Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 3, 1948 · Page 11
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 11

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, September 3, 1948
Page 11
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September 3, 1948 'ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL Fage Eleven ECA Stimulates European Trade - PARIS, Sept. 2 (JP) The Amar-" lean economic cooperation admin-," tstratlon (ECA) has given intra-European trad a better than $100,000,000 shot in tha arm in tha first four months of operation, officials said today. The ECA said the nations tak- program (ERP) had been authorized to purchase goods worth $101,400,000 from one another with funds supplied by ECA. ssucn purcnases, tney pointed out, encourage the revival of trade among European nations,, one of ERP'a key objectives. Such transactions are known to ECA as "off-shore purchases." Under the ERP law, the ECA can finance them when needed items " are available in other European countries including colonies, and when their movement will aid European recovery. In the initial four -month period, the United States itself supplied 56 per cent of goods received by the ERP countries, of ficials said. Australian Boy, Unable to Talk, LOS ANGELES. Sept. 2 (INS) A seven-year-old boy who hasn't spoken a word since he , was two is due to arrive in the TTnitorl Cfoc A ........ i next month for treatments his parents hope will restore his voice. The lad, John Reid of Brisbane, Australia, lost his speech five years ago, whn following an attack of measles, he was stricken with an inflammation nf th brain. For a long time, the child hovered between life and death. When he finally got well he couldn't speak. As a result he has never been to school and can't read or write. Hope for John's recovery appeared when his father, Ralph Reid, a sports writer for a Brisbane newspaper, was told of the success of the Institute of Logo-pedics, in Wichita, Kas., in helping handicapped children. Reid grew anxious to enroll his on in the institute for speech correction but found that he could not afford the transportation costs to the United States. Charles Skouras, president of the National Theaters Corp. stepped in to assist. Skouras arranged for the entire family of five'a trip to the United States so that John's home life would not be disrupted. A position also was found for the father on a Wichita newana. per in order that he might keep earning his living while the boy undersoes training. The Reid3 will arrive in Wichita next month which has been desig nated by the motion picture in dustry as "Youth Month." Thev will DartiriDato in thp In dustry's observance of ''Youth Month" commemorating the youth ot the nation and of the world. ' Two Deny Voting On Job for Wells and Antonio Morelli, both of whom were recorded as voting to appoint Charles E. Wells as permanent city manager Tuesday night, say they didn't vote on the motion and plan to challenge minutes of the meeting next week. The two commissioners asserted the motion hadn't been put to a vote. Other observers at the meeting, however, said Chairman Ernesrt W. Everly called for a voice vote and then declared the motion carried. City Clerk Ida V. Malore's notes showed the same thing and listed no dissenting votes. When Tuesday night's minutes are read at next week's meeting. Tingley said he would vote no and Morelli indicated he also would question the appointment chiefly on the basis of Wells' $I2,000-a-year salary. Morelli declared the motion should have been put to a roll-call vote. To most observers i appeared a tempest in a teapot. Regardless of Tingley and Morelli's votes, the commission majority made uo of Chairman Everly, Owen B. Matron and Al Buck would keep Wells on as permanent manager. Wells had carried the title of "acting" manager for eight months. Reno Judge Void Proxy Divorce of New Yorker RENO, Nev, Sept. 2 fVP) A New Yorker's "proxy" divorce, allegedly obtained for him by a California man. was set aside today by District Judge Clark J. Guild. Judge Guild ruled the divorce (granted in the name of Henry Martin Leigh, New York, from. Ann Mitchell Barnard Leigh Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, was a fraud upon tht 'court. - Today's action came after At torney Richard Hanna of Carson City presented the court with letters seized when Delmar James Frazier. 53. was arrested recent ly at Martinez, Calif. Sheriff's officers there said letters between -Frazier and Leigh outlined a plan for Frazier to establish Nevada residence and get , the divorce in Leigh'a name. First order for a military air- Slana was placed by the United tatei Army In 1907. City Schools Have Largest Staff in History The largest teacher staff in history of the city schools, 423 persons, will be on hand today when registration of pupils in the city schools starts, Superintendent John Milne announced Thursday. Some of the increase in staff was caused by the recent annexation to the city of a large north ern area, including two former county schools. MacArthur and La Luz. Their staffs have now been transferred to the city system. These on the staff for the pres ent school year: Nineteen administrative offi cers and their assignments: J. B. Linthicum, directof in ktruction: Gladys Black, assistant recreational director; Marian Jailer, testing department; Joseph Ferguson, supervisor of art; Alice Harmeyer. nurse at high school; Kenneth Higgins, elementary music; Eleanor Mazurek, coordinator; Dell Miera. elementary Spanish; Fidelia Velasque, elementary Spanish; Blanche Montgomery, elementary nurse. Charles Renfro, director of health and recreation; Margaret Schmidt, director of guidance; Erna Schroeder. elementary supervisor; Leslie Somerville. junior high school music; Grant Wa terman, attendance; Josephine Williams, elementary music supervisor; Lester Hitchens, director of industrial arts, and Mar-jorie Riley, special teacher. Unassigned are Evelyn Glase-brook. Syble Greer Hearns, Des- sie Johnson and Marjorie Rose Ann Thomas. Other teachers and their assign ments: Ai.nrot EROVE HIGH SCHOOL Oltn O. Rftam, Principal; Mary Cole Dixon. Aaa't. Prln.: Clara Arretehe, Span. lh: Clara Barnhart, Mathematics: Mabel D. Brnnett. Phya. Ed.; J. Elizabeth Berry. English: Harry I. Bishop. Science: Irma J. Borton. English: Ruby Bourne, cnRii&n; Rilla C. Brink. Home Econ.: Jewell Brown, Counselor; Alice. Buxlcirk. English: win- fred Buskirk, History; Rout Jeanne car-lisle. English: Katherine Carmlehael, Commercial: Johnnie Caton. Phya. Ed.: Flor ence Chadwick. English: Rosa c. Chaves. Spanish; Madge Childre, Mathematical Sarah L. Cook. Science; Leslie Cornish. Auto Mechanics: Carl I Cramer, Music; Edw. J. Cristy. History; William Davies. Science; Wllraa Been, Commercial: Ralph E. Dixon, History: L. E. Dohner, Agriculture: Elaine Dorrlngton, History; Marian Douglaa. Homt Econ.; Marjorie D. Fox. commercial: oara uoa-dard. French: France Gomes. Spanish: Frank Graham. Art; Robert Hannah, History: Eldred Harrington, Science: C. V. HartHne. Machine Shop: Vioalle Hefferan. Hiatnrv: Maadalen Hendricks Latin; Florence Hickman, English; Elizabeth Jaramillo. English; Moneta jonnson. Mathematics: Katherine Keleher. History; Ruth Kexkeslaaer. Hiatory; Lillian Kieke, Commercial; May Kllcker. History; Ann Komadina. Spanish; James l.. ncour, English-Art: Beatrix Law, Home econ.: Jean Marsh. Commercial; W. B. Maxson. Science: Martha Maxwell, English: Imogen MrClure. Librarian: Lillian Mccormick. Phya. Ed.: Earl MrDantel. Science; Baul McDaid, Phys. Ed: Estelle Mc-Devitt. Horn Econ.; Gertrude McGowan. Knallsh: Vlrainia McManus. Musie; Jack C. Miller, Matnematics: nne j. Miner, English: Kitty Montoye. Spanish: Josephine Napoleone. Spanish; A. L. Pearce, Wood Shop: Juanita Patterson. Commercial: Barbara Phillips, English; J. O. Pipkin,. History: Richard S. Rarick, History; J. F. Reynolda, Mech. Drawing; Helen Rogers. Dean of Girls; Jack Rushing, Phys. Ed. Virginia Sacks. Phya. Ed.: Teleafor San-ches. Aviation Mech.; Carmon D. Seeae, Science; Katherine 8hepard, History; Goodsell Slocum, Mathematics: Warren Smart. Military Science; Jessie Spencer, Science; Maud Spencer, Science; Lydla Strand. English: Mary Edna TrammelL English; Charlotte Truesdell. Mathematics; Tony J. Valdes, Phya. Ed.: Patricia Voor-hees, English; W. M. Walling, Printing; Lucil Welch. English; Allen B. Williams. English: W? N. Wllllts. Vocational Selling; F. M. Wilson. Phya. Ed.; John J. Wittlck, English; Joel Chambers. Science. JEFFERSON JVNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Maynard L. Bnwen, Principal: Flora Andrews. Ass't. Prin.: Jessie Blackshare, Grammar; Geroldine Campbell. Grammar, Lit.: Laura Collins. Lit.. Geog.: Vincent Cortney, Practical Math.; Jean Hendrick-son. Arith.. Phys. Ed.: Ruth McColloch, Latin. English: Katherine McPall. Musie, English; Harold Miller, Shop, Art: Mickey Miller, Arith.. Phys., Ed.: Helen Mills Span., English: Oliver Neece, Science, Algebra: Ruth Paulantis, Grammar, Home Ec.; Anna Pipkin, Spanish; Ann Senter, Soc. Sci.; Fay Shaw, Arith.; Dorothy War. I'ASffES with Actirator'actb uftlSES to cleanliness DAMP-DniES ready for ironing mil 2624 EAST CENTRAL til n TTT 117 S Motelle Waters, LINCOLN JINIOm. HIGH SCHOOL O. W. Borland, Principal; Jeanle Weeden. -Ass t. Prln,: John E. Baca. Span., Soc. Bet.; Howard Brunell. Woodwork; Pauline Cheuvront, Core, Phys. Ed.; Margaret Copeland, Arith.; Maude Croano. History; Edith Davenport, English. Core; Winnie Goodwill, Arith!: Gladys Gottburg, Latin, English; Harold Hackett, Lit., Phys. Ed.; Alberta Jolly, Home Econ.; Violet Moore, Span., Lit.; Elisabeth Nlelson, English. Core; Grace Odell. Home Econ.: Ethel Parker. English: Florence Seese, English: Michael Whit. Gen. and Soc. Bel.: Patricia Miller, Art, English. Core; B. B. Woolman, Practical Math.: Frances Young Algebra; Rosalind Zfiok, Music, Core. WASHINGTON JlTNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Edweqtl Llghton. Principal; Louise Wells, Aaa't Prin.: George Almes. Algebra: Julia Andrade. Spanish; Jacqueline "Arbogast, Soc. Oct., Lit.; Katherine Barnard, Art: Cecil Bentley, Lit., Orammar: Rneebud Biggs, Latin. Soc. Sci.: Robert Brown, Social Science; Sybil Browft, Lit.. Soc. Studies: Ruth Campbell, Arithmetic: Frank Chapman, Arithmetic; Edward Crlswell. Social Science; Esther Davis, History; Beulah Delle.s. History; Lucille Dilworth, Algebra: Evelyn Oose. Horn Econ.; Lojs Harpham. Spanish; Robert Harpham, Arts and Cratts. Helen Kavanaugh, Social Science; Lydla Kraxberger, English: Cheater Led-better, Phv. Ed.. Oen. Sci.; Frances Marrs, Soc. Studies. Lit.; Clara Morris, English: Laura Moss. Arithmetic; Hadley Nail, Special; Catherine Nicholas. Librarian: Chester Pool. Woodshop: Wilma Reed, English; Cecilia Sena. Spanish; Alma R. Stagg. Arith.. Prac. Math.; E. W. Telles, Counselor: Ethel Umberhlne. English: Noell Wallis. English: C. E. Walter. English, Chorus: Erma K. Womble, Algebra; Joan Wright. Home Econ. BANDELIER SCHOOL Harold R. Go(f. Principal; Betty Best, 3rd: Bernice Elliott. 4th: Zella Evett. 6th; Dora Feltham. 4th; Margaret Hay.wood, I'nd; Winnie Hood. 1st; Marguerite Hoover. 1st; Lillian Jackson. 2nd; Mildred Lawrence, 6th; Jeanette Regensberg, 6th; Hollis Rltter, 3nd; Velma Scott, 5th; Ruth Stewart, 3rd; Katyerae Stone, 1st; Virginia Thompson. 3rd. COBON'ADO SCHOOL Richard R. Mock, Principal; Edna Davis. 6th; Marjory Dews, Jrd: Mary A., Pre-lst: Irene Hey, 1st: Jewell Hudson, 4th; Mary L. King, 2nd; Leslie Little, 4th; Pearl Miller. 5th: Dorothy Mosher, Pre-lst; Ilda Nejar, 1st; Bessie Norris, 3rd: Virginia Pupelis, 1st: Lupe Salazar, 3rd-4th; Marguerite Simonds. lst-2nd: Frances Smith, 2nd: Lucille Wo'.ffe, 1st. IURANES SCHOOL John F. Geders. Principal: Nellie Callahan. 3rd-4th; Charlotte Corzettl, 6th; Dorothv Drake, 3rd: H. C. Gonzalez, special; Mary Gultierres, 2nd: Annie Her-rera. 2nd-3rd; Mildred Howell. 1st: Mary Lawrence. Pre-lst; Frances Luke, 4th-5th; Josephine Perea, 1st, Josefina Meiaquez, 4th. v Ef GENE FIELD SCHOOL George G. Mitchell. Principal: Elizabeth Bright. 5th: Dorothy Brown, 5th; Ab-bie Glascock. 4th: Kathryn Krause, 6th; Frances Llser, 4th: Frances. Meyer. 2nd; Mary Miller. 6th: Etner Montgomery. 3rd: Rose Prieto. lst-2nd: Norma . Elizabeth Reid, 2nd; Lulu Retick, 1st; Hilda Spies, 1st; Albertha Young. 3rd. . KIRTLAND FIELD Margaret Cook. 1st; Loretta C. Stump, LA MESA SCHOOL F. B Prezbeski. Principal: Frances Bar-win, 7th; Lucy Bugg. 1st; Ursula Cooper. 6th; Ora Fitzgerald, 4th: Mary Gallagher, 3rd: Mary McGuire. 6th; Oliver Pembroke. 8th; June Perorich, 5th: Gladys Ray. 4th: Marion Rohlff. 2nd: Lllllth Scholes. 3rd; Glee Smithson, 5th: Robert Vann. 7th: Frieda Vruwlnk. 2nd: Alice Wheaton. 1st. LONGFELLOW SCHOOL Isaac Simonds. Principal; Thelma Atkel-son. Pre-lst; Mary Baxter, 3rd; Joyce Beehler. 1st: Marjorie Brooks. 2nd: Del-phina Candelaria. 1st; Cordelia Chavez, 2nd; Helen G. Deck. Pre-lst: Donald Gill. 5th-6th; Mary Groves. 5th; Louise Lee, 3rd; La von a Mackey. 3rd-4th: Anna Meadows, 4th: Helen Mulllson. 5th; Betty Norman. 1st: Elizabeth Roberts. 6th: Mar-garette Russeil. 6th; Mary Jane Schmltt, 4th. JOHN MARSHALL SCHOOL Fred Calkins. Principal: Ruth Carr, 1st; Lola Cholewka. 2nd: Ruth Craft. 4th; Anna Davis. 6th; Vergie Davis, 3rd: Burl-dean Freeman. Special: Edith Hobson. Pre-lst: Prosper Jaramillo, 5th-6th; Agnes Lahr. 5th: Agnes B. Martin, 4th; Lena Mlrkiewiz. 1st: Clytl Ogden, 2nd; Cecelia Yearnnt, 3rd-4th. MONTE VISTA SCHOOL One, E. Schupp. Principal: Vada Allen, 2nd; Esther Barry, 3rd; Eleanor Beck. 3rd: Oran T. Caton, Arts-Crafts; Kathryn Currey, 4th; Lois Dittmer, 1st: Juanita Ford. 8th; Bertha Grotta. 2nd: Esther Hossmann, 4h; OUve Kuntz. 6th: Bertha Marshall. 6'h: Mary Martin, 6th; Ruby Pike. 3rd: Mable Riebe. 5th; Anna Risser, 4th; Zella Roberts, 5th; LuVerne Shatz, 1st: Esther M. Sell. 1st: Lena Strong. 2nd. NORTH FOURTH STREET SCHOOL Leroy Brannon, Principal: Evelyn Byrd, 2nd; Lois Fox. 5th: Agnes Lambertson, 4th: Mabel McDonald. 6th: Dorothy Mad-dison, 3rd: Billie Meador. 1st: Jewell Richards, 8th: Alice Simpson. 1st: Edith Stephens, 2nd: Dorothea Tavlor. 5th; Helen F. Ward. 4th; Norma C. Wright, 3rd. OLD TOWN SCHOOL ETten Arledze. . Principal: Marv Emily Hannett, 2nd-3rd: Nina Jack. 4th: Lorena C. Low. 1st: Alliene McDowell. 6th: Ooal T. Miller, 2nd: Josephine Moya, Pre-lst; Charlotte Sanchez. 5th: Connie Ulibarri. 3rd: Katherine VanDeusen, 6th; Agnes Winkler. 6th. SANDIA BASE SCHOOL Virginia Crowley. 1st; Theodora Cooper. Jrd: Dorothy Hoover, Helper; Lois Lee, 2nd. SANTA BARBARA SCHOOL Adolfo Gonzales. Principal: Dolores Gar cia, Pre-lst; Delfina Manzanares, 4th-5th; Here ki tbe O-E AS-Automatic U everything you've always den; Reading. Oeog.; History, Library. wanted ki an automatic washer. Yam. set the controls the washer does all the work. Clothes are washed amazingly clean ... and so thoroughly damp-dried that many pieces are ready for ironing. G-E Activator Washing! All the clothes are washed gently, but thoroughly, with this correctly designed G-E Activator. It has three rones of washing action gets out mil th dirt from heavy work clothes or delicate lingerie. Come in and see the G-E All-Automatic Washer in action. A demonstration will show you that it's "automatic washing at its finest. . ' Trade-mark KJ. U. S. at. Otfc Priced at $349 75 The Horn, of Famous Brand Names. Across from Height Post office i DIAL, 2-4653 Former Follies Beauty's Funeral Brief and Quiet LOS ANGELES, Sept. 2 (TP) There was a brief and quiet funeral today lor. Helen Lee Worthing, the former Ziegfield Follies beauty and toast of Broadway who slipped to obscurity in Hollywood and died Aug. 25. About 40 persons attended the services in a mortuary chapel. Selections from the Psalms were Alfred Mateczun.' Special: Mabelle Matthew. 4th; Lorena Reed, 2nd; Edward Rodarte, 5th; Rachel bandies. 2nd-3rd: Jessie Venable, 6th; Jessie White. 1st; Bertha Wilson, 3rd; Rose Zamora, Special. STRONGHITRST SCHOOL Walter McNutt, Principal: Vivian Ash-crft, 4th; Mary Bounds, 4th; Mary Carson, 7th; Katherine Cochran, 7th: Lois Cox 6th; Mary Douglas.: 5th; Bernice Foley, 3rd; Margaret Garcia. 1st; Esther Gardner, 8th; Margaret Herrera, 1st; Edna Holmes. 4th; Georgia Kirk, 1st; Gertrude Kolb. 2nd; Mary Lujan, 3rd; William McCharen. 7th-8th: Mary Men-aul. 2nd: Etta Poppen. 6th: Vlrginialea Sawyer, 3rd; Mildred Wheeler, 8th; Bonnie Brown. 2nd. UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS Irma Bobo. Principal; Helen DeLayo. lst-2nd; Ethel Erlandspn. 5th-th; Helen Salver, 5 th: Selma Sharp. 4th: Jewel Thompson. 2nd; Elsie Vogel, 1st; May Wise, 3rd: Ernest McGovern. fith. LEW WALLACE SCHOOL R. H. Conlee. Principal; Florence Car-mony, 8th; Billie Chapman, 6th; Lois Dean. 1st; Margaret Easterday, 3rd; Mildred Jenks, 6th; Elinor Maxey, 1st;' Dollle Meador. 4th: Zadah Mudgett, 2nd: Elsie Schulz, 2nd: Beulah Silverman. 5th; Ethel Sterling, 4th: Nellie Stine, 5th-6th; Elisabeth Vernon. 6th: Ruby Wooten, 3rd. LA LIZ SCHOOL Louise Nevarez, Principal; Louise Betts, 8th; Adele Duran, 3rd; Viola Easter, 5th; Daisy McKinney. 4th; Rufina Montano, 2nd: Alexandra Martinez, 1st; Daniel Mul-vihill, 7th: Evelyn Smith. 6th. MwARTHIR SCHOOL Joe Slominski. Principal: Katherine Apodaca. Katherine. 1st: Sadie Graham, 8th: Marjorie Harvey, 3rd: Thelma Hayes, 7th;' Thomas Laird. 4th; Pauline Middle-ton. 5th: Ella Robinson. 6th; Dora Romero. 2nd. read" by Dr. O." James Sowell, minister of McCarthy Memorial Christian church. Burial followed in Inglewood Park cemetery. Miss " Worthing, 49, died in a small backlot house in Hollywood NO INCONVENIENT DOWNTOWN TICKET PICK-UP! 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COMPLETE ON THE SPOT SERVICE An Additional Service at No Extra Cost ffl " THIRTY SPECIALIZED DEPARTMENTS f f mZh WV mi ti 1 PHONE 3-5686 I i . A 3 I IS JP- s"-"" if;.v.vvv..v-'.:l! It & ii " "" " I We Invite you to Inspect our entire facilities- to acquaint yourself with the modern equipment available to meet all your motoring: needs. FIfTHand COPPER

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