The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 8
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fii: six mm mm. IE OF 81TTLE! —5 111' Figured In "Battle of Barge" NMWS Corbett and Choynski Refused $10,000 Purse So ! They Could "Murder" j BY TIM McGKATir (Copyright, 1931, NEA Service, fnc.i SAN FRANCISCO (OP! - A| middle western sport fan \ to ask if Jim Corbctl and Joe Choymki fought before their fi- mous battle of 1£89 on n la;.-.near IJeneda, California. The.' fought twice, Corbelt winning Hie first meeting, In 1884—and Mi? second being stopped by police. In fact, this second fight uaiis?:t Ihe bai-gc battle. When p-Jio:halted their meeting in a barn, bolh men Insisted upon seiilm:, mailers as soon as posslbb. There was bad feelings between the youngsters, each a S;in Friui- ciscan, .with his own follo»ln?. The California Club olfered a Sl'O.CUO puree—big for these days—but the boys preferred to fight lor a frnc-: tloh of that amount if llicy could• murder each other. The pr'i/e \va-;[ $1000, winner lake all. It was arranged for a meeting In a small barn lofl in &ui Ansrlino. across the Golden Gale from Sun Hrancisco. Just a favored few ccul:l be accommodated. A committee took the weapons of any cues'.:; carrying these. Ilrrr arc MIL- principals In that „(•!! BRUSHING U-SPORTS 'NKSDAY, JANCAKV • l >\ i ':,;] - - By La die i Ashe, nationally known sociely figure, and Billy Delaney, afterward n famous manager of fighters. In Choynski's corner were Nat GooJ- win, Jack Dcmpsey and Nonp.uell. and Eddie Graney, famous referee of later years. Patsy Hogan rcf- • ereed. Goodwin paid, a man $40 to go' to San Rafael, nearby, wire tlrej theater in San Francisco thai hoj was sick, and cancel the ir.alince. Corb;tt was forcing the (iclion. when, in the sixth round, Ihe slier-1 in and a force of rtcpullps raided the barn. There was a wild scramble for the door, two small windows,-and a rickety stairway down _ from .the loft. Some of the dlg- ' uiiaries of the day looked most undignified as they leaped from tha barn and ran. No arresls were mads. Corbett and .Choynski escaped in ring togs. Hogan called Ihe fighl a draw and then ducked himself. The . unsatisfactory ending only increased bitterness between Ihe two factions. It was Inevitable that they'd meet Bialn sopn. Through Eddie Graney, T attended the barge battle, six days later—one of the classics of the prize ring. I was in Choynski's corntr. We all quietly boarded n launch before .daylight — headed somewhere. In SuisUn Bay, we lied lo the .barge, owned by Williams, on= of Corbelt's seconds. The same seconds and officials as at San Anselmo officiated. .Choynski's two-ounce gloves were missing. A sduvernir hunter stole them. Choynskl donned a pair of driving gloves owned by n spectator. ,. Before the bell, Ashe, lo set Choynski's coat, slipped a $1000 bill in Corbett's gloved hand, and told him to bet with Choynski. His idea . was to hearten Corbett and discomfit Joe. But Corbett had no more than crossed the ring • and shown the $1000 before Mosc Guns!, San Francisco sportsman backing Choynski, shouted hp'd lake the bet. Choynski grinned at Corbett went back after ihe bel was made. Al sun-up they starled. * ' .*. • The seventeenth saw Corbett suddenly stop boxing, to give Choy- nski the hardest body beating I've ever seen a man suffer. Coming out desperate In the. eighteenth, Choynski, succeeded In dazing Corbett, but Jim somehow lasted the round. From the nineteenth to t'.ie twenty-first. Corbett beat Choyn- ski's face so hard that his seconds actually had. to trim off the shredded flesh with scissors. In the 24th, I asked Orancy, whom I was helping, to throw up Ihe -ponge.-Jpe, just tottering to his -rner, -heard me. 'Sddie, don't throw the sponge; let him kill me first." ho muttere:! through Wedding lips. To Eddie's tearful plea that he stop, Choyn- ski's reply was: "No! You're my friend. You'll not be slicking with me If you give away the fight." In toe 27th, Corbett knocker! Joe down five times. Then humane Instincts outweighed friendship, and Graney threw in tlie spcnje. \Vc helped carry poor Joe to his corner. Choynski went to a bathhouse and remained ther efive days. Cor belt had to walk with a cane for some time because of the rib punching he took. 1889, ai they appear (oilay. In Jim Corbelt, who lives «n Long'it- •re Tom Wll-irrm-^,, i- i ,• i, " " — U ^ M ^^^.^ ^a»n^ltt 'Kn TA^^M,, ^.\. ^n,,rPor t "r!!I!!^ Scrap-lloolf," appcarine in Ihls newspaper. • T. T. Williams, later n prominent newspaperman, was timekeeper, j land llirsu days, is slimm speoklnj into the "mike." To High School learn Mates •Are Now Arkansas Aces Militia to Play Keimett The National Ounrd Five of Kenett, Mo., and Company M cagers of Blytheville. will clash In a bns- ketbnll game lit (he Armory totiMil at 9 o'clock. Tho game will follow Hie regular drill of Company M and n : . charge for admittance will be made. Company M Is ruled as on? ofitlie best teams in the City Ca"e LeaVi? The Blytheville boys idst to °thc Streio, Mo., guard learn in their first game biit.arc out to gain revenge tonight. Poor Old Sharkey? There is something dislressinx and unforgettable in ihe plciurc C. a man weeping. That .Is why, oft: r all, one should really fc?l a little sony for Jack Shnrkey. After Sharkey i>sd landed a wild left bslow Schmelinij's tell- llnc last summer, he went to his dressing I'com and cried. "I'll never bo champion," he kepi liliL'atlng cotwcen sobs. And as lie did, yo'.i somchaiv felt disposed lo tierce with him, HavJ- n'l the fates been unkind to the man? Sbodow-Roxlnj Sharkey cast his lot wllh ihe New York Boxing Commission and loyally stuck to lliem. He vviv-pf, fered a bant wllh Camera In Chicago al :i lime when it would IMC); them In. lie refused, pultlug Madison Square Garden and ihj New Vork tummLssion ahead of Ihe Chicago offer. As n reward, he is left in the cold, wllh only himself lo tox wllh, Urn Is. il you except his verbal jousts with Jack Dempsey. You have us your heavywe'lg'il plciurc today Hie spectacle of a native-born son who has boen booed urarly as often as he has been cheered; a ponderous Italian who 1ms fought nobody but setups and was beaten by one of lliem, and a German champlon- liy-foul. The native-born son is to fight the German champlon-by- fosil. The winner is to fight the bis bundle of Iwef from Italy. Entirely outside the picture stands the Boslon sailor. In Just- Ice lo him, he Is n pretty fair er, loo, from his ears down. But, from the ears up? Well he lias managed to do the wrong thing consistently. He turned his head to squawk and Dempsey knocked him out. He had beaten SBhmellng to a frazzle unlll that left went astray in the fourth round last summer. His thinking apparatus <*i« < -"•i««- JI W& KCUf5eAlH6ToP-Ald!c:rt RsnTeRS SirJce JC03-H1S COMIM6 ClASH UUfa CAMTONElii ~i.UI\U. BE HIS FlftSTCRAiKAT A GI-IAMPIOM.. FAYKTTEVILLE, Ark., Jan. 21. nl prep lornament at the Univer- -Toii nnri Jerry may have packed slly of Chlciigo. In which the Untes- a wsllop In ihe okl days, tat U's ville team placed" scco.,:l kelusl! .<(iund today. The Tom and Jim a', Ihe Rii/Dr- b.>ck srlio;>! LUC just us lns:p:inbb ^^S^ 3 ^'^ i™,:™:*™! .- >"«' «<> *«>• i;c;i r,n:l White e.igc Miuad. plays one forward bjrth, and Tom Mur- )hy plays the other. Bark in :-.ijli school days, they runnini! m?.'.es al Datcsviltc, MB SURVEY FOB ROAD MOSCOW, Ida. (HP)— What was virtually an impossible task for Lewis and Clark 115 .years ago is proving merely a routine one today. Heavily forested section, such ,as the Lcto Pass country, are be- .Ing photographed by airplanes. i completing the first step for th: j surveying of the M-mlle proo-xed jroad between the pass and a Mon- ftana highway. Courier News Want Ads. Ark. To.;oili:r, IhE tliat wnr. to Ir.i-:! high nui!-:'.et- ta n 1927. A:u! tajether they ' ' formed a |»ir the Bntcsville sute title In the next year. Plckren enrolled at (lie University of Arkansas. But their sepai'Mion tlicin't ins', long. Tom came to the Oznrk milts in 1929. Ixisl season lie hud freshman bisketbnll. And now after a lapse of Ihrcc years, the old team of "To:n and Jim" Is working together again Coach Charles Basset I thinks enough of ihls comblnallon lo start Ills sophomore, Murphy, alongside Ms veteran captain, Plckren This is the main "punch" Ihc bri-jht lighls of n aso—lo coaipr.e in first saw | is depending upon In his flflirfo- big city— | :i flxlVi successive Soulluvok tilb .^e nation- - for Ihe Raxorbncks. DID YOU KXOW THAT— V.nx B«r. they say. '.s r;3lng the way of all flesh along ihe big Incanciroccnt Canyon . . . making Ihe nijht clubs and nil that . . . n certain tyjie of fc;nn\e go?.s for him .in a big way ... in his ban: with Tom Heency he didn't bDk ,<o good. • . . he told MaJIson Square Garden authorities tliai tliree weeks belv.crn a He?ncy and Rlska tout wouldn't b,> time cnoiiEii fcr him t; train ... on the fac? <if his showing against Ihe o)d Crushed Rock. Baer would be lemon-cream pie for Rkfco . . -. several people Interested in his career have tried !o ts!i him he is on the wrong Hack . . . but lie is o:ie of these, \vhcm bitter experience only will teach . . . and he gets on Ir.s muscle when V.e is ad- viECd . . . Not a bad hf.v.-y- vrelghl pi-ospect. say the fcjy.-, but ho will never go anywhere • . . there have b:en ot'-ers like him. G:\Trnnr Grants Evlcnsion A New York newspaper uses jiearly 2000 acres of forest In the form of wood pulp every year. , Kissing is not favored in Japan and American films showing embraces are censored. Tucsitoy-Wrdnesilay Thursday The Screeii',5 Sensation of the Season! BOSTON, (UP) _ Mayor James M. Curlev dc-clcfed (hat urban lit- was robbing- many Bostonlans of n close-up appreciation of livestock. i:-Ji!iULit to me New England fann, So he had the city buy two Jersey cows mui p| acc n; cm amo n B the wilil animals at Franklin Park zoo- RITZ THEATRE Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday RAILROADED! For n Crime She Didn't Commit! --;j --j'i'v^Hvua him false again arid Bui he remains a pretty good fishier, o.i heavyweights go these rf 'iys. And he sits on the sidelines mging for another .chance I'oor old Jack! Mistakes aid air in you help feeling"-a'little"sorry for him? -' V -' * • « " * * Alp Gets in Free Stribliug deserves a crack at the itle, of course, despite not a few IfThls that .have been most unsat- factory. Max is the champion !l or fair, until the title Is taken away from him in the ring. But ANN HARDING-MARYASTORl EDWARD EVERETT flORTON ROBERT AM ES-HEDDA HOPPER as one of the Pictures of 1930. Ten JACKSON, Miss. __ V1 Theo Bilbo granted a 60-day VuV'o'f execution to T. R. Ross. 17-y'oar-!,, ,. , .,. oW Washington county youth, ei^ht ! Matinee and Nlgllt—10-25C. days before he t \s f«hf du'cd V' ^ '• ^TT~ die for the killlns cf Res- L- Coming — "SIN TAKES A _ Dlxon. Ucss, suffering from tutor- : HOLIDAY" with Constance [ Cominp; — culosis. was not expected lo live 1 Bennett. more than a few days whrn ih° I slay WHS granlcd. ' "I PAH ID) The screen sensation from Bayard Vcillcr's Broadway h i t, "Within I h c Law." with Robert Armstrong and Marie Provost SAM WOOD Production Matinee—10 and SOc. Night—15 and 40c. John Boles ii "ON'E HEAVENLY NIGHT 1 J& (UJOfJ' M J =3=0 a wcsTis i Tm$*K. vGuSlNI W x ^ t " S? _ MEADToorWifc PILOT; t JOE BEM pfT&'HEWwiooTcFTfteBANTAM .CROUJM... HERMAM U!AS, MANAGED BV SAMMV &X[>MAM,U>J10 lUte' RlW, BAOC'. ^) GAMSASiUM.' >i> &k I THE FUXDR.-3 TIMES txiRiws .... c< ,j; ,"5^Sr 1 W&LON6 CAREER. B^TvieV W c,^V?So^S, 0 4-,'i ~ f NEVER. TOIIED A &i*6ie SMELLER. A«P THS / *. /"XiwiT*/-HICD UiLrf • GRF^wyESi C,A.OUrLDVUEp_j/ •»?<*OUNl uvtt<-rtiM'i. ...CACX IL\TUE= SAME---' doesn't . the Portable there pretty 'cheap? Alp- gel In One Soufht Youth; 0% Sought Food LEPANTO, ARK. (UP) — A •youth appeared' fecently at the Red Cross relief.; o.fiice' here -for a job and gave his name ; as Bob De Leon. He was asked, jokingly, if he was a descendant or Ponce De Leon. He replied: 'Our names are spelled alike, but the difference between us is— Ponce De Leon was in search of the 'Fountain of Youth,' while I'm looking for the staff of life ' Detroit Teachers Plan Work for Big Convention DETROIT, MICH. (UP)-School : teachcis here who will .be hosts to 1 the thousands atlendlng the Na-i tional Education Association Con-1 ventlon Feb.' 21-26, are busy with • final preparations. It is estimated! 15.000 delegates will attend. Some 40 suosldiary organi£a- tlons .will hold their annual meat- ings at the same time. All spice In downtown hotels has been reserved. Pupils of the elementary, intermediary and high schools arc bo- Ing trained for the part they will I lake in the P™^™- The musical entertainment will he furnished by 3,500 pupils, members of ortlies- tras, bauds and chorus groups. The tcat * 1Drs ' chraus of 175 . "''d their flo ~ piece ° rcn *3lra ftiso will be fealured - RAIDS AID CHARITY MEMPHIS, lUP) — Every time police.make a raid and seize a rfot machine or ram a dice game, charity prciits. All the iiicnty found in ihe slot machine is given a day nursery maintained bv a church and each dice game is charged at the "club rate" of 52, this going for n fund for the careij of working mother's babies. Statement of the Loan December 31, 1930 Association .ASSETS . ' - A: " ' ' • Cash on hand and in banks Dues & Interest, in course of collection First Mortgage loans, on real estate Stock loans Accounts Receivable Furniture & Fixtures Tota! ••;•..;' ' ; LIABILITIES Dues paid in Full paid stock Bills payable Accrued interest Dues in course of collection Contingent reserve Surplus Total Total resources end of 1929 Gain for 1930 Surplus end of 1929 Gain in surplus, 1930. $ 2,764.74 7,965.90 77,300.00 6,611.00 1,520.60 70.00 $96,232.24 $56,657.50 9,300.00 4,000.00 69.08 4,655.00 267.35 21,105.57 "§96^237.24 $86,816.10 9,416.14 §17,384.26 3,721.31 Building ar,4 loan offers the greatest degree of safety and security for those who wish to save. Systematic savings is the surest way to lay up money for future use. We invite you to start a savings account now. You Won't Be Sorry Blytheville Building & Loan Association IV. M. Burns, Secretary m W V; 1 i

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