The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 21, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 21, 1931
Page 7
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\VEDNMSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1931 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents o word lot first Insertion and one cent a word lor each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement ttkcn for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. 1'honc 300 TOR SALE FOR SALE — Hiipmobilc coupe, name your price, liroafiwav Barber Shop. MP-KZi FOR SALE—Saiv Cotton Co. mill. SUrnbcrrj; 21C-K28 I FOR SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom listening soiicit- td. Marilyn llatchciv, Dlyi'.ieville. 20-CK-TF l''OK KKNT FOR RENT—Four room apart-! ineiit. 810 West Ash. Call 5)0. bC-TF FOR RENT—REASONABLE—Warm l»d room, adjoining bath. Call «2£- _ C-K-22 FOR RENT — Mcdern bungalow, | garage, on paveci street. Call L. Fowler. 838 or 450J. 20C-TP FOR RENT—Steam heated front bedroom, 003 West Main. Phone FOR RENT—riunshccl apartment, newly decorate;!. 719 Chlc!:p.ta\vb.i. Phone 295. 13C-K23J FOR RENT—4 room hcufe. 515 Madison St. Apply 517 Madison. 21P-K24 WANTED POULTRY WANTED—Market, prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- liery, 210 3. Fourth St. DC-TF WANTED — Family Washings. \yashed arid Ironed by competent while woman. Mrs. Brown, 70-1 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF I930.THEBOBB5'MEKRIILCO: TIII.I. rlvrJ Ihp Urn ior Ccinnlrj Chil .UvurJ- Hi,. [,,,r- li rnrni. u ulil r:nu- ui'd f .Mill IH r.-u-i \\lih ti m> yn li, n h]i .ll>.\)vY lillnd . n> In Uvil Thrush— I 1:11 ii v JACKSD.V u r. s 1.i- JH:I:KI:II. uni I'VIT* SKA us. <lic ilnuphlvr i.r mlilUlrr mill (fir Mv|,tlnimlni'r n *IT>- ur:jliJi) \uiiurin. Idu tiinn rilll, I'A\ imilll.N. T'.ir- Innn an.] Inrtii liim linu^hi. ChiKrr iiriHTnlril «lll, 1,-rnrriil ..i<-rUillllln- in ulilrli : llu< i.Uh tiinml Mri* u Tliru.sll l'lllfMHlrii.|[r.-|llv ll ui l.-il. .!:U'kMiTi flrn [Tin i' till oM lurirr 1IHS. .l.vriiSO.V. And llu- .'ii- li-iullmc M i!rllt urm-rrdi'U trill III- rnnnul iirxiLliUnllim at tin 'lnh. II "UN imrr|.:l Ihnl Ilir imrimt Mll^ tl ?.<• r it Rnnil [linr. Am ..r i[, r <>lnm-r (.n» III r.'ie Lhi'lirii Ijiui.,' i,ni\;\iiK riuikli-*. nutls (.OIIIIY. the conk. Mlu Crll nrrnui IUr , .NOIV UO ON WITH THK SIOHV CHAPTEK VII i.l KKCJ your pardon. ma-lnm." ,?:diJ a pleasant low voice, "but lioiv would yon like lo exchange a good square meal ol ihc sort thai would lio expected of a kitchen whose exhalation Is an aroma so ' 'y delightful, for a small (•rayon portrait nf yonrsell—similar lo Mils sketch 1 liavc here?" "What?" asked Gooljy. who a direct woman. ivas "Why. i-oaVc nol ol oil M /oo'fins/" /io slid in « (one o/ grcaf surprise. "iVof tnj /co/firrfi/" rcpculcif Ginger. "Well. I rallicr hope I'm not." mi-rely wondered." continued! "Go ahead 1" slic ("Do me!" commanded. POULTRY WANTED- Market prices paid at C. U Bennett Co. Feed Store, 210 N. Railroad St. west of courthouse. Not buying at Fisher's p!ac» on First St. anjinore. J. E. FISHER. 16c-k! WANTED-Solicitors. with or without experience. Ca;-: earn thre? to ten dollars daily. Apply 7 P. JI. Wantatmga Hotel. Call for Mr. Dainron. 23P-K23 LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Plate, 213 South First St. ' a3C-TF FOUND—Christian Science text ay call'at Ooll h^-. tel. ' ck2l" WANTED--To Buy—Poultry and CSBS, market prices. J. W. Moore, ccrner Lake & Main. 20P-K23 A bee produces about seven tii its own xveight in .honey during lifetime. sketch of yniirself. liy mysplf? ; i.ikc this. I assure you 1 am quite kooil. 1 studied at the heEl wlioolg In Philadelphia and Now York, 1 won . n three years' scholarship in Paris, am! I have the very bost ot rucoiri- jiieiidi.iimis. in exchange fur a square meal, with ,15 much ol (h.- rullnnry fragrance as 1 can as "Do you mean," Inquired Goobv rainslaklngly. "that yon think yoii could make a picture Inoli like that ami look like me!" Tile voice coi.jrlied deprcr.itingly. "Ala;, tiiat even tlic dlviuest (it tilt! nrts slioutd be thus c'rcnir.- ecrtbed." it mourned, "nnr nne of this general size and style ai nny rala-n likeness of yon—and it time. Me oncncd the screen door, placed Ills porlfoliu 01 ahlo and silently look from alabaster. largo pad of paper and n couple ofj l: °t. Most "W ln '. you're not at nil bad '* looking!" lie salt! In a tout; of f;rcat Ritrprfse. . "Xnt-hacl lookini;!" repealed It a <;| i : 6er. "Well, I rallicr tioi'o I'm must lie n very dinner. iVhy. a liilck pencils, which he sharpen:.-:! vlth metirulons care. ISinger watched him blackly. ,'•">•• .M !lren;cl.s consider mo ex- UOlp.ili:! : He Vi'ns (all and slim and sun burned. He wore no hat and His dark hair was slightly ruffled Iron; the wind. He wore heavy Kueiifli ^ oe llnw Bcod looking. Extremely! : nt my mouth. Could an artist oiler how? It's heller with hut 1 always lick It oft set lo work. I.ool{ at niy ?ro's a hlne for yon. And my lashes curl up. Not " ljokil >s! brogues, mnrh travel warn, nruli "01 course I'd rather he a brnnet thick v.-rjolon ™-l;s. His knicker suit was of a light patle and a Jr»ose weave, the coat moro tiian a litllo hasgy. His sliirt, of \vhal Is commonly called a soft sports style, appcaiud not to have been Iroiucl. r.s Indeed it had not, lie washing it out hi:u selt each nlBlit. true pi-irnn of the arls would pay .,_25 V -50 dollars for n sketch likn this! . llalr - (!ill scr was surprised by an honor student ot three Gulf Service Station "That Good Qulf ' Casolihe" FOR TRADE New or Used Automobiles City Property. L. FOWLER I'honc 8S8 tinu art "1 lliink he wants Enmsthiiis lo eat." said (jooby ajiologetically. tiirnlnB to (linger. linger had heard. 5 1 Hho Ihnoed across tlie room In j her nut-heeled sneakers ;md set the mixing-lion-] on the. labie ivitii a resoiiudlns thud. Ono who kne\v Giiijir couli! instantly have interpreted the smal- Bering llro In her :ino blue eyes. "Von want to do a portr.iii for your dinner, do you?" she inquired coldly. "AH right. Do me!" She rolled the white sleeves purposefully high above her elbows. New Orleans Cotton . nolicc ' Wl ! 5 1«!te black and sbo.vei: ;i( 1 could choose." she added, in a lone tli:<l was almost [ricndly. "but as Idonds go, I'm supposed to lioid my own." "(insh, yon—you're It," he said faintly. "Why not 1 .' It's the truth, it? Von admitted Stfod artist. •\i-re good no giay at thinning the temples, nor top tlu.t she vaguely rariccted. His pointed, well- li'iniiiiEil ! lack heard of silky lex- tnre was also untouched with" gray. U'lien ho had rubbed down tlie point of his pencil to lie looked .it Ginger for time, iii her witii searching (hoy made mo study to uivndeu my mind when I wouldn't go lo college was one on society In s«iicr.\l, I had lo read n bo<ik on Utvciulciits, Detectives and Dcllnwcnli." that got to do Ttltb W HAT'S me?" "Everything," sho said "For you're one of them. all about you— the lioo': dhl. "Any woman who bands out fouil to n holro over the Inick vorcli absolutely contrlljullMg to Ills moriil delinquency. She's ns had as he la. Every man has n right to a living ago nr.i! proper living cornlltlons. It s.iys In (lie bosk that ever' nmu NE\V ORLEANS, Jail. 21 I Cotton closed steady. OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern -m T BIG <3ALI-6U15 LIFIfeP -THAT S SOME A STtlFFfeP Wr(/<LE ARotWP AW IT'LL BE EASV MAT^feR To VOU ftREE^i AM stoa ou A MRS 1 . SWi-Tcrfep B£D SLAB J -frfAT QUILT COMES BACK To M.V - of? Be lUtfeRES-f SbU,oU BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES CHUCKING UP Uy Msrdu Red Hall Burlier Shop 318 w. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Pelix Kyle. Fred Boyctt. Guy Reisers, Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. Dec Jan Mar Mny Julv Oct Spots open high 1115 I1W 1018 1020 103(5 1036 1CSO 1003 1033 10B3 11CT 1101 steady at 993, FAY 0. DAVIS VIioiics 231 or 421 New York Cotton Cash Paid For T-nle Model Used Cars W. T. HAUNETT 117-119 East Main St. Phone 888 or K87 NEW YORK. Jan. Gotten cio;ed steady. high Dec 111G 1122 Jar, (n) 1021 Jan (0) 10:15 Mar I03G May 1C53 Jnly 1C33 del 1102 . 1023 1047 1C37 1031 10S4 1101 Local and distance liauiinr. Special rales on tarload lots. Team for local hauling. V. K. 1VAS1IAM TRANSFER 1100 Chickasawb.% Phone 851 Spots steady at 1D45. up [ SUBSTITUTE FOR i5 VKAKS j EMMESTBURG, la. (UP) — j Twenty-rive years ago. Rcbjrt Wilson came here to aU?n:l ths fu- I nera! of Ills urotiicr-lii-iiw. To:r | Artamscn. He rcmalncJ for n shorl , while in his brothcr-ln-tow's jet cl schcol janitor, whil; ihr board searched for a ne\v men for Ihc position. WiHMi is still l-;re. 'The board has never found anyone (or the jch. We can S:ive you money on Auto Gliiss JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 -Main Phone 66 George III hnrl the longest reigr of any English king, reigning frc HCO to 1820. . HAY One bale or a train load. EAR CORN', shuck osi, 8Sc bu. Shuck off, &jc per bu., in car lots. Cotton Stiles Sales Co., Inc. BIythcviV.p, Avk. Phor.e 1T4 o' LD 18<K. Announcement \Vo liavo moviul next door I o fhe 11 o m Theater and welcome our friend? lo our new location. Oprn 'till 8 P. II. Main Barber Shop Moll. Bargpr, Provost and Khmi^. 'cn-, I don'l cnve nnylhlng about having my portrait done. those soft and who contributes dellaquciicy of hr.r lellow Uut 1 Jus! made up ray looking, would you be mind to tell yon what's wlmt and alwve. saying HO?" "V.'liy. am I such an make you asbamcd of yourself. chance to 1 study lhal sort cr ihlni;. he asked In some amuse- and don't realise Hint at your. «go you're all right," she said you slionltl be nble to retire and livo in quiet coijifort for Hie "I probably won't bo bra Bins atoul mj I am your ap,e." lie laiicheil a little. ot your Hie with your children and looks either when wwi ? Uowo VOO VtiOW one generation at a time, of course nicu audj already makinc deft surs Btrokcs ai!ist : oii .tlic block of paper he t!!d col Yon — you would bo a must. And lie bccnm: aware • -r In'liotlicr lo reply. —a bondeil eenllrman If yon hail spile of her srlm expressio Ciinger leaned fur across the tn- up to your or-liortuiil somewhat shrewish manner,- bio loward him and ther slond of resorltng to caricatured though she was by the. determination In her manner ugly red !>nndkerchiof and her! "Listen," she said, "you ought lo arms fiercely aldnilio. licriho ashamed of yourself—bumming and— cr— beggary. You—" The Etranger within her gale? bad en'' ?ly given up bis drawing. eyes were ol surprising ser.ipluV Imc.ils from lions bluoness; her face, altlibn^h thr.licdl A rjan of from lu-r labor, creamy white nnd ability! not w| ( h,,ul you've got a retire': DUFFATD. N. \ of r. c: s c. B.ifi.Cj a "I will sa act and en tiie ^.: mine will an nc:ii!:ir. injv;lf. or clliers. Fnr- 'I.i\i llriitr's Irrlh ClM..'IMNA'1'l. OHIO " - " :.!v..-u IV.S LET IT 60IUS TO Foq6£T AU_ LINty/ Boy/.'eor l'.\\ etAD To SES VOL).... V)l£ OtISHTA HAVS A LOT OF FUlJ TWiS VII KITE R. I. 1 IF -jfaU CAUT COESS, (JOT <30|W<3 TO TE'-I S66,l CASIT WAS STitL, I DOUT ses HO\M ir COI/-DA B£ES) 1PAT FELLA, I AMyWAy!.' -^ UAMSKlT s\wce Voovs 11 "E. WEESH oufi - T-AR.SOVI riox LUCKS EES OOR C-,^^C1U^T^ To ft'ARUV SUCH Pi MM lUEf tt SENOR, CHJR NOBLE FAMlLEE EES Hi\F NOT SET FOO. Tut VJEEtc 00? OP.THE NEK ^ws 1 BE THE BEEGEST EMER EEN COSTA GRMJDE, VF.S? OLD GU^ MUST SU NUTS. X TtlL YOU, I

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