. O. S. li.illison. -IOS l!r<iii,l. M:iy. 417-ck-21 Goldfish bait again available at Planters Hardware. When buying goldfish register at this store for the Arkansas fishing contest. $1 in cash and 100 other valuable prizes. '1-o-ck-tf I ...... K»-r — Spi-cint i.jUlorns cut nt mill jus! insl:,l!,',l IMI X,,rll, 10IH. Wi'sl ,)f (Tinnji Moullvh,. l-hono :ino<). O. K. Itollinon. 9.cV-2:i ()S«l(in SJc.vHtKiK rxrli-anril nnil Fnckfil. A. I.. Wliistlc'. lliisn];,,,,!. Ark. Good 4-room house, acre of ground, fruit trees. Adjoins city limits. Immediate possession. Price $31 50. H. C. Campbell, Realtor, Phfcse 'Mfi or 29,10. ~ -l-ll-ck-18 411 !>-rjk-2'J BABY CHICKS 'nitit .•.Tlifit-.i [look.^ F:ist crcnvinu niul B 1 l:i>vrK. (•IKMIII llalrhini;. !)r,[,>i- niivv. Illtiliirk ][:,l,-!i.-rv, Nurlli r,l llii:!inn<-. I'liuni- HI7J. " illl-ck-lf «ouil npnil H'lxfihjtii; itiBclilnH And r, Tlljl'jorille Macliim- aiiop. |8 room residence and servant house, corner lot. Price SGOOO.OO. One half cash. H. C. Campbell. 44G or 2930. 15-ck-18 11 1<U1 Iliiirk X[irci:,l. I I!M2 Vnnl 2- •l.i'-r in m>inl run,hi Lull. Cjin !>,• srrn :it I'aii! It3-rinii t'l:i''i- '-n Knnth Krnttk- lin nr filiitn,- 1M 19 1.,-ti Hmwr,-v fi'i-ri'il. 1017 Wnlnnl. I'lir,,,,. 2SII! v'.k-ir Tivo lipilriinins. riinni. 2(138. i:ir, pk-l« Help Wanted AliiM 1.1- t!...r,M l|; Kl>- ,-;,, ]„ , ir „,. » UK full i-luiriv '(if u.-ll (irjani,.,.,! ».""• ' Ij'i.iks. iM-cgui-ii,!- M-,l,-.1i- f:.l "^"'Hs aii.l »-illiiiB :7 ,-„„. l':\|ii-rii'n<vd l.onkki'pper or do- INK sIi-iioKr.ipllic n'i»rk-. Musi 1)0 coipil. Ntftlu 111;,. mid i-xf.i'rj.Mice. Write IK..V I. J. % Courier Xew.i. -Ifll-ck-lf ailrcss—Slnsl - - neat. l']?BKnu[ work- i"l! conditions. «ui>.l inlurv Call • tn9r> - -1110-r.k-lf BS—Mini lie neat. I'Vasanl ,,-ork- 1 1 s ,,l»r>. A|i|ih- in :ni. Dc-ltn L':ifi\ .III r.-Vk-lf Male Heist Wanted .llpf:limil Wntitcd for IVrni.iin-iit ]'<i^I- linn. J.-.o ,,rr n-i.plc viiil,' triinin" 1'ri'r.T a niai-iic.l man lipln.|.|.|i ""l mill .IS rears nld. Ilifli srluinl c-,hir:i- Him nr llu. cuniviitpnt. t\i:i n^.- n niiin lii-iilk- ill or ni'ar fillu'r <if tlii> f«.l- <i»-in« |iWM. niyllicvilli.. l.n,,ir;i. Osi-c-oln. WII...H. -HanKi-lt .,r .Inini.r. A|. l>ly liv li'llpr in yonr civvn linrulu-ril- liic. Sfii.l r. sn:i|i«hiil of v«nr«>lr if imssil.le. Dux 12:1 7 C Criiirlrr N|..v«. 4M.'i-cl;-^!2 «o 2f> iTnartl ftir Infdi-mnlion !,;,.li,ii: l ri-iilal of .l-r,x> ..... r larjji-r. In. us. Conlil n«r :> or -ITIIIIIII npar ...... nt l'li\is,> ,-nll 2191 i,r wrili- I', o. lln .^2:1. I'.-itnaiii'nl r,..-i,l,-nl.s. 4; IT-iik-:: Lost Brown hi LI fi>M ormhunlriK naval 11> mr.U an.I |<-«v<. (1 ;«|H- r *. Xnlifs' I'-'r- l^ins nt <fln<lliiiiu1 Cafe. 21-I KaM Main «1. 1-lfi [ik-17 There Go [lie Rcilcoats LONDON (UP) — Britain's famous infantry regiments have doffed their traditional red wnlking- out uniforms for good. The color of the new general dutic.s dress is blue mitt green, the reason being that red cloth costs twice as much. • r,r.M i'"'il< r r tun En in drinking W- O |.T ri,N pnultry -if mil,-*, lirr. M-orinx. lih:ln-rrii'rk cap.'s dr. llrsult* I..-.L ,\n»»r«'! Driii: Co.. If.ithrorfc PniB Co. 4!ll-ck-l3 .Ii-ynr* in L-.i"'l rr,,i,lili,.n. «l.". t..'>:]-. Hinrlc' llrnuly K< Srriiml m..l \V:ilillit .Slrrlf^. HlVlljI-vilt--. Ark. |(i room MMISC located closi> to high school, ideal for lar<;e family. Priced lo sell this week. |") room modern nous<\ will sell completely furnished. Can lie FHA financed. I'er- fecl condition.' Quick IVs- scssion. l';i!l Max I,o.!?an if you want to Imy a home. (\Imlern duplex, a rca! home and investment. Don't miss this! ['all Max I.ogan if you \vant In sell your property. Appraisals made with no obligation. See or call Max Logan. Realtor, Phono 2031 l.viicli nuilcling. l-Hi-ck-I9 Commercial or industrial lot on South Division, 125 fee? facing Highway Gl. |\lso SO acre farm in New Madrid County, 7 mile.s cast of I'ortagcville, Mo. (iootL hlack cypress land, will IP'oiluce tsvo hales of cotton per aero. 70 acres in cultivation. An ideal buy for investment. SM7.50 per aero, § : WOO cash, balance terms if wanted. See or call W. C. C:\tes. 500 Walnut St., phono 2R.I3. 4-I7-pk-21 KEYS MADE Locks Opened and Repair- , eel. Door Checks or Overhauls. For Service Call JIMMY "SPECK" OROCK; at Chisum's Bike Shop 123 So. Third St. Vhorie 596 nidfnttal FARM LOANS /LMrlatm* /LMft^n. / Fab AppraiMl / ProaptSwU* RAY WORTHINGTON In Prndentlal Pr«(rxm Sunday at 4 p.m. over WREC Scrrtnc Thta BecUon for il Yean 115 So. 3rd Btythevflle, Ark. Vrmy Surplus Iflicp I)f»k«. •:>" X R" fard files. Ions 1 .^rri^ci^ ly|.owril«'r. 21" paper rnt- lrr.«. Tr'il 0. I.yn.-r 1139 Walnnr Nt. l"lii>r.o S.'.lft. -I!l7-|.k2l {We Guarantee I RECAPPING ! with | Hawkinson Treads ! Let Your Next Tires Be i GENERALS Cost More — Worth More Whether you pull in (o Phillips' to net air in your (ires, wafer for your radial or—or complete over- liaulinK, you will find our service prompt and expert, with satisfaction and Rood value (juaranteed. Now thill Rummer heal is in (lie offing . . . ready your ;ar with our excellent facilities and workmanship. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 Services MONEY TO LOAN Do you nwd * loan to repair or icinodeJT No down payment, no mort^agf, no red tape. FHA approved rate 5*. Auk fo.' details. M« l.ogan, Realtor, phone 20S«. Lynch lihig., Dlytheritte. 9-23-ck-tt ».,,i s 0 ,,ino or iuu,i, . ,.l,. cl ,| 0 rn ,|i u iilKmjun,!,),, nulo riJini our ..n-cioli,- ilin- nn,l Iwo il.)- ...rvjv,.. rVi,i <<nllili«ii limllu N.T- vlro. lift Numb r'lrsl. 1'tu 'jOiB. ;i[IH-cV- II18 See us for an estlmiite before you have your tractor overhauled. We specialize i" steam denning und painting. IClectric nnd acetylene welding. Unsscll Phillips Tractor Co. Mlwiiy Gl South, Plume 2171. '•M-ck-tf PAGES Let us sharpen and repair your lawn mower, regardless of kind or si/.e. del yours ready now, a ml avoid the rush. We pick up nnd deliver. Wytlieville machine Shop, 211 ,S. 2nd St., phono 2828. <l-.'!-ck-tr House inoviiifir, foundation repairs. KxpcriiMu-ed. Have I all equipment. Call ,|!)2 or see Frank Croi-Ui'll, .'!(!() s. Kith. 'l-S-pk-n-S Wji.l.inj .n:.I i|i,ilih.K. j:ll I \V fin-i.lrii Xl. I'lLiiip •.'liL'J. IMI liL-'JI Wonted to Buy or Rent For Hire . i. 21211. i:i(J.|.l-.1!0 Tlic ovang-oiilnn is (ho only ani- iial that knows the principle of (he lever. Local & IMslanre Mnvlnf Oompet«ot Rfllp kn4 •fQtpmerjt. Ad«~ qnfttelr Irsnrod ContrBcl Hanltrjl and Ulie. Setvlcai. Vo«« mervlrfl fe Blr-«c* Bo Pkone 2801 Famous Neolite heels by Goodyear Stfp nil il, frit-nil . . . i[ ynu want reiil rcwi'ur comfurl fruin Ihosi: olil shoes' HriiiK tin-in to uv; unil KIVC Die iirhe ur :i nriv p.\lr :it HALTERS QUALITY SHOE SHOP 121 \V. Main SI. JOHNS LIQUOR STORE All Your Favorite Brands • YELLOWSTONE • HCIUCN'l.EV • ANCIENT AGU » J ROSCS • I. W. UAIU'EIl OLD RKANDA1I OLD TAVI.OH IIUNTF.K PAUL JONES CAI.VKllT'S Vour PalronaRe Appreeinled ACnOSS FROM IHTZ TIir.ATIIIl Trail...- [.laiitlnu for Ilio I'll. : '^'T II. II. (l.iu.y. Ill 1.I--H' Wanted to Bur Cash for wrecked or junlc autoinohilcs. Wade Aiilo Salvage. North Hiway fit. Phone ;i7Sr>. ,'(-27-pk-'l-27 Found Rend Courier News Wnnl Ads. We IS" CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel rnrry it In slnt'k In 1^1", lf>" ami il" si/i-x. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Ulyllievllli-, Ark. Webster soys: "A person devoted to some one line of study, occupation or profession" Q. Do we employ specialists? A. VMS, for example, W. C. Morris nriil * C. 1C. Meadows iiro .specialists in Aiilomoliilc Steering- Systems, Wheel and Km IMC S (). Why do we t-liissify (hem spci'inlisis? A. IJecausc (hey have y«,rs of experience in ihls piirlicular type work . . . do ,,o oilier kind . .'. know (heir lnmiiu'H.s from A (o /,. Q.Dtm'l spei'inlisls usuiilly use .special Idols and eqiiipincul? A. Certainly! Our special etiiiipmeiil for (his (ype work is the finest, most modern and most complete money will buy. Q. How much does il cost to K el a complete Hiifoty-Inspcclton of slecrlnff, wheels, elc.V A.'We K hull.v uivc this service VKKK. Our men• imt only R-ive you a Ihoronj'h inspedion, they w il| u've yo,, a detailed report of, (ho coiidilion -foiiiKK (}. When i s .11 «<'()(! lime (<> ijei one o(' tliese inspeHiiiiw? A. Any (imei If you are in ilonhl alioul the- safety of yonr car we surest that you drive"' in ritflil away. fNo Need to Take Chances-f-Drive En Sooh Wo Never Close . . . Sales Department Open Until 8 p.m. 301 W. WALNUT ST. PHONE 578 1[ yon lived on tins moon, you'd :nc ilic. cuvth 40 I Inn's livlislilo 1 linn you now »i'c Uic ni<xni. PRBtCMTIOIS- Krcsh Slock Cunrnnteed liest Prices Kisby Drug Stores DON EDWARDS "Th« Typewriter Mini" ItOYAI,, BMITM, CORONA End KFiHINC.TON rollVARI.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE IWIU IKvcry Triuisnctlon MUST BE B/.TinrACTORYi .. ' MOD1NGER TIRE CO. Phone 2301 THE STRIKE... STILL ON! CAN STILL CALL FOR Langsron-Wroten and that "naturally better" LAN6STON-WROTEN Wolnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone '1B1 "ml your order will he on ll's wny In record lime. Our Floral ArrniiEcmenls tell rt completo story. ™L FLOWER SHO F.T.O. Ktrvlce w c Deliver Anywhere PU. 1D1 Mrs. 3. M. (Mao) Williams, owner <llenc ( ic nidi, Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries • Tiros and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 . BIYTH EVI Li ATTENTION FARMERS 11 V/e have received our shipment of Hoosier-Crost and Supsr-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery. Arrange now to call for the corn you ordered. W« suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as the supply is limited. SEE US j ONCE. '5!le Soybean Corp, 7800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 FRBCKIJSS Hi<t i-'tni-' N i it, --•AMD THEM THE CATCH LARD WITH THAT G!?.L AMD PUNISH HI.«A FOK BREAKIMG TUF RULES OF WCWM-HATING WEEK' DC*Jt YOU S BORING- \^ FROM CMOWOER- par J GUESS YOU'RE RIGHT' Look Olil, I.anl BY MERRIIL BLOSSR' I OME Or OUR. BEST f>CM TURUS OUT TO AND H6 SAID HE COULDNT J ALL RISHT- COME TO THE SUPPER. /WHAT ARE BKMJSE >K HAD ^-AVAITING FOR. ? INDIuESTlOM ' DE A SNEAWM& TRAITOR.! THE BIS- BUM'

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