The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on March 15, 1997 · Page 192
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 192

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 15, 1997
Page 192
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F1 0 R SATURDAY, MARCH 15, 1997 LOS ANGELES TIMES OPENINGS Orange County openings can be found in What Goes On, F2. POPROCK FACE TO FACE, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, POWERMAN 5000, THE PHARCYDE (Palace, 1735 N. Vine St., 213 462-3000). The "Sublime Mini-Movie" will also be' screened at this "Airwalk Sno-Core Tour," honoring the headliners of last year's inaugural edition. 6:30 p.m. Also' Sunday. FIONA APPLE (Ventura Theatre, 26 S. Chestnut Ave., Ventura, 805 648-1936).The precocious New Yorker has drawn lots of attention for her candid lyrical revelations and powerful musical: moods. 8 p.m. STAGE "CHUCK & Dl: A TABLOID MUSICAL" (Studio Theatre, Long Beach Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim St., 310 494-1616). Premiere of a musical spoof by Jim Grady and Gaille Heidelmann. 8 p.m. Regular schedule: Friday-Saturday, 8 p.m.; March 23, April 13, 20, 2 p.m. Ends April 26. "IN THE DEEP HEART'S CORE" (Marsee Auditorium, El Camino College, 16007 Crenshaw Blvd., Torrance, 310 329-5345, 800 832-ARTS). West Coast premiere of the cabaret show based on the works of William Butler Yeats. Features the six original cast members from Chicago's Bailiwick Repertory production. 8 p.m. "THE REUNIFICATION HOTEL" (Venture West Theatre, West L.A. Veterans Administration, Building 264. 310 364-0369). Julian Barry's drama about an improbable, 40-year bond between a Vietnamese woman, her French captor and an American soldier. 8 p.m. Regular schedule: Friday-Saturday, 8 p.m.; Sunday, 7 p.m. Ends April 27. "SO IT IS!. . .IF SO IT SEEMS TO YOU" (A Noise Within, 234 S. Brand Blvd., Glendale, 818 546-1924). Pirandello's comedy of shifting perceptions and shades of truth, in a new translation by Robert Cornthwaite. Directed by Neil Vipond. 8 p.m. Also March 21-22, 26-27, 8 p.m.; Sunday, March 30, 7 p.m. Call for April-May dates. Ends May 3. "TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT" (Old Globe Theatre, Cassius Carter Centre Stage, Simon Edison Centre for the Performing Arts, San Diego, 619 239-2255). Adaptation of Graham Greene's comic novel about a stuffy retired bank manager led astray by his bawdy elderly aunt and her friends. 8 p.m. Regular schedule: Tuesday-Saturday, 8 p.m.; Sunday, 7 p.m.; Saturday-Sunday, 2 p.m. Ends April 27. "WANDERING S1ARS" (Gallery Theatre, Barnsdall Art Park, 4800 Hollywood Blvd., 310 645-8162). Tale about two teenagers in turn-of-the-century Eastern Europe, who fall in love and fall under the spell of a traveling Yiddish theater. In English. 2 and 8 p.m.; also Sunday, 2 p.m. Ends Sunday. "THE WEDDING DRESS" (Theatre 40, Beverly Hills High School campus, 241 Moreno Drive, 213 466-1767). Nelson Rodrigues' classic Brazilian play about a woman whose post-injury hallucinations are haunted by characters from her past as she struggles for her life. 8 p.m. Regular schedule: Thursday-Saturday, 8 p.m.; Sunday, 2 p.m. Ends April 27. ART "RUSSELL FORESTER: AN UNAUTHORIZED AUTOBIOGRAPHY" (Track 16 Gallery, 2525 Michigan Ave., Building C, Santa Monica, 310 264-4678). A Please see OPENINGS, F15 'JEEVES' Continued from Fl Lloyd Webber tunes in the show, the audience would be hard-pressed to say what the people onstage were singing about at any moment You'd need Jeeves to parse this lyric (sung by the silver-voiced Emily Loesser): "Love's maze is a crazy kaleidoscope All roads leading diff rent ways. Love's maze, like a swaying calliope One dance where the piper pays. . . ." As Bertie, the admirable John Scherer does have one cogent song. "Travel Hopefully," an infectious ditty (well-played by the five -member band on a ledge above stage left) sounds as if it were penned for Petula Clark by way of Carnaby Street, and it lays out the simple philosophy of a simple man. Scherer brings aplomb and just the right attitude to his kinetic role. Looking remarkably like a young Bob Hope, he wears the constant expression of being shocked that someone as dim as he is could constantly be running into people even stupider. . From first to last, "By Jeeves" strives to please. Though you wouldn't know it from this, Ayck-bourn, who wrote the book, lyrics and directed, is a consummate man of the theater. He shoehorns a charming Wodehouse story, making some changes, into a musical whose defining joke is that it is being performed by amateur actors. The premise: Bertie Wooster, ever the accommodating good fellow, is set to perform a banjo solo at a church benefit. When he reaches offstage for the instrument, he's handed a frying pan instead. His banjo, you see, has been pinched. So, to fill in , the evening, Bertie instead tells a i tale of one of his many misadven-; tures, with the aid (or not) of a troupe of bumbling theatricals and ! his always helpful Jeeves. This makes "By Jeeves" not a running commentary on the idio-; cies of the British class system, a" la Wodehouse, but an attenuated! burlesque on bad acting. The British understand there is something irresistible about amateurs smiling gamely at the audience through a LA. 'Mandela' Premiere to Benefit Artists Group Ticket prices start at $100 each for Wednesday's Los Angeles premiere of "Mandela," the authorized documentary film on the South African president. The event takes place at the Writers Guild Theater and benefits l the nonprofit organization Artists for a New South Africa. The film, produced by Jonathan Demme and Edward Saxon, opens theatrically Friday at the Magic Johnson Theater and at the Laemmle Music Hall. Information: (310) 204-1748. iffiiiHliillffl'WSIffl A t I Us j- - i b l i i k I "I I I' M l 1(1 J I ll I n-.frrrti. ll ,11 I H ll s lj, It ,i I' 1 ' 'i n f Ti uirtn i'w- 1 1 westwoos GamltoMiAm 13101 47M7II IMrl!ISIXC:ISMS FnSSHtM Star I! 10 tomMAMMMi OHptaiilkilHpM At ftMi no w Hem o Mm MIMVEtSMCm fjneplei Odeon ijrmerial City Gnefltl BHiwuum 0hf 12 15 - 2 5 15 J 5 1015 fhlSalfflStar.lllO mi rum wir ruw-a m rn w im ti trtrn far Nirtwrt Vat 1 01 r M memlirycitv AMCCMinll PlOtM BMI Dj.1, 2 ft SX 80S 105 hi -San Ma: 1130 MAMA MONICA AMC Sanla Monxa 7 13I0I Eli San MO 5 36 100 IDX Men -Ira 110 5 1:00 WM BEVERLY HUS lrwl Center CwepaB 0it IOO-J15.530.X5-fa a Satiate She l?TS rULDWMHILLI Magic JotMHrnlhesuei RMIWSSB Dlll-;?0-l30-7ttMOI0 ANAHEIM MILS Edwaab Anal WKfeslMll 1)141 2S2S959 HAimuifu AMCSloMaki (80S) 324 6778 LiMe artists Bemad St mimm IAEA Un,l!M!lm l?HIH(l!l WEiunuai LhtedArtimMrjm 1711195? tmtm AkC Mate Center i ISIS) 563-9800 CHUM AMC CUM low Square II emtmmia fartcs Coflwwtti TheiRst troiwaa A0MA Etfwarts Ctmna IS mimua COST MESA Hums Geeirra Center 4 17141 W4I4I UAIWM IAa Regal Chwmi OtamcrdflaiR UO9IM6SH0W ft TOM E.Srtact III4I50I58U ftlUERTIMrj AMCIuHMonll 1711 9S7O0 SliWALE IHI MMitlheam attherictiaiiQe lilSH(5 tAiMOU Maarit JllWMW 6AJUU0A mil MmiGianlaitlllS Bill 3(3-7791 HumWCTOAIIEJICI tmttn "" . Kourwoot Huilingnl CentmrOlheawi i;i4it4tai isnisoe-s ',. .. K"AU UntHmnatt AMCNoma!0 l7l44Hg pi88S.bt78 UWRAD EdwaidsGalewafS I7I457-ISII UUEW000 PacilKilakewod Cemei South 131010349701 LONG SIACH AMCMaiiuPacilicali I3I0434AMC 10HC BEACH AMC Pine Sguani 16 13101 43S-4AMC MISSIOIIVIEJO EManltCiOMVilleiS 171413(44)170 MomcmiR Geneiai Oneeie Momdau Cmena 19091 S7HS34 IMIEWVAllET StCanmSpnngi 19091 707 00 NEWPORT BEACH EMI total IHanilCnmai I7I4IUO-I7II N0RIHRI0GE Peak's toiMLga Cinemai 19101 993-IJH WTAJIIO AMC Ontano Mills 30 19091 404-3C4D OHIAJIO PacilKsCmaiiolll 19091947.1(02 PALMDALE Mom8W?74-07ll4 PALM SPHINGI Mniopolilaii't dwiyaiil 10 1(191 377 345J MSAOfNA AMCOldfasaOenat Thealies IS1815HVW13 PASAOiU PatilmHaslMtji "31(1351)555 PERRIi HI CmnaStaruTtiapleiHI al Pernj Plan 19091943-0088 PliENTE HILLS AM. Hail 10 181019(4 7740 HANCH0 UCAM0N6A EOwaias lenaVitlaS 19091 44515 RIVERSIDE United Artists Pari Sierra 19091 359 (995 RIVERSIDE UK GiternaStaitllliapleiM It Mission Gint 19091342 7755 SAN BERNARDINO AMC Commercenler 19091 888-1400 SAN JACINTO Metro 17 Iheatial 19091487 9552 SAHPtOW Aegal Dnemas Ttrrace 6 mot 831-14(9 SANTA ANA Cenler 8 Cmena 17141(62 2788 SANTA BARBARA L4etiopolttansliesu 18051 961 9503 SANTA EE SPRINGS Maim 8 Iheaties 13101 941-174) SHERMAN 0AU Pacific's Gailein 18101 990-1140 SOUTH BAV a PaiiKsBwrT Cities Cmena PlOibOiUJO) TAR2ANA Mam Vallei West 1818199(1300 TEMECULA Edwards Bandio California 10 19091(94-4130 TORRANCE IK Mann Del Aim 9 13101289-MaNN VALENCIA Mann 10 18051 255-3966 VENTURA CMiiiy(M(44-56SS VICTORVIIU Movies 10 1(191 241 7075 WESTCOVINA Cflwards (Veil Cknin 111 Alike tales I8ISWIII WESTLAKf VIILASE MI Mam Village 8 18051 379 7299 WESTUMSIEI Edmrds Westminster Im 1714185333 WES1MINSTE1 Pacrlic s Hi War 39 Dme HI7I41 891-3(93 WHITTIER RegatsWliittvtealig C-nemasl3l0m; SHOW WO00LAN0 WUS AMCPiornenadelt I8I8I8837AMC SWieilWSTOPIHI KRIIISWlMtMIII Presenlerl m iuaia torrent of onstage disasters; this is a noble tradition of hilarity from Shakespeare to Michael Frayn (not to mention their recent American descendant, "Waiting for Guff-man"). But the old "Noises Off magic doesn't happen here, because the stakes never seem to matter either in the musical or in the play-within-the-musicaL The rest of the ensemble is game but fairly unexceptional. Edward Keith Baker is adequate as Jeeves, one of the finest straight men in literature. Maintaining a stiff posture, he conveys an inner code that allows Jeeves, when feeling particularly expressive, to raise an arm above the elbow. He keeps a steady watch on Bertie to check whether or not his charge is comprehending whatever is transpiring, a situation that requires constant monitoring. But beyond that, Baker doesn't hint at an exquisite sensibility in Jeeves a man who fully understands both human limitation and the futility of doing anything about it. When the creators have Jeeves give way to merriment and dance a short jig during one of the desperate final two numbers, they look as. if they had thrown up their hands entirely. At this point, the audience is best advised to adopt a stiff upper lip. m"By Jeeves," Geffen Playhouse, 10886 Le Conte Ave., Westwood. Tuesdays-Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.; Fridays, 8 p.m.; Saturdays, 4 and 8.-30 p.m.; Sundays, 2 and 7 p.m. Ends April 20. $27.50-$40. (310) 208-5454. Running time.- 2 hours, 30 minutes. JMSctafBf BtrltoWsMat Eshrard Karlth BaMr torn tomLymftMpfe ttmtoVuut RaRHM MifoUttl k4ntlU(M tmHtfUHkm tterwiAi5o4riTirft Watty BMSjsrtt lttieyAiird4Wt4M MailtiBwaitt EllMtrw SmyBynf kktlKitWH HPWiw JmvtttM Startft CymBwIgtM Stevw Smith OohlMM Tom roul, Motlv Rwrrot, Court VirtbiiMii OtrHftweiagM The Geffen Playhouse presents a Goodspeed Opera House production. Based on the Jeeves stories by P.G. Wodehouse. Musk) by Andrew Uoyd Webber. Book, lyrics and direction by Alan Ayckboum. Choreog-raohv Sheila Carter. Musical direction Steven Smith. Sets Roger Glossop. Costumes Louise Belson. Lights j mick Hugnes. bound Htcnara tcyan. rtair ooooy n. uray-son. Arrangements David Cullen and Andrew Uoyd Webber. Stage manager Daniel S. Rosokofl. Looking for a job? Get the Times. figriViuMHBranniwjrf)"S iSArWHIWICA CHitPlEXOOtON ' B80AOWAY CtNFMAS E310) ;HHMI76 ik(J:4!A:30l BAimrlilHIUS UtMc Johnson IhrnrrM iJ (213)2900900 UttAlMMlWslsHoaes RirCIJLVEt OTV (714)9004021 MonnCuVeiPIOZO ttmm AMC Moda Center 8 (8l8))'JeOO CAHSON SoulliboyROiwIni (310)032-0811 rlOIIWAIAMCNorM20 1 (062 t488 (3I0)28UAWI (662)436IC 0HTAIOAMC ItAWmOlrWHojstllps lt0IWr VULLtY Ertwarcts OnlonoU30 LONG BEACH AUC line Square IB (062)43MAMC Hrwn.Ptai81reoliei llle(9()9)6oJI000 (909)483000 (7I4)8&448I1 Mm.lHPAMIIKrnrnWrOimiliailMWin IHlt A J. ll JJML . Ii . ' ' -a PRISONER fidliilTMIS TkfrriwKrr I llWKIRitSj Up!" HSKTl AMD !KIT WEST LOS ANGELES tandmarki Samuel GiiMwyri Pavita Grant (3101 4754202 Daily 11:10 1 30 7:10 Fre RooStoa parting UttOwlwdAit ErmtflCA PASAOEKA eSANTA WtSTLAKE Academy BARBARA VIUAGE 18181 735-3547 Riviera Regent 6Db3-abiB Wesiiate Owctor Seroei Bodroe i be MKtbla al Heat Rafsm lor euestioM (onirjht at 7:3B 18181889-2388 ACADEMY MEMBERS: Your card will admit you and i gueel to any pwlomvancei. pnlIdin(ie1ivf intejjSrM 7 ACADEMY AWARD' NOMINATIONS IBIEST PICTIUIIELIE Produced by Jane Scott BEST ACTOR BEST DIRECTOR BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR Scott Hicks Armin Mucller-Stahl GeolTrey Rush BEST DRAMATIC SCORE David Hirschfcldcr BEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY BEST EDITING screenplay: Jan Sardi story: Scott Hicks Pip Karmel "SHINE IS A GREAT FILM! It is one of the best films of this year, or any year." -Joel Skgcl, GOOD MORNING AMERICA WINNER BEST ACTOR GEOFEREY RUSH SCREEN ACTORS CUIID GOLDEN GIOBE NEW YORK EIIM CRtnCS CIRC1E EOS ANGELES EI1M CRITICS ASSOCIATION BOSTON SOCIETT OI EIIM CRITICS BROADCAST EILM CRTlTCS ASSOCIATION SOCIETY OE EI1IM CRITICS DAUAS EORT WORTH CRITICS ELORIDA EILM CRITICS CIRCLE mm- Shine 5 tHOUVWOOD CINEPtEX OOEON SHOWCASE (2l3)777-fltMl75 DAILY-2:30. 5:00. 7:30. 10:00 SAT 15UN MATINEE -12:00 tCENTUItY CITY AMC CENTURY 14 (310) 663900 EDI . SUN -11:40. 2:30. 5:45,8:30, 11:K) MON - THU 2:30, 5:40, 8:25, 11:00 4 houre free vnedotod parking with hcxolpurcnose. eAVESTWOOO TUX UNITED ARTISTS WESTWOOO (310) 459444 DAILY -12:00, 2:30, 5:00.7:40, 10:15 DO SANTA MONICA UEMMIE'S MONICA (310)3949741 OAKY -2:30. 5:00. 7:30. 10:00 ANAHEIM MIS Edwards Anxiwirn MsN-sMS (714)282-6969 A2USA Edwards EooltH Cenler (818)9699632 lAKEKSFIElO UnrterjArflsts EoslHlsMrJ (806)872-9976 BHAUmed Artists Movies (714)9904021 eBUMANK AMC Meda Center R (818)9634800 CAMAHHL0 UnledArtrsIs Canxtoll Tdeatre (806)389-3010 COSTA MESA Edwrjds Metro fanteSlooiuiil2 (714)4280950 ENCIN0 Laemrnle's Town Cenler 5 (618)981-9811 BbT'GLENDAU: US MonnSlliealres 01 toe Exrtwnge (8I8)649C045 GRANADA HILLS UnttsrJ Artrsls Movies (818)3660)32 IBVWS Edwards 21 Cnemos (714)4604900 v IRVINE Edwards IJriVeraly (714)864-8811 eWUKWOW Pootics LoAewood Center So. (662)634-8281 1.0H6 BEACH AMC Mrjrro Pocinco 12 (S62)4364AMC MISSION HE JO EdwordsVtejoMol (7l4)3tH42ai Watch the MORENO VALLEY SoCd's (909) 781 NEWORT BEACH Edwordstflsrean tslandClnernos (714)640-1218 OJAI PVavtiouse (800)646-1011 ONTARIO AMC Ontario Mis 30 (909)484-3000 MLM SPRINGS Courtyord (619)322-3466 PALMDALE (806)2740204 PALOSVEROES fa3odCrnemas Perwisula9 (310)6443466 BuT-PASADENA Pacific's Hoslfngs (818)361-76615 PASADENA Unrted Artists Marhel Hocfl (818)796-1386 KLXANOS ITanbow (909)7936677 RIVERSIDE US OrwnaSlar Ulttapleit 10 at Unrversity Vdoge (909)369-2666 RIVERSIDE Oramonque SANTA PAULA SonloPoulo7 (806)933707 SIMI VALLEY Edwards EeWtlain6flte7 (806)6840067 EX SOUTH BAY Pacific's 8eoch Ories(nerno (310)6070X7 TEMECULA Edwards VALENCIA Mrm 10 (806)2663966 VENTURA Century 8 (806)6446666 rlCTORVIUi AMCVictotvolevlO (619)241-8400 WESTCOVIHA Edwards WestCovlnolS -at TheLaSses (818)918-7111 RordoCallaTW DDWfSTLAKE Town Center (909)6944130 fosreon Center 9 VILLAGE J (805)3792299 trVIXnLMnrllLLS AS;ftomMe 16 (8I8)8832AMC (909)682-6900 SAN DiMAS Convm (310)28OMAN Lutsoitspo rt jrifiyi! "'' 3m55 SoCd's CKJwntrjvm n" Sii t i-i Centre Crnema Sri.elG (806)54&8t3O0 tmESBITroiNryiToaaiieiBaol SANTA BARBARA PRESENTED M HTll DQLjffmic7 Metro 4 , , (806) 9639503 SPtOAl ENGACtHEHTS no passes acceptedI Academy Awards March 24 on ABC Visit tho Fine Una Features web site at WINNER GOLDEN GLOEE BEST PICTURE : (Musical or Comedy) TIME MAGAZINE say ' " . (UMDSTSEE'EVIl'f MwnVVestwood (310) 289MW ftM FGF NWK' HI (909) 234)01 (8181 332-0050 wwwiEViTfVTiieHovlixM (XIAMHEMI eradttiuraie 1714) MSB ODEAGUROCX EigtoHodrPto (213)25401 IHB.T0R0 Edwvrts SaMtobKk (714) 581-6880 mowoeu (3H))21-0506 mMOKNOWUCT Qmrn (90B)488gr mKWrUUPtoa (80SI2MM33 Peopwlree l8 9934211 mOXMWfitttadl (BO6)4BM0l (UAIUMHN0 Ctvou96l4 Trteatm (B09) 3814461 I4)540-H44 SMmnsmtNes IJ1UJ 3 mSeVfTAHONICA Aero (3rO)39M090 AMC PtnTMWfli H (81B)883-2AHC DIGITAL ACADEMY MEMBERS AND ACE: YOUR CARD Wig ADMIT YOU AND A QUEST TO ANY SHOWTNOl 'A -.SilinmiS" - Wit : ':mififrsi-: i .: Uam WutwXX! 31Q2B9MANN Dotty lflO 4 7.00 PM S2 00 pOfWftg after 5 00 P In TrWPoiWioLoli'.SI OT mmoto urn pern ( ccNTUtv cm AMC (rnirrv 14 310(53 8900 Ft) Sun 4:05 1 1 00 PM Moo ItiUfl 4 05 ft 10 5OPM 4 how ftM wlHlafwj pafUng HOltVWOOD Otnerot Ctrrarna HOHywoK Gohuy 2139!) 7 9248 Frt -Sun, Won-TiM, llrun 1 ft 7 00 PM Wad 1:20 PM iVIvonc Ilclustj on SoU Oolfy 4 howl votkhWd purUna $2.00 In GoKuy soroot. Enter on Sywrton, ANAKflM 714778-43910 ACCAMA SontoAniQ 818445 6200 9 mtmttt AJUSA Etlwortl FOCttull C4KIBM 816969 W32 6AJSKFIIIO AMCSkxkaalt 805324-6778 V liUIrWIM HttU U04JK IrWGlIM CrrjfWiOiAj Plua -213290 5900 v'CHWO AMC CMno Town Squon 10 90990 2400 ciaiii cm Mann CurVw PkuoO 310289 MANN SAIOtNA PocMci VwrTMnI Ottvt In 310323 4055 HAWTHOtNf HogsNpi Hcwtfwrw Ptoza 6The 3ICfil93017 KV1M Edmnll UruYOTfy 7IV854 8811 lARfWOOO Ptxifc t l-OMworjij CcnW Soyfi 310834-9281 10W HACK AMC Pint Squort 18 5624 35-4AMC ONTAtWAMC Ontario Ml 30 909484-3000 MAIMA OH KV IJniisd ArwB Clntmi 310823-3959 MOtfNOVAlLff CirwnaS 90653-1000 'ISTvoW, NOIWMKAhlCllowrji20 10 fhioHw 56264-5678 805267-4940 A PAIM Of Sill MeiTOpoiiUn't dnoma 10 619322-3456 A MVHSDf OrwrnoSttji Wtaplexfvn) 10 1HX 0 Unrvemty Vliknt 908369-2656 SAN 8f INAtOtNO 909888-1400 TOHANCf Uonn TPS DM Aim 9 31CU289-MANN msrcoviNA Edvw&Wttl Qwtna18 At!MUikH818f918-711t WOOOUNOHKLS 6rwol CKwma FolftniOk Moll 818347-6091 mum (- --" f laHi ii M 'A A lit A 'h-yh WfSTWOOO Mann Westwood 3102B9-MANN Frt, Mon-Triuri 8 05 4 10:30 PM $atSunt2l35:05 10 30 PM tTrtMOM hi SttTM) 52 00 porking after 5 OOPM tn Tr(voi Porting to. $1 .00 refunded wrMh poM oamHakM. ANAHEIM MLIS SoCaTi CtneiTiopoHi 71470-6700 iVSAKCCSNfLD AMC Sioctulola 60524-6778 AKERSHf ID Mann Crest Orn-ln 805a32-000l AKCHmiD UnrM Artists Bernard SrrtMl 605873-0292 llWfUNK AMC Wodio C4KrtW 8 618953-9600 CAMARIUO Edward Caniotiilo PakKtl CITY Off INOUSTKT PocltlCl Vlneiand Oftve-lft 8187961-9262 CORONA Edward) Corona 15 ClnnK)i 909279-1160 COSTA MfU Edwordi Harbor Twin 714631-3501 H MONTE FtfwortJi El MorMe 8 Ctrrroi 81 8 5W-7660 FOUNTAIN VMICT Edwofdt Fomty Four Qrwnai 714963-1307 OKNOORA Mono 8 816914 2817 INOW iiof-on'I Metro 8 IhtMfim 619322 3456 NtVINE Edward 21 MesjopMii CkvBrrios 714450-4900 ntviNE Edward Woodbridao ,714551-0658 LA MIR ADA KitktxKJni La Mifodo OrifT 7 7)4522-8920 4 LA VERNE Erhmntt LoVwtw !2Ctnma 909392-4885 LAKE FOfKST Edwards SoOdkock 714581-5880 LAJIfWOOO Pacrftc't Rugwxy 8 Trvsotr 310420-9977 LANCASTER Movlas 12 80!x1M5-3887 10N REACH United Art its Marti eTDtoce 562594-6525 MISSION VICJO Edwoids Vwjo MaH 714364-6220 NEWPORT REACH Edward Vta tsiand Clnwiw 714640-1218 NORTH HOLLTWOOO Century 8 818508 8004 HORWAtt AMC Norwafh 20 562864 5878 ONTARIO AMC Ontario MfRs 30 SOa484-3000 CALMOAUMovNaS 805274-0204 PI RRfS CtrwrraStor UinapMx(sm) 10 Of Perm 9aia IIS 909943-0088 RUENTE HILLS AMC PunM Mafl 4 818810 5568 RIVERSIOf SoCor Mor8pioc crmg 909682-4040 , RfVERSIDE United ArTrstt Park Slarra 909359-6998 ROLLING Hit IS AMC Rolling Hill 310326-5511 SAN RERNAROINO Tf Mf COU ErttvarrJl Rancrto Cawornta 909694-4130 TUSTIN Edwards Tintln Mctiltrptoc Cliwrnej 71Vbb-ia2B tSZ.r" 4VAIENCM uuwrooo I4UU frds ValmcU SAN JACINTO Town Ceniw 10 Matropolitant 80587-1 740 Metro 1 2 rneam 909487-9552 VICTORVIIU AMC SAN JUAN CAPtSlRANO Victor VoHvy 10 Edwards 819241-8400 Franc (scan Plato RANCHO SAttIA MAROARfTA Edwordl Hone no Sonfo Moraartu 8 Cenrtma 7146663340 714681-01 11 SANTA ANA Edwards Biistol ' 714540-7444 SANTA f E SPRINOS ArtuKeCan Fomlry IhtMtrtt 31CV946 6849 WESTMINSTER Edward Wwimintiw Mai 714893-0548 WOOOUNOHKLS GenMOl Cinema Falrbrooh Mo I 818347 6091 m,866 Watch the Academy Awards March 24 vuTwirrncnntM

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