The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 17, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 17, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, Al'IML 17, 1!M7 Co-operatives Cause Uneasiness Rapid Growth in U. S. Under Fire Of Businessmen F..V K. JIUUTOX III-'ATJ! N1IA Hl-.iff Correspondent N_KW VOHK (Kj:-\)-Thc iion- •HpiultU silr ciuTieis, uncrating -.111 .tviTiiBe of IAVU pluncs c:u-li, liiul iH'C'ii i:;iyjiiK more ttuui 33 rails n gallon for 9!-cieltiuc linsolinp. Merhiini-Hl '.voik on their cratl had been cosiinj; S3 an lioiir. and cv- in proportion. I The other day G4 of tiioin got together an ( | formed a corporation to cto thoir Imyinf;. Now they (jot, gasoline for less than 15 cents, mQ- rtianij'iil work for $2.:'f> an hour. :i»<! oilier stippii'i's al wholesale COSV. i Tliiil is an excellent illnstra-' lion of liow the? CD-o|;er;i.tive move-' intnt, wliifii is under attack in .some quarters, work;;. 1 To Mime tlit~ tf-riu "Co-ep" sug-' K^ts lh<? fnrwrrs' buying ^o-oper- alives through whU-h Ihey Bet Ki'niii. seen, lr-rti!:-x?r. Kasolino, loals and siipj-'lie:.. To others it means nuirkrtirit; c-o-o;^v-,Uivrs, or which the Culifulnbi Fruit Growers and tlieiv "Suiikisl" braml ate Viest, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS Sinatra Socks Columnist buyers nr icller s i inu'btjnenl in the held for le- business. The. The mutual ssiviti?,s bank in u'liic'li you [e:'v,, spare money at interest, the mutual life insurance enirpuny in whjrli you have a iwlicy. (lie c.-cdil union to which you b^lon-i, all are co-operativejs. Mtive;n:'nl Spreaels j flu! the mejve:nent has- mu^Ii wider sec-jit than (hat. and is swp.-idiiig every year into net-'.v fields. ift farmer livin!; near Elk City. Ckla.. had h:'; SHU'S r.jjpeiicMx re- dfteivixl. The boy was in a hospit.-.l W.ifc duys. Tin- falher paid S2'ib in^ll. Then lie joincel the cooperative Elk City Comnum.ty Hospital. He- had tci buy one SOO shnre, [inrl for ji family of !|ur he 7/.\'.,.i f2") a year (hies, when his daughter needed an appcn- decUm'.y he lo&'s her there. She spent ten ,iays in the hospital, and the total bill \va s S-!2. Tlio comparative mcvciuent ical- ly )Ki;n\ In IS-J4, when 28 jolilew Nutional Tax believes ilicso .vhoii'et be t-.iwt!. 'I'he Cturts «iy they should no'., i man luuks. The 13 li.uu'.s Or i Co-opi-rallves lend ui four ;)i'r I eeat. mi tei 00 I'.er cent or vulue, j lor the ,iu cliu>\> of fa.i itie.s. Tliey j lend at ^ 1-2 ner e.uit tor oja'i 1 I atinjj capila], ;in,| til 1 1-2 per I cent for commodity loans. Hut, ithe co-ti>i s iv, th, y p.ot ii lar;iJ share e>f their n:om\v /ro.u pri- I vale bunks on b.'tter terms thuu the' f:e>,eTiKi!e-nC [.r.uiis. Anel pri- vale b'.isinc'SM's i-.ei HI C loans. •1. Co-ep; (.'.-t rose-uri'li, service anei celu,M!ii:n;il from IToveMimont d.'partirents. To which their lrii-nei-i releirt by eallln.', attenlion to in I'll IX .snb.iielics, re- ^eurcli and ediie-aieuial weJik done V.v BiTV.'i'iiiiti'iil K"in(s. An-i prlvuU 1 UHSSIH-!-.«-S cet liPo loans. 4. C'o-ojjs KOI. ivsenr.'h. servic;' uovernuiem tl •p:ir;'reins. To wlileh tl\eiv trie-nils vctr.rt ; y caVan^, H'.- lenticn lo tariffs. .siiL-sidlcs." re- by i,-e,'V<T.'inien! aiu'iu Ics |or the iKM'.clit of u'.iy h'isiner>s. 5. Od-np stevl: H exempt fro n .Se-c-ji'ities ;en^ lx-h;ui\lo vt",',\lti- tinns. They aiv ne;l subject la iinti-trust li!\-.-:i. Tlu'se liotii suv tme. Simv Hie c)-'.p,- devil ullllO'it i"c'tisi-e'y with ilii-h- <nvn mem- liei'.s, ll.'eir frirndr, enieslion how Wholesale Food Prices Decline For Third Week Wholesale tJo<r i j. J )i'Ts"lo"'llH. U w.V.< ! , )VU> rt «»» l> s »'<- >r « ""led In ""I'M AP.11 15 dedinel for the * h <; a ' r f' "»ms bellies. liu-,1. thud ™, ls ,a,Uve week, uim ft ^ IUM '' , c! "'™'; <' <:r f e <\ «"">»«-'<•" ; |! IL. ^OL-O;I. p>l:Uoos. tile.-rti, IIOK.S, Jlnu!.sli-ci't, Inc., reported ycslcr- i il«y. j The ntii-ncy's Index [or 31 basic loou:: in general use, lor the Idlest, week, droi-pL'd lo $'J.'.M ironi $3.41 | hi the p c.Tdlnn week niuld $12 i In the I'orre.spondiiij; 1C4U period. i I'ri.e (ki'llnes were nolcd In PAGE THIRTEEN , . ., , Inmbs inul bcel, wlillo Hour, outs, barley and euij.s lulrniK'cd. Lee Mortimer, left, a New York columnist, makes a report to i Sheriff R. l. Wright in Hollywood (ollowl;ii> his !ii;lit with Sinatra. He said, "I was hit from behind." iNKA Tele-photo.) and started the first si:c:essful «O]> store. i U has spread now until last year it did more than n billion-' dollar business in .this country alone. Tl-.e latest figures available. Irom the Bureau of La';ov Statistics, estimate that in 1945 there were 27,120 ronsiuncr co-ops, with more than 19 million members. There are co-op; that run slorcr,, restaurants, recreational faciiiticr., hospiUUs. Tli«r:e. -,\re co-ops thai mine and se'i coal, refine atid sell gAsoUric, uyako -,uuV sell ;iv,\Uj- pvo- (Hic'.s. There are co-cp tanks, in- sunxue^ comi:^uies. credit institutions, pti':li^ nti'ities. There ar. ¥ f'-op-s that market cotton, \vocil. tcb^o, honey, .primes, win?, m'lsn- joy™. mils, vcv^etabie.s. beef, poultry, elairy ]>'Ochl-tS, grain. There are housing co-cpj and radio co- cps. Home are small, but others blanket Ihcir fic'.el: Almost all eran- ijcrrecs. ?0 per cent of all lemons, a third oi all daily p oclncls, 1-or- tuna Magizinc estimates, are l-.and- led by c-o-^ps, tljf;u»h \-ou and your Iriciuls buy tiicm from pri- \'ate-owncd stores. These operations explain why the co-upeiaUve movement has conic under heavy fire bv : Lu^iness interests that fell they are l;e /i deprived of c-tistomcrs and revenue. Critics Get iJusy- M.wl criticisms seem lo boil clown to these: 1. The co-op movement is lend- in-,; toward social am. To this co- dlieraliiYS point, to the very small } 1 .ro;,ovtiou e>f most Imsiness thai they elo, and contend that, any Ei'imp lia-s a riKht to ;;<:(, togctlnr anei do things for itself. 2. Tl'.c cei-cp lucvomcnt. K sivisn unfair assistance through tax ex- ijtvy.ions. The fact is that eo- i^.-ratii-cs nre subject to eveiy- tax iirposed CJM any cjriioratici. or b;:;;ir.cis. in simiiar fields, except, the cSJjfi> iitc inco.TC tax. Their exemption Iroin this' is shared by evcty individually o'.vned btisine::a and every partnership. The "dividends" tlttit they piv are taxed, or not, according to the same rules as lor n priva'.ely- owncU business. If "dividends" a:c in fact price ills on Bocds ptir- chnsed, they are not ta>;cd. Neilh-;r are trade discounts given by private sellers, or the "dividends" given by some department stores which are actually percentage refunds on the cost of the year's purchases . 1 But "dividends" thai arc really genuine dividends on I sink of co-operatives. The profoit made )>;- co-opee-.i- tivc-s on sales to non-members ii subject lo lax. just, like the profij made by stores on sales lo cus-t tomers. 1'rofits -He-imesleel The meal of genuine- coiilraver- sy is "savings" or "prolit" whi.h instead of b;eng rtlstributcrt U't Us IU->;> You— STOl' nuiNKING 'There is no medical remedy lor drink . , . uut we call help you resist its iniluencc! No cost to yon —only ro-opcrutlon. JUST CUN'I'AC'I' Alcohoiics Anonymous I'.ox «?:i— Hljlhevllle, Arlc. TiRES on EASY TERMS Como in, buy ono I wo or a set oi Iliono lamous long wearing Gooclyocirs. Opening a budget account with us is simple, no rod tcipo. Easy t^rms ciro available on most overylhmg in tlio storo so ... COME IN! SHOP OFTEN! LOW DOWN PAYMENT e PAY AS YOU RIDE SAVE MONEYI MONEY AT ROCK BOTTOM RATES For Ofd Debls Home Repairs Doctor's Bills Taxes You Nome I! OENERAI. CttMTHACT PUSJCHASE' SERVICE STORE A fn./Mt c( .\rmiur ,lnj Coai[',iny -but now there! No wonder CHIFFON is preferred! Here's why it's the soap you've always wanted: •• Chiffon is GENTLE with your most delicate fabrics, SAFE with colors'. Your lovely . things last longer, look tlicir iicst — with gentle Cbiffia cute. Colors w»kc up and sing! Everything washable js safe in Chiffon; Chiffon makes dishes shine and glassware glisten! Dishes, glasses come clean f«i i n ChitTon's instant suJs. They thine with lots less |>olis!]ing-so natu. tally you're out of the kitchen . much qukker, k . >1> _. t ~~' *$• Chiffon is mild as a lotion on your bands 1 . V'vcn u-iih Jishes to \vash three limes 3 clay — Chiffon keeps >onr hands sofc and lovely. Chiflbn is nu!>t because it's a//fare:iMi>.' IS'o puccf soap was ever made, . - I f S Ijl ^^ , -'-,here for you! A favoritG overnight in YORK, BOSTON, crncf wherever it's been introduced! Housewives can tell a winner the minute ibcy try it. That's why ChifToii So.ip Flakes became ibcir favorite almost overnight. liven in new stores wlierc m.iny old favorite brands were in stock— CHIFFON outsold diem all! fH$t&ft Right now your grocer lias Chiffon. Tlic very same soap that develops instant stuis ... washes faster, whiter, better . . . kx-c-ps hands soft and smooth! ft Get Chiffon Flakes today—and sec for yourself why no other wajj tier won so many friends so fast! \ •urn s^pms ever fflmlel -.AMKftALjejijia,^ 3 ' ._ __ ^_ . ... CERTIFIED Grade 'A' D. & P. L. No. 14 C'k-nned Treated — New Sacks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED * SUPPLY ROSELAND GIN CO. Roscland, Ark. "For Work Done Itifjht" •''•"' •'*' CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for Furs and Woolens NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 "The Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ T««r Source' of Kfptndafclr Hervli I'KTROl-RUM PRODUCTS KR \ NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC All ilublai-ft lo the cslalc of Hi-. C, C. Slovens may,: pny llicir uccounts at llubbiivd Vuriiiturc Comp«ny . . . bonks will he liukl open Uiorc until it ll accoiuits -. arc cloarctl. 1'lease pay promptly, as wu would lik« to sutllu estttti! as -soon as possible. Mrs. C. C. Stevens ^.«i>.,»..«.>,.»..»..«..», :«,.»:y>::«:x>:>:x'«:x>:>:x>;:«:>:>:>:x>:>:>:y>:xxxx>:xyxi»:>:!*::i SIMPSON'S STATE LINE CAFE Under M/uia^i'mi'tit of Stiinjcy Keller Curb Service !— Open 24 Hours Fresh Seafood •, • Steaks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-que Hot Biscuits Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR WITH QUALITY GAS — WHILE YOU EAT! *1 1 • • GET THESE AIDS TO TRUCK PERFORMANCE SPEEDS LOAD |HANDLING >. „,.•< £ Ofttn mak««1t poiilbU for ont* 1 'vidH char ft t' food onrf unfootfwhtr* two woulj | . * • * ' Actual actldtnt «xptr!enc« hat prflvtd the tvfuy f*a(utci of fhei* WoVproof and .pillproof rantc». Ex* ltn»Tv*ty gitd by torg* ftttli, , VS« hove tho t"/pc of danger j*$ that wiM best \cive you* Ofxrn Cert tio purchaied indEviduqlty « DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863

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