The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 20, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 20, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 20, 1934 BLYTHEV11..LK, (AUK.) COURIKU NEWS rwi =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON; Our All for the Kingdom Text: Malt., UH1-30 1'lie inleriutkiDil Uniform Sun- sues Involved. He turned away sorrowfully when Jesus invited lay School lesson for April tt. him to lind tVic Kingdom by leav- BV WM. E. GILKOY, 1>. D. Ing his S'C"t wealth, but the pro'o- Ediior of Advance ability is thai he was puzzled ra- The story of the rich young man (her Uiau coiiflnncd in u wrens '•'"> came to Jesus seeking the way decision. The power of his wclalli and Ins of eternal life lias made a pro- round impression upon human in- tores'., though H dcrs no', iecm lo liave liad an equal effect upon spiritual altitudes and decisions of the will. Weal'.li, tlioiiijli it need not necessarily be d barrier between man and Gwi. mid though it may in fact he runtic a means of gvacc and liles-jing, slil! constitutes a barrier environment had lak?n from Hni tire capacity for clear thinking and clear seeing. He was a moral young man. Jesus .loved him because there was so much tlial wax riir'nt and fine in his life We fi'r.ould, no douijt, loilny in our modern world sol such a man Hint lie that losclh his Ilk- it. thai keeps men from tile Kingdom j i's an Ideal for youth. ^ Yet here is o! Heaven ami from approaching'" the reality of eternal life. II is as true today as il was in [ho days whin Jesus was on earth that v.'fcerc man's treasure Is, there will li:a heart, be also. The Kingdom of Heaven must be the firs; and supi'cme tiling in a man's life, or il cannoi be ihcrc aV all. jusl as in a modern world a man cannol be a citizen oi one country and al the same lime give-his rtiel al- Ictilnnce to another country. The (allure to grasp Ibis keeps men from entering t"e Klngdoni. just as it kept this young man • came to Jesus. One siic'.ild not in any way mis- iniriersuntl t.':.e dramatic xsi>ects of lite narrative. This young man was not a moan or selfish person. There is no iudicaticn that ho \sas it: any sensi; a money grubber or thai he was unduly attached lo I;L wealth. He hart great possessions, and lie no doubt had prov.-n up in th psychology that t^ese great pcsses sions induced. Ths probability is Urn he was unable to see quite clearly the is-1 he clear record that there was one hing lacking, the most essential liing of all. t:-.c thing that would iav? linked him to the Master and lial would have given him his place n the Kingdom. Tferc is a tradition that Hie voting man did ultimately come to or save hhrridl to the King dom. as He was not willing to dc at this time. Tradition has associated this young man with Joseph of Arimathea, wj:o asked for the Ixxiy cf Jesus, that he might bury it; but all this is tradition. We do no', know what was tho j Come in lor a crankcaseful oitli young man's future, whether his' rejection of Jesus and his departure in sorrow marked a final decision in his lile, or whether lie came later to some finer commitment. One thing Is certain, that if i",e went away sorrowful, there was thereafter no real peace in his life. He had missed tfcat, glorious satisfaction that again and again has coure to men and women who have NEW HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL great new oil. It's Waxfree—an Tarlree—keeps your motor clen —gives it.pov«er and pep. Try i Joyner & Bonifiel joyfully accepted Christ's invila- lion. llioiigh it has mjaiil, apparently. I'c.f sacrifice of everything— even life it-^lf. They discover t'r.e (ruth cf Uistiiliulors Phone 558 Mrs i v:ith Hunter Crook and family. 's slsler, .Mrs. Mrs. . Mrs. J. M. Aycock Members of the fourth grad; have U iu i f um jiy, Mrs. lien Aycock and been studying animals and have completed a booklet on "Our Dumb Animals" in observance o: "Be Kind In Animals' 1 week, April 1C k> April 2!. The pupils of the up;:?!- grade room enjoyed an {mpromptu program Friday afternoon. Each member participated with sangs reading riddles. Bib!? verses, ques-1 Uons. stunts and ^5ot^.er Gooi? family were Sunday guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Donald Ayccck at Ltix- ora. Mrs. J. H. Rogers is ill at her home. I Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bcarclcn The first grade made a birthday cake iu reading cln?s Monday for Bob Gann who v:as eight years old. An aquarium, with two goUtis':: nnd s»v?ral talpotes. was brought t-a the primary room. T'ne first aid cabinet has been refilled. - -. Members of the staff of the school paper, which is issued weekly, are: Elsie Wilson, ediior-in-chief; Violet Tyler, business manager: Jack Craig, and humor editor: Geneva Akhis .society editor; Mrs. Harriet Brown Sullivan, critic. Subscription price is 5 cents monthly. and daughter. Pauline, of Luxora, were Sunday guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. W. 'A. Wheat. Mines. D. Garrett, P. B. j«r- liatt. W. F. Oneal and Evnns attended tli3 dcmomtratlon given al Blylhcvillc Tuesday. Mrs. J. M. Aycock ,entertained 16 friends of lur daughter. Imo- gcnc, Tuesday evening in compliment to her 12th birthday. 'Ihe Rock of Gibraltar is 1,400 feet high at its greatest elevation. New Liberty School The flev. W. J. LeRoy. of Blylhf • "illc. filled his apiwintment here Sunday. Mr. Jinti Mrs. F. L. May an- rouncc Ihe birth of n son. Mr. nnd Mrs. Laclede Busbce, c: Taylov. Miss., returned home Mcuday after several days £tay Sheddan's Salve Hrcuks Chest Colds That deep, rattling chest cold condition needs the swift acting, ::dra powerful, deep i>cnclration cf Sheddan's Salve—the salve that contains n medicine not found in ordinary external rubs. Slieddan's Salve has the most mysterious penetrating power you have ever seen. Right through skin and tissue it E<H..S to warm up the flesh auO break congestive colds and sicscular pain. Two kinds: MILL) for children; STRONG for adults. —Adv. •! Main Service Station Dlythoville. Ark. K. M. L-irliin Service Station niytheville, Ark. Sllousc-l.illlc C'hcvroli't To. Jjlylhcvillc. Ark. J. 15. lUsiukensliiii Srr. Sla. Blylhcviile. Ark. V. C. Williams & Sun Service Station Blytheville, Ark. Camp Muultric, Highway 61, North Dell Service Station. Dell. Ark. Stale Service St.ition, Ijeachville. Ark. U. N'. I' & Son Dogwood Ridge S. Bunch Yarbvo, Ark. H. M. Bailey Service Station ..Ark-Mo. Stale Line Arch J. E. Holbcrl Highway til, Holland, Mo. Walter Bulncr Holland, Mo. Leonard Chevrolet Cu. Holland, Mo. O. K. I'razitr Her.nondale, Mo. J. E. Lillicnii Q.sceola, Atk. W. T. Tliv.pnlt Luxora, Ark. Itinsun Serviic Slalion Oiccola. Ait. A. L. Suit Bjssett, Ark. 1'. M. N'olgr.iss Joiner, Ark. J. I), llcaiirhanip Manihi, Ark. C. C. I.angston lumber Nine WAXFREE TARFREE A GREAT NEW OIL FOR YOUR MOTOR \ \ Sold only in REHNSRY-SEALED CANS 0 Never till now has it been possible to treat your motor io an oil'like this! A just-perfected patented process oi super-refining makes this now Havoline^not only Waxfree but Tarfree. No gummy tar-forming substances to clog oil lines and impair lubrication. A great oil—better at all temperatures. Try it—you'll bo doing your motor, and your pocketbook, a mighty good turn! HAVOLINE MOTOR OIL l/l/e have it BILL WUNDERLICH'S MAIN SERVICE STATION HAVOLINE • A FIUE OIL THEN 3O VERBS FINER TODAY i • In 1904, when Theodonr Roosewdtywas elected President, Havolinc was akc.uly iiimoua. Btifc t!iat"was=onl>rtUe beginning..... A few years ago Havolinc became the first Waxfrcc.paraffin-base oil—and thou- saiuls of motors performed, .betterf Now a- rtfw Havoline• acliicvc- ', mcnt has'-resulted intea^^larftec--oiL Bpa rcwolutkraatysolvent refining j process, tlus-newHavoIin<xis^iiaslied^eaa^£;guinmy r tar-formijig sub- i . I sLaiices?^thabclog",theuoItiEn«s^andyinay-uesult.iiKin>pMtcdJ | All crudes- contain oi)-tarp=ordinary-rcfimng^\aS";powerless -to take it tint; Havoline-supec-re^lmng,^soives tlierprol>leml^**Tius i gTeat new oil is better at ail temperatures^ It.gctSfTie?.v i powen-out-of your motor, . cuts down gasoJiue-consuraptk>u > .reducesv^our repair bills-:and your oi! cost. Yoxi'lLfind-.tliC proof inr^yonr^itst^cTankcasefukof the new liavoliue.- Get it today,,at.any le.\aco:-Station,^nd-at better dealers everywhere. If it is irt-thi^caii,:yoitjnapbe?suix:iLJs : tlieJiewfHavoline. if-ttd, hi^h-CQtv^rnn^n mjtTrt o myrrox — nfej th'ii mftr.rtf II.VVO1.INI. IMl.KMOMH.rtH A Ccnl-jry ff Progress — T lu^nitincnt t'» the oil that a'! lc:r,p:raturci. S»!d only in KHFINEKV-SIiALUD cans So!il by bctlcr dc.ilcrs throughout ihc country and at all Texaco Stations r ran utfrply ) 0:1 u illi Ike mr H/i:olint. If he dots not alrtntiy haft it, -'.'* Mix lo Ztt M

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