Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on August 30, 1983 · Page 11
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 11

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 30, 1983
Page 11
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TV-AMUSEMENTS Tuesday, August 30, 1983 Albuquerque Journal Page 11, Section A TV Rating Services Differ on Who's Gaining Today's Crossword Puzzle KOAT- I V Channel 7 continues to be Albuquerque's most-watched station, both for news and for prime-time programs, according to the just-released ratings figures for July. However, one of the services shows the station's newscasts losing viewers, while the other finds that they are gaining viewers. And KOB general manager Max Sklower questions whether either set of figures is really accurate. Let's start with Arbitron. The 10 p.m. news ratings showed Channel 7 w ith a 37 share, compared to a 44 share in May. (A 37 share means that 37 percent of the people watching TV at 10 p.m. were watching Channel 7.) KOB had a 24 share (compared to 23 in May), while KGGM had a 10 (the same as in May). At 6 p.m., Arbitron shows KOAT down from a 37 share in May to a 30 share in July, with KOB up slightly from a 24 to a 26 share. (KGGM's now-defunct 6 p.m. "Stopwatch" program had an 8 share in July. It has since been replaced by an expanded early evening newscast.) The Nielsen figures show quite a different trend, according to that service, Channel " is up both at 6 p.m. (from 29 in May to 3 in July) and at 10 p.m. (from 34 in May to 35 in July). Nielsen, like Arbitron, shows Channel 4 holding relatively steady a 24 share at 6 p.m. (the same as in May) and a 24 share at 10 p.m. compared to a 26 in May. It shows KGGM remaining anemic with an 8 share. Channel 7 remains in first place overall in prime time (from 7-10 p.m.), but both services show a closer race than the May numbers indicated. According to Arbitron, the ABC affiliate has a 23 share in prime time, down from its 27 share in May. KOB-TV, Channel 4, remains in second place with a 21 share, compared to a 24 share in May. KGGM-TV, Channel 13, had a 20 share, compared to a 22 in May. KNME Jeane Dixon's Horoscope Tom Jacobs TVRadio Writer Channel 5 and KGSW Channel 14 each averaged a 3 share for prime time, while KNAT Channel 23 had a 3 Nielsen shows that Channel " had a 23 share, down from 25 in May. KOB had a 20, down from 23 in May, KGGM had a 20, identical to May. KNME. KGSW and KNAT each averaged a 6 share for the prime-time hours (Mon.-Sat 7-10 p.m. and Sunday, 6-10 pm.) Not surprisingly, both KOAT and KOB chose to play up the figures that make their stations look best Channel 4 emphasized the Arbitron ratings, with promotion manager Pan Klintworth saying they show "We are holding our own, but they (Channel 7) are losing viewers " KOAT's Max Sklower expressed suspicion of the Arbitron figures, however, saying that the ratings service based its figures on an unusually small number of households In fact, he is unsure of the accuracy of either set of figures, saying "the sample sizes are too low in both of them " He added that even if his station has lost viewers at 10 p.m., that is due in part to the fact that, nationally. ABC's prime time ratings this summer have been dow n That being the case. "We came out better than I had hoped for," he said "Thicke- of the Night." the new talkvanetv hiw starring Canadian talk show host Alan Thicke, will be seen in most markets opposite Johnny Carson's "Tonight Show " Industry observers are calling the Thicke program the most serious challenge in years to Carson's dominance of the Lite night time period In Albuquerque, however. Thicke will be seen (beginning Monday night) from s to 10 30 pm on Channel 23 The Carson show, of course, comes on at 10 30 on Channel 4 Since Channel 23 is "ow ned in part bv Johnny Carson, the obvious question is whether the Thicke show has been programmed earlier to avoid a head to-head match up According to KNAT Station Manager Bob Brewer, the answer is no He said Carson has not interfered m the station's program ming, and added that the Thicke program is being scheduled for v pm " we think it'll work there " - ' Brewer feels the whole "Thicke vs Carson" controversy is overblown He believes that Thicke will attract a younger, "hipper" v lewers than Carson, and finds it unlikclv that the Canadian would steal many "Tonight Show" viewers "We think it's going to be the type of show that creates an audience." he said Besides "Thicke of the Night." KNAT s fall week day schedule will consist of -police Woman" with Angle Dickinson at 5 p m . "Alice" at 6. 'Taxi" at n 30, "Hawaii Kive-O" at "Oumcy " at S. Benin Hill" at 10 30 and mo ies at 11 Canceled 'Cajinev & Lacev' Mav Get New Life as loie YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY: Dynamic action in October and November will propel you up the career ladder Cultivate talented associates and you could put together a championship team. Romance deserves a second chance. Travel draws you and mate closer together. Take a latecomer under your wing. You will be glad later on. ARIES (March 21.-April 19): A gift from an admirer starts your day on a happy note. Your reluctance to participate in a project could be interpreted as disinterest. Explain your reasons. ! TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Throw out all the rules and pursue the job you want. A financial windfall is possible. Use it to buy greater peace of mind. '. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): You have to juggle several projects at once today. Ignore the criticism of someone who only wants to upset you. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Strike a better balance between work and play. Be assertive in everything you do. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): You feel left out. Get busy and new friends will appear. Ixived one's resistance to a pet project fades away VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Cut of f a noncommitted business partner and strike out on your own Itbor troubles could be nearing a happy conclusion LIBRA (Sept 23 Oct 22): The financial picture is shaky. Postpone making loans Tone down differ ences of opinion with a difficult co-worker SCORPIO (Oct. 23 Nov 21) A work overload saps your energies. Make a legitimate complaint to the powers that be. Work on your own and you will make faster progress SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 Dec 21): Write letters asking for advice A former employer could make you a very attractive job offer CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19): Money could be at the root of your problems Review recent expenditures before revising the fa nr. I y budget Emphasize long-range goals AQUARIUS (Jan 20 Feb 18 ): Exotic religions or philosophies charm you now. An improvement m job performance will put you in line for a raise PISCES (Feb 19 March 20) Trust your instincts. Stay alert when discussing the pros and cons of various financial proposals. Steer clear of someone who wants you to make a long term commitment Knight-Kidder Newspapers CBS may have canceled "C'agnev ,v I.iccv. but Barney Rosenzweig, executive producer of the canceled female detective series hasn't thrown his hand Kosenweig hopes to produce "Cagnev - I-icev The Movie." based on a script that the network vetoed hist season for being, in his words, "too political and too violent " According to Kosenweig. the theme of the episode, based on a Hue storv, was later covered in a M) Minutes' segment "Arthur Krnn. president of ( limn iw tin. h produced "Cagiiey"i called me alxiui a month ago and said. 'Young man, what are we g mg to do to save that show''"' Rosenzweig said "He's quite a fan We talked about some possible sti itegv "Even as a failure, the series attracted 25 million viewers every week It had a v ry activ e audience, not unlike the audience for Star Trek ! think audience can be counted on to go to a Cagncy & I-aeey' movie." Rosenzweig said his chances of selling Orion, primarily a motion picture production company, on backing the project were "medium " " Television has to put something on the air " he said "Movies don't Thev can be more selective W Today Channels with select programs from Albuquerque and El Paso stations, ail programs listed will not tf shown E after HBO channels indicates eastern scheduling cycle, programs are shown three hours earlier than listed times FOR COMPLETE ALBUQUERQUE AND EL PASO descriptive listings, check the Journal's Entertainer magatine every Friday. O KOB 0 KNME O KOAT KGGM (D KGSW QD KNAT (S K46AM (D KTLA U) WTBS (S) ESPN (U USA iN ARTS U) TMC Th HBO I NBC PBS ABC CBS IND IND SIN IND IND Cable Catxe Cable Cat) CaMe Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque Albuquerque San Antonio LoArtgetes Atlanta Sports Sports Nickelodeon Movie Channel Movie Channel s,tF. 4 5 7 13 12 10 "3 "1 " 8 "' 2 19 '25 24E u Aiamo. 4 5 7 13 6 18 JZ 11 16 10 " 1 21 3E 'bpMM 4 5 7 13 " 10 9 "6 21 ' "" " "2W 'imOuo 6 3 V 6 " "12 3' 1 ' " "'" 3E 700 Today Good Morning Sptderman New Zoo Eduardo Canasco- Movie Synchronized CaNtope Pwwheel Movie Movm Weather Morning News Revue II lendas "The Member Swvnmmg "Witches A 30 " Mister America Popeye Scoooy El Nino Gallery 01 The Brew ' Chattenoe " Rogers " " Ooo De Papal " Wedding" " " " Com d For Room 8' 00 " Poka 125.000 700 The Pasiones 700 Racquet bal Sonya Hood" Dot Door " Pyramid Club Fsntstones Enoandidas Ckib 30 " Lias, Yoga Child's Richard Ves Movie " And You " Play " Smmore " " " Vacant Lot " " "The Secret " 9' 00 Wheel Of Sesame Too Close Donahue Charlie's The Tennis Woman s 01 NIMH" Movie Fortune Street For Comfort " Angels Cattins Hamlel Day .. Smrtmy 30 Dream " Loving " Accent Hoy Leave It People Challenge Coronation And The House " " " " Memo To Beaver Now Cup Street " Bandit" 4 v00 The Facts Mister Family Young And Andy Starsky Leave It Movie Mow 111 Of Lite Rogers Feud The Restless Griffith 4 Hutch To Beaver Ransom" "Shoot XV 30 Search For FJectnc Ryan's Love. Amer 20 Minute Hazel The Moon" Tomorrow Company Hope " Style " " Wortioul " ' " " n00 Days Of High Al My As The Gomer Merv Mundo Richard Movie 'onno Our Lives Feather Children World Pyte Gntfm Utino Simmons Heller US 30 Over Turns AllnThe Rifleman inPw Open Easy " " FamHy " " Tights" " " " Chamoiorv- ft00 Another MacNad One Life News 20 Minute Movie: El Bonanza Hydroplane Ae You Todays Movie tho j 1 world Lehrer To Live Wortout "The Chap!! Racing AnytxxJy? Speoai Moonshine X 30 " Dick Stopwatch INN News C00' Vou Dusty'l County " Cavefl " " " Enamorsila " ' " Magazine Treehouse Eipreee" 1' 00 Fantasy Masterpiece General The Price Movie: Senortta TwHight Funtime Inside Sonya Think Of Theatre Hospital Is Right "Gentleman Andrea Zone Baseball Ned? 30 " "Flame Trees Jim" Twitigh! Heckle S Auto Kids' " OfThika" " " " " " Zone Jackie Racing " Wntes " 200 The Here's To Edge Of Gudlng Wonder Quero Hour The LA Times Alive Advertises 01 Movie Movie Waftons Your Hearth Nighl Light Woman GrtlarTu Magazine Fvitstones Budwener a Wei! Black Beauty Harry'i Looker 30 Oil Movie: Nombre Addams 500 Tomorrow War" " Painting "Jlw " " " " " Farmy " " People " 300 Here's Creative Daughters Eight b Brady BJ- Deiame Big Gomer Agamsl Lucy Woman Of Joshua Enough Bunch Lobo Vrw Valley Pyle TheOdds 30 Tom Electric Cabe" ' MyThree ' Good Livewire Uovia Jerry Company " " Sons " " " News " " " " Barber om 4' 00 CHiPs Sesame Hour Bugs Bunny Charlie's Mundo Staraky I Dream Of Cartoon Uovw Patrol Street " Magazine AndFnends Angeb Latino t Hutch Jeanme Eipreas "Shoot 30 " Happy Days Super- Naaonal Father Spxls- Thmk Of The Moon" " " Again " trends " SIN " Knows Bast Forum " Next? " 00 Barney Bonaventure MAS H CBS News The Buck Soledad Twght Green Sports- Radio Kjds Movie MMer " Munslers Rogers Zone Acres Center 1990 Write 'A 30 NBC News Alfred ABC News News The Chespvito Enter- Basebat Boxing Sports Adventures 0t Challenge Hitchcock " " Jeffersons " lammeel Chicago TopRanli Look Black Beauty " For Room 6' 00 News Restless News Stopwatch The Alice Little Cubs Gymnastics Tomorrow Movn Mood" Sea Jeffersons House Al USAIGC People "The Secret 30 PM Wild Three's Enter- Hogan s Soap Sabor On The Atlanta Woman s Against Of NIMH" Magazine America Company lalnment Heroes " Latino Prame Braves Ffiats TheOdds " 7' (ST The MacNei Happy Waft Movie. Hawaa Wonder "Arts 'The A-Taem Lahrer Days Disney "The Five-0 Woman Playhouse Lorax 30 Business Joarna Hest" GabnelY " 'ALoveaong Movie Movie " Report Loves OhacM " " " Gabnela " " " " For Mas ' Moorarww Looser" 8 00 The Nova Three's Miss Teen Movie 24 Noras Kung Bakards Don Lydia" County Godfather "Whale Company USA " 'Winchester" Fu Drysdale tipnm" 30 The Watch" 9 To 5 Pageant Basabal " " News " Sports Compksti " " " New York " " " " " Lor Vlstonary " 900 Novel For Lifekne Hart To Yankees Movie: Movie SportsCentar Alfred Art In Movie Televtson Hart At "Las Visit- "Stone " NH's Hitchcock The U SX "Smokey 30 Part 3 " Oakland adones Cold, The Greatest " Movie And The " " " " Kt " pel Dead" Callns Moments " Great Poets "The Bandit" s 00 News MattersOf News News Benny Dat)" Movw " Radio Fksndtah I II Lie a Death Hi " "The Woman's i960 PWOf X V30 Tonight Under UXSM People's WM, " Westerner" Balurds Sports Dr Fu 2 Sal " Coar WM " Probe Manchu" 00 PBS ABC News Tennis " Wast Vmt News " Gymnastics " Inssd Lataraght faghtane US Open " " Enamorada Sports- USAlGC The NFL 30 Couples " CBS Movm Dark Movie: Cheacwilo Forum Woman 1 Movie " " "Undercover Shadows "The " " SportsCanler FsvaB "Shoot " 00 David Alfred Oa Years With Movie: vVganan" Saturday Termss TheMoon" I ) Laflerman Hllcheock Detector TheKKK" "TheHom " Nighl Mow Hamlel X w30 CNN News BtowsAt " Sabor "Al The Chaaenge " " Mowr " " MKkwjfit'' " Latino " Way Horns' pa? " " fiartaroaa" A( KUSS 1 lvilk.111 iKitue 3 VnUTII S Sfiivk n IW fonn Lrwvi U JlMII tl KClluT 14 CoilUIHTt Uil metal li IHvsi urcs U I'lty 111 lreixi 15 I'lty 111 Washington '.M l"ti.iron s les- tiiuition 21 Miiut s quest r Ci.i.t 13 1 VI it 1 llliHLh tUIIV t ' M'pl-' !W Sin 1 in 11 1 refrrsltei 31 1 (. i .i!. i: K.itm. tih .I! 1 'itv .:: W is. . t Ls 1 1 ; .It l';tv .V 3Ji Si-ilk- a ii.4h 40 ('(KHiltliKl 43 Cit in Tennessee 47 Citv 111 New Jersei 49 Iviver 111 Kranee S Staple enus i Ihjbdrtiik iT Hru up i3 Ttiniw M Kavonti' io I'M serf IMIWS 1 Ivt-r (,kini ! l"it in IVnn- svlvanui 1 IncaniaUin i( VLshnu 4 Th. Hub" i "An a day " iUx IIWS.S 7 Sm i ( (Vltn 5 A wimian t( fashinri S Tnuaril tin nimith H Vi al qualitv ik;mLs 17 Melt 19 I'.ikle.iwn ;A'?-jV-'N:iVN AL .-BL'i .' 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'N'i (TIMI .V lull) rill'.l'nKMH SKlvKs IJAD Ml, MH K I-'.AICS I'ii. lav 's I rv pt.iip lue K' ( 1 The (Yypl.iqulp is a simple suUstitutimi eiplKT in whleh eiu h letter ,Lssl st-uuts fur aiiuth.-r If .ni Ihmk Llwt X i)u;iLs 11 1! v'.ll eijual 11 llirniiNuit Lhe puvle Sin):!.- letUf s. shurt wnrd.s ..nd ,.nls iMni; an ,ip.istr.phe can ive uu 1 lues te I.K'atu: ..iw.'L' Suliituiii i.s :i. euniplLslied lis Iriai ami errur On Ilriclr By Bobby Wolff M IK t il .1" A A 8 V K .1 in !n ;i S 7 .1 1.1 1! wi si i : a i 41.' OKI, ; .. :. V g n H 4 . , 1 . t : sill Til l!i. ".: Kyi y . 1 : 11 1 n e r a b I Nnit! N.m'h I le.ilei S.h.iIi 1 In IiKIiiiU s..ulh Vim Wih Fjii 3 NT I'jsv '., a penin lour Heart " Kcntlcniitu is ime Mir never hurts anyone's feelings unintentionally Oliver lletfi.rd Smith had nxxl inten tions when he went after his sulid diamonds. He would have enjoyed a lu-t ter result had he cut de fensive communications Dummy's heart 10 won the first trick and South routinely led a diamond West took his ace and shifted to spades, dummy ducking to Kast s queen. A low spade by Fast removed dummy's ace and South could count only eiKht tricks w ithout a club finesse This lost to East s kinR and (Last's spades were Rood enough to not down two. , It's true that South iniht have cashed his vv inner s .in.l 'iv en l-.isl the lead III spades 1'ist iniKht (hen have had t.i lead a i lul fur an i'Vi nine elld plav 1 hai the c lull Mill' .vim Id have I ''en a l" .l pi. iv I 1 I. iwev'e I fli" , . hi ..' a a v I ,n Hum v leal .in. I Si nth -!mi lil li.iv e . III! .. "i .1 l. "l' ,l.ll M ler 1 1 1 r i li . v 'i. a : t 1 o ..Hi. v ui' h h' .n IT . a. I 'In Ilea "t la. h ' i 1 : 1 . ji r , .1 II III . ' .itt.n 1 ' u it h. mi I i i "a 1 1 up a '.. i mi.) topper li.i .lei iai ei and il he leturir. his itiii.) lie. ill. the plav is iit as e a s v I ) I in in v vv I r. v We'-I s diamond a. e I k iii k k.'d mil and Si n.l 'i . halk s up a .'imi rubber U ht n the delciise l.'nls to fliul the killing lead ispadesi. It's foolish to Hive t h m a se c ond chain e liid with Thi- ecs South holds 8 30 M '5 Kg 6r3 6 4 2 K 7 Norih S.ulh 1 I I I NT - ANSWER: Puss (lame is out of reach and there's no reason to insist on spades Send bridge questions to The Aces, P.O. Box 12363. Dallas. Texas 7 5 2 2 5 , with self-addressed, stamped en-, velope for reply.

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