The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on October 1, 1997 · Page 255
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 255

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1997
Page 255
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LOS ANGELES TIMES WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1997 F13oc TODAY ON TV CHANNELS Los Angola Orange Couin BKC8SICBSIQ2 E1KNBC(NBC04 HKTIA(WB05 DKABCIABQ07 H KCAL (W.) 09 IB KTTV (Fox) 11 IE KCOP (UPN) 13 IQKSa(lnd.M8 EBKWHYlnd.22 HDKCFJPBS28 HJKMD((Uni14 EQKTBNNI40 B3K0CE(PBS50 ffiKVEA(Tete)23 E3KDOCNI56 BUKLCSPBS)17 GHKRCA(lnd.20 Palm Springs mammon X2KESQIA8Q7.25 SmtaBartm L3lKEYT(ABC)07 SmBwiwAw i2JKVCR(F8S)24 Vanlura County $3!KADY(UPN) 16 Cable Service A&E39 AMC 35 BET 57 BRV0 54 CNBC 31 COM 79 CSPN29 CMAX45 CNN 42 DSC 37 MSN 53 El S3 ESPN 34 ESPN2 84 MM 47 FSWZ7 FX 89 HBO 33 HIST 30 LIFE 46 MTV 48 NICK 38 SCM87 SHOW 41 TBS 43 TIC 51 TMC58 TNN49 TNT 52 USA 44 VH162 WGN55 Use numbers after call letters to set VCR Plus. Where there are two numbers, repeat the procedure. A indicates advertisement. Movie Ratings A CLASSIC FIRST RATE FLAWED: HAS MOMENTS DESPERATION TIME TV RATINGS (TVY) All Children ITVY7) Directed to Older Children (TVG) General Audience (TVPG) Parental Guidance (TV14) Parents Strongly Cautioned (TVMA) Mature Audiences Only MORNING 7:00 a.m. H KCBS News El KNBC 36 KMIR Today Anita Hill; swimming with sharks; . avoiding money fights at home. 20642 H KTLA Morning News Sally Kellerman. Steve Guttenberg. 53994 D KABC! 31 KEYT 142 KESQ Good Morning America Jane Fonda; Olympia Dukakis. 48062 BKCAL Mummies Alive 73772 ffl KTTV Good Day L A. Janeane Garofalo; 1987 Whittier earthquake. 97352 IB KCOP Marvel Superheroes 46975 B3 KWHY Business News BOKCET Bamey & Friends (Repeat) 93401 B3 KMEX iDespierta America! 525642 CD KTBN Rod Parsley ED KOCE Government by Consent ESKVEAArcandina80913 S3 KDOC News (Japanese); JiNi Business News (7:20) BO KLCS Learning English EB KRCA Little Saigon television News 63 KADY Bullwinkle A&E The Cosby Mysteries (TVG) CMAX Movie "The Greatest" (19771(1 hr. 42 min.) 36638420 (7:15) CNBC Money Wheel CSPN House of Representatives 2817710 DISN Aladdin (TVY) E! Talk Soup 673505 ESPNSportsCenter ESPN2 Perfect Parts FSW Fox Sports News FX Trapper John, M O. (TVPG) HBO Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (TVY) HIST Movie "The Wild Blue Yonder" (1951)12 hr.) 42791 LIFE Everyday Workout (TVG) MTV Morning Jams (TVPG) NICK Inspector Gadget 427371 SCI-H Time Tunnel (TVG) SHOW Movie "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry" (1974) 16997807 (7:15) TBS Three's Company (7:05) TLCPappyland(TVY) TNN Crook & Chase (TVG) 158772 TNT Gilligan's Island USA USA Action Extreme Team 41 0343 VH1 Cardiovideo WGN Pinky & the Brain (TVY) 740517 7:30 a.m. BKCAL The Mask 92807 BD KCOP Extreme Dinosaurs 58710 03 KSCI Iran-Sima 03 KWHY Business News BD KCET Storytime (Repeat) 12536 HD KTBN Marilyn Hickey BD KOCE America Sews EB KVEA Hola Los Angeles 69420 E3 KDOC Ohayo Salon SB KLCS Putting English to Work 63 KADY Underdog DISN Iimon & Pumbaa (TVY) Ei The Gossip Show 423802 ESPN2BodyShaping HBOBabar LIFE Oenise Austin's Daily Workout (TVG) NICK Looney Tunes TBS Mama's Family (7:35) TLC David the Gnome (TVY) TNT Gilligan's Island WGN The New BatmanSuperman Adventures (TVY7) 752352 8:00 a.m. B KCBS This Morning Fear of bridges; myths about kosher foods; finances. 10159 B KCAL Wacky World of Tex Avery 94915 IB K(X)P Extreme (Josthusters 41623 fS KWHY Business News B3 KCET Magic School Bus 55178 ETJ) KTBN Kenneth Copeland EE KOCE Inspiration of Painting: Acrylics EE) KDOC Robert Tilton BO KLCS The Story of Read-Alee- Deed-Alee; Staff Development (8:15) 63 KADY Tennessee Tuxedo AMC Movie "Seminole" (1953) (1 hr. 30 min.) 928587 A&E Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer BET Jam Zone BRV0 Movie "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" (2 hr. 30 min.) 785401 COM Dr. Katt (TVPG) DISN Goof Troop (TVY) E! Las Vegas Showgirls 975401 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Fitness Beach FAM Rescue 911 (TVPG) FSW Fox Sports News FX Eight Is Enough (TVG) HBO Movie "Ladybugs" (1992) (1 hr 30 mm.) 672941 LIFE What Every Baby Knows (TVG) MTV Music Videos (TVPGI NICK Looney Tunes SCI-H Hammer House of Horror (TVPG) TBS Andy Griffith (TVG) (8:05) TLC flory's Place (TVY) TNN Dallas (TVPGI TNT Spenser: For Hire VHISoulofVHI WGN Andy Griffith (TVG) 8:30 a.m. B KCAL X-Men 44456 IB KCOP Bananas in Pajamas & the Crayon Box 40994 ' C3 KSCI Omid, Today's Physician ES KWHY Business News BO KCET Arthur (TVY) 54449 EH KTBN Lifestyle Magazine 885246 ED KOCE Theodore Tugboat 969555 ED KLCS Wishbone 78081 GS KRCA MBC News Desk 63 KADY Laverne and Shirley CNN CNN & Company 425888 COM The Daily Show (TVPG) 19991 59 DISN The Little Mermaid (TVY) ESPN2Kiana's Flex Appeal LIFE Kids These Days (TVG) NICKRugrats TBS Andy Griffith (TVG) (8:351 TLC Bingo & Molly (TVY) TMC Movie "92 in the Shade" (19751(1 hr. 31 min.) 639197 VH1 New Videos WGN Andy Griffith (TVG) 9:00 a.m. B KCBS Guiding Light (TV14) 87246 3 KOTRegis&KathieLeeflVPG747?2 D KNBC 36 KMIR Leeza (TVPG) Children and drug abuse. 97082 B KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TVPG) Abused, teenage mothers. 27888 B KABC 42 KESQ Regis & Kathie Lee (TVPGI Fran Drescher; singer Kenny Chesney. 45284 BKCAL Toon Town Kids 58772 0DKTTV The Vdci Lawrence Show (TVGI Bill Bellamy; Terry Bradshaw. 83468 DO KSCI TV Kindergarten (Koreanl 53 KWHY Business News 241 KVCR The Magic School Bus 38307 HO KCET Barney 8. Friends (TVY) 38401 EE KTBN Dr. Cherry BD KOCE Instructional TV BO KDOC Life in the Word B0 KLCS Teams m KRCA K.T.A.N. News; Studio of Love (9:15) !6J KADY SallyJessy Raphael (TVPG) 29284 A&E Quincy (TVG) CMAX Movie "Date With an Angel" (1987) (1 hr. 45 min.) 942130 CNBC Inside Opinion CNN Newsday COM Movie "The Whoopee Boys" (1986) (2 hr. 7017642 DSC Assignment Discovery (TVG) DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) E! Fashion File 844807 ESPN SportsCenter ESPN2 Super Bowl Highlights FAM The Waltons (TVG) FSW2 Healthy Living; Aerobic Conditioning (9:10) FX The Collectibles Show (TVG) HIST The Real West (TVG) UFE Sisters (TVPG) NICK Little Bear 874130 SCI-H Ripley's Believe It or Not! (TVG) SHOW Movie "Tap" (1 989) (1 hr 51 min.) 333468 TBS Matlock (9:05) TLC Graham Kerr's Kitchen (TVG) TNN Aleene's Creative Living With Crafts (TVG) TNT Movie 'The Silencers" (19661(2 hr.) 496284 USA Webster (TVG) WGN Geraldo Rivera (TVPG) 2661 30 9:30 a.m. DDKCOPRoseanne ES KWHY Business News 24 KVCR Body Electric B3KCCTTheFWztePlaceOVY)81081 EH KTBN Dean and Mary Brown B0 KLCS Math for Primary (9:45) AMC Movie "Intermezzo ' (19391(1 hr. 30 min.) 863352 CNBC Power lunch 120642 CNN Burden of Proof 150062 DISN Katie and Orbie (TVY) E! Model ESPN Baseball Tonight ESPN2 Super Bowl Highlights FSW2 Body by Jake; Fitness Plus (9:45) HBO Movie "Armed and Dangerous" (1986) 878284 NICK Blue's Clues TLCCucinaAmorelTVG) TNN Creative Living With Crafts (TVG) USA Weird Science (TVG) 10:OOa.m. B KCBS The Price Is Right (TVG) D KNBC Arthel & Fred (TVG) Ed Asner; Carmen Electra; Babyface. 16449 B KTLA Little House on the Prairie 11 KABC 3 KEYT The View Fran Drescher; breast cancer; Lea Thompson. 67197 B KCAL The Newlywed Game ED KTTV Home Team With Terry Bradshaw (TVPG) Vocal group Wild Orchid; actor Eric Braeden; gadgets; triathlete Jim Howley. 83159 D3KC0P Dr. Cum, Medicine VVomanlTVG) S3 KWHY Business News !24i KVCR Keeping You in Stitches BO KCET Sesame Street 75820 IQKMEXMaite 136 KMIR Maury Povich (TVPG) 888468 EH KTBN Behind the Scenes; John Avanzinrjfrem Zimbalist Jr. (10:15) 42KESO. Martha Stewart Living 93913 S3 KVEA Maria de los Angeles 65604 BO KDOC Froozles 627951 BO KLCS Challenge of the Unknown US KRCA Fireworks (10:05) 63 KADY Jenny Jones (TVPG) 47604 A&E Law & Order (TVPG) CNN CNN Today DSC Home Matters (TVG) 404420 DISN Mickey's Mouse Tracks (TVY) E! News Daily ESPN Sports Baseball Astros at Braves. 819555 ESPN2ESPNEWS FAM The 700 Club FSW2 Healthy Living; Aerobic Conditioning (10:10) FX Dynasty (TVPG) HIST The Most Decorated (TVG) LIFE Designing Women (TVPG) NICK Richard Scarry 789623 SCI-fl Mysteries, Magic & Miracles (TVG) TBS Movie "Hour of the Gun" (1967) (2 hr.) 6611062 (10:051 TLC Great Country Inns (TVG) TMC Movie "Sudden Impact" (19831(1 hr. 57 min.) 928333 TNN Wildhorse Saloon (TVG) USA Perfect Strangers (TVG) WGN News 10:30 a.m. BKCAL The Dating Game 53 KWHY Business News; Health News (10:50) 24 KVCR Creative Living EH KTBN Casey Treat 42 KESQ Gayle King (TVG) 41975 BO KDOC Headline News BO KLCS American Frontier; Know It All (10:45) BRVO Music From New Orleans (TVPG) DISN Adventures in Wonderland (TVY) ESPN2 ESPNEWS FSW2 Body by Jake; Fitness Plus (1 0:45) UFE Almost Perfect (TVPGI NICK Muppet Babies SCI-H Monsters (TVPG) TLC INNtimate Escapes (TVG) USA Gimme a Break VH1 Crossroads 11:00 a.m. B KCBS The Young and the Restless 1 V IH lJU CI KNBC News U KABC ' 3 KEYT Port Charles uvrui 133 El KCAL Manru Pnuirh (TVPfil ED KTTV I Love Lucy (TVG) IE) Ktur Jenny Jones 34130 53 KWHY Business News; California Stocks I1 1:201 '24 KVCR Kaye's Quilting Friends a.-jiM.ti Morytime iivy) lbsi EE) KMEX Si Dios Me Quita la Vida ITVPfil .17777 36 KMIR The People's Court Ely KTBN James Robison l4?ITF;n lonnarHul ESKVEA Cafe con ArarredeMujer 85468 tiu ruui, Mutniano loaay B0 KLCS Krafts' Creatures 40623 OS KRCA Know Your Favorite Artists 63 KADY Jerry Springer (TV14) 67468 AMC Movie "X the Unknown" (19561(1 hr. 30 min.) 224975 A&EMcCloud CMAX Movie "At Long Last Love" (19751(1 hr. 58 min.) 478468 CNBC Money Wheel COM Saturday Night Live (TVPG) DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart (TVG) DISN Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers (TVY) E! Lifestyles ESPN2 NFL's Greatest Moments FSW2 Healthy Living: Aerobic Conditioning 0 1:10) FX Picket Fences (TVPG) HBO The Making Of: Multiplicity (TVPG) HIST The War Years (TVG) UFE Our Home (TVGI 606826 NICK Allegra's Window 9981 59 SCI-H Night Gallery SHOW Movie "Bwana Devil" (19521(1 hr.19min. 9080642 TIC On the Inside (TVG) TNN Club Dance (TVG) TNT Movie "The Texican" (1966) (2 hr.) 432246 USA Wings (TVPG) VH1 Greatest Hits of Music Video WGN Empty Nest (TVG) 11:30 a.m. IS1 KEYT News D KNBC EXTRA 8352 B KTLA Blossom. fl KABC News m KTTV I Love Lucy (TVG) QD KSCI Taiwan News B3 KWHY Business News 24 KVCR Sewing With Nancy BO KCET Shining fine Station (TVY) 1 0420 EH KTBN Benny Hinn !42 KESQ Port Charles (TVPG) 2771 0 BO KDOC The Rifleman (TVG) B0 KLCS French in Action BET Planet Groove BRVO South Bank Show (TVG) DISN Madeline (TVY) ESPN2 Sports Soccer UEFA Champions League: Juventus FC at Manchester United. 1780975 FAM FIT TV Sampler FSW2 Body by Jake; Fitness Plus (1 1 :45) HBO Movie 'Twister" (1996) (1 hr. 53 min.) 492710 NICK Gullah Gullah Island 999888 SCI-H Ray Bradbury Theater (TVPG) TLC On the Inside (TVG) USA Wings (TVPG) WGN Empty Nest (TVPGI AFTERNOON Noon fl KCBS News D KNBC 36 KMIR Another World (TV14I 27604 B KTLA Sally Jessy Raphael (TV14) Betrayals. 89468 D KABC i 3 KEYT 42 KESQ All My Children (TVPG) 74536 BKCAL News DTJ KTTV Grace Under Fire IB KCOP Montel Williams (TVPG) Romantic tips. 72081 DO KSCI Mandarin Drama 59 KWHY Business News; High-Tech Report (12:20) 24 KVCR Sew Creative EE KMEX Volver a Empezar 70623 HUM UN ihe 700 Club B0 KOCE You and Your Great Dog W KVEA Movie "El Modes y Canek"(2hr.)53371 BO KDOC Perry Mason (TVPG) BO KLCS Real Science! GS KRCA Daily Taiwan News 63 KADY Hispanic Heritage Awards (TVGI 65791 CNBC Street Signs CNN TalkBack Live 173913 COM Whose Line Is It Anyway? (TVPG) DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN The Little Mermaid (TVY) El Talk Soup 857371 FAM Diagnosis Murder (TVPG) FSW Southern California Team Golf Championships FSW2 Sports Equestrian Spruce Meadows Event Series. 668449 FX Life Goes On (TVPG) HIST Movie "The Wild Blue Yonder" (1951) (2 hr.) 26265 UFE The Main Ingredient (TVG) MTV Raw Mariah Carey. 119802 NICK Little Bear 894994 SCI-H Beyond Reality (TVPG) SHOW Movie "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" (1973) 42410517(12:25) TBS Flintstones (TVG) (12:05) TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) TMC Movie "The Run of the . Country" (1995) 1020888 TNN Crook & Chase (TVGI 688178 USA Movie "Nobody's Children" (1994) (2 hr. 329265 VHITheRuPaul Show Michael Jai White, Deborah Cox. 837517 WGNWiseguy 12:30 p.m. B KCBS The Bold and the Beautiful TV1413401 ED KTTV Andy Griffith (TVG) EB KWHY Business News; Show Biz Report (12:50) 24 KVCR Western Tradition B0 KCET Mister Rogers 92197 BO KOCE Victory Garden BO KLCS Newton's Apple E9 KRCA Information Station AMC Movie "Posse From Hell" (19611(1 hr. 30 min.) 391710 BRVO Movie "Waterland" (1992)11 hr. 45 min.) 2699975 COM Tracey Ullman (TVPG) DISN Winnie the Pooh (TVY) E! Behind the Scenes UFE Handmade by Design (TVGI MTV MTV Sports (TVG) NICK Blue's Clues SCI-H The Odyssey (TVG) TBS Flintstones (TVGI (12:35) TLC A Wedding Story (TVG) VH1 Pop Up Video 1:00 p.m. B KCBS As the World Turns (TV14) 41284 D KNBC 36 KMIR Days of Our Lives (TV14) 36352 B KTLA Brady Bunch M KABC 3 KEYT 42 KESQ One life to Live (TVPGI 83284 BKCAL The People's Court EO KTTV Happy Days (TVG) EE) KCOP Ricki Lake (TVPG) 58401 55 KWHY NewsClosing Bell Report 24 KVCR Western Tradition BO KCET Reading Rainbow (TVY) 92772 EQ KMEX Sol de Tentadon (Tvl 4) 1 8604 EH KTBN John Hagee BD KOCE Peggy Harris' Paintable Kingdom BO KDOC Gunsmoke (TVPG) BO KLCS Reading Rainbow 57062 G9 KRCA Yes, Sir 63 KADY Masters of Illusion i(TW3) 81 739 A&E The Cosby Mysteries (TVG) CMAX Movie "Big Bully" (1996) (1 hr. 31 mm.) 594642 CNBC Market Wrap CNN Inside Politics 565492 COM The Daily Show (TVPG) 4271064 DSC Home Matters (TVGI 519791 DISN Jungle Cubs (TVY) E! Melrose Place ESPN Sports Baseball Giants at Florida Marlins 529420 FAM Home and Family 971642 FSW Sports Tennis Compaq Grand Slam Cup, Second Semifinal. 76246 FXSupercollectors(TVG) UFE Supermarket Sweep (TVG) MTV The Pinfield Suite (TVPG) NICK Papa Beaver's Storytime 426642 SCI-H Land of the Giants (TVG) TBS Super Looney Tunes (TVG) 9660197(1:051 TLC Great Country Inns (TVG) TNN Dallas (TVPG) TNT Lonesome Dove: The Outlaw Years (TVPG) VH1 New Videos WGN Beverly Hills, 90210 (TVPG) 1:30 p.m. B KTLA Brady Bunch ED KTTV Happy Days (TVGI Efi KSCI Tea Time (Mandarin) 60492 59 KWHY Market Wrap-Up; Chart Watch (1:45) 24 KVCR Time to Grow BDKCCT The Mage School Bus (TVY) 91468 EH KTBN Rod Parsley BD KOCE Jancis Robinson's Wine Course BO KLCS Return to the Magic Library; Animal Families (1:45) BET Rap City CNN EarlyPrime COM Dr. Katz (TVPGI DISN Tale Spin (TVY) ESPN2 Strongest Man Competition FX Pet Department (TVG) HBO Movie "Groundhog Day" (19931(1 hr. 41 min.) 7454307 LIFE Debt (TVGI NICK Rupert 528449 TBS California Dreams (TVG) 7654449(1:35) TLC INNtimate Escapes (TVG) TMC Movie "Little Shop of Horrors" (1986) 57164888 (1:55) 2:00 p.m. B KCBS Martha Stewart Living Honey cake; potato stamp;. 41 78 D KNBC 36 KMIR Sunset Beach (TV14I 94739 B KTLA Tiny Toon Adventures (TVY) 7420 U KABC i 3 KEYT 42 KESQ General Hospital (TVPG) 12159 BKCAL News ED KTTV Bobby's World (TVY) 7062 EE) KCOP Jenny Jones (TVPG) 30826 DO KSCI Panda TV Drama 55 KWHY You're on the Line 59710 24 KVCR Time to Grow BO KCET Crossroads Cafe EH KTBN Praise the Lord BD KOCE Sew Creative B3KVEALaHoraLunatica41536 BO KDOC Bonanza (TVG) BO KLCS Read, Write and Research m KRCA Yes, Sir AMC Movie "The Big Trail" (1930) 12 hr.) 563474 A&E Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer BRVO Movie "After the Rehearsal" (1984) 54780642 (2:15) COM Soap (TVPG) DSC Lynette Jennings Housesmart (TVG) DISN Donald's Quack Attack (TVY) E! Uncut Whoopi Goldberg. B98468 ESPN2 Karate FSW2 Film Feature FX Hart to Hart (TVPG) HIST The Real West (TVG) UFE Movie "Beverly Hills Madam" (1986)12 hr.) 346807 MTV M2 on MTV (TVPG) NICK Inspector Gadget 662979 SCI-H Six Million Dollar Man (TVG) TBS Saved by the Bell 2:05) TLC Work in Progress (TVG) TNN Wildhorse Saloon (TVG) TNT In the Heat of the Night (TVPG) USA Movie "Abducted" 11986) (2 hr.) 279536 VH1 Greatest Hits of Music Video WGN Family Matters (TVGI 2:30 p.m. B KCBS Gayle King (TVG) Household tips. 23 B KTLA Captain Planet (TVY) 1333 ED KTTV Casper (TVY) !24i KVCR Sesame Street 939352 BO KCET Introductory Geology BD KOCE Perfect Palette BO KLCS Musical Encounter 1631 KADY 101 Dalmatians: The Series 8826 CMAX Movie "Ghost" (1990) (2 hr. 7 min.) 85575913 CNN Showbiz Today 819178 COM Whose line Is It Anyway? (TVPG) DISN Chip N Dale's Rescue Rangers (TVY) El Model NICK Tiny Toon Adventures 757739 SHOW Movie "Airplane!" (1980)(1 hr. 28 min.) 9289772 TBS Saved by the Bell (2:35) WGN California Dreams (TVG) 343468 3:00 p.m. B KCBS Geraldo Rivera (TVPG) Breaking news. 4772 D KNBC 13 KEYT 36 KMIR Rosie O'Donnell(TVG) Elton John. 9468 B KTLA Bugs 'n' Daffy (TVY) 6555 B KABC 42 KESQ Oprah Winfrey (TVPG) 76420 BKCAL Judge Judy (TVG) ED KTTV Spider-Man (TVY) 6197 EE) KCOP Breaker High (TVG) 6975 55 KWHY Cine B0KCETNewsHour21536 EQ KMEX Los HijosdeNadie (TVPG) 72642 BO KOCE Sewing Connection EB KVEA Ely Ella 85710 BO KDOC Wild, Wild West BO KLCS The Now and Future Parent GB KRCA News Magazine 63 KADY Quack Pack 2913 A&E Quincy (TVG) CNBC Bull Session 17371 CNNWorldView COM Saturday Night Live (TV14) CSPN House of Representatives 332951 DSC Interior Motives (TVG) DISN Tale Spin (TVY) E! News Daily ESPN2 Spanish Ffy FAM New Shop 'Til You Drop (TVG) FSW NHL Cool Shots FSW2 Quest for Speed FXVegaS(TVPG) HBO Movie "Can't Buy Me Love" (1987) 43080081 (3:15) HIST The Most Decorated (TVG) MTV MTV Probe (TVPGI NICK Rocko's Modem Life 6697284; All That (3:20) SCI-H Twilight Zone TBS Family Matters (TVG) (3:05) TLC Hometime (TVGI TNN Dukes of Hazzard TNT Kung Fu: Legend Continues (TVPG) WGN Saved by the Bell 3:30 p.m. B KTLA Animaniacs (TVY) 3178 mm iwn. ounn. uie neuyeiiuij 31 33 ED KTTV BeetJeBorgs MetallixfTVY) 7555 ui nuur owuei vaney nign u vu !24 KVCR Arthur 94371 Plil KOCF The Hnnnahiin Huh 7Q77RI; BO KLCS Barney & Friends 47449 eJKAUT Duck lales 3371 . BET 227 BRVO Tony Bennett's New York (TVG) 774028 CNBC Business Tonight DISNGnnfTrnnnlTVYI ESPN2 Sports Auto Racing Barber Dodge Pro Series. 1448710 FAM Shnnninn Snree ITVfil FSW Fox Sports News tym thampionship Showdown NICK flnim W WII TBS Family Matters (TVG) (3:35) IU, Hometime 1 1 VU) TMC Movie "Nosferatu the Vammre" 119791 5579975 WGN Saved by the Bell 4:00 p.m. B KCBS Inside Edition 75 i3 KEYTRoseanne n KNBC News 11 KTLA Pinky & the Brain (TVY) 5913 H KABC News LlKPAl rWkTaloc 1QCU EDl(TWftMRanpTurtB(TVY)6fJ62 EE) KCOP Montel Williams (TVPG) Psychic. 60807 CD KSCI Harvest Time Please see TV LOG, F14 Prime-Time TV Rankings National Nielsen Viewership Here ere the rankings for national prime-time network television last week (Sept. 22-28) as compiled by Nielsen Media Research. They are based on the average number of people who watched a program from start to finish. Nielsen estimates that there are 254 million potential U.S. viewers age 2 and older. Viewership Is listed here in millions. Net- Hew- Program Vlaw- 1. ER NBC 42.71 2. Seinfeld NBC 37.78 3. Veronica's Closet NBC 35.07 4. Friends NBC 29.43 5. Home Improvement ABC 26.06 6. Union Square NBC 25.55 7. Mad About You NBC 24.63 8. Touched by an Angel CBS 22.97 9. Frasier NBC 21.54 10. Mon. Night Football ABC 20.96 11. Hon Improvement (8:30p.m.) A8C 20.70 "CMAAwaras" CBS 20.70 13. "Bartura MandreT CBS 19.90 14. Dateline NBC (Tus.) NSC 18.04 15. Canine m the CRy NBC 17.98 16. Le Order NBC 17.58 17. GO Minutes CBS 17.47 18. Just Snoot Me NBC 17.35 19. HWerandDHIer ABC 17.29 20. Promised Land CBS 16.97 21. NemRado NBC 16.69 22. Brooklyn South CBS 16.67 23. Wonderful World of Disney ABC 16.42 24. 3rd Rock From the Sun NBC 16.37 25. Oharma and Greg ABC 16.09 26. NngoftheHW FOX 15.81 '27. "NFL Monday Showcase" ABC 15.58 2a Early Edition CBS 15.52 29. Waker, Texas Ranger CBS 15.49 30. The Draw Carey Show ABC 15.20 31. "Cloned" NBC 15.13 32. Diagnosis Murder CBS 15.11 33. The Simpsons FOX 14.86 34. Cosby CBS 14.40 35. Dateline NBC (Mon.) NBC 14.36 36. 2020 ABC 14.08 37. The Drew Carey Show (Tue.) ABC 13.91 38. The Naked Truth NBC 13.78 39. VouWWl ABC 13.54 40. Dateline NBC If A) NBC 13.49 41. Teen Angel ABC 13.34 42. "Two Came Back" ABC 13.28 43. Suddenly Susan NBC 13.02 44. Dr. Qumn.Meoldne Woman CBS 12.94 45. DeHaventura CBS 12.75 46. Nash Bridges CBS 12.66 47. Sabrtna, the Teenage Witch ABC 12.64 Everybody loves Raymond CBS 12.64 49. JAG CBS 12.42 50. George i Leo CSS 12.41 51. Michael Hayes ' CSS 12.37 52. SpkiClty ABC 12.35 53. Fired Up NBC 12.33 54. Jenny NBC 12.09 55. Elen ABC 11.99 56. The Practice (Tue.) ABC 11.92 57. FtimeTlmeLlve ABC 11.60 58. "Just Causa" NBC 11.47 59. The X-Files FOX 11.45 60. Beverly Ms, 902 10 FOX 11.28 61. Men Behaving BadN NBC 11.23 62. Cybi CBS 11.12 63. Party o( Five FOX 10.91 64. Dateline NBC (Sun.) NBC 10.75 65. MetssePlac FOX 10.16 66. 2020 (Tlur.) ABC 9.95 67. The Tony Darua Show NBC 9.92 68. Mlsennium FOX 9.87 69. World's FunmesU FOX 9.52 70. Step by Step CBS 9.26 71. 48 Hours CBS 8.92 72. Cops (8:30 p.m.) FOX ' 8.77 71 "Drop Zone" NBC 8.74 74. The Practice ABC 8.73 75. The Gregory Hews Show CBS 8.66 76. AHyMcBeal FOX 8.35 77. C-16 ABC 8.29 7a The Visitor FOX 8.28 79. 413 Nope SL FOX 8.12 80. Famiy Matters CBS 8.07 81. America's Most Wanted FOX 7.82 82. Meego CBS 7.81 83. Cops FOX 7.74 84. Between Brothers FOX 7.72 85. Total Security ABC 7.65 86. IMng Stage FOX 7.61 87. Tknecop ABC 7.60 88. Butt to Last NBC 7.48 89. Cracker ABC 6.60 90. "Sonora: A violent Eden" NBC 6.49 91. Star Trek: Voyager UPN 6.45 92. Nothing Sacred ABC 6.10 93. "Steel Chariots" FOX 5.45 94. The Steve Haivey Show WB 5.14 95. The Wayans Bros. WB 4.91 96. 7th Heaven WB 4.77 97. The Sentinel UPN 4.65 98. Clueless ABC 4.43 99. Butiy, the Vampke Slayer WB 4.42 100. Smart Guy WB 4.40 Moesha UPN 4.40 102. Sister, Sister WB 4.28 103. Meteotait Eddie UPN 4.09 104. In the House UPN 3.82 105. Good News UPN 3.75 106. Sparks UPN 3.63 107. Tom Show WB 3.35 lOa The Parent 'Hood WB 3.12 109. The Jamie Fon Show WB 3.10 110. Hltt UPN 3.07 111. Alright Already WB 2.94 112. Head Over Heels UPN 2.92 113. NIckFreno: Licensed Teacher WB 2.69 114. Unhappily Ever After WB 2.59 Network Averages Here is the number of viewers that each network averaged per hour of prime time, for last week and for the season. Last Week NBC 16.52 Million CBS 15.29 ABC 13.05 FOX 9.29 UPN 4.36 WB 3.92 Season to Date NBC 16.52 Million CBS 15.29 ABC 13.05 FOX 9.29 UPN 4.36 WB 3.92 Southland Viewing Here are Nielsen's Top 10 prime-time programs In the Los Angeles area during the same week. The rankings are based on the number of households watching. It Home- Profram Ho holes 1. ER KNBC 1,438,250 2. SeMHd KNBC 1,260,322 3. Friends KNBC 1,131319 4. Veronica's Closet KNBC 1.072,509 5. Union Square KNBC 944,006 6. Mad About you KNBC 894,582 7. Home Improvement KABC 815,503 a Frasier KNBC 810.560 9. Law t Order KNBC 775,963 10. Home Improvement (Tue.) KABC 696,884 Just Shoot Me KNBC 696,884 60 Minutes KCBS 696,884 SEASON Continued from Fl program's premiere. In contrast to ABC, which introduced 11 new series in September and moved several other shows to new time periods, Fox seemed to benefit by largely standing pat, scheduling just four new programs to avoid the new -season crush and returning most shows in the same time slot. "Time is precious to viewers," said Giles Lundberg, Fox's senior vice president of research and marketing. "To carve out another 30 minutes or 60 minutes for a new television program, it's really got to be worth their while." From a scheduling standpoint, all the networks have immediate trouble spots to consider including NBC, which may have spread its comedy troops too thin. NBC had cause for enthusiasm regarding the performance of such shows as "Caroline in the City" and "Suddenly Susan" Sept. 20, as well as "3rd Rock From the Sun," which moved to Wednesday and nearly equaled the audience for ABC's "The Drew Carey Show." This week NBC's Monday lineup RADIO TIPS FOR TOUT I iJL tat-Mriii licrtm Mettle: Group tuna performs live, (11:15 a.m.-noon), KCRW-FM (89.9). 10 10:30 UL-Storytlan neater: "The Ugly Duckling," read by Cher, KPLS (830). 5-7 i.e.-lirry Maitli'i WrtiU: "The Fate of America's Big Cities" (5-5:30 p.m.), "The Emotional World of Dogs" (5:30-6 p.m.), "Mars Global Surveyor" (6-6:30 p.m.), KPCC-FM (89.3). 11-11:30 l.e.-Cytic'i CMci: "Benny Hill," KYPA (1230). IRJUU-COMEOTrUIIlT NooH i.a-Tke tig ttiw, music, games, stories for children, KPLS (830). 1-9:30 ., 2-2:30 ul-TIm UvNtirat if PWIfp Mar- lm: "The Hairpin Turn," KNX (1070). t30-10 IK 2:30-3 ul-TIn lm lager: Outlaws capture Tonto (John Todd) to set a trap for the Lone Ranger (Brace Beemer), KNX (1070). MUSIC: CUSSICAl 10:45 iL-itii-Masterplici if til Oar Mozart (Piano Concerto No. 27, Alicia de Larrocha, English Chamber Orchestra), KKGO-FM (105.1). 1-10 pAntJti CNctrt: Sibelius (1st Symphony, Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra), Tchaikovsky ("Romeo and Juliet," Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra), KKGO-FM (105.1). MUSIC: POP C00NT8T FOU 1AZZ I0CK RU 10ut-llta-CMli1il. KPFK-FM (90.7). KtN 1 ia-OW SctMi iMd lev, urban oldies, KKBT-FM (92.3). Nom-1 AN liqiist iMCitiM Jm, oldies, KRLA (1110). l-ISi.a.-Mitrieesl KCRW-FM (89.9). I- ID IJL-Patderi's Mask In, KPFK-FM (90.7). 10 pjt-eidHkt-lriw New WerM, KCRW-FM (89.9). 11:30 e.a-idilht-frM imkJm . . . WitJ Mask: "Chess," KYPA (1230). Mididgkt-SaA-Skertwm, KCRW-FM (89.9). Midwgkt-12:30 UL-Muk Fna 1u Owi lack Tarl, KROQ-FM (106.7). SPORTS Spirts lepotit 15 and 45 minutes past the hour, KFWB (980), KNX (1070). 51 IA-TW ll Stow, KIIS (1150). I ul-I lAaMw Spirts lata, MIS (1150). 1-JpjL-rletjtlrick, KIIS(1150). 3- SML-tatiM.KIIS (1150). 4- 1 ijl Meckf: Kings at Pittsburgh Penguins, XTRA (690). S I PJL-Me McDieMl, KIIS (1150). M pjL-Spertl Tat, KABC (790). I L-wdaiilrt Sperts Cats, KIIS (1150). I lA-BiMikt-Stm Tiager. KPLS (830). 11 ijl-I UL-ferral sj tto letck, KISX-FM (97.1). TAXK. WTERVirW 3-11 la-DiwirfSttra, KLSX-FM (97.1). 431 1 UL-frnt Pagi, KJIH-FM (102.3). 51 UL-MitTVi stl Ttfei. KABC (790). 5- llJL-MIMt!, KFI (640). M UL-m tM Mmhg, KLAC (570). I-II Lav-Mart ml kirn, KL0S-FM (95.5). I ll UL-Tat if in City, KPCC FM (89.3). I ul San-la Sweat, KABC (790). a looked shakier, however, as CBS'-comedies rebounded, and NBC stumbled with several new comedies: "The Tony Danza Show" and "Built to Last" ranked fourth in their time slots on Wednesday, while "Men Behaving Badly" and "Jenny," starring MTV's Jenny McCarthy, looked equally vulnerable on Sunday. NBC's position as the top-rated network nevertheless appears to be in scant jeopardy, if only by default. Neither CBS nor ABC has caught fire early with new shows, and NBC will pad its season-long average by televising the Super Bowl and World Series perennially two of the year's highest-rated sports events. Coming off a disappointing year, ABC can probably rule out a rapid turnaround based on its initial results. The network still faces problems Thursday and Saturday nights, where it has introduced four new series, and faces a stiff challenge from NBC on Tuesdays, where ABC's "Hiller and Dill-er" a new comedy that occupies the key half-hour following "Home Improvement" didn't fare particularly well last week. ABC did see some growth in its Sunday performance from last year with "The Wonderful World of Disney" launch, the hit movie "Toy Story." Still, the overall rating came in short of expectations, and ABC won't have titles of that caliber to offer every week. The franchise will be watched closely, given its importance to Disney as the most overt manifestation of its role as ABC's corporate parent. CBS remains strong Saturday and Sunday behind such shows as "Walker, Texas Ranger," "60 Minutes" and "Touched by an Angel." The network even held its own . Thursday, providing an alternative to NBC's "Must-See TV" shows-with the Gerald McRaney drama "Promised Land" (which scored its. highest rating ever last week) and-. "Diagnosis Murder." j ' The network's biggest gamble,-however acquiring the ABC; shows "Family Matters" and "Step by Step" looks to have misfired, with few of the children and teenagers who favor those programs finding them on CBS' older-skew-, ing lineup. Last Friday, three times as many kids watched ABC's "Sa-, brina, the Teenage Witch" as "Family Matters," and totals, among teenagers were even more lopsided. From a financial standpoint, CBS also has to grapple at some point with the fact that its programs don't do as well in the younger age brackets sought by advertisers,, which most directly determine' prime-time profitability. : The next few weeks could pro-1 vide a window of opportunity for" ABC and CBS, with NBC and Fox each preempting regular program--ming certain nights to televise the Major League Baseball playoffs.1 Baseball principally appeals to men; and doesn't usually peak ratings-' wise until well into the League; Championship Series, with the-World Series to begin Oct. 18. Various forces are conspiring toi whittle away at the network audi-' ence, including cable and the, fledgling WB and UPN networks.-The WB scored record ratings. Monday with "Buffy the Vampire. Slayer," which lived up to its name, by actually winning its time period in Los Angeles on KTLA-TV, Channel 5. UPN remains a factor Wednesdays thanks to "Star Trek: Voyager" still the highest-rated program on either new network. ' Meet at a book signing of Even The Stars Look Lonesome on EDjODDD Advertisement paid for by Random House.

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